The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 8, 1936 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Tuesday, September 8, 1936
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I - I-. COMPLETE ASSOClATeO PRlSS LEASED WIRE TMt UA&IM6 HIWSPAMR OF THt SOUTHERN SAN JOAQUtN VALLtY t- • L FULL AND EXCLUSIVE UNITED PRESS RcPORT H- w^V - v^i^ii - tf- NV-wSsy V 1,1 M "H, -U --' 1 VOL. 18 PAGES • - CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1936 TWO SECTIONS I , 1 I ' •Na: 33 h- •. r T - i -'I . i -'V. ' r -. J ^ ^ -- I V '' ; "n -" '.*'>' . f fll »* I 1 - 1 -.. -1 -„ , , ; - •- r. I L - ftl. -r CAST RYEST i - t. Largest Portion Holiday Deaths "FREAKS" KILL TWO Sand and Gasoline Deal (CnltCd 7'rcsa leased Wire) ASHINGTON, Sept. 8. — A 1936 cotton crop of 11,121,000 bales was forecast today by the agriculture crop reporting board on the basis of September 1 conditions. A month ago the crop was estimated at 12,481,000 bales. Condition of the crop was estimated at 59.1 per cent of nor- mat September 1, compared with 72.3 per cent August 1, 73.6 per cent last year, and a 10-year average of 67.7. MADRID POLICE- OR TRUC L f : Frenchman Takes Noted <•• .. . . •• • ^^ Trophy; Turner Says Ship Is Government-Subsidized .'V I' --'I **" . • - V MEN mm VOTI Both Sides Blasting IER mm Held by Nazis With Leader at Helm Death to Baby and Negro, Report (United Prr.** teased Wire) *\ T I^EAST 300 men, women and •**• children paid with their lives for celebration of Labor day, it appeared today. „ The death toll of the three-day holiday week end, last of the summer, mounted to 239 in so states | Fourth Annual Conclave early today, according to a United Press Htirvey. * Accidents In the early morning hours and reports of tragedies In secluded districts were expected to swell the toll well paat 300. Drowning Takes Toll 7'wenty of the thousands who crowded beaches and lake resorts Heeklng relief from "Indian summer" heat drowned despite effbrts of lifesaving officials to end the season with near-perfect records. At least u dozen died , In airplane crashes, Murder, firp and carelessness added their loll/ •'.••" ' > The -greatest destruction—482 lives —followed the hundreds of thousands of motorists lured to the highways by fair weather to visit other cities, celebrate at suburban resorts, or lounge at summer cottages and picnic grounds. Officials posted holiday forces of traffic officers along the streets and highways In anticipation of crowded conditions.' Despite their efforts, automobiles smashed Into each other head-on and from tho side. They crashed into trains and abutments jind rolled into ditches. In Michigan more than a score died this way. In Portervllle, Calif., four persons were killed when their automobile collided with a train. "Freak" accidents, some of them avoidable and some obviously unavoidable, swelled the tragic toll, In Chicago, Horace Adams, colored, •was burned fatally when a friend dropped a lighted match into a pall of gasoline. In Hayward, Calif., Jent Whetstone, 2, smothered to death in the sand of his playbox. Toledo, Covered b^w**H VETERANS Area Fight BULLETIN' t LOS ANGEU5S, Sept. 8. (U. 1\)— Hosrer Don Hiw, chute juniper unit pilot from Limning, Mlcli,, Runnod n Httlo speed piano homo first today In the 50-mile Shell cup race, last nvcnt In the 1986 national air races. para- wliito SUIT TOPANGO MOUNTAINS Race Washington's FIGHT * i Nine Persons Are Rescued in Sound Press Leased Wire) WOODS HOLE. Ma«e. t ;Sept. 8.— A hairbreadth reacuo of ;3nine persons whose boat sank In tho wlnd- /swcpt <watero of Nantuckot Sound put them back safely on ahorc today—the shore they thought they novcr" would see again. ThdVarrival* of the schooner pal- qulrl. while seven of the party— including four women—tossed about in a flhrnll dinghy and two others clung to the mftHt of the sinking craft, averted a tragic end to a holiday yachting party. The party left Nantucket yesterday morning. It hod sailed from New Bedford last. Saturday for a leisurely holiday week end cruise. STUDENTS STRIKE TULSA. Okla., Sept. 8, (A. P.>— About 100 high school students at bawson, five miles east of here, went on strike today rather than pay a flve*cent school bus fare. They had been riding free. Press Leased Wire) NURNBERG, Germany, Sept. S.— Adolf .Hitler, like a Caesar of old, dramatically entered this city of 800,000 Nazlu today. With Nurnberg plastered with posters proclaiming Bolshevism to be "World Enemy No. ,1," the Relche- fuehrer arrived late In the afternoon lor the fourth annual party conven/ lion. • Hours prior to' his*'arrival, the three-mile road from the airport to the rather modest hotel "Deutecher Hof" had been lined with expectant throngs. Their enthusiasm know no bounds when Der Fuehrer's open car passed slowly by with Hitler, bareheaded and upright, again and again giving the Nazi salute. He wore tho traditional brown shirt of his movement, Meanwhile, Otto Dietrich, Hitler's press chief, addressed newspaper correspondents and extolled the Nazi form of government as the "most modern democracy in history." Entering Nurnberg Der Fuehrer was visible throughout the lino of march. Hitler's car was but one of b a series. Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels. General*Hermann Wllhelm Goerlng. Rudolf Hess, Ilelnrlch Hlmmlcr ami other prominent Nazis all formed part, of tho procession of entry. Together they went to the Deuischer Hof. This hotel is the place where Hitler lived in tho days when his movement was tho butt of official jokes and when a hotel owner risked having his windows smashed if he harbored the "terrible" Nazis. For reoHona of gratitude, therefore, Der Fuehrer continues to stay at tho DeutHcher Hof whenever ho. comes to Nurnberg. For half an j hour following tin* Nazi chloftaln'tt arrival In the city, the bells of all of Numberg's churches pealed. Rebel Troops Including Motorized Troops, Scouts Report Hy LUSTER 2IKKRBN (Copyrliht. 1030, by United Prtftsl TV/TADR1D, Sept, 8.—Tho govern•"•*• ment mobilized tho capital's police force today for emergency use in the Talavera sector 1 - southwest of Madrid where the most Im* portant battle of tho whole civil war is developing. CarabinierH, storm guards und national republican guards (the former civil guards) who aro on police duly were formed into a shock troop detachment and ordered to bo ready to leave for the front on ah hour's notice. Ten thousand militiamen were held as a reserve ready to go to any part of tho area. Long trains of motor trucks, awaited any troops the government needed. , Toledo Ts Key - ., Toted 6" la Xhe key to the battle area.' There, loyalists are biasUnfr with every, weapon they POHHOSB at FOUR KILLED IN RAIL-GAR CRASH /VIM* Lftmfd Wire) nORTERVILLE Sept. &. 'Struck with terrific Impact by a Santa Fe train a 33-year-old woman and three children died In the mangled wreck of their automobile at a street crossing near the city limits. The victims, crushed and torn almost beyond recognition, were: Mrs. Rose Bailey, her son, John* 3; her daughter, Jacqueline, 5, ,and Ralph Bailey, 7, her nephew* Mrs.' Bailey's automobile was dragged several hundred feet by the train. The accident occurred yesterday. • Leased L OS ANOtiUlSS, Sept. S.—Tho coveted Charlva K. Thompson trophy, America's emblem of air speed flupromacy, rested today In the, pos- Nesalon of young Lieutenant Michel Dotroyat of Franco. | Thrilling a crowd of 80,000 at tho j national air racen, and nroimtng an j aftermath of spirited controversy, i iho daahing flyer from Paris \vreated tho trophy from a crack field of American pllota yo-Rterday. Detroyat, flying; a. special-built j Caudron-Kenault racer, \v1ilch Colonel Hoscoo Turner of America charged was developed and paid for by tl\e French government, flaflhcd over tho 160-mllo course of 15 10-mil« laps In record time of 2(54.2C1 miles an hour. Hl« speed, which reached 301. miles an hour on otio lap, broke the record of 252.68G miles an hour hung up In 1981! by America's Major James H. Doollttlc. Congressional Seal Is Hot, Report VOTE TO BE CLOSE Two Governors Seeking Re-cleclion; Georgia Ballot Tomorrow of five widely separated states hallotod In primaries today, while national interest centered on tho contest iu Georgia tomorrow, whoro Governor lOugnne Talmadge, bitter critic of the n«w doal, is trying to rnplaco Richard B. RuEtaoll, Jr., in tho Sonato of tho United States. 1 i Stato holding primaries today in- Detroyat's Hmnshlng victory, which I eluded Washington, Arizona. Colo- ho stoutly dented was lh« fruit of 1 rado and Vermont. In Houth Caro- KovernmenUtl subsidy, wn« tho'high Una, a w>oond run-off was twing held Rpol of thr (iffieiul clone of the 1936 between two QrcnnvUle DomoomtM to Nntonal Air Show, acclaimed by pro- choose a mieeosHor to tl»** Into John moters the groaleftt in Its hlHtory. T OS ANGELES, Sept. S.—A northwesterly wind swept an uncontrolled "-' brush flro down Los Flores cnnyon, 9 miles north of Santa Monica today. Already about 2300 acreH have been burned over, the county foreater's office reported. A few small ranch dwellings and a deserted Boy Scout camp have been destroyed. Tho fire IB still more than one mile away from the inhabited lower portion of Los Flares cnnyon near the ocean beach, where about 100 cabins are situated. Fighting tho flumes is an army of 500 men including civilian conservation corps enrol lean and tho regular county fire forces. NicU Mrillft. 23. a resident of the fire district, died of n heart attack as ho drove Ills automobile nut of th« danger region along with several hundreds of others warned by sheriff's deputies. Only on tho southern front, mov- ng down Iho canyon. IH the flro de-flnitoly out of <-oiurol, said tho foroflter'n office. Thr eastern, went ern and northern lines, while not satisfactory, arc spreading only wlowly, Suspect Held i TT tif 1 I i I'M Mi* The danger point of th* blaw 1»' «.„! c \ ' m*v tho h»ad of lx>« Floren canyon. ; «^J; *" : A UfBrmnMhlllty for utarttng the " - i-" 1 " 1 *™"™ Princess Juliana to Wed German Prince at Rites Soon the holiday .1. McSwrtln for tho cotton mill dl»Only a GO-mllo rnco for tho $3000itriot in INDEX TO ADVERTISERS .,* "- - - PlH ANDERSON. ANN, DANCING STUDIO.. 6 AUSTON BEAUTY SCHOOL t AUTO ELECTRIC AND BATTERY CO 13 BLAIR'S BEAUTY STUDIO 6 BOHEMIAN DISTRIBUTING CO......... 4 BROCK, MALCOLM. COMPANY 3-4 OOLK BROS. CIRCUS..,....,..., » FOX CALIFORNIA; B FOX THEATER..;, '. B GOODRICH SILVCMTOWN II GRANADA THEATER I HAYES, EMMETT. | HELM. ED. ....,,.. II HOOLE 4. CO.. )rvA ........17 HUFF. JOHN «.*;%/;, S JOHNSON'S FIRESTONE TIRES 2 KIMBALL & STONE- ^vAwV^W McMAHAN FURNltURC COMPANY..,.,. 7 MANDARIN, THf*,,«>....;,^...> 9 MARTIN'S. MISS. *OHOOU OF DANCE,. 8 N l l_ t TM tATfifj*-' .--•'' ' • I fc * ffi bM I m H«.» * j i > i . ..<•>••. <•<•..!,. 9 PARKtR, DR4>.;, I PEKIN CHINESE HERB CO... 4 PENNEY. J. CM COMPANY I PHILLIPS MUSIC SCHOOL I PRESTON. DON C.... II PROFESSIONAL BOXING 12 HEX THEATER.,....,.. » BlAWTlI tnKAT &n 4t>-t***«**i*«r*«4*»**» v ST, FRANCIS CAFf.„.,..,' ',....», I UNION CEMETERY „ |M7 MA THEATER..,;.. .- ,;. I WICKCSSHAM'liiiwELRY COMPANY.. 4 WITMM Strategy Meeting (Associated Press teased Wire) CHICAGO, Sept. 8.—The executive committee of the Republican National Committee woa called into session today to map strategy for tho final eight weeks of the campaign. A review of progress to date was also arranged by National Chairman John IX M. Hamilton, who convoked the meeting. Simultaneously, the national committee issued a formal statement anent President Roosevelt's drought inspection trip und his Sunday night radio address on the problem. "Once again Governor Landau (Republican presidential nominee) has blazed tho way for effective national leadership on a matter with which the Roosevelt new deal ban failed to cope/ 1 It said. "The (drought) plans now proposed by Mr. Koosevelt are an adaptation of those outlined by Governor I-andon In 1934." Thomas in Debate Challenge to Foe (Associated Press Leased Wire) NEW YORK. Sept. S.—Norman Thomas. Socialist presidential nominee, today challenged his Union party rival, Representative William Lemk*. to debate the issues of the campaign. Thomas. In a telegram to Leinke, wild the Reverend Charles K. Cough- Hn would be acceptable to him as a possible proxy for the North Dakota congressman. „, * "I am challenging you, a candidate for the presidency of the United Htates, to debate with me on the issues of Ihls campaign,*' the moa- Hftge said. "Should you prefer to deaignata ait your proxy in lh la debate your «*hief political sponsor, father Charles B* Coughlln, uuch a substitution will be the Alcaxar in which 1200 rebel men, women und children have been be- tdoged for, seven weeks. It was learned that among the rebels ore some, loyalist families who were trapped when .the rebels fortified themselves In the old palace. A big army of HoaHoned rebels, principally Moors and foreign legionnaires, in command of Colonel Juan Yague, IB trying first, to raise the siege of Alcassnr at Toledo and then to proceed on to Madrid. The situation was made more ^rrave because loyalist planes report that motorized troops columns aro arriving in tho Talavera area-from the Avll area west of Madrid to reinforce tho robelH. The loyalist bombardment at Toledo ImH been Intensified in hope that the Alcassar .may bo taken and Its bOBlegers released for the Talavera front. Victory in Doubt At present tho actual battle front Is just east of Alayera. Reports that the loyalists have'actually captured Talavera are untrue and the government had not announced any Huoh capture up to this morning (6:30 a, rn.-2:30 a. m. Edt.) What has been announced, Is that loyalists in a desperate counter attack, threw tho rebels back four miles toward Talavera. The loyalist line Is Juut In front of the city. A United Press correwpoiul 1 out visited the area personally and confirmed that the loyalists occupy a front between 3% and Bty miles east of the city. Ut of q Guns Blast Fight Rebellious Warship Crews in River (Coprrlfht, 1086. by AMOcUtfc) Vr?M> "LISBON. Portugal, Sept. S.— Alert Portuguese government gunners, pounding two mutinous war- nhips with shells, crushed a brief naval rebellion In tho Tagus Hlver harbor off L-lnboo today. Disabled by a stream of fire from land batteries, tho two vessels, Shell cup trophy remained to bo raced today. The ev*»nt tvan postponed bocauuo of threatening fog over, Municipal Airport yesterday, •/I he would not race in (he extra-day fftant because he wanted to louv tho field free to enable another pilot to win the prixo money. He captured $9500 firm prize money yesterday and $4900 the day •- - — -* (Continued on Governor TalmndgQ wnarlng htn red nuBpendern, has fumpaigiiAd up and down Georgia charalng Kenutor B riu»aeU» n. former guvarnor and ton of the jutate's chief Juwtloo* with bs- Ing "a rubber stamp" for the new denl. Tho senator said h« was "proud" to Imvo favored lofflslntion "which told that gang in Wall Street whero to get off." )IHM not been fixed, but the sheriff's office IH questioning a 2«Vyear-oM trurk driver, suspectpd of causing ! , the conflnRrntton by u car<Mi»H*»lx dla-t card«d match, j The wind fanning ino flames oceanw'liftl te de»crll>«U v by, a* "hifciferUfo to -, Judge to Rule on High Damage Suit Tn Wanhliifftnn, Hrnns unit nine DrinoernlH are ron* tcHilriR; the went of (he lute Marlon A. /JonrluM-H. In the fifth dlntrtrt, Mrh. UoMilin DIM, divorced wife of former Srnalor ('• C. DHI, Hoticht the Demornitlc nomination fo (L'nitett Press Leased Wire.) I.OS ANQI3LI88. Sept. R.---U. S. District Court Judge William P. James today wan to rulo on a do- manned by rebellious crews which 1 murrer filed by Samuel Golilwyn. planned to steam away from Lisbon | film producer, to n |G,000 ( 000 dam UK*' for an undisclosed destination, were : suit brought ugnlnnt him by Parn towed to a beach and their Honm*»n mount Htudlo for tho alleged talent raid In sign Ing Oary Cooper. UoliHvyn contended tn the demur- thrown into chalnH. Two Hritinh warshlpB, tho Aaturlos and tho I Strath more, were close witnesses to j rrr that tho suit does not * a the bombardment. ; proper cause of action and requested f for Senator (lovornor Clarenco D. Martin U for the Democratic gubor- nutorlal nomination by John C. Stevenson, who i>ro|x_>HOM to httvo tho unemployed "produce" by operating factories, and by Stiito Tr*flj»ur«*r Otto CnK". Kour Hppubllcan«, includ ing former Clovornor Uolawl 11. liurtloy. nook tho-Hcpubllcun nomination. In Colorado. Governor lid r. Johnson and former Governor William 1C. Bought Democratic select Ion Tho fire is stltl two and on« haJf miles away from Kernwood. a popular mountain resort in Topansra canyon. It Is this canyon that give* the fiitiro district Its name. Tho Mallbu mounta4ns through -which twist Los Flores and Topanya canyons crowd clone to the ocoan along the curve of Santa Monica bay. HOOO now crisp and dry ufter i\ long; summer. There tiro only a few trees In tho region. Kour Miles Krom Mallbu At Mallbu beach, about four miles from tho center of flnnips. are sit* untcd a number of vacation homos of motion picture other homeM are scattered through the hillH, Including tho former rvwl- dftncn of Hichard Dlx. Thn ftnmoa camo within about two and one-half U*»H of this, Txist year a disastrous flro oc- romance In - by the Uoyul Court announcement thai plump and Jolly Juliana, luMr lo thr Netherlands throne, will w**d a man prince. He Is Bernhanl Xu Llppe fold, R »murt clreHfi<?r k an expert linguist »n<3 an ardent d*>voto« of too, ..i \-» lovesi the ' forto. date for the wedding: waii not announced. Juliana, who I* 27 yearn old. two years older than the nobleman who Is to become her „, prince consort, frequently has been the object of Motlcltutie for Dutch matchmakers. „,. , .»..!-„• They linked her name roman- The peiikn are mostly under | tlonl ly-~for a time-with that of feet and aro covered by brush. ; K|nR Bdward vm of Bneland M The Asturlus Just had entered tho when tho engagement opened, but was untouched. The Strathrnore, carrying several hundred British holiday makers, entered thr? bay when the firing started but quickly withdrew. Only quick work by the batteries Altoduque and Almadn prevented serious consequences of the revolt. Both ships were damaged, then towed to shallow water, beached, and the crews arrested. Extraordinary precautions were taken In Lisbon by tho government, but the rest of the country was declared to be quiet. * that U bo ordered dlnmlMard. Tho action aoeklntf $5,000,000 dam ! pUco in the i ourrfcrt In the Mttlibu mountains. Uopuhllran candidates for! burning over more than 50.000 acres ages was brought by J'uramounl i uppoaod. thu Kouito and for governor uro un through Adolph Xukor. production rhlof, charging that Ooldwyn induced tho movie slur to change his Htudlo affiliation by misrepresenting iho financial condition of Paramount. Further Tie-up Is Due at Steamship "Hands Off" Group Knox Takes Rest Meets Tomorrow (A»*oeiatcd Press Leased Wire) LONDON. Sept. S.—A European "hands-off-Spain" committee will meet privately at noon tomorrow, It was announced officially today, with or without Portugal. Nevertheless, "Whitehall was patently gloomy because of Lisbon's failure to definitely accept an invitation to participate In the nonintervention negotiations, Portugal, accepting conditionally, insisted that the scope and competence of the committee he outlined beforehand. DROWSES INSIDE PAPERS; BURNED (Associated Press teased Wire) EW YORK, Sept 8.—Detective Harold Streck and Wilbur Kennedy retained their composure at the sight of a bundle of newspapers ablaze on the Coney Island boardwalk. But they were more than a lit* tie surprised to find John Aato* rlo asleep Inside the papers. They woke him ijp, put out the fire, found a bank book in his pocket showing deposiU of $3000, bundled Mm to a hoapltal for observation. , • 1 the thought that prankster* aet fire to the 1 • . • . - - .-'... « .,!'-.. - *''-.-,'•• papere. .- .^V.. T^ • . .7 • , . -- '-.-.. - , Before Campaign (Associated Press Leased Wire) CHICAGO. Sept. 8.—Colonel Frnnk Knox, Rwpvjblican vlcp-prewlcl nominee, looked forward to HM hour recc-HH today between campaign swings. A.fter u day fn Chicago, starting point of a npeaklng tour which began AuKUHt 7, Knox will net out agal n abou rd h Ifl H pec la 1 t m I n for Mlnneflota, Kouih Dakota. Wyoming. Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. Thft candldato concluded tho flr»t phaae of hie campaign, after Hjwak- Ing in New Knglund and Allentown, Pa., with a 1^alx»r day addrens yesterday In Alma, Mich., on the campus of tho little college he attended 40 years ago. Stating that the administration "professed great friend* ship" for labor, Knox charged Ha policies had "don« labor harm." To Sentence L. A, Slayer Thursday Press Lcntcd \\*irr) SAN FHANC1SCO, Kept. 8, —Sailing orders for tho Dollar lln*»r Pros- Idem Hoover, tied up ttt her pier h«rn by a four-day labor dispute. were postponed for tho sixth time this morning. Th* ship WHS scheduled to Hall nt 8 a. in., but *at 5:30 company officials said there would bo another delay "whllo we get a fow things Htrulghttnicd out." * They «ald . thn Bh1p would not sail at least until noon. Nt'iirly &00 piutHcngers, a largo cargo and u consignment of United HtatPH mall are H board the liner, which originally was iwhcdutod to start an oriental cruise last Friday at 4 p. m. Tho voluntarily vacated seat In igrenH of Mrs. Isabella Oroonway. frletui und formor brldesmiiid of tho HooHcvelin. was being contented In ArlTona by several cundldutes. both Domooratlc and * Republican, Town- sendlto and Hiitl-Townsendiio. ciov- ernor B. H. Moeur. on«-tlme country doctor, was running agaisnt H. C. Stanford, former Huperlor Court I Judge, for th*> Homocratlc gi ! tortal choice. fn Vermont, the Republican natorinl selection was being nought by a bunker, u horticulturist, a lawyer and u roul estate dealer. Dispatch Ship to Assist Schooner! ' '""'"Mil l«*l'l.l t (Tn^ied Press Leased Wire) HAN KKANCI8CO. Hopt, 8.—Tho roust guard cutter Hhawneo today was dispatched to uld tho lumber j Bchooner F. H. Ix>op, which ml vised I I bo Union OH tanker I_*«»lir<M!» by j flarna that who had lost her deck load find was leaking badly- Who naked immediate a«»lsUim;(?, Ma okay Radio and causing diunaRo In rx<*«im of several million dollars, mostly to the watershed, City Officials to Open Meet Tonight one of the five princesses * to wed the Drlttah monarch. Juliana follows the example of her mother in marrying a German prince. Her father waa Prince Hen iirik of MocklcnbcrK. now dead. Prince Born hard Is well known in HrHIn and Paris noctety. He fin- l«bPd ncrhool at the University of Iferlln last year and became uffit lated with tho dye trust, serving in l'arl» as a »urt of appn?nticc, without salary. President to Be Speaker at Meet (AttnHnted Prut* Lf<i*rd HANTA MONICA. Srpt. S, -Dele- WASHINGTON. Hrpt. S. dent HooBevelt turned today from a I*ftbor day spout quietly at th^ Whllo HOUBQ to preparation of « speech he will deliver Thursday at a Hlx-Hlate "grtfen pant tires'* rally at Charlotte. N. C. He planned leavlnR tonight for the A walkout of tho dock crow over! T. ho Kt "' J ^° l> U »/ lot ^V j|p *' e< ? of tins ship's union delegate caused tho tie-up and threatened u new criNis in roll* t Ions between employers and Hoaiiu^n along tho San Francisco waterfront, Seven Los Angeles with u radio. Her offloiM'n i lh«* l-»obrc« with flaros whon the lat- tpr uhlp pawHfwI C)OH<* by off thn <:oa«i j of northern California, noiith of jCu- I rc'ka. The I/obroo WOH Htundinjr by. ! ^^1 » w I waiting to glvo (ii*l if thu culler tloen not arrive in time. gatcui from 400 California ritloa will ^orth Ctm.HnH city over a train gathfr hero tonight for tho annual convention of the League of California MunlclpalltlM. to continue DiroiiKh the remainder of Iho week. Hollla R. ThompMon, lierkoloy city inanair<tr, will open the meeting 1 tomorrow ninrniiiK WH prnnltlent of the leogue. William Hamilton, Alarneda county aupervlaor. will ni>eak on city and county co-operation. Representative* of Urn California Municipal Utilities AflnoclaUon and will participate In the N*Mttton. Clerks audltorn ami ftusosnorH will hold their annual banquet Thursday evnnltifc with Ur. Robert Sproul u« principal apeaker. Lake Steamers in Crash on Superior I Associated Prri* Leased Wtrt) SATI.T HTfc!. MAlilK. Mich.. ««pt. .•—Count guard hcadciuartwa re- motor rowtw that will tako him through tho jrreat Smoky Mountains Nationul Park from Knoxville. Tenti., to Anhevlllc, N. C. HlB schfHiiilc calls for arrival of hl» special train at KnoxviH* at to a, m. (central Htandunl tlmr) tomorrow, with luncheon ut Shv i The nlsrht s*top will bo at after the day-long motor tour of the mountain park. The President's appointment for today waa curtailed to permit preparation of the Charlotte wpeech j which he has o>BcrilKHl ua nonpo- i litlcal. Seek Those Bitten j t by Mad Dog at L. A. Men to Face Court San Diego Murder Hearing Is Begun Prr*f I.ra*t't ll'irf > LOS ANOKLKS. Sept. S. —Four persons reported bitten by a rubies- Infected dog at the National Air Races Sunday were sought by city health officer** today for admintetra* tlon of Pasteur trvatmenta. ported today that iho 7000-ton or*! Two of thp animal's vlctinu were carrier Cornell and the Crete were f treut-ed at the Municipal Airport at proceeding under their own power to | lhe ttme of tho AltBC k s . Kault 8te. Marie, Mich., after collld- S«n (United Press Leased Wire) IX)B AXaEI-ES, Sept. H. Unctng of Rotwrt H. James, to the g&Uow$ on conviction of the "rattlesnake" murder of his sixth _ f wife; wan postponed until 0 a. m. I Thursday when hln case was called in Hu per lor Court today. James, pale und (silent— *now a converted Christian— was In thi* packed coi^rtropm ready to listen to *•• (UnMeA Pre*» Leased Wirtj LQto ANOKLK8, Hept. h. Woven I>os Angeleti and Hi^n Francisco business men were to appear before PeenU Judge George Con grave today to hav0 a new date »et for their trial on mall fraud charges growing out of the collapse of tho $25 t 0Q0 ( Q0Q Italo Petroleum Corporation in 1981. Reports that the defendant* would attempt to have tho charges dts* missed led U, S. Attorney Plerwon M- Hall to declare that be would press for an 'early trial and would oppose any attempt to drop tho oh argon. The defendant*" are John and Ing In Luke, Superior, -10 miles off Whitcfish Point, Captain Wayne Hringle of the steamer Urhag of Duluth Informed j the coast guard by radio that hU* 1 vessel was standing by th« Crete In j fog, A largo ve#«el owned ! the Tlttsburgh Company, but } a !b> (United Press Leased Wire) HAN l>ri-;ao, Sept. «.— Trial of I Fred Chtlcolt, 23. charged with slay ing Edward S. Htewart. LouliiviUe. j otherwise* unldentifled^inniis* ** *••" \,v%si4 Aiiam | a *9\\ vV i JlC'lLI I* i uxiiffi tttt)Oil bv tttP t**€lt*I\l*ll \vl\tt?tl ^- _ K - *— ^r-B ^m. _-• I*. ^^ f __b k^_>. t 1 <. •. K-_ J» ^m. • _ ^ A__ • * • ,1 _ _. ._ • • -^ ^ _ t "** ^* ' a gaping hole in its Hide. Radio me«- f did not describe the extent of t LONG BEACH HAS SLIGHT TREMOR the words of fate when J udge Charles W, Frieke grahted the *!0n-T Hobert MoKeon. Alfred a. WHke*, tlnuauoo on the ground* that J«.me»' attorneys were wit ./of the Hyron Sions* Wljilam J. Cava* naugh. l^jvd Shlnjjlo and Horac*? p. Brown • '• ^;.;:--' j ";" oj>ened before Bui^rior Judge Lloyd Girffln today. Chllcott U charged with ^hooting , tho damtt ^ e to thp Crete . Ktewart as tho latter left the Chll- oott home the nigbt of August 15 with Marjorto Chllcott, 20, In what the brother believed wan an ment. ChUcoit later wild tho «hootlng accidental. Ho waid he wan attempt iug to stop the eoupte because he tiaiievtd they IntendoU without marrying. SKARCH BKGIN FOB PA1H KAN PEDRO, Sept. S. (A. P.)—! The coast guard searched today for! two young won. Frank l-owts, 23J and Fred Martin, SO, unreported j ulnca they set out yesterday munvj living to-j Ing from &Mttu Catalina UUtud lu! a IB-foot «hx>p ! f Unite* Pms t«a««4 Win) I ONG BEACH, Sept, &—A L- slight earthquake was re* corded hero at 6 a. m. today, but no damage was reported In the city, police said. Many residents were awakened by the tremor. Surround" Ing towns were unaffected by the alight shake, a check-up revealed. r 1 ' - -• Jl vj L J $8 --1 -i. _, ^ _- v.-t -- • '--,- " ll ^' *•! p-. .'1 •I.', ,- .- 1' ..- - oi-.'-^i;-^ -l . v,,,., -,-^,,,«K?S^t^ : -*

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