Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on February 25, 1967 · Page 5
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 5

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 25, 1967
Page 5
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UTURPAY. KUUAKY 25. 1967 THE ANDERSON HERALD PAGE 11 inin Contract •y «»WM« MM aitfcartf r, toy BRIDGE QUIZ Certain card combinptio look deceptively simple, but a often mishandled, even by ex perls. The trouble is th switching a spot card can ma • viUl difference to the w the combination ought to tackled. You have probably met (be following combinatio many times, but if you sco four < t of six, you can cou yourself above average. Yc nave plentiful entries in bo hands. How do you tackle them ANSWERS TO BRIDGE QUIZ a. The finesse is the corre play. But to score full mar! you must lead the queen fro dummy, since only thus can you cope with K-10-x in East * North (543 South AJ9872 b. Start by cashing the quee for only if East holds J-10-x- can you overcome a 4-0 break k. Nor* Q96S South A K 8 S 4 , c. Finesse the jack on th first round. Many players cas the ace first, in case East ha the lone queen. But it is muc more likely that West has ( x-x-x, in which case a repea finesse will be necessary. » North AKJ104S South SI D. Cash flie ace. For 9om reason, one is tempted to play email towards the jack on the first round. This is an illusion Cashing the ace scores a trick if West holds the lone king. i. North AQ8764 South JS DRINK fanta Fantastically Flavorful Fanta IN KING SIZE FANTA e. Lead low from the South hand - not the jack, which costs a trick if West has the singleton or doublet™ king. If the ten wins the first trick. South mint reenter his hand and repeat the process. «. North South JS4 f. Finesse the ten. This saves a trick if West has a double ton honor. f. North KlO South A9764 g. Lead small from the North hand. The trap here is that some players tend to lead small torn the South hand, intending » play the queen if West plays ow. This guards against K-J-9 in either hand, but gives away an unnecessary trick if East holds the lone king. g. North Q54Z South A 10 8 7 6 3 BEETLE BAILEY By MORT WALKER WHAT OOUID U WORSE THAM »EiM6 BO9KE AMP N TUB ARMY? HOW CAN I? Q. How can I effect a glass- smooth finish when patching laster walls? A. Allow the patch to set on- 1 the plaster begins to stiffen, hen dip a putty knife or trowel into water, and drag the wet tool over the surface of the lartially. hardened plaster. This will leave it with a smooth, lazed surface which will need ttle or no sanding. Q. How can I brighten up same of my rugs? A. Wring the cloth out of water, to which a cupful of inegar and a half-teaspoon of immonia have been added, and o over your rug with this. sually brings out the color eautifully. Q. How can I make "skid roof" a pair of bookends tha •e continually slipping an liding out of place? A. Glue a wide rubber bant or a piece of auto inner tub a the bottom of each book d, and this will usually im obilize them. Anyone desiring a copy of the "How Can I? booklet honld tend 50 cents to: W. Gordon Features, In care f this newspaper, 37 West 7th * Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202. BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By FRED LASSWELL I'M AFEERED TH'PARSON'S SOT SOME SORT OF A STUMMICK AILMENT, HE ET SUPPER WIPUS LflST NISHT AN' WOULDN'T TETCH TH' DESSERT YT Iky GrOW OM The inner thighlines and the upper arms are two areas which first give a woman's age away. As a matter of fact, ra'her young women often develop these two figure defects.; They are sure to happen to you unless you exercise to prevent it. If this condition has already slipped up on you, the situation ercise, but you keep »ay. ing that sto can. How about this? Ami Mtoe by My nit M»yn Klin* A. I keep saying that a woman can increase tier bust measurement. The only way I know OBSERVANT MOTHER to increase the size of the bustlDear Mrs. Eldred: With summer and swim suits and even more sleeveless dresses romping toward us, firming up in tnese measurements is of itself is by gaining weight. However, you can make the bust much more prominent by I increasing the size of the underlying chest muscles. Since 1 have become a moth, er for the first time, I am quite observant of babies. When parents teach their children about cleanliness isn't covering j their mouths when coughing If any of you are interested : one rule to begin with? in increasing your bust mea-I Ollr son gets rid of a cold, ?£f ? ,« ' -n S '«• ? siirement or want information : and «'<> go grocery shopping rowing exeicise win firm thei cono erning how y> preserve a^ and th e youngsters run around inner and outer thigh. | )ovely b ° st ^^ during cooghing all over. Croupy ' ' Tna . Place your left hand on theipregnancy and otherwise, you i coughing and sneezing. wall or the back of a chair for may want my booklet "Your Jesuit — another cold. Bust" If so, send 10 cents and! Mothers should teach their a stamped, self-addressed en-! children to cover their mouths velope to Josephine Lowman. when coughing. Otherwise leave them at njme to get over tneir Anyone wishing to com- ;umesses. How can We movers municate with Josephine "g'" against co,ds when they Lowman may reach her by are , tnr °wn in our paths so of- addressing letters in care Ien ' BLONDIE By CHICK YOUNG EVERVTIMS I ANSWER TUS PHONE, j IT'S FOR V-4: T VOL// ^X. Tj POOR PEAR MAVBS I SHOULD LOAN HIM ONE OP MV GIRL. balance. Bend the right knee up to right angles to the body, :he lower leg is at right angles :o the upper leg. Keep the <nee bent at this angle as you swing it as far out to the right as you can and then as far to he Irft as you can. Af'cr six swings in each direction, place your right hand on the wall and swing your left knee, six times in each direction. Q. I hear that a woman cannot develop her bust with ex- the PROBLEM A DAY A circle is inscribed and one ister and Tribune i ™, ,, * e P' ta , DCS Moines, la. , Shou . ld a , U .'" J . '« ke P' in '_ from the beginning to the end : oi a coki.' isn t iresh air g.oJ for a stuffy and runny nose? Mrs. C. I am inclined to doubt that a child would catch cold irora children running about a groc- THE READER'S Continued From Page 10 a particular attorney., me court! ery store, even if they had bad should make all reasonable ef-i co i(js A child wmilrf havo in forts to ensure that a defendant come financially able to retain nn at- -. is circumscribed about a 22-itornev of his own choosing can font square. What is the areaib" ,-c>o«ent<-d bv his own at- ' ?. f ..! h !:!:!,', 1 !J, ormed betwe ™ mweitorney. This is especially appro. KIP KIRBY By ALEX RAYMOND Bottled by JnJ. WISHING THANK 6OOPNESS/I/MEAN A SURE THE COMPOSITION IS VBR/SOOP, SIR. IP I HAP THE TIME I i/KXtlP BORROW YOUR INSTRUMENT ANP PLAY R5R YOU A seiEcrion OF IM OWM CDMFOSIUS J TOO AM A PIAVEROP THE iWANPOUN, WHICH IS MUCH AKWIREC7 IN MV COUNTRY. iu me OF THE WHOLE WORLP! HAS TO TO JUST WHAT MISTER BREGER LITTLE WOMAN S. Patent Office. » A I "4" T 2 W 8 O 7"^ O • t B t Y A it P £ B 7 T £ N & 0 t A V i o i c N 3 N 8 D 5 L S ft W 5 L- I, (j" E ' 4 W e s N 1 H i R I "» a n A 3 O J I A A 2 I L 8 O V K 4 IT 6 M 4 A 1 S TT 4 O $ K 6 O & H 2 M 6 L C X c 0 c 2 U V s a E 2 L V W 4" I 2 S I H 4 E t! L 3 E it I •• f'- 51 5 S s A X C b I '4 T 8 C "8 " A (t T 7 W 3 P -' E '5 L b E '8 " E •1 E 2 B 5 K T Y T U 8 D 2 R T K LIBRE is a pteasant little giune that will give you a message 1 1 every day. It is a numerical purzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count th« letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. Z-ZS" • Ejnf Features Syndicate, lac, 1917. World rlihts reserved. "Finally got the car parked—iow was the show?" "For heaven's sake, Emily, stop worrying. These things hardly ever fall." THERE OUGHT TO BE A IflW by Fagaly & Shorten FARIMA DOTH A-WMNGCJO, SHE PLAYS FAST AND LOOSE WITH HEP I COOKBOOK RECIPE - TVKO IS PLENTY. 1 AMD i WON'T BOTHER WITH THE VANILLA! ANP INSTEAD OF THEKI WHEU HER PRECIOUS CAKE BOMBS OUT- WHERE POES ALLTHE BLAME GO? r& THIS STUPID RECIPE! THE 1PIOT6 YWOPUTOUTTrtlS COOKBOOK SHOULP BE ASHAMED! ITS ALL THEIR FAULT.' ECU.' LAFF-A-DAY 6 Kin, FMH.IB Spidfe.». Int. 1967. W«M ri.h. ,,« m j. 2-25 "And where did you get the idea my motorcycla was for sale?" flolsnm WHITE IMRieHED BREAD Relax — Save — Every Day In Herald - Bulletin Classified Ads two circles? „ contact them, in order for him to up inch- gcims. ""is that sick, I think at Home, as Answer priate wlienjhe defendant is in f cr his own sake as for your for th(J ab _ chijd , s Whe[) [here js ^ t£ver 380.13 (plus) square feet. To sence of his own retained COMI. find area of the larger, or circumscribed, circle, square 22 and multiply result by 2 by '4 by 3.1416 (pi). To find area of the smaller, or inscribed circle, square % of 22, and multi- er area. sel." CENTENNIAL STATE DENVER - Colorado i known as the Centennial stat because it was admitted to th ply result by 3.1416. Subtract Union in 1876 just 100 year the smaller area from the larg- after the United States Declar ation of Independence. TELEVISION SCHEDULE 4-««L 6-NBC 8-CBS 13-ABC CS Silent Jllem WTTV ~ WFBM ~ WISH th« Symbol C leltw Dtnolei Program in Color SATURDAY MORNING WtW-l Stlem Silpnt Iflent illtnt 1:15 Silt; 7:30 Silent 7:45 Silent 8:00 Booster 8:15 Round-up 8:30 Brother 8:45 Buz; (C) Super Six (C) Super Six (C) Atom Ant (C) Atom Ant (C) S Mn. Live By Three Stoi Three Stooges Three Stooses * Stonees Sunrise Semester fndiana Farmer (C) Understanding Our World Farm Front Farm Front Capt. Kangaroc Saturday Capt. Kangaroc Almanac Capt. Kangarot Symphony Capt. Kangaroc Backstage Road to Learning Underdog (C) Underdog (CJ 9:00 Superman (C) Three Stooges 9:15 Superman (C) Three Stooges 9:30 Superman (C) Three Sloops 9:45 Superman (C) Three Stooges 10:00 Jungle Jim (C) Fllntstones (C) Frankenstein 10:15 Jungle Jim (C) Fllntstones (C) Jr (C) 10:30 Sergent Space space 10:45 Preston Hldetles (C) Ghost (C) 11:00 Soupy Sales Timothy Churchmouse Porky Pig (C Porky Pig (C) 11:15 Soupy Sales 11:30 Lessons 11:45 For Living Secret Squirrel (C) Jetsons (C) Jetsons (C) Saturday Rascals Saturday Rascals King Kone Special (C) Beatles (C) Beatles (C) Cartoon Shmv <C> Milton The Monster (C) 12:00 All Star 12:15 Golf(C) 12:30 All Star 12:45 Golf (C) 1:00 H. Derby 1:15 R. Derby 1:30 S. Derby 1:45 H. Derby SATURDAY AFTERNOON Cool Road McCool (C) Runner (C) „„„ „„„„ Smithsonian (C) The Beagles (C] Maellla _Smllhsonlan (C) The Beafiles (C) Gorilla tC. Bugs Bunny (C Bugs Bunny (C Animal Secrets (C) Bible Telecourse 2:00 Canadian 2:15 Hockey (C) 2:30 Canadian 2:45 Hockey (C) Movie (C) Movie (C) Movie (C) Movie (C) 3:00 Canadian 3:15 .tocfcey 3:30 Canadian 3:45 'Jockey 4:00 College 4:15 Basketball (C) 4:30 College 4:45 Basketball (C) Movie (C) Movie (CI Movie (C) Tourney Scores Tom & Jerry (C) Superman Superman Col. BasketbalT Col. Basketball Col. Basketball Col. Masltetball Hoppity Hoorar (C) American Bandstand Col. Masketball Col. Masketball Surfside Six Surfside Six College Basketball College Basketball :15 Basketball (C) 5:45 Basketball (C) 5:30 Wrestling "•" Wrestling Championship Bowling Championship Boxvllng Grand Ole Opry Porter Wagoner Surfside Six Surfside Six Movie (C) Movie (C) College Basketball Pro Bowlers Tour Pro Bowlers Tour Pro Bowlers Tour Movie (C) Movie (C) Movie (C) Movie (C) Wide World Of Sports Wide World Of Sports 6:00 6:15 C:30 6:45' 7:15 7:30 7M_ 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:45 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:45 0:00" 0:15 0:30 !i« :00 Wrestling Wrestling Perry Mason Perry Mason Perry Mason Perry Mason Laurel 4 rfardy SATURDAY EVENING News, Weather, Burke's Law Wide World Sports (C) Burke's Law of Sports News (C) Burke's Law Midwestern _News_(C) Burke's Law Hayride (C) H.S. Basketball H.S. Basketball H.S. Basketball H.S. Basketball Movie Movie Movie Movie Death Valley Days (C) Tourney _Higfil(ghls H.S. Basketball H.S. Basketball H.S. BasketbaU •H.S. Basketball News, Weather Sports (C) J. Gleason (C) J. Gleason fC) H.S. Basketball H.S. Basketball H.S. Basketball Tourney Scores NewsTWeather ~ News. \Veather Movie Movie J. Gleason (C) J. Gleason (CJ Mission: Impossible (C> Midwestern Hayride (C) Dating Game (C) Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie 1:00 Movie 1:15 Movie !:30 Movie :45 Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie Mission: Im« possible (C) Pistols 'N' Petti coats JC)_ Gunsmoke fC)~~ Gunsmoke (C) Gunsmoke (C) _Gunsmoke (C^ News. WeatherT Sports (C) Movie (C) Movie (C) Newlywed Game (C) L. Welk (C) L. Welk (C) L. Weik (C) L. Welk (C) Hollywood JPalace(C) Hollywood Palace (C) News, Weather, Sports News. Sports (C Best of Land 4 Seas(C) Best of Land :00 Movie :15 Movie :30 Movie :45 Movie Movie Movie Silent Silent Movie (C) Movie (C) Movie (C) Movie fC) Movie (C) Movie (C) Movie (C) Movie (C) & Seas(C) Saturday Almanac News Silent Silent News Silent Silent Silent Silent BIG JOHN Sez: OUR BRAND OF BEER WE ADVOCATE, BUT NOT WHILE DRIVING, YOU MUST WAIT. -Try Falsfaff No. 1 BEVERAGE, Inc. 1 MAIN SI. PHONE 644-7753 an d there easily might be in tha .early days of a cold, then he's | better off in a room of comfortable temperature, in bed, unless he is so restless he can't be kept there, until the worst is over. You've noticed, sometimes, that going out when you think your cold is better makes it seem worse again. Taught Consideration You are so right that children should be taught consideration for others, and one way they can be considerate is to cover their mouths when they cough. Just as they should come to Ihe table with clean hands and face, not only because they then do not contaminate then: own food with the dirt on their hands, but because mealtimes are unpleasant when children sit there with dirty faces and hands. Parents are people, too. I'd rush right past children who look as if they had obvious colds and make sure your boy doesn't get buddy • buddy with them. Unless he. does, he ought not to catch their colds. If he has colds too often I'd look into this. It might be an allergic symptom, or it might be he needs some other medical aid to make him less sus-: ceptible. When children are sick they need more care than when well. Mrs. Eldred gives many gocd suggestions about caring for the sick child, in her booklet "When Mother Must Be Nurse." For your booklet send 25 cents and a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for it :o Myrtle Meyer Eldred. Anyone desiring to communicate with Myrtle Meyer i Eldred can reach her by of the Register and Tribune Syndicate, Des Moines, la. HOUSEHOLD SCRAPBOOK Plaster Cracks When using regular plaster if paris for filling i,n cracks in Mastered walls, try mixing it vitn vinegar instead of water, 'his will make your mix more ike putty, delay its setting, nd give you more time for a eater job of pointing and moothing off. Mahogany Furniture Remove grease and grims rom mahogany furniture with cloth wrung out in lukewarm 'ater to which a little pure oap has been added. Dry with soft cloth, wiping lightly with le grain of the wood. Loose Casfers To keep casters from con- tantly dropping out of furni- ure legs, fill the hole in the ottom of the leg with melted araffin and immediately inert the caster. Hatlo's They'll Do It Every Time ® DEP'T: FOR THE LITTLE KIDS' BASKETBALL SAME THE REF IS ALWAYS A SIX-FOOT-FIVE "STRETCH" THE PRO SKYSCRAPERS ALWAYS DRAW A REF WHO JUST ABOUT COMES UP TO THEIR KNEECAPS. Haitians Speak Creole, Minority Speak French PORT-au-PRINCE - Haiti is the only French - speaking republic in the Americas. While the literate minority speaks French, the great majority understands only Creole. Channel Chuckles "On 'Dr * q n• V th»y changed my nam* 'to pro* f»ct th* innocent'. Donn't that .prov« I'm not guilty}"

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