The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 8, 1936 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1936
Page 3
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,. - :-£M^ -.'..* ' L — ' r .. -. -- H» - .-.'•" • - <• ,-'•-''-, ' ••• -L b d • *..,-'.[•',- -' '. I I ' ... . .1 i - .-. j-\ V* ' i , »-. , - ''*, - '* A '•'"' *",•'. '.'•*' • • "-/ ,;'! -' i '% - ,_' ,. >-t+rV " ^ " V -•-:f'K a -I . , •' , , . Vl . i I . ,' * ^ n • . -:• L ' . ' 'v •t THE BAKERSFIELD CALIPORNIAN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1936 i Attorney for Stanislaus Men f in l Indicates Will Make New ' m -. / Move in Water Case (Ufil'ttd Press Leased Wire) MppESTO, Sept. 8.—Theodore Stu* art, attorney for 23 western Stanislaus county -ranchers who sought $480,000 damages from four utilities for violation of riparian rights, indicated today he would make a motion for a new trial, which, If denied will be followed by an appeal. After deliberating 1 nine- hours a Jury returned a verdict Saturday night in favor of tho four defendants, Southern California Edison, San Joa- qulu Light and Power Company, Chowchllla Farms and Miller & Lux. The plaintiffs are land owners on the San Joaquln river. They originally asked a judgment In excess of $2,000,000 but at the end of testimony the complaint M r as amended to reduce damages to $480,000. The farmers claimed their riparian rights had been violated by the corporations. It was charged storage dams and diversion canals erected by the companies had reduced the flow of tho San Joaquin river and thus deprived them-of their riparian right. A con- "splracy among the corporations also was alleged. Tho farmers claimed specific crop losses from 1928 to 1086. Motor Traffic on Coast Shows Gain Graham Hornbeck, Bakersfield district manager for General Petroleum Corporation, who recently returned from a vacation In Oregon, reports greatly Increased motor traffic throughout tho Pacific coast area. .He says, however, that no areas show greater nor more consistent business progress than Kern county. "In our own company in recent months," says Hornbeck, "we have enjoyed the biggest Bakersfield and Kern county business in history. Gains In the sales of Moblloll, which Ve have featured with additional advertising in The Bakersfield Callfor- nian during tho past three months, have been most pronounced. Many splendid new accounts have been 'kddecl to our records as a result of our combined advertising and sales campaign on this product and volume^ sales have BO greatly Increased jis to bring forth letters of commendation from company officials. ""Wo realize that we would be unable to report such progress if general business conditions here were not favorable. Our experience proves, therefore, that this really Is one of the beat npots for business and for advertising and sales results to be found anywhere In the country." Group Opposed to Local Option Law (Associated Press Leased Wire) SAX FRANCISCO..Sept. 8.—Oppo- sitlon to tho proposed local option measure, No. 9 on tho November ballot, jvaa voiced today by the California Liquor Law Enforcement committee. Through F. M. McAullffe, chairman and past president of tho San Francisco Bar Association, the committee issued a statement saying: "Tho citizens' liquor law enforcement committee, which is organized to function as a permanent force to work for proper liquor law regulation and enforcement, has made « a careful study of the misnamed local option measure. "Wo find U misleading and dangerous. While admittedly present conditions arc not satisfactory, we are convinced that they would be far worse under No. 9 and that passage of this measure would create aggravated social and economic problems." Turlock Man Kills Self With Poison (United Press Leased Wire) TURLOCK, Sept. 8.—Howard Hoi- gate, 25, who "couldn't stand tho struggle to keep a family of five on , f arm laborer's wages," committed suicide by talcing enough poison to kill 60 persons, police reported. Holgate, after leaving a seven-page letter to his wife, now visiting his Hlster In Los Angeles, collapsed while mlllng on the farm of a friend. He was rushed to a hospital here where he protested efforts to *avo his life, saying he wanted to. die. He is survived by his wife, Vora, three children, Barbara Jean, 7; Jimmy, 4, and Carrol, 2. YACHTSMEN ANNEX ISLE STDN13V, N. S. W.. Sept. 8. (U. P.) The first new territory to be added , to the British empire under King Edward VIII has been formally an* nexed by four Sydney yachtsmen. 'The new land is a tiny Island In the southern Pacific, near Elizabeth Heef and 500 mllea northeast of Sydney. This island formed on a coral reef In • now 10 jefct above eea level, and U had never bocn charted before. IDAH PIE MAKING QUEEN Government Use Own Money for Bonds . • * '. * (Astoctntcd rrtus Leased Wire) HICAOO, Sept. 8.—Represents ttvo William Lemke, Union party Candida te for preslden t. recommended today that the government use its own money and credit to retime Us tax-exempt interest-bearing bonds, and apply the billion dollars he estimated it would save yearly to an old age pension fund. HID ARMS PURCHASES to Army's Stock; Order Includes Tanks amount and hands them over to the l\Var Pnninninnt bankers who In turn give the gov- i " ar <-q»ipmeiU eminent deposit slips, Xo money Is exchanged, The whole thing is merely a bookkeeping: transaction, "Tho government is continually borrowing back its own money without Fretting It back, and paying interest on Ita own credit, which It hns farmed out 10 the International e Added Tn a speech prepared for delivery ! bankers, The banks draw interest nt a rally sponsor-mi by \Vllliam Halo Thompson, third parly candidate for governor of Illinois, Congressman Lemke sattl that by the end of this year bankers would have nboxit $3*"*, on the bonds; the government draws no interest either on tho deposit Blips or on tho federal reserve notes. • "Tho government cheoka on those deposit slips, and the person who 000.000,000 of such bond?. Also, he ! received tho checks deposits thotn in added, they would have $4.000,000,000 ! the hankn. Tho government, of Is short-changed. If of federal reserve notes "which tho government gave them and which they use its a revolving fund to buy bonds." "At this tlmo tho government Is borrowing millions of dollarn it month," he naiil. "H prints tax- courao. is short-changed. If tho bankH need more money in tho revolving fund, they take those bonds and pvit them xip us security for more federal ronorvo notes. There IM no end to which they can repent this transaction—tho sky 1» tho exempt Interesl-bonring bonds to that limit. I t Convicted Slayer Will Be Executed Labor Chief Tells Big Job Increase At Clark Fork, Idaho, it is huckleberry harvest time so residents have staged a huckleberry pie making contest. The \vinner was Hazel Haskins. She displays the winning pie and the trophy awarded her. L. A. Grand Jury Is Beginning Probe (Associated Press Leased Wire) i LOS ANGELES, Sept. 8.—Dls-1 trict attorney's investigators checked over statements from more than 200 persons today preliminary to hearings by tho county grand Jury on charges of mismanagement against J. L. Pomeroy, county health officer. Pomeroy was subpoenaed last week to produce personnel records, work assignments and general orders of his department. The Jury probe was in stttu ted after a dismissed employe filed a series of allegations. Young Performers Compete at Fair Mrs. ranch house and that of he had been Press Leased Wire) SACRAMENTO, Sept. 8.—Youthful entertainers representing nearly every section of tho state entered finals today for awards In tho state fair amateur stngo contest. Dancers, singers and pianists will participate in tho contests daily until Sunday, when the winners of the . dully events will appear before th6 main grandstand for the grand finals, Prizes include a grand piano, airplane trips, wrist watches and cash. PffSH 13 L PASO, Texas, Sept. S.— Antonio Carrasoco, Oulberson • county ranch hand, WUH sentenced lodny to be executed nt tho Texas state penitentiary at nuntsvltlo, October 23. for tho murder of Mrs. Kiloy Smith near Van Horn In June. 19114. When handed a copy «f his donth warrant. Carra«co made a sweeping bow and kissed tho document. Ho was convicted In Sierra Hlancu more than a year ago of Smith and burning the to cover up her death her husband, by whom employed. His attorneys announced that they will appeal to Governor James V. Allred for commutation to a life term, IIAI3RTTS COW COYOTE BEND, Ore.. Sept. S. (U. P.>—Flro Warden L. A. "\V. Nixon saw a coyoto run out of tho brush followed by two rabbits, llo walled, expecting another coyoto to bo trolling for tho kill. None appeared and tho animal disappeared In the distance, iho bunnlea still in hot pursuit. rrctta Z,fO*rrf KNOXV1LT.«12, Tonn., Sept. 8.— William Green, president of tho American Federation of Labor, nald today there I»H« boon "a considerable improvement" in unemployment since last Labor day. ! "There were about 14,000,000 vnv J employed In 1035." he said In an In- itervlou. "There aro now About 10,000.000." "Tho problem that disturbs us preatly." ho added, "is that unemployment han not fallen In proportion to tho Improvement In business." Oree.n offered labor's proposal of a fi-hour day and tho <ft*day week as the solution, "If business wore normal and tho 30-honr wook were In effect. In our opinion there would be no unemployment problem," he «ald. PARIS. Sept. 8.—France went into tho war equipment market today to buy $910.000,000 worth of fighting planes, guns, tanks and armored cars. Premier Leon Blum's cabinet approved the gigantic increase in regular army expenses to bolster the mighty French military machine in answer to Germany's tncrcuso in fighting personnel. The money la to bo used, tho cabinet derided, to increase th« army's efficiency rather than adding to Its 8l/e. Of the first allotment of $273,000.000. which was lu bo available a I once, $78,000,000 \vtis earmarked for purchase of new planes and modern aviation equipment. Purl of tho huge general army fund, which was voted to supply defense, needs for the next fovir years, was ordered used for adding to tho army technical personnel and Increasing the proportion of professional Hold lent by granting: higher wugea to conscripts who re-enlist. The cabinet also voted t-Go,000,000 for the navy, artillery and port defenses. The tonne situation, meanwhile, which arose as a result of Communist demands for French aid to the Spanish Socialist government eased off after a brief strike of metal workers In the Paris district. I ere are i TKKKV1SIOX CORONATION' \ LOXnON. Sept. 8. tU. P.)-Tho i possibility of tho Coronation core- | mony being tele vised iu» well ns , broadest Is being eagerly dlsousaod in BrltlHh rnclio circles. CATCH PAIR OF ACKS TOLEDO. Sept. S. tU. P.)—Chris pp, who already had flvo holes- In-one to his golf credit, rammed down his sixth on tho sixteenth at Heather Downs. A few minutes later. P. N. Keltner, a Brooklyn i druggist, dropped a holo-ln*ono nt the Hume green. AVO ette *'*j^t ^iSWlflF-Jrt"- - +•#< 1 &< J v'.r:--T J *^f' •- ' LSVvt'H^^Tv * '-. h -/^'i* i ftjaiMSKet^^u^S->-S xtm^fl^tifffi** 4 ^ .'.- ^^^^^?^"•'X'^ ^S^^*?*v8P^ r^M '_. ^frXfofr:-, v' x.^>.jS^%W.yjfig^ : *^fi\ I : - . - * CENTS Fashion's Edict Important HA ra so i shal dram en Tli ced den rch the Inch off face ATS Ton LO ASHION he fanhiori pages of any magaz la offered to suit every ong, short or fitted jacket e ensemble. U may have or Jacket of nearly all fur. cocktail room and at creau In costumes with fun. i&^mK&mimmtMmii&sm FASHION FLOOR STANDARD GAUGE . . . STRAIGHT LINE AND MARBELLE SQUARE YARD LAID ON FLOOR Price Includes Felt Lining Paper, Cement and Labor Isn't there n room in your home that would look more cheerful if it had a bright, colorful floor covering? There is no question about the added neauty a suitable pattern will do for a room. We ha\ f e over 60 patterns by Armstrong, Congoleum, Sloan- Blabon and Paheo. visit our new rug and linoleum department on the third floor. Plenty of room and daylight for comfortable shopping. Linoleums—Third Floor HAND-MADE LINEN rchi BUY THEM BY THE DOZEN FOR SCHOOL You'll be surprised at the quality and beauty of (his group of hand-made handkerchiefs. Handsome embroidered and appliqued designs—buy sonic for school, but also be sure to secure a supply for your own use. EACH Handkerchiefs—Main Floor //.t BY KAYSER ade of "KAY-LOO Special Woven Cloth New and serviceable slips by Kayser Guaranteed Seams Guaranteed Washable Guaranteed Perfect Fitting Guaranteed Nonshrinkable They come in both tailored nd lace trimmed styles and are very special at the price quoted—§1.19. COLOR: PETAL PINK Knitwear—Main Floor Hind's Honey and Almond Lotion. 83c NftMOtir's Cistlle Shampoo... ,16 or. 49c /-. •-. v,-- ••-., - . * »'.,:. ,, ,, - . , • - . * ' • n H _^ ^ |l|^hr j ' _ r l^lr> -VL JA^l i-*jtl- ^ T>K f - • 'l m I jr-lF^-^^l^+ ^^BLJ n ^Lr ri 4 •nH-^ l T J ^*I>I*'L^ ft h r^H r A:. J~,?;-,V ^ ,.v- i* xV^n' : -f- -^v.' iS:- J - -"t r- '_ 'L -~S:-'- *i. J ^'-' f -?' •-**•*•* -f"^ 'X -i_ ~' ;?' • i?.'",'r' , J l^'j^ ^-iv^-j 4 bM|T^ TxH ^ '^ >. f* *j f.. -<9!'f*L*. ^ LT V^- r.^'r' 4 J " . ^ jL xl^ 4 L * - 1 - *' '• ',*.V- - .4) }';; - * :.•-•**. '\. . * .' Ai j j. ; ' •' ^ ^ ^* ^^^.-rTn T*_ T 'm t L-rlu_ ^ IT Ll-' J - j - f ^ *l • t ^L Lr ^^ •X^-lv^_ r bj L JK^ -- ^n *^^ 4^j-_ : jt<> :vi .1 A£- -.TIMS .£.';-* - -,, '--^ •;::-.•'.' VP,*V .•• T;- ~-,=LA -^.' j..:<*j\ f. i-ijt ':•*... * t ,> Vf • -1 . ,

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