The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 11, 1944
Page 3
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MONDAY, SKPTKMKBK 11, 19<M Legion Leader In Osceola Talk Says Members Should Solicit World War II Veterans To Join OSCEOLA, Ark., Sent. 11—Mack G rider Post 150 ot the American Legion was host yesterday to members of nine Legion posts in the flftli district. More lliiui 100 Legionnaires attended Die affair which begun at 10 o'clock yesterday morning at the Legion hut. The all-day meeting was highlighted hy a visit from State Com- miuider Dwtgli! Crawford of Arka- (jclphla, who spoke on the imnorl- nnce of the (ireseiit members of the organization Interesting tlie veterans of World War II In joining the Region. This was Mr. Crawford's JJrst official visa to the Fifth Dis- tricc since his election this Summer. 1 Tlie business session, which began at 1:30 o'clock, was presided over liy I.loyd Gortley, commander of Mack Crirter post. Also nppeariug on the program in addition to Mr Crawford was E. R. Held, commander of the Firth District, the Rev. Earl Cravens, pa.stor of the Osccola Methodist. Church, Marvin Griffen of Han-isbnr?, past district commander, and Joe Hearnc. Arkansas service officer, \vtia discussed the G. I. Bill of nights and Us Irene- fits to service men. i; Tlie next district meeting is scheduled to be held in Blytheville, Sun(jay, Nov. 5. arrived to spent! his 25-tlny leave nerc with his mother, Mi's. Otho Pierce nnd family. Mrs. Miiry Mclirle llciulrlcks and Mrs. Ernest Long left Tuesday af- Icrnooii tot CiUltornla where they will spend three weeks visiting relatives. Bobble McCoy has returned from Qleniliile, Calif., where he spent the piuil two montlis W u n |,j,, s i s tcr, Mrs. u. L. White and Mr. White, and lils brother, Mrs. Fred L. Ken- lc" and two daughters lelt Thursday for Washington, u. C., to Join Captain Henley, who is stationed there. They will make their home in Arlington, Va. t BLYTHBVH,L13;(AUK.j, COUIUEB NEWS 11 Frnncc wllli .the Fourth Motor- nc,j Division, corporal Kimcs was in England until 13-Hi.y, havhiB nr- lived llierc in Jnnunry. Baseball Standincs SplJTHKItN I.EAOUK (How iliey Finished Second Ilnlf.) Nashville . W ' 35 V £: Allnnla '] ^ Memphis . ...,". ...,',',', 43 New Orleans 'ta Mobile ™ Little Roek ..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.','. 23 lihmtneham . ........ w ChattiuiuOKii ' ' 29 , AMERICAN'LKAGUK w. 25 29 39 38 •11 43 Manila News M v . Frank s\vcet Jr., has gone to | notmiL ° "" Ciulfpoii, Miss., where he has en- o, " 1 ,, ( : tercel Giilt Coast Military Academy p',m for his senior year in the high :™°?.° ' '.' school department Cleveland Ed Motley has returned from tile |P|>J''«>clplila Frisco Hospital In St. Louis where ,,>'?. nn nnrrVvuxiM* „ ni,« n i WilSIUIlglOU . NATIONAL .(H3 .597 .•191 .•151 .388 .381! .382 nt n checkup. Mrs. Calvin Smith and daughter Veda, have returned to their home in Piui> ninrr after ti three week's visit with relatives here. Mrs. J. p. Down I UK hns Bone to Deli-oil, Mich., where she Is spending two weeks with Mr. Downing who Is employed In defense work. Caruthersville Society—Personal Mrs. Earl Bankston has lett for Mncon, Ga., where slie joined her liiisbnnd and where tliey i>lau to make their home. Jnmes T. Ahcrn and James M. Reeves have returned from Jelfer- son City, where they, with R. L. Gilbert of Hayli, represented Pem- Jscot County Post No. 88 of the American Legion at Ihc stale Legion convention. 'Mrs. W. L. Bennett has returned from St. Louis, where she spent a week with her granddaughter Mrs Pat SniBll. Mrs. Thelma Dudney is visiting in Detroit, Mich., wim her cousin Miss Dorothy Fcrrell. Miss Edna Ann Schiill left Saturday lo enter Purdue University at LaFaycttc, Ind., lo attend school again this winter. Louis Baxter Buchanan, who is stationed in San Francisco, has Men In Service Pfe. Eugene Dismukc, son of Miami Mrs, A. L. Dismukc of Oak Park, On., and husband of Mrs. Eugene Dismukc of Osceola, has been serving for five montlis with the Combat Support Wing, crack trucking organisation of the Air Service Command "somewhere In England". Stationed at Dlylhevillc Army Air Field prior to going overseas, Private Dismukc entered (lie Army in February, 1942. Corp. Wenford Kimcs, son of Mrs. Sallie Kimcs of Blytlieville. now is Why Fistula Is A Serious Ailment Inlcrestiiiff KUEK HOOK Tells of Latest Treatment Any person suffering from Fistula, Rectiml Abscess, • Plle.s or any other rectal or colon eiisorfler— may obtain a new 40-|>age FREE BOOK on these and associated chronic ailments. xSW H^^KT^tPfTOMn The book is illustrated with X- Ray pictures, charts anil diagrams for easy, reading. 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'^Blytheville Soybean Corp. T800 W. Main. COTTONSEED BAGS and SOYBEAN BAGS See Us Before You Buy! J. L. TERRELL Office 111 S. Bdy. Phone 2631 Read Courier New* Wani Am, IRRITATIONS OP EXTERNAL CAUSE ijuiu imnjiiM. ccremn, Inolory ilprinn- llWsilniiloiinpTOiiu. loUiT, »;ilulicliui, Iniiiiiw. (blnckliwuia). mid UKly-brckcn- nit Bkin, Milliwia rclini'o itrfmiK. iillrn- "nil wnMiiWH of HIPW uiitcrlcs willi .ilo liimio tiyiil im-iil. Cl«8 lo work nt my. llwMbi-kmiiiwiiiluOinlmtMitcJily -"iliicrli'il IDo, a.V, ROn «i«!n. 25 ycnrs' I-IVM _iMuiioy-luivk KuiiinnUH). Vital licmilllllK l» WKIll ««!(,. Knjgj. f,,. uua lllntk iinj \YLito Sikui Soaii daily. t iawa Mississippi fouiily. Ar- WAUNINH OKDKK in Hie (;ii lislrlci lillllMIS. Colo l.olstov, 1'lalntlfr Nu. 87-19 Prert Ix-lslcr. Ui-feiiiliinl, 'I'lic (JcfeiKlniK, 1'ivd Lclslcr, Is hereby wnr.u'tl to iippcm- w llh:n thirty days In (he court iinniod hi Hie oiirtlon hereof uiul unswci- the TOiiiDlnlnt of tin; iilulntlir Cynthlu Cole U-lstcr. UilU'll tills 2« dny <)f Al,R. 10-H. HAIU'EY M011K1S, Clerk. Percy A. Wrlglil, Ally for Plf. Ar WAUNINd In (III! Clwnrery (,•««,-(, Illsliii-l, ^lisslsslmil County, luuis;is. Chillies T. Wallnce, Plulntltr v«. ND. (n. r )«. Ethel Wallnco, Dcfoncluiil. The ilefemliml, Ktlicl Walliu-c, I icrcuy wnnicd to apiiciu- wltliln lility c toys in ihu com-l, rmmcd ln no eniilion hci-cof mid unswcr Ilio coiitplnini of the pliiliiiut, Clmrlos 1. Wallace. »«<«! this 26 ilny of AUK., HM4 HAliVEY MOliUlB, Clerk «'cy A. Wdijlil, Ally, i at i>|[. . 8128-91'!-11-18 . 05 ' of Pi' " lo Ilic Inxp.iyvra 7pSir31 r S£; ^fSSSSS A ^ BALLOT TITLE row? 1 f. A 5 !glnl) , 15 ' 0| Arkansas. !i|> 19 ol Ihc General Assembly ol Ark'm, ins approved Mnrcl, 0. I5J|. n,,,,.,,,!,,,, nd Acl 40, provUUnn [or ,|,e re«u ouon, llcciislni! niul conduclirti! o ''»"« fiUfliW! to Ihe Slate ol Arknnsus trenllnii (lio iinclnj: Co, •nlsslon anil prcicrltiliii! Ha lm \vi lulfs Salaries, nm! exueiisi-s 01.. Icaitalltlni! nnil nrrnHllini: Anc-llni Plinls mill (he Pnrl-MiKwl 01 Cprim caw Method ol waiieMni; nn Hum i u**, V llci ;" s( ' 11 r ° d "K "ii'ttiiiKj ii !hl! unto nnd nmiroprlnllni! Ilio fmul Sin "'J 1 ' etrum ' nnd nlsn rnu-nlli,), ..-• »W of the (7cm'rul Asveiithly o Ihe Slnto ol Arkansas which Imv,,,,, M " m ',,°",, A l > 'l 1 i 1MJ. nnivUllini In I"" cullii'Mon cl n (nx on Uu- huslmv ) (ireyliound l)o« Hnrlim m n ir S | n |, |l Arkansas niul rc«nlnlln'l. ll,-<>ii«ln< )"d nermminK P.I.I.MI ,] ,, r r.y r .j ',?u'° 1M " 11 "' 1 ol wiiBcrlnn nn rt mil ul^ sncli rnccs nl llccns,-,! in,-iii, ]!o it ntnclrd hy Iho people ol •- ilatu ot Arkiinsiis; FOR FARMERS 10,000 Acres Fine Farm Land For Sale Every Acre Located In Mississippi County All Cleared and Highly Developed Not in years has there been the opportunity for both largo and small farmers to buy well developed farm land in Mississippi County, Arkansas at such a low price and on such lenient terms. AH of this land is offered for sale in tracts suitable for any si*e fam- »y or for large operators. Well traversed .with good gravel and dirt roads/ Every acre conveniently located as to a good store, gin and the Victoria schoof. SMALL DOWN PAYMENT-TERMS LIKE- RENT Interest Rate On Deferred Payments Only 5 Per Cent Lee Wilson & Company Wilson, Arkansas ATTENTION! GARAGES and SERVICE STATIONS We have the (argest stock of Genuine Chevrolet parts between Memphis and St. Louis We give maximum discounts to all authorized garages and service stations. If our wholesale man fails to call on you please pardon us and call Mr. Shelton at 578. The Loylich Chevrolet (o. Blyfhevilie, Ark. Phone Day or Night 578 Section, i lliot AcHO otlbp Oencr Assembly »l Avhnnsna, niinrin'wt F, turn liitli. IMS, na nrocnilw) HUM "An Acl to I'rolvde, HCKU.U niul l.lmiM Ihu Coiiduellni! ol 1'lioreu,. bred lluiso linclnu Meets In (lie sin ot Arkansas; lo Crento the Arhnnj Bm-liiK fJommlslson, to I'rescrllw J'wwrs nm! IJulloa niul (o |>,,, V I (or Us M.ilnrlcs nml Kxpensi'!- jwiilbc am) I'crmll Auction l>'u« Hit I'nrl-MMIuel or Certificate Mclli ol WiiKerlnii on Ihe Hesulls ol llae ". '•'"'" secl Htico McelliW In Ihe Sin ol Aiknnsns; lo Aiiproprlnlo tho Fun Derived Therefrom, lo Itcmlcr In, itllciiblu nil Acts or ['arts ol Ads Conflict Therewith nml to I'rovi I'l'n.iHJi's far lho Vlolnlloii til TJ Act lor Other I'll! posi'H IlclallllK Tlli'r to,' ^l)u nnd It Is licrcbv rem-iiled Section 2. Tint Al-l 3fo ol Ihu Cle crnl Assembly o! Arkansas, which li came Imv i>n Iho lib day of Apr 1535. \vllhoul the npiHoval ol lho Hi criiM-. entitled "An Acl to Culled In* on (lie Miislncss or Crcrlioiii Itnclni! In Ihc Slate , ol Arkansas- I'rovlilo lor. Hcflulnlo, Umm> n. t'cnnll Parl-Muliii'1 ur Ci'rllflcal'o V lliod ol IttiKcrlni: on Ihe Result Oreyhotjnil Itnccs nt Licensed Itnck Meellniis In This Slnle: lo Hi'iu] InnppHcnblo Cerlnln Acts In Conll riiiTowllh nml lo I'ruvlile ivnain lor Ilio Vlolnllim Tlivmil, nnil I Olher Puriiuscs lli-lnllni; -Ilicrelo •• uiul U Is hereby roin'nk-il liy Hits, our iicllllon, wo oriler Hi tho larcxolng Censure for n sin wide net Ito nilimlilvil lo Ihe clcolo tor approval or rcjccllon hy Ihu Jr-i I'oUTi ol lho itnlu nt lho next r nulnr Kcncral election lo he held lho 71h ilny of Woi't-nlht-r IUH I iH-rsminlly hnve sinned Ilils |ic lion. I nm a lesnl volor ot l| lo stii o( ArhnnsnB. My rotldenw, post did mhlri'ss nml vollni! prcc-lncl nr wi, nro correctly written nlli-r my mm which 14 hereunto Kli'ni'd The hnllot tlllo o( ihu ncl lutim,,, lo nml to Uu ccrWIwI Ijy. l|, u sin Hoard ol Kleclloii Coinnilssloiicri »lu he tho lille nhovo nel oul uiulcr l licnillnu "Hnllot Tide. 11 Filed In the olllcc- ol Sccrclnry Blalu on July ], I!H|. Witness my Imm! mill seal cl oltl on Ilils lho mill iiay ol Aunusl mil C, O, IIAl.t,, Secrelnry ot Stale. Cost ol iiiiMlcnllon lo Ihe laxnnvi "I this nollce In IhU paiicr (4 limes PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 31 INITIATED DY PETITION 'c Q o P ^T Avn LN , A a^n? F T^ ENDMGN MENT DALLOT TITLE A I'ROl'OSKD CONT1TUT1ONA .AMKN1LMHNT TO AUTIlQIll/ COUNTIKS IX) I.RVV AND CU I 1 r UPON A MAJOI11TY VOTB AT A1 OF J'.ItAl. COUNTY l^J.KcnoN A 'FA °N ...JIBA1. AND 1>1-1ISONAL I')|i ; Mnii^ EX ?, Kl> ' l ' ING MM - AN TAXI' ' ' "° 1>K ( irv Al.llflAll a L «iSS B ft ™K SSffiTC/ffi W^ VAI.UK THEIIKOr i'OH Ti'li: "l'u' OSK OF MAINTAININU A I'Ulll COUNTV I.tllKAKV Oil A COUNT L1UHAHY SKItVIClS Ol{ SYSTEM, AMENDMENT III-: IT UNACrKI) ay THE PI.'OPI ?. l ; BTi is,s? N 8 p i, ABRK -^^' !i SECTION i. Whenever 100 or mo ;" l>»yl»(t cleelurs of any county skin?, i'h '" '" " 1C County ^Cou nsklni! lhal nn nnnnal t,-, x , m rt . jiuil personal jiropcrly bo levleiJ I, e |»ir|>i»c of innlnlnlnliir o ml, lll>rn,-j. or n county lllmiry ,5vi HvSi '"' ","" sl ""' «'l'"lfy n rnto , «- 0 ms , the Uollnr, Ilio question as lo wliclhi m H 'M V,'"" '"-' lcvlc - M ° COUH'V M ""• ' 1 "" ll(lci1 = "1 AGAINST n nnd iicraoiiat for maliit -„ .„ SS or malnu.nancc ol n ™|,l o coui S« e ' «"^"mT' y y ' brnry " P«5onal,I properly which t ta !; ™' rurul — ..11 be npprfivrc] hy UIQ Coimfv ^1! SECT ON -T wi m "" r l ™ l «l«<lon. jjj^SS'.L^ 0 ^ 1 , 00 ™!!!,' «T^-^--i Ss i ? F ^^.rr, il r*'n , " 3 "rncllcnblc tho forir fh ii 0 !" 1 '" s ? cUm ' ""«'. m«i S shall he ccrliflcd anil enlcrcd o r ns provided In <:...i__ . ? °' F ]>nv 111 klnj o iUl> nt a nn. tint J ih7 lhis ' °" r Pdillon, wo order Sic or 3° S 'nte Sl |o m |ho C<1 end '(? ^"MSSKSS'^ , G. I1AI.I,, crclary ol Slato. Cost ol putllcallon lo ttre laxnavcrs f-Mhlsnollco In Ihls paper (iffiVb PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 35 INITIATED By PETITION BALLOT TITLE "AN AMENIJMEN1 TO TUF rnvc-rt TUTJO.V PtiOJimiTINO DFWIAI nu' PF.FUSAI, OF EMPLOYMrNT ?« ANY PKRSON BECAUSE OF MP\? BEtlSIHP IN OR BESIO F NATFoN HiOM A LABOR UNION- PnOInnrn ING ANY COMTIiACT EVCLUDlNn FROM EMPLOYMENT MEMBERS OP A LADOn UNION OR PERsTo REFUSE TO JOIN A I AnOH ' PAGE TIlRfiJfc!: • CP ING OF ANY PERSON AfiATNKT KIO .WILL TO PAY DTJKS TO ANY LABOB S^^rcoN^^ONTr^SiL I.OVB1ENT." (Aliuvc ballot lltlo no- proved l>y ihe Aiiorncy General nrliQHsns November C. J913J, AMENDMENT ci , ", c " :icl « l uy Ilio ucoplo ol Ihc otitm ul Ai'Knnstig; •flint Ilie lollowluK shnll Ijo an amend mil lo llw Coiistlliiiion: Sccllon I. Ho iHTBon than bo demea ciiiploymenl becniuo of incinliemhln in «r afflllatloii wlih or rcsinnallon Iron n liitrai' union, or bccmiso 0 | rdus in Join or nfiniale will, n InUor unlui 'or than nny eoriioriillun or Indlvl <nml or ussoclnilon ul ni\y ulna cntc .li 1' v . conlr '' t ' t . ivrltlcn oc oral, l, ixcluili) Irom employment morn In r» ,. n Inbor union or pvrconi \vho rcfuso t J<iln n Inlior union, or bocaimi ot rc »i«imllon from n. hlior union; nor «l nny ncrioi, ncnlniil Ills w uj b / c lie cil lo pay dues lo nny labor oruiini "lion in a ini'iequlsitg to or condljloi ••Sccllon a. 'TIIO GciiMni AsscmUly tlnill liavo power to cnforco this m c' liy nnpram-iolii ICKlslnllon." ""', , y ,' m " I'ellllon, ordcr ilin - «nld SUlo lo lho mil Hint lUo'snini o niloiilcil. tlmuli-il ,, r rcjocli-d by l I? 1 '!..™. 1 !?..':««' ""'•!•> "' M1J Sinl, tut f In .jular aid Sink; on |] t o 7«t <|«w 0 . lt»H. nml CTU.-.I ol IIR io: on; 1 flm n k'Kfll volcr V .?'«rW* ni W » nrt "}V rcsl tlits Ilio • iv —-..., „. 111 iMiiiajis, mm m dciu-e. iwst olflce nildress a,nl i; v cl r,>e" ro correciiji «"'«•» C. G. MAI.L. Secretary nl Slnlo. Cosl nl implication lo lho lax-niwev« "Hi iiolk-o fu nils imviT (4 Uiiiea PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDME.NT NUMQE n ^fi IN1TIATUD BY PETITION AN AMI-.-NDMKNT TO Till': CON StON COM(*OSI-.'I) 6l' l-'inilT MPM I1HI1S AI'I'OINTKIi nv T HE my niiNoii WITH ONB NEW iii>i,nm 'M^tS^ ™ C11 VKAII AUTIIOHITV TO Fix • -•.i» iiv i i r«itj. I'KND MONl'.Y UNU A Klvi-l KUUOET l)¥ ACT OF TIP iKf-iii TUilK! ALSO THAT CONTl AfVs AND AnilKKMKN'fS NOW IN I™[TCt T.uMu.^'^^ 1 " 1N TOiiCE UN™ OF'I'll^lll HXI'IRATION I'ttovitJiNc: 'riiAi 1 'I'ni AMENDMKNT S1IAI.I. NOT HKI>|V A , Al.TEH Olt MODIFY TJ IF i'KOvi SK3NS OK ANY KXISTINO SI'KtMAl I UNOKII WM c ,' A COUNT! HAS AMENDMENT IMS It enacted Ijy Ihu pcoplo nl the tale of Avliansns: Thnl lho rollowlnn nliall he nn amend, men! lo lho Conslllutlnn: restoration, coiisorvnlloii 'nnO rcKUlnlloi ol hlrdj. rish. Kama niul wllilllio re jionrccs of lho Stale, tncluillnn Unlchcr ics sanclimrles, rcluncs. rescivnll,m» nnd nil pvopgrly now owned, or usei lor snlil purposes niul lho aciiuisilloi ntnl eslnhUsluncnl cl same, Ilio nil inlnlMrjllloii of Ihe l<i, v ., now unit/or horonflcr pcrlnlnlni; thereto, shall Ij vested In n Couunlsslcn lo uo know lie Arkansas Slnlo Cnino nnil KIK «ns. wllhnut vollni; power, - Loiiiiuissloners 0hnll ,,,,v t P ".",','• ''' lcrc31 t" wildlife Klinll he npiinlnlci 17ic "-• f»"«nv»lloi.. . ll «'.P»«fn»r. tnemliura nppoinlci » , for lirto .'n yc.irs, tor tour one lor Irrjns a r, onq for |t yeara, ono years, ono for live years. Connresslonnl Dl5lrlct Qn raiis" ba r< Se"l!o 3" "" Co "" nlsslo »> lho lorciiolne lerma t>° lho''/nl!l"( ojj"! J 11,0 V" 5 " CCCBS ? r "'»» l>o nppolnUO liy lho Governor tor .1 term nf Sever IhorcatlM bo for gnch member or" Ihc Commission. No Commissioner can »orvo more limn ono term pml nonS cnn succeed hlmscll. Sccljpn 4. Eneh CoinmlsslonT ihnli '""j 0 . "J" rpKulnr oalli of oHIoo rro- r.'.'M..' 1 '..""' Conjlllullon nnd P Sccllon 0. Vncnnclca on Uio Com. Snll l» f'm ,'°, res| Knnllon or denl), sinll he filled hy niipolnlmcnl of ll'e Tl?wi°rt r r lh ° lm "P'™' 1"»» iv» " Thirty days trom ante nl sncli v.ienncy" rpon failure ol Iho Gov.rnor to fill ho yawncy wllhlii n.lrly day. 1 o emolnlns Comrnlsslonors shall make chr ° m "PPolnl'ncnl for | ho une.tpl?ed erm. A Clmlrman shall bo elected hTrli TT ' ho Eovcn •nembei ol c c .? m ", lllslon lo "rvc one year n pin" H ^ Commlss "°n nfnll eleel h»lf n V" VC 8 « rcl "ry. whoso snlnry . H 00 ' cxcccd lhat Ol llmltotiona laced on olhcr conatllutlonnl dcp."," 3 mcnts; and olher executive aliicer, upcrvlsor, personnel, oldce nsslslants v " d<: v " d , <: "». , nsans refuse keeper., n mi - i \. ' »>'" llu itiujfe KOC inlchery employees, whoso = uli ,,,cs ii ih^fJi i i rc3 nnist bc « ul >mlHed Y.' h f1r i f,! aE "'s 0P e=r, I !o'"irer d |n by ,nS at' xWffi? r «""$?<£ VIlutEon. Sccllon B. No person shall lie cm- loycil by Ihe Commission >vho sbnll o rclalcd lo nny of Ihe Commissioners r nny olher SMlo Ofllccrs wJIWn the Third fleRrco ol rel.illonslilp by blood r ni.rriaso. All employed personnel my make nrrcsls for vto allon of ic enme nnd (Ish laws Ttic fees, monies, or funds nrlslns ^^"T^^J^^S^ rMlori 0 ™( ihcfP"™" 0 " ° n '' a<lmlnSs - iri?,'," 1 " 8 to birlls . B'T»e. tlsli nnd lldUfc resources ot Ihc Slalc anil ic tain ot properly used tor s.ild urposM shall ho expended by tj o ommission for tho conlrol inamuc ment. rcsloralion. conscrvaliou nnd "iS" Jllons ol Ilio Mrils. |i s i, an(1 lldllfe resources of Ihe Stale, inelud- » Ilie purchases or oilier ncqulsl- -•-. ct . properly f or said purposes nd lor the administration ol Iho laws crlalulng llierclo nnil for no oilier """"•>«• All monies shall bc de- a In the Game Protection Fund .... tlie Stale Treasurer and such onlcs as are necessary Including an mcrgcncy fiind shall bc appropriated y he [.cglslaluro at each legislative ^sslon for Ihc use c! the Game and ish Commission ns hereto set fordi o monies olher Hvin Ihosc credited the Garno Prelection Fund can bc ppronri.itci). All money lo Ihe credit ol or that nould bc credited lo Ibo present ame Prolccllon Fund shall bc crcdllcd uio new Game Prolecllon Fund id nny approprlaMon mndo by the CKlskiluro oul ol the Game Protect- n Fund shall bc construed lo bo r . "'<v U 5« ,o f lho new Commission id out of tbo new Game Protection ind. : The books, accounts and tlnanclai j-i*^ I' lhc Co >»ml!slon shall bo udilwl by the Sl.-vta Comptroller BS al department dooms necessary, bill least once a year Resident huntlng^dntl tlshlng license, ch, shall be-.One: and 5D/100 Dollars nunlly, and shall not exceed this ™™l . un !fsj a lilgncr license fee authorized by an, Acl ot Legislature. Tho Commission shall have the ex- utlvi power «tm\iuth(>rlty. to Usue j licenses nnd permits, to n .limits nnd lho manner of »„„„,.,,„,„ anu iisii nnd turbcarlny onlmalj,, and JV . . h °, vo ' tl0 auHiorlty to divide tho Male: Into zones, end 'regulate season* and manner ol. laWng Bome; and fish iind lur bearing onlmafj thircta. and fix penalties for violations. .No ru£ or n-Kulallons shoil apply ( 0 less than .1 complete Eone, cjccciit temporaray In cnse ol cxlrcme emergency. f-ld Commission tliall 6av« • th» power Io i acquire by purchase, glfU, eminent dnnaln. or oihorwtec oil pro- IHTly neccssno'. useful or convenienf lor' Iho use ol the Commission In the' exercise ol any ot Us duties, and In th« event tlm right ot eminent domal" ifin M . C r, r ™» " £lln " be C "crc1icd In nip «nmc monncr as now or here- nflcr iirovlilcil for the exerclso of cmlncnl domain l,y the State Hlfh' v Si y Co ""'i ljs l°"- All laws now In ellccl Blinll continue In force until clmniinl liv the Commission. All con- traclj nnif nKrccmcnls now In cllcct snan rcinnln In forco unlll the dale of their exil ral im. jijV cKlslii,,,: .pceinl laws under tl?« Su.? ° . Wh1 i ch " c ' ount >' Oai "e Com. mission hns been crctilcd: I lie Commission shall be emnowercrf lo ineml such moiilos as ara ncccifirv to n,,,, C [, Fcil , rn , ^"S?,*"W 'Illinan-llobcriion or similar nets tor Ilio iironaiinllon, convservallon and re- storotlou of i{nmo niul Hsli te™e j[!iy T m,"""' bcCOmt * J ' U "1 s "'"l.A!^ 1 . 1 . 1 . 0 ". «'0 : order that —. ,--.o« ^ dlgncd this pe- ..—.. ,om n !c«,il voter at Ilio Stnto o I ArkaiHjj. nml my resilience, post milco nililrcss. nnil votliis nrcclnet "i r " . s<! ' oul ""cclly oppostl« my Kllcd In iiic olfico ol Sccrclory of Sin o on the Olho ilny of July, l£ni \Mlncss my iiaii,] nnd seal of o'fdr. OJI this l!io 10 ifny of rtugnst, mt C- G. HALL, Scerclnry of Slol». »f;j£ b S^% ta «s^' PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL. = l AMENDMeNT NUMOER 37 INITIATED DY PETITION I I'.™, AMENUMKNT TO TJIK CON-' s, I, „ ,,„„ AIJTIIOKIS4INC MEN AN1, AMENDMENT ecllon 1, "Any citiz , " 1C . Unlteil Stnles. mny vole C ""• " I " I01U ""'"'S 'al" My Ihls our i.?.i . t '*? 1 '!," " 10 iio,, wo ordcr lubinlttcil lo , hnt Iho for QALtOT TITLE ^ 11 «'|i; ]t «l«lloi'.-wlll,oia having .pJiS I 'nm r5n °"l!l!f'i lmVO , 5to " : ' ) «•!« twiltlon.'- Arkiw,, I M ""'"'-"I 'ho £|nto- ol ^W^^rw"" Sccrclnry of Slate. Cost Ol pllllllC notice In AMENJ» E ««T.™T^AI.. ( INITIATED DY PETITION .^.L^ E ?.°MFNyTOTI?E l 'CON. vlS"™:^ AMENDMENT : .v. - ;. ™ suaMi lo succeed nlmscll. Th 0 |K tcnan? governor shall be elected ot the ,nm« "me (or a like lornj. w tor w rcjson Ilic governor docs not «"• S °hnl L'T,',,!,", 0 ^"^"^ 8overr7o stinll tc ineligible to succeed to ortlcc ol governor by elccllon • BALLOT TITLE ' Uii IH n ro ' losei Amendment In Iho Con- slllii Ion m-ovlcllns 'or Four Year Terrrn for Ihe otllccj ot Governor nnd LleStTn- »nt Gowrnor nnd provides ^ Cm. " ""U bo Ineligible to succeed mil under ecrlnin cireum- ; Llculcnanl Governor shall - -..^.. ft .^lc lo succeed the ofhca rf Governor by Elccllon. I pcrsonnlly h.ivo signed IhU r*tl- Ion, I nin a leca! volcr ol tho Sl«i« if Arkansas. My residence, post of. Ico ailrtresj and voting precinct or vard arc correctly written after my lame, ulilcfi la ficreunlo signed Filed In the oHIco ol Secretary ol SUlc on July 6. 1014 * Wllness my linnd and seal ol ntllr-t o this Uia lOlh day ol August. I8« C. C. HALL. Secretary of Stal«. BtM ne»» wmnt MI AUACIDE Kills JOHNSON GRASS Sc|)t, nnd Oct. arc considered best months for poisoning. E.C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Blytlieville, Ark. PRESGRIPTiONS Frwhoit Stock Guaranteed Best Prlew Kirby Dreg Stores T Have Opcncrl Nf W OFFICES Located In Tho First National Bank Building:, 104 S. Second New'Phone, 2641 ; H,C. Campbell Exclusive Keal Estate Deafer

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