The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 7, 1936 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 7, 1936
Page 14
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• MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 19S6 Cbttortal $age of Wfje pakerstftelb Caltfcmto $*ket$fleU» Tsmicd Kvery Evening Bxoepl Sunday In Hftkorsflcld, Krrn County, California Rntorml In po.-l office nt Unkursfleld. California, us sernml clnss m*ll mntter under the Act of Congress Mnrrli 8. IH^ MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Vntut IF. exrhislvely entltle.1 In the use for publication of nil new-, <Ils|ml<-t,i>f. rredlled to II or not otherwise credited In thin piiper, nnd also lim local news published therein Icnuecl wire *CTV|>T «< both. flight, but like Men-ill nnd Rlclmuni in their ' wqsl lo cost flight n few days before, her pinne rnn short of fuel and her land journey on IhiH side was curlniled. In both these nd- vciilures it is well lo remark thai it was the machine, not the men or Ihe woman, that failed to do its full part. The courage and Ihe skill of the human factors were greater The llnkersfleld Cnllforrilnn Is nlm. H client "f the United | , . i i- , »i-i • Press and the ITnlled NevfB nnd rerelven the i-Mintilole ; || )t||1 || U .jr ineellllllieal ridjtllK'IS. I lllH niCOHH tluil in future Ihe airplane capacity for fuel nnd its mechanical adaptability for long distances will receive attention. REI'RICSENTATIVKS llryunt Drlfflth A llrunn-ni. Ii" Nrw Vr.r'lt, ChlrnKo, nolrnlt, Atliintii. MoMnn \V«Hl-llnll|flny-Mi>»ci»nF<fn C""., It"' Sa.n l'Ynm'lni'0, !<<m AnRf-lnn. NMittlr, I'nrllnnil U'AHIUNlTrriN. 1' Fredcrle J. MiiiMkln. Mlml .. WaKhlMKirm, " SUHHCIUPTION IMWK Drllvorrd hy rftrrlar «r mm) in pimlnl /.onnv nnr, iwn, three, jior month, (if..-, fi tnr.iiiliN. »:U.O, I yeiir. By ninli In i">«l»l sw'ni-s fmir I" nluli', l»r iiionMi. SIW-, TIIIH 1'AI'Ell MADI'i IN TIIIO V. S. A I DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH WINS DISTINCTION INA GASTONI, gifted Hnker.sfield colorn- •J turn Hoprnno, is coining into the reward for her talent nnd the years she has passed . ., .. « *. I r I 1-1 I I ' <»ll*'«. l»ut. J»(4">- IIWW y\i\t VT; »wv , in perfecting il. Her friends feel a reflected lo Hnnp Olll or H . Tho r e«t ot the ' glory in the distinction she IIHH won in secur- i girls win bo popping in hero in a ing n luerntive motion picture contract, but i more parlicularfy in the recognition she has ALFRED HA «ntTon. AN by NARD JONES ® i«>6 Nf A Stnttt, Inc. IIBOIN Judith Ifowiril liu TODAY b«m wi»i«ii to Rlrptmn Powlir for four j««n. 8h» wtnu to IM murrltul incl k*«)> h»r Job In > btul- tint nttlm Inn Htoto will not hur to ihl«, Juilllh mull Mtit« for lunch «ml tl)«> to o?ir thu f»mlllir irnutncnU. -Judith point* nut lint liar friend*, VlrilnU incl Hal) n«nt, km htptilly mtrritd, thmjfh both htm JoU. Sliitt nftUM to l)« continued. Klnilly Judith thirautu lo lumk th« in- «««fmtni« Hunt, *udd*nly retllilni ilif In In writ- em, »«k< In «'in« to tier *pinm«nl thil crrnlni til Ulk tin mitltr ottr. now oo ON WITH Tim RTOIIT CMAI'TKR H Dctsplte Virginia's reassurance, Judith found It difficult to stop her sobbing. "1 — I always thought I could bo sane about something Ilko this," Judith faltered. "But now J — J'm Just realising whttt Hlovo means to rno!" Virginia imt ted her shoulder. "Sure, I know. Hut right now you've PHOI'T'SSOH of economics in nn luist- ; gained after years of arduous study in eulli- t-ni university rcauMrms that in America I valing her marvelous gift of song. rnlnul.o, and you ain't, lot them HOC you like thin, (,'ome on, buck un." .ludllh nodded. With 0,11 of fort she, straightened and wont to the washstand. While Virginia Blood guard nt the door, Judith bathed her face In cold wnlcr. Whon Him hud fin- Ishod, VlrKlnlu left the, door and •Hood In front of her. "Now you're Judith. A little powder rouge now. And," Hhc A there is "Ihe must marvelous distribution of ! M>™ <',.Kloni's success is Ibe result of hei . . .. , ., ,• ,i ,i it,,,i .native musical talent polished by intensive ; ail right, wen h through the masses ol the people mat .... ' ', ,. ., and somi, .«,.«., ....... -...,., „..,. . study and practice. I Icr courage m Ihe lace | dived into her bug, "a cigarette. him ever been kllOWII in Ihe history ol ailV .. ..'.... ... , . • , . > Hero." Hho Inserted tho cigarettn lias f v(i uiin y ()) ( |,|r in ||t,,. s )s ,, s ndmirable as her wonder- j ),,.I W(IOM Judith's trembling lips, held country." In support of Ibis slalemenl he , f|| | V()ic . ( . | ( M ,.,.,|,.,| | )O ||, | 0 bring („ fruition points out that 52.000,00(1 people have SUV- n,,. 'nlenl Ilial now |ilaces her among Ihe un- inus deposits lo Ihe value of -f'28,000,000,000. \ lion's great singers. She is. in truth, Ihe ! onjoyin'f? "myself'." Kn'ow'*'wh'yv Vte- H ' I ' i . ' rnuse I've looked forwiird to this llml there are <J (> 000 000 stockholders in Cinderella ol the screen and Hie musical ; i,,.,,aii for a long lime, it's the most ' ' .. "" ' . ,'.,/ M MHMMlm,.n, ; W( "' l(l - '""Mhe lale of her life is no less in- , nV^ 1 ' 1 ^ 1 ^^ ^'''^ rlon<> ln alwut ,1000 corporahons. am thai I2.0( (»((.( me - , | '^Vp'rcniiy believe. tlml ,,. Ju . hers in building and loan associations have ,,..... ..,. ,. ,, ,........!.... I' 111 ;! 1 . lrl r (l '," I'". 1 .' 0 assets of $K.OOO,0(K),000. ... ----- - • Nor is Ilial all. Not so many years ago Ihe average annual wage received by factory nnd he'll thaw out any Icicle* you and filovo may have. MURK around the room before wn set there." Mow .Judith got through her afternoon's work she would never oulto know, As she had told her friend, •he had always believed that In a situation like this she could be sane and sensible. But apparently that had been because, subsconsclously, she'd believed too Ions; It could never happen to her. During- the pant few months when the logic of her brain had begun to tell her that It might happen, who had Ignored the warning. I.lko an automaton she went through her office routine until fi, and who WBB grateful when Virginia appeared by her desk with, "Not golnjf to work nil night, are you, darling?" Together they hurried to witch an early car to the apartment: nnd. as often happened, they encountered Bob Bent, on the flame car. Virginia's husband was In his usual good humor, "Good evening, charming ladles!" he greeted them. "Did you put over any big denls today?" "Judith did," said Virginia. "She sold Steve Fowler short, and came out 'way nhead." "No!" lie looked at Judith sympathetically. "Say, that's too bad! I hope He was Interrupted hy poiiuh, Virginia." The other shouk her head. "Don't pin any wings on me., darling. I'm Her career is an example ol Ihe struggles j "I not only IK-MOVO it, but i know , . . ,ii. i i ,i i i i i ' H Just forget Hlovo I'Vnvler. and Unit have lo be laced by those who would at- j y0 ti'ii he all right in n month— or (nil, Ibeir ambitions. Il has nol been won I '^C^heV' apart- employes was *2.T7. Todav Ihe annual wage "I'.v su<lden flight" but by dinl of slrenuons -»VW« 1 |:,;,,ih MI open, -c • - • through Ihe years to Ihe culliva- ; lion of her voice and Ihe study of musical om- npnrtrnent! I I bought you through V" nm through. Judith Insisted. "Hut we-—wo were out there on the ,,..iii i »«• /• ' HIM we-—we were out tnero on tile e. Despite her bard work Miss (•as- i N | (1 ,. WII ,,, aml HtoV( , Bald wo ,.,,uhin't JUKI fltilHh II like that. II dlrl HCPIU queer lifter four yenrw." is tfiriOO, and men and women work one- third less lime Hum they did in Ihe older days. From li)20 to MM) Ihe number of retail stores in the United Slates ill( . mis( ,| , l".u ma.nlamed her |,er.sonal charm and en- from l.IHW.OOO lo 1.707,000, and small fnc- (ll> " IT(l llrrsi ' ir '" ""'""'".ces here in her na. • , i i .. i i r i live city as well as in ol her centers. Her lories which employed Iron. I lo T, people , ' i ll ,,. rm ,.|,,linns marh,l her as a fii ,<"'""""*. A. .as, she spoke. ".,,,dith, supplied ti livelihood for nearly .'KIO.OOO em- ; "I"'"' 1 " ml« > pi < lalions maiU.d In i as a In- i vm| , ro „ ,,,„„,,,..,,„,.„.,,.„ Ha ,, „,,„„,. i i to'to . ii il. -i oooooo r,,,-MIC lure leading singer, and her Irieiids while 'i<"i m»n. Here you got yoursoif mi •ploVCS. Ill 1U.ll) practically ,t,()(ll),(HM) hums , , • • . worked up lo a clean break, am i i ii i ii ' i . —.i ,i rejoicmii al her achievement and recognition i you spoil it." were owned wholly by those who operated •' •,,,-, • wLii do yon a sharp nudge from his wife. "Well," ho began again, attempting a laugh, "cony come, easy go, Judith." * * * Virginia caught a glimpse of Judith's face and quickly veered tho conversation Into safer channels. To all appearances, Judith had temporarily forgotten the matter by tho lime they reached tho apartment building where hoth tho Bents and Judith Howard lived. "Better have dinner with us to night," Virginia Invited her as tho trio went, up In the automatic lift. Judith shook her head. "Thanks a lot, but I've some food left over from yesterday—and my frugal New Vlngland nature won't let It chancn spoiling." Hob was about lo suggest Hint they pool their kitchen resources but It. occurred to him In the nick of time that, under the clrcum stances. Judith intgbt prefer lo have dinner alone. Ho wns correct—partly. ftool frock. She hud barely flnlahed when HttSve's ring at tho door startled her. listlessly sho went to tho door and opened It. "Hello, Steve." He looked at. her closely as he came In, but said nothing. Walking to the littles tablo by tho window he jut down his hat, took his pipe from tils pocket and set It between his teeth unllghtcd. Then, nervouoly, lie returned It to his pocket, "Look here,' Judith," he said suddenly, "you couldn't, have, meant what you said this noon." "t did mean U, though." Her eyes met his unflinchingly. "Then you haven't changed your mood?" He reached for his hat. "And If you haven't changed your mood there's no use In my trying to talk this out with you now." "It Isn't a mood, Steve—and It Isn't a question of talking It out. I told you today how I took a step . toward felt." him, She then s=(By 0. 0. McINTYRE) For For a moment Vlrglnln said nothing. but her held plenty of elf all then them and l.XOO.OOO of these farms wen are nol surprised Ilial il has come. Hakersficld has already conlribuled 'I'ibbelt lo Ihe ranks of Ibe world's without mortgages; the gain in farm value between 1UOO and UWO was .WIOO.OOO.OOO. i m "' ( ' . ,. ,, . .. leading o|)ernlic singers. Miss (mslom adds nnolher lo the niiiues of dislinction in the field of music from Ibis San .)oat|iiin valley (own. SATISFACTORY, HUT- These figures probably will not prevent n continuation of Ihe misleading statements thai a few own all Ihe weallh of America and thai there is no opportunity for the many. The opportunity is here today a.s il has always been in the history of America, and thai is demoiislratcd by the fact that more people have money in savings banks, I ,,.,,, more own slock in corporations, more own l «•'"'•"» »"' '"I 1 »' •""I"""' ''M'tH-hi- j nniroph.wiih iini, and we ^ inako their farms, more find gainful employ- ""''»• Th.s slate s sales lax. for exam,.le, ,s M ,,-,..end wo'donf know's 1 ' ' ' Ihe treasury an average a day. and is reported lo T IS nlunvs snlisfnclory to know llml lax of "I menu you should hnve left him FJI. him iiKiiln, you'll have everything In (]u over nunlti." .Inilllli Mhook her bend. "I'm not bluffing. Vlrglnln." "of rotirso you're nol. Bui I know what love can do to u, gal. All her liralim ooze out Into her henrl. and Ih.m nnytblng enn hnppen." She Htonj>e<l a moment. Then: "Mslon. Jtidllh. will you resent It If 1 help you out of thin?" "nut 1 don't need help." "Lot me lie I ho Judgn of thnt. Tour only hope IM to havn other people H round If Hteve shows up tonight. while Judith did want to be alone for a while, she touched nothing In the way of food. Once. Inside her Illtlo apartment sho dropped her hat and coat on a chair nnd sank wearily on tho davenport. .She wat there, not moving. Sho sat there, hardly thinking. H was OB 1C a part of her had died. Then gradually, as the fatigue of the day wore off, sho begnn to think again of her life with Stephen Fowler. It soemed such a largo part of her life, thin part she had spent with him almost alwnys In her thoughts. And when she told herself, "It was only four years . . . anil with every hour those four years will grow less Important." Hho could not really believe It. Judith rose tit last, but hod her face In cold water and slipped into a men! in industry. And Ihe end is not ycl, We shall find increasing numbers in these lists as Ihe years go by. Only there is Ibis ' to be remembered, thai Ihe' increase will I »'« •'»'»• •'»' ".e sales tax include those who seek lo lake advantage j "mounted to $10.100.000. which ind.cales of opportunity, who are industrious and i "»»• «'il>'-« 1 "» "'' <'.'difornia are in position lo UP increasing. For Ihe Iliree-monlh period end- Ihe sales .luillth wnH silent, meeting Virgin- Ill's suspicious gir/.e. "I wan I to seo him nlone for n few minutes. Virginia. I'll let him know that inv Inlk Ioday wasn't a spur of the mo- collections iiK-nt thing You and Hob drop over Illinnl P " "All right,' stopped as If afraid of herself. "Oh, Htevo, I haven't Insisted many times thnt I was right. In all the times we've quarreled I've always given In. But this time I'm not going to give In. That's what makes me feel so Sure .I'm right." • * • SI ova's laugh wa« without humor. "Illght? How can you bo so absurd, Judith? V'ou want me to marry you, support you, when I can just about manage to do for myself." "I want you to marry me, Stephen. I'll support myself. I want it that way. Doesn't that make It all right?" Ho shook his head. "Judith, I love you. I want you more than anything else In the world. But I'm not going to let It blind me to tho fact that I mustn't try to have what I've no right to have. Can't you understand that?" Judith's shoulders sagged. Her mouth twisted In a smllo ot helplessness. "Stove, all I know Is that you nnd T arc young—and we're In love. That's all there Is to know or understand. Wo won't be young forever. We—wo may not love each other forever. Hut today Is ours." She went to him now, her trembling hands against his shoulders. "Can't you understand that, Stephen? Today Is ours, and you want us to keep planning fof* a tomorrow that might never come." Ho looked down at her, not spea.k- Ing. Judith thought: If ho kisses mo now I'll lose. If— "That's tho logic of a woman," Steve was saying. "But money's inada In a man's world. And It lakes money for it happy marriage. I'd be worse than a fool If I saw It your way, Judith.'' His arm wont around her shoulder, and his head bunt closer. "Judith, If you'd only believe thnt I know what I'm talking about. It's your own happiness I'm thinking about. H—" There were three sharp raps on tho door, and Virginia Bent's shrill. "Open up In there! It's the house detective!" ]\TEW TORfc, Sept. 7.—In the man- A ~ ner of Arnold Bennett's Journal: Everyone has a telepathy story. On a date we remembered M, and I wondered what had become of Harry Langdon, film man, I know only, by reputation, Yesterday a post card from him In India: "Somehow I was thinking of you today," Postmarked tho data we discussed him. And Bob Davis In his wanderings has met up with Capt. O. O. Mcln- tyre who commands a barque cruising about Hawaii. They send a bid to Join them with the namo attested by a notary. I am bemused over an Idea to spend a week In a shady h6tel In that Eplleptlca known as the 40's. For writing color. "There's something furtive about them. So dime detective story. Yet I know a great Bible student who lives benignly In one. He sees nothing out of way. Our Boston growls and wags his tall If you pat him as he sleeps. Tho ancient puzzle: Which end to believe? I have been Interested In the extravagant billing for tho "Green Pastures" film. Everybody Is mentioned down to the assistant cameraman save the man who Inspired It all—Roark Bradford. Memo to Bill Corum: What Inspired lexicographer bestowed tho sobriquet Satchel Feet on Prlmo Camera? Harry Burton was observing that New Yorkers had not yet acquired a leisurely attitude toward the sidewalk cafes. They teeter on edge ol chairs, frot over tardy service am gulp drinks, The accomplished boulevardlers of Paris and Vienna forget time when they plop down at a cafe tablo. Sometimes they dream a while before ordering their apertlf and this—and only one—they sip. No treating. Americans In spired saucer piling. I noticed tot terlng old gentlemen with sun urn brellas still play croquet In Centra Park. But croquet Is not always for the venerable. Alexander "Woollcotl and Neysa McMeln are ardent cro quettsts. So la Kathleen Norrls who whacks a championship game King Edward, too, enjoys the sport Too much sniveling over Babe Ruth. He turned In a grand per formance, was highly paid, cxtrava gantly honored—but the Inevitable slow up came. Ruth Is well fixed reeking with wealth and rosy mem orles. Not many greater heroes have fared so well. M. had neve; )eon in one of my choice dining places until the other night. A lunch wagon In tho middle of roartnft « West street, whither we went to await a liner's berthing. I .wolfed a hamburger with chopped onions and coffee in thick ciip. M. wan wary and, had a saucer of corn t lakes dry, which she only nibbled. Remindful of Bill Hogg's romanza of the Toxan at (he roadside lunch. A dirty, greasy aproned attendant slounched up. Twittered the cusomer: "I'll take a cocoanut and a hard-boiled egg and peel them myself." I performed a literary chore over :he week end I enjoyed. Writing of ;ho home town for a weekly. Chucking in the livery stable, the ice louse, the harness shop and those hallowed things. After 40, all like to remember when. Rupert Hughes. who delivers such eloquent and comforting funeral orations at biers of friends, la an agnostic. Yet a , Christ-like fellow. All his life he's been a push-over for the hard luck tale. His encouragement and generosity developed many artists.' Lawrence Tlbbett and Jim Tully, for examples. Rupert could not be In- • duced to do a petty thing. Yet he . believes the end is extinction. Strange! M. came upon a note from Frederick O'Brien in ridding an old file. Written at Saulsallto shortly before his passing. He said: "I'm stagnating arid will be off soon for somewhere." Prophetic! O'Brien, I think, penned the most dramatic situation ever read In "White Shadows in the South Seas." It concerned a natlvo Polynesian, woman, a princess, educated in France and England. A dashing English officer, stationed in tho Marquesas, was in love with her. One morning he was canterlnur through a forest glade. In a clear- Ing ho saw his princess bared to the waist. Sho was gazing over a shoulder Into a mirror tacked to a tree. In the glint of the tropical sun tho mirror revealed a white spot, the sickly white of the flounder's belly. Tho first stage of, leprosy! I read last night Victor Hugo," moon faced, trusted only long faced men. The greatest crook I know Is long faced. Npthlng In physiognomy. Prediction: Joe Louis, if ho gets i the chance, will bo next chant-, plon. But there's an odor from prize fighting. Almost as stifling as that of tho Olympic committee. And that would gag a buzfcard. (Continued Tomorrow) (Hy PAUL MALLON—Copyright 1936) Virginia resign- n'ut we'll liring Toby Lynuh He's Ihe life of an; thrifty with the American spirit that has huildcd Ibis country. I spend money in grenlcr amount limn nl any period in Ihe Insl few years. The report of Ihe slnle board of eipiali/.aliou says thai no other stale in Ihe I'nion has had such satisfactory results from the same lux levies. All of which is flattering, il appeal's, lo Ihe financial position of Ihe cili/.ens of Ihe slnle. Mill, while Ihe sides lax is undoubtedly n compnrnlively painless method of raising WOMAN TAKIN(J IIKII IM.ACK N ANY sphere of activity women care lo adopt they prove themselves equal lo men. There are some pursuits to which they do nol lean, but where they show desire Ihey accomplish. For centuries the fallacy prevailed that women bad no mechanical lalcnl, nolwilh- ; no reason for spending il lavishly, and thai j *J "^J.''^"-^"^.^"^""^^' standing the known facts llml in all periods , is what California is doing. The stale butlg- of history they have been the cral'lsworkers , els have been increasing from year lo year n,, in domestic and social life. Only when they i "'M! I'lUe is bem^ done lo limit expenditures, were barred from opportunity to show Iheir What Ihe cili/.ens demand is not so much en- abilities in arts and crafts could Ihe question , coiiraging reports on Ibe returns from tax ,'^^""i " f < h " of Iheir liilenls be sustained, (liven Ihe , levies hill sounder administration of stall "° " chance and showing an inclination, they government expenses. have demonstrated Ihey can invade mans of •-•»*-» UANDOM NOTKS Ihe formerly so-called manly occupations and activities. Advent of Ihe automobile and Ihe airplane TUN VKAUS AGO ITIir CllirnrnUn. tht* >IM>. 1D3A< Headlines: I'hemlHU vlslmi oil sub- Ntlttlle; Hyntbetlc petrol from voero- ... ,. , i , , , , tables IH pnsHllilllty: Two former revenue, it is one thai should nol be abused. ! high government ofririnis on irini llecausc money can be raised easily that is ! , f "las'' n ioM. MK r!mnVy X tnx tl 'rnVe l '?i l i he offices Seventy ni'ri.H of Kern county oil In nil hnx'-e b.-en nolil for $l.00n.0(in mil heltiK In the Vlvlnn II. hold In the 'I jnvev lllll« ai flnlM. NnmeH of the not yet lieon dlviilgod. ll\irl<o tins boon elected nssoclntlon of Iliiilurl expr-ndltmeH for the flu- rnl vein- wore I'onnty clerk. JUS.- II'.! 70; illstrlct nllorney. »:ill,(in2: pur- cluisliiR agenl. $rillft4: sheriff, j-18. K-1,1, llluiiry. int'.Bfl'l. VyASHINOTON, Sept. 7.—Tho dls- "mantling of Doctor Tugwell IM being carried out quietly but never- IhelpHH effectively. His chief of staff gave out a story the other day that some curtail- meniH were being effected In tho re- Helllement administration, but ho did not tell nil. The exodus from this new denl bureau has been on for six months. Those who could find Jobs elsewhere have found them. One Tugwell publicity man Is helping Will Hays to purify tho movies: another Is writing an "Impartial" column for tho newspapers under a pen name. Higher-ups who were late to cutch on have recently been seeking transfers. One AAA division chief who wim transferred to KA several months ago has been able within the past few days to arrange, a re-transfer back lo AAA. Tho word has been definitely spread on the Inside that this most mismanaged of all government bureaus Is under n voluntary soft pedal. Note—More than 3000 Tugwell CI3LF k ' siul California has been fortunate in Ihe pro- TWKNTV YKAKS A(iO lllin ('•lirimilin. llil> <UI«. Illlt) Hcnilllnoft Hrlllsh make further (ruin while Fivnrh serlen of it. r - i i in* i.' i \\nuo rrt'iu'n IMIIM-K HI has given women their place alongside men "nets <>' Us land tins year, rirst there was j nxsautts: I,\H-/.I« \\.m.i fails even after overcoming long standing preju- ; lll(1 ^i.lMIO.OOtl crop of Shafler-\Vasco po- di.'cs laloes. Then followed word thai the cotton ! <i"rmnn rounter iiinws in dlmrtct ullli>> ii south of river; Vlnlont fighting be Ilecenl competitions have established Iheir uarvesl in Kern comity will be the most val- ! uveen ^IHVH nnd _ Austin. ti«rmnn place beyond cavil. F.xploding the fiction Imt furci 1 ; All HourrpH lo be linked for I ii i i • •. i • v ' urci 1 ; HourrpH lo e line l ""' airgesl in its history. Now • ,iat« on .inpnn '» move in far onsi. employes are said to have been let out. or shifted to other government bureaus within tho last three months. • * • ISLK-UIQLHSF — Doctor Tugwell's story can be told In one sentence: Ills administrative costs ran an high as 40 per cent. At his peak ho made loans to !li!0,000 rural families nnd Hiibslslenco grunts to 340,000 more. Hut to render this aid ho employed more than BO,000 persons. Ills office In Washington spread through I'.I different buildings. Including n hotel, liv diligent application, he linn been able to reduce bin ndmlnlstratlve coats gradunllv. but It mill runs between It! und 20 per cent, according to budget figures. The unsatisfactory extent of this waste may be measured by tho facl thnt WI'A claims '-ailmlnlslratlve costs of between 3 and 3Vj per cent. • • • ( ^ A UH K A N D 15PFKCT — Legally \-< Doctor Tugwell can euntlmm as n constitutional entity until next July 1. A number of western and KDITOH'H NOTE Th« C»!lfornl«n will print lett«r« from re«d«r«. Sucli letters MUST be con- flnoa to ISO words wrltttn legibly anrt on one «tiie of th« i>«per. The ipice limit 1> lmper»Ute. No »nonyniou» communlculoiu will 1» printed. Thl» |> emphatic. The C»llfornl»n rrmrrM the rUht to delete or reject any or all mnmucrlpu and l» not retpoiulbte for «entlment« conulned theriUl. I/ettera of more than 150 word» will be rejected. U«»lty 1« a dmlrable fealur*. They muat be bona fldely algned liy the writer with complete addreii glun. although the name may not be published. middle western congressmen went to tho front for him at. tho last session of Congress and earmarked $86,500,000 of tho $1,426,000,000 relief fund for hln work. Next year, It may not bo so easy. The drought gave him an opportunity to demonstrate his purpose, but even the drought cannot wipe off tho administrative waste which Is said to have convinced tho President that KA must go. * # • POSTSCRIPT—Not from the navy, •*• but from equally authoritative sources, you can learn that the lieutenant commander In charge of tho Kano was In tho air servlco for six years. He knows more about the Identity of, planes than the average destroyer commander. If you could got a peep at his reports, which tho navy has kept secret, you would probably find that ho Identified his assailant definitely as tho typo of ship used by the Italians, and, furthermore, ho noticed that tho usual Identification symbols had been removed. Of course, ho had no Idoa who was flying It. However, everyone hero is content to lot tho Incident go as a case of ."mistaken Identity" and urgent orders have been Issued on tho in- Hide not to keep tho story alive. * « » XJOISIC—The only really serious *• ' trouble developing during Presl- dotn HoosevolJ's drought trip was on Ihe finest Ion of snoring. U seems that three eminent exponents of tho art of snoring nloud very nearly broke up the trip. They were In Mr, Koosovclt'H retinue, and. when they reached tho small hotel bedrooms In tho drought regions, they been mo a major problem. Director Morris Cooko of tho rural electrlflcallon administration sought to harmonize nrrnngoments by bunk- Ing two sopro>ios together, but this did not work out. Uoth complained thnt the other wns disturbing his slumber, nnd the third, who was a bnss, wns lonely without accompaniment. Mr. Hoosevelt solved tho problem by sending all three home. WANTS MORE ELECTION ZEST Editor Tho Callfornlan: 1 I notice that each of tho major political parties has millions of dollars to spend on promotion of the party candidates at tho coming election In November. As far as I can see none of them Is spending much In tho way of establishing Its casa In words. There have been a few speeches but mostly of old stuff on each side. Neither the candidates nor their spokesmen have said anything new or startling. My I'mpresslon Is that- each of them Is watching tho other, and watching for tho "bad break" that too mucli talking always brings. Is President Roosevelt resting on his pars and leaving most of his propaganda to that man Mlchelson, and Is Governor Landoh depending on Knox and Hamilton to guide his political bark through the shoals of criticism? AVhat I would like as an Interested Citizen la to see these proponents of different political Ideas come out and not bo afraid to attack; This was tho good old-fashioned way when I was young. Are wo getting timid these days? Or Is tho election in the bag? B. M. J. Bakersfleld, September 4, 1030. DOMESTIC ACCIDENTS Editor Tho Callfornlan: We oplno automobile accidents constantly, but what of tho even more preventable homo accidents? The tragic, humorous, curious and ordinary accidents In the American home' are almost four to-one to the traffic accidents. Domestic accl dents were responsible for more deaths than any other general class of accidents last year with tho single cxceptlon» of motor vehicle, and for. many more maimed bodies. Why concentrate on blaming the automobile when tho washing machine wringer, match box, stairs, slippery floors, poison bottle, clean' Ing fluid, open gas fire, "unloaded" shotgun, ice pick, can opener and spoiled food dish are as great culprits? TRAINED NUHSE. Bakersfleld, Sept. 5, 1936. QUICK FIRE ACTION Editor The Callfornlan: Last week the garage ot a neighbor caught fire. The building Is outside ot the city limits. 1 telephoned the alarm to Ben Cooper, dispatcher at State Ranger Harold Bowhay's headquarters. Within less than five minutes tho first fire truck arrived and was followed within a very short time by a second truck. In tho meantime, despite our ef- forts, tho neighbor's house had caught fire from the garage. The ranger's fire fighters, however put out the house fire before It had dono any great damage. • I wish to commend the remarkable expedition with which a response was made to this call and to record my approval for the effl- , clency of the ranger and his staff. Terrace Way. JIM DAY. Bakorsfleld, Sept. 2, 1930. DOORSTEP CLUTTER Editor The Californian: Thanks for the posters spread on tho front porch and lawn comment. It's to the point, and while it may be in the ethics that one mustn't knock one's competitor's wares, it a thrown hither and thither poster may be so dignified, .still there is a duty higher than the ethics, sometimes, and isn't this one? . . . That one ought not bo forced to have his premises messed up Is surely agreed on; that one la helpless with all ' ordinances in effect, because the distributor has done his dirty work, like a thief In the night, when one Is away and can't fight back. And I'm glad to see you still are with me In the single tax business. C. E. MALLACHOW1TZ. Callentc. Sept. 6. 1036. =(By FREDERIC J. HASK1N) nl the III|H Hyiner home are Mrs. W. II. lions niul her chll- years without accident. In aviation, with fewer women pilots, there is now a respectable list of female air champions, outstanding among Ihem being Miss I'.arharl and Mrs. Mollisou, with others who may be as skillful but who hnve not had the opportunity lo show their powers. Now comes Ihe first woman lo cross the Atlantic ocean in a solo flight from east lo west. Mrs. Beryl Markham, at one leap so to speak, lakes her place among Ihe great aviation pioneers by her daring flighl in Ihe fncc of strong winds nnd inclement weather. Mrs. Mnrkhiim accomplished her purpose j the corner." luduslry and opportunity coin- in being Ihc first woman lo make this solo hjned ,, n - responsible' for Ibis hnppy result. that women were careless or indifferent an- i «'"'»'es Ihe announcement that the raisin in- lomohile drivers, came the victory ol Mrs. i duslr> in which Kern shares a large place Leavill of San Francisco in a national con- ! w ' m "'her San .loaquin valley counties, has \ Dr. u it. swnrtr. nnd his family lest for the safes! driver, with a record of MO ; improved MI much that advance paymcnls j m^oim'"ir, 1 , 1 ,,/,!?' 1 " a v<u ' nU °" '" I'luirloH Hand Is a vlsllor from i>rnvlllo today. linnk clenrliiRH horo today worn moro than $80,0£0. TIIIHTY YI5AUS AOO iTh« ctiiiuinitii. tiiu ilti», leom llcadllnos: Cllll«tt named for governor on flrsl ballot: Pardo« IB by n*uirly S to 1; Uouf on the I'.MCi crop are increased over those of iu:ir>. These advioices of from $."i to $|.") u ton higher than last \ear, will lie paid to members and non-members of the co-operative. They \\ill average $;">.'» a Ion on Thoilip.sons and muscals and .^."ill a ton on sultanas. With Ihe oil industry in a nourishing condition and Ihe agricultural products bringing high prices for large crops, Kcru county may he said lo have reached Ihc prosperity that has been so long looked for "around lo Olllvtt; S. r. Mtrtko nwy bo net tltul by conoesiitoim of Culhoun; Cnr* now moving la buy region: S. Ui-otU-k will rubuiltl building dam- ngwl by flro hero «t Nlnoteuiith anil K ntrenU, An IrUOunnn died hern following an Hltnc'k of delirium trameni. l<"lr»t of I be big boilers for tho Allison Steam Iteming pia.tu H.TO bo Ing delivered hM-o,' Mtii. 11. I*. Hentlor relumed fr«tv Berkeley thin morning, Vf. II. in*h lins returned fron Qr*HU J'Hl'U. Mr. nnd Mrs. S, A.- Woody nre hevp nfter ft Sail .hise Peer glnssea should never be washed In soupy water, according to 'bar etiquette. They should be lipped In very hot water, then In ;'old, and beor should never be, drawn in a dry glass. A hummingbird hns a nrcporUon- nlely Inrgor brain than human beings. UH brain in one-twelfth of its body weight; a man's Is only one- thirty-fifth, Th« KOldenrod was tlw preferred national flower of tlw I'nlltul States In 1SK9. Tho wild rasa was given preference In 1929. Outgrowing their skins. HpUlers ftrv>w now OIH>H about nine times in the courso of a lifetime. About 6000 French prloonern arc confined In French Guiana. Onions p««!h>rt under water will not bring teniii to the «yo«. Tho iinme porpoUi* cowi?n from porkplsco. or pork fi»n. §0 THEY SAY X 1 hope Una any and all people who want help "or encouragement In ths lino of speech, dramatics, radio or public presentation will call upon me because I'll be so happy to help them.—Ethel Barrymore, announcing stage retirement. The only thing w« (England) got out of wnr was the League of Nations: Its parentage was always doubtful. It was left on tho doorsteps of Europe and has suffered from the rickets.—Heverend Dr. Fredrick Norwood of London. I It really was the only alma mater 1 ever had and I would sort ot hate to st>o it In ruin*.—Al Smith, former governor of New York, referring to recent uollapse of Fulton Fish Market In Now York City. U is a buotnen* In which a" worn* an'* talents and sensibilities can be completely utilised.-— Dorothy Anmdr, Hollywood's only woman film director. The Cctmtttullon Is something we wont to u»«,. not something: we. want Q. What was the name of Barnum's homo at Bridgeport, Connecticut?—AV. T. A. Tim famous showman's home was called Iranlstan and was modeled after tho Brighton residence of King George IV of England. Q. How many cars passed over the Trlborough bridge In Now York the first week end It was In operation?— O. M. A. From tho first full week end It was opened (July 17-19) 92,583 motor cars crossed the bridge. Q. How long bavo men shaved?— U. M. C. A. Shaving was introduced among the Romans at about the samo time as the Greek soldiers were ordered to shave by Alexander the Great so that tho enemy could not seize their/ by tlvelr beards. Pliny says that Scipio Afrlcnnua was the first Roman to shave every day. Razors are of a very remote origin and a rattlesnake cannot utrlKe. MO wor«hU»,~Norm»n Thomaa. simple form Romans. was used by the A THOUGHT FOR TODAY The merciful man donth good to hi* own soul ; but he that u cruel hit own flcah.—Provcrbt Wilt thou draw near the nature of tho gods? Draw npar them th« Q. How old IB the National Press Club at Washington, D. C.?—K. B. I-. A, Tho present organization was formed In 1808. This world-famed club of writes has over 2000 members and ooouples the finest bulking in the Dlstjrlct of Columbia that la not governtnjl^govviicd. r Q. What InduaCii'ir pays the~larg- ost taxes?—F. H. ' A. Tho petroleum Industry pays more than 11 per cent of all taxes collected by all governments—federal, state and local. Q. How did tho state; of New Jersey derive its name?—M. D. A. In 1084 the Duke of York, ot England, granted to Lord John Berkeley and Sir George Carteret n patent or deed to the present boundaries to be called Nova Caesarta or New Jersey. Caesorea or Caeaarla 4 was the ancient name of the Island of Jersey of which Carteret had been administrator. Q. Are there any American Youth . Hostels on the Pacific coast?—J. W, * A. The organisation la now perfecting plans for the establishment of 600 hoatela radiating from Seattle, San Francisco, Denver and Chicago. Q. How did the Hotel Stevens gat its name?—H. T. A. The great Chicago tavern U named for its promoter, Mr. Krneit J. Stevens, who previously made a great succniw of tha LaSalle hotel. Mr. Stevens still resides if) Chicago, being merciful: sweet mercy i» no- j but U no longer connected with the bllity's true badge,—£l»J(«epear*, huge property that bears his warn*. • >'! '*(•

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