The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1944
Page 12
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12 Mondoy, Sept. 25, 1944 gfc Carffomfan Announcements Business Opportunities Classified Advertising columns of The BakerBfield Cullforntsn close promptly • t ID o'clock each morning for si, one- column ads. Two-column »r larger art! must r>« placed (he dav before r'ibltcH- tmn. Phone 7-7<S31. 1-H-tf Mi:t;n nnil lunch roi.m. srrnll store. Three- I'tlinp --civic*- Million; fi-room hotl^c. eiKilt ealiins. S 1 . acre* J.ind. On Hichunv Itn. :'_• m;|.^ noith "! nailnnart. I'nlif. Hii::i> M;' Court. Tola! price $MKi" J:,((cin ,|r\M! 4S For rent—Trucks, i ickups. trnllrrs. Pnrk- er'is. Eighth and Union avenue.> __2-9342. 1 -JM - U ALL kinds ot weights and wunh« or canvas. Canvas sends made to order st Hornung'a, ISOi Nineteenth street l-B-tf REFUNDS on each classified advertisements which have been canceled before the expiration date mu5t be called for WITH CASH RECEIPT? within one month from date of cancellation. The Bakersfleld Callfornian. 6-Zl-Jf ; FlRST UNITY TEMPI,E—All Unity serv- ' Ices eva'luble Complet** tM.'fk puhhrs- ti^ns. Subscriptions Iftkon Noon sii^rv.-e daily. '12S Snuthein hotel. Phone 8-S!'L'f fifi • WF.i.i. -sT'n KI:I> AM) WKU,-i-:i>rippKi> STUP.I.; AND SKRVICI: STATION, wrm i 2 IT MI'S IKIINC, A VKRY (!K(i|) HMSI- ! M:SS; Till: o\l,Y ST'JIii: AMJ MKAT I MAKkKT IN TOWN A I. So WKl.l,- j ri liMSIIKli APARTMENT. fl'ITII STORK AMI APARTMKNT A I It cool. Kir KI.K HILLS MKIU ANT11.K. •ITI'MAN. 1'HOM-; K'n." TIT-MAN. FolNTAlN I.1M II f..r v:i1e Rest MIC it in I MV. n N.-I in. S.'mi-S ...... Full pii.e }l|i"). (.'ill 2-. .:>;) iiftci t'..;:n ii. n Schools—Instruction "hiMSt': Mulling now. can rnrol] CPt ir.OMI Itllill-lils KOI 11 tichddl nt '' iinnic? :•• iu:> Genrce Hay Building Phone 2-4714 4S Help Wanted—Male Help Wanted—Mat* aiser r.lCHMOND, CALIF. AND NOTARY PPRLTC »t 1SK "t>e" street. Phone Z Transportation—Buses AT T.AST. ni'M Tur.v,];, yrr'r ripp.i 1 i ii riity (n ii rit'ir.hci* -\ M o R < September "C. ri.illonrii Ifuler I'.nsi^riH in r « in fuithrr lnf"rmalinn liy Lost-— Found— jStra^eid^^ IK .\NYi''N'r, linn S(PM ih-^ )i!uc. ?•.'-• I\ ••'.-. I., hhsr.ti t lit vi. !•• I-.. InnKinc Ml 3"1". T\\ <-!ii \ -f ! ^t sliMl. and (oluilis it. a c> ii*-: mis! v.- 1 i 1 IIP KI\'--?I. If any ir'dnnal '>n !* Ui^'n ni(1ii:^ F in Hi i < p - rf.vci'.'. a I'wa'il a! u n \\' I ! I Ir 11 civ. Ml \o mi(-M!..ns will |j.> iihkt-.l. i.' S-S^Tl. LOST— ll'd POI^HII .,it. n,:i|c. ans^ns in "I'tiss": in vii :|i';y of H'.niai.l SII.-M Bfd Aha V:«l:i I'm..-. PIv.lM! 4-.IC77. Ilcwanf. __ _ _ '•'LOST — Si!\tr n!(.Mit':<at MII tiia.'lr!. "I'l-.i-'S Hint''!!" f ii(;i .i 1 , .-•! on front, Ti'.'.p 11-1 and il.-'lp (.n !.:•• li U'l"l Mad.s(Ml. 1'lirilif ^-l'7:'7. :.« IHIKK MEALS AND PILLOWS J .mven Fares in All Points VI.L-AMEHICAN BUS LINK INC j -02'i Chester Ellin L. Rnll j SAMTA KE AND BUKLilNGTON HL'S DEPOT Sixteenth and F Phone 2-0472 3-_6 1 tf AliY ;.i.d Iwn (hililten il.viie l:.lo In 'I i-\: : i K.-.i.n. Ti-!ia.«. or \ic.niiy. \\illi lady 01 couple. I .in (][i\c. U.iiolhy M.inlr l.lion.. l'.i20l. [,ii Cotitractors and INTKRIUK and nxlciior tainllr-K, reliable \MMl>. tipray 01 Liush. .M. L. Jln'iiun. , C.KNKKAI, liuildniK rciimdel'iiK iin.l icpi.'r l.v liit-ns. 1 .! ( iiiitrii. lor. ('"tee (.-.-.i iinau.-. i < .ill :i-i:.7i. .1. )•-. Hubble. r,2 L"ST— A'r V rn'clil k;l w '.'i ; .|.|.c •;-. 1. t!,;.. Dili ami ( Ir ••!( i . I'll. .in. 7-', C. :; I . •Ill . ( : ..r,i 1; \ i ':. L r I '•' i:, i n. , « h:i v .:• l.v id. nlilMi.- .Hid pa>.nt IIH- .'id »t -in; _!:..., I II... ..1 _ _ I 1 '!' Li'isT— I!:, I, \ 's •_••.!. I nnu, Inpa/, 1,1-1. T..IM JUk. r f lii-id slifip| (I'dtii. t (ii- Oildalr Haif'Va. \'i,inll\' K,'\^ar.l I'll'pti" ".H'.'I'I LOST — I.'.ns'd viippv Ida- k nose and f.M'S. l"iu- la:!. II- ai.- T'aik. Call ---'HJ. i.n."i K .slic'i'l. H"- wai.l. ___ .11 LIIST--P,' d >lnlh P.IU-. .nntaiiiing ii!"ii.".-. l,.ti'in lir.'.kN. .ai k-'ys and di^.'r'H I . < IISP and p. 'i sunn Is. l-"ilii|. r |.!< as. 1 _cail__.-::.:i.1__ no LOST— Blond l.-nial.' 1-in.inihw-nl,] c. ,,•!;<. r SP:IIIT-I. Pin .HP L'-L'7:,n. .i:;i lie. ih. 4:1 Personals HEMURRHO1D SOFKKRKKS — No hoa- pMalizatlnn nor loss of time. No surKery nor<:ttnns. New safe. painless method of eliminating hemorrhoids nmv available; from Dr. I.. R. Pennlnnton, D C.. «ultu 2. Profesilnrm bulldlnx. Phone e-glOO. Z-.*;'! SACRO-ll.lAf LKSIONS I iw back pains, arthritis, constipation and prostate did- orderi conscted Dr. D U Parlnh D. <:.. 40' Haberfelrte building. Phone 9-a.aa 8-»-tr H. D McBridr Detective ABencv room 110. Hay hU'ldinE Mukm-ifleld Licensed and bonded. Confidential InvestlRatlnn. Phone 2-2SQO_or_2-B>'.il!l 9-7-tf 1 WILL mil Im |->>K|iiinsil>ln Inr iinv Mils <nnlvnflt'd liv Mnvnno olhor tluin m\sfl! utter Scpt'-mliT IT. ll'll. ,1. A. linilll IIIL-- ii.iiiKc. 1' (>. Ilex M". (lildnliv r:ihf. Ml lyATMKS 1 STKAM i 'A HI NI :T l"'li. KM; 1'iunn ;iv-mic. fall mi- ali'.ut my ^"l- \Y1I.I, NOT lip InBpcillBiliU- fi.l- iinv lulls < dtlt r.'l' !*• I hcloif. Sr-pli'llituT :."i. 1 '' 1 -1. lit ninrtc I.mi'I, siHtid Aim. C. C. chHiiNin K.'M Mo,M.I \>Mi(,n. " Financial CASI L (or INCOMK TAX PATMFJNTS SCHOOL N'KKDS ETC. BORROW ON Automobile! Trucks Furniture Farm Equlpt. Salary "PAID FOR OR NOT" Tou may (till borrow (or as long as 12 months. Private Sales of Automobiles. Trucks and Furniture Financed 100% LXDCALLY OWNED Trade wl'.h local people who understand local conditions. W. J. tPilll Berg-man Maurice St. Clalr S5t.h end Chester Opp Montgomery \Vard Phono 6-67BC Appointments Mfi<!» D-l-tf A MOVTH Tti-:r\ys lino MIAN )\ rri.i, IN 12 MdNTllK. NO CO-SIGM^HS. mnrle oh p;\!a ry. furrnnife. nutn« f no Insurance nt'eri»-ri> tn ol 1 'in pmiihtvpcH. sklltetl and un Mulled indiiat rial win k- *rs. civil «ei vice einph.j c-ea. bus In can •xecuttvea. tic. Private Prompt Come in. write— or phoiif Hrst: \v)u*n ni'innved T>tcU no cash Vnu ee l f u;l anift'Mit nT Irian J J riva'e an !CK nf auiom<iUlt;ii and furnituio financed. Nat i<m-\\ K.IO (."H'Ll.t Canl.« i.vH:;c'd atiij bonme'l \ t * r e- PERSONAL . (Under the hiu c.i. a-Cnii. tun} l.-Ok ISth St.cet W. VerhaaB. Mur. l'h.;i.i 6-6i.95 EMERGKN'CY CASH LOANS Borrow $100 Cash for Thirty Days Repay $102 f,0— Total Cost ONLY $2 6G If You Prefer, Take l.'p to Twelve Months to Pay Only You Hnve to Sign — No AUTOMOBILE, FURNITURE TRUCK LOANS Private Sales ol AuiornoblleE and Furniture Financed SEABOARD FJNANOlL COMPANY 2300 Cheste. Telephone U-SM21 8-21-tf Furniture Salary PREWAR SERVICE 1712 Chester Phone 2-3237 9-lG-tf MUNEX TO LOAN Lone term, all lype arm mans. 4' : t per cent Interest. Nn cnrnmUsicm to borrower. J. E. WARREN RKALTT CO. TtJLARE THICATEH BUILDING TUI^AKK. CALIF. PHONg 8* _?L 4 .-L f •u»ln<t»« Opportunities FOH M-JA8E—Modern, fully equiiiped nerv- ine frtatinn. Ideal for volume merclmn- dlclnj if aut'imotive Bupplle» and rom- pleie.uuni eervice. Ullmore Oil Company. Fjmne J-3686. 60 Occupational Services C HAVE your car Rlazed in the modern way. A smooth. Ions-lasting finish done by an expert. The cost is reasonable and satisfaction gunr- anteod. Also stoarn cleaning nnrl car waKliing. Wake your appointment today. HrlOXE 6-6407 FIRESTONE STORES TWEXTY-FOURTH AXD CHESTER AVIS. 9-2-tf Roilfrma leers Uniloi'iiiakor Trainrrs I'.nilfrmiilirr J Ic'lpcr.s I'mirh, Shear and Pressmen Slalnnpii Sl.-tliinen Trainf-es Sliilimr-n Jlelpers Welders AVoldiliK StiidtMits YX'elder Trainees Shijifitlers Shipfitler Trainers Shipfilter Helpers 8la.ce Higwers Electrieians Electrician Helpers Kloc trie inn Trainees Riveters Riveter Trainees Truck Helpers rhippcrs chipper Trainees RiSBors IliKRpr Trainees Caulkers Burners Rurner Trainees Pipefitters Pipefitter Trainees Sheet Metal Workers Sheet Metal Trainees Sheet Metal Students Kin risers Klanger Trainees Drillers A. B. S. Welders Machinists Machinist Helpers Warehousemen Laborers See Kaiser Representative MR. A. P. HOFFMAN United Slates Employment Service 130(1 Seventeenth Street i-'riority Referral and Availability Certificate Required SO Help Wanted—Female LP WAI AT TAFT FOH GKNKIiAL contract an' repair work. nlrorn^n-M^t (.3 BfiAKI-J'-i KKLINEI.i AND AIJ.UjaTKD WRiC.HT'S DHAKIO PMOC Hwy. SO it Chrlo Molinwk Corner Jack Wright I'iri[i. Phone 2-i)|(H TltUCK HAULING— Anything, any time. anywhere. Kurtilturn movliiB tt specialty. '', \>'J!!> Wbltlo Unrehead. lOfi _ T)(«atur_^tr_cet. Oilrlnle _____ «2 TRUMAN'S TRANSFER— Lonp distance and local. S12 North Chester, Ojldalc. _Phone 2-8D14. _ (16 \W I")O THIOH^ topriing, reinnving: fcnrp biilldintr. learn work, idoxvirn;. fipnera! wink: Just work; have Iruik. 1'hnne DRAFTSMAN—VETERAN OR FEMALE CHA1NMAN—MALE HELPERS FOR INSTALLING AND REPAIRING PIPELINE—MALE •'•UKK si-:r:\'ir'ic co Pi-mini*,'. SbapiliK. 'I'opriing Alsn 'I'loeH Taken Oui It T'arkfr l-'roc !•>! ima t Inff ISO, II ^(irct J'liune ^-;iUli 1JKST i.lniiitiiriK HPivnr. Th* 1 bosl costs Icvrt. Iti'pa.r and i finod. lins ; lilllc jobs ml allcnlion. Coinily In-cute, flu.!.._---! '-'•-:. _ _ Ml UI-:.\I-:I:AI, I'AI.VIINI; <-iINTMACTIIH M. S. I) y. plum" :' -11:11111. spiay or hni'.l). Homo or indijfiti la 1. I'>tnnal('s in..71 TELEPHONE TAFT, 4C4 APPLY TO: TELEPHONE BAKERSFIELD, 7-7501 67 EXPERIENCED SALESMAN FOR FI.'IINITI'RE ST<)R|.:. ONE CAP- AIM. E OK TAKING FULL Cl I ARC. 1C. TOP WAGES. AVR1TE, GIVING EXPERIENCE. 13OX S-l. 1 , THE CALIFORN1AN. SALESMAN wanted. Apply In person. Jvers Furniture Co.. 625 Nineteenth _ street^. __ ___ _______ ?I?l'.? DR1VEH-SALKS.MAN FOR LAUNDRY Kill "no. APPLY liAKLP.SFIKI.O LAfNDRV ASSOCIATIUN. COHNIOR \\ - i 1 l.n ii, r . In . [.:. i nt I Hi: ( i.n- I c.. NMII.-I I'll. III h *'S J -I'.i; S 'I. lorill.sllc Hllll I1S11- VAl'Pl'M hair (lr>('is. ivoriH. Ji-'al loaMtris, inol orfi- - ovfry t h IHK flcclriial v( pa i red. Money hack uuai- anhc. Will lni-ll up ..... I il'elivor. llunl- lcy Apl^lirin.'o Service and Kepair, !I17 _ Water hli-eet. _ I'lioiH' L'..|;,7'l. 12 — S1XE ](l"x»0' BF.ACK GUI. I) STITCHED CANVAS BELTS. .•IT'.j OX. DT'CK. JIICKKV J'll'E AND SI'IMT.Y C'OMl'ANV. :!:iT."i ]-:.\ST ShAUSON AVENI'10, T,I)S A Nf ; K I ,ES. .1 EI''KEi:S()Nl'L'T;.. WAN'l' f milk plan' \\oik. II. -H. eu. TfiikHi Lain _ lo \\anhiiiL: L- oiJ l-'ainns. all-around ttiH and l>ot- !ii:i Uuherts ____ 4!l .\nTiri: I'-AliMKliS — L:iin.'sl nypsmn sp'H'Inik' enuipiiient til \.tlley. Make your a ppoinl men! now. A ppi uvlnia lely I'.'.il IUIIN daily .spr, ad. M..-I a.'inal. 1 toll;' per ari-e spread. It will pav \.nj to rcnieinln r tins phone number, a .'. 'i ;'. I . r.o WAN'l'Kli— Man lor retail milk ilcliveiy. ahoul G Jioiirs' work, uood pa\. Teakwoo.l _ Ijirm.". XLT. linl.ei t«_L_u_ni'. _______ _______ 19 WANTED — Experienced tire man. Good salary. Taft Recap Tire _Shup,__720 jCr_nte_r, Tsift. __ 52 .MII.KIOlt — one cow, take niornlne milk _ l^l |(>1H'_Y- 7J fi L>. _____ _ ____ 4 8 WANTED Irnctor mechnnlca. t j hone 4-<B17 _'nvomy-fmjrth._!i»_Jlleh_wny. _ 60 UJOLLMAN--Muit be over 21. Pafli-e. Apply Hotel 7-1-tf NEI'IDISD IP help maintain transportation, auto and truck tntchnnlon and body men. Full lime work. Motor Center. Bulck. Chevrolet RIK" ('mllllar dealer. See Backman. Twenty-second and Cheiter. 8-15-tf Xl'KRIKNf.ED dlHhwaahei. Apply Fred- dlu'.» Cafe. 99 Highway and Twenty- fnurth ttreet. 9-Il-tf W A NTH D -Service ealenmnn. Good •alary and excellent future for man with fair education who can ai«ume responsibility. Flreitone Stores. 2331 Chester avenue Bnkersflelll. 8-23-tf Ml>° '" '^ ^-v .''* 11 HA, ^ T 'run iupf Shaping Tupping Taking tree's out Ki cc estimates \>. (!. Floyd J'liune ti-GUT-t WANTIiJJ -Milkor. Three-qiiat tors mile miiili I'uinpkin Center AlilkhoUHe ' MAX lor join me laboratory work In refinery. tfhin». 6-ilav week, time nml In. I! IMI siMP da>. I0\pi?rient e not ne,.essar\ 1'lnine _j^7f>'l I __ __ 48 EXI'I^HIKM'KI) TIRE MAN GOOD SAL- AltV. KXCKI.I.KNT POST W AH OP- I'dHTI'NITY. K1KESTONK STORKS. TWKN'TY-FOUnTH AND CHKSTKK AVIvM'li. _ _ _ ___ 8 Jj* n -!? w ANTIC / -AT OM:K. AIITUMOHII.E; Mtc- CHAM';. PEHMANKNT WOKK; TOP W.'.OICS APPI.V HAKIOH-AOA.M8 PON- 'nACOAllAi;K Z7fll CHKS'CKH (l-22-Jf SEWING MACHINE REPAIRING, J&O'J West Eighth. Guoranteed. __ Hiionc ^437 49 ,S.\ I.I>.\IA \ \\,ii-,i,.. I l.y a nalioiuil lood i(.lli|)all> 10 .-unmet loeal HIVIlllntM. l''i\'C- da •- \v((V.. a lioo.l salar> and a Kood pi-M»ai Mi-. re I'll.. i.e i 1 . r, .-,.•, i aller a P ni __''_.J-;^. ' '' '__ 'i'li . . p _jn __ _ 4.S NLI-:l>lCI) A) (INCIC — Furniture rerlnlaher. A!HO upho!Meie( 'l'o|in(iteh wanes for lopmiteh woikir.en C. N .lohnntnn _ ShopF |fp_P_ r.iKhteenth Htieet 7-21-tf \ ANTliU - TRUCK ANIi A I 'TO MB'•H \\ICB API'LV SOUTHERN OA- RAriK TWliNTV-PlflFT AND 1 _PT1!KKTS. ______________________ _ J12-8l-tf IlKl.l' WANTIilJ — Metal wen ken. metal worker f.elpert*. woe] workers. auto bodies: woof! workers, furniture. C. N . I. .1.1. RI..II HO.IN W.nkB I 00- ItlBhleenlh. _ I'hmip _4_I7I1> _ _ _ 6-21-tI \VAVILI. I.Jxpei lent-ed aut. mechanic. C.t.od hnuri* niid PHV , HI eBsentlal lob II. 'id lii.i'- a tin nvnlliihlllly rertltlcate ne<ekiaiv Srr Mr liewi Kltchen-Royd Mm r CoiiH/any S£2U Chtner avenue. 8-25-tf Hoiiri- n.o.n helpers an.l lahorers. Pneifir (las niul Klrrtru Company. A\-ailability . ei ' i f n-a t e I ei| U i red, 50 WANTED—An Individual who l« Interested in working for a permanent company ns Janitor: ndeaunte salary. Must be able to furnish relcrcncei and birth cer- tl r I c ate. Call 4-468C. 9 -T_-t f V.'ANTEIJ—TWO MICN FOH RKCJAPPINQ DEPARTMENT EXPERIENCED PREFERRED BUT NIXJ' NECESSARY. GtXlD SALARf TO START. FIRE- 6TON'« STOP. El?. TWENTY-FOURTH AND CHESTER AVKNtlh). 8-23-tf B.XPEltlKNCBD shoe saleslady or salesman wanted Write Box G-393. The Cnlifornian 9-8-tf Help Wanted—Female WANTED— White maids. See housekeeper. Hotel P.idre. 8-16-tf TELEPHONE OPERATORS BEGINNERS Fascinating Work—Essential Peacetime Future PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 1620 Twentieth Street WANTED — Oil field workers, roustabouts. rotary helpers, firemen, 6 and 7-day M'ork week schedules. Phone 9-9461. 'l'iilewntpAssocatpd Oil Co. 63 .MAN' for I'uneral rxpoi ii'ln-e not n _l>iKier chapel, _ 1-^7_cheHl ninlnihiiieo work, ary. Flli.'kinKer- S-l 1-tf LADY for fountain and candy counter. Kxnerience not necessary. Apply Dewar's Candy Shop, 1120 _"Eye" street. 4ji CASHIER WANTED; NIGHT HOURS. TINY'S WAFFLE SHOP, KIOHTEENTil AND CHESTER. _ 48 GfltLS to wait in chain liquor NloieH; inteit'Bttrm work, cooil salary to suirl. Apply Shei rys, l.'Hiy Nineteenth sireet. or !Ki(t Baker. n',} MANHTRIST wanted nt Lois House of p.eaniy, Seventeenth and ..M. Salary and commission. 4 9 WOMAN for PC r in an en t work. 5 or 6 half days per week; light housekeeping and _ cooking. 31M Oleander. Phone -'-6910. 48 WAN'TKL)—Kxpericneod. cook and housn- kci'per. No laundry. Good wnces. Live In. Throe children. Phono 2-3997 or call nt IS.'IO KlKhteenth street. 50 Sllll'PINC, CLERK for gteen fruit packing houHy offlee. Must be able to type. keep HhtiMilni? records H ml d< general off lee_work _ Plione _4_^4_pJ 1_ _ 9-16-tf WANTED — Trimmer to operate glass anil upholstery department In large repair shop. See Rackmnn at Motor ('enter. Twenty-second and Chester. 8-lfi-tf MAN FOR STKADV WORK IN LAUNDRY. TIH-: HAKKH.Sl-MKM) l-AfNDRY ASSOCIATiriN, COR- NIi:i: OI'' XIXKTKI'JNTll AND S. Help Wanted—Female TWO women truck drivers for work in Elk Hills territory. Apply .Johnson and Dunn. Trucking Com- ^pitny, 330 Ashor street, Taft. iBO WAXTBD—Experienced stenoBrapher for downtown office, 40-hour, 6-day week. Wr 11 e Hox 8 23-M. The Callfornian. 48 li.N'UOLL NOW for Hhorthiiiul and lyplns clawHes. day nnd evcniiiBs. Kern School of Commerce, George Hay building. I'lione 2-4714. &3 W.VXTIOU—Jlaid for hotel work. Call :-87*!l. 60 COOK'S HKl.I'KR on lalieh. Man and wife preferred; man to work and ranch. Phono :-40:il. . 60 WANTED—Typist and stenographer. Apply Acme Finance, Twenty-fifth and Chester. 9-25-tC Help Wanted—Female HAVE OPENING FOR WOMAN WITH OFFICE AND TYPING EXPERIENCE, MUST BE PERMANENT. TWENTY-FIFTH AND CHESTER EXPKR1F.NCED SALESWOMAN FOR MEN K FI.RNISH1NCS A.VD SHOES. (UKII) P.M.ARV. PKRMANKXT PUi-'l- TION. APPLY MANARKR RASTERS'. li:a NINETEENTH STIIKET. 8-14-tf EXPERIENCED WOMEN'S READY-TO- WEAR ALTERATION HANDS'. THOSE WHO HAVE HAD EXPERIENCE IN KLK REMODELING AND REPAIRING PREFERRED. STEADY WORK. GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS. APPLY MANAGER. EAPTERN. 1529 NINETEENTH STREET. WANTED — Part-time cashier nt the Vir- Kinia theater. Apply helween 6 and 10 _ p. m. No phone calls. _ 48 THHKIO anlrKKirln for retail stationery stole. Some welling exporien. f necessary. Anrily Valley Office and School lainipmeni Company I62J Nineteenth _ «neei. f,o stand. 48 Wanted to Rent—House* I For 'tale—.Improved Property For •ale— Improved Property No charge {or renting or sending preferred people to rent your homes, apartments or courts. Only those meeting your requirements will call. Phone early, San Joaqutn Agencies. Edward W. Moody, 1812 "Eye" street. Phone 2-2315. If no answer, call 2-0653. 3-25-tf FOUNTAIN GIRL. Apply news GIRL WANTED at 2219 Union. BEAI'TY OPERATOR with manager experience wanted at once. Phone 6-69114. M THREE EXPERIENCED WAITRESSES. HorilS 9 TO ii. SEE GRATE EDMONDS ON MEZZANINE FLOOR. RROCK'F. 48 Help Wanted—Salesmen SALESMAN—One of the largest life insurance companies will appoint full-time lepresentative for refinancing residential mortgnces with lowest competitive interest rates; only plan of Its kind in this tprrltnry; permnnent position to right mim. Write Box M-965. The Baker«- fi^ld California!). 48 SALESMAN, activity national defense Industry. creatlnK expanding field for thrift plan, copvwrlte exclusive large eastern life Insurance company. Commission. rirawInK account. Write clvinc 1 age and experience. Box 45B-1I The California!!. Situations Wanted—Male WE CLEAN Kitchens. «5c hour: (tan blinds, window*: floor by floor. Larko Cleaner*. Phon* 7-7462 before 8. after «. • CALL David V. Thompson for general gardening, hedge -.runing and floor waxing; 25 years' experience. Call from _ 5 p. m. to 8 p. m. Phone 2-46111. 50 ROOF REPAIR, Phone SvlllU. FOR REMODELING call :•-?,.( 17. rout staining, and carpenter work. Situations Wanted—Female PUBLIC itenographcr dealres work in own offi.-c. 1812 "Eye" itreet. Phone 2-0633. 9-14-tf YOI'.NG LADY desires position with local firm. Hue experience aa typist, receptionist and cashier. Write Box E-931, Tho ''allfornlan 49 EXPERIENCED cnlorr work hy the hour. 7; WANTED woman wants Phone 7-73IM. 48 -Rough dry washing. Mrs. Mer- AVANTKD—Hour work, experienced. Phone WANTED—Ironing in my home, 907 I'n c i [ic_ WASHING and ironing in my home. Phone SERVICEMAN. Mlnter. Field, wife, small baby forced to move by sale. Must have small hojsr or apartment by October 15. 300-B .Vvcr streel. Highland Park. 49 EMPLOYED couple, no children, prema- nent; small furnished house. Cnll Mm. Hill at 2-4732. after 6 p. m 2-8217. Not _over_$40. 50 WANTED—Permanent furnished 5-room home or apartmerrt. Prefer west side. "What have you for man and wife? Phone 2-4714. 53 SMALL furnished house or apartment M'nnted by reliable middle ased couple. l!ox 4^j9-K. The California!!. *iO ADl'LT COUPLE wants 1-bcdroom house. Cood care guanmleeil. No children or pets. Local reference it desired. Phone, 3-1944. T\\'O or three-hpdioom house, unfui-nlshpd. clos« in or npar hllfl line, hy elderly couplp. No (hildrpn. no pets. Permanent. Write Uos A-397, The Californian. r.o A SMALT, fnrnisl'ed house or apaitment. PlHiiip_2-8Sj[^. 61 HOI'SE WANTED'— Local carpenter. Kept of referem es. Hest care. T\vo adults, no pets. Four roms. unfurnished. Phonp 1.1-F-4 n_fterji_o>lork. 4'.i Ol-'FITER and wife desire small furnished hnnsp or apartment. Best of carp Kuar- aniped. References. 1605 Howard. Phone 7-7039.__ 49 PERMANENT local lady wishes one nr two-bedroom furnished house or apart- menl. Employed, husband overseas. No childi-pn 01- ppta. Excpllpnt care guar- antped. Phone 2-9254 after 9 a. m. to S p. in. 49 WANTED— I'nfnrnished 2-bPdrootn house, by three adults. References. Phone .1-2.100. 48 Wanted to Rent—Apartments WANTED—Janitor work in office. Will do housework by the hour. Phone 7-7715. __A_rtincy Wushineion. 49 COLORED GIRL wan is hour work. Kef- crenel's. Phone 2-2190. IRONING nicely done in my home. Mrs. Co 111 ron. 111 I _Grji< e^street. SF.UVICE.MA.N'-.S wife will care for children In pxchante for room and kitchen rrivil'-'Kex for self and husband. Phone 7-7t'.'.il. extension 221!. r»(l For Rent—Rooms ROOM for rent to genlleman. Six blocks _ west Fox theater. Ph.. Me 2-09JIS. 4 !t FRONT BEDROOM. Private entrance. use nf telephone. Plione 2-72,">3. 2212 _ Iliadl'ord. ^___^ _ 49 FJIO.NT bedroom with kitchen privileges fur caie of 3-year-old boy. Plione 2-21(ln. FURNISHED apartmpnt or small house. here permanently; no pet«. Phone 2-4714. 48 WANTED to rent, apartinpnt, furnished or unfurnished, by employed single lady. References, permnnent. Between 8 a. m. Biiil 5 p. m. call 6-(iT.17 and ask for Mrn. Ha i;riMt_:_a lter_5 p._ in. call 2-UG'.4. 48 WIFE of officer overseas would like apart- nieni. or small bouse; no children or pets. L'.l'^.JlS^llS. .Mrs. R. D. Stevens. 48 C'Ol.'PLE desires to rent furnished apartment or home; permanently located Bakersfield: can give good references, have no children or pets. Will pay top pi-Ice for place properly located and appointed. Ca II El Tejon hotel, room .101. 52 PI.EASK HELP.' Serviceman and wife furnished aparlment or house, close in. oi' o.. hus line. No children or pets. Permanent. Phone 2-<i;!!iT, 8 to 5, week _day«. 49 WORKING COUPLE wants one or two-room apartment; no children, no pets. Phone _ 2 : 2S8!I. 4 s WANTED TO RENT—Furnished house nr apartment; adults; near bus. Phum> _•-'-/>•'!»• 50 WANTED—Furnished 3-room npnrt- mont for two quiet and reliable workiiiR- girls. Must bp close to bus line. Call 3-0750 between S a. m. and 5 p. in., 2-4S54 after 5 _P. m. no WINTER FIELD ground officer, section adjutant; ftirnisbpil apartment or house; no p-Ms. no children—just married. Phone 7-70::n. SINGLE pirl wants apartment or small house. Permai'ent. No pets. Must lie nice or don't call. Won't share. Days. _7-7Slfi:_nu;hts. fi-fi.1.". 1. ;i:i OFFICEK and wife desire furnished aiiart- | nient or small house. Xo children, no pels. no parties, excellent care puaranleed. i _Phone r,-.-,r,90._ 4:, COUPLE, no children, desire to rent 1-betl- ronm furiiisheil aparlmeiil or lionse, ne;ir city limits. Box S-423, The Californian. 49 Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous ROOM for rent I.) teni-her or lady em- ploxed. Three blocks from podtoft'ue _ Phone _ jJ-fiTil'lj. :,0 FltH-N"!' beilroom, outside entrance, two blocks from courthouse. Genl leinen. C'icaii, quiet; no drinkers. 1303 K • slieet. Phone 2-2612. FOR LADY—Room close to bus; kitchen privileges. 2208 Lester street. Phone 4-4.11'.). 50 For Rent—Houses SERVICEMAN'S wife will share house with same or lady. In exchanRe for rare of baby 2 years old, while 1 work. Phon« 4-4IUI4 or 2-4_69(c 49 FOR LEASE—Two-bedroom house, with basement, 10 cabins, income $100 per month. Will lease to right party with referencee. Phone 2-5040. Furniture for sale. UNFURNISHED—One bedroom and nice sleeping porch, living room, dinette, kitchen, tile drain, hardwood floor, Venetian blinds. Middle-aePd or elderly couple preferred. 724 Twenty-eighth street. For Rent—Farm Land FOR RENT—140 acres of fine farming land, plenty of water. Nine miles from town. Call evenings. 2-2065 or 24-F-13. 48 MY NEIGHBORS rained 300 sacks parly potatoes per acre because they know how and wheru that kind of soil is. You too can raise crops like that on my IfiO next door. Tho only requirements SIP he a Rood farmer, waicfi the neighbors, and J16.000 for a water well. Phone 2-7251. 48 For Lease—55 acrei fine coll. district; water furnished; >40 per acre. W1LLAUD E. BAKBR 1414 Seventeenth Phone 2-0565 9-23-tf For Rent—Miscellaneous WHEEL CHAIRS, hotpltal taedi with Innereprlng m«ttrcii*i: walkeri. rubber shotting: everything for lick room. Fold- Ing chair*. Phone 7-7489 or 1-0067. 8-8-tf Wanted to Rent—Rooms YOUNG mother. 9-ycar-old datiRliter desire room, board in private home. Prefer middle-aged couple. Must be in Roosevelt district. Some earn of ctiild. I work nights, will help with housework three days a week to cover part of ex- neiiNi'H. Call 2-5389 only if interested. THREE DESPERATE school teacher* want apartment or rooms. Phone 6-6678 after 4 o'clock. 62 Wanted to Rent—Houses WINTER OFFICER nnd wife desire furnished house or apartment flt once; no children, no nets; references furnished If necessary. Phone Room 60(i. Hotel Padre. i : ! PERMANENT AND RELIABLE COUPLE DESIRE FURNISHED HOUSE. APARTMENT OR DUPLEX; NO CHILDREN (HI PETS. PHONE 6-5901. EXTENSION _ !i:;. 5 0 NEW OWNER Nlles Point Drive Inn needs ".i. 6 or 7-ronm unfurnished house at once. Phone 2-7810. 62 WANTED BY CO1TLE. furnished or unfurnished 2-bedrnom house; local reference _Phonp__&:&'*•"'?• _ 61 EMI'I.OYED couple will piiy time months rent in advance for furnished apartment or luiu.-e. Write Box E-3S6, The tall- lorlnau. DO WANTED—Cash for your used furniture, electric appliances, etc. We buy, trade or exchar.Re. COX FURNITURE Formerly Oildale Furnlturo 501 East Nineteenth Street Phone 2-460S C-14-tf BROWN'S FURNITURE Formerly Roy White Furniture 2620 CHESTER AVENUE We buy used furniture, stoves, refrigerators. Pay cash or exchange. Call us for real prices. PHONE 7-7021 6-9-tf WANTED to buy. one bay baler. Phone 2-2641. 9-12-tf DIAMONDS, watches and old jewelry of any description: highest market prices paid in cash. Karl McEvoy. precision watchmaker. 318 Haberfelde building. Phone 6-5397. 11-30-tf WANTED—A pair of leather or canvas lec- Klng.i. Phone 4-4176. 49 WANTED—Good used curtain stretchers. Phcne 2-3228. WANTED—Cheap, large house trailer to live in. not for the road. 1301 Kdison Hi gh way. Cabin No. .'i. 51 WANTED to buy. gas or electric refriger- _n^or. Phone , r )-5li4(l. f.O WANTED TO BUY—A piano bench and tricycle Phonf2-jijili4. 4 S Wanted to Buy—Property LIST your property with us. Fair tre»t- ment. quick action. Twenty years' experience. Taylor A Taylor, 1(60 Chesler avenue. Phone 6-6593. 64 CASH and quick action when you want to sell your borne or ranch. No deal too large or small. Buyers waiting. Call Elmer Martin, 2-9294. 220 Haberfelde building. 1-10-tf SELLING HOME OR FARM? PHONE 2-0653. LISTINGS NOT NECESSARY. HAVE BUYERS WAITING. SAN JOAQUIN AGENCIES. EDWARD W. MOODY, 1812 "EYE" STREET. 6-15-tf We need more listings. Lilt yo-.r home. (arm. ranch or Income with BO7DBTUN * LANCASTER 1817 H Street Phone 8-8639 S-6-tf NEED listings tor cash buyerk on large and small homes, acre homes, farms and Income property. Elwood's. 1923 "Eye." 65 Llat your property with us for quick • courteous results. Homes—Income—Ranches Chester !• Beard Phnne 6-6909 Bill Allen, Associate 9-8-tf WE NEED property to sell, have buyers waiting, quick action guaranteed. Call Wicker, phone 2-0239. 1660 Chester aventie. 49 W1S N1CKD property to sell, have buyers waiting, quii:k ailion guaranteed. Call Wicker, phone 2-0239. IfiliO Cheslor a vonue. &3 DEWEY A. HORTOX If you have a home, small improved acreage, or farm Innd for sale CALL 2-5379 1704 K Street 71 For Sale—Improved Property (487-Li—J4500 J2">00 down and might consider Ilttiu lets down on this rent- incom' property. income $72.50 per month Two houses, ono lot one newer house, nher little older. Phone 2-0663 or 2-6336. 9-19-tf HI ( K 25TII (KNTIKY, A. i). (Such a Itruve LilHr Alan By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS ABDUCTED ON -THE £A/D ' DANGLING FROM ft ROBOT ftND THEN CRASHED INTOA5NOWI CAPPED f MOUNTAIN /\ WEK / MY BPAINLESS ROBOT IS THREATENING ME AGAIN / I CAN' \T.< iB-B-BLrr I'M <5O IC-C-COLD I CAN'T \ R-R-RUN .' CUUP./ U C-C-CrXN'T HEH.'lFI'VE I GOT TO O-O-DIE, I'LL. DIE UKE A. SOLDIER-OF SCIENCE/ WELL-YOU, YOU PLASTIC PRODIGY GET IT OVER WITH / DON'T STAND THERE LARtNG AT ME / V ESC APE. Oir.DALE—Xcarly neW 2-b«droom hornc. ni.'e livinK room, dinette and kitchen with lots of ni«'e tile. Underground cprlnklinff s.VHletn and yard all frncrd. Clop« to pi-hool« nnd market. $4fiOO. 12000 down. Hli;HI,AN'l> PARK—One of the Intent 3-l>ed- rncm ptni-co homes. I.urge livinc room nnd bedrooms, all carpeted with broadloom. Two double floor furnaces, theremn- atatirHllv controlled; two hath* with lota of tile. Steel venetlnn hlinda throughout. Beautiful kitrhen and dininR room; double unrape; $4000 down. LOVELY country home., completely furnished. Beniulfullv landmnned. Large annnrtment of fruit trees and berries. $(i:i:,n. K STKEKT—Flvetoom home, hardwood floors, nice living and dining rooms, two hedroomx, kitchen and bath; H250. JlaOO down. CLOSK IX—Nice. home, completely furnished with all good furniture. Lnrce basement with heating unit ducted to each room ; $67fiO. H.UIDINQ STREET—Five-room home. Immediate possession. Has 2 rentals in rear that are completely furnished, with income of $50 monthly. Corner lots with I'.O-foot frontage; IC930. tlOOO down. EAST BAKKnSKIELD— Nearly new stucco home. 2 bedrooms and den. completely furnished with good furniture. Including washing machine, refrigerator and tabletop utove; $6500. H STREET—-Nice 5-room home, right In town. $41.10. 1071 Chester Avenue Phone ;-7r>r>4 llil.lO DOWN viill buy this 3-hedroom. "-bath and den home in southwest Ilnk- iTsficld. Ido.i I for larRe lamily, close in Hfliools, IMM. stores and park. Not new but in perfect condition. Total price $7601). $4650. OXT.T $l!l7r> down payment, for one acre with good 2-bedroom and screen porch home. Cheap and plentiful supply of \\Jiier. House modern and in good condition. $32:>n, nowx PAYMENT S7so. monthly $30, buys this 2-bedroom bomn in Kruae Truct. p^nsy v/nlking distance to town- town district close to school, stores, etc. Phone for appointment today. 411 Nineteenth Street Dial 3-n:?5 il-L'L'-tf (421-1,)—$6475 with $3476 down or might consider littlo leas down on this very large 2-bedroom home, best of construction, completely modern, all extra large rooms, fireplace, hardwood floors, dining room, breakfast room, even a lovely screened side porch which could be used for den. Phonj 2-OB53_m_:-5jUl_B.__9-l_5.t_f (328-1,)—$10.751) with $4450 down and might consider less down, on this Upper La Cresta 2-hedroom and den home, completely furnished. t.ovely lot. Phone C-OfiSIt n- 2-5:U6. 9-19-tf FOR SALE—On Alta Visla Drive, corner, 63x150, S-bodroom house, livinff room, dining room, den, breakfast room, kitrhen, two baths, small bnsement, screened porch, floor furnaces, newly painted; t\vo- cnr enrage. Reduced to $91150. $o.'.T)0 down. J. J. Consani. Phone _9-nfil4. 9 /. 18 J_ f IMMEDIATE possession. C-bedroom house and 2-room cabin on InrBe lot. Two miles eapf on Edison Highway. Route 5. Mox 28. _<8 (4SH-S)—$2S80 with $880 down for this large three-room honit;, not very old, on lot 60x200. immediate possession. Near Greenfield. Phone 2-0653 or 2-5336. 9-19-tf (482-L)—$7350 with $4250 dowt. and might considp. l ! ttle less down on this lovely 2-bedroom and den home with fireplace and all la rep rooms. Near Deseanso Park district. Phone, Z-06J3 or 2-B.136. 9-19-tf FOR PALE by owner, four houses, all on on. 1 iictj of Innd. one G-room house, one 4-room, one 3-room and one 2-room. all or thppe houses completely furnished, find there is a nice hie refrigerator for yourself other than 'he houses. There is chick.-Mi ernnjiment for around 800 laying hens: oilier outbuildings. Kor a ninck snip this is selling at a bargain. Full price $."7,".0, half down; terms $40 n mnnili. K.lison Highway to MiiRlin- dcn storp, onc-lmlf mile north on Fairfax- Koad. one-half ni'le cast on Pioneer 1'nv.-. or Tdinne .1-14:!4. 4S FOR SALE—S.inriO. 2-liedrodm modern home in excellent condition. Hardwood floors, tile in UilchtMi ;md bnth, two lots, nice lawn, fruit trees. B;II-;IPC. Terms can he arranc^d. to Mount Verlion School. 1625 Potomac Drive. 49 MODERN, nearly new fi-room home on 1'i acre; finest soil, within 1 J ,i biocka good school, hot lunches; nenr store, good roads; paper and milk delivered to door: furnished or unfurnished: coing at new- low price to first party with down payment, rest Itlo rent: will take large trailer house as part down Route 6, Box 6!>0. Fairfax Road. 48 $2,750.00—Beautiful little four-room stucco cottage, bedroom and closed In sleeping porch. Hardwood floors and modern conveniences. Only $1000.00 down. See Claude R. Blodget, 3829 H Street. 48 TWO-BEDROOM house, block from bus line. Furnace. Venetian blinds, fire- pliice. sprinkling system. Partly furnished or unfurnished. Phone 4-4626. 63 SELL ITS your 6% real estate trust deed, mortgages, with monthly installments. For information. Phone C-GG56. Mc.New Estates T.imiied. between 8 and 10 a. m. 49 FOR SALE—Ry administrator to clear TIP estate. 2-bedroom modern house, fenced yard, fruit trees. On Chester Place. Phono 6-64:15. evenings 3-1 883. 511 FOR SAT.E—Ry owner. C-room house on acre of ground, cow lot, chicken equipment, st rawbr-i ries, outside buildings. A bargain. Phone 2-4024. 50 HOME AND FARM BUYERS WANTED— IF WE HAVEN'T WHAT TOU WANT. WE'LL FIND IT. SAN ..OAQUIN AGENCIES. EDWARD MOODY. 1812 "EYE." PHONE 2-0653. t-l-tf ONE (K the finest homes anywhere, for an ordinary eizcd family, located near Highland Park. Spacious, cheerful rooms; on an attractive corner lot. Double garage. Price $7500. $3100 cash, balance $47.25 monthly. You will love this place and the price. Frank Day. 1915 "Eye." 49 SMALL owner occupied home. East Rak- ersfield, near Mount Vernon School. Total pricn $2700. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, hath and service porch. $t!00 cash will handle. Elmer F. Karpe. 1517 Eighteenth. 9-25-tf Income located In best rental district. Eight uni'.fl. nearly new. Tvltb tiled roof and nlceiv turnished. never a vacanty. This is e.illy one of the very beet court* In town. Income $456 per month. Priced at *4.1 BOO. Adobe nn east side; two bedrooms, nice room over garage; yard all fenced. Onlr $3E50. WILLAFlD E. BAKER » 1414 Seventeenth Street Phone Z-OS5.T 9-19-tf (472-D— $2885 with $1510 down and might consider little less down, on thle newer type tmr.llr..- 1-bedroom home near Horace Main. School and blch acbool. Phone 2-0653 U 2-5336. 9-19-tf FOR SALE—Six-room, nearly new. modern home, large garage, barn, lot lOOz 300; $3100. terma. Will sell completely furnished. 1941 14-foot Mainline trailer In good condition Bleeps four. Inquire 6 miles out of Taft on Bakerefleld Highway. 244 CypreM itreet. Valley Acres. 50 FOR SALE—Two-bedroom stucco hojne. hullt in 1940. close to East Bakcrsflelil High and Horace Mann Grammar School. Has cooling system, floor furnace. Venetian blinds: nice large lawn; one acre of ground. Owner at Route No. 1, Box 76, Fellows. Call f. Phone Black 133. J 48 FOR SALE cheap, nice size lot for home• ite. 708 Decatur street. Phone 3-1041. PLACE for sale, rea»onable. Phone 9-9213. UNRESTRICTED—On corner lot, stucco home, hullt In 1941. Two bedrooms and bath, living room and kitchen with til» sink. $3850. 1671 Chester avenue. SI FIVE-ROOM house and lot. lot 50x135. Price $2500. Phone 3-2039. 265 Santa. Barbara. E. C. Chapman, Lamont. 48 FOR SALE—Completely furnished 2-bedroom house: 2-car garage, conveniently located. Phone 8-8872 for appointment, 5g South of town, on lot 100x300—Nict 5-room plastered home, almost new. Convenient to store, and school. Ideal for small chicken farm or for lover of horses. $3250 full price, $1000 down. $3."i a month. Rivervlew. near bus line—Five-room home, excellent condition. very nice tiled kitchen; fenced laid. Can give immediate posHesHion. $3-50 full price, about $1500 down. $20 a month. East Brundage—L.OI with 75-foot frontage, all fenced. Four-room house, nice living room nnd kitchen. Total price $21150. substantial down payment. El Camino Park—Lovely, completely burnished 6-room home, two bedrooms and den. double fireplace. Two-car garage. Well landscaped lot. Full price $10,500. Good, substantial down payment. Inside City—Five-room home, hardwood floors throughout, fireplace, other dandy features. Two blocks from bun line. Yard in excellent condition. Full price $r,050, some terms. Immediate possession. East Gakersfleld—Lovely 6-room home on corner lot. excellent condition. Hardwood floors throughout. Lovely yard. Furnished. $8450. on terms. Eureka etreet. near Baker—Five-room stucco home with baaement. about • years old. Excellent condition. Somft chicken equipment. $5200, about $2000 down. Ten-room hotel, completely furnished «nd carpeted. Ideal for couple desiring home and income. ?\'ow showing excellent relurn. 1318 "Eye" Street 8-2-tf VALUES SIX-liOOM bouse, close In on G street: has three large bedrooms, sun room, Jaige living room with fireplace, beau' tiful dining room and kitchen, lares service porch and basement-, lawn and shade trees. This la a real buy for someone. Full price (6000, substantial down. FOUR-ROOM home with larce screen porch, close In In southeast district. On large lot. has nice shade and fruit trees, garden apace, chicken equipment, double garage. Well cared for Iswn. Full price 13500. 11000 down, balance (35 a month. DUPLEX and dandy 4-room borne IB highly desirable location. All are completely and well furnished. Duplex now rented for 190 a month. Owner «eta rent free in 4-room house. On large corner lot. shade trees, large gsrtge. On bus line, and near markets. Full prire. $7500. S2050 down, balance 150 a month, o 1665 Chester Phone t-tlll 8-14-tf In PunBiH Park—A ver.' substantial 3-bed- ronm home that has been reduced .In pt iee. as the owner Is leaving town. Kmiuirea 12677 to handle. In I lie 300 block on Knott street, a very nlcuKHnt 2-bedroom home with Venetian hljndK. hardwood floors, floor furnace, well-ken lawn. This is an excellent buy for $3300 down. In the California Park—An Immaculate 2-bedroom home \vitii a spacious den, nice living room and dining room, floor furnace and fireplac . well-landscaped yard wltn choice fruits and flowers. Thin iti an exceptional home and can be hud for $;IOOO down. Another one in the California Tract—Two herlfooiriH and a niee den on a large lot and this houne is completely .furnished \vith the ypry best nf high grade lire- Avar furniture. Largo living room with \vHll-Ki-wnll carpets. Requires a substantial down CHKSTKR X. BEARD 1SOT 11 STREET 1'HO.NE C-5S09 OR 2-4622 9-23-lf FOR SALE, in F.ast Bakersfield, nicely furnished, spaeioua 2-bedroom home, hardwood floors, fireplace; doubls caraee; lovely yard, fruit trees, chicken*. Xear schools, markets and bus. 72* Lincoln street. 61 NEW 2-hedroorn home near Mount Vernon tichnoi; attached garage, all in perfect condition; owner occupied. Totnl prico *4000, terms. Elmer F. Karpe, 1517 Klgliteenth. g-afi-tt HOME and income in Oildtile. Two-bedroom, owner occupied, plua two rentals, furnished, and bringing $55 per month. Price for all three is only $5200, half canh will handle. Elmer F. Karpe, 1517 Eighteenth 9-25-tf r NAVY LEADER An*n-er to PrevloM Fos«l« HORIZONTAL 1,6 Pictured Navy officer, Capt. 12 Native metal 13 Measure of area 14 Dine 15 Sty 16 Unwanted plant 18 Annum 20 Half-quart 21 Fish eggs 23 Paid notice 24 Light brown 25 Aluminum (symbol) 27 Either 28 Erbium (symbol) 29 Exclamation 31 Coronet 33 Musical study 35 Transpose (ab.) 36 South Dakota (ab.) 37 He was formerly in charge of —— relations for the Navy «0 Swiftness 13 Musical note 44 Toward 45 Father 46 International language 47 Tabulate (ab.; 48 Negative 80 Beverage 52 Suspicious 54 Clasp 50 Smooth 59 City in Oklahoma 60 Revolution (ab.) 61 Symbol for gold 63 Compass' point 64 Firm 65 Scarce VERTICAL 1 Inferior 2 Before 3 Jeer 4 Sodium (symbol) 5 Arid 6 Conduct 7 Rowing implement 8 Vermont (ab.) 9 Double 10 Number 11 Entomology (ab.) 17 Entrance 19 Each (ab.) 20 Unit 22 Age 24 Golf device 25 Near 26 Liquid measure 29 Snake 30 Him 32 Exist 34 Employ 37 Pair (ab.) 38 Remain 39 Cry 40 Health resort 41 Wan 42 Accomplish 47Trolley car. 48 He is a —» officer 49 Bone 51 Always 52 Women's Auxiliary Corps (ab.) 53 Excitement 54 Fowl « 55 Dance step 57 Abstract beih| 58 Born 60 Egyptian sun god 62 Upward

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