The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 7, 1936 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 7, 1936
Page 3
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•! 1 F k- ^ '-^ - v 1 -^* V ; ^ ^^> ; •'•.* '*-" . ^i ,"'> : •'. r V.-'V 1 '-.- 1 ^- >v v>'^^. - r •"•"*-- • l < ••• ''- '--- •* i,^ T 1 H «_ I n " .r *_ ' d lp"—' il F ^' 1 r V^f I - r P«- ' ™ _r • • ' f ^'•^J J T ^. : /: -•'.''-'•' :^'^.^.'-r^l- ]:: '^^:^:f - : 'Y v'Y^'''^ : U~ : .7 V;?/- ?:,V- :>-^/>-;^,-^.;-^ :y . 7 _y, ; ; !,..;•• ,<*• > - . i. r • • •. F ' . . u I-' . - - .1 ,^ , ••' ''" " *• *i J; - , J - . "•'"',;-' -, -Mi-'-tl.. v < j i . r V-'X',*/.*V.v • • i .. r' * - I L -, - -^A^^^XiaM^VW 1 ^jU'^r^^'*t l ^S J -'A:*>3&;^ , J- f J J l V'> ,'-'•-• • -• ' J ..*,-" •.--•' *P1»? . - - I- 1 V,->. .V -. ^ . -I •. -h.-ta' ' ' " >J ^ f .'. :' 'L 1 1 • - '" ',- ,r- --' - I- --I- • tttfi tJAKERSFTELD CALtPOnKlAX, MONDAY," SEPTEMBER 7, 1036 - \- •v. '~*,.--• v«* ' I ',, b ' h "•r.-<-?-> * • • !. P -/ .t •r" I J I ' 'I , '•• -I Communities f ^^^2^^^^^^^ ^^^^^*^^« /te rn \ • 1 I" - i. r J / I M Journey Jl FELLOWS. Sept. 7.—Mr* and Mrs. John Weddte and son Ted of tho C. C. M. O.'ieaso havo returned from vacation of several weeks which ln- clu<2e<i an Itinerary through the eastern, states. They enjoyed a * eight'seeing: trip through Washington* D. C., as a guest of their nephew, Claude Weddle, .who la a member of the White House police force. In Floyd, Virginia, they vis- L ited Mr. Weddle's brother, Leroy and Abner Weddle, and their families, and also a sister, Mrs. Jane Akres. White"'at Spray, N. C., they were ' -" i guests of their nephew, Newton Weddle. In Wlonu, Missouri, they were tho feuosts of Mrs. Weddfe's hro.thers and their families. Mr. and Mrs. L» B. Dickcrson. Mr. and Mrs, • * John Dlckcrflon and Mr. and Mrs. Bill;, Dickcrson. In Ava, Missouri, they visited "Mr. and Mrs. John Brlxey. They were guests of Mrs. AVeddle's sister, Mrs. Klla Lawson at .Springfield, Mo., and their uncle. Manuel Dickerson. In SaUna, Kansas, they visited another sister >of Mrs. Weddle, Mrs. Lillian Adams, and in Phoenix, Arizona, they visited their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. A. 33. Stanley, and their son Kenneth Stearns. They were accompanied homo by Mrs. Weddlo's sister, Mrs. Ella Lawson, and their grandson, Kenneth Stearns, who will remain as their guests for a short time. MINISTER RETUKXS TAJTT, Sept. 0.—Kev. Jesse L. -Smith, pastor of the First Baptist Church; Mrs. Smith and daughter, Juliana, and Mrs. Smith's mother, Mrs. H. C. Tinker of Redlands havo returned from a month's motor vacation. They spent a week at Santa -Barbara where Mr. Smith took part 4n Sunday services of tho Santa Barbara^ Baptist Church and also talked to college people in the evening and-then spent three weeks In Ihe Redwood country in northern •California, going as far north as Arcata. ous Flyers to Course at Moff att Air Base '•- t-. (Associated Frcstt Leased CUNNYVALE, Sept. 7.—Major ^John .A. Macrcady, who with Lieut. Oakley Kelly made the first transcontinental nonstop flight 13 years ago, will be among the aviators attending the second reserve officers* training course here at Moffatt Meld, army air base, for two weeks, starting August 1G. The first of the two weeks' courses is now in session, having started August 2. Captain George E. Henry, air corps, is instructor in charge of the two groups, which include reserve flyers from all over California. FELLOWS, Sept. 7.-—Members of the Fcllowfe young peoples' union were entertained Friday night wi.Ui n — - J a wiener bako at tho homo of Mr. and Mra, C. L. O'pell of the C. C. 6. lease. ^. L Pair Feted by Friends at , ^^ Bridal Shower in Fellows Young Graduates Taftian to Attend f ..-. Moose Auxiliary -^f V ^ •" f^^ •** - ^ —•« ^ « W ^ "• ^ • -^f ~*r r-~ 1 ^^ M» ^B^h ^fr*^f ^^ "^^"^ • ^^ "^^ ^^ ^^ I •• ^^^ •*• ^^ l « •" *^ *»•»» *!• -•• IV • -"^H A J Are Party Guests; VJ '•w.Bnewnpm.nt to Meet Tues d ay " < r« ft ^txr« «'•* _ ^_. *. "f ^ r^. ^. .. Jl '»*•—* T.* _» , - " F ELLOWS, Sept. 7.—As a complete j A. Moore of Taft, \V. J. Stonoman. W ^ * ^ d • * b_ ^ .• > * .• fc-» -» K *^L* surprise to Miss Tluth Mooro of Taft and Bernard Owen of Fellows, friends presented them with a bridal q Missionary Group Meets in Fellows FELLOWS, Sept. 7 — Members of tho Westminister Presbyterian Church Ladles' Missionary Society n>et at tho homo of Mra. C. L. O'Dcll Thursday afternoon for a social and business meeting. An interesting article was given by Miss Lucilo Barnes on the subject, "Light for Dark Places," anil one on "Navajo Indiana In Arizona" by Mrs. Charles Simons. A report was given, on prcabytcrlal and synodlcal by Mrs. AA'ado H. Barnes and daughter Lucllc. At the conclusion of the afternoon refreshments were served by Mrs. O'Dell. Mesdames H. Bennett and Charles Simons will bo the hostesses at the next meeting on September 17 at the church, scheduled as u "missionary rally." Those present wore Mesdames H. Harder, J. M. Cooper, Charles Simons. Irene Bennett, AV. H. Barnes, E. N. Reed, IT. O. Bender, AA r . H. Snoddy, Dorothy Hubbard. H. J. Duatln and tho hostess, Mrs. O'Dell; tho Misses Lucile Barnes, Ruth Barnes and AVlllabelle and Arlcnc O'Dell. FIRST VITAL /EAR Pi£D - to guard the delicate unformed foot bones of childhood - to train Ihfem to grow correctly get these carefully designed, carefully made shoes. Get Pied Piper Shoes. « For only Pied Piper Shoes offer these strictly exclusive features made possible by a patented process. M« Chvniitl f» «*«U* c«uw And we have the sizes and widths to fit them perfectly. N« Filltr (• ihift, buncK •tiffin. (N*U FU tlMfM I n * STREET F1X)OR SHOES The evening was spent 'in playing' s ^^. Wo , dne ? day ,. c y, on , lns: ,, a L Ul0 garnoa out-of-doors and tho 'evening was concluded by all joining hands around tho campflro and choruses. f Thoso present were Cecil •. Kehoe, David Barnes, Clifford Kehoe, Marlon O'Doll, Roy Keyes of Taft, John Ulppcrt, Polo Lippcrt und Charles Simons; tho Misses Luclte Barnes, Clydene Sundorland, Lenna Uanler, Edna Bradley, Margaret Atwood, Robbie Gill, Lucilo Law, Myrtle Pry- don, L-ula Phillips, Ruth Barnes, "Winifred Formway, Marie Qulsen- berry, Mildred Lingo, Wlllabclle O'Doll and Arllno O'Dcll, Meadnmca Wade H. Barnes and C. L. O'Dcll, the Reverend Wade H. Barnes and the Reverend Jack Yanccy. Services Tomorrow for Aged Taftian i H. L. Mrtnker, Hex Lay field, C. Allen find Hocco Bruce; the Misses Agntha Mnttoon of Taft, Arlono O'bell. Ellen Boughen, Winifred Form way. Betty Joan Owen. Marion Maoro. Mary Louise Colfnx, Florence ; Morgnn nnd Pntay Morgan; Kugono ' Coif ax, Loon SutUff. Gone Harder. I Walter IrfiBarlhe, Billy McLennan, t Karl Hnrton. Lee .Maddux, Jack j Wlnslow. Tommy Swlnnoy, Uavo Qulgloy. l.oo Owen. Hilly Hrnmion and I). K. McLennan and little MUs Shirley Owen nnd tho honored guests. Thoso sending gifts but. unahlo to nttcnd \voro Mesdnmos T^hoo Viler, V. W. Casey. K. IX Smyser. K. P. tiay. Hay Ponnlnglon; Messrs. inA Mosilamos J. L. Troc.oo, AV. 1C, Sav- Sept. 7.—Funeral services for Charles L. Shaw, 71, who passed away Friday morning at tho homo of hta son, Leo L, Shaw, at 312 Philippine street, will be hold Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock In the Taft Undertaking parlors. Tho Reverend A. Young of the Methodist Church will officiate. Interment will bo in the AVcst Side cemetery. Born in Bath, Ohio, Mr. Shaw has been a resident of California for 29 years, though ho has only made his homo in Taft the last five months. He leaves a wldow t Carrie L. Shaw of Corona, California; two daughters, Mrs. Nellie Terrell of Riverside and Mrs. E%*a Baker of Los Angeles: five sisters, Mrs. Teresa Shaw of Cleveland, Ohio; Mrs. Nina Shaw Merrill of Akron, Ohio; Mrs. Melva Levitt of Copley, Ohio; Mrs. Kleanor Seymour of AA r ad»worth, Ohio, and Mrfe, Mary Mitchell of Corona,, California,' and seven gran'dohlldrcn. American Legion hall In Fellows. They will be married on Tuesday evening. September 16. at 7:30 o'clock singing i ul t) 10 .Fi r8 t Baptist Church in Taft. The evening was spent in playing bunco and first urlr.c was won by Oeorge Hwlnnoy f and consolation, Paul Hathburn. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Morgan presented two vocal duot nuinborci, "Robins and' ROSOH." nnd "Sweethearts Forever." They woro accompanied at the piano by .Mra. C. C. Bilbcy. At the conclusion fcf the evening refreshments were served by tho hoslossen Mosdamea L. K. Barton, | lor, O, P. Uoode, Kosa Wtnslow. 1), C, K. Butler. AV. O. Lewi* ,vnd i A. Fortlne, A. F. Vortor. Ed Hi-n- Goorgo Swlnney. They were assisted ! nackcr, K. 05. Frank. W. B, \Vost, by in ember? of the Wednesday Social | W. A. Lnno and Carl Andcrnon; Hoy Club. Tn tho center of tho. room Koyes, Bobby Brunncn. Kldon Chup- hunsr a largo wedding bell with poll, Wallace Jordan, Lon Campbell, streamers extending to each corner ' Hobort Penney, Billy Murray. Klof the room. Under tho bell were • bert Phillips. Wosloy Stewart. Olok many gifts from friends. Those present were Messrs, and Mesdames U. Bennett. W. C. Ingram, G. B. Swlnney. W. G. Lewis, L. K. Barton. O, W, Scearcy. A. V. Allen. C. W. Owen, Sam Miles, L. Mattoon of Taft. C. K. Butler. P. II. Harder and L, J. Morgan; Moadamps C. L. O'Dcll. K. E. Boughcn. J. C. Kehoe, L. Marquard. Goorgo Kit- terebacher. Ray Colfa-x, K. P. Coltrin, H. W. Dar^iU, Alvin Rathborn. C. C. Bilboy. \v. C. Fairey. K, Kciuiacker, John AYllliumaon. ller- mati Lippert, Roy Anderson, Charles Morgan, Hussol Tcol and John find .Jack Me KM in. TAFT. Sept. 7.—Honoring her eldest daughter. Mario Louise, Mra. Robert C. Patterson entertained Thursday nt luncheon anil bridge. Tho majority of the guesta were members of tho class wh#h gradu* nlocl from Taft I'nion High school last Juno. Several of the girls arc. to Icnve soon to nttond collogo it) southern Cnlifornui Ornngo wan the predominating color uf<o<l In table appointments and hand-marie cards marked each place. rrl7.cs at. bridge wore won by the Misses VhvlUs Dentnn, Inahol Plon * slotn iind lluvrlot Shelburne. Invltoit guosts Included tho MiPHOw llazol Jesso. Goralilino Wodars. Ma rltvn Walton, Loroo Hen ton, Phyllis Donton. Patrlctu Anirit, umu Louise Dour, Isabel Dlonntcln. Martha Loo Turloy, Marian Whit welt. Harriet tShelburno. (iertrudo Ulggths. Jcsnlc Hlgglns of Utah. Betty Reedy of Bukcrsfiold. Julia Kllen Patterson and the RUOMt of honor, Mario Lou tec Patterson. TA ward C, short visit with Sept. 7.—Mr. and Mrs. 13d . I Jennings have left for a l Mr. Jennings' par t TAVT. Sept. 7.—Women of Moose will meet Tuesday evening at . t In Omaha, Xeb, On tho return ( 7 : 3Q o'clock in Moose hall. Impor- trip Air. Jennings plans to attend ; tant business will be brought before the gathering and all members and their husbands are Invited to attend. Kntortalnment and refreshments will bo served aftor tho meeting. Xo executive mooting will be hold tonight because of tho holiday. the thirty-seventh national encamp inoni of tho Veterans of Foreign AVar nt Denver, September 13 to IS. Ho plans to return to California In time to attend tho oonforoncc of tMty electricians ru Fresno Septem- no There HIV three major types of wine Known to the trade ami tho consumer: Sparkling, still nnd fortified. KAf J M S TO DEATH LOS ANGElsKS. Sept. 7. (A. T. Ham Shorr, IS. novelty broker, fell to his death today from a window. l SPECIAL N. Y. PURCHASE and ''i -\ v--v*t- SKUTOUSLV 1NMUKKL) BLLAVOOD, Cullf.. Sept. 7. (U. P.) Donald Peters. l!tJ, of A venal, was seriously Injured today when the cnr In which he wns vldlng with H. K. stonor, 62. of Goleti\, left the high- wav nrnr hero Htui overturned. b SrUVKYOH VISITS TAFT. Sept. 7.-John R. Black, for lo yonr« surveyor In San Luis Obtspo County und nlnoo 103^ connected with the I'nltod StHtos for ostry service, in visiting bin ecu- Hlns, Mr. anil .Mrs. Ian Cunningham or 204 North street. Mr. Black, whoso father was county surveyor In San Luis Obispo for ninny years. may locato horn. e More Men Will Hired for Bridge f United Frest Lcatcd Wire) SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 7.—Employment last week on the Golden Gato bridge, jumped past tho 1000 j mark and Indications wero that i more men will bo employed on tho ' project during tho next woek than at any tlmo sinco Its inception, officials said today. Resumption of work on tho suspended structure of the bridge was responsible for tho Increase, according to General Manager James Reed. Ho said that more than 400 WPA] workers are employed at present on j tbo Sausalito lateral approach highway and In tho San Francisco Pro- j sldio. Six hundred and thirty more | are working on several units under ! contract. j This latter number will be in- , creased. Reod said, as the erection i of tho suspended structure proceeds.; > • •*-»•• led work for Mo he> forced heel Thcj get col orfu urabl are nkJ for chool ^^fcir ^ 'p 1 ^ w-W ^. MAIN FLOO ITS TIME FOR INVADER PERCALE i No need for us to tell i you that, your children are hard on ^ their school clothes. But we can tell you how to keep it from bothering you* Make their clothes of In* vader, the percale that will come ^ f through innumerable washings with r its glowing colors undimmed. It comes • f in beautiful patterns. a yard MAIN FLOOR i - .1 r't ./- ri. -1 -. i •£J In •- i V t-- - • j • '* *•, HE EGIN AT RO 00 oy ER ROU RTS PA oys rs 8 i- to 10'-. BEAR BRAND SOCKS If you waul something incxpen- 5 Prs. flood SIVO, VIM wen ring, wo ror- Hrur linuul Socks ommc'Mu Sizes 8'X Coopers Jockey Shorts These Bhorts are knitted to lit, are romforiable lo voar and have no buttons to pull off. Keo sketch right. Elantlc waUtband and clantic log band 2i to 32. Cooper's Shirtu te Wear With Them, 3 for SI BOYS BROADCLOTH SHORTS Made with balloon seal and with clastic insets in walftt, Strlpoa and fancy checked patterns. for years. BOYS* SHOP MAIN FLOOR ha be rdrobe, ool esc bv eocn fo ool fa >ca cc bo pc asso $ th RO > and Kn S—DO ST B k to School V ati 1 -. '..--t «, * *

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