The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 7, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, September 7, 1936
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T«R BAKJSRSFIELD CAUFOItNIAN, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1936 Is Being Used in Research in Probing of Ilumnn Mcntnl Discuses (Attoclalfd f'rcit l.ratcil Wltrl HANOVER, N. Jl., Sept. 7.—This lino of the barnyiirtl pig tin material for psychological research In «olv- Ing somo difficult probleinri of human mnrital disease was MUggnsted by Dr. It. S. Llililoll of Cornell University. Dcn-lor l.ldclcll, rpporlhiR in HIP American I'HyrholoKlrnl AsMm-iadon, pointed out tluil when 11 plK |M rr B! mined HH rr>nlfltnn«;n "In violent ntiil varied, Including responses MIR- geHtlnR temper, liintruni finil flight from reality In innn." Hector l.lddell "cimrllllnnr-il" II!H t]lg« over n period of months In Htnnd r)ii|ptly In n mn/ill im-a nli<l to rc'Hpund to a Hlltiinhis by lifting (bo lid of ii box and HPcurlnK nn npple. ' "The Rrmlmil reduction of space a'lloited to i he pig In KM exercise ol IcnrnhiR to nHHdclstn certnln slR linl'i M-tlh fiiml 11 nd «H hers with no fooil simplifies lln bphnvlor while tf'iiMon within Itfl tiervoim nyatom Increases," In- ileolnrefl UniltnlloM of thf pic'* fffPdom, t|i<. fiinipll i-Mi'-rlmi'iiter ridded "lit; n primary factor In thp develop i nieiit "f tin- dnnperoiiH nnrvmiH j HI rain width may lend to nxperl ; menial Ii'•uro.ild " i Broker Accused of \ FYaudOutonBond j it mini I'rrim 1,1'lltnt U'trrl j .SAN FI!AN<'IHi.'0,' 7 Mm- i rl'i Wnxmiiii. r,ne of three hmkei-H • Jailed fen lining III" malln I" d" , fraud In Halo (.f '\Vcni Anierlen gold mill' 1 st licit, "'[n< frcn nn 11 ."i.'iOK bond lotUiv. ' \Vn\man. fiirliiK » five yenr tnrin , In federal pi'iilli'iitliii•>. KIIVU nnilci', I if ilppeill vlH'll Hi'lllcm-,' U'lIN pllHHed hy Kc'dfii-al .MirtRe Harold I,oud«r- | iMK-K. ! l-'nnili .1 Slern and Mlrlniel Ark- Ifiaii. eonvlrted at the mime. Him.', were iinderHlndd In !»• nttemptIIIR t" wise I in II. Reserve Project Indicates New Field Near Grapevine F AVORABLE reports of preliminary production trials continue lo come from Renorve Oil & Oa« Company's wildcat In the southeast corner of the valley on section 2. 10-19, Indicating that the persistence of the company In drilling 8 wildcats In Ibis region, probably will Im rewarded by the discovery of a new- field emit of Mrspevlne. Simdlng-up conntanlly ltiterfern with » Htmidy run, but Ihe well IH mild I" be show- Ing "lots (if lil'-U." and at one time II flowed I fin barrels of 'i'l gravity oil In eight hours before sanding It tip (iK'iln I'rodiietlon Ifiniien frotn n forma lion emltrinted lo b" equivalent lo the Olcnse mind of die upp»r Temblor formation, at 444r>.4474 feel. Tho bottom 38 feet of tho bole which was drilled to a total depth of 4C08, has been plugged off. T^arge quantities of sand have been coming In, nnceNsllatlng long cleaning-out jobs, and It may bo some lime before tho tho capacity of the strike Is definitely known. However It Is the most promising showing that has been found In the HoiitlAast end of the valley, and i-onflrnvitlon of a com- men-Ill I yield IH expected. I'oRtdl.llllles are reflected on tho Los Angeles stoi-k exehnngn, whom Ihe must active slock Is that of Lincoln Petroleum. This firm Is doing Ihe drilling and IH reported lo own 25 per cent of the slock and some, leased nearby. Reserve OH A flas Company's stork which Is Hold "over tin. counter," has jumped from 8 to 1:1. Check Sale of Oil and Gas Property ( t'rrnn l.rniril U'(rr) HACHAMKNTO, Sept. 7.- More thnu f>0 oil and RBH sillidlvlderH ivern ordered totli'V by J. Moltlmer Clark, stale renl eslnlc commissioner, to Mhciw ciiuse why their plans for Ihe Bale of land In f«-e, m lease asslKM- menls should not he Hlnppcd "TMr nuhillvtdcrN will lie Klvcri »n opportunity lo show Mint reasonable grounds exist for the develop- mi-ill of oil or KM"." siild Clark. "This derldlvii Hlep wus deemed necessary to proler! Hie pulillr properly In IIH Investments nnd to esl.'ib- llMli uniformity In the hnndlliiK of oil anrl jcns projects. "Aeiloti against Hulidlvldcru Is not '•onflnnrt to oil nnd was milidlvlslons only, as stop orders also have been Issii'-il on one iiKi'li'iill unil and one "I am of tin- opinion Mini, rf-K.-inl- ICSH of tin- kind of subdivision offered Ihe public, If I lie public's Interest IH not protected properly, steps should be taken to have such pro- jei-is withdrawn from Ihn marlc-t." Exeter Completes Fruitvale_0utpost Afler heating a tough water problem, Rxelor Oil Company has put Hn outpost. Henry Nei. I, on the pump for lf'0 barrels per day ot 2.1.5 gravity crude. This Is the first well thf ronipimy has drilled on a 20-acrn lease In west Fruit vale field. Location of a second well will not bo derided until No. I ban undergone, a longer production lesl. I Correlation of formations from 1 well lo well, arn.sald to bo difficult ! In tbl.M purl of the field, somo siinds i appearing saturated yel yielding i mostly water. Water was not uhut I off by SH-lnch canliig Het at 4052 ! feet, nn operntors cutnented n liner ! at •insi! and the well Is producing from Din lower Hand, from there j down lo bolloin nt. -IIO'i. C. L. Colo i siipi-rlniendent of tho company'H I properties at Long flench, IB In New Bid Made for Oil Sands Mo, B-1, Union Oil Company's 1 bid for a northwest extension of the Bnker-Grovcr fault, has been spudded with a gasoline portable rotary in the nouthcaBt quflrtc.r Of section 28, 27-28. Tho •company already has one well pumping on this structure from the Vcdder Hand at 1778 feet. Guardian Oil Company IIBH four and Is starting a fifth to offset Union's. Mid State to Drill at Mountain View A company hearted by E, II. Price of Long Beach, cnllod tho Mid State Petroleum, IH snlrt lo he contemplating drilling In the north middle portion of Mountain Vlow field, seP.Uon 19, ,10-2(i. Thn location Is reported on tho north line of the section where the Kastnldo canal crosses Hermann road. 4 « » i OIL AGREEMENTS i 4 :L_,— a, Heorue IXilflno el ux to 11. II. An- flers'in —f'Milatfd lenfle, one-eighth royally, flvo-year drlllliiR elliUHi?, went hnlf of northe.iHit qunrtnr section 2fl, l.OHHci dated August 30-27. Same lo Maine- 27. llt.'lil, niH'-olKhlh royalty, flvo-year drilling rlan«i>, lot 7, Hectlon 18, 30-28. 1-atrlnU J. l.'uiiutilriRH et ux, Clar. mm r. Undo «'l ux to name u» above: | I.eiin« daleil July 2,'j, I Mil, nno-elKhth : royally, flve-ypur ilrlllhiR claiiHe, norlhniiHt quarter of suulhwasl quar- i I'M- section 26, 27-22. • I 1 '. l<. Mnrrs ot ux, ICmlly W. Hardy, I .J. It. Hliiinmn nt >ix, (>. 10. Ullinore et i ux lo mime an nhovn—Leiimi cUitecl j July 2<, 103(1, five-year drilling claimo, soulhmisl riuiirtnr of Muuthwusl ijuar- ler, opinion 3i>, 27-22. M itrgn rot M. Simpson, Lflavenworlh KurMhnw anrl F. I,. Mnrrls et. UX to Ht. Helens r'etrolnum Co., Ltd.—Lease dated July 24, 10,1(1, one-eighth royalty, flVB-yenr drilling claiific. norlliwe«l qinirlor of nouthwesl <|iiarl(>r of nee- lion 3H, 27-22. KOVI-I-HKII Oil Pi>. lo Koynlly Service fin iioralltin—-AxHlgnmenl HiihlnHsc In eiim hiilf of Hinilh hnlf of Huulheivst Kiidtnr, Inc., In Ilomeslake Oil Co. AKHlKiinieiil U'fiso on loin 12 ami 13. NIciTii Vlsla Trncl. CLASSKSLAIEO Bnkcrsficld Junior College lo Offer New Courses of. Practical Nature In order to moot tho need In this locality for training which will bolter fit young men- for oil fields employ- mnrit, a two-year technics! course know OH "Oil Technology" will bo offered for the first time this year In Bttkersfleld Junior College. The 6Ub- Joels to bo Included In the new course will bo those known to bo of particular value to students who expect to enter oil fields work. Geology, mathematics, chemistry, surveying, core subjects of the first year, will form a background for the advanced technical studies such as technical physics, oil fields machln-- cry, drilling and production methods, oil chemistry and oil geology of the second, year. '• The course In oil technology will 'dovetail" with the technology course In mathematics, electricity and aviation already established. Personnel directors for oil concerns state that standards of workmanship In tho Industry are being constantly raised and the competition tor Jobs IM becoming keener. It IH the purpose of tho new course to offer'to young men who otherwise would enter the Industry without suitable training, appropriate Instruction such IIH has the eiidornement of employers and which will enable them to miocoHafully advance In their vocation. Tho subjects taught will not yield university triinHfor credit Inasmuch as the aim IH satisfactory employment rather than college preparation, and tho subjects and nub- jecl. matter will be those recommended by oil company executives. The coin-HP. IH terminal In that It leVdn lo graduation upon Its completion In two years time. Such two- year courses have become Increasingly Important, during the past two years, nearly five thousand students being enrolled In similar studies In (he Los Angeles Junior College alone last year. Students who may bo Interested may register at tho Junior college next week for the fall term. Additional Information may bo obtained concerning technology courses at the time of registration or by contacting K. W. Rich at tho junior college. Officials Estimate Fair to Break Attendance Marks During 1938 Session . Prm heated Win) Sept. 7.—Hive•lock judging was started in cattle and horse barns today as California's eighty-second state fair moved into its third day with every Indication that all previous attendance records •would be broken. Basing their estimates on Increases tho first two days, officials expected 80,000 persons to Jam the grounds, race track grandstands and horse show pavilion today. Nearly 00,000 attended the opening day, and approximately 76,000 were at the fair yesterday to set new records for the tlrst two days, A program of harness and running races provided the entertainment feature for the Labor day throngs. Yesterday, Ihe American legion turned the fair Into a pageant of drill contests; San Jose Red Devils, Fresno, Chlco, Berkeley and Sunset 400 of Ban Francisco Winning the first five places. Increased Interest "In the fair was Indicated In tho livestock division, where nine outside states—Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Iowa—entered exhibits. .Santa Cruz and Alameda counlles portrayed their usual ' rivalry. In flower displays, Santa Cruz winning the first dally flower award with its display of carnations. Alameda was second. * The first gold medal In the dairy division was awarded to D. Ragnl, Point Ueyes Co-operative Creamery Association, for the best creamery butter exhibited. Other gold medal dairy awards: Cheddar cheese, Hugh Barber, Tlllaniook, Ore.; granular cheese, New Sonoma Creamery, San Francisco; cottage cheese, HJalmar Bandberg, Fresno; Monterey cheese, W. M. Rivers, Knudsen Creamery Co., Vlsalla; mysost cheeso and Roquefort cheese, Mount Lassen Qoal Dairy, Inwood. BUILDING BOOM HITS MOJAVE *. * *, * * * * * * **,*• New Hospital, Homes Are Constructed MOVE INDICATES BETTERTIMES "(By GRACE M. EVERETT/ Old Billy McLain Proud of Theatrical Scrapbook \Viir > H OLLYWOOD, Sept. 7.-~Old Hilly truducod tho "cake walk" to Amer- McLaln'M ebon faco llghled with ! le BACK TO SCHOOL IN The "Big Six • HERE are the very "cream" of America's school values. No doubt about it, no finer cord, shoe, shirt, sweater, underwear or hose can be found at the price than has been assembled here at Harry Coffee's under the V 'BIG SIX" banner. Quality that will give lasting satisfaction at a very SPECIAL PRICE. GRIDDER CORDUROYS . . . 2.95 STADIUM OXFORDS .... 3.95 KENT (button collar) SHIRTS . 1.00 ALL WOOL SWEATERS ... 2.15 BROADCLOTH SHORTS . . 35c VARSITY HOSE 23c Mi-Lnln'M ebony fucr» llRhteil with sutlsfncllon IIH ho found the clipping- In !I|H IIIIKC. dog-en red Hcrnp l>o«l(. innrl Ihe dlamoiul net squarely In n front Ktild tooth Klenmed an he. smiled In the sun of Ihn outdoor ruiivle set. "Ili-ro It In, sir." hn unlrt, nnd n IIH !•• crowd of studio workers Kilt hercd around to sen thn fndcrl proKi-iim of thn Oxford theater hi l/ondnn for December "0. 100!). Llsti-d were somo two do/.en headline acts. In |)|R type on thn lint WHS "Billy McLain In bin nrlglnnl ! creation, 'down among Ihn migiir culm anel ]'arson .lohimon'." (her down, burled In anonymity nf a hugi cam. In 1'Yed Karno'n production of lea. too. Out of tho Australian bush came Hilly when ho was 12, to be "adopted" by the family of Snowy l.luUer of polo fame. In another the- nirlcul day ho was a headllner, at) his tattered scrapbook attests. Later, In Washington, U. C.. ho operated a training hall and baths where, his mlnlKlnilloiiH to some of Capitol Hill's great may he remembered yet. llr is a chiropractor and something of un Inventor, besides—for Instance, his "physical Invlfforator," which, he says, keeps him IIH straight and strong as u stripling. Ills little home "The Foothiill Match," appeared the name uf--Charles Chaplin. Old llllly. In the costume of n coachman for Cecil It. He Mlllo's film. "The I'lnlnsnmn." chuckled. "Ho hn went on and RO! to he a millionaire, and here I am—a bum!" far- I WHH bequeathed hltn by a white bene the virtual | factor whoso aliments ho had at- supporting i tended back In Washington. In 1930 Hilly wrote to Director De Mllle asking about chances for work In Hollywood. IJe IVtllle wrote back lo may away—so Hilly came, lie lins been doing "bits" In pictures prutty steadily since. "Hut thanks to my white friend," ho Hays, "I won't over be without a "Man" Is Subject at Science Church "Man" was the subject of the Lesson-Sermon on Sunday In all Churches of Christ, Scientist, branches of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, In Boston, Massachusetts. The Golden Text was from the Psalms: "Mark the perfect man. and behold tho upright: for the end of that man Is peace." The Lesson-Sermon Included these verses from Mark: "And he preached In*their synagogues throughout all Cialllec, and cast out devils. And there camo a leper to him. beseeching him, and kneeling down to htm, and saying to him, If thou wilt, thou canst make me clean. And Jesus, moved with compassion, put forth his hand, and touched him, and salth unto him, I will; be thou clean. And as soon a.s he hud spoken, Immediately the leprosy departed from him, and he was cleansed." Among the correlative passages from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy, were tho statements: "Jesus beheld In Science tho perfect man, who appeared to him whore sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man, the Saviour saw God's own likeness, and this correct view of man healed tho sick." Jail Romance Is Blasted by Judge M OJAVK, Sept. 7.—Due to the extensive mining Industry near Mojave and the rapidly growing population, the shortage ot homes has been aiyite. Although many new homes h.aye been erected irt the past two years theft Is not at tho present time an available house for rent. It is estimated by contractors that the building program for Mojave during the past two years haa been more than $150,000. The Increase of the assessed valuation for the Mojavo School district. In 1938 Is shown as follows: 1034 assessment, $677,310.00; 1936 assessment, $1,900,456.00. This IB an Increase-of over throe times tho amount for tho year 1938. New Hospital One of Mojave's now possessions is the Phil J. Vogol .Hospital and Clinic recently completed by Doctor Vogel. The hospital, located on the corner of K. and Shasta streets, Is of one-story stucco and reinforced concrete construction and contains 10 beds and is modern In every detail. This Institution was opened to the public In June. Complete X-ray, therapeutic and surgery equipments have been Installed, Is also a nursery and sun porch. There are three nurses and Mrs. H. B.. Woodward, sister of Doctor Vogel, is superintendent of tho hospital. Miss Jerro Alzola Is the secretary. Doctor Vogel and his associate, Dr. Harold Snook, occupy a suite of of- floo rooms In the south wing ot the hospital. The offices of Dr. Thomas J. Klndel, dentist, are also located In this wing. The building is air-con- dltloned and with the equipment represents an investment of more than $20,000, At the Junction of tho Los Angeles and Barstow highways a now super- service station has been built by the General Petroleum Company and leased by T.,E. Flnnerty. On the same lots Is a small lunch room wh(ch Is being operated by Kelly Harris, formerly of Los Angeles, At the rear of the lots a warehouse was built. Tho adobe brick and stuccoed apartments built by Mrs. A. D. Cofflll are of the curly California typo and are modern In every detail. There are four two-room apartments in the building and all are electrically equipped. On the' corner of L and Inyo streets, Mr. nnd Mrs. Milton Strait a I have erected a six-room stucco modern homo of Spanish architecture with grounds landscaped by the Krauter Nursery of Halters- field. new adobe brick home of eight on Ihe corner of Panamlnt and M streets. M street could called .the slreel of be rightfully "new homes." One of those "characters" that j dollar. I put this diamond In my j maid' Hollywood what II In. old Hilly I - -who Kiiys he's r>« hut nclmlls con- flilontlally to xl Is a "hum" with a home of his own, 11 diamond In i bin mouth, and a Hcrnphoolc that I tells of performances before lOurop- enn kings and queens, of prowess In physical culture, and of \vayn lo health. He. IH supposed to have In mouth to ho sure ot burial money, but I've got that attended to already." A devout Catholic, Old Billy is pay- Ing for the tuition of a young student In college—and he himself Is going to night school. Hi' Is studying typewriting, short story writing and psychology! The "Big Six for Boys CORDUROYS . . OXFORDS ..... 2. 9B SHIRTS ....... 69° SWEATERS .... L 96 SHORTS ...... 25° DOG HOUSE SOX 19° The "Big Six" for Girls SKIRTS I. 98 KNIT DRESSES . 4. 98 SILK HOSE. . . . 50° SWEATERS .... 1." BAGS l.°° SPORT JACKETS. 7. 98 End Water Famine in Santa Ana Area State Relief Load HeavilyDecreased (Amoflnttil rre»i {.rated IHre) KACIIAM13NTO, Sept. 7.—Dtrec- f 4 **orffifftt /'rr*M I>rntftl \\'trr) SANTA ANA. Sept. 7.-A throe- day water famine at Silver Acres i tors of the California Ktnt« Chamber near here ended today Thlrlyjjcveii j of Commerce today received a report families in I ho city had been with i showing tho direct and work relief out witter In n dlwigrnoment with i load, In the state dropped from Dura HaleH, owner of the water planl, over finances. Payment ot jii.'I.SO In buck IIIXC-H on the plant ended the wutnr famine. HARRY COFFEE Fresno m Bakersfield SAFE BRAKES Avoid «rr«it for faulty brakci. • Have yours R e I i n • d. • / Todiy/«^ BUDGET PLAN Johnson's Firestone Auto Supply and Service Storesi Ino. Ohntir at Twtnty*tpurth Strut Phoni 4060 '..'39,107 In AugDHl lust year to 100,677 thin your. Tho rftport \v»« mibmlttoil to tho dlrcclorii at (heir annual meeting by Almun K. Hoth, controller of Sltan- ford I'tilvomlty. Joseph R. Knowl- nwl, pulillnher of tho Oakland Trl- bunr. prcBliK'd IIH prexklont of the l'rei» Leafed Wire) WHEELING, W. Va.. Sept. 7.— Love laughs at locksmiths, wrote William Shakespeare, but, as winsome Joan Matthews remarked In the Wheeling Jail, times change. For It would seem today lovo was laughing at Joan and her romantic admirer, Tommy Wclsahd, an occupant of a solitary cell, Tommy mot tho 28-year-old woman while cleaning the women's cellblock on trimly duty. Their romance grew through furtive whispered words until he was released lust Wednemlay on parole. Next day; learning Joan would be sent to tho penitentiary to servo 2 ',4 years for stealing an automobile, Wolsand appeared before a justice of the peace and demanded recommitment. The Justice consigned him to 10 days In nolltary confinement, lead- Ing Joan to believe she would "stnrvo until they let me see Tom. 1 ' She stopped her hunger strike yesterday, however, after a day's fast, saying she got too hungry. Slieht Delay by Fire Department In tho past year 15 new homes have been built In two blocks. Five-room stucco, houses appear to bo the most popular with the home builders. John Bowman of Santa Barbara has erected a five- room home and a duplex. Next door to tho Bowman residence Is the attractive cottage of Mr and Mrs. John Melly. In the Jack Sweetser court there are three four-room stucco houses and the foundation for one five-room apartment is being laid. In tho same block Robert Me- Bryant is building a four-room dwelling. Early in July. Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Davis and family moved Into the five-room bungalow, on the corner ot M and Inyo streets built by Mrs. F. M. Epply of Long Beach. The throe-room cottage of frame construction belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Hans Vlsser occupies a site on the west side of M street. Wesley Newsom, Southern Pacific brakeman, has completed an attractive 7-room residence for his family. Early this year Earl Townsend built a six-room home which Is also located on this street. This house Is being occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reynolds. Another frame constructed home belongs to Tom Garvey. This building Is of English architecture and contains five rooms. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sellars have Just completed construction ot their now home on M street. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eastcrwood have also recently moved Into their Several years before the beginning of the building program also located on M street were, several beautiful homes, the Tom Bruce home made o'f solid adobe bricks, and'also the C, W. Townsend and Walter Touchstone homes are notea for their beauty. The Pat Wolff home has been remodeled by the ad? dltlon of several rooms and a coat of stucco. On the V, S. Cooper property on the corner of K and Shasta streets three four-room and one five-room cottages have been built in the pa*t. two years. These are frame and stucco construction. They are being occupied by 'Doctor and Mrs. Thomas J. Klndel, Doctor and Mrs. Harold Snook, Mr. and Mrs. Willlam H. Anderson and Don L. Brink, deputy sheriff.. ; VETERAN LOANS USED Tracy Cuinmings'was' the first veteran to secure a California vet* orrin loan for building and has purchased three lots, at 605 L.' street arid has' started coititruc-, lion of a modem sl^-rooni stucco* residence which He and his family will occupy upon completion. Herbert Hnlier, another veteran, Is erecting; this house for Mr. Cunningham. Opposite the new hospital. Jack O'Donnell has built a modern duplex which has all of the modern electrical appliances. Four houses have been erected on the Shermon Ewlng property on K street. These houses consist of three, four and five rooms. Adjacent to this court Is the Ewlng residence which was built several years ago. The John White home on J street has been rebuilt and on the same lots Is the home of Attorney and Mrs. C. H. Tyler. Attractive Cottages Noted Two adobe and four frame cabins have been built by Mrs. Pearl Beane adjacent to tho Golden West Service Station. On the lots where the home of Constable and Mrs. Truman Hamilton Is located there have been built two modern cottages ot frame and stucco construction. Gllmanwood, tho home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Oilman on Shasta, and TJ, has been rebuilt and Is suggestive of the early Spanish type. Another attractive home Is that belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Milton ; Austin, who at the present time are, vacationing in Europe. This home Is of English architecture frame construction of seven rooms on tho corner of K and Nadeati. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gray have recently completed a duplex apartment on their property In L sVeet. Angelp Cappollo has erected a court of three' cottages oh L street. Mr. and Mrs. J." F. Lopes'have, on their property on L street, a. f lye-! room home of stucco and frame, construction. Two small cottages recently built are the homes of Mr. ,&nd .Mrs, Mearl Craig arid -Mr. 1 .'and. -Mrs. Newton Wert,- -Tmr Cralp.. home is located on Cerro Gorto and, the Wert coUago on -Bellshaw. Dur-; Ing the past year several homeowners have remodeled their homes. Among them on I street are tho homes of Mr. and Mrs. J. Ivan Harbison and Mr. and .Mrs. A. A. Houck. The two-story brick constructed home of the Harbison's has been modernized by thoraddition of a sun; porch and breakfast nook on the ground floor. Several bedrooms and. a, bath 'have been' added on the sec-• ond floor and In the near future the exterior of the house will be stuccoed. ' The home of A. A. Houclt.has been entirely remodeled and a double gaiv age and laundry have been. added. The cozy cottage built bjt M,rs. S. G. McKenzle also-occupies a site on I street. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Monroe have moved onto their property fronting I., street, a building w.hloh they have converted Into an attractive.six-room mpdern home and like many other property owners In Mojave they are beautifying the grounds surrounding their home. . "Tin; ri'llcf prohlftni la by no mcnn» solved," Uolh deoliiifrt. "Duplication of Hi'UvltlfH and lack nf eo-ordlnu- lion HI-O I ho wraknoHHOH of relief ad- nilnlMlrallon." ltoth'8 report dl»olo»cd there vvrro only 2!»,f>00 CHSPH on the stale relief iiilinlnliitrnUoii The workn dole lltit In ndmlnlatrutlon I hml 124, 72K on lu pay roll. I In AuKimt, I9»5. all of tho 239,107 rases were flnuiu'fd by tho SUA. Consolidation Is Vote atan Jose Trcm //cn«crf Wire) ONAMIA. Minn., Sept. 7. — Flrfi broke out In Al Hoist's garage, which he valued at ?1,500. Ho called the fire department. Thirty minutes passed while a key was found to open the railroad depot, wherein wore locked tho newly arrived hose nonzles. Another 20 minutes sped by while they searched for tho custodian of the flrehousc key. The fire department arrived at the scene uf tho blaze to find only smouldering ruins. Alameda Perjury Trial Adjourned (United Prr»i Leased Wire) ALAMEDA, Sept. 7.— The perjury trial of B. Ray Krltz, former city manager of Alameda, today stood adjourned until September 12. Star witness of yesterday's trial session was B. O. Bryant, former head of tho Alameda City Employes Association. He testified he had given Fritz between $800. and $900 of association funds and had been told by KHU to collect money from city employes who were not member% of the organization, . * > » IIKAVV MII.K 11OTTM5 U)SS PASADENA, Kept. 7, (A. P.)— Dr. Wilton L. Hnlverson, city health officer, ways the loss In milk bottles In Pasadena $17,000. each year aggregates Lassen Man Heads State's Assessors (United Prett Treated Wire) SAN DIEGO, •Sept. 7.—Frank O. Weniple, Lnssen county assessor, was elected president of the California County Assessors Association at their thlrty-fourlh annual 'convention. ....... Other officers elected were: Hayden W. Pitman, San Jose, vice-president: O. P. Cummtngs, Fresno, secretary, and Tom P. Burkci Bak- erafleld, treasurer. The 1937 convention will meet at Stockton. * '» — » DISPLAY STUDENTS' WORK POMONA, Sept. 7. (A. P.) — The Los Angeles County Fair, September 18-October 4, will display activities—* of more than 200,000 southern California students In an educational exhibit. GRUNOW Refrigerators—Radios JOHN R. HUFF Phoni 1410 1881 Qhntir I'rent SAN ,IO8E, Sept. 7.~Tl)lB olty xucuiod deatlnpil today to add ovar i 70UO IHTHUIIS lo Ita |iop\ilatlun an the result of a ooimolldattun election ro- eontly In whtoh Willow Ulen voted to Inoorporuto |t»cl( with Hnn ,loi»e. Tho vote wan 828 to 871 for con- •oUdatton. Actual t'OiiHolldatlon will not be legally c<impl«ted niHll the Willow Ulon council eanvHHSVH tho voto anil the Hun JONO city council PUHBOB un Incorporntlh^ the two ell- (iaUl thono *lov>« \vero u niattiM 1 of form. LUNCH Served Prom 11 «• m. to 3130 p. m. Beit hi the City 35c BaktriUeld'i Finest C«fe St. Francis Cafe 1117 Chciter Avenue • (All* M« t» «N OlMk Brt»k(4ltt FOR QUICK DEPENDABLE RADIO SERVICE Phone 2834 WITHAM & BOOTH 2015 H Street

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