Public Ledger from Memphis, Tennessee on October 30, 1874 · Page 2
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Public Ledger from Memphis, Tennessee · Page 2

Memphis, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Friday, October 30, 1874
Page 2
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INSURANCK. MliTnUANO AND MARINE TMK Bluff City Insurance Co. Or MEMPHIS. mice : No. 293 Main Street. DIBBCTOS f Frank. 0 H Uigbe. J B Smith, M Savin, A Kokerly. J D Willlami. jnm HIU. H M Jimw, W H Mown. J 0 Neely, David P lUndea. WAQw. j C. WKELT, President. , DAVID P. HADDKU. Vl Prerident. w. H. ynOBB. Senretnry, PUBLIC LEDGER. OFFICB-No. IS Madibok 8tit. M K M P H I Friday Eenln. Or. 137 Me. Jo Locke bu Ukea charge of the oity simulation of the Lidom. The publio eao rely opon him for iu prompt and regular delivery. . Democratic and ConserTatlTO Tarty. for Governor JAMES D. PORTER, of Henry Connty.; For Cmerm, Tenlk Dutrict. " H. CASEY YOUNG, of tJhelby County. Shelby Connty Tleket. Senator. JOnN OVERTON, J., A. B. HATKES. JJ preteniativr. ' J. HARVEY MATHE3. JOHN A. ROUSH. ' HUGH D. GREER. GEO. R. WYNN, GEO. B. PETERS. LUKE W. FINLAY. Fleterial SrnatorJ? PEYTON J. 6MITH, of Tipton County. Floteritd Hepraenlativ, JOHN M. GALLOWAY, of Fayslt County, LOOK OUT FOB THIITIS. Wo call attention to tb.ej number of well dres&pd vagrant! ab.ont the city, who are evidently pipe layers for a set of burRlars and thieve t'nat are to operate here this winter. A gentlemanly lookinn fellow, with side whisker, has been looking for work as a wood sawyer in the suburbs, and in that way obtains access to the back premises of houses. But we have not heard of him doing any work. A set goes around demanding pay for " the paper," but take care to call when only the seryanU are at home. This gives them an opportunity to tiote tUe situation of the premises and make a map for the use of the real thieves. Collectors for newspapers can always show their authority and are Bpt to call at seasonable hours." Peoplo should look well to tbe (astenirga of their doors and windows and keep their powder dry. We have good reason to believe that a gang of thieves will invade the city this winter, and sucgest that the police should ke-p an eve on all suspicious characters. The fcard times in the larger cities will drive a horde of worthless adventurers down this way as soon as cool weather sets in. The advance guard is here now, TJkiuk and American: Col. John B Brownlow writes a card to the Knoxville Chronicle denying that Maynard advocated, in his speech at Athens on the 21st of Acgnst, 18GG, social equality and intermarriaite between the races; and gix ciiizens of Athens write in a pub liahed statement to the same effect. Gov. Urnwn howed. at Franklin, yesterday, that the remaiks attributed to Majnaid appeared, with denunciatory comments, in ihe Knoxville Commerical of Sept. 1, 1866, and if Maynard disavowed them at the time, or at any time be'ore the oresent canvass, the disavows.! has cer tainly never appeared in print. It strikes us as rather late in the day for Maynard to deny a charge which has been current and a matter of notoriety for eight ytara, but which he has persistently ignored until confronted with it by Judge Porter upon the stump. . m a The local ticket supported heartily by the Lkdgeb and not elected within the last nine years has seldom been noai nated. It is a satisfaction to know that the Ledger is for the best interests of the people, and that the people are Ren- erally with the Ledger. We predicted tbe success of the Bartlett ticket when that movement was no bigger than small cloud the size of a man's hand. And with all the lights before us we feel equuliy as confident of the success of the Democratic and Conservative ticket. Its friends are resolved to do their dutj and to secure the peace and prosperity of the county and city by routing the Radical cohorts and their baker's dozen of sore-headed allien. The candidates for the Legislature upon the straight ticket have made speeches in nearly every ward in tbe city, and have promptly and respectfully answered every question aeked them Tbey have, in general and in particular, committed themselves in favor of all practical reform. They will be elected and will be found at their poets working night and day to redeem their pledges, It may not be possible to secure all tbe legislation desirable, owing to the con dieting interests of the State, but step can be taken in the right direction by the exerciser of a souud discretion, and the people may look for harmony among our own Representatives, and good work. It having been , agreed opon as th easiest soiution of the United States Senatorial question tiat the candidates will act as instructed by the people, let full vote be cast at tha separate ballot-.Soxes on election day. Th., will be a f.!r way to get at the will of the people. A member of the Legislature who would ' disregard the known will of the people would ceas. to be tLe,r lroe representative, and become at fit a subject for the Dolltic! undertaker a arbour Lewis. Let the ceorle indieMe what Wlnt and it wiii be done. ' That's alL GoviRxoaBaowsattheOraHouseUoCntn.flewparaliJ.a.ile.-.atUt.lo P;rin military duty on revisiting lo night. The Cincinnati Enquirer seta down the last House of Representatives in Con-grass aa Republicans 198, Democrats 94; the next House Republicans, 121; Democrats,- 171. The Cleveland (Ohio) Her-hid (Republican) admits that the Democrats will make a gain of twentyfive mmhera in the South, excluding Mis souri, Kentucky and Maryland, leaving fifteen more to be gained to give the Democrats the ascendency. The last Democratic House was in 1858-69. The Democrats have made a net gain nr over 900.000 since the election of Grant, and Ihe New York World esti mt. that this will be increased to 1 250,000 by the November election. This is certainly an extraordinary political revolution in a short time, aad without precedent in the history of the country. So much for positive opposition and sticking to the straight ticket. Tennessee will have a Legislature next time overwhelmingly Democratic, and many Republican newspapers at the North admit the strong possibility of the Democrats having a positive ma- TT jority in the next Uougress. Horace Greeley used to say the way to resume specie payments is to resume; and so the way to elect Democratic majorities is to elect. The only way to prevent the passage of the civil rights bill when Congress assembles is to show an overwhelming Democratic victory at the November elections. Any flickering now in our ranks would be criminal, as it would be construed into an acquiesence to that infamous measure. Governor Dix, of New York, has been forced by the press and the outcry of the people to inveigh against the third term. Bat it comes too late to have much effect in his favor, as he was understood to be in favor of it previous to tbe Ohio, Indiana and other Northern elections. Evert to for Barbour Lewis is a directjvole for the civil rights bill and every vote for the independent ticket for the Legislature is a ote for Barbour Lewis, for that ticket depends for itt support almost entirely opon the Radical party for votes. The Republicans of Ohio had thirteen members in the last Congress and the Democrats seven. This has been re versed. The Democrats will have thir teen in the Forty-fourth Congress and the Republicans seven. A oestlemak who watches the course of pelitics closely, and is a good judge, I bet one hundred dollars yesterday that if a single independent candidate is elected Barbour Lewis will be also. Safe bet on both Bides. Grant had a majority in 1872 of 2865 in West Virgiuia. The Democratic majority this year is 15,000, and it is not a good year for Democratic majorities at that. Mayxabd's friends weie very cold at McKenzie, and did not applaud him a single time during his speech of an hour and a half. Porter's were just tbe reverse. Sectiok 9, article 2, of tbe Tennesseo Constitution is a stunner to a man who wants to run tor the Legislature and has only been in the State sixteen months. The political cauldron is bubbling up lively, and tbe last witch on tbe independent ticket will seek dark-lantern caves nextToesdny night. Mr. Forteacue'a PrtniODitloss. Max Adeler relates this: ' "The most painful instance of a man having a premonition of death that 1 know of, was that of Mr. Forte9cne who ved in our village, lie came borne one afternoon with a pallid face and told bis wife that he was deeply impressed with he conviction that he would die within forty eight hours. Ihe, while she wss bathed in tears, be sat down and had a long talk with ber, giving directions about uis affairs, advising ber about managing the dear children when he was gone, and telling her how tenderly he- loved her and how hard it was for bim to part from her. Alter a few pas sionate expressions ofaScctiou and re gret, Mr. r orteBCuesent far a lawyer and made bis will. Iben be w.t.i around and bade good-bye to his friends and sought a minister, trotn whom he obtained . religious consolation, and from whom be parted weeping. Proceeding to the tailor's he purchased a burial suit, and then, after making all the arrangements with the undertaker for the funeral, be bought a handsome taiiii- lined rosewood cothn t.:il wrote out a libt ot the men whom he wanted to act as pall, bearers. 1 he tombstone selected by him at the marble yard bore a repre sentation of a flower with a broken stem and the legend, ot lost, but gone be fore; and in bis interview with tbe grave digger at the cemetery he selected a spot near where his mother was laid under the green trees, for a tomb, at the same time giving directions that violets should be planted above him in the eany tiring. It was very melancholy and full of deepen pathos. This was in 1844, and be is sun alive and hearty, having since been twice in the State Legislature, once in jail for assault and battery UDon bis wife, and having been turned out of a temperance society for drinking too much bewildering rum. He resides in Pcacader, where be keens a billiard saloon, aad he attributes that warningto his having been too bilious." The cave of Cacabuamilps, in Mexico, is said to be the largest in the world. It is covered by a volcanic mountain with an eftmct crater. Mr. Porter C. Bliss has twice examined and explored it, tbe last time in February of the present year. Six hundred persons constituted the last exploring party, and they were provided with Bengal lights and scientific appliances. After reaching a level at perhaps fifty feet depth, they proceed ed 3 miles into the interior. The roof was so bieh a succession of halls that rocket often exploded before sinking it. Labyrinthine passage leave the main hall in everv direction. Stalaffmitea ana tiaiacuies arc auuuueuk uriow lh.. r... at a Treat denih. are two other i . l . i . Ij . i I immense caves, from each of which lesuee a branch of a great river, uniting here. These to rivers enter some five mil. -. .V. . L f . U . I together MEW YORK A Defamer of Crte)r Bevel iloai la Vcauaaela. New Yore, October 30. Albert Cunt, indicted in the Supreme Court, District of Columbia, for .conspiring to defame the character of Columbus Alexander, resisted through counsel his return to Washington. The case came before Judge Blatchford, of the United States District Court. On application tor a warrant for the removal of Cunt to Washington, the Judge decides that this is a proper case for a warrant of removal. Advices from Venesuela by way of St. Thomas, report that the province of Coro and Barcelona have risen in revolution against President Gasmen Blanco. The insurgent are unier the lead of Poliria, Beira and Vntido. Edward Angill and John H. Farley, of the Cleveland Common Council, are in this city examining the pavements. roreet Fires Haa-twa la Indiana aad Oale. Cincinsati, October 30. A Gasette special from Hartford City, Ind , aays there is a terrible fire raging in the woods just south of there, fully four mile in length, with a heavy wind blowing it along the track of the Fort Wayne, Mu- oice and Cincinnati railroad, threaten ing the track and bridge with destruction. , A Dayton special to the earn papor says the woods and fields between Cuioa City and Greenville and PoJson and Greenville ar on fire ia many places, hundreds of acre being covered with flames. In the forests the flame have climbed to the tops of the tallest trees and present a terribly grand spectacle at night. Forest fire are alto raging in the vicinity of Oxford, Lcgan, Crestline, New Lexington, Cambridge, Kenton, Ironton, Rellefontaine and Delaware, Ohio; Rushville, Ind.. and Russell, Ky. There is great scarcity of water at all points. Maeaeaeloa at a Bask. Miuoro, N. H., October 30 The Milford Five Cents Savings Bank has suspended, with liabilities of half a mil lion dollars covered, it is believed, by usets. Deata af rnr l.eaaaaaar at Baata B'Bd, ladlaaa. Socth Be.vb, Isp, October 30. Father Lemmoor, President of Notre Dame University, died at half past nine last night, after a lingering illness. River Trlearratna. Cairo, October 30. Arrived: Silver Thorn, Evansville, 11 p.m. Departed: Grand Tower, Memphis, 10 p.m.; Silver Thorn, ETansville, 11 a.m. Clear and cool. Cikciskati, October 30 River four feet two inches and falling. Fair, windy and colder. probabilities. Washington, October 30.-For Tennessee and the Gulf States, rising barometer, very low temperature, northwest to northeast winds and cloudy weather, with rain on the Gulf coast and frost to the northward. KAKN& FREIBERG. Onr opera flannels, 33c. Oar decant bells, 10c. Onr beaded bells, 23c 109, 171 and 173 Main street, corner of Poplar. Coke! Cokel! Coke! It Now is the time to buy coke, before the bad weather sets in and the price advances, as it will later in the season. For sale by all the coal dealers and tle Gas company. 60 HoIIenberg, So. 201 Main street, has everything in tbe mnslc line frenh at low prices. lot r PianoHl Organs! The best and cheapest at "llollen-berg's," 291 Main street, lot Calcimikino reduced to science and executed cheap by Hook A LaGrill, 326 Second street. 3T F It E N 11 OYSTERS Received daily by express at t Victor D. Fitchs', 41 Jefferson st. School books, embracing every book now in use at either public or private schools in the city, can be found at MenBford's, corner Second and Monroe. J . News. Billy Lieben, at No. 236 Main street, has all the latest pictorials, daily papers, etc., from all parts of the country. Also Goodey, Dcmorest, Harper, Leslie monthlies for November, and Nast's Comic Almaoc for 1875. Freph Northern lake fish received daily hy express at Viittor D. Fuchs', 41 Jefferson street. '149T OTftTEK. ebell. Blew, fry ar aay eile. at Flix'.20 rraat at 2s' $10 to 1000 Invested in stocks and gold DsTi 200 ner cent, a month. Send for particulars. Tu abridge; A Co., bank ers, 2 Wall .treet, N. Y. 86dw Wild hogs are the most dangerous game in the Virginia mountains. They are found in herds of five to twelve, and the sight of a human being is the only signal for attack that tbey require. The intruder has then nothing left bim but to outrun them or climb a tree and wait , , , I for A new treaty with Germany is spoken ! f u v;. pira.bla to nrotect German j t ,, K; -nmntUA V VM.. I . ewBBirj oi weir nauv.iy INDUSTRIAL EXPOSITION. raarSeteatn Day. Th Exposition buildiug oould not have held many more people than were contained within its wall last night. As ha been the case for a week or more, the house was crowded more than enough to make it pleasant to participate in promenading to the dulcet strains of tbe band. We tiind it, and know whereof we speak; for instead of making those long, stalely strides which our gait naturally fall into when there is music around, we were content with swaying with the crowd here and there and being tossed about and getting joailed ia the ribs, without having some big clumsy fiend mash ou arched instep to a level with his own flat, unshapely excuse for a foot 'Since the completion ot everything, and the sue-ces of the affair assured beyond bonbt, excursion trains from the oountry tributary to Memphis have begup to run, and the large number of country people who attend is indicative of that great interest which its magnificence and splendor merit. A walk through Main Hall reveals :o yon such a sight as was perhaps never equaled in the South for the multitudi nous display of fine wares and articles of handicraft; and in Power and Floral Halls are contrasted the beauties of grand, clashing, reeking machinery with the delicate gift of nature in her growth of rare flowers. TBE ART GALLERY is now thronged with visitors daily. The collection of paintings ia fine, and the manner in which they are arranged leaves a pleating effect. Among the specimens of art on exhibition none are more deserving of praise than the two production of Miss Stella Specht, exe cuted white a pupil at Ursuline Convent. One isatustic scene drawn with crayon, representing a stream descending a .valley, upon either side of which large mountains rear their peaks to be lost in the fleecy clouds. The standing re main of an old wind-mill are close by, and the scene is witnessed by a mother and son. who are rambling along the banks of the stream. Tbe other is a nosegay, painted with water colors, which is, in a word, almost equal to na ture. We are glad to see the Art Gallery filled with such a collection, and accord the many compliments of tbe public to Colonel S. B. Robbins, the superintendent of the department, for his pains in making it so very attractive. The ladies have many attractions pro vided for their inspection, in the line of millinery and fancy goods, the prominent displays being Mrs. W. J. Dewey, and Stewart, Doberty & Co. MRS. DEWET'S show windowfeontains bownets, hats, Sowers, feathers, etc., of the latest fashions. Suspended from the centre of her show window, is a basket of artificial fiewers and vines, which looks as natural as natnre itself. This is a fair sample of the line of goods kept on hand by Mrs. Dewey, at her establishment at 350 Main street, upstairs between Union and Gayoso. STEWART, DOHERTT A CO. have displayed their nsual taste in ar ranging their show of millinery, dress and fancy goods. They have two large show windows one for the display of tri jimed bonnets, hats, feathers, flowers and neckwear, and' the other exclusively for children's hats, hoods and sacks. In the large show window ia a miniature tree, opon almost every twig of which birds of beautiful plumage have swarmed. The tree is made of artificial evergreens, and grows from a mound of tastily arranged articial flow- ers. This is one of the prettiest display; in tbe building, and is in keeping with everything in the line of goods dealt in by this enterprising firm of ladies. JULIUS 8CHALSCBA, the Washington street cigar manufacturer, has a sample of his cigars on ex hibition in Main Hall. In this display the cigars are made of none but the best quality of Havana and Connecticut tobaccos; in fact, they are the only tobaccos used in hi establishment. None who have visited the Exposition have failed to notice Mr. Schi.Lcka's display, as their attention i immediately attracted by the "big cigar," which hangs suspended over his show case. It is about five feet long and some twelve or fourteen inches in circumlerence at the middle. COLE CO , wholesale dealers in window glass and paints, have a variety of articles in their line on exhibition. There are several brands of white lead and cottage color paints, all the chemicals that are the ingredients of mixed colors, putty-knives, paint and whitewash brushes, turpentine, oils, crayons and pencils, all of which are tastily arranged. This firm is not only one of the largest in the city, but have shown by thi large display that their enterprise heads the list of those in their line of goods. PHIL J. HALLOX furnishes most of the chandeliers for the display in the Exposition. He also takes much pride in hi own display, and especially that pretty star, or, as we beard a lady express it, " that love of a planet." j. c. ward a CO. have just completed their show of fine clething and. men's furnishing goods. Although this firm was a little late in making their display, tbey are not behind their competitors. The young bloods who visit the Exposition should not fail to wiluen Ward's display of shirts, collars, cuffs, handkerchiefs, gloves and those elegant suits, overcoat and dressing gowns. Words are inadequate to describe the finish of a particular overcoat there exhibited, and we can only call the attention of every one and say to all, "go and see it yourself." Should you be desirous of interviewing Con Kelliher and learn what is going on in the Second ward, go to the oorth-east corner of the room. j IH FLOaAL BALL to-night a grand display of evergreen, bouquets and ornamental designs will be made in addition to the standing beauty of its fountain, cascade and flower. A shadow pantomime entitled Vermicedes will also be given tbe publio upon the stage. To-morrow afternoon Punch and Judymatinea IIKADKU GOODS, LATEST HOVILTIia. LEUBRIE BROTHERS' Elegant and Rich HEADED LACES, An Immete Assortment. 10, 15, 25, 30 and 40c, Worth From 40e. to $1 60 per Yard. BEADED TBIMniSOS, All Newest Styles; Cheapest in tbe City. IJeatletl Collars, Elegant assortment, CHEAP! CHEAPI CHEAP I Call and see them. LEUBKIE BROS., aao and saa niia st. Parity, Mreag-lb, Economy. These three requisites are combined in Dooley's well known Yeast Powder. As each ingredient entering into its composition is free from any deleterious or injurious substance, the purity and full strength of each article is guarranteed in the manufacture; and as one pound of Doolet' Yeast Powder will last a third longer in culinary department, than the vast majority of Baking Powders in market it proves conclusively that it is the most economical. Convenient to have in the house, and universally produces light and elegant food. For sale by alL grocers. eodaw 4 Hoy s ton's- beautiful retouched and burnished photographs, 91 per dozen, at Star Gallery, 219 Main street. 41-1 INSURANCE. HERNANDO Insurance Co. OF MfHIH. Oflice : No. 22 Madison Street. 8. H. DUtfSCOMB W. B. OALBREAIH.. F. M. NELSON ,. .. -.President. ..Vioe-Presi(lent. ........Secretary. Directors 1 S. It. DUNSCOMB,: W. B. OALBREAIH, A. VACCARO. N. FONTAINE. K. jr. KlhK. I,. HAN A HER, J. II. MARTIN, W. B. MALIiRY. JOB BRUCE. JOHN C. F1ZER, J. A. SHANE, l"(Vli a IV. f. f W. L. "RADFORD k. o. JoaisB, Iuenrea against l.oea by Fire. Da rlneaud BlvarRlehs. mr Rtiks on Private Dwelling! eipeelallr ,1w.irH . W-2p-t BANK. THE BANK OF COMMERCE, MEMPHIS, ttxtv; Cash Capital, $250,000. JOHN T. FARGASON, : : President JOHN OVEKTOX, Jr., : Y. President C. A. PARKER, t 1 : : t Cashier !! RECTORS, JOHN T. FARGASON of Farranon Clay .IAS. ELDER.. late President DeHoto Bank T110S. II. ALLEN of Xtao. II. Alien A Co M. A IN of M. Gavin A Co S. MANSFIkl.U of Mansfield A Uicbee JOHN OVERTON, Ja... of Memphis. Tenn 0. H. P. P1PKK.... of Memptali. Tenn B. BAYLISS ....of B. Baylies A Co JOHN C. FIZER. of Eatei, Filer A Co sit MASS MEETING. GRAND DEMOCRATIC MASS MEETING -AT- COLLI ERVILLE, TENN., -ON- Saturday, October 31st. Speaking1 to Commence at 3 p.m. mHK DEMOCRATS OF FAYETTE AND X bhelbj will bold a Mui Meeting on next ealurdaj.etoilierTUie. lenn. MaJ. ffl. J. SYKES, Col. T.H. LOGWOOD, Col. GEO. G1NTT, Col. WM. H. STEPHENS, and Capt. J. C. MACCABE, Will address the people. Let everybody. Re publicans end Democrate, attend and beaj sound politic! doctiioet. By invitation of the Htate Democratic Executive Committee, UaJ. WM. J. SYKES, will address the people of Faye'te county, at Someryillet, Monday, Not. 2d. All the Republicans in the county, white and colored, are inrited to hear bim, aa he will show by kepnelicao documents that the Republican party and tbeir allies are responsible lor tbe Mate and Na-ionai debt and for the bifb taxation. Stae and National, ,Mj frYKts ia nn office eetker, and helonirs tn no rini or clique, tie was no advocate of the Funding Bill, and waa tbe Irst an in Teancacee to make a speech, in Jane, IS73, aaainst the Assessment Law, at Paris, Tennessee, and to suggest modifications of it. Ue stands aqnarely oa me lemocratic r-latform, one plank of which, tbat lor reducing eior-biunt aalanee and abolishing efls offices, he asii.Kd ia drawing aad getting through the Convention. Let ail come and hear hint dis !usa the financial condition of Tennessee, and toe burdens of Federal uxatioa imposed by the Republican party. , , If poasiole, .Maj. will attend the Grand Democratic .Vaas Meeting in tois city on next Monday niaht. and reiuie all the ebargaa made against the Democratic party by Harbour Lewis Emerson jvtbendge and others. PROFESSIONAL. oiiai a. eis 1 1 P. a'sisici v. s.ttxlit HARRIS, M'RIJICK & TOR LEY, AUo ry-ai-Iw, IVo. Madlaon t n-3 rssspble. Team. OFTE It 100 rieces Comfort Prints, Gc. SO Pieces Fast Color Prints, 7Jc. 50 Pieces Good Ginghams, 9c. 100 Pieces Yard-wide Heavy Domes. tics, 9)0. Good Heavy 84 Domestic, 7Jc. . Black and Colored Alpacas, 20c. All Wool Plaids. French Herlnoes. ALL THESE ARE FIRST-CLASS GOODS. 0 SILK: DEPART31ENT. Black Taffeta Silks, 85o. ; Black Groa Grain Silks, ei-pure silk. Handsome Striped Silks, 75o. THE ABOTE LINE OF SILKS ARE DECIDED BARGAINS. Also Full Lines of Infants' and Mleses' Shoes, Boys' Boots, Brogans, Etc. o 31 E IV KEN BROTHERS, 20 1 Corner Main and Court Street, Memphis. (J. H. WILKIN8.) 1(0 fcMqja, J) 200 33 - FALL TRADE, SEPTEMBER 1, 1874. WK ARE NOW- READY FOR THE SEASON'S TRADE ! WITH OUR IMMENSE HEAVY STOCK OF BOOTS, SHOES AND HATS A.T WHOLESALE ONLY. HILL, TERRY & MITCHELL, 2 79 233 Main Street. Best selection of gold studs, at the Jet Palace. Elegant styles in gold sets, at the Jet Palace. Gold earrings and pins, separate, at the Jet Palace. All other kinds of jewelry, at the Jet Palace. Finest and largest stock of jet goods, at the Jet Palace. Prices lower than anywhere, at the Jet Palace. New goods received daily, from now on. I. ROE S 32G Main Street. CONCERT. FIFTH AND LAST GIFT CONCERT IH AID OP THE Public Library of Ky. A CARD TO THE PUBLIC. THE MANAGEMENT HAVE DETER-roined to have the rtrawins: of tbe Fifth and Last Gift Concert of the Public Library of Kentucky, on the 3Hh day of November next. We believe now that all tbe ticket! will be sold, and tbat the drawing will be a full one, but whether all are sold or not the drawing: will, nevertheless, oertainly come oA on the day appointed. The special object of tbia eard ia to eall a meeting of tbe ticket-holders at Publio Library iia.ll. on tbe 2uth ef November, to make arrangements in oonnection with the commit-tee appointed bv tbe Trustees to superintend the counting of the taira representing the number of ticketa sold. While there ia no actual necessity for the presenoe of ticket-holders, aa under nur arrangement! the interest! ef all are equally eared for. yet at the same time I would greatly prefer that aa many cf those interested aa can, would attend this meeting and aee each for himself how perfeotly fair and impartial the distribution must be. Kvery arrangement haa been made for the drawing but little more than a month remains for the sale of the remainder ol the ticketa, and whatever ia don must be done promptly. THOiJ BRtMI ETTE Agent and Manager. Locisjviu.1. Kt.. October 22, 1874. tor full information apply to Q. H. Samuel, No. 6 West Court street, Memphis, mafaw INSURANCE. MERCHANTS FIRE AXD MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY OF MEMPHIS. Haue RemoTd to Odlce Formerlj Oceauled bj DeSoto Bnk, No. 20 Madison Street. X. L. XEAIUAX, President A. X. McKAT, . . Tlce President W. HAY, .... Secretary IIO.tKD OF DIRECTOR. H. L. MKACH AJC of M. L. Meaebam A Co A. S. McKAY of (Sledge, McKay A Co 8. MANSFIELD of ManaSeld A Higbee WM. JOYS ER-... of Joyner. Leamon A Gal WM. B. GALBRKATH Cettoa Factor Hob. JOHN OVERTOR, Ja Memphia 1. M. PETTIGRKW-of Edmonds. P.ttigrew A Co. ISAAC SCHWAB of Sebwah A Co B. T. HALLER of HllowU. Crockett A Haller. sjarTake Fir) and MaHae risks. Dw.Ui&a Uooeee and lsf.lid f-eeolry Store specially eawiciied., (g; :o.OJ. XO-rtY All Wool Cashmeres, 60c. All Wool Empress Cloths, 37,c Doubla-fold Alpacas, 25c Black Embroidered Polonaises. Cloth Polonaises, $C, $7 and $8. Cashmere Beaded Sacqnes. Caehmere Slereless Jackets. Cloth and Velret Cloaks. F. H. CLARK & CO., IMPORTERS, 1KD WBOLCSiLI IltD KBTAIli DIALIXS IK Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, HILVJ3HWAIIE, SPECTACLES, FANCY GOODS, GUNS, ETC., So. 1 Clark's Marble Block, MAIN STREET, MEMPHIS, TENBT. 84 O H E JR L, Ag't, PUBLIC SPEAKING. WARD MEETINGS DEMO C RATS -AND- CONSERVATIVES RALLY I APPOIMTnEMTN IOR Democratic and ConseYratire SPEAKERS, At All of Which the Jfomineea will Attend, and also Address the People. .A POKTE& rir.r!r-,Kisnjf. SATURDAY. October mir. v . wiLLiAMaoNfLru!:.K5??: fclta&s- By order of Exenntiv. K. Wo,.,,," ZhmS' C'-man, APPOINTMENTS OF M Galloway, Beraoer tic and Con- setvatiTe Candidate for Flo- I terlal Bepresen tatire. I City of Memphis. First w i Jaokaon and Min i . V., w-eor Bartlett. Mond. cSSJ'- Oct. U 24th. Collierville. Tueli.. r.'.V. 4?as;;ps s- My competitor Kadic.l . r- i requested , meet ml th.,i "P ". i and diaeuM the question. VPP" ""nentj 1 M. v?u,"" now before the peo- ?55.iJ!' ' GOOD CHANCE ' To Commence Tt8illeig. RW". FIXTURES ivr, WPII O lecud Block of i wn yu ."ELL SB Uoo ir.i -.ty nc and fnri,!.!,,,,. en lost tine for saad 1 tri tor ' l B e of bn.Tn... ',Tr- rrorletor h Ping ol one. Fnr T ,u ao'"ua of 4lf L. t i f ( r; . . . f PM IT to 1(3 Main street.

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