The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 5, 1936 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 5, 1936
Page 12
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER S, 1936 Cbttortal of tCfte Pafcettffteib Caltlarhtan i ALFRBD^AR^M, llakcrsflcltl, Issued Every KvonlnR Kxocpt Suiiflny In Kern Coiinl.v, California Wntereil In |>nM offlrn HI Ilnkfrsflold, r'nllferiiln. n« » f "' r) '"J iilBM'mall matter under tho Art of Conifrons Mar-h 3. !«<!> MRMBTCK OF THK ASSOCIATED 1'IIKHH Tho \HSoelftloil Prc.iN Is exclusively rntltlo.l In tho IIHO f(,r publlnatlon of all news dlmwirhM .-re. »«l Jo tt «r nnt othcrwlso nrr-rlllod In tills pnpi-r. ami nine, the lo. ai news published therein. i a fllonl nf tlif TTnllod rooi'lvos lhi> n.inpkrto j The FinknrKi F'rfss ft ml ' IcHsrd wire *orvlrn of both. RICPRMSKNTATIVKS llrynnt. (Irlfflth * Urunnon, Inr New Vnr'k. (')ileiiKO, Hotriilt. Atliinln. nnftnn \Vosi ll'illlduy-MoKMisrn To., ln« s,,n KrntP'lM'", 1 x.i. AMHf-U-. «.•..! Hr. 1'i.rtlnml U AHMIN'ITON, T). i'.. IU'RK.Ai; .'rmlorif .1 I lank In, I Ml r-cl.or, VVin-lilnBtnn. V. f. SUBSCRIPTION PRICK Delivered t,y • urrl'T nr mall In P"«l»l /"'"•" throe, iior mnntli, fif>< : 1 nionHi", 1,1.1)0; 1 >i «y mm! In p».«lnl *<w» f"'ir I" <'^M, Por monih. Kt>. THIS PAPKIl MADIO IN TIIK C. H^ A. LABOR DAY two. Vi.OO, of Edison was kidndpcd niid robbed by bnndils und eight persons were injured in IniIlk- accidents. The number of casualties in n single day would not attract attention if they represented nn exception in the history of each 24 hours. But renders have not failed to notice that the list of accidents and tragedies is slarllingly long. Ma rely n day goes by that lives arc not forfeited and generally by reason of preventable accidents. There is no CHIT for the situation insofar ns the authorities are concerned or through organized effort. The only remedy lies wilh individuals themselves. Wilh the care they should attach to all their activities, tragedies would be reduced lo a minimum. But day by day we have il emphasized that too many people are indifl'crent as to themselves and inconsiderate as lo the welfare of others. I T IS a curious fart that the United Slates C REMINDER OF EARLY DAYS •;LKBHATION of the one hundred and fifly-fiflh anniversary of Ihc founding is Ihc only country llnil gives nalionnl ((f (|)(> - j|y ()f , ()S A|1 ^., cs „„ ]r rif | n y re- honor lo labor. There is good reason for of her hair was delightfully definite. In tho days ot Judith's mother It would havo been colled "taffy" or "tow." When older men glimpsed It they were reminded happily of ripe corn In the fields of their youth. When younger men saw It they remembered no fields of mal/.o, but they were Just as pleased. And there wan plenty of It. Not loo much, hut .... . iii • i i lust enough. Tier absurd fall hat laralion ol Independence had been signed j (which looked not at ail absurd on " " ' undo no secret of him she rj| j /l , MS ()f ||M , s(u((1 , hal whcn , ho The MIS! resources of this great nution , sm|| | )( , ni , n ,.| rn ,,olis was born California |h(i|| (||) H , m( , s| lin | uunvn i nll( |. 'n, c l) et ._ by HARD JONES 0 iflfc NCA S«mtf, Inc. CHAPTER I Smart and trim In her new spring outfit, Judith Howard stopped briskly from an elevator of the town's tallest office building and made her way through the, noon-hour crowd to the wldo entrance. Thorn she took up an unobiruslve, Bpot beyond Iho main iitroam ot pedestrian traffic, and walled. , There wcrn other girls wamng, in tho shadow of the big entrance, and thorp were scores of thorn passing hurriedly on their way to lunch. JJut none, was more port, moro honestly attractive, limn .ludlth Howqrd. Hho had tho assurance, that comes only to those who have mndo, and urn maklnif, their own way In thfi world. An n»nur»inco that 1« dlf- foront from polno and Humohow moro ffRtuiInn—bocaimo paloc IH »ornnthlng which can Im iicqulrcd In IrtloncHH and no han nothing at all to do with character. Hho was medium t.all, rather olon- dor In build, find while pnrhapH nono of hor foaturPB wnro olaaslc In them- Hiilvcm, novcrlhclfiBB they formed a compodlto wholn which was the very pwHcmco of bounty. Judith's ey«s wore neither blue nor gray, but something In-lx'twoen. Tho color of Ihe I'niled Stales was yet lo be written. Between Hit hnvp lii-en ilexrlopod by the rxc-rlion ol I he i , l .,,,,1 />(' llm 1,1-fiiin; nf ils cili/eilS Its Imnds nncl ol the inoms 01 us (iii/cnh. 11.-. weallli is Hit- product of work, and iimlcd m ((n|y fjv( . V( ., |rs M(m>< (l)u | ,| )r . Conslilnlion this are employers and employes, each nn- bncd with Ihe same desire lo develop the ,.,,ur,»,v<iu nl" llm iinliiili Illllke Illinnv llOllH'S ',' '.,. ,, . ,, i r -I r i to tell lo which age she was nearest. resomtes ol llu niiiion. inahi im|>i>> Pacific ocean rolled Ilioiisiinds of miles of ! A1)011t ,,ie nme you decided that sho the nnpo of hor nock, between 20 tlantic coast stales and the i nnd 2«, and it wns almost impossible for themselves and share in Ihe rewards. Liibnr Dny is a reminder Ihnl Ibis nation litis been btiill not by wishes but by Hie sweat (ii](| U|Tf , ()||> of men's brows. The original of the (inrden of Kden bus been turned into the lmknmvn , t . 1Ti U)r.v lluil were Itilor to beco.m- About the lime you decided that sho she. would and nearer serene, 2(1. greatest blessing of mankind. Out of the | s ,}„,, omi|)nti()ll |, f , i(s imp| .j struggle for life niid happiness Ims eome the ; ^^ m ()f l|u . s|j|U>> bu| j and the overland route lo California nut if you happened to be a young mini—or even an "Id one—you did not care particularly because, , .. ,,,-. ,| , r n IM i i r i I whichever ago Hho was nearest, Ju- Iii Ihe (>H years Hint followed Hie establish- „„,, Itowil ,.,, WIIH charming, menl of the pueblo Hint is now Los Angeles, int on the it was not intelligence by which men have molded j im|jl |h(i Am( ,,. i( , m invasion following the nature lo their wishes. No liner antidote to Ihe evils Unit would ! betray mankind bus been found Hum j directed energy in the creation of new things. ; Invention and the of Ihe mind in | conceiving deeper aspects of life are Ihe re- j still of active co-ordination of muscle and brain in disciplined application. If some- i the reward seems meager in relation Treaty of (luadalupe and the discovery of gold that Ihe real importance of Ibis western stale wns fully realized. In Hie coincidence of Ihe acquisition of California by the I'niled Slates and the dis- coverv of Hold, new life was given to it, and . It was Just this HI range niuillty of eluiiiKe, tlil« alternating gravity and Kiilety, which bad attracted Htephcn Kowler fnur years ago — and held him Htendlly since then. Kour yearn Is a long time when one Is young and In love. niid. H.H Judith stood there wnltlnR for Hteve, she wondered bow would known each other, and hud planned to marry for at le.iHt three of those. , leisurely habits of the Spanish set- j "- lf | l "»•' "«•" • ' duv she rememlwrpu their meeting , 1( ||H , M | S Kni( | m ,||y gave way lo Ihe enter- i n was at a skming party arranged • ,• » • /• i i i • j by Virginia Mrent, tmil It had been |)|1|H(> ()) ; \ mt .,. u . |ms- (,,,|,| ,|,-,. NV increasing i Virginia who bad rix-,1 Ilie "datn' , m ,| i,, i.,,.., \,|i,.|i ii lf , and m HUM \\nin me lo Ihe amount of exertion given out, there is |imn | )( .,. s ,,(• still Ihe Center recompense thai comes from i |m . (i| . s ,„.,,„„,, ,,. ss ,,,,,,1,,,'live Ihe later resi- acling instead ol' dreaming, (.arlyle'h great- ; ()( , |||s |u| . |lr( | ,,, . esl conlribulion lo human thought was per- I T||( , ( . ( , n|ni| v , |1|( , ys ,„.,.„„„. „,,. ,.,.,„,.,.,, ()f Laps his expressed belief thai Ihe exaltation | (|| . ( . h|m , s „,„, vil ,;. VI1I .,, s 11IH | t . (1IIHlll | , (nvlls of men lay in labor: "Work while il is called today . . . Produce, produce, even though it he Ihe mosl inlinilesimal fraction of a product, produce benefited from Ihe new wealth that was cre- between .Iiiillth and Steve. On the wny home that nlghl, snut? with a robe In the harli seal of Holier (tout's ear. Steve had talked with hoi development. In a low, Imnterlng tone. "Do you remember the October o l!)l'il?" he hail asked. .ludlth laughed. "I've heard m; elders talk nbout It. Wasn't there i California has bolli romance and history. and the fulfillment of life. In Ibis conception : |)(i| . ()f „„. ,;,„•„„ W|in( ||u . s|n|(i js |n(|ay js of the dignity and Ihe honor of work every citizen may lake part in Ihe annual celebration of America's Labor Day. WORTHY MEASURE largely the creation of Hie residents since IXI!), luil no ('.alifornian cares lo forget that much of ils romance centers around the carefree period of Ihe Spanish period. A new romance was given lo it in the marvelous development of ils resources in Un- American period. The .struggle to make il the fruitful land il is today and Ihe last frontier of Ihe while maii's civili/.ation is one of the V OTKBS of California are going lo havi difficulty in finding their way through i the propositions on Ihe November ballot. Bill among Ihem there is one, Proposition i . No. I, which provides for Ihe protection uf ( 'l m ' s "' m '" l( ' ni l " s ""'>1 • i ».*«•*_ -. California beaches and off-shore waters for fishing and recreational purposes liy forever prohibiting lideland oil drilling. This propo- UANDOM NOTES II has often been a mailer of remark Iliul a»l year or no. Tt to Judith hat all thnlr recent meetings dcgon- rated Into bickerings Umt got nowhere. And tho frightening thing van that Htevo Was changing. Ho •a» no longer tho old, considerate tevo. H AV08 as if his Impotence rralniit economic, conditions had urnod him Inward toward himself nstead of turning outward 'toward ho girl ho loved. Judith was afraid—and because he wn« afraid she hud resolved lo iiako one. final effort to convince itovo that hor original proposition ad been right. Ho had a good Job with a promising future; and she ad a passable job which would help hlngs out until Steve's future trans- ormed Itself into the present. It was so utterly simple. It was so nl- erly sano. And Stephen Fowler must >e made to see that It wan both. If he didn't— Protectively, Judith's mind clicked hut against that possibility. TJays go she had made up hor mind as o her course If ho still refused to 10 sensible. But she did not want o think about It now. She did not want to believe that he'd fall to hooso Judith Howard If ho had to hooso between her n/ul his foolish irldo. "Hollo, Judith. • . . Darned sorry 'm late. Fellow dropped In Just as : was leaving, and I couldn't got away." Startled by Steve's voice at her houlder. sho turned swiftly, and hero must have been a part of her houghts reflected In her eyes, for 10 added: "What's up, Judith? You ook as If you had something oil our rnlnd." "f have, Steve. Can we go some whore for lunch where we can lallc?' "Sure llilng," said Sieve, troubled. 'Wo can get a booth at this placo iround Iho corner." • * i Ho did not speak again until they were settled in tho little cafe. When hey had ordered, bo leaned toward jcr and said, "Shoot, darling'. I "lopo nothing serious has happened." "I hope It Isn't serious, either." She smiled weakly. "This is leap rear, Btevo. I'm going to propose .o you." lie sat hack, relief written largo Ho reached for her hand across the table. Let's not Juggle words; Judith. You know what I think think about it." "Bob and Virginia Bent made a go of it. I don't see why we shouldn't." 'Bob Bentf" snorted 'What's it done toe him? Steve. It's developed hjm Into a weakling who'd bo scared to death If hla .wife lost her Job! No, Judith—that's out." She looked at htm a long moment. She drew In her breath, exhaled It sharply, "Then I'm out, too." (By 0. 0. MclNTYRlS)* "You don't mean that, Judith?" But already ho could see In her eyes that sho did mean It, every word of It. "I know," -ho uald suddenly, bitterly. "Virginia Bent has been talk- Ing to you! I can hear her say- Ine; it—'You've fooled around with stove's prldo for thrco or four years now, and you're getting rio younger fast.' That's probably what she's been feeding you." "Virginia had nothing to do with It. You know mo well enough to know that I can come to a decision on my.own, Stove," "But that's what Virginia thinks, and I know It. 8ho never misses a chance to tell you how delightfully happy she and Bob arc—" "And the.y are happy." "No doubht." said Steve shortly. "But I'm not Bob Bent." . * » » Uncertainly Judith got to hor feet, I'tn afraid T don't fool llko eating. I'll . . . Just go back to tho office." "Judith! Judy, darling! Hteve was isntantly contrite. Hastily he grabbed his hat and walked out of tho cafe close to hor side. "I didn't mean to get so completely sore. We can't discuss this thing sensibly on the street, Judith. T_,et mo come to XJBW YOnK, Sept. ^6.—I thought i>( It might be diversion toda,y—di- verting to me if not the reader—to pretend to bo at the barrier awaiting the crack of tho pistol-for a columnar sprint. And at the bang begin writing furiously without stop from scattery notes. We're off I Are yovt a member of the Greek Too Club? I am. My second toefl are longer than my great toes. My only touches ot grace and unhappily denied to the world. . Albert Payson Terhurto says dogs nosing about un- der'tables read character from positions ot feet. I believe that. I know a disciple of draw—Harry Staton, to point a bit—who at poker games drops something purposely on the floor and then swoops down to study the idiosyncrasies ot foot positions. He can diagnose nervousness when all above the table Is repose., Not neat, I shrink from neatness. Yet' I hate newspapers someone on his face. "Gosh when T saw market crash?" Him remembered his lugubrious an Bwer. "Crash? Say. airplanes eras! wnriiotlinoH, and automobiles crash fretnienlly. Hut a market does some . From the myths of early adventurers il be- i ! hln «. worao u '! ln , lh "';,, ' <lon '' lhlnl il in ('.oil's name." That way hes Imppinrss | ( , nm( . „ s j,,, pi , ss ,. ss j mi Ill)( | ,,„.„ „ Im>m _ < ^nth^n"!! whence thought o Ihiil Kveryune huil still been talk Inn about, the "eriiHh" then. Nobody : ~ yot — was wlllliiK to believe in i i iloproHHlon. | "Hut ttm reason I brought It up, Mteve huil said, "was because I ... "Well?" lie looked down at her, and sh had been uiuibln lo tell whether or not be was Ncrlous. "If I'd met you before that fatal October, I think we'd be Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fowler by this time." Judith remembered that, standing them In front of the blR office build- Ing where she worked. In front of the hltf offlre building where, because of Ihe depression, she had dropped from a position as secretary down to a Job as typist—and an overworked typist at that. Ho had taken her skates with him on thai first night because, ho said, be knew of the "only place In town" whoro they coulil be properly sharpened. And of course, once they wore. you Ihere In front of tho building I bought you'd had bad news from loma or something. It It's just a .cap year proposal, why, I can tako It!" "C!an you, Hleve? That's what I want to know." Ho regarded her a moment. "Look here, Judith, what n«re you getting at? I hope you haven't gol nie In a corner Just to bring up tho old question." "That's Just what I've done," sho told him evenly. "I'm doing It hero where you can't put your arm around me and argue me out of It. Steve. There's going to be no kisses and no tears this time. I don't want to go on like this! We've waited four years. What If wo waited four more?" "But that's absurd!" he exclaimed. "Things arc picking up In flno shape. Why. only today Iho bows was saying that " "Then wo might ns well marry, Stove. I promise you I'll quit my Job tho moment you're getting what you consider an adequate salary." Steve's eyes narrowed. "You know how 1 feel about that. I won't have my wlfo working. If a man can't support a girl, lie hasn't a right to ask her to marry him." "It appears that I'm asking you, Steve. Would tliul mako any difference?" your apartment tonight." Sho shook her head. "That's no good, Sieve., It—" Heedless of passersby ho took her by tho shoulders and turned bcr to face him. "Look here, Judith. We've been In lovo for four years. We're In lovo right now. It can't be cut oft In a rnlnulo like this.' I won't lot it be." "But It's grot to bo." Judith told him, trying to keep back the tears and not succeeding very well. "I've thought It all out, Stove. It Isn't Just a spur of the moment thing. I've—I've seen it coming for a long time. Now plcaso let mo go. Please . . . people are staring." "All right, then." His hands dropped to his sides. "But I'm coming over tonight." As fast as possible, Judith sped loward tho building, scurried into ono of tho "up" cars. Sho reached tho office dressing room nono too soon, for hardly was sho Inside the door boforo the tears welled up in her eyes. Unmindful that tho rest or tho girls would soon bo returning from lunch, who leaned her head against tho wall and sobbed. Tho door opened suddenly and Virginia Bent entered. Quickly her arms wont around Judith and she led her to a chair. "1 saw you and Stove outsldo. and I gathered something was up. What happened, Judith?" "I—I told him I was through." Virginia nodded sagely. "You'll live to thank yourself for It. He's a stubborn fool. A girl can't grow old walling for a man to become a millionaire, Judith. Let mo tell you something. Any man who can't understand that a girl might llko lovo In a kltchenet apartment today, rather than an ermino coat tomorrow maybe, Is too dumb to mako a good husband!" (Continued Monday) else has ron,d. If rich, I'd have tt butler Iron mine every a. m. I hate a halt open closet door, gloves turned inside out. And a picture hanging askew gives me the fid' gets. Still, I havo the most dlsord erly desk in the world and drop my clothes- on tho floor wherever re tnoved. A loiter from Paris says waiters at Prunlor's are striking. One ol their demands Is: Better food. I'm window flirting with one of those electric shavers. Shaving eventually becomes mankind's greatest Irk Joseph Cummlng's Chase has bo como an electrical shaver. Now tha 1 ho has no beard. When clubs, so cletles or firms enclose blanks to be returned for bills, why do they always supply envelopes Just one size too short? Grand Shiver-book Julian Green's. "Midnight." A new trick In the bars. That o wrapping a cigarette tightly In eel lophane. Then you can bend the cigarette double without breaking It Even pound It with a hammer, thoj say. Milt Gross Is clever enough Yet his "What's This?' bro churo ot tho handle craze, provci tho biggest flop of the hair trlgge publications. Even high pressur publishers could not put it across Many a "rage" dies that way. An inspired reporter calls the summe stock companies, "turnpike drama. That's attitude In phrasing. I had an old aunt who ook off her spectacles when _you alked to her. She professed to hear r letter. Another . physiological reersal: An uncle never had a pain n his life. At 62 he had all teeth ankod and waa full of pains the est of his days. A smille never . orgot.—I think Harry Leon W1- on's in telling of an English remittance man coming to : the wild ana woolly west—"with straw colored mustache and two front teeth like piano keys!" Silliest ever felt: Vis- ting 221 Baker street In London, to ee tho homo of Sherlock Holmes. Nearby was Madame Tussaud's Wax works. In the rotunda I asked thef policeman whore to get tickets. To discover I was talking to wax! Jphriny Qniolle, tho artist, and Kent:Cooper, A: P.,chief, used to work together oh . an Indianapolis laper, along with Roy Howard, Ray L,ong and Kin Hubbard. Cooper recently built a Miami caatlo across :he polo fields i from Gruolle's hacienda. Both are musical. By ear. Cooper can play any tune you;men- tlon composed during the past 30 years. Qruelle, In the samo fashion. . can play any orchestral Instrument save tho French horn. Incidentally among tho attractions at Gruelle'B are a nest ot trained rattlesnakes.. Br-r-r-r!"- . America has few aristocratic writers. Such as Cora Jarrett, for Instance. I lift an Invisible tankard to hers as the most distinguished prose. Far more than Kdlth Wharton's. Odd, tho tops for literary elegance is-of foreign origin. Conrad as an example. I try to turn, my back on such elegance, lacking Ideas big enough for tho grand manner. But secretly I'd rather write llko—say Isak DIneson, In prlvato tho Danish Baroness Bllxon, than * danco up those steps like Bill Robinson. Rebecca West phrases oxqulslto lines so casually. Last night I came upon this by her: The saintly beauty of grey spires on a clouded day over monotone flat lands." A, line such as that should make a writer purr, Sometimes, when 1 think I've dashed off a Jim-dandy, I walk over scratch my back on a doorslll and sing pdly-wolly doodle all tho day! ' i some people behave like animals, aild it IS a j sharpened, ho had to return them (o perennial source of wonder when we find animals that act like men. Hut Ihe latest scientific information does not tend lo preserve the hi){h opinion lluil humans have of themselves. her. That was the beginning. Sho did not remember BO clearly all that had happened between then and now. There had been happy monicnln: but thoro hail been tearful one*!, too, because thoy woro In love. She wouldn't have traded tiny of them Hho wouldn't havo wanted to an back to that first day. and relive HIOHO last four years without Stove Kowlor. And yet . . yet she knew j that they ciiuldu'l KII on forever, comes \\ord lluil some plants and ! being engaged ami in love, stove ,. ... , . . , , knew II. too Mut he always wanted Mowers act like human heings, not through • n> wait » little while longer, it hod o him when he bail KiileH manager nml From nienl Ihe l-'cdcral Agricultural Deparl- imitation but by nalural proclivity. "They jtlsl happen lo do Ihe same limits tilt- same l«'i-aino only a salesman with a quota sition is sponsored l>y Hie California Uecrea- tion and Conservation Council aeling wilh the Slate Park Commission. The Commission has turned to this initiative measure as ils sourer of revenue for Ihe completion of ils schedule lo provide a park within reach of every community in Hie slate. The Commission already has a slate sys- ; lein of 70 parks lluil are annually becoming more popular with cili/.ens and \\illi oul-ol- .stalc visitors. These parks are valued at close to SI.">,(HHI.11(10 and return mure Ihan their worlh in tourist money into Calil'orni'.i each season. Because Hie \\ork of the Commission is still incompli'le soul park funds arc now vir- Ittallv exhausted. Ihe t .ohiniission is behind Initiative Measure Nu. I as a means of securing revenue for Ihc acipiircmenl mid Ilie improvement of !">."> projects. I'nilcr Ihe inilia live measure proponents claim thai il will piu!ccl California beaches and off-shore waters for lislmi", and recreational purposes j ordinary observers have seen similarities, bv forever prohihiliii", lidcland oil drillinii. ' "Clinginii vines" is one that will occur often I can't « rl " J"' 1 " i>«< TOM .imiith on "*. nr, .1.... "i.'...!..», ....,!..«. 1,1 1 \, A. >..,.* way sometimes, man. savs Holnnist O. M. IMVC- This researcher into Ihc ways of plants says some of Ihem work, sleep, have n tasle lo moot Instead of a quota to sell Hul gradually he had fovgotlen that anil huil Hlarted to work with a will i imihmllv h" wn.'i climbing hack not f i in I enough to milt him. Not to (he point where he felt ho shouU' marry iii i i -I'll Krom the verv flrwt. .ludlth ha< lor hamburgers, dance, bei-ome intoxicated, jf, iv ,.red » man-iiige wherein Mn> re lalncil her |ob and helped out wit) the expenses. Hut Steve coulil neve unite see II. Steve hud always hat II is not for mere laymen lo doubt this ! ""' lcl "" t|lllt » husband should sup purl his wife wholly, and suppor hor well Meciiiise he cuuldn't do t i ,1,1 i i ii •> I be hud boooino Incrcaslnglv bltlo |ilirases that have been handed on it seems ;„,„) ( |irru-nii. "I'm tired of hearing thoho kid out of Nchool walling liecaiiHo the and have Ilie ability lo search for wider. siienlisl's word. In fact, from nuinv By PAUL MALLON—Copyright 1936)= EDITOH'S NOTJv The California!! will print letters from readers. Such letter* MUST be confined to 150 word* written lesluly and on one side of the paper. The apace limit Is ImperatlTe. No anonymous communications will be printed. This Is emphatic. The California!) reserves the right to delete or reject any or all manuscripts and In not responsible for sentiments contained therein. Letters of more than ISO word* will be rejected. Brevity la a desirable feature. They must be bona fldely alined by tho writer with complete address glten, although the name may not be published. vv A.S1IINOTON, Sept. 6. — Some- UmeH foolnotes are more linpor- ant Hum texts. l'"or Instance, there H tho treasury dally Htatoment on ncomo and oulRo. On tho tiny that 'resident Roosevelt announced his evlHed budget, tho treasury ouino ut with ItH tiHiial summary to show iow tho hooks Htood after Iho first wo months of this fiscal year. It showed Iho regular federal de- artments had spent $16,000,000 moro han tho name period last year; pubic building expenditures were, up $1,000,000; the army up $21.00"0,000; .ho navy up $17,000,000; social so- •urlty $2(i,000,000; public highways 117,000,000; rivers and harbors $l!l,00,000; resettlement $20,000,000, and so on. In fact, nearly everything ,vas up except tho expenditures for hone iiKeneles which havo bean nbollshefi Mince last year. Hut at the bottom of Ihe column )f all these ups, tho figures disclosed hat total expenses were down. Tout this year, $',187,000.000; total last venr to date. $1,2411.000,000; saving this year, $L'CL!,000.000. * * * ] < X)OTNOTHS--Tho explanation of • huw all these ups could total to n down Is thai some of the expenditures carried a barely noticeable, Tho col- esllmales, but does not add, an additional $500,000,000 (or less) for relief appropriations which he says will bo necessary to finish out tho fiscal year. His totals indicate relief Is being cut from about $2,800,000.000 to $1,800,000,000 but If you add In the loose $500,000.000 which ho expects to ask for, you will find relief at $2,300,000,000 this year Instead of $1.800,000,000. It will prevent Ihe draining for private of stale-ownetl oil pools submerged in the lidelands and uill aulhori/.e Ihe lapping of these pools at royalties to lie paid to the when describing certain types. tiny, "And I'm just UN tlrod of hearing these olil boys in their white-lined waJulooalH .veiling that things aren't ...iii r . i i what thev vised to be. At least the (in Ihe whole men may preler to he com- , UMH iuv\i> everything before them, pared to (lowers an.l plants rather than lo stale, by wells slanl-dnlled from the uplands ! ""inutls. Cmming of the fox, behavior of a ;»v '^^^ ^tue'too"' 0 to ° behind the beaches. Half of the income , and other such terms have an oppro- requiredwillnoto the reduction of taxes and I liriulls smm(l - Tlu% lmm> "»H« iri »« lili(1 Ihe other half will be used for Ihe purchase I IU>SSON IUV linl su ° IU%n llst>l1 ' "' l<lu> voic(> of 1 . t . t It* 11 . .t A find upkeep of more slate beaches and parks. THE TRAGIC DAYS I N TJIli day's news in this city and county u seven-year-old boy was drowned in M (own ditch,°a wealthy woman from Texas was found dead in a motor sla^e, a resident ' culture a nif,'htiugale'' seldom comes lo Ihe pen of a musical critic, but he will try to be clever, rather wilh "The croaking of a frog." For real similes we have to go lo the pool rather than tho scientist. Most people will prefer "My l.ove is like a red, red rose" lo Ihe scien- lillc exactitude of the- Dc-parline-iil of Agri- to have plloil up any aitvuntage be- fui"i« tho iM'itsh came." "You, mustn't get bitter," .luillth hail warned nenslbly. "You have tn rcinenibor that few men held on to tlu< 'mlvuutnge' they'll manage, to pile mi Ulght now. Steve, you're honor off than tho man I wox'k for. You don't owe nny money, nml you haven't any obllgitllons to keep people employed. You haven't taxes that--" 'Must the same, sometl.mes I wonder If I don't belong (n the fabled Uml generation." '. . • "It's not like yon, sieve tp In ilulge In Nolf-plty," .luiiitb told him , , Tlmt couvovsntlon liml been typical nf. i|ir,?ens that hud Kv<iie. through the symbol referring Jo footnote IJ. T footnote Indicated the HKC hud o leeteil about $200,0(10,000 on Us loans; the Commodity Credit Corporation WIIH similarly credited with $00,000,000: AAA, $10,000,000. Theflo credits have been deducted from the expenditures before Iho expendllurea were totaled. If they had tu>l been, Iho totals would lm\e shown; Kxpomlllures MO far Ibis year, $1, '.'7::.'.-oi.711.04. KKpemlllures for muni) period last yenr. Jl.2MI.4Hli.41H.4fl. Iiu'reiino of c.xpendlturcH this year, irj.'iiri.snT.rm. lu other words, the result depended entirely on who ndded the figures. Chulrmun Farley would undoubtedly have added It iiccuriitely us the treasury did, to denote « saving of $2112,000,000; and the Hepubll ans would hove totaled It to iu\ In •reuse of about $13,000.000. M'ho funnuy purl of II Is, both would be right. Kxpendlluros have run that much lilgher, but the Income from repalil loans havo tnuilo the nnt totals that much lower. • * • H KI.1KF—Mr. noosevelt'H revised bud«el IH subject to somewhat the same political discrimination. HP Thus the possible saving Is half a billion Instead of a billon, and tho net of It all Is that no ono knows now whether the curtailment of relief will permit a balancing of the budget any lime. soon. * * * r pnOUBLE—What Iho experts got * out of Mr. RooHcvelt's frank and free budget announcement was this iredleaincnt: Government revenues are Increasing duo lo boiler business. They may bo 20 lo 1!6 per cent above ox- pectatlanR. At Iho samo lime, ox- nendllures aro nol decreasing lo tho extent expected. Better business haw frilled to cancel the demands for relief. * • * COUJTION—In this case, the only k ' thing to do Is to reach for tho treasury cash box. It was not a sutlden decision. As far back as last budget lime, owlish treasury advisers suggested that, Inasmuch an everything was then going smoothly, a tremendous cash balance should bo accumulated for time of heed. Tho accumulation nas reached two billion, whereas tho pro-new deal custom was to keep not more than a few hundred millions dollars In tho treasury. Mr. Hoosevelt's accounllng shows he Intends to tako a billion from this source, thvis keeping the deficit clown and the debt likewise. II seems, therefore, tlipt the only Biifo conclusion for tho milkman In Oniahn that everyIhlng Is nil right on the budget now, that no one knows whether It will Im later, and that, In the meantime, everyone should do his own adding. II STRBKT Editor The Callfornlaii: It thrillfl my heart to read In your esteemed publication that the city Is preparing at some future date to smooth out H street. Although I know that it will probably not bo done for the next five generations, tho fact that It has been officially proposed Is something Indeed. I have hoard that dairy truck drivers * carrying milk have been warned against driving on the street unless they havo a market for butter at the end of tbe trip. Automobile repairmen and tire manufacturers regard H street as the most profile source of business In the western hemisphere. Salesmen demonstrating tho ruggedneas and durability of new cars can pick out no more gruelling test for their machines than five blocks on the thoroughfare, which has scientific wrecking contrivances overshadowed completely. It is really difficult to conceive of anything llko H street existing In the modern age of progress. Such a mechanistic calamity is rarely found In civilized places. It should bo blocked off, coated over with a protective enamel and exhibited to young engineers and highway students as something extreme In backbreaking, nerve-shattering, automobile-demolishing spaces. Tho museums, which preserve battering rams, tanks, pile drivers and other examples of destructive art, will be glad, I know, to pay any prize to got H street as a featured next day. That is clearly a survival ridiculous and from tho days when postal service did not reach every corner of tho county. Registered mall would bo equally as quick and safe. There ore 213 precincts in Kern county; that means It costs $2130 each election Just to get the ballots Into tho county clerk's office. And wo are having three elections this year. By using the mail wo could save $6000. Then wo pay $10 for the vont of each polling placo. In many eases It could bo obtained for half that. Those now renting to the county for this purpose who aro unwilling to accept $6 could be cut from the list, and I'll venture there would be no lack of people willing to accept the lower figure. Our candidates prate about their ~ Interest in economical government. But I've never heard one of them mention this. A. T. DONOVAN. Bakersflold, Sept. 1, 1936. exhibit. SOCRATES. Mackerel froqucntly attain a •pood of'70 to SB miles an hour, according to reoeivt calculations. l ; 'runct> In Iho pi'Un-lpiil source of hntixtte, from which aluminum if ri<v A possible explanation ofe tha depression In the textile Industry Is that It used' to take three sheen working nil the time nml an acre of cotton doing double duty to keep a woman clothed, Now. I believe a silkworm does the whole Job'In his spare tlmo.—Dr. H. O. Small. Mfts.- Hiichusetts educator. Some people say that thp church Is n refuga for weak minds. Granted. Show me tiny iCtronR mind*. .Them lire alwuyK situations whnn tho minds of nny of tm prove Inadequate , , •; The chutvh 1«-for weak minds, for It* MtvttffthmM thenf— lit. U«v. \Vamn T-. tlogeri*. Protestant Kntafopa) • Biohop. of Ohio, Bak.ersf.lcld, Sept. 2, 1036. NEGATIVES Editor The Callfdrnlan: "Is It trim what thoy say about Bakersflold?" "No homes for rent," "no wedding chapel," "no adequate library building," "no swimming pools, "no civic auditorium," and "no place to go." Being a stranger here, all I kno'W Is what I read In tho papers. Having rood abou t all tho negative aspects of your city, I'd llko to know what It has. Saw where ono man maintains he likes tho summer climate which I can't agree with. I'd like to write a post card to a friend with "wish you were here on It," but I'd like, to havo Just one good reason for saying so. STRANGER. Bukcrsflcld, Sept. 2, 1936. OUTMODED CUSTOMS Editor The Oallfornlan: Jjomo duck congresses were written Into tho Constitution because of the difficulty of traveling when the first Congress met. The Constitution provided that tho old' Congress should continue in session until tho new members had time lo arrive In the capital from their distant districts. It took a century to got this provision out of tho Constitution after tho need for it wan gone. Now we urn carrying on a similar outmoded custom from sheer Inertia. I refer to election boards. We provide six members. Three could do the work and provide sufficient check on the others' honesty. \V« pay them $10 each regardless of the length of time required by the election. , 'One of them we pay $10 extra to take the ballots to the county seat TEN YEARS AGO (Tho Ctllfomlin. UiU d.te. 1926) Headlines: 25 die, 38 hurt in train wreck; Fast train derailment on Colorado run Is disastrous! Board urges co-operative principle In oil Industry; Churches favor advertising; Spanish army In revolt against Prlmo -do Rivera; Jardine offers farmers advice; Grave crisis again perils world peace; Poisoned rum kills famous geologist. Hubbard Russell, president of the California Cattlemen's Association, a visitor here, sa$s the cattle market In Kern county Is in first-class condition. Dr. A. M. Moody will leave this evening on a San Francisco ti;ip. A desert hermit starved to death In his cavo at Jawbone canyon, Kern county. Tho man had subsisted for some time on fried cactus leaves. A THOUGHT FOR TODAY TWKNTY YEARS AGO (Th« C»llfoml«n. thli data. 1016) Headlines: TJ. S. Senate Btrtkes at blacklist of allies: Delivering powerful blows allies aro making supremo effort to break Teuton line of defenses on Bomme front: British claim capture of whole Oerman second trenches from Moquet farm to . point of junction with ^rmch forces; Grocers cut high co«t of llv- Ing hero In price reductions; Gro- ceterias are factors in reducUon. Dr. Myrtle Kramer Is homo after a month's vacation at. tho beaches. High school and junior eollego faculty members here are planning for the resumption of school classes. Enrollment will be held this week end according to Principal A. J. Ludden. THIRTY YEARS AGO (The C«llfornl«n, ttib dtU. 1V06) Headlines: Carpenters'strlke in Los Angeles; No arbitration unless San Francisco car men go back to work Is ultimatum Ot CiOhoun; Bryan is welcomed at Lincoln; Bad Wreck on Per* Marguotte.: Crulnor Boston la aground near BelllnKham. . A new oil wader ordered by Su«, pervlsor Jastrd more than« a month ago will be tesletl out near the tea plant on Chester. The tax rate for the town of Kern has been set at 95 cents. Corner stone 'of "tho now high nchool Avlli he, laid here, on October B. Tho Masonic order will have charge of the ceremonies and H. A. Jastro wUl deliver the address. F. O. Munzor has returuod. from Angele*. Charge them that are rich in this world, that they 6e not high- minded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, to ho gii'Cth M richly all things to on* jov.~~I Timothy 6:17. ' . * . Of all the riches that wo hug.T-ot all the. pleasure* we .enjoy, wo con j carry no more out of lhi» world than I Howard Cravath .will vf»H friend* out : of n dresnv—Bonnell. tin Atifi*le<»,

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