The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 7, 1936 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 7, 1936
Page 9
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! * I ' t t vT-A*'•:,'x'_• '.'-.'•L -i J 'ji.fy_ ' - • '••• :: , •'• -.xv- .-*^ft.^*:4»fiaHri"-" Classified Adrertisim of The Bakersficld C close promptly at 1 ererr morniiur. Phone umns HfornUn This world latest sportfl news news, serial interest clock and PAGES 9 TO 14 BAKERSP1ELD, CALIFORNIA, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER L 1936 LOCALSEGTION f STOCK AWARD HA fi NEGRESS KILLED Youths Take $416 Prize Mpney in Contest for v future Farmers WIN SIXTEEN FIRSTS . .. „__ __________ r L Sheep, Cattle, Hogs and Poultry Annex Ribbons in Northern Event *pU.REBRI3D livestock being ex•*• hiblted by Kern County Future Farmers at the state fair in Sacramento today had won $416 In Junior division j»rlze money in addition to' many ribbons. The Kern County Union High School students continued their long record of successes with 16 first places and eight second and third places as well as seven championships, scoring particularly high in the sheep division. There were more than 626 entries from almost every area of the-.state. Champion Bull James Bussell owned champion Guernsey bull in the dairy division and Leslie Heath first and champion Holstein cow. George Dean, youngest "Golden Guernsey" dairyman in the United States, won first bull calf under a year old, Loren Yaussy won first yearling heifer and Bobby Dickson first aged Guernsey cow. Wayne Mosely won first Junior yearling heifer. Other boys winning second antf third places were Bud O'Harc. Fred irrick, and Kenneth Frlck. " Ralph:]Akers-rwon second In beef steerfl ahd^flrst in showmanship for beef battle. Today the boys who won firsts or championships are en- tltled';ito. 6nter the' 1 open class Judging ' competing * with' adult farmers. Th'e' Jpfcai. exhibit Is in charge of .John Anight, instructor. .,:• Champion Sheep Sheep entered by Kern boys under guidance of R. L. Shreve today had 'won $163 in prizes and five champion ribbons. Bruce Ponton owned V the champion Hampshire „ ewe, Arthur McLean tho champion SouthdoWn wether and also first and second prizes, VIrl Frost the first and champion Rambouillet ram, Carl Lewis first, second and cham- • plon Ramboulllet owe, and Bobby Dickson, son of H. K. Dlckson, head of the local agriculture department, champion Southdown ewe lamb and second Southdown fat lamb. All tho triumphs were won in the face of largo classes and severe competition. Many Hop.Entries Hpg show competition was the keenest, of all, with large classes of fine 1 stock, according to a telegram received from Mr. Dickson. Milton Fussell owned first and champion senior boar pig and Maurice Wright second Junior boar pig. G. A. Hutchlngs is the Instructor Jn charge of the hog entries.. In poultry, Nelson Hall had first , White" Leghorn pullet and Karl Thurber fifth in a very large class. In farm mechanics, Richard Millet won first on a shop-built poultry brooder and Ray Sprchn first for a domestic pump built by himself. March uesd ecia - -- —. -. .-. .. -. ^— ^- m —«- 1—^...^•^^•••^•^^••••^•^^^•••^MM H^Bii^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^H^B^^^^^BH^^^^^^B^^HB^HBHBBBiWBI^^^^^^^^P^B^^^^^^^^^^^W^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ KABGKt MM ^ * A • j. • ffifc . „ J/Wri *I»Jt ^»' !l! .!& i * _ P &»^ i ^ i • :*:• I- • T* •. ' ;i ' fSNSji: ' One-Time Janitor in City Oil Company Building Held by Officers POLICE PROBE ENDS Investigators Say Local Man Was Seen Close to Building Lately J OB ARCHULETTA, 26, paroled oiit of Kern county Jail several months ago after serving time for house burglary, today was held by Bakersfield police on a charge of attempting to "crack" a safe in offices of tho Standard Oil Company here the night of September 2. The complaint against Archtilotta was filed by Chief of Police Bob Powers, acting head of the inspectors' division, after police detectives had pieced together a chain of evl- Stage and AutO Crash North| dence assertedly linking ArchulotU, O - - in f/**t4ftvi *>%* 4nit1ln** irk 4 l^rt SJfnttrfntMl fll 1 EIGHT INJURED AS VEHICLES COLLIDE By HELEN WELSHIMEIV N OW while the nir in many lands this day Is shattered by the guns and marching tread Of fighting men, let "us give thanks that we Hear joyful sounds of industry instead. i Not from the cannons does our smoke ascend To scar the sky with clouds of hitter gray; Our chimneys pour good smoke into the air We do not fight—we go to work today! L T HE anvil sings, the molton metal runs, The wide wheels turn, the farmer tills the soil; The ships go out with cargoes—it is sweet To have a joh, a task, a chance to toil. Oh may long peace he ours within a land Where men work for common good, we pray, And tasks he found for every pair of hmuts, This time next year when it is Labor Day! COMPANIONS Resolution Passed During Slate Convention Now in Session Here h of Bakersfield; Others Hurt Near Wcldon •v FOR -SAMS—CHEAP SHELBINA. Mo.. Sept. 7. (A. P.! BIUlQ TTostor, a farmer, hoe a three- year-old lion and the trouble la he doesn't want a Hon. He bought a trailer tho other day from Charley Moorea. found the Uon In it, and couldn't persuade Moores to remove the hungry beast. Moores got it from a circus. Foster said he couldn't go much longer feeding it 46 pounds of meat every day. man Cemetery is a NON-PROFIT CORPORATION, which means that all Income goes into the Cemetery treasury. It is conducted for the ben- ' •. eflt of the public .and not for individual profit. 40% .of the sales <of this * i ^ Cemetery goes into the Perpetual Care Fund to insure • Perpetual Care A terrific sideswipe collision between a small motor stage and a passenger car, overturning both vehicles, early yesterday sent 8 per- L sone to Kern hospitals, while the total number of persons Injured In week end traffic accidents was boosted to 10 by another accident near Wcldon, where a car In which two men were riding ran off the highway and crashed. The stage smoshup occurred 16 miles north of Bakersfield on Golden State highway at 4 a. in. yesterday, when bus operated bv Victory Sedan Service, of 301 East Fifth street, Los Angeles, was involved in a collision with a car driven by Earl Bartlett, 47, of 8741 Rosewood street, Los Angeles. Passengers Hurt All of tho six passengers in tho j stage were Injured. They are Mrs. I I3va Burns, 61, of 536 Forty-first street, Oakland, Sam Sher, 51, of 141 Eddy street, San Francisco, and Arthur Pierce, 20, of the U. S. S. Huston at Long Beach, all of whom are being treated for cuts and bruises at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield; Jack McBrlde, 1547 Agarltas street, San Antonio, Texas, who suffered a sprained ankle and a cut Up, Mrs. McBrlde, who received several fractured ribs and abrasions of the knee, and Jack Gray, 44, of Los Angeles, cuts and bruises, the last three being treated at Delano Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett, occupants of the passenger car,* are both reported in a serious condition at Mercy Hospital. They were brought to Bakersfield in a Payne & Son ambulance. Driver Unhurt M. M. Dane, 39, of Los Angeles, driver of the stage, escaped without injury. The other week end accident victims are C. H. Plerson, 37, and A, R, Plerson, 48, both of 1490 East Washington avenue, Pasadena, whoso automobile went off the road five miles west of Weldon early yesterday morning. C. H. Plerson received a fractured right shoulder and his brother suffered fractured ribs. Both are un- 'der treatment at Bakersflcld Emergency Hospital. Progressive Unit to Meet Tuesday At the same time that tho Democratic and Republican county committees: meet at tho courthouse tomorrow night to organize, their forces, the elected county committee of the Progressive party will gather to fill committee vacancies In Supervisor DlatrtcU NOB. 1. 2 and 3 and to appoint state committee man for tho senatorial vacancy. A write-in campaign at the August 25 primary election qualified: <For tho third) Roy Rockwell, Lizzie S. Collins, Roy Hoffman. Paul R, Olhnore, John J. Wendling and Earl Locke.; (for tho fifth), Margaret R. Ralney, Evelyn Sessions, Albert F. Mansker and Austin M. Godshalt. Al Sessions, editor of the Kern County Union Labor Journal, was nominated on the Progressive party first (Kern county) district. As state ticket for assemblyman of the Forty- first (Kern county) district as state committee man. he announces that he has' appointed., to serve in the same capacity, Charles W. Rice of Bakersfield, Albert F. Mansker of Bakersfield and Harvey EJ. Westgate of Taft- *•• a former Janitor in the Standard Oil Company building, with the burglary attempt. Police Theory Pollen have been convinced from the outset of their investigation that the would-bo safe cracker was a por- Ron thoroughly familiar with the Standard Oil Company office. Tho burglar gained entrance through a back door while a night mooting was In progress, secreting himself In tho building until after the session was adjourned, It is bcliovod. Out of several safes In the building,* the^Ttourglar ha4< no apparent- difficulty in selecting-the'only one that contained any money—a small safe in a back closet. Work on tho safe was that of an "amateur," inspectors reported, the burglar having cut off the handle,., . ,_ „. , . ._ with a hack saw and attempted to" Bernard Ely K-Iccted iTUStcc Taft Horse Show Planned as Prelude to Kern Rodeo CLUBMAN WINS HIGH OFFICE forco the safe door with hammer and screw driver. Ho failed to get Inside the safe. * » FillngH on Clothes Archuletta assertedly wna seen by Inspector Tom Htldreth In the vicinity of the Standard OJ1 Company building the night of the burglary. Metal filings of the same material as that of the safe were found on the suspect's clothing, police aver. Archuletta denies being near the Standard Oil Company building tho night In question, or having anything to do with the safe burglary attempt. Four Schools Open Fall Terms Today L Four more Kern school districts were scheduled to begin their fall terms today, according to "opening dates" filed at the office of Herbert L.. Healy, county superintendent of schools. Tehachapi elementary, Tehachapl high school, Granite and Callonte elementary schools were, those who set the beginning of the fall semester a week earlier than the ?*est of tho schools In the county. With the exception of tho Indian school that went Into session, August 31, tho remainder of tho schools in the county will open on September 14. Schedule Debates on Taxing Stores of National Association at Stockton Meet Bernard Ely, a member of Bakers j field 20-30 Club and retiring governor of the Ban .Joaquln valley district, was elected a trustee of the National Association of 20-30 Clubs at the annual convention drawing to a close, at Stockton today. This is the second consecutive, year that a Bakersfield Twenty-Thlrtlan has served as a national association officer, H. Wayne Slone of tho local organization having served a« national vice-president during the year Just concluded. Ely's election to (lie trusteeship was not unexpected, as lie IHIH made n rapid riso In the 20*30 Club organization and an active campaign WIIH made on htn behalf by tho Bakcrsftcld club. lie has served as secretary and president of tho Bakcrftfleld 20-30 Club, as well on district governor. Gordon Snow of Bakersfield Is reported to have won the men's singles championship in tho convention tournament at Stockton. Bakersfield was represented at tho session by a delegation of 1C mem bcrs. with William Huerkle as official delegalo and Clark Hovey as alternate. • i •- Man Killed Near Merced in Crash (Sprrial fo The Calijnrnian I T, Sept. 7.—Sid Grauman gained fame with his theater prologues, but the prelude to Bak- crsfiold'B Frontlor Days celebration will bo ovon more famous If plann of tho Kern County MorHo Show AsBoclatlon materialize. And there Isn't any doubt, commltteoinen do- oluro. Nightly presentations of Taft'fl annual horao show are Bchcdtil"d for Hnptpmber 25, 26. 27. BukrrNflcld Frontier Dayn AB*orln> tlon, whlrh will stago HH two-dtiy rodeo and Frontier T)n.VH colehnitlon Ootohor 3 and 4, hns donatod a fl75 Block waddle RB a major prlzn of tho horse show, directors doctoring thai Taft'fl horBo nhow makes Kom folk LOAD LIMITS ASKED i - -in. •jt-fT-Tn— ~w ** ~~~ Delegates at Association Conference Vole Down Pension Resolution O PTIONAL retirement nt tho end ; of 30 yearn' service was uskod . In aroBohitlon ndoptod unanimously • by tho California Stnto Letter Car- i Horn' Association in convention in El Tejon hotel today. ThlH legislation is the major objective of the national and state associations, which BeoH to liberalize tho present pension law permitting retirement nt the n«o of 60. Hotlromont 1« financed by n fund built from Joint contributions by tho curriers and the government. Keject Pension Plan Tho convention defeated a resolution offc.rod by the .Santa Puuln local moving thnt tho tiHsorlittton RO on record us fiivorlng n $50 penMon for nil men nrul women over 60, to l»o financed aw In tho Town wend $200 pension proposal by a rotull trnni»n<*. llon tnx. The resolution asked n ro- funrt of all retirement ftnnultlcn paid to dale by each carrier. Many other resolution** pertaining to tho letter rnrrlorw' work were pnswed. among them bnlng a motion thnt otirrlerH be allowed $100 ycnrly Negroes today were held by Kern county sheriff's office for investigation concerning the death of Miss Ellese Turner, 24, a Negress residing at Sll Twenty-second street, who suffered a basal skull fracture when she assortodly jumped from an automobile In which the throe were riding nt a high rate of speed on Stine road south of Bak- eritfleld early Sunday. Tho three men are Glen Howard, driver of the car, Alfred Fleming, and Zono \VU1.<> — '" cms, nil employes of the BanduccI ranch south of town. The young woman was brought, to Hakersfield Emergency Hospital whortly before 1 a. in. yesterday by Howard. Shn was pronounced dead upon arrival. The, body \vn« removed to Payne A Kon chapel, where an nutopny \vn» to bo performed today. No charge wan placed against r . ~ t Miss Turner's three companions L, h. UlCnOWeth nCpOrlS when th«y wore lodged In Jail following questioning- by VTndershorlff Koa P.vlo and Deputy Jack Farley \fnv of Kern ahflriff's office. . *Uti> f The Negroes on. Id tho machine wn« traveling at tho rate of approximately 40 miles per hour when Mian Turner suddenly threw open tho door and juinpod out. Attendance for City L, l Boh Btoddiml, u Hlnnford I'nlvor- slty alumnus, aHSumod ilutlos n« nd- vortlslni; munuRiM* of radio KKKX thin mortilnK. mn'onedltiK WllHam Nlxun, who rotM-ntly iT»lgnod. Mr. Stoddun! and Kolth i'ollin». tho station mnimgor. wore formerly anno- for thnlr uniforms, that postmaslera j cliitrd on tho InmlnosB staff of Th« nrrango to havo catalogs dollvorod ; Stanford Dally, of which Mr, Collins by truck whenever pnsnlhln and that ; was inaiiugnr. B. CHENOVVETH, city superin- cndent of schools, today predicted that with the opening of the city schools on September 14, 5000 pupils will ho enrolled. He biued the prediction on the number of in- ; qiilricB that are being made at the Bchool headquarters daily by new families asking for information con; corning school opening and district requirement*. If tho prediction of l ho Ht'honl rhiff IH realized, it will be i an oponlng-day enrollment record for tho dlwtrii't. In ordor that tho schools will !iot only open. lnit bo In running ordor ( on the first day. principals and teat*h- <»rs will moot to organize thoir worlc UllH WOOU Sew^lon Pity Superintendent Chenoweth \Vlth 31 separate classes to ho shown, this year's display of horsos at Tuft will ho tho greatest over exhibited In the San Jouquln valley. It will equal, according to commlUeefnen. tho performance at national Hhown such as those of Coronado. Santa Barbara and Menlo Park. Of special interest In this year's S States. Hhow will be the exhibition of the throo slock homo rlouHGR. lightweight, heavy weight and championship Block horned. H IN for thlM latter event that tho Frontier Days Association has offered the slock saddle. Thl« contest last year was won by a thoroughbred gelding owned by H. 11. Kperry of UOM Angelc* and from tho entries already received, thorn is a certainty that there, will be a» many con testa nt* In the throe classes a« thn local association can handle. Individual cnrrlors' loutlH ho Mmltml to 35 pounds, Women** Session Tho. woman's auxiliary was hold- Ing H simultaneous meeting today In A morion n l^ogion hall under 1h« chalrrnnnMhip of Mrs. (Ilitdya Ashcraft of Han Jose. HUUC prosldont. The auxiliary passed resolution* supportlnK Hie carriers In their lofir- iHlatlvo dims. Kdwnrd J. Oninor of Washington. 1). (?., national prosldont, and Dan U. Hulllvan, national treasurer, woro featured npeakern at thlH mornhiR's seaalon. over which Harold H. Knapp of Olendalo, state president, pre- »lde.d- Tho national officers appeared hen? in preference to night other Uabor Day state conventions | being' held olaewheru In tho United A mass meeting of WPA workers and rotlon pickers will bo hold TvieHday evening. September K, at S o'rlcick In Walkers' hull on South <'ottonwnod road. H. U. Scott of tho Allied Workers <Muh r rundldatoH nn> invttod tt) attend. DKUANO. Sept. 7.—The flrat^of ai aerleB of do bat OH on tho aubjedt of tho state tax on chain storea, which citizens will vote upon In November, will be held at 8 o'clock tonight In WeulslcJo Grammar Bchool under Orange nponHorshtp. Competent speaker* for either side, will voice tho arguments, with the U ran go taking an Impartial stand, The debate will concern a referendum measure brought by the chains after th« tnx law wa« passed by tho lost Legislature. Other meetings will bo as follow*; McKarland, September 8; Wasco, September 10; Buttonwillow, September 11; Panama, September 14, Greenfield, September 15, and Fairfax, September 17. HACK-YARD DETECTING CLEVELAND, Sept. ?. (A. P.)—It looked like ordinary clothesline to pasaersby, but the detectives said It was 8aah cord and arrested three men living nearby, charging them with burglary. The off leer*, Clarence Klefer and Edward KartUek, explained that wush cord was part of the loot in a lumber yard theft a month ago. (Vnittd l*rc** Lrnttd Wtrc) MKUCKU. Sept, 7.---Antonio PP. rez, D7, IX>H Angeles, was Instantly killed early today when hl« cur collided headon with n k trunk driven by K. M. Hayes, Turloek, Perest wtm pouthbouml on the Golden State highway 2 miles north of hero when the ueoMent occurred. Perez* death was tho thirty-fourth truffle fatality in Merced county thin year. Hayes wu» not held. Plan Rosary Rites for Local Matron Hoeary iicrvlcpn for M r*. Mury AgneH Plantier. fi8, pioneer Unkrrti- field resident who, with her huHhuml, M. Pluntlcr, operated tho firnt hotel In Kant BakerwfloUl, will bo conducted at 7:30 o'clock tonight at HopHon chain*!. High IU«HB will bo notomnteed at St. Juwph'H Cuthollc Church at 9 a. m. tomorrow, wllh Hlchard Hk inner an vocal MoJolBt. and interment M'HI b«- In Union cemetery. I'lillbmrom will l»e Jean I'hilllp. 1011 Hlanc, AugUNt Amour. peter Alexander. John Haymond and Uoon Abonim!. Mr. Oalnor reviewed the of the national nHPoolullon in Bpon- Horlng pay reMoratlon, tho 40-hour \vpok which went Into effect liwt fall and other benefitH, toUl the member- nhlpH gulnH of the national fiHBOcln- tlon and outlined future project*. The morale of the pontal wervleo tfl nt the highest H ban over been, ho said. Hugo Hnnquet Kovir hundred ftlxty»nlne delegat**ii and their wives Jnminod the Hpanlnh i ballroom of I'll To Jon hotel ln«t night j for the biennial banquet of the «Uto i iiSHoclutlnn, at which vtMltlng offl- j cluls and pOBtmaatr-rw apuko briefly. A welcome WHH voiced by Jerry P. Khleldw, Hnker*ftel<l pontmnflter. and PoHtnwfter McCarthy of San Fran C!HCO «i>oko entertainingly. Other vlnltora Included C. H. Anderson, n»- filslant l*on Angeles poHtmuntor; Harold K, Byron and Mux U. Ureen. postmasters of Pumuiena nnd Olen- dale; William A Ulley, assistant superintendent of malls nt I,OH Ango* lew; J. K. Jarvls, Inspector at Han All city and count> offices, banks, stores and offices uro cloned today because of Labor day, but will re main open on Wednesday, unnlvf-r Hary of Cnlifornta'i* admission to the I'nlon. Newspapermen and police- mon remained on tho Job, however. M on rot* Browne, former Bakersfield Junior college Mtudont body prentdenl, Jefl today for U. t'. l>. A., whore he wilt enroll at* n Junior. He plann to live at tho Signm Alpha i KpHllon fraternity house. '•• ( Joo Tener, a member of the, city schools faculty and assistant scoutmaster of Hoy Seoul troop 1, Is due back today from a Mount Whitney hike, taken with five of the Scouts. will moot with tho principals of the H local schools on Thursday morn- Ing at I* o'clock at his office when final Instruction** will ho given. Ho will hold n wound conference with HUporvlNor* and director!* on tho roursoH of study on Thursday afternoon nt 2 o'clock. Tho gonnral wtaff mooting to be attended by all the toaohor*. prln cipalH and supervlpors will l>o held Katurdny morning at 10 o'clock at the Kincrson School auditorium. Preceding this session, the new ton«'horH will meet with the super* Intendent at S;30 o'clock, On Saturday afternoon, the principals and tcachera will go to their building** to put roomn in order, get nuilerlals ready for distribution and prepare ajsnlgnmcntrt for the open* J , K w . n * t „ . Tearhm Returning I whem are returning thte viusutlon trips from all Kl . ol f ^ ^ H" 11 ^ fford Leody, new instructor ehargo of vocal music, with Mrs, Lccdy, boa arrived in Bakersfield from Kama Harbnra whei-e he was connected with the faculty of the toaohers* college In the music department. He baa been active In musical circlc-a In Santa Barbara and was one of the leaders there who assisted the chamber of commerce in developing Santa Barbara as a music center. Ho is a member of the Santa Barbara KIka lodge. . week arus HOHIIKH 50 MAIL BOXES SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 7. (C.P.I Stogmun, 21-yeur-old hitch • i ' i i t ,v ui . . ,. ego. and 1*. (>. Hbeeta. super Intond- 1 cut of delivery lit I.OH Anjtolc« * I n ° . i "» r; o i A public ro.-op on WH« held Hun. i day mornlnK In iho hoM. and Wat- ur.i«y right thi' 45-plorn U,H Ai.goloji band 1*1 a large parade Jas. Ralph Duran Claimed by Death "*"^^ fc " fc "^*^™^**^^*^^ * Funeral services for Jumna Ralph Durun. t5, UaixlHburg miner who died an reBiilt of « midden III nan* while- nt work on a Kclno rreck mln t h ikf^r from" Now York, surrendered 10 San Francisco pollco today and confetuicd to tho rifling of more than 60 mail boxea since his arrival hen* two weeks ago. STKOKE IS FATAL RIVERSIDE, Sept. 7. i A. P.)—Edward D. Fox, 71. dle<I today from J m | .* •*. ;»*»•.»*.» *r t *^^rt| **t --»m.j *^^^A«B J A « V^ft^« U I* leaven a widow residing at j Bt rok« suffered during excitement f, n ^u!! rsr: <1*«K>; *«•. " r »- N>*-<rauBod by burning of the family ga- -- e \MIUamson and MiM Nora I)u- i rair -» jifl U*IIN Htrirkon v^MtmfLv r »n .. UIir , in.««« «n «r II« M H«»,..^«.. r * >e»ieraa> " f Itondllbu claim near J'luln mountain Saturday, will he conducted "Wednesday afternoon at liundnlmrg and Interment will follow at Johannesburg cemetery. Mr. Duran nan been a resident of Rnndahurg for 3f> ycara and had been In the mining buslnonn ! almoKt all of hit* life. CORD Dated from October 6, JB3& On Monday of each week The Californian will publish the record of Kern county deaths resulting from traffic accidents. Watch Death's Record and beware! Dead this week 2 Dead previously reported 90 Total on Death's Record 92 DRIVE CAREFULLY wllh tho drum nnd bUKl° rorpH of I he HakfrnflHd American Ixrglon nnd V. F. W. (WAI* and (he auxiliary drill IIMIIII of !y<»H Anif'l*-'H taking part. I/oral Officer* The letter ('Ardors' AimoriaUoii IH n member of the American Federation of Irftbor. 1*>cal officers are Arthur * 'ooper. preHloVnt; Charles Farmer. vlco-presldent; Vernon Cngf*. troowuror; Albert Ix>well, recording Hpcretnry: I-uwrence DavU, financial nocrelary; Rex Carter, correspondent; Stanford Thompson, auditing committee chairman, and Georgo Xinimer, Rei Kt-am-ul-imn*. Mrs. Vernon Cage IB president of the local auxiliary; Mm. Beatrice Anderson, vice-president; Mrs, L. "\V. Dttvln. recording aecretary; Mm. Howard Hutton. fiuanclul necretar>'* Mm. George dimmer, treanurer, and Mian Inez UJ^nton, mtMtretui-at-arms. i . „ 11 txvo brotherw. Hay of Rands-burg and V!nlon of Kant > ^ and two MMtcrB( MrH . | jCttjl O|WJ|H| of WeJ . ( , (1I1 ttm , Mrw mnf ^ (Jofforth of Ot , 0||n J>Hrk T||0 |HMl nmjghty.CalhouivO'MoHni ^«.. rfir : i while backliiK hla automobile from flnmlnir n * min *> Meeting Is Called i by Pomona Grange . __ \ i 4 FAIRFAX. Sept. 7.—Kern County! Pomona Grange will be entertained j by Fairfax firange in the monthly! meeting at 8 o'clock tonight In Ma- :; gunden hall. Husine«» of the eve* | ning will Include reports by the > liakemfleld Frontier Paye 1 commit- j tee, which 1« arr-anging for Orange i participation, and the committee on : the Kern exhibited at the «tate convention In Eureka next month. Mm. Eva Wllkins of Panama, Pomona lecturer, will conduct the program following the business, i** die* of the Fairfax C range will nerve refreshments, SALE MONUMENTS Sept. Sept. SOME AT LESS THAN WHOLESALE n All Greatly Reduced MANY DESIGNS TO CHOOSE FROM Office at the Cemetery Tt If phono 2237 •I ' ^ 1-Wi - - ^.Vf'V;^ h ' : - ;' - ' * i * ED. HELM Monument* EIGHTH AND BAKKJl Ptron« 130 --^ h -^., v ^''-,K*". ;--,\ ' " -"V -;..'• I T , "--("'- ' , ^ ' ',* ;*"•?•-" * - -.-'.*<-• • . • - - . . ' •> s\; it- :;<;-' ,-, • ' * . . • -' - -J -7t f-*^- -• • J • . •• |FL " , • *J ' i - ' ^ • - •^^m^'^.^i: -- '-V,' 't^^^jii^j'J'iVJs * ^T.'.- M , ' 'n - :*' r' »' t J*4*-.Tlr^r- _-*i L J -'- _ •. i I , ^ , , . .' ' k ' ; ; .:v h ' ' --~l - ~* -' I I ' - . > . -. : ^-* •'".-vi-S - .'r - •-•.y$2! ,-.:.4_S* , . , ^ V •*• =. •'.- ..; . > .* ' '- , * ', • - , • , . '- - • >--,.' i-, • ^ -.-,-• '. -f .\ • .- .'' •* .v^.i'^;" ^4:' A"> : " . • '-- ^ • * • ' I . ' 4 --."-vV- ' ''..-' '.'~S~'' -.-. L-_"_" ~' ^^ ^ •-

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