The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 7, 1936 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, September 7, 1936
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FAIR DEAL Roosevelt Reports Stale of Drought Areas at Fireside Talk HEARTENS FARMERS Asks Industry's Aid in Continued Combat of Unemployment na- .•i - By FltEDRKICK A. STORM United Tre» Staff Correspondent TVfASHINGTON, Sept. 7i —A " tlon celebrating Labor's annual fete was confronted today by Prasl- -dent Hoosevelt's blunt reminder that to refuse the worker a decent livelihood and security fosters class dissension "which In other coun- utries has led to dictatorship.. 11 In a fireside chat • delivered 12 hours after his return to the White House from a 6000'mllo drought in- Hpcctlon tour, the President proposed an alternative "economic democracy in which all can profit.*' He sulcl it was not labor but those "shortsighted ones" who would ro- fuse workers their just clues who point this nation toward a class-con- scloue society, 'Ho called again on private Indus- .Jtcy^,tp ..absorb ..more .oL. ..the - ,unemr ployed ancl announced allocation of $2.600,000 to enable tho Federal- State Employment'Service'to search more widely and thoroughly for private Industrial Jobs in which unemployed persons nmy be placed. Defends Spending The speech rang with a defense of government spending and a pledge of adequate protection of agriculture, sufferers In the vast drought area ancl continuation of relief Jobs where necessary. The average man," Mr. Boose- ••••"• ^"•™*™"'-^P»^»*'"-*I**"*»*™-p^^«^**«* . — - B — , - llt _ .- j.i.1 j a-i-^i i_ir L.!B^___^-_ (Continued on Page Thirteen) B 4 Report Unity in Chinese Factions (Associated Press Leased Wire) HONG KONG. Sept. 7.— Disputing Chinese factions, united together under the Nanking government by agreement, were reported today to have solidified national unity by compromise between the central and southern administrations. ;. The Nanking (central) authorities inounced settlement of their con- tho southern (Canton) " .agreement. the southern Kwangtung and eo to be withdrawn with the exception of five divisions which are to assist local commanders in defense of South China. INDEX TO ADVERTISERS NY ASH * * *• * * * MR8. ROOM MARRY CHOVr»>.V. 41 ....,.', 4 DRINK-0.LINK ......,,.,.. 4 JIMMY OUNN 4 ECONOMY STORE 4 FRAGER'S TAMALE GROTTO *.«.. 4 MARRY MAKE... 4 HIRSCHY'8 CAFE 4 IMPERIAL FLOOR SERVICE 4 KENDALL JONES 4 KiRN-ROOFINO COMPANY 4 LEO'S EXCLUSIVE FUR 8MOP 4 THE MANDARIN 4 MR. AND MRS. CAFE 4 SAM MOSS......... 4 NORA BEAUTY SHOP 4 OWENS VARIETY STORE 4 PEQOY BEAUTY SALON 4 POPEL FURNITURE EXCHANGE 4 KIRK RAGLAN* CREAMERY 4 8ASIA & WALLACE....... 4 8TV. FRANCIS CAFE* ...,..., 4 J- n Detroyat Favored to Win Thompson Trophy Race as Many Rivals Forced Down O EARS Prct9 Leased FRENCH W T Government lo Increase Expenditure for New j T"^~ •*•-"* * • t f*% • •. J T -. • Equipment, Says (Associated Press Leased PARTS, Sept. 7.—France,, deciding to ask for more than $275,000,000 ad- ^ ' L dltional to bolster her armed sorv- T J ices, moved simultaneously today to\Vard a new world disarmament effort. The cabinet drafted a new national defense bill to provide for an Initial appropriation in 1937 of 4,200,000,000 francs (currently $276.300,000) to answer Germany's recent doubling of her universal conscription term. Then the ministers announced they would take the lead at the league of Nations meeting In Geneva this fall for a general convention on "limitation and controlled reductions of armaments." The French cabinet, after a long meeting with President Albert L.e- brun ut tho Elysee Palace, announced a bill opening up credits in that amount had been approved by the ministers. It will be presented In the autumn. The money will be spent to Increase fighting equipment and for the "Improvement" of the army, navy and aid force. The new credits will be in addition to the regular 1936 national defense budget of 13.500,000 francs (888.300,000). A cabinet communique stated: "The government, at the By LBO BARON United Prww Stiff Correspondent L OS ANGELES, Sept. 7.—A young strapping Frenchman who drives a racing piano liko Babe Ruth usod to hit home runs was an established favorite against an American field today In the 120*000 Thompson trophy race, climatic speed dash in tho 4-day national air races.. Only engine trouble or a crash appeared likely to halt Michel De- troyat from winning - the world's premiere 150-mile speed classic. And the engine of his long Indigo blue racing plane gave no sign of anything- but speed and endurance as It thundered over a 100-mile route to whip the best America had to offer yesterday In tho $10,000 Grevo trophy race. Detroyat, who onco held the world's land piano speed record, finished seven miles ahead of the field, and his $1,000,000 Caudron-Rcnault racer was not even pushed to the limit of Its tremendous power. His average speed of 247.300 miles per hour—more than 4 miles per mlnuto —was approximately 26 m. p. h. slower than the performance It turned In in a qualifying dash earlier In the meet. Record for the Thompson run—which spans IB 10- mile laps—Is 252 set by Jimmy Doolittle 4 years ago. CraHhcs have robbed Detroyat of four of his rivals—Bonny Howard, H. .1. "Wiltman. R. A. Kllng nnd Jqp .Tacobson—und of 111 others only tvlo appeared to offer any kind of a threat. 4>rtmaii Threat ISarl Ortrnan, reckless tow-headed OklahOmant wft a formtiftbto contender in his rider speedster which reputedly is capable of 300 m.p.h, Tho other was Harry Crosby, stocky little air mall pilot from Glandule, with his highly rated but temperamental homo-made racer. Crosby, however, was still having trouble with his retractable landing gear, which twice has locked on him in the air, and he may not start. A Sunday crowd of 80,000 persons, still marveling nt tho sight of the French plane lapping all six of its American rivals nt least once, was brought to Its feet gasping when Jacobson and Kllng cracked up in (Continued on Page Thirteen) Colorado Primary to Open Tomorrow ICE SPAIN A Communists Make Strike Threats in Attempt to Aid Spain SAY REVOLT PENDS Party Newspaper Avers Fascists Planning Uprising Soon Uy HOWARD KENNEDY (Copyright. 1936. by AuocUlcd Prt»> AJIR3, Sept. 7. — Communists, seeking by strike threats to force official assistance to Spanish Socialists, charged today a Fascist uprising threatened Franco. The Communist newspaper I/Hn- manite laid the Fascist plot, to the French "Social" party, political organization headed by Colonel Fran- cols Do La Rocquo which arone from tho dissolved Crolx Do Fou Veterans league. The charges* followed Communist instructions to 300.000 metal workers ILOT LOYALISTS BOMB- LABOR TOPIC OF IK B! UN AT LEG! MEET Republican Nominee in Appeal for Higher Living Standard DISCUSSES PACIFISM CONTINU NTRAT SAN TROOPS H ENDAYK, Sopt. 7 Peace Strong Will for Help in Avoiding War. Declares Cook, Transient, Hike Under Arrest, Now as Probe Deepens (United Prctt Leatcd Wire) LA JOI'T^A. Sept. 7.—Three mm— a cook, u NOKTO tranBtant and a ...... . , . A . , , hitchhiker—wore held today for In the Paris region «o drop thnlr | |PHllonl HJS pOMfilbk , misp oru In toolH for a one-hour strike today In | protest agalnnt the French policy of j nonintervention In the Spanish civil war. Allege Revolt Planned , Tlvjo Communist newspaper asserted Do Ua Kocquo at a Hccrct meeting of 30 "regional chiefs'* yesterday, Issued orders for the organization of "shock troops" and "outlined a plan for civil war." Tho party leader and his lieutenants made detailed plans for seizing control of various provincial cities and. the paper declared, told his I (A*80<'intc,d Press Leased Wire) DENVER, Sopt. 7.—A burst of Labor day activity carried Colorado's primary election campaign to a close today, with the chief races involving Townsendltes seeking He- publican congressional nominations and Democratic struggles over choices for senator and governor. • Tho state will vote tomorrow. Polls will close at 7 p. m., mountain standard time. Avowed supporters of the Town- same send old ago pension plan are seek* time it takes measures which the j ing Republican nomlnatlona to all security of Franco requires in the j four of the state's seats in the House of Representatives. The rivals for the Democratic senatorial nomination, former Oov- crnor William K. Sweet and Governor Ed C. Johnson, both went to Pueblo to appear on the same platform at a labor rally today. present state of Europe, calls attention onco again to the dangers of war which growing military burdens constitute for peoples." Therefore, the announcement said. the cabinet decided to ask a gen- oral convention for "limitation and controlled reduction of armaments*' at Geneva this month. The ministers unanimously approved Premier Blum's speech last night to members of the Socialist party, in which ho stood pat on j French neutrality toward Spain. Tho armament program mapped out today included organization of a corps of. "specialists," an Increase in tho number of "career militarists/' and development of anti-tank defenses. A decree authorizing tho immediate expenditure of 100,000,000 francs ($6,580,000) lor "extraordinary work" at naval bases also was approved. Republicans Will Sponsor Program TROUTMAN'8 ICC CREAM SHOP 4 I A l*j .• vvrt WHITE SPOT MARKET 4 ArhifrsiTinn Wine ROY WHITE FURNITURE STORE 4 XU. Ul tl allUll TT lilO ...,.', ...4 fit • T 1 TT« 1 M « 00 pSk L r L o cBOL . M :.. co . Mp . AN . v :::::::: 3 1 Ship-Labor Fight TFEE, MARRY a " COUSINS TRACTOR COMPANY » FUCKINQER.OIQICR .................. 6 FOX CALIFORNIA , | GRANADA THEATER | HEtM. ED ,...,....,,,....• HOflLC 4 CO.. J. A* ,,..13 HUFF. JOHN R ,.,,.; J JOHNSON'S FIRESTONE TIRES 3 KIMBAU4STONE | MANDARIN. THE , i NEW CITY CLEANERS... f NILE THEATER | nfftflij LtKBD tf*A - * nfttN Fl|LflI) wUi< i • -.r*-«.* T *.*t, / PHILLIPS MUSIO COMPANY II PRESTON. DON C... I REX THEATER , , * RIALTO THEATEJI... ,...., « *TY FHANCI$ OAFC*** >**•««**•.**-t UNION CEMETERY. ,..,MJ VALLEY MUSIC STORE.. »..„...• . VIRGINIA. W " Hi* A »iki»* « WtCKCRS WltLli, WtTHAM 4 (United Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 7.— The United States government today intervened to settled a labor •shipown- ers dispute which has caused tie- up of the Dollar Company's luxury liner, President Hoover, for three days and threatened a new crisis along the JJan Francisco waterfront. Company officials meanwhile announced the President Hoover's sailing time had been rescheduled for noon today and adrlsed the vessel's 600 pasaenrere that the ship's oriental cruise would no longer t>* 4ls - i.--. BOOTS '-* department qf labor "ftiwu* H. FlUgerald, oral concllntor who has participated. th seVerai west coast maritime dte- putes. from IK»S Angeles to San to" attftkft'pt ^britrat'ton" In (Atioclatcd Prett Leated Win} SAN FRANCISCO, Sopt, 7. Northern California Republican headquarters today announced n broadcast program for Wednesday which BiniulUuieounly will celebrate tho entrance of California into the Union nnd the Forty-ninth birthday of Governor Alf M. I-andon of Kansas, Republican presidential nominee. Tho Admission Day program will be, heard over KFI and KPO beginning at 9:1D p. m. Speakers will include Earl Warren, national commUteeman, who will read a message from Governor Landon on the eighty-sixth anniversary of California as a state; 8. F. B. Morse of Monterey, campaign committee chairman; Mrs. ISdlth W. Van de Water, national committeewoman, and Michael Shannon, campaign chairman for southern California. Listed Bonds' Value Gain $5^.0,000,000 M*«o0idf*<f Prett Le49t4 Wirt) KBW YORK. Septv t>~An Increase of about $B60,OQO,(H>0 In the market of Its listed bonds In August reported today by the New York stock exchange, . ; On September i, tho exchange an* Bounded, thwo were listed 1400 *uo« with par value of $44,379.021 992 ana raftrHct valiwi ot (Continued on Page Thirteen) Begin Pittsburgh Plane J>ash Quiz (Attociated Prett Leased Wire) PITTSBURGH, Sept.. 7.—A triple Investigation began today into the crash of a trl-motor sightseeing plane in which tho pilot and nine passengers died late Saturday night and were almost cremated. The lone survivor, Linda McDonald, 17-year*old Miami, Kin., blonde, was to be visited by federal, Htato and county authorities, at the hospital whero she IH reported recovering from the shock. A. H. McDonald, her father, sold Bho told him she was the only ono to fasten on a safety belt, and that this likely saved her life. The ship felt on an Isolated farm a few minutes after the pilot, Krlo Beckley, SB, had risen from tho Allegheny airport after promising tho Vasscngcrn: "A thrill or your money back." England Quizzes Rebel^on Bohibs Mt;*>c<ai«<t Prr.** Leased WircJ LONDON, ^ept. 7.—a real Britain, fearful lest the increasing fury of the Spanish War endanger European neutrality, today instructed Us charge d'affaires In Madrid, O. A, D. Ogllvle-Korbes to ask If rebel "charges that tho government In "*• • »ex Blaylng of Utith Mulr. Ulver- o, Calif., Y. AV. C. A. worker, a week ago. Tho cook, John Flramonto, 42, wan taken in custody In l^os An- ureles and hokt 1n oohtxty jwil tHcrt? after ho reportedly attempted to flee- following an automobile accident becaueo he didn't want "anything to do with police/* Police reported Firamonto had several hairpin* In his pnckntn and wn» unable to account for his ac- tlvltieH during tho PBMI, week. Ho wns booked temporarily on a vug- rnncy charge. In Hlvertiidn, Fred Wurden, hitchhiker, was In ken into cunlody Uy Vndersheriff Steve I^ynch for que»- tionlng. AVurdon anaertedly won taken Into custody onco by Deputy Sheriff Walter Hlbley on tho out- Bkirtm of the city "but escaped after slugging tho officer. He won recaptured. The Negro, Henry Heed, 22, was held hero, his arrest following a two-day search for him. Rood reportedly had been hiding near the bench whero M!H« Mulr was beaten to death. The Negro had been convicted on a vagrancy charge last week but was released on a 90-day nunpended ttontence. I^ttter police sought him for further questioning. Five Dead Result Week End Crashes • I I . _ -11 B-^*^ ,M *^ •>! (Anociated Preint Leoted Wire) 1-O8 A NO 151: J2S, Hopt. 7. Five persona were dead today BH a re- «uU of Kunday traffic accidents in the I.OH Angelen area. Floyd A. Cownn of 4477 Holly wood boulevard, Hollywood, died In a head-on collision of two nutomn- l/lk'H near Kan Bernardino Hin wife, Christina, and Alex Cox uf Redlandn, driver of the norond car. wore, among tuiven othei'B H*»rlou»ly Jiurt. Hobert Mun^a/14. of Kl Centra, wan killed in a three car crash on tho Uos AnjirelcH-Hakorgflrdd highway. Kmll Bnrtholoitiey, 30, of Kan Ua- bri«l, wn« fwtully injured when an automobile (Atoncopcd Into iho roar of II!H own machine. Mrs. Hunan David. 36. was ntruck down and killed by a motorUt nt an Intersection. Another pedestrian fatality WHH WrJf Hnlprin. 70. (Associated Press Leased Wire) CHIT A. Kan., Sopt. 7.—Oov- ornor Alf M. Landon in a apoech today advocated a "united** organize] labor "struggle for higher living standards." Coincldontally In his nddross ho- foro tho Htuto convention of tho American hcglon he named n "strong will for peace" an tho nation's "mnin reliance in staying out of war." lOinphuHlRtiiK three "present and future ditties'* of war veterans—tol- crunco, citizenship and tho preservation of peace- the Hepuhllcnii presl- dentlnl nominee In his address noted: ".Ulsquletintr ovldenoo of ntlempts 1 lo »tlr up racial antagonisms'* which i "would l>o tragic if it should become i serious." j Kxprn-KHlnff the hop« that "the re- I cent split In tho ranks of labor win be speedily healed/ 1 he nalA, "those of us who wore in the servlco appreciate In a way otbftrs cannot tho utter futility of war, its meaningless cruelty." Tho Republican nominee told tho LoKlonairoH, who opened their eighteenth annual convention last ntKht, that this was the fourth and IBM SHERIFF BEGINS EW BRITE H I (Continued on Pngc Thirteen) L Borah in Warning Against Changes Uy HAROLD ETTL1NQEK (Coprrliht. IBifi. by tlnlted Pr«a*) The government forces struck back viciously day at the rebel conquerors of Irun, dropping bombs on the flame- charred city. Loyalist planes darted over the ctly, dropped seven heavy bombs. then fled to safety over tho FVonch frontier to escape insurgent pursuit planes. Meanwhile, the rebels, victorious In the Trun sector, continued their concentration of troops around San Sebastian, key to the entire northwestern coastal section. Their guns were throwing shell alter shell Into Pasftjos, where government forces sought to keep them from their goal* The fury of tho rebels wns Increased by their failure to find any trace of their 200 colleagues who had boon hold as hostages in Port Guadeloupe, on the outskirts of Irun. ItoheU Driven Back KobelB Htftklng at Madrid and Toledo from tho Houthwost wore, driven back MX kilometer* in savage, fight- Ing at Talnvorn Do IA Hctna, 09 milftd from the capital, the war offico announced today. At 9 a. m. tho ministry of war announced that the. loyalints at Hueaca continued to capture building!) In the, town. On tho southern front, tho com- munique Bald, the government forces at Almerln floored nevera-1 victories, taking Tovele?,, 26 milon noulheaM of Gramidft, and al»o tho villages of Tutellur nnd Alledejar in tho name vicinity. The announcement Bald that pennant* were, rifling agninat Urn rebels in Gallcla. Victory Cheer* Tho victory cheered tho four-day- old Hed government at the start of tho eighth week of ono of the bloodiest fratricidal wars In history, although earlier roporU that tho battle had "eliminated" tho threat to Madrid from this quarter wero not borne out, Tim fighting was still going on today with neither Bide estimating its cammUlea. The new National Republican Guards, storm guards and mllltla massed suddenly after a period of retreat and launched a vicious counter offensive agulnnt tho rcbnl forces under General Emlllo Mola, according to reports of tho battlo reaching the capital. Aided by loyal artillery and planes tho government troops advanced In battalions of 200 against the, nea- l fundated rrcts Lcatcd Wire) 11AIUSY* Idaho. Hept, 7.—Sena tor William K. Horah saying a dom inant question nationally Is ho much of what "you and 1 know and i «oned rebel army of foreign legion- revere as American" can be pro- j rmliva and Moors. Despite machine served, warned today: i *" n np " l « manned by the Moors the "If we venture Into other foreign warn or mix In tho political affairs of foreign governments, wo will probably »uvo none of it." The veteran Idaho Republican, tt candidate fur re-election against Governor *'. Hen HODS, Democratic nominee, atldroBised a crowd of farmers and business men at a babor Day picnic. "Tho last 2& yoam in ninny re- spectH havo wrought greater ohangps In tho whole set-up of human affairs than the 250 years preceding," ho declared. Towiisend Picnic Held at Alameda tl'nitrt Press Leased Wire/ AI.AMKDA, Hopt, 7.- Mor«* than 10,000 TuwnstMuUtcs from i>nM bay units of thr penalon plan orgfijit/Ji- t Ion thronffrd Nepi uno bcauh hero yesterday for A Riant picnic nnd gun nests loyalists succeeded In recovering almost four mite* of battle front. The announcement of the Talavora. | fighting wan preceded by an eight- i hour conforenco of members of the | new. and first avowedly red, gov- ! ernment cabinet. Simultaneously tho ! war ministry reported advances on four other fronts. New Clue in Case of Slain Seaman (t'nited Pret» Leoted Wire) OAKLAND, Hept, 7.—Tho fact that Karl King, indicted In the shipboard flaying of George Alberts, had told fellow unionists three days before the murder that he Intended to resign wan seen today aa an Indication of hia tnaoG«n&f by ftonald J. Klmpson, chairman of the, firemen's union defense committee. At th* muiw time, District Attorney Karl Warren of Alameda county broadcast a description of Ben 8ako* nil/., missing "key man" in the kill- Concentrates Forces in Horse Creek Area to Round Up Slayers (United Press Leased Wire.) YRKKA. Sept, 7.—Confident that his "starvation Bieffo" will prove successful. Sheriff \V. G. Chandler today concentrated all his posse- men and deputies in tho Home Creek areri. aa the Bearch for John and Court BrU<v-ona of California's greatest man hunts—entered its second week. i i Chandler, heading 1 the hunt for the two part-Indians who stayed tvro peace officers and a navy pilot early last Sunday, posted watchers at every road and trail in tho area surrounding the mining cabin where tho trlpUvkilllng occurred. Tho sheriff had posses out in Horse Creek canyon today, while Sheriff I^ow of Klamalh and a squad of Oregon state police acarcned through the big Applegato country to the north. Chandler is operating in the belief that the Hrltes will try to make their way to the cabin home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Brite. He believes the mother and father, if consulted, will try to persuade their sons to surrender. Threats of mob action has diminished in Yroka, Chandler be* lieves. and if the two brothers ar* captured, they may be brought to tills Slsklyou county seat for imprisonment. Previously it has been planned to take them to a foreign county to prevent possible lynching*. The sheriff will leave for Los Angeles In several days to return Robert Barr Miller, a suspect In th« slaying for which Clyde Johnson was lynched last year. New Deal To Face Test in Primaries Two Dead Result r au - t •-.i \ng gas bombs are true. Tho British nmbonwuior to Madrid, Sir H. O. Chllton, now nt Hendaye, France, WHH instructed at the pa mo tlmo to convey to the retain tho suggestion that "grave consequences" might follow threatened reprisal gaa raldg .on Mnrirld— Meanwhile, tho British notified approximately 24 government that the first session of the Inlernntlonal F neutrality committee would open at j the London foreign office Wcdnes- j day morning, under the chairmanship of W. B. Morrifton, financial secretary of the treasury. Fair Attendance Records Broken (United Frett Leafed Wire) SACRAMENTO. Sept, 7.—All record* for one day's attendance at the wrt California;- Slate Kair were broken ^r*"?' 70 - were injured. ywtorday when »l,847 persons Hharlff « deputies dragged the P M«*d through the turnstiles to the American rlvjr for 7-yeaiMihl Will- groufJde, official figure* revealed **"V «'»H)i of U.K Angelf*. who** -|o64« clothes were found on the bank. TWe highest previous mark wan set on Labor Day. 192$ t when 82.300 person* attended the exposition. With attendance for the first day recorded a* fiMOi, the total of 465 for this first two days a new high in state fair history. Of- ficiaU predicted today's l^bor Pay would ffxceod that of Alamoda nnd Contra Costa county club members h<*ard Kdward J. Mar- Kott, dtatci niHtiiiKer, rc»v|ow th** hln- tury and future pluna of tho $^00-HI mouth old iiffo pension movement. '^l n g« K5» H. Hnm«e> Twenty-fivp clubs wore represented ll<rfl ttn4 Frank Conner, all mern- In u Toxvnneiul tnldwHy. Bp«-orh«»s, I l>orfl of thp f1rr»mpir» unlcm. concerts und tithletli- evriiin. Other, " Kln K unnouncwl he would lik»> Hpi«ak**rs inrluded Kratiees Hannen. i to »«!»» nt « regular meeting on 17. and Hldnoy Burr, tt, won uf «. | Mnrch I5 *-" Hlmpson wild. "Ho Raid Concord orHmrdlict. HiHh ut'KOd that , h(> «'«* tjr "<* °f the work and lo take u rest and return to Ho would thorofore have had no rea- I son to order violence to perpetuate; his IcudiTMhtp In the union," ; (Associated Press Leased WASHINGTON, Sept. 7.—Political interest swung Into the old south today, where lh« new deal faces a direct lest Wednesday in a primary election Involving the Senate scat held by Richard B. Ru»cH, Jr,, of Georgia. Hussoll. an ardent supporter of the Roosevelt administration, U opposed by Governor Kugene Talmadge, ... . 4 . critic of new deal policli \\arren made prepamtions for tho for Tftlnmdgo virtually will wipe out arralirrtment -Thursday of the four| all anU .RoSaeveH strength in the men held In the murder. They arc i HOUth which waa bu!U up by the Ut0 Senator Huey P. Ix>n^ of Ixnilatana. youth "faro thr problems of IIfn and the work "f your ciders," t Week End Mishaps Man " Dead ^ rf**-_*A^_t>ft V.._k«at« -. f COUGHLIN URGES NEW TEA PARTY I (L'nitrd /*rr«« I,t a ted Wirej HACHAMBNTO. Hept. 7,-™An tomobll'i accident and a drowning claimed two lives here over the week end. Mrs. Delia Klizabnth Murphy. 40, Injured on Road Are for ledo. ft'nited Prent Leaned Wire) IiriCD. Kept, 7 —-1311 go Hob...„ . 48. IA%* N(*lton, was killed and of Oakland, was killed when the rar| his wife. Mrs. Sulto.M Hob^clu. 28, In wWch she was riding «klddei1 off: Wttll tT m Ctt i|y itijimM when their HU- the Htockton highway. Her hu«biuit1. Harry Ogden Murphy, 42; Mrs. Margaret Murphy, 60, and Mrs. Mary beaU un wiili u rnlU>* iuuth of Onatlnw parly I } -- boy was believed to have drowned while wodJng. ^^_^_^^^^^__ -^^^f^r-^^-^^^^^^^Tf j 8CHQOL I'OSTPONKU , Calif,, Sept. 7, (A, P.)—Peiay in setting up tenta postponement of 0 opening of Carpinteria Union Klementiiry «tfhp6I Until 0opt«mbdr H. lug Ui« pupils* vacation two ^w . \ ^* ^ • i, • , ™ trunk, today. Four Rob ledo children, 9. Juunltu, fl, Xellle. 4 and Manuel, a, were slightly Injured. The truck was driven by Tex Collins of \Vat- sonvUte. He escaped injury. Hob- ledo'M death the thlrty-thirO traffic fatality in Merced county this year. I'OLICK F1NK8 SO All SANTA BAnilAIIA, Hopt. T, (A- J*.)—Stringent onforcemont of truffle regulation* fK»ar$d police court fineis to f SOI $.30 for A an inci^aae of |9?1 over July, Death of^Farmer (Attoriated Prea Leaned Wire) ALMA, Mich.. Sept. 7.—Eleanor Cook. 30, and George Kelyea. 26, wtro held for *iu**tlonln» today con* ccTiilnff the death of the woman's \ husband. Williani U.*Cook, Search! for the couple which be Kan shortly ! after Cook'* body was found, torn! by ohotgun slug**, In his automobile! five miles northeast of here Satur- i day. ended when they were discov- j ereti nt the Cuok farm at Dotph, i near Houghtou lake. I Cook, employed In Detroit, had j been in the habit of spending week { *nda at tho farm. Sheriff William j Nestle said he hollered CiKfk roacluni! th*» farm a» usual Friday night. "\Vo boU*»ve." tho sheriff said, "that he was killed th'«r« and his .body brought here to remove from Uifi kUI«r»." i (Associated Press Leased HICAGO, Sept. 7. — The Rev. Charles E. Coughlin left In Chicago today an admonition to hit followers that "You wont get your rights until you take every International banker and either convert him or start a new party.'* "I mean a new Boston tea party," he said In a Sunday ad* dress to thousands at Rlvervtew Park. "Your ancestor* did It once before and do you lack the intestinal fortitude to do It now?" \ While his listeners surged about the press section with cries of "thro.w them out/ 1 th« priest replied to recent reports that high church officials had curbed hi* activities, with * "challenge* 1 to the press to "headline** his denU* as, he said, It had "headlined th» II*V* •A" l *;-i "'i/- •*; •,1-., ' S; " ', ?-. t:-* TV^ ,f-&. I--.:*LK J* " -i-i . - 17 *,.•. _ -. l ~t v ^T- . . -V- L ' f '

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