The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 7, 1936 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 7, 1936
Page 10
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sf',**'" "• CURIOUS WORLD By FERGUSON 7%*, UN (TED STATES <SCVeRNM£NT MAINTAINS AN OBSERVATORV ATOP MT HARQUA HALA, IN ARIZONA, FOR THE PURPOSE OF STUDYING BUT O/V£T S7?A«... THE LOSE THE. USE OF THEIR EVES, AND SUBSEQUENT GENERATIONS SHOW NO TRACES OF EXTERNAL EVES. WATCR. LILI€S ARE NOT THgy ARE MORE | CLOSELY RELATED | TO THE ! JTTERCLJPS. ! SIDE GLANCES By GKOROK CLARK '\\'r'll haw to invite (ho McOrcgRM to malic n fourth lublo of lirUli Hill I'm nfrnld Ihpy'll Ihlnlt we're lryii»K to be friendly a««ln." THE TINYMITES Bv IIA L COCK RAN THE BAKERSFIELD CAL1FOUN1AN, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1936 EDUCATIONAL * 9 HUMOROUS OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS /FROM HIM, I gXPECT ' &UCM THINGS ~ BUT FROM VOU, A GROWN UP, EDUCATED YOUNG . WOMAVJ, I EXPECT A \ LITTLE £»ENSE AMD - DlGKHTV - NOT COL LAB"/ " ORATIM6 WITH HO / NONSENSE L *— BUT IT WORK*/ WHV DOW'T VOU WATCH IT, BEFORE you GET ALL STEAMED UP? 'OH, ftMe^DOW'T WANINA see NOTHIW- WORK, BUT ME/ NECfiftSITV MAV BE THE MOTHER OF INVENTION, BUT I'LL BET , INVENTION! DIDN'T WUSE GOOD, Tl LEAFIER HE'D LEFT HOMEr- j- —' • WHY MOTHEB5 GET QRAV 9-7 OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE TH 1 1SUKETM' WEEDUS TAKES TH' CWEPIT •FELLOW OWLS—TO ALL ACT OF 6lV)Kk3 BEEK4 A THE MK5HTY HQMTERS OF THE SABERTOOTU ON TME AMP THAT, MY US TO THE EVENT OF THE EVEK1IK1G (SIFT TO OLVP, "BEUOVED CLUB ATROt>mV GLEAMEP AFTER A BATTLE OFPTHKT SEE WHAT YOU'VE HATCHED WWEU IT'S ABKOOK THAT FILL'S TH' HOLE MA30K TWIWS -THEV BOTM •"BABBLE OW OMf THE GUMPS 0, Mini I'M SICK OF HEARINQr ANDV MOANJ ABOUT THAT WATCHDOG DEING STOLEN FROM HIS BEDROOM — ~ IF THE DOQCATCHERS NOTICED WHAT WAS SLEEPING IN THE BED THEY COULD HAVE MADE A DOUBLE CAPTURE PfcOWLER DIPNT SHOW, UP LAST NICaHTr- AND 1VS A WELLv HOW'S, OUR <JOOD THINQ, FDR HIM HE DIPNT IVE BEEN DOING A LITTLE STUDYINQ OF POLICE METHODS AND CRIME DETECTION — 3-MAN TOPAY? IF A UTTLE KNOWLED«arE IS A DANGEROUS THINQ > YOU'RE CARRYING A BARREL OF T.N.T UNDER YOUR HAT Fi». U. 8. P>t OC.: CoSjrlCht, 1»«. by CMetto Trlbuni-N. Y. Nm SrndluU, la HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES So! ! ! !! By MARTIN IT) ttll IV NIA KKVICr. INC. T. M. Did. U, ». f*T. Off TWE HKO COME TO ^HECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Dunce, Huh? By BLOSSER (HEAD TME 8TC1IIY. 1HCN OULOtl DIE I 'plllO Kyklnm wlio fnnlri] ||t« Imtirli I rxrlilltni»ll, "Tlinl WII.1 II rlnvt'l .•IfVM lunic'h Von IhniiRliI I wnn M rf)(il Hiio^vinn ii. aiul, in>. )'*HI luultotl Hlirprlnril." "(..if rimi'nr \\ f> rllil." itn(d ijolily . "tlPO > (III WcfC it fllllllV KlRllI I" I"" AilO then you kiioolifd Ihn nnou rlKliI off liofurn wii ruHllrod. "|.<-|'H rovi'i IniiH'V ill 1 wllli BIMI\\. |l<<'ll iiiukr n tiooil Hiiiiwiiuin, I luinvv. Von know JIINI Imw lei il<i II. Vnu CUM lirlp UK. If vim will "\SVII li-(i\f pt'i U hoIrM HO hr fan i r->^rv. ^*—*—r-| i LIGHTER. \ (I'lOtllK ll» Mil bo) i A I'onl nihtill ftnuw uuui lie ^'111 II will mil hr iniirli IroiililK. If III!' III.I \V III jlIHl HlltlUl 1)1111 ' "*i|i. yrtiih?" IHilu'> ItMi.llv rfln.l. "I |i\n<nN yun wont In fi'ivnr my lil.ln. I iilwuyH tun tlui vlt'lhn of your | jnlii<H. I vc hint mimiith , "Vllll I1IH.\ Illl \VI>II flll'HI'l ><llll' Illllll , llf IllltlllllR MM' II Nlllilll H(U»\\ Mill II I 1 .'!' ' luipit > oil rail (hi. xvhol'i IhlliK |iln\. lull yon winilil piny inn i.'iiwli . • "\'mv. If ynu \uinl unnn' nlhcr Mpnrl, j wlnil hin »" bull.I ii MB miniv f.n I " Tin.n vvi> will lui\.- n liiilllr. \vlili llii'.'ti Tkiilos mi n Nl.Ir "II \\lll Mill tlllu. llf. MTV lnn(! Ill lmll.1 ii fni-t tluil »lll l>c iilrimn " "I Illlllll \M> .1 lll'll.T Illlllll t\V.I flll'lK." • # # The phiii |ilrnini<l PH. h imil ovory I..I Sulil "\V..'II hnvi> I., rnll n Inl nf inniiHti'ntiN ^itii\vhullh, nn \voM IICIHI uiM IIIIHV rluht itwiiy "VVo'll iiiuko uiii' nf Hi.! fnrtB ri|il\l hire iinil pill Ihi' n|ln>r nni. I'fnl iiPiir. \Vhnn lilir Miinwluilln nliii'l flylim, I'l^lil liphllnl tin- (nl'U vtn'II Blny." Honn hii'Kw Niinvvliiilln WiM'tt rnllnj ixlnitu, und Si'niity brnki* Into iv Honit. "\Vo II rnll unit rnll and roll," \\« Hung, "Illl \y« i-iin roll no iiinrc. "Thon \\r> will (inch with nil oui' nluhl until the twn form look Juxt rlttht. llnal Hhnrlly wu'll lm remly fnr n very funny wur." WKY....WHAT HAPPENED, TAG? WEP.E PRETTY LUCKY TO BVEM GET "itXJRSELF OUT OF THE FOURTH GRADE.' JUST WHEW I WAS BE- GIWMIKK3 TO EWJCfY THIS TPUR PRECK HAS TO PIPE UP AMD SPRIWQ SCHOOL OW ME ....JUST WHEW I WAS FORGEnCIWG THIWQS LIKE THAT.'/ QUIT CRABBIWO.' WE ALL KAVE ID 00.' IT'S PRETTY DIS- APPOIWnWG TO SPEWD^rteARS IW SCHOOL AW' HAVE WCTHIWQ TO SHOW TOR IT BUT EDUCATION.'- MISS FITTS SAID IT WAS THE FIRST V/ELL, WHAT'S FUWNY ABOUT THAT TOWARD THE EWD OF THE TERM, MISS FITTS WAS CALLIWQ THE ROLL ASKED IF OSSIE: V/AS PPESEKIT! OSSIE SAID: ''HERE!' AWSWERED COPRECTLM' WRIGLEYS PERFECT GUM THE HUNGLE FAMILY Phone Trouble By HARRY J. TUTHtU/! A3 I call U Probably the mg swit potato,I heard phoney!neighbors. They "-- -" go cluck cluck,r j nust love to and pipple ft liste sniggeiv P-88-t! Babe. Get a load o^ this little lug in Bungle's flat,calling "*** jj' s potato. It's j^-ha ha ha.. scream. So! I hear] man. He snigger. So! Hello...hellohello! An-ooN Now come this dizzy sognal again. The receiver. Blew up/-* So! In my ear. My head../ Hokey - I can't get it I dokey back on \ now

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