The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1947
Page 9
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JUNK 2fi, 1017 Chinese Accuse Reds of Arming Communist Army SHANGHAI, June 26 <UP)i Soviet Russia turned over virtually all war material seized from the Japanese Kwan lung Army (o Chinese Communists In .-,Manchuria, "and Tn come cases, dug into its own .resources to- strengthen the Reds, a .semi-official Chinese ;source charged, today, i It was claimed that the tola) amount of'equipment given the Communists'.-Included 151 'planes, 155 tanks, 186 armored cars and 787 big. guns of-various calibers. *T^e source' said the largest shipments bf arms were made by the Soviet Union between January and June istli of this year. The armaments made passible four Communist Spring offensives diu 1 - ing the first three months of the year and a fifth recent attack, .which ha s placed lite government in .its current critical position in Manchuria. Second Menta! Expert Says Chandler h Sane '.•BOSTp'N, ;June X. (UP) — A second government mentnl expert testified at Dougl?R Chandler's treason trial today that the .38- year-old defendant was sane, ar.d t'mentally capable of terming an intent .to betray the United Sl-Uts" when he served the Nazi .wnr cruise as -a -radio comruenta'.or." Dr 'Clarence A. Bonne?, superintendent of the Diiuvcrs St i'.o (mental) Hospital, said Chandler knew the difference between rlghl and wrong and .was able to '•understand the nature and quality of •f" j Dog 'KJtnaper' busy With heline Brood _ Club 61 Blythcvllle, Arkansas Highway Cl North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By W. A. (Red) Blckerstaff and George 1'jrd For Reservations Telephone 014 Tiny, a two-year-old fox turner, keeps a watchful eye over these four kittens which she snitched when their leal mother, Hie disgusted cal ill right, IjroUe a leg. After ;i \vcck of fulile objection.-;, the cut finally reconciled herself lo the addition :in<l now Mis by observing' while Tiny nurses h-?L' brood. The iiels beloae lo Mrs. Carl Ilumrk. of Brookpurl: Villaeq. Ohio.. his acts." The government ch ed these acts were ti'casmiiible at least 17 occasions. Distance Judge bolt of lightning is one mile away for each five seconds that elapse between the lightning flash and the crash of thunder that follows. Read Courier' News Wnnt Ads. XXIX \ LI, this while I had not seen • Annahelle except at a distance, One hoi July morning when Flora Clime, running up oui- steps, she was obviously bursting with important hews. It was Annabelle, she got out. Annabelle was going to be married that very night, lo a man none of them had ever seen. Annabelle herself had never laid j eyes on him till yesterday. He was a widower with Jour children, a graduate • o£ Harvard. Annabelle claimed he w-js %ciy well off. It had all been auanged a month or ' six weeks ago, but Annabello *H,ne\er slid i single word about •*•"! him until this morning _, ! _"But I Bought jou siid she met ! hirrtfjust yesterday," I exclaimed. ' * -"I did She did But she and 11 this Frank ha\c been corresuoiul- ,» ing for n long time Some travel-"—* my man told Sister -ibout Frank "' nn3 JJlat he \\i& ternbly lonely, buj^ terribly shj, and (he children running wild and needing a mother * an^lookmg after And then he -went back and told Frank he had met just the girl for him. He even __.had., a snapshot, of Sister. And then B'rank sent Sister a little note, and Sister answered, and Frank v sgntjback his picture and a picture of his house—it's a very nice house ; —and his children, and they went : on''writing, and finally '.hey arranged for Frank lo come on ant! see Sister and if they Iil;ed each ; other to get married immediately. ; And today is the day. He's in Bing- hamtpn at the moment on business. Imagine thinking^ of business on : his wedding day! lie's coming here " at four o'clock." "What does he look like?" I finally got in. "Well, his picture—it's in a family group—is sort of blurred. He's ,13)1 and has a lot of hair, and the • 'children are darlings, all boys. The \ -youngest • •-, thirteen. .Sister will do with" four ii'vcVy boys? When I asked her, she just sort of smiled. She has nil her trousseau, bought on Ihc sly; so she must have made up her miiul to marry him long before she saw him. Amy and Mother insisted the wedding should be nl Ihelr iiousc, at Sister's own home, but Sisler said no, Sam was Ihc older brother-in-law. anyway she wanted Sam lo give her away. You :,nd your father are the only people invited to the wedding except ttie immediate family. Be at my house at a quarter to eight sharp." « * * T ASKED if I could help in any way. I - could in every way. There were flowers to be picked and arranged, food lo be ordered. Snn had yet to be told the news and persuaded to give the bride "Nelson olight ( that," I said. "Considering that' Annnbollo and Sam fight like cats mid dogs, you would think that Annabelle would prefer Nelson, if she has lo given oway. Or your mother. Your mother gave you away, I remember." , "Well, that was my wedding, This is Sister's. Poor Sisler ought lo have what she wauls at her own wedding. And yon know as well as I . . ." Flora broke off, nm ; is five and the oldest What do you suppose liec eyes filled tears. "Oh, Louise, she doesn't know him al all! And she's going away w him tonight . . . alone. He may be a thief or a murderer or have half a dozen wives. I ... I can'l bear it!" "Flora, dear, this Frank may be Die very nicest man you've cvei met. What does Annabelle sa> about him? Docs she seem pleased? Happy? Excited?" Flora shook her head. "She just seems triumphant She loved telling Mother nmt Amy She got us nil together this morn ing and told us just what I've tolt istci- said: 'Please, no tears. This i nn excellent arrangement I'm Taking.' Then she took us up- Lairs and showed us her trous- cau and told me just what sho /anted for her wedding—ho super, just sandwiches and cham- agno. K\il I'm having chicken ml sweetbread salad and n wed- ing cake. It wovild he heathenish :) lie man-ied wilhout a wedding ake. . . ." Flora and I spent a busy day, nd Flora soon cheered up, as she Iwnys did when she was having parly. GOT home nt five o'clock, too •*• cxcilcd lo be tired. Suddenly I cmembercd thai I had no \vcd- ing present for Annabelle. Well, i'C could send something later. Bather liad gone to call on the Bridegroom, and I could hardly vait for him'to gel home. 1 was n the front porch and Leal) at lie screen door as Father climbed he steps. "What's lie like" 1 called out. "I swear 1 don't know," Father aid, dropping heavily into n porch -hair. "The man's n gentleman, should say, about 40, not bad- coking, bill there's something bout him I don't like. His'eyes re too close together, and his lips ire loo red. On Ihe other hand le buhaved very well. It was a rying situation. Sam and Nelson, n loco pnrenlis asked him n lo? of very personal questions, and lie usswcrcd. them all very frankly ind -sensibly. He owns a small optical factory in Pillsficld, Massachusetts, and makes about ten housand a year, good years, so that financially Annahollc is doing well for herself. He furnished S'arn you. Mother began to cry, PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kiiby Drug Store Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1014 Chickasawb* "It may not be serious, but I thought I'd better call you, doctor—this is the first time he ever has complained of . .feeling siok during vacation!'/ ' • DECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Sales Campaign — AMo so Vou seir, DAOOV, WftaT YOU SAID ARour HOTTENTOTS GAVE 1)5 THE IDEA Cf , SIGNALING wiw DRUMS/ Me ILL K&SREP rr, Bur IF THE CSIHER. FAKEMTS DONT OBJECF, wny— GATEWOOD Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch Phone 975 7 Crown Calvert Schenlcy Cream of Kentucky. Three Feathers . . . , Hill &HHI Old Taylor Four Roses 5% Beer GAS, reg '/i Pt. 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.40 rt. nth 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6-90 4.50 per Cose $3.35 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 17.9c; Efnyl I9.9c AH Brands CIGARETTES - - $135 On. Buy 'em Here! _ iml Nelson nil sorts Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople unnUcrs 1 references, the mime of liis family clbrgyman, nml n list of his clubs. Of course they won't liave lime lo investigate them, but they think and I liiink that Mr. Hartwcll spoke tho absolute truth and Hint nil in nil Annabelle is geltinj! quite a catch." "Well, that's gorgeous," I said, '"but 1 slill think there's something tliiccr about a m:m who has to pick ' out a Dcrfccl slrnngcr in ox-der to get married." ... [ (To lie Continued) i • He Snr.c! t h INSURE! With the | FIRST '•! NATIONAIJ INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Secnnd DIAL 2311 For Comp/ett 1 Profecfion CIIAS. mTWEJi HILL WILSON WHAT WILL KIDS THINK OF NEXT ? ChambSin Sales Company Sulcs — Sludchakcr — Service "Firsl. n.v Far With n Poslwiu- Car" Don't take chances with your car or truck, whatever malcc you dvivc. Come in now and have them put, Into top-notch shape by our FACTORY-TRAINED MECHANICS. E.xpei't painting and body work. Wo carry n complete Una of Stude- uakcr parts and accessories. WE BUY GOOD LATE MODEL CARS—SEVERAL NOW "N HA.N13 — PRICED RIGHT. Stuclebnkcr builds cars and trucks that can take it, in passenger cars. The Champion, Commander and Land Cruiser. 16 Ton, 1 Ton, ll'j Ton and the Incomparable 2 Ton Studcbaker Truck. CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY '' - " ' 'Yonr-RfiKlcJiakcr Denier '"First by Far With a Postwar Car" Rill Cliamhlm —KU .t Ash St., Phone 219.1— WASJi Musf Tie Sharp Guy BY LI5SUB TURNKV FOE. THE FIRST 1IWE SINCE VOUE. f FINE, HC FIEKVS MP m B&P10 ftCCOUNTr / fcRINGLE 1 WB.PWP, WU'RE IH THE6ROOVEM ROT! VOU JUST STUMBLED OMTO I. weiTEe. WITH BPAINS WHO SEES EVE TO EVE WITH Me'....viHO ceewes wirrty HIS BRILLIftMT JINSLeS THE iRsesisriBLE i I^TO)M t SAW VOU STEERING AMD Be ^°rt^ w K tOTe^\ POLE UP Trie FRONT WA.LK.'~- SOU CHIEF VJHO FAiRLV EXUDES THE -SPIRIT OF THE OLD UMCftV KrtftcTkC. OF ATTRftCTINS OUT-OF-THI6- \Moeuo CHARACTERS AT \\EftLTl NV.6.' —AtWB&NO i-VKE TO &0 DOT A.MD PICK. SOME Roars AI<>D \AlN\ TO CH OutOurWay ByJ.R. Williams VIC FLINT ! ! / ELSIE, | WILL VOU ) GET ME / ANOTHER V 6LASS OF / WATER? I I SEEM AWFUL \ THIRST V TODAV. GRAMMA KM ITS ALL SUMMER I.OMG! SHE PRACTICALLY WEARS THE WOOLEMS IMTHE SUMMER, AMD TURWS THEM OVER TO US FOR WINTER.' NES, AM IF THAT 5 A BEDSPREAD OR A 5CFA COVER, BY AUGUST YOU'LL HAVE TO GET L'NJDER IT 10 CALL HER FCR SUPPER! BCEM THIRTY YEARO TOO SOCM The Race fines On KJ.SOAR MARTIN LITTLE DIP HE STR m£±^ \1J,KY OOP Try This foi- Si/.c By V. T. H All UN mul t THINK Wt'RE KHIOWED. ROUE* 1 fEEL IT IN MY BOMES. CAN GET A GOOD lOOK AT HIM TROV HERE. IF IT'S AHYBOOY 1AR1N' Ui. I GOT A MUNCH WHO IT MIGHT BE AND VOU t USE THAT THIM6 YOU GOT IN YOUR HAHO. UY l\tICHAKI, O'iMAH.KY and HAU'H LANft" 'LD U= SHOULD/ V'.'S.' = LP PEOPLE /SEE. H ^ \V-UV ENJOY J I HEY'RE Cl CN OO O ON / 'MY GC5H. AIN'T WITH TH&3E NEVER ANY P=r\C= H15 I passed under the light 1 couldn't see them, but I Heard tneiT rusn. «"(>TS AND HER BUDDIES IJiff .loli FREO MAUMAN

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