The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 7, 1936 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 7, 1936
Page 7
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'-'^•^R^y^'iv..'.^*'•;•:. '-*•'.>' \''-' »v*""'* 1 ^'* 1 ^.' 1 •, v Vf^rvK^r 1 ^ .v .',.•* - , •/- ?v~^ lV .^- . -'-vV^-o^S-,- " -:-•• ---.^ ' ,— -• -• '-. , ^ ,• '^' -. =•' /. •••.-,. - • '' V • .;. ; f. -M - • L ' •- -* ' ; < <•,<-;-•• '.,,•• ... -. • <•.<-•.-.?• - 1 ••• ^.:" ' --v ••.".-. " -< ' W- '.. .;•; : •(,'•* :K\"\'-. 'f ?• . /ii^rW -•'' ---• ' -" - ---'• ' &*}*•*'£> •-'-,.. ,-•;•, n - ; , ^ ' . • . • i -• , . V •1-M . ' 1 --.-•' -. • .. -.-1 . I- .! . , fttE liAKBftS^lfeLD CAilFORNIAN, MONDAY, SEPTEM 1036 * . -• .Jr.. I ' , .',' • \ ' • ', -' 1 t ,v *rv • v , ' T ' ^ f I J . - - * > tv- M$ V$fl*ViS$ •,!' ' i .. & x^ 1 #• 4 . I •. 4 ^ December, Bazaar, Other Events to Fill Club Season TAVLL events, including a bazaar * •< - ,: '<• Open iloiise at Kecne and Italian Dinner to Be . _* Special Functions • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^a^ Four dates stud the September calendar for members of the Business and Professional Women's Club, according to bulletins Just Issued by Mrs. Effie FarriH, president. The first Is Friday, September 11, when a board meeting will bo hold at the president's home, 733 Jotter* son street, at 7:30 o'clock for committed chairmen, and u state and district officers. "'; . n Open House Sunday Open house will bo held at Stony Brook Retreat at Kcone at 4 o'clock. Miss-Helen Hetmanspcrgor and Dr. A. E. Sclmper have planned trips J - In December were when Tcjort Social Club convened recently at Masonic temple with Mrs. Frank Edwards presiding. Mrs. Carrie Miller heads the committee in charge. Mrs. Milter also was club hostess at the meeting and treated the members to chow tncin at a downtown cafe at the cldse of the business hour* U. S. W. V. UNITS HAVE JOLLY Til * \ ^ One Hundred and Fifty Arc Gathered for Picnic * Kern River Park ' Association j •",""'-" i Beginning Local Campaign i M KMBER3 of J<ern County Music <r<ML6h«rf f Asaociatlon a.r« No. STEGE1NHOST TO CHURCH GROUP through the tubcrculoslH hospital and Qnnrlnv Srhnnl Sin n«*t>*£*A»i.-..v.-i.,m, u ...s*~ N /»ti«...i M *r Olinaaj OCJJUU1 Oltt proven torlunVAvltli supper following. Sorno Interesting colored slides will be shown, followed by a climb up tho hill to observe stars through a telescope. On September 21 the annual homecoming banquet will be .helil at Hotel 121 Tejon in the Spanish ballroom at 7 o'clock. Miss Dorothy Donahoe is chairman oC arrangements. JLoserg Pay and Fay On September 28 the losing team in a membership contest will entertain the winners at a dinner at II Trovatore cafe at 7:30 o'clock. Mrs. tiottle Myers is chairman, assisted by Bernice Iximb, Florence Mo Cullon, Marcellc Moore, "Leilah Nelson, Merle Scales, Alice Stauss, CharlottejMyera and Melba Osborri* The telephone committee for gtn- roservations Is headed by Mrs. Gertrude Donahoe. Other members include Mfsa Clemence Mler, Mrs. Bertha Burgsten, Miss Teresa Moon, Miss Florence McCullen, Miss Bernice Lamb, Miss Virginia JLMcraon, Miss Louise HSchaud and Mlaa Holen /aggard. W. B. A. Girls^Club to Convene Tuesday W. B t A. Girls' Club will meet at tho home of Mrs. R. AV. Roberts, 1580 Nlles street, at 2 o'clock Tuos- ^ay afternoon. Miss Charity Smetxor will preside. Plans will be made for a card .party, September 30, for tho benefit of a fund to flnanco delegates to a convention in Sacramento In October. West Way CJub, also of tho Woman's Benefit Association, will moot Wednesday at 2 o'clock at the home vf Mrs. H. P. Crlckmcr, DIG Kentucky street. * al Poso Park for Jolly Luncheon Parly Early autumn in the mountains added delight to the outing Sunday when A. E. Stegemun, an elder of First' Presbyterian Church entertained a company of Sunday school wprKers at, his home in Poso Park for luncheon, following tho regular church service. Hiking, singing and informal quiet diversions filled tho day. Mr. Htegenmn has as his guests, Mr. and ,Mrs. Dave Keller, Alison Keller. 1 Charles Jvoller and Miss Emma Stegenmn, all of-Dodge City, Kansas, who arrived in Juno. Joining them for tho day were the Rev. John Murdoch, Mr. and Mrs. AV. J. Shaffer, Mr, and Mrs. H. A. Undm-wood, Miss Betty Underwood, Miss Agnes Dugan, Miss Josephine Woods. Mr*t. O. M. Armstrong and Ethel Bohna. Order of Amaranth Meeting Wednesday Bakersfleld Court No. 32, Order of tho Amaranth, will moot Wednesday night at 8 o'clock at Masonic; temple. No polhick supper will be served us originally planned, it being the arrangement now to awutt tho return of members from vacations. Visitors will bo welcome, according to Mrs. Hmlly ISatello Marks, royal matron and Dr. Harry Lango, royal patron. One hundred and fifty members of General William K. Shafter Camp 31 XT. S. W. V. nnd its auxiliary anil their families mode merry at Kern niver Park Sunday at an all- day picnic. Special guests wcre Mr, and Mrs. Sidney Splaln nnd Mr. and Mrs, George Spaldtng* of Oakland, former camp and auxiliary members In Baker afield. Varied contests ranging from nail driving to sack races provided' entertainment, along with cards, swimming and feasting. Picnic lunches wcre spread on tables In "Pleasure Island." Many prizes were awarded, Tho entertainment committee was comprised of Mesdames Frank Hasson, Leo Helner, Frank Bar ham, J. E. Ketohem and P. T. Thornton. Joe cream, coffee and lemonade wcre provided by the organisations. were won as follows; Horseshoe contest, David H. McCullough and Lester Travis i nailing contest, • Mrs. Lola Barham; bottle contest, Mrs. Norman Pewitt; boys' race, Don Herlng; girls' race, Dorothy Boone; sack race for girls, Hose Woods; for boys, Louis Ueinor; draw prlxea, Alfred Anderson and Mrs. Leonard Cummlngs. Youngsters Guests at Mojave Affair ing their 1H3«4937 Beaaon, with the slogan, "Static*to Music Study/' it was announced today. A vigorous campaign is plahned to causo parents and others to roaltce the value of a musical education, not only for those who Him to make It their profession, but fof those who tnko U up ft« on avocation.- Mra. Laura W. Nichols, president of tho association, said. Win Recognition "As a moans of stimulating an In* creased Interest tn music study, the Music Teachers' Association of California has presented a plan by which music students may receive recognition for work in music, by getting a certificate of merit bearing the seflJ of tho state association, for a full season of continuous music study. Patterned after a similar plan In uso in other states, tho certificate of merit plan has proved enormously successful in California, t whero more than 7000 music students received certificates at the close of l$st season. KlvO'Yerir Plan "Tho certificate of merit provides a five*year plun, by which music students may obtain these credentials, making an official record of study with recognised private music teachers and proving Invaluable In later years when It may bo necessary to present credentials in securing vnrl* DUB positions. "Ono hundred nnd thirty-seven music students of Kern county were awarded certificates of merit hero last .Tune, at impressive ceremonies, Music studfnts are urged to register early, ns It is required to begin music Htmly the first week of the school term in order to be eligible to receive the certificate of merit next June. Members The following active members of the Kern County Music Teaohers' Association tiro authorized to pro- pare, pupils to receive certificates of merit; Mrs. Olonnnh Ball Behan. Mrs. Harry Blnns. Mrs. Claude Bradford, Mrs. Bertha Coughlan, Mrs. Kay Curtis, Mra. Louise T. Daniels. Henry Camprubl, Mrs. W. C. Flelsher. Lawrence Foster, Mr». Mary Criuie Oarrard, Mrs. C. Oer- son. Mrs. C. 0. Hagans, Mrs. H. U. Mattly. Mrs. T. W. McManua. Mrs. I^aura 15. Nichols, Mr«. D. S. Nikkel, Carlyle Nelson. Mrs. William H. Nelll. Mrs. Pearlo Smith. Mrs. C. M. Whltesido and Ernest A. Wolff, C. Meeting, Inspector Will Visit From S. F. D. A.K.Has Fine Pixygraifr • .J " . **J , , • ' . ' -,- / Visits I - MEMBERS or Huribut i ' x Relief Corps will meet Tuesday at 1 o'clock nt Memorial hall at which time Mrs. Pearl Cross, San Francisco, department Inspector, will inspect ritualistic work of Hurlhut Corps. Mrs. Lena Baldwin, president Is requesting all officers and members to attend. A potluck dinner will be served nt 6:80 o'clock Tuesday evening with Mrs. J* Bruce Payne as chairman of arrangements. Past Presidents to Give Party Series Pont presidents of Harriet Shafter Auxiliary, U, S. AV. V., will begin n Merles of card parties September 10 in Uio afternoon nt 2 o'clock lit Memorial hull. MrH. Com Cooper nnd Mrs. C. N. Potter head the committee In charge. Harris; national defense/ Mrs. Elmer F, Karpe. chairman. Mrs, O, W. Palmer, vice-chairman; reciprocity, Mrs. O. L. Brown; manuals, Americanism. Mrs. Henry Hampaon; np- proved schools-student loan, Mrs. Robert H. Young; conservation, Mrs. .). Hurl Tenor; press relations, radio. Mrs. H. L», Albaugh; correct uae of flag, Mrs. 13. J. Llghtner; rtmgatfne, cal regent, named a* the committee j Mrs. H.JI. Smith; Angel Island. Mia« ames J. Hnrl i r •* by a visit from Mra. Joseph Taylor Young, Piedmont. »tat6 regent, the 1&36-37 program of Bakersfield Chapter, Daughters of tho American Revolution la a brilliant one, the year book discloses. Mrs. Young will be entertained here November 21, Mm. S. 13. Dillon, lo- -. L . > •'- '•' ' •- •'- . •' r J •' . L 4 I v-tJ n -. and A. on arrangements, Tenor, Homer Hoge. Henfro. Metftbers of tho program commit tee met Saturday at the DlMon real "Ken fro; preservation of historic spots, Mrs. J. H. Wlthrow; program, ( Mra. Forrest Frirk. j The first meeting of Bakersfleld ^ chapter will bo held at the home of donco, 2130 Twenty-third street, to t Mr8t Forrest Frlck October 6. perfect plane for publication of the book. The entire program Is InterestInjar and varied; it includes patriotic subjects, travelogues, book reviews and other attractions. Committee chairmen for the son- son IncUuln: motion pictures, Mlas Adft O. Hopkins; membership and transportation. Mrs. Curtis Gilbert; gonenloglenl records. Mrs. Daniel ,-*-.' drill TO MEET TUESDAY S. T. Francisco, captain of team of Hnkersfleld Rebekoh No. 47, Is requesting 1 all members of the degree staff to be present Tucwday night promptly at 7 :30 o'clock for pmctice. All interested members will be welcome to attend, announced. L B ( ' ' MOJAVK, Sept, 7.—Mw>. Chauncey Davis entertained recently at the family homo on M street on the eighth birthday anniversary of her daughter Patsy. GamcH were played by the children, after which a beautifully decorated birthday cake was sliced and served. The hostess WHS assisted in tho serving by another daughter, Miss Evelyn Davis. Many beautiful gifts wcre received by the honorce. Children participating in tho afternoon of fun wore Dorothy and Marion Goad. Janet Sellers, Carol Mac Stivers, Patty Strndal, Patsy Cunningham, Pearl Jones, Draco New- pom, Mary Ann Merts and the hon- orce. Patsy Davis. MARHIAGK MOICNSK A marriage license was issued in Heno September 5 to Arnold Killcanl, 28, and Frances Davis, 21, both o£ BakftrBfleld. Endeavorers Meet for Unusual Party MOIAVK, Sept. 7.—Mysterious messages were received recently by tho* membera of the Mojuvo Christian Endeavor bidding them to meet at the extreme south end of K street on Thursday evening. On arrival at the designated place directions which had been posted on a signboard took them lo various parU of tho city. At tho close of tho evening all gathered In ihu social hall of tho Community Congregational Church, where games were played and refreshments served. Miss Kathleen White, Boclul chairman of the Kmleavor, won In chargo of tho arrangements. Members enjoying the party wore. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Crosley; tho MisBes Mario lackey, Hazel Sylva, Creono Bartholomew, .loaephlno Al- Inn, Uuth Kincakl, 13dnn. Bridges. ISBta Sherrill, Alleen Hlmlngton, Kuth Kmorlok, Molllo and 12vinice Adams, Tlnth IQnatorwood and Peggy Htrndul, and MesarH. Hobcrt Harbl- eon. Bllllo Hutoy, llonri Chenaiil. Austin Merrill, Jack Fleming, .lack KtnerlcU, Oeno nnd -lack Htlvorn. Arnold Adduddell, Hnb niminffton, KontvUi SherrlH and Hob Couple United in Southland Rites 4 MO.1AVE. Sept. 7.—Mr. and Mrs.] Tom Gallagher have returned home! from the southland where thoy spent the past,week visiting- nt tho homo of friends. While I hero thoy attended the wadding ceremony unUIng Miss Dorothy Carroll rind Boh Nelson hold nl the Methodist Kplncopal Church In Alhnrnbni. ImmedliHely following the wcddhiR a it»coptlon was hold In tho church parlors. After the reception many friends gathered at the home of »the brldw and brldogroom at 021 Park street In Alhambra whore tho birthday on- nlver»iirien of Mrs. Will Nelson, mother of the groom nnd Mrs. Gallagher were celebrated, Many beautiful glfU were exehnngfMl. MrH. Hugh Carroll nnd MrH. Melville Cur roll, grandmother nntl mother of iho bride, woro tho -I. - ^ i .4 •' . , -I ' '. Vii ^; v ' M ^ ' t v,' •; ' -., -m- *- A ' 'n r . 4 i * i ",M v- . h * ' I ' . I r i It V Prize Winners at Party Announced NotKhhnrH of Woodcraft, Circle No. 30(1, r-ntertalned at a ciml party *Satunlny tiiRht at the home of Mrs. l'\ K. Kpragun, 11*05 ISIghth strert. Prlw»« woro won by Mrs. Mary II. Smith, Mrs. Lena Wilson. H. A, Mtrk*«. .J. K. (limn, Frank K. \VllHon, special J. 10. (Jans Hpecfnl. Mrn. Mae Moon and Mrs. Lily Jiiglumi were No More Rubber Dr. Campbell has discontinued the use of rubber entirely in the making of dental plates .... Dr. Campbell is now a direct importer of the new REALISTIC dental plate materials that are used In makin* no rubber "NATURAL EXPRESSION" plates, This makes it poHfllhle for him to charge you no more for the*e beautiful plates than he would for ordinary rubber platen. CLASS TO CONVHM5 | Marythn rlusn nf First Baptini i Churoh will meet Tuftwday evening '• nt 7:30 o'clock at tlui homo of Mrs. 1 Georgia SturU, filll Thirl y-first r Tho stmsion. tho first thlv frill, will prettified ovor by M r». Mills. L - 1937 SEPTEMBER CARE MAKES YOUR LAWN In > t •","."•'•**. ' Jusi arrived.., the new 1937 RCA Victor Radios... more gorgeous, more magical lhan ever before! Come in and see-hear the MAGIC VOICE, mathematically designed organ-pipe-like construction in sealed sound chamber which brings miraculously improved clarity and purity of tone. Thrill with us over the gorgeous beauty of rich cabinetry and perfect styling. Gasp with us over such prices. Hear those campaign speeches as though you were on the platform. Come in nowl LOW DOWN PAYMENT j EASY TERMS I IN •Jiiiplc. but nuiHt bfr tnkon Certain con- * •, * Mod*l 5-T A 5-tubo, 2-band Superheterodyne. Domeitlc; ahorl- wave; 8" Speaker; Phonograph Connec- lion. Stunning! $29.95 Model 6-K ' X luxurious Contolt with 6 new RCA Mtlal Tubes, at ultra-low cost. Bang*: U* S.. foreign (49m), police, aviation and amaleur " $49.95 i Thl« !H the nennon lo propnrn for next Hiinnner'a volvoty luwn. S«<?dlnK, fortilU- IMK, «(>0 putohtiiK nnd npurailottN m\in\ bo n Heptambar If (ne now rrop lo have a fino Blart before froHt. Lawn maUinjc (ho proper «topn In due H«amm, trolling factor**, flui.'h UK n)m«l<s acidity, heftil variAltOM, Mini pe«t» ruqulro «itp<»rt guidance. Our Washington Information Bureau will HP ud a tlmoly gov- ertnnetit builctln f "IMHiitlnp; nnd Can* "f hawiiK," lo any render. lSm.*U>He 4 ettntu to cover pout- Ago and Jiandllng. 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ETC. . . . when making these BEAUTIFUL PLATES. "Made in Our Own Laboratories" CONTAIN NO RUBBER Phone. for Special Qfttr Model 9-K-2 New Magic Vole*; five-band Super- heterodyne. A world' traveler — police, •vUtlon and amateur calls; U. S. Avia* iSOn Weather Report*; foreign and U* S* broadcaati. Magic Brain, Magic Eye, Metal Tubei; 9 wall*. Phonograph Connection. A glorious buy lor.... -...,-..,.- MHOIC MftCHC METAL TUBES Plus MAGIC VOICE i • FLOOR REFINE COARSE OPEN PORES Help restore your akin to its natural beauty, without costly fadialt-pdo it the Cutlcura vrayt Cuticura Boap d«ep-clcan«ea aluggish pore& where blackheads and pimplei start—aids ritln In resuming natural, fine texture. Luticura Ointinent itjievji burning. Itch* ingIiTiUtion».WrHelorfREE SampU to 'Tuticura'' Uept.M, Maiden, Ma»«. AT NO EXTRA CHARGE We Do Not Charge Extra for Plates Made "Roofless Style" Plate Repairs There need new plate when tight '. r- . r ,. . , d ' v i _ . r, , - _..^ , ;| , - . 1 . - 'f . 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CUOSED SUNDAYS t' -• PHONE 846 TOWN PATIEN CAN MAV I I ESSA •r J^ n V' 1 -^* • j>^,/C« . i ^ J•'^c» ^^••^^••••''^•••••••^^••••^•^^^^•^^•'••i^^'^^B^T' •** r L y4 - b •^I'J-- ~f Mf T l_b^BI ^ j n _ i^f ^f + f •— ^ • _ If L \*&\ *&&>! - ^If'ilSr.l&fiLtVr-^i-"* s •^iVin"-" - L ;.;'-^^-£\^'" •'" ^t *•.-./ -; , ,--/'">*• ' i - - i J V •-, j S-' • •' '\ , ' ] \S";y;4»^;; f v^i&?a -• ''^' v-V- : ' :: --^^§^ - ' - •• - -P.--fm'>£ • •• - ' - ^ ''-,:-"- -' -^'-'-^ ^"»''^,'---^^~^^-'-^^, f '-^-'^^M

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