The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 8, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 8, 1936
Page 2
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-! ^-,«?>v"T • '.'(Xf-VM 1 , > ;"^'>ffCV'> / < V^ , f ' THR BAKBRSfimD CALIFOIIMAN, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1988 -, • ' • . * ____' 1 _ Sees Early Exhaustion of World Crude Oil Reserves Output Increased From 20 to 150 Bnrrcls Prr Dny nl Staiulnrd No. 2 With oil production hooHtod from L'O liarrels per dny lo IfiO, nflor a dfpponhiR operation, of 104 feel. Na- tlonnl Oil Clnrnpany'H Stnndnnl No. 2 In north Kern I'Vonl fli.-lil. section 11, 2S.27, now openileH UN a rccom- plelcd well with bottom ill 180ft fe-t. Thn compnny IH proceeilluK to npplv the BHino trralmrnl. to No. il which also WHS flnlHhfid In only tin- top layer of the Kern River '/.line. Twn morr lornlliiiiH hnvn IICPII sliilccil out for (IrllllnK when llm (Ipnpcnlii)! JoliN urn ronrluiJrrl. Stiinilnril No. 5 will ho drlllr-d Nonlh (if No. !l, initl Ilnlvnrmil No. 11 In (he NoulhuTxl ciirncr of Ihn I'lilvcroHl leiisn In MIP wimc I Ion, will (ilfcrl Ufpiilillc'o nclier No. I, SimrllnK il|i IIIIH prevented coinplfv linn of the ronipnny'n Provident Nn. •I wlilcli IIHH been drilled to 1H4H ffcel vlth X%-lnrh CIIH|HK ceinenled nl 170X mifl no KHIIRP of the well'M ca- paplly IIIIN been InUeii. (United 1'rrn W ASHINGTON, Hcpt. »••—A warning that Inn world mipply of "II ran last only 26 yrnrx tufliiy Hfit IIOOO picked Be If n tin IN friiin f.'.' nations HPOTflilliB for ii nrnv fuel to drlvo rnn'n'w motor earn and lien I hl« build- Tlir prnlilfin WIIH plnccd tiffnri' the nppiiliiK wwilon of Hi'' ll'li-'l Win-Ill Power Conference liy Sir .lohn ('"''• mini nf ICnuland. Inlcnuillomi.l petroleum iiiitliorlty. "The (,'enciril iiveriitfc nl recent, en- tlnmtfrfi." lie nal<l In n dlSf.MiiSlun pnper, "winlld nppe/ir In Indlciitc the existence i,r HollielhlliK le"» t him 20' coiiHiinipllon "f petroleum." Thf) fiiliferenre dclcK.'ilH Moiifrlit n nnlutlrin liy throe MIPIIIIH -coiiHcrvu- lion of proHenl-luiown oil, dlm-overy of new flflilH uml development of new-type motor fuel nnil iinliirul BUN from eoiil. j,r.n»tA Wire) Uernidit and JapariOMC delegate* Hlr .Tohri'H oil BhortaRo pro- by roporilng auccenH In tholr coimtrlPH In de.rlvlnu high grade KdHollne anfl coinbiiHltbla ga« from con I and ovon wood. AmorlPH projnflod Iho «Parch Hllll i further Inlfi Hie realm of Hittontlflo I nenliiti \vlth n fioldr rny machlno, J)r, ! <'. d. Ablioii, \ViiHlilnKion, haw HO ! perfc«-led hln Invention that It opor- iuieN M Hinnll Hleam etiKlnH hy tho I MUD alonn at ST> per cent offlolncy. Hu«n HUpnlloH of coal Htlll nn. larnjed In tin! narth mndri It vlr- liuilly pftrl.aln, however, thrit carbon fuel will he ullll/od If tho UrltUhcr'H wiirnhiB should come, true. .1. I'. WlllliiniH, Jr., prenlijeiit of the. American Coal AHBoolatlon. n«- tlmiitod thin country iilono haw three trillion toiiH of coal In roHt-rvo, Mo nrl tho world'H finnunl production now at 1,500,000,000 IOIIH. Cores 20 Feet of Oil Sand in Mountain View Outpost Shell Is Coring Ahead Again in Old River Test l» working nmnot.hly at the most Important drilling well in the state, Shell Oil Company's Btevdng A-56 In the new Ten Section field, section 29, 30-2(1, and It will not bo 1onji before p08»lblHtlcii of ft deeper Hitnd below the high-gravity oil discovered in No. 1, ure . Shut-off on the 9%-lnch ending «et at 77(50 feet, hn« been approved hy the state division of oil and f?ns and coring ahead HUH started from the previous bottom of 7780. If the same thickness of oil /one IH found here at* In the discovery well, the bottom of the (op sand should be reached at 7810 feet. OIL AGREEMENTS !•'. t.. M'iri-lM '•! »» I" HI Hi-lf-n" pf.ti-oli-nm iVniiiiiiiiy, Mil - . l.i'ii.Hi, tinted July IM, I MO, one -fllilitli rov • nlly, fi-ypiir drilling fliniff. ''iu.1 Imlf nf 'noiiltiwoHl fiunrtfi' mill noulliweMl f|iiiirti i r tif HouiliWPM( tiuiti'li-r Mi-fUnn ' iruffiil'i fill Compiinv I" I'". \'' i"»1 Ilnlh II. W,.|]i< -AHi'luiiMii'iit Imlf IMT ri^nl oil, pit-., from Hiiffnln (Ml I'um- luiny well N". 4 on port Ion nortliwonl flliiirlRf ceiillon 10. Sn-Sfl. AleMllliliT Alilllll" t" lienrirt" T. Ahlidln—ANHlttiinieiil '' per t-nut fill, rto , fr'un \vffl 2iJ 'l-h iifiTH of Nontli- \vonf tinnrtf-i of HOiilliwi'Ml oimrlt'r It, II. Amlei-Hoii i-l ux In Htniiflnrrl Oil Cnnit'iiny AhulKiioifnl lenin on northniHl iiniirter ff norlhwenl i|iiur- Kretl Viilnv rt n\ unit It \' .lennen el n\ in Sliuiilnrd i ill Cmnpliny 1,flier ilnti"! AilK'li-l 21. IIKUI. fine- rUili'lj ni\-nlly ( [i >*m fli'iltinff *-luiini l . mirth Imlf "f i-initliwrol (imiili'i HIM-- linn "','.. 2H-2I, l^inerv \'. Cfionibit I" mini'' I.I'UHO fliileil .inlv in. IMO, iine-i>l|tlilti T'ny- iilly, !' yenr rtrlllliiK I'lunt" 1 . l"ln H>. IB, cf>.'llon SI, ni-^IJ. A I,TIIUl'OII :."! OH nl 1 nil Hllll'l lltll'H Mill llfflllltl'IV I'HlflllllHll riltll- HK-l-r-liil iiriiiliicllmi. "III! II" ii|i|>riir- anci' In liimiMilnll (HI Cniiiiiiiiiy'N out- Round Mountain Output Boosted All the pio|ioHi'(l elicit liH.OOO-liiir- rel liinliH on Hie .Shell (ill <'ompiiny'* new limit riii-m niirlli of IliiUernflelfl \ylll lie ni'i'ile'l If the eoinpiiny'H drill Iru; ilepiirtmeMt. lieepn on i-omplotliig lil« nhiillow welln In Hound Moun tdlo and Mount I'OHO fli.'lilw. A liilnl of Ifilfi hiirreln ilully hus lieon nilcled hy Ihreo new pumpeni whono loin) IdotligK iiuioillllH to 'IVSTi feet. : (in the Cillihvell leiutl- III Kcrllllil • Moutitnln on lion 7, aR-2lt, No 7 i In producing r ' ( l" ImrrclH per dnv ! from tin- Veililer niiiul lit IfiVfi feel, fund No. ITi In Kood fi>r 'IS I harrelM 1 from llOfi ff'i'l Veilder No- "7 In 'Mount I'OHO field, Hoi-llfin Ml, Ti :!h, 1 IH inittliiK out '171 hnrvehi dully (he oppi'i 1 S'i'diler iiinnl nl I7ii( lirnvlly nf lh» I'rildo raoijeit i III lo 17.S. pout on Hi" K. A. NlKhbnrt property In north Motiiiliiln View flelil, nee,1101) l», !)0-:!!i, In reefiii'ded an n pro: iilllouii ulRi) Unit Idler eiiHlnK will be I Hot to Irv It out. HiieeeHH horo Will i extend IhlH portion of the field by two loi-fillonn. | Allied I'eli'oleuni'H N". If, the tlf-iir- i etit producer, wan liottomod at. BUtiS i feet. (iperiilorH at Nl«l)liert No. 1 JNtriieU the top of thn Chiinne oil 1 Hinul lit '("Ofi, anil after corlnK ap- ! proxlmiilely 1!0 feel, of It, run Into I nhnle uml rifiw nre c:nr|nif ahead nl j 'l!i:::i for more mind. The locution In I ulmiiM onr-'lmlf nillo eiiMl of Wceil i Pnii-li hlKhwiiy and n nhort illHtdnen i from HermoHii. roail--further enwt Ihnn liny producing well III Ihu HCC: tlnn. IH MI'JCIt HKKO CHOP WAHIIINrrroN, Kept. 8. (U. P.)— The condition of thn market for wi-edfi n ml olln In China at present IndlciitPM I'.KID prfidnctlon will pxct-nd l!i;if, priiilnclliiii of leailliiK oIlHeculo In nniilicin Clilnii nnd Miin-'lnirln, Mil, Indlni.; Hoylienn. Mc.Mdinn, peanut, . rape, hemp, perllla and lln- ncenrdlllK lo 111" I lepn ft Ilieilt Of Hogan's Latest Is Edge Well, Belief Itehavlor of 'Mogan Potrolouin Couipiuiy'H loonier Cotnintinlty No. * nt KiiiithPiiBl Mountain View field Mcvtlon VI, 8021), donotcH that tho locution IB jicur tho ndgo of prodno lion and ». largo ylnld IH not ant Id liiitcd. Hht-ll Oil Company iiparhy IIIIH'Jiml roiMpletefl Porter 2-10 for 180 bnrrolH on the pump from 691 ( fret and whlli) lliln Is not on thr edge of Ih': fl'-lil It IH nenf a run Ki-Hlpil «pol that Bovon wells an drawing from. Thn llognn well Is rcndy for a production trlnl fron; filiao-lJiriO fo(;t, which Includes the lower pnrt of tho Chuimc and i Hiint.ii. Mai-Karlta. Blaze Endangers Entire Community CHTHHINO, TexaK, H«pt. 7.—Klre doBlroyed <*lx biilldlngH. one tho (wo- Htory Wallace hotel, ivtul ondnngf-rpd thn entire town today before It was oonlrollfil nfter a 11-hour fight. Tho flitmcH trntipod two KIIOHIH In Iho hotel mill forreil them lo Jump from tho sen-owl Htory. MrH, Ida Biillev Hiiffi-rnd a back Injury. Jouli Ilnllcy, son of the Irijurod womiin, WIIH not hurt In II!H lenp lo mil'i.'l.v. N'lulil \\'iitelimiiii Knmk Hiili-y Miihl the lilu/.o Ktiirtod on Iho liolei'n flrwl floor. PRESIDENT ANfr Tttftt)NGS AT DfcftN FUNERAL im m p A portion of the Immense throng which crowded Mount Olivet Cemetery, Sftlttafce/CHy, as the body of Ocoriro Dcrn, Hccretary of war and former Utah governoi 1 ; was laid to rest attlld irtipresslvc ceremonies. President Roosevelt and Mti son, John, can be seen under the canopy as the caakel wag lowered Into its grave. Cause of Youth's Deathjs Sought f Untied rrr.m Leated Wire) IIAVWAHD, Hept. 8,—An autopsy was to be performed today over tho hofly of 2-yprir-old Kont Whp.tstone, BOH of a Hay ward physician, who was found partially burled beneath siind In a children's sandbox In the yard of the \Vhotutono residence. A preliminary examination of the body failed lo show whether the Infant died tiH Iho result of a fall or whether death was caused by suffocation when his mouth was filled with Hand. Deputy Sheriff Strobel Hold there wtiH sufficient sand on his face to cause suffocation, but that tho exact cause of dpath could not be determined until an autopsy. Parents sc.ld they believed play- nuilCH of tho child, about his same agp, Innocently poured sand on tho baby's face, choking him, as ho lay In tho sandbox after falling. ATTOrtNICY'H KIN IIJL PA8ADKNA. Hept. 8. (A. t 1 .)— John Q. OIlchrlHt, 72, fathcr-ln-lnw of tho V H Angelon dlHtrlcl attorney, Huron Kills. IM critically 111 of a heart uttai-k In St. l/ukc'H llOHpltal. WarRemote^ys German Rail Man <A.ti»oe(alca I'rcit Leaked "Wire) WASHINGTON, Sel>t. 8.—Arriving here to open th'o third wOrld power conference, Dr. Julius Dorp- miioller ot Germany, chief of tho rcleh'H railroads, and acting president of the-conference, declared possibilities of a European war "remote." "A war would ho tho stupidest thing that could possibly happen to tho world," the portly, gray-haired Industrialist said at n press confer- once, "t don't think any nation Is foolish enough lo want one. We Europeans have already seen enough fighllng." Doctor Dorpmueller, who will formally open Iho conference tonight, asserted lhat he and other members of the German delegation had "come to America nx technicians, not statesmen or military mon." « , » AVJSNAL MAN DIES SANTA BARBARA, Sept. 8. (A. P.)—Donald Voters, 26, oC Avcnal, died today of Injuries received ln> an uittomobtlb accident near here Saturday. Funenil arrangements uro bohiK made by members of the fam liy In Ventura. Bridge Paving Is 60 Per Cent Done rrcm Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 8.- -Pav- Ing of the west bay crossing the San Francisco-Oakland bay bridge Is 60 per cent complete, Chief Engineer C. H. Purcell reported today. All upper dock pavement from Yerbti Bueha anchorage to tower W- 6 was completed last week and lower deck paving has been poured from tho San Francisco anchorage to the center of span 2-3. Meanwhile, workers began placing tile In tho Yerbti BUfena tunnel and painters put finishing touches of the third coat on tho west side of the west bay crossing between pier W 1 -! and tho center anchorage. Painting of the suspension npans Is 73 per Frank Morrison DefbhdS Unit From Criticism by John L. Lewis Faction (A undated Prett Leaied Wire) LANCASTER, Pa., $ept. 8.—Ftftnk Morrison, veteran secretary ot the American Federation of ILabor,, warmly defended the federation's 6r- sanitation policy toddy at a labor rally hero. Striking at various statements from the John L. Lewis committee for Industrial organization, Morrison said: "Policies of organization, that have lived through the various stages o£ inclplcncy and establishment on a firm basis have been, molded by the members who have nidiJe the sacttftods and borne the brunt of the struggles. "The members know by the s.tern realities through 'which they hive passed what policies they must adhere to In order to save their organization. , .'-.•'• . >"The American Fodefatlbn of Labor succeeded the. Knights of Labor. Members of organized labor who formed the A, F. of I*.- profited by what they regarded OB the mistakes of Iho Knights of Labor and determined to establish an organization that would not repeat those mistaken. ... "The committee for industrial or- gaplzatlon lulu chlded the A. V, ot lj. because It did not organize the 39,000,000 wago Workers. Tho trade unions have found they need moro than the magic that takes the rabbit out of a hat to organize' the unorganized." cent completed, west crossing Is pleted. Riveting on the 9 it per cent com- » , RKTIKED MON TAMBR OAKLAND, Sept. S. (U. P.)— Frank Hill, once world-famous lion and tiger tamer from London, to Now York, Coney Island and the Pacific coast, dominating as many as 14 lions at a time, now spends his time horo training a canary bird and his pot dog. mild ripe tobacco .. . nobody ever made a good cigarette without it Mild . . . Chesterfield tobacco is mild . .. not strong, not harsh, not bitter . . . but pleasing to the taste. Ripe . . . Chesterfield tobacco is ripe . . . ripe like a big juicy apple hanging on the tree . . . full of good flavor. The mild ripe Turkish tobacco used for Chesterfield Cigarettes adds a pleasing aroma and taste* Twice o Week 45-Pleco Dance Orcheilra ANDRE KOSTELANETZ-CONDUCTOR WITH KAY THOMPSON AND MY HUTHERTON AND THE RHYTHM (INQERS WED* > f. M. (f. T.) — Fill.. 6 P. M (P. T.) eotUMiu Ntiwomc 19)*, LIOOITT At MV«M TO»A*CO Co, MILD RIPE TOBACCO .. that's what makes Chesterfields milder and better tasting LIGGETT & MYERS TOBACCO GO. Many Counties in Fair Contest List (United Prcii Leatcd Wire) SACRAMENTO, Sept. 8.— Sutler county today was awarded first prize In the state fair contest among; counties exhibiting the most complete representation of their resources. Awards totaling $1876 were <lls- 4 trlbuted arnonpr the 10 counties Jiav» ing tho best exhibits. Placer county was awarded second prize and Yolo county third. Other winners were Ventura, San Joaquln, Orange, Huinboldt, Contra" Costa and Shasta. Meiidoulnq county waa awarded first prize for having tho best feature exhibit. The display empha*,, sized a colorful waterwhoel. Other winners were Alamoda county, featuring wines and flowers; Napn, county, featuring wines; Modoc county, forage crops; . Ttjlare, horticulture; Fresno and Sonoma, wines; Nevada county, minerals; Bulto, horticulture, and Santa Cruz^. flowers. AVlnncra of tho champion model airplane contest were Porter Towner, Sacramento; Robert Amos and Nicholas Sanford, San Francisco. Tho glider events went to Raympnd Holts. San Francisco, and Richard Schumaker, Oakland, and , Bernjco Doylo, Sacramento, won flr,Ht p.lace in the fuselage event. Valley- Wide Hunt for Escaped Mao (UnltctPreti Leased TIED BLUFF, Sept. 7.— Tohama county authorities 'today ordered a valley-wide Koarcli for William Benson. robber suspect, who escaped by . a clever ruse from tho county Jiill yesterday. Benson was .permitted to leave hln coll and cotno to tho jail office whfjn his 31-year-old wife Eva- and their Infant child came to visit him. When she left and walked out to the cat- In which sho had arrived, Benson asked the deputy sheriff. In charge to get him a towel. As tho jailor turned around to &c- comodate the prisoner, Benson ran out to the automobile) and sped away. Later deputies foynd Mrs. Benson and the child In the automobile on tho road to Chloo. She told them . Benson had Jumped out on tho outskirts of Red Bluff and had run toward the Sacramento river area. Mrs. Benson was released on. her promise to return to her home In Sacramento. Civt your youngtltr lh» ri^kl il»rl vHtH pnr* outfitting »nd ««uipm«nl. Our 1-Cort AutpJ — Plan suppliti ealli quickly with no co-ii«n«rt and no salary aliiAn-1 manlt. Plenty of lim« lo rapayl CONSUMERS C STMIT SAFE BRAKES Avoid! crroct faulty braltoi • Have yours Ralined. Today/* for AS UwAi 8P WIIK BUDGET PLAN FIR { Jthnton 1 ! Flriitftnt ! Autt Supply and Sirvin ! Storu, litfti IhMttr tl J*iBtyttfirtb4tr«ll 4010

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