The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 7, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, September 7, 1936
Page 6
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:,6 5 , * THK BAKMSP1EU) CALltfOllNlAN, MONDAY, SKFmiOEft 7, 10 GIVE FLAG TALK Former Asscniblywonmn lo Speak Hi Ceremony to Be Held nl Mrs. fit-are Uorrls. former IIHHCNV bly woman, will spr-n.k on the- «t«- nlfli-ance of Admbmlnn Hay when Ttahr-rsrirld pnrlnrs of NfUlve Dnugh- tpfH of the Golden Went nnrl Native Sons of Ihc Golden Went present a wool liunllnrr bear flag to Korn county Wednesday nlghl. The core- mony In «el for 8 o'clock at I he went. *nd of thf courtho.iHi! and IK open to I lit' public. l-nrgf Milliner Thfj fliiK « banner 0 by X feel In Hl/e, will wave from n flnKBlnff lit ihf-. wr-Hl f-nfl of thf building. Callfor- nln WOK admitted to thf Union Hup- i prriber ». I "5" Oforfje Taylor, olilesl pusl president of the Native Hons parlor, will wnkn ihf iirpHontnllon anil OlmrleH W'lrnmer. member of the, parlor and inc'inbf-r of the Kern County Hoard of Hopcrvlsorii. will officially rccolvn )i. tin Program , Boarti Will Hold Meeting Tuesday i Small Waistline | to Be Cherished j by Smart Women ,$,_ "" i f ,\*tnrtntrit 1'rrn Lranril Wlr«) |V[BW YORK, Sept. 7^-It'B the -^ woman with the small wnlsl- line who will benefit by the new styles from Paris. That IN the opinion Mrs. Cnrmcl Snow, mnjfn/.lne editor (Harper's Bazaar) brought back from the fsHblon shows of the French capital. As for the Htoul women; "They will have to (lift, eser- ciNf or be corsetted. Tint there is nothinK uncomfortable nbiiut the new corsets." _ Games Played at Wasco Class Fete VVAHi.'O, Hepl. 1.— (lumen were ri feature fif ll»n pnrly given by thf lltble .Students CTIiirm of the Methodist Church In the ba«i>rnonl recently. MotchlriK novi'ltlcn were UHed lo n»certain pnrlnet-N for the prntneH. A brief bunlnf'HH newdnn wfiH conducted by the prnsldunl of the C|IISH, II. H. Whitney. V. I). C. to ITold Meeting Next Week; Eulogy to Be Given on Confederate Leader A« I hi 1 birthday anniversary of Unphael Bemrnns, roar admiral for the Otmfi'dernto navy, occurs In Hnp- temlmr, thn flrKl fall meeting of Mildred I,e«i chapter, United Daughters of <!onfederac,y, will be devoted partly to ri eulogy In his memory. The meetlriK will not be hold this week, art originally planned, bill Is I net for Tuesday. Heplernber IB, at u I plucn lo In.! selected lator, Mrs. O. M, Arinntrong, president, announced today. Mrs. A. T. Douglass, historian lor Mlldrod i>e chapter, will hnvo charge of the Admiral Homines phase of the program.*? The object of tho United Daugh- |i?r» of ('orifoderiicj' l« memorial, historical, benevolent, ediicutlorml and Mllflrtd t,ee chapter IH No. 1680. It Is organized wllh 12 offlcorrf and u lri.rg«- number of inembei-M, honor- it ry mcnibom nnfl aHHoe.lnte members. Meetings are held once monthly at i the hornns of members. M .?• »i .Siidle (,'londen«:n, rninrom n j of the committee, will prf'Hlde. M|HH Italpbii Hrmdwrs and llnlph Minder- liter, iirfHldent of the two urills, will he introduced. On the committee iilxo nre Mr». Onn Mnffott, Ml«n (fjorencf Hndlh, M!HH Klorcnc.. Moore, MI«H lOdnn llnnson. l/fiimtnlot, C'arl liiilcli Hnnnlntcr. (leorgn Taylfir mid IjCnnnrd. Hun 1'Yanclnco also will lie i enter or giilii fciHllvltlei). Tin- lire Horic parlor will be rcpii'Mcnled ther* by Iliil llnnnlsler and Mart fjoimnrd Th«' hostftdriPH of the evening wern MefidurrieH Hen f.'rnndnll, .Iriinns ! I.lttle, It. T. Offut. M. II. fha i-liiilrman j J"f Hlmpnori and Ml«« MvrMe rioolh. Thotie who HI tended were Dr. and Mrn. H C. Hr-h»effer. Dr. and Mrs. Hmi flrimdnll, MI-HMI'M. and MeitdamnM A. T. Minim. R. II. Whitney, T. R. Hmtlh, I,. A. (Irani, C. A. Tlowlrl<, \V, O. MK'ombs, 10. II. UlrncN, .loe AltrlnKiir, John Quiring, .lumen Little, Hnriih, MPH. ICdwin Hoolb, Mrn. A. (!. Miu-klln, Mrs. Arch Hecl(fM, Mm. H. T. Offut. MlHH Myrtle- Houlli and I ho Reverend V. Hppncer. Mm. . Hal Mart • tho Na- Miss wnrd Wetlcllng TJollle Mlrtle Gulp and Ed Uogers wero wedded Satur sdtr OUVK IIOIIEHTB HAIlTONts I'Mllor'ii Note-How home llffi N ICNJOYK1) Hnpl. (I.--MI-H. IUI.I.KD IN (IHA liA I.AJAHA, .talliu-o, Me.tlfo, fjcpl 7. (A. l'>Tliren rebidii were Killed In an i-ncountfr with fednral troupe near ''apiillai' 11111, I hi' mill- larv command'-r bere iinnoiincod. MndHiiy, and Mrn. A. II. Hi.'hlldrotli, Tb" rebel band wan reported tn hnvn \ MI-H. Wllnin. Vln<!«'i)l and HOHH Murle Utdnnped Hie chief of rui agrrirlnn cf/niiminlly In th" I .OH Alton '/.onii. |i!r- win llliilr ehlf-rlalned nt luncheon on TiicHiliiy at tior home on thn Hle.opy Hollow rrmrh HoiillnMiHl i>f Imro. Ciivep-H nr« laid for MI-H. Dean Orr, MlHH lldoan flrr, Mrfi. l ; 'ern ilrr, tho MI»HII« Mnxlno ainl lOva MUD f)rr and Mm, J. K. MnMurdo all of VIrirc-iit. nil cif AltiuI'MHi, hontf'HH. Mnt. Illulr. and I lie C&JOM, IIIIU M nOUf UNICMMiU TMf UTTIM Of lAMt UM1-TMI MttWCM UJINflPKIlt H * TIN WOHD »MnMCt. OMIY 0*1 «fl»n TO lAtH tIMI SCRAMBLED WORDS CORRECT WORDS p«esINT6i> ev NEW CITY CLEANERS; [tt£zZ? »«• - I 'finN.llI UN Will) oil! fihllKalliill nlioiil ih v clean- I"K < f i-verv ill'' M-rl|if Ion. niNQ B Nl II YOU n FU SAT CO R FO TEX PER LINQA NEO DAN niNO AIR EP $3.00 OlAnnlnt Oredll Ssoond— $2.00 Olenrtlnt Oredll Third— $1,00 d'anli'i; Orndll tilttD HtRtm Will B! AWAAOIB fOR WHAT Wt JUOCI TO Bl THI /HWr AffT/MrMHt HtUtit AND TH( MOtTMTRMIIVI iOlUTIONJ MAIUO OK itouurr TO ui WITHIN rrvi DAYS FOUOWIMC PUBLICATION or THIS AftvtATisiMiHr, ourucATi AWARW Will 1C FAIR TO TYING CONTftTANT}. ANYBODY. rum OUR iMPiorfit. MAY COMWI. IT is NOT NICISUMY TO MAKI ANY PURCHASM, US! THt rODM AIOVI.OK A itPARATI tHIIT. WMITI YOUH NAM I AND ADDREli PLAINLY. U/IMIKS Of OI/K LAST mill (WOT IMIHt I'lllIC Mil. (limn Muun, KJH Ornno* NCCDNII I'mZt. I hurt Kolltllborn, 1101 MtillUm THlnl) IMHir: Mill llerrli WlUon, till tlAY MAHLEM CHA,«. A. DE CEW NEW CITY CLEANERS - . . '. • AA E /W IX C R. ' . : • Nutionul Association of Dyefs arid Cluonuri • • ' or -uHiTfn, WTATKS AND CANADA IOZI EIGHTH ST. PHONE 351 HAKtRSFIILD, CALIF. CROSLEY MODEL RADIOS on Display at HOWARD MONDAY'S APPLIANCE DEI'T. VALLEY MUSIC STORE 1(523 Nineteenth Street Dr. Van Mi'tcr Gives Special Attention to Artificial Teeth All plittpH intiilo In our awa laljurulory affeetii Hammy'H and Husln's school work IH dlNOiiHsed In thlH second nt a Hp-H'lal HtirleH of three articles on Doing to Hchool, prepared especially for The (' and N10A Hcrvlce by Olive Itobert.n Ilarldn, nationally frunous child export. lly OUVK HOHKUTH HAUTON H OMIC life and homo attitude play a blK part In the Buncos of tho child nt Hchnol. While It IH bent lo let children worU out their own mi.lvatlon with HH little Interfereni'o ail poNSlblii, lll« family bnnkgroinifl mimt be plaold If Ihfi child IH to flti blH IxiHt work. ThlH IH IIH trim IIH It In of thn business man or woman. Worries carried to tin' office or tin! store detract from ' nlle.nllon and Inlnrnst. Iflfflrloncy Is I he flint thing to feel |h<» effeals of TiMKKliiK unhiipplni-HH. The pracllcal iniillerM of living cininl miiHt ol all with the child, lie. needM (deep mill lotx of It. He nnods proper and nlcely-cooUeil food. II" him to be clean If he I" lo keep hlH ,,elf r-Hpeet. Ill" body mimt tm I «lru B H, fowlH and biilhi'd often, hln clolheH mended and lamnli'i I'd. bin hair cut and well- briihhi'd mill bin teelb Hcruhh.-d. Thn decenily Mi'oomi'd boy or Klrl, HO moid [ciich'-rH can tell IIH, have a way of tailing more In IPH- IIOI.M, In other puplln iiboul tlio.ii and In careful deportment. Should Itlfio IClirl) (me of I lui ({reiileiil hooHlera of tho chlld'H iiuci-eHH In gelling up early. Noi Jim! on (line, but early. Tho whole family Hhoiild gel to bed at nil hour that will permit of long houni nf Hlei'p. Tempern will be Hinoother, brealifiiHtH will be dlgeHled and t won't he that breathleHH racing to Ki'l plucen thai IIIIH a reaction of ex! l.a.iHllon and depreiiHloii. II In very i luiiil HometlmcH for the buny mother 1 to live up to Ilili leitor of the law. Many IhlngH In family life lutnrfern with her ri-KUlnr rent. Hut In thin cajie. at lerinl the children can turn In on time. Ami the parenln nuint do the bent they can If there In homework lo bn dona, the child will do butler If ho ban I he moral hacking of hlH parenlH. If ! they wee thai he IUXH a uulet cornor ( (or, but (or Hllll, !I|H own room), and | I urn Die radio off, problemn won't take HO long. And urn more likely lo be right. Hee that (hero IH a regular limn (.Molted foi' home nludlcH. Don't allow Hilly to talk about movlon until (hey are 1*111 of the way. Put nway hi" book of adventure Hlorlim anil nay "Del thai work done first." If IhliH nounilH loo heroic, hiMirlli'HH and unHympallu'ilc, It In bi-Ht lo rn- member thai ho will feel much hotter wllh bin Job off bin mind. Ho will enjoy hlH hi mil or bin movie far more wllh u clear ronsclnnco. However, If (he family rlNen very early, mornlnx IH a Krand time (o dlnpatoh II-HNOIIH The oul> trouble hern In that noinelblng may happim to In- (erfero I'arentH' Interest Aids There nhould be a real IntiM-ent In homework. I'areutH could Hiirely (nlie time off now and then lo Hhow the children that (hoy are In clone touch with hlH progrenH and ihen he will not feel Ho completely re moved from them when he I" drill- IhK away over o,uolli>iiln, dlvlnurn and mulllpllcnndH. Hee (hat the child la not overworked now wllh home dutleN. H« necdn to (day and romp oiitdoorn. l.lfe Nhould be nmootli HH far HH film lly relatloi.Hhllw are cuncerned. The one who Uvi'M amoiiK ijunrrelH ov nloom will Nhow II In bin Hchool llfn alwu.vH. HIM background miiHl be favorable If lie In lo he bin own man. irii.tvrliiii. m:in. Nl'* Mrt<li'» In,' > day evening at 6 o'clock at tho residence of tho Kevorend B. C. Barrett, pastor of First Baptist church, 308 Oleander avenue, The young people wore attended by Miss Nonle Lllburn and Rao R. Kills of this rlty. Others present for the ceremony worn: Mr. arid Mrs. B, CT. Rankln, Mr. ftrul Mrs. W. B. Devore, Mrs, Uelores Heck, Mrs. .Virgil Mahaffey; Misses Esther Trlede, Flossie Rogers, Mary C'ulp, and J. A. Culp. • * * At Mono,Lal(o Mr. and Mrs, I'oter GUI! are managing a resort at Mono lake which will remain open until late fall, Mrs. 0. C, Haworth and family spent a part of their summer there, going also to YoMcmlto, via Tloga. Pass. John Hawortljy Ollll Is ro-enterlng California Polytechnic Institute, Han Luis Oblspo, for a post graduate course. Pntnr Gllll will atcnd 1un- lor college here. • * • At the Kctrliems A family reunion and .2 o'clock dinner party are being enjoyed today at. thn .1. K. Kotchem residence, 2B08 Park Way. 'Che function wa« Inspired by tho visit of Mr, and Mrs, Vanco ICfitohoin of Han Francisco and Clyde Ketchoni of Han to Paula. Tho visitors from tho north will remain a week. • • « Front OUInlioma City A guest at tho C. C. Haworth homo, 2104 inighlRcnth street, Is Myron Woworka of Oklahoma City, a nephew of Mrs, Haworth. Ml»8 Seated Home Miss Merle Scales, vocational teacher at Lincoln School haa returned from her summer's vacation spent In school In Berkeley and vacationing In that city and San San Diego. • * » At Frazler I'nrU Mrs. Jennie C. Engell, her daughter, Mrs, Klso Richards, and little Miss Ruth Alice Richards are spending the holiday week end at Mrs. Kngell'g lodge at Frazlcr Mountain Park. • » « Miss Glanffow Homo Miss Mary Helen Glasgow, «m- ploye at Korn County Free Library, has returned from a vacation of sev- oral weeks at her former home near Vancouver, British Columbia. « • • From Richmond Get-vase Browne of Richmond arrived Saturday night for a visit with his mother, Mrs. Blanche Browne and his brother, G. A. Browne, • * « Vacation In Canada Captain and Mrs. Earl Price have returned from a summer's vacation In Canada, Mrs. Price's former home. • * « Miss Plniim Returning Miss Helen Plaunp Is- expected homo this week from New York City where she has been spending the summer. • • » In Mountains Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Chrlstonson are spending tho week end at their summer homo at Frazlcr Mountain Park. Melodrama Brings Out New Talent; Memberships Being Stressed Rehearsals are now under way for "Gold In the Hills or the Dead Sister's Secret," to bo presented here during Frontlei Days' week by tho Bakersflold Community Theater players. Miss Marjorle Fairbanks, director, said that she Is well pleased with the talent possessed by tho cast. Home of the players are new to the local community theater but have engaged In little theater activities In other cities. Some of the favorite local players will also be seen In the comedy melodrama that was particularly chosen to fit In with the mood of Frontier days. Memberships are also being stressed by tho Cornrnunity Theater board In order to assign Beats for the first play. Five plays will be given this year and two season tickets go with every |B membership. Membership can bo mailed to Glen Stockbrldge, 1812 Verde street. QILDALE, Sept. ,7^-To make plans for the coming year, Mrs. L. H. JeWett, president of Standard School P. T. A., is requesting all board member's and committee chairmen of her association to meet with he* at the school tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. Instructions on duties will be given and supplies distributed. Protest Launched in DrugJ'ublicity (Anneintr,ti /'re»» LuaurA Wire) CHICAGO. Bept. 7.—Two officials of tho American Medical Association announend today they woro protesting to Ihe American Chemical Hoeluty ugalnnt what they termed "unwarranted, premature and harmful publicity," In connea- lion with tho announcement of a new drug for tho treatment of arid rl tin. Tho officials wero Dr. Morris IflHhboln. editor of thu journal of the a.HHuclnl!on, and Dr. 1'aul N. Leech, director of tho division on A »"l«K'-'«"' I"- 1'™* "aid ho would HOIK! to Iho Hocloty, ,,ponl.i K lt" rilni-ly-HDcund mciUliiK today In I'lttHlinrBli, 1'ti., proti-Htod Elsie Janis Sells All Her Mementos Prr.Xf Leaiod \V<rt) TARRYTOWN, N. Y., Sept. 7.— Klsle .Tanls, tho "sweetheart of tho American expeditionary forces," today put on tho auction block her mumentoos and "all worldly possou- slona" gathered during a quarter- century as a stage and screen artist so she can devoto the rest of her llfo to "making others happy." Onp of tho firm Items to go under ] tho hammer was a solid silver slipper which waw given hor by the cast ! of ono of hor old shows, "The Lady I of the HlIppBr." It sold for $31. I Tho famous actress, attired in I brown corduroy slacks, brown j sweater, and yellow slllj blouso, told | about 800 pooplo who galhnrod for 1 the nule that xhu will uso part of I the proceeds to pay off debts and UNO the balance for charity. *Hor books commanded prices .ranging from onn to six dollars eaoh'/ > Miss .lanIn said sbo hoped 'to havn disposed of her property by Soptem- IB, whim Hho loaves, "traveling light." for Uonvor, Colo., to put on a show for veterans of foreign wars. Supper and Party Enjoyed by Group TlIO BRAVO, Sept. 7.—Mlsa Verona Stone was hostess to the members of the M. A. S.' Cluta recently at a potluck supper and white elephant party at her home near Shatter. Following tho supper, Miss Stone was completely surprised with a linen shower by the club members. She IH the brldo'elect of Walter Bergen, also of .Shatter. "Mystery Friends" were revealed and gifts wero presented to the Misses Kudora Baldwin, Maxlne Moore and Frances Wilson, who will soon leave for college. Enjoying the evening wero Evelyn Unruh, brand, Ruth Wiebe, Alvlna Hllde- Francos Mldgely, Kudora Baldwin, Maxlne Moore, Ksthcr Unruh, Grace Weyand, Francos Wilson, Verona Stone; Mrs. TClma Wilson and Mrs. Mary Neufeld. Youngster Killed in Play Accident tlio UNO of tho sooloty H agency aiding lh<> premature and unethical Proa Leased Wire) HAYWARD Calif., Sept. 7.— His mouth and thron.t choked with sand presumably playfully -tossed at him by other youngsters, 2-year-old Kent Whetstone was found dead in his back yard. Ills twin brother and two 4-year- olds were his companions at play when ho fell, striking his head on a sandbox. As he lay unconscious and motionless, tho Other youngsters, unaware of tho tragedy, joyfully sprinkled him with mind. Dr. H. C. Crockett bad to wash out Kent's throat and nostrils bo- fore ho was able to attempt artificial respiration. The boy was tho son of Dr. Monroe AVhetstono, Hayward dentist. . •»« » i — ' Mrs. Gable Denies Broke Settlement LOS Prtit Leaned ll'irej ANGELES, Sept. 7.— Mrs. Rla F. Gablo, estranged wife of mpvle actor Clark Gable, had a court answer on file today denying sho intended to break the property settlement .they negotiated when they separated In November, 1936. Severn! months ago, Gablo asked the Superior Court to declare the agreement valid, and enjoin Mrs. Gable from breaking It. Mrs. Gable's answer declares tho only disagreement lies in determination of the amount tho actor should pay her, and how It should bo computed*. These questions, tho document said, should be settled by a court decision, California Tells Employment Gain (Aitoflated Preit Leaied Wire) LOS ANGELISS, Sept. 7.— Reports from 1377' California factories showed employment gained 8.7 per cent during August,' announced T. A. R. Reardon, state director of industrial relations. Man hours worked Increased 9.2 per cent, pay rolls 16.0 and average weekly earnings 8.7. v Right Hat, Gloves, Shoes Do Much for Simple Wardrobes By MARIAN YOUNG NEW YORK, Sept. 7.—Accessories styles are attaining new highs this fall. Crowns of hats are taller. Shoes reach higher. Gloves extend farther above the wrists. Scarfs are knotted high at the throat, Belts are worn high about the waistline. All of these high touches are just as Important, as the dresses, suits or coats with which they are worn. 8 o much so that It is better to have really good accessories with a very inexpensive dress than uninteresting shoes, hat, bag, gloves and stockings with a dress that represents most of your allowance. Two Sets Given one simple black or other dark-colored street dress as a nucleus, any girl can look smart as a mannequin every hour of the day from now until It is time to buy a heavy suit. That is, of course, if she gets at least two sets of accessories—one to wear to the office and on the street—the other to give the frock a dressier air that makes It appropriate for tea, luncheon and bridge parties. Accessories Transform Dress Flat-heelo,d black suede oxfords (probably with the new square toes), suedo gloves, hand-stitched or sewn up tho sides with strips of leather, a brimmed hat with high crown and an alligator bag are lovely for informal occasions with a trimly tailored dress of sheer black woolen. For variety, have rust or green suede belt and gloves as well. To make the same dress do for after-office activities, wear suedo or kidskln gloves, suede bag and a dressy hat with a high feather. Shoes which are finished with buttons instead of ties make news this winter. Ghlllles that lace right up to the ankle are finding their way Into the smartest wardrobes. Unless you can have several pairs of fall street Shoos, better see that your high-cut suedo opera pumps have souffless leather heels. Talent Lends Bright Touch If you like patent leather belts, clre satin scarfs and other shiny touches, combinations of suede and patent will strike your fancy. If you are more comfortable In moderate heels, by all means get them, especially for the street. There has been a good deal of taHc about heels getting higher and higher, too, but, in every Important collection there are many lower types. Handbags Large This Is a fall when tho woman who makes a regular filing case of her handbag ought to be shouting with Joy, You can get huge purses, cut on just as smart lines as petite bags. Crocodile (this will wear more than ono season), pin seal, suede, lizard and sleek calf are tho highlighted leathers. Novelty models include those with small watches set in at the sides, extra compartments for cigarettes and matches, attached key rings rind space for cosme'tlcs. One new bag is umbrella-shaped with extra rolls of suede appllquod on to resemble the folds that show when a parasol Is closed. High School Girls Will Help Freshmen and Ne^jV Pupils to Become Oriented ' To help freshmen grfrta and new girl students the Hostess Club Of the local high school will function this year, It was announced today. Miss Jane Borden. general chairman, has planned a meeting of tha oltib for Frlda,y evening at 8 o'clock In UTO girls' gymnasium office. Mls's Mary* Lee Gardiner -Is regr- latrKtiph chairman of the Hostess Club. She has requested any of the freshmen girls who are; enterlng-'ths local high school in September, . wha have not been "contacted by their hostess* to telephone 4199 or visit the hostess committe headquarters on feglstratlon day^ September '11. The hostesses who Will welcome < the incoming girls and see that th/sjr become acquainted with classmate* and find their way about the campus are the following: Misses Lorraine Allen, Ila Baker, Normn. ^ Baker, Nancy Bettl, Denlse Bresson, Catherine Brown, Ceclle Bryant, Beverly Burrlss, Virginia Burnlss, Barbara BUntlng, Muriel Jean Cook, ' Anita Cramer, Catherine Curran, Patny Dennen, Alma. Dlgler, Evelyn Dulgar, Bessie Dykes, Jeanne Elord, Gladys Bills, Josephine Fanucchl. Mary Alice Ooldlng, Janet Graves, Ann T. Green, Lola Cribble, Ruth Harvey, Helen Hath, Elaine Humphrey, Alice Inoye; Vivian Keeso, Dorothy Larma, IBernlce Marfcle, Hazel Marchant, Roberta Morteneon, lona Myers, Patricia McAllister, Ann McCutohen. Misses Leigh McFarland, Ruth Ulsoden, Alice Saccher, Andres Shaw, Wllma Smith, Elaine Showalter, Jeanne Tleclc, Loretta Tener, Ora Tull, Ella Tay, Betty Rrlbo, Barbara Warren, Beth Wharton, Ruth Whitson, Juanlta Winter, Elalno White and Ella Degulla. Misses Tholma Dlodatl, Barbara Arnold King and Dorothy Wicker will hold the freshmen girls during the registration. » — - *~* Mrs. Markham irt Quiet Day, Rests (Aitoc.lateit Prctt Leaned Wire) NEW YORK, Bept. 7.— Mrs. Beryl Markham, the first woman to span the Atlantic alone by plane from east to west, spent a quiet day resting and motoring with friends today. The blonde English avlatrlx whom 5000 New Yorkers welcomed yesterday at Floyd Bennett FlBld was Invited to a dinner party tonight given by friends from her former home In Kenya Colony, East Africa. The afternoon she spent motoring upstate with her friends. Lord and Lady Carberry. She said she planned an Indefinite stay in the ' United States and that she planned to go to California shortly for a vlalt. Sonja Heine Goes to Court in Suit Pratit Lcatcd Wire) LOS ANGELES, Sept. 7.—Sonja Heine, Norwegian skating star, cut a figure, in Los Angeles courts today, with a, $825 suit against ilfs. Anna Askam, wife of tho stage singer. Perry Aflkam, Miss Heine charged Mrs, Askam unlawfully took possession of a house she had leased before expiration of the con tract 'and after she had paid -$d25 rent. hisonlvy Sunburn Chafing, Itching" Torment soothed- Healing Resinol Schilling IHIIUiV/VNILLA retains its delicate f' fivor FUOXKN in a// """' ......... " ..... ""' ......... »miiiiiniiiiiity .mi,* IJERE is a house apron (No. «798), that can be cut. lined and fltv » i isUcd in about an hour. Furthermore, you will find it extremely simple lo wash and iron Use percale, gingham or calico. Pal- terns are sized ,1« to 53. Size 38 requires 37-8 yards of 35-inch material. plus 2 3-4 yards of I 1-2 inch bia* binding. To secure a PATTERN and STEP-BY-STEP SEWING INTHE U fiAME N Sp"T!?g ' The FALL AND WINTER PATTERN BOOK, with a complete! selection of late dress designs, now is ready. It's 15 cents when) purchased separately. Or, if you want to order it with the pattern above, send in just an additional 10 cents with the coupon. ' BUY or RENT Lowost Terms Don C. Preston Nineteenth and H Classes in Popular and Classical Piano PAULINE WILLIS 529 H Street Phone 447J.W ,JUt. 1A HO YD, Kudosed Is t'tittorn Name... City No Thlt C 14!) Now 16 Cents Montgomery for Street, SAN PR ANOI8CO _ Sinh . Arirlrxmi ton pan From The Rtn Bnkernfleld te Chllforntau TWO GUESTS-ONE PRICE No txtrt chtrp* for two ptrsont oooupylntj the i»m« room- THE MAYFLOWER LOS ANGELES' NEWEST m«» cinlrilly locittd downtown h«l«l, • Directly aoross from the Olltmore Kdjolnlnir benullful Llbrnry Park RATH GUARANTIED AS rUBUIHEO 3W CVfST KOOM.1 Doubl* l«4i Cholc*. Twin 01 Doublt* $2.50 $3.00 $3.50 NONt HIKHSft r»n rfm'i *••• !• d«rt«lm' All Outtld* RoOmi-AII equipped with tub. nliovr«r or combination bath MONTEREY COCKTAIL ROOM OlfnKM • Intlmit* • $m«r» G«r«i<— Strict t» Joor 10c-"ln tttJ tut" MAYFLOWER HOTEL - SOUTH GRAND Xvt. ONE PRICE-TWO GUESTS Your best traveling -companion' JIFFY KODAK Jiffy Kodak is Eastman's low-priced folding camera. You'll enjoy taking it on summer trips—it's'conveni- ent to carry, easy to use and is ready for actionjn a. flash. Just a touch of a button and it springs to position, ready for you to click the pictures. Jiffy Kodak comes in two models—priced at |8 and $9. KIMBALL & STONE Tht Particular Druffgbt* Phone 53 Phone 54 PROMPT FREE DELIVERY cerafield, Calif. Addroas your envelope to Julia Boyd, The Bakomflold Calitorntau l1ur0H«. HO N«w MmUfinnory StrQHt, San Francisco. Cash for Old Gold Do Not Sell to Stranger* Wlckersham Co, Nlmtnnth iRil »ly«" strut* Is thJa tries to-proven!, $• ypur time ot &*$( can give ^ *V J. C. nd Indeed oautlful funeral services and , ttondants. Tho igler Chapel la those hours of darkness. In service or any help tllat ve FKAXK DIQIER

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