The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 4, 1963 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 2

Ottawa, Kansas
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Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 2
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- THEY WON THE TOURNEY - Side Swipers captured team event of R&M Midget League Tournament yesterday at Ottawa Bowl. Members are Eloise Montgomery (left), daughter of Mrs. Agnes Montgomery, 329 S. Poplar; Cathy Hettler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Mettier, 319 E. 12th, and (from left) Craig Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rqlan L. Davis, 208 S. Elm; Bill Richeson, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Richeson, 504 Maple, and Robin Bell, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Bell, Ottawa RFO 4. (Herald Photos) BUT THEY WON THE LEAGUE — Deuces Wild, who placed second behind Swipers in Midget tourney, won league race with single paint over Swipers. Members are (seated, from left) Jack Sauer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sauer, 825 W. 5th; Nancy Richeson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Richeson, and Johnny Steinman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Steinman, Ottawa RFD : 4, and (standing) Glenna Hettler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Hettler, and Allen Camp: bell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Campbell, Ottawa RFD 3. Talking It Up In The Sp ring By JIM BECKER Associated Press Sports Writer NEW YORK (AP) — You cant' tell the baseball spring training quotes without a translator. Here are some of tin; standard quotes that happen every spring, along with an explana'-or; of what they really mean. "All I want is a chanco to play every day." "All those other teams I played for h«| .some real good ball players, but this club is so bad even I can get a job. I hope-." "I'm (browing nice and loose again, and my shoulder (elbow, wrist, finger) doesn't bother me a bit." "I can't throw hard inough to break a window, but 1 might fool enough batters to hang around for another year. I can't make a living doing anything else " "I don't worry about my average, as long as the team wins." "I switched from baiting right WHEN you want to feed your dog the best... Protein-Rich tilMtM tf iMf «r UVW to left-handed, changed from a 36 to a 28-ounce bat and am standing two feet deeper in the batter's box. I'll be OK until they find out I can't hit anything thrown above the belt line." "I never worry about my record in the spring. It's what happens when the season starts that counts." "If I don't get a couple of hits pretty soon, I'll be back in Tulsa before the manager learns my name." "Nobody ever gave me a real chance before." "So I went 52 straight games without a base hit. I was just getting started when they benched me. And they used me in left and center field, when everybody knows I'm a natural right fielder." J GILLETTE J ^ Super Power Bar ^ • Tractor Tires • J See Us for J J FAST, EFFICIENT J J TIRE SERVICE J J on All Tractors! J T 110 West 4th St T T Right Down Town T •C* M « rire * • X Jam S Supply, In*. I T CH 2-4436 T Bowling Roun'dfup" Swipers, Deuces Swap Top Honors In Midget League Farmer Files For Governor TOPEKA (AP) - State Rep. Grant Dohm, 48-year-old farmer and stockman from Grinnell, paid his filing fee Wednesday and became a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor in 1964. Early in the 1963 Legislature, Dohm introduced a bill which would have punished drunken drivers by fining them 25 per cent of their net worth. Dohm is married and has two children. The Herald pays $5 every week for the best news tip turned in by a reader. Turnabout is fair play, and that's the way the Deuces Wild and Side Swipers played it in the R&M Midget League nearing the end of another season at the Ottawa Bowl Lanes. The Dueces captured the league title, edging the Swipers by a single point, 57-21 to 56-22. Yesterday, the Swipers won the team event in the Midget Tournament with 1792 pines. And the Deuces were second with 1752. Craig Davis was the big difference in the tournament, rolling a 2-line series of 405 with lines of 224 and 181 for the Swipers. His teammates chipped in as follows: Robin Bell, 221; Cathy Hettler, 226; Eloise Montgomery, 222, and Bill Richeson, 248. Jack Sauer led the Deuces in the team event with 319 on lines of 180 and 139. His teammates rolled as follows: Nancy Richeson, 210; Glenna Hettler, 244; Johnny Steinman, 265 and Allen Campbell, 228. Placing third in the tournament were the Timber Tumblers, with J. Moody scoring a 265 in the team's 1720 total. S. Bell rolled a 282 as her Splinters team posted a 1645 series and captured fourth place. D. Gumm scored a 299 for the Sleepers who placed fifth with 1625. D. Kersley was high with 251 for the Scatterbrains who, placed last. Men's Tourney Opens April 22 Entries are in for the 13th annual Ottawa Bowling Association men's tournament. Teams will roll at the Royal T Lanes April 22-27. Singles and doubles will be at the Ottawa Bowl on April 27-28 and May 4-5. Men, Women On The Ball There were some handsome scores, both men's and women's, on both league fronts last night. D. Hall scored a 623 series on Dries of 228-208-187 for Bennett Creamery No. 2, 3-1 winner over Bienie's Garage in the men's Twilight League at the Ottawa Bowl. Dave Bell rolled a 237 game in his 603 series for Kitty Clover in the Booster League at the Royal T. The Clovermen beat Knights of Columbus No. 2, 4-0. Dave's other lines were 197 and 169. Eileen Bowman rolled her first 500 series, with 49 extra pins in the Wednesday Night Ladies League at the Royal T Lanes. Eileen scored lines of 179-187183 for her 549, as her Towner's team defeated First National Bank, 3-1. Billie Leach rolled a 513, on lines of 180-144-189, for Wright's Studio. But the Wright's girls, in first place, dropped three points to Kansas State Bank, allowing second - place Moore's Chevrolet to gain with a 4-0 vie tory over Beller Studio. The standings show 90-34 for Wright's to 81^-42% for Moore's. Mabel GUliland joined the over-500 group with a 503 for Peoples National Bank, 3-1 winner over Romstedt's Grocery. Mabel rolled games of 180-161-162. Other high scores in the men's leagues were 565 by Cecil Wolgast for the Roayl T, 4-0 winner over Hank Sinclair in the Booster League, and 562 by Virgil Bien for Bienie's in the Twilight League. Other team results and individual scores in the Ottawa Bowl leagues appear elsewhere n today's sports section. Team results and high individual scores in the Royal T Lanes are isted below. . WEDNESDAY NIGHT LADIES Towner'i—3 High 10-30 — E. Bowman, 1B7-54I First National Bunk—1 High 10 — Moody ft Frltts. 164 High 30 — A. Servatlus, 410 Kanias Stale Bank—3 High 10-30 — M. Hopkins, 17*465 Wrlfht'a Bhrflo—1 High 10-30 — B. Leach, 189-513 Meadow Gold—« . , High 10-30 — E. Keller, 177-444 l>etrcx of Te»a»—2 High 10 — Isham, 165 High 30 — Ogle, 428 • Moore'i Chevrolet—4 High 10-30 — O. Whitacre, 17»-4M Beller Studio—0 High 10 — P. Crockett, 141 High 30 — M. Reed, 3>2 People* National Bank—3 High 10 — M. Ollllland. 180-503 Rom*t*dt's Grocery—1 High 10-30 — C. Dengel, 181-444 BOOSTER LEAGUE Royal T—I High 10 — A. Sinclair, 210 High 30 — C. Wolgast, 565 Hank Sinclair—0 High 10 — E. Howe, 161 High 30 — F. Letter, 444 K of C No. 3—4 High 10-30 — O. Korkames, 211-539 Robertson—0 High 10 — F. Hoffman, 157 High 30 — V. Roller, 437 K of C No. 1—4 High 10-30 — O. Motelet, 200-546 Kitty Clover—4 High 10-30 — D. Bell, 237-603 K of C No. 2—4) High 10-30 — Fr. Beter, 182-524 Colby's Furniture—3 High 10 — Pogue, 200 High 30 — Allen, 525 Princeton—1 High 10 — McAuliffe, 197 High 30 — Staockard, 478 OTTAWA BOWL 41SV 2 N. Main Phone CH 2-9741 COMMERCIAL Todds Mobile Homes—I 1st 2nd 3rd TU. H. Kramer 168 158 175 501 J. Todd 164 138 179 481 R. Sliofner 140 138 197 481 J. Doty 172 184 170 526 B. Wenthe 166 181 203 550 Texaco—3 O. Page 182 152 169 503 F. Simmons 161 168 161 490 B. DUffleld 159 208 161 528 A. Knoeppel 175 184 18B 548 G. Dunkin 160 199 162 521 Kersley Cowboys—S R. tcwls ISO 143 167 470 Strickland 149 159 148 456 Toumberlin 153 169 134 456 E. Ferguson 176 128 138 442 B. Lowis 151 116 148 415 Blakonley'1 Clliea Serv.—1 E. Honn 142 144 147 433 Cromwell 105 126 1U9 340 Abbott 122 136 109 367 Adams 162 144 150 456 Dillon 164 160 179 503 CritCH Body Shop—1 F. Wise 138 111 149 398 B Wiettner 167 173 178 518 E. Hozen 178 175 170 523 O. Morrison 139 110 154 403 R. Crites 140 160 163 463 Frcdeen Shoei—3 P. Fredeen 185 172 178 535 Brady 139 161 110 410 Elder 139 134 120 393 Lister 195 112 149 456 CODUS 160 176 170 506 TWILIGHT Bob'B Clothes—0 1st 2nd 3rd Ttl. Rodgera 153 158 131 443 Honn 155 156 135 416 Powell 148 125 122 395 Mack 144 147 125 496 Conrad 143 143 140 426 Wectorn Auto—4 I. McFaddcn 107 112 136 355 H. Moody 171 133 175 479 G. McFadden 139 171 169 479 H. Linneman 160 137 145 442 Bleniei Oarage—1 V. Bien 215 180 167 562 G. Bowman 153 169 161 483 D. Winieke 154 147 176 477 D. Klllton 134 105 146 385 L. Bicn 155 149 190 494 Benni'lt Cry. No. '.'— S D. Hall 228 208 187 623 111 374 107 354 140 176 162 478 199 187 156 546 136 120 175 431 G, Simmons 176 182 154 51; R. Dlsque 150 136 108 394 G. Ainsworth 144 161 134 439 B. Flgglns 187 136 166 489 Sunrlic Dairy—4 C. Frltts 194 208 121 523 G. Foster 157 164 171 492 A. Miller 167 146 157 470 M. Plerson 130 167 120 41 D. Stoneking 154 109 F. Heckman 146 101 J. Moody .. .. M. Miller .. . Ottawa Bus—0 H. Ainsworth S, Devore 154 159 299 512 STATE CHAMPS — This Ottawa Knights of Columbus No. 1 team was just that, No. 1, in Class B division of state K of C bowling tournament at Hutchinson. Team series with handicap was 3123. Members are (seated) Martin Mueller, left, and Francis Golden, and (standing, from left) Art Harkins, Gibe Motetet and Joe Karlstine. (Herald Photo) Koufax's Finger Well, But His Arm Hasn't Been Told By HIKE RATHET Associated Press Sports Writer An apparent communications breakdown between Sandy Kou- Fax's delicate finger and his arm continued Wednesday as the fire- balling Los Angeles left-hander came up with his third consecutive lackluster performance in a 3-2 exhibition loss to Boston at Scottsdale. The 27-year-old southpaw strikeout artist has pronounced the numb finger that sidelined him from July to September last season completely healed, but the arm that made the Dodger dandy the talk of the baseball world doesn't appear to have received the message. Although the finger has caused no trouble, Koufax has not been sharp in his last three outings, giving up 11 runs in 18 innings. The Red Sox touched him for all their runs on six hits, including double and triple by Roman Mejias. Koufax also walked three batters while striking out only three, far below his usual one-an-inning clip. Jim Maloney and Jim Brosnan each allowed only one hit in Cincinnati's 5-0 shut out of the New York Mets at Tampa and Denny LeMaster and Tony Cloninger combined for a five-hitter as Milwaukee edged Baltimore 3-2 at West Palm Beach. In other games, San Francisco defeated Cleveland 4-3 at Fresno, Detroit nipped Minnesota 5-4 at Lakeland, Kansas City belted the Chicago White Sox 10-5 at Sara- sot a, Pittsburgh took the New York Yankees 6-4 at Fort Myers, St. Louis whipped Washington 6-4 at St. Petersburg and Houston downed the Los Angeles Angels 5-2 at Porterville, Calif. Vada Pinson stroked two hits for Cincinnati, one a run-producing double. Larry Burright and Ed Kranepool got the Mets' hits. LeMaster held the Orioles to three hits in seven innings before Cloninger finished up. The Braves clinched it with two runs off Milt Pappas in the fifth inning. The Giants won in the ninth when Indians' outfielder Walter Bond dropped a line drive by Willie Mays and enabled Harvey Kuenn to score. Bubba Phillips stroked three hits and Jake Wood drove in the decisive run with a fifth inning single as the Tigers held off the Twins. The A's pounced on White Sox pitchers Juan Pizarro, Herb Score and Mike Joyce for 15 hits. Roberto Clemente slammed two riples, Julio Gotay collected three singles and Bob Skinner two singles and a double in the Pirates' triumph over the Yankees. Triples by Julian Javier, Gene Oliver and Ken Boyer powered the Cardinals while solid relief Etching by Harry Fanok and Bob- jy Shantz stifled the Senators. Pete Runnels, last year's Amer- can League batting champion, a rookie Leslie Staub each homered n the sixth inning as the Colts >eat the Angels. 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