The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 5, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 5, 1936
Page 11
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• 1- 1 y^^MW"^^^!^^W^J^^''- : - -1- L -- • t- f r '-">. - s I - 1- •i _ : ---^ ' •. I . L ' lr> i • .:• V* ». *J amfift S^itttS-Mile in River to Rescue Her Son and Companion fully Boat Frost LeAteA Wire) QUINCY, Matt.', "Sept. S. Cheater V> Anderson,,. 24, went about her household tasks today as usual, a mile »wlm fully clothed to rescue her 6*year-oid son and hU chum only ft mentory, , / Suddenly niisaingf the chatter of her son, Chester and Gerard Reed, 8, Mr*, Anderson stepped to the porch of her home yesterday afternoon and saw the two drifting in the middle of Fore river in an oarlesa rowboat. The current was carrying the boat to sea. , She plunged into the water clothed and swam through " the choppy water to the boat a mile away. Thon grubbing the stern with one hand, she pushed the boat back to shore by swimming with one arm and kicking .her feet, Tho boys had been playing in the rowboat at the shore. They lifted tho anchor and soon found themselves drifting in the middle of the river. Mrs. Anderson > a former beauty contest winner, ia the wife of a machinist at the naval air base at Squantum. CONTRACTORS BOARD TO MEET SACHAMENTO, Sept. |. (A. P.)— The state board of contractors license board will hold Its next meeting at Long Beach August 14. Ray M. Butcher of San Jose, is the new chairman of the board. Legal Notion NOTICE OF SALE OF 8EMUTROPIC SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS Karn County, California Notice is hereby given that pursuant to an order of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, made August 17, 1930, sealed bids will be r«eelved at the office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of said County at the Court House In the City of Bakersfield untlJ n o'clock a. m,, Monday, September 14, 1936, for the purchase of felghteen bonds of Semi-Tropic School District, Kern County. California of the denomination of $1000.60 * each, y Said bonds were issued by the said Board of Supervisors under and in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and Laws of the State of California, and in conformity with *the order of .said Board of Supfcrvls- ?!2'i pawed on the 17th day of August, 1986, and bear Interest at the rate of 6 per cent per annum, interest payable annually for the first year the bonds have to run and seml-annually thereafter, both principal and interest payable In lawful money of the United States of America, on the 17th days of August and February of each and every year out of the interest and sinking fund of eald Semi-Tropic School District, upon presentation and surrender to the Treasurer of Kern County, California, of the Interest coupons attached to said bonds; saM bonds to be numbered consecutively from I to 18, Inclusive, na follows: Bonds Nos. 1 to 4, inclusive, $1000.00 each, to run 1 year; Bonds NOB. 6 to 8, Inclusive, $1000.00 each, to run 2 ydars; Bonds' NOB. 9 to 12, Inclusive, $1000.00 each, to run 3 years; «5S n ^ B ^° s * 13 to 16, Inclusive, $1000,000 each, to run 4 years; .«Sfi n 4* Nos - l7 to 3S - Inclusive, $1000.00 each, to run C years. m Tho Semi-Tropic School District has been acting as a School District, under the laws of the State of California, continuously since 1896: the assessed valuation of the taxable property in said Semi-Tropic School District was One Million Nine Hundred and Seventy-One Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Dollars ($1.971.520.00) and has now an outstanding indebtedness of nothing. Tfie bonds herein referred to were voted for the purpose of raisins money for: 2. The building or purchasing of school buildings; 3. The making of alterations or additions to the school building or buildings other than such as may be necessary for current maintenance, operation, or repairs; G, The supplying of school buildings with furniture or necessary apparatus of a permanent nature; 6. The permanent improvement of the school grounds. Bids will be received for one or any number of said bonds. All bids must be equal" In amount to the par value of the said bonds and accrued Interest to date of delivery and each bid must be accompanied with a certified check payable to P. E. Sm|th. Clerk of the JSoard of Supervisors, of Raid County, or a cash de- _ _ • •• ^ A •• ^K M _ I r -I—I ^— - T wv-^ v TH -^^B- ^^ ^p^ ^ • v ^m m posit for the sum of at cent of the amount of t east ten per ie bid. The be returned T ^^^ ^^ f • ™ ^^^F ^r^^ ™ ™ ^^^^ ^^^^F ^f f ^™ ^*^f ^^f ^^f check 6r cash deposit wll _„ to the bidder In case of tho rejection of the bid, and tho same will be forfeited to Semi-Tropic School.District If the bidder neglects or refuses to pay the amount bid for the said bonds within fifteen days after being notified of the acceptance of the bid. Upon opening of the bids for said bond* as aforesaid, said bonds will be sold to the high en t and best bidder for cash, lawful money of the United States of America, subject to the Salt) conditions and provisions. Bids for the bonds at a lower rate of Interest will also be considered. The,said Board of Supervisors, however, reserving the right to reject any and all bids for said bonds. All bjds must be enclosed In sealed envelopes addressed to F. E. Smith, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, and endorsed "PHOPOSAkS SEM1-TROP- IC SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS." By order of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern* State ot California, made August 17. 1936. fSeal) , F. E. SMITH, County Clerk and Clerk of said Board. Aug. 22 to sept. C, Inc. r NOTICE OF MEBTINO OP BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF KKRN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. TO CON- 8UMMATC PURCHASE OF REAL PROf ERTY FOR PUBLIC PURPOSES. j Notice Is .hereby given that the Board of, Supervisors o f Kern County will mm at their rooms In the County Court House, CHy of Bakersfield/ County of Kern, State of California! at 11:00 o'clock a. m., Monday, September 14. m», for the pur* pose of consummating the purchase from C. I*. Taylor an«T Ola R. Taylor, his wife. Raymond a. Taylor and Dora ixiutse Taylor, his wife, for the •urn of $ MOO. 00. of the following hereinafter described real property, towlt: The west halt of Villa Lot 46 of riurir Addition In the County of Kern, State of California, as per ma recorded March IS, 1907, In Book Page 101 ot Maps In the office of the ounty Recorder of «ald County, « x n* therefrom the south 75 feet; auo *xe4ptlng therefrom a strip 1 , - . I I - \ - tins an< % f ftl WM ^ &n ®*** £ orth A nd ^M' •Idea thereof rtt»»rve.d for public roada, t Said property U to be uied for pub- lie tmrpoa**, to-wit; for HouplUl Ground*. .u An * f«fl *$ p«r»oni lnUr«t«<J In th* m*U«r wiy appear at the above mentlont* ttrti* and plac* and b« •-" — — J—*-* •."'..- ~, , -... Auru»t i;. • « 4 Auc««t .it to P. K. SMITH, oard, Sno. 4 r -.* . I ' I • h -- *' •- i. . • r- j . i i '. (Continued From page One) inin dHvinf a Jtartdftii or mfent forces from a few luolatod tt-enchea in fields near iho city. City Mass of Ruins Irun waa a desolate maas of ruins, Tho largest hotel and several con- yenU were among the buildings destroyed by fire. > The walls of most houses were still standing but the interiors were'com- pletely burned out, , Bodies of the dead lay everywhere on streets leading to the international bridge, Rebels Sing The. victorious rebels sang their victory songs as they strove amid wreckage and fallen masonry. Chickens squawked and ran wildly over debris and dead bodies, At the entrance to tho railway bridge leading to Hendayo the bodies of three government militiamen were sprawled. They had been mowed down by machine guna while trying to escape into France. Tho rebels helped themselves to tinned f6od left in the wrecked cafes. The rebel columns which had attacked tho bridgehead numbered about 300 and were made up mostly of young men 38 to 26 years old. They were armed with shotguns, rifles and knives and wore several days' growth of beard. Rebel artillery shelled the heights of the forts of Fuenterrabla and Ouadalupo in which small forces of government militiamen were holding out to tho death. French In Keel Army Tho rebel Captain Saatan, who directed tho attack on the bridgehead, said Krenchmen and Belgians were among tho government defenders. The rebel high command said it did not Intend to launch an infantry attack on tho bombarded forts for several days, but would instead consolidate its newly won positions at Irun, At Fort. Guadalupo the government defenders were believed to have a munitions dump and several large guns. Legal Notices NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Notice Is hereby given that the Board of Trustees, Fairfax School District, Kern County, California, will receive bids for the furnishing of all labor, materials, transportation and services for the construction of the Classroom Addition to the Fairfax School Building, Fairfax School District, Kern County, California, each bid to bo In accordance with plans and specifications now on file with tho Architect, Charles H. Blggar, 554- BBB Haberfeldo Qulldlng, Bakersfleld, California. Bidders are hereby notified that pursuant to the statutes of the State of California, or local law thereto applicable, the Board* of Trustees, Fairfax School District, Kern County, California, has ascertained the general prevailing rate of per diem wages and rates for legal holiday and overtime work In the locality in which this work Is to be performed, for each craft or type pf workman or mechanic needed to execute the contract which will be awarded tho successful bidder. The prevailing rates so determined are as follows: Wage Per Trade or Occupation Diem Blackboard Setters 9.00 Carpenters 9.00 Cement Finishers 9.00 Electricians 10.00 Glaziers 9.00 Hardwood Floor Workers 0.00 laborers (common) 5.00 Laborers (concrete) • 6.G7 Lathers 10.00 Linoleum Workers 0.00 Masons 30,00 Mason's Helpers 9.00 Mixer Man 8.00 Painters 9.00 Plasterers 10.00 Plaster Tenders 8.80 Plumbers 10.00 Reinforcing Steel Workers 9.00 Roofers 8.SO Wage Per Hour 3.125 M26 1.125 1.25 1.125 1.U6 Roofer's Helpers 7.00 .833 1.25 1.125 1,26 1.126 1.00 1.126 1.25 1.10 1.26 1,125 1.10 .875 1.26 1.25 .75 "5 3.00 1.00 .625 0.00 1.126 5.00 .625 Sheet Metal Workers ..... 10.00 Steam Fitters ........... 10.00 Tractor Operators ....... 6.00 Truck Driver ...... . ..... 6.00 Teamster with Teams.... $.00 Scraper Mnn with Team.. 8.00 Watchman ............... 5.00 All other trades not here- Inabove mentioned to n r(Jv.f?i i o **••••••*•••••*,* Apprentices and helpers for flIJ trades, unless otherwise above listed receive a minimum of.. ____ ____ AH labor time and one-half for overtime; double time on holidays. The foregoing schedule of per diem wages IB based upon a working day of eight (8) hours. The houHy wage rAte prescribed herolnabove is the per i diem rate divided by the aforemen- I tloned number of hours constituting a working day. It shall be mandatory upon the con tractor to whom the contract Is awarded, and upon any subcontractor under him. ao pay not less than the said specified rates to all laborers, workmen and mechanics employed by them In the execution of the contract. Notice is also given that all bidder* must submit with their blda, a statement of their subcontractors and a complete estimate sheet and breakdown for the job, Each bid *hall be made out on a form to be obtained at tho office of the Architect, Charlta H. Biggar, and must be accompanied by a certified or caahifer'a check or bid bond for ten (10%) per rent of tho amount of the bid made payable to the order of the Board of Trustees, Fairfax School District, Kern County, California; shall be soaletj and filed with the Clerk of the Board of Trustees, C. 8. Hale, Fairfax School District, on or before September 14, 1936. at 6:00 P. M-. and will be opened in public at or about 7:30 o'clock P. M. ( of that day In the office of the Hoard of Trustee*, fax School Uutlding, Kern County, California. The above mentioned check or bond shall be given as a guarantee that the bidder will enter Into a contract If awarded the work, and wilt be de dared forfeited if the successful bidder refuses to enter Into said contract after being requested to do so by Uie Board of Trustee*. Fairfax School District. The successful bidder will be required to furnish a labor and material bond In an amount equal to .60% of the contract price, and a faithful performance bond In an amount equal to 100% of the contract price, Bald bonds to be secured from a surety company satisfactory to the Board of Trustees, Fairfax School District. A lint of such surety companies 1* on file with the office of the Architect. The Board of Trustees, Fairfax School Diatrlct, reserves the right to reject any or all bids and/or waive aw irregularity In a bid. ImlftM otherwise required by law. no bidder may withdraw hi* bid for a' period of thirty (30) day. afUr the date iet for the opening thereof. ' D£t*d i Au*u«t tf, ift.ll. Bafeerefieid, California, Board of TruiUes, Fairfax School Kern County, California, ;v T^E MEMpifitb cALiPbkNUN, SA^HDAY, SEP*SMBER I . Pacific Steamship Line' Is Affected by Threatened Personnel Strike r> u,. , . Publication daie«! Any, 2*, Sept. -r. -•4. f - I _ K (VnttM SAN FRANCISCO, Sfept, 6^-Labor trouble threatened to halt the soiling of the If. F. Alexander, Pactfio Steamship Line steamer, on a aix day holiday cruise to Puget Sound at 4 p. m. tCKjay. Tho entire unlicensed crow personnel threatened to refuse to si$m on to make the voyage, Thomas G. Plant, chairman of the coast com mlttce tor the ship owners reported. Cause of the dispute was demand of firemen for a $30 dismissal wage payment, Plant said, Should hastily assembled settlement machinery fall to settle the dispute before sailing time, the Alex ander will join tho Bolter t»Ino Pres Ident Hoover as an "Idle vessel"forced to forego departure because of maritime labor trouble. The Hoover was schedule^ to sail yesterday f6r tho orient with a pas senger list of 500 persons and a cargo f of mall and general consign ments. Refusal of the line to allow one deck hand to ro-slgn for the voyago. assertedly for insubordination,' re suited In other sailors declining to make the voyage. Tho union charged tho shipowners discriminated against tho seaman. Arrest of nine striking warehouse men, affiliated with tho International Longshoremen's Association, added more complications to tho waterfront trouble. The men were .held In Jail on charges of disorderly conduct. CONFESSION NTRODUCED District Attorney Declares He Will Use Statement Said lo Have Been Given SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 5. — DIs- trict Attorney Karl Warron said to day he will use tho "confession" of Frt^nk J, Connor, seaman, that ho participated in tho slaying of Oeorgro Alberts, despite the suspect's later repudiation of the entire statement. Warren intends to submit Conner's asserted confession in the trial of a group of maritime workers who are facing- murder charges Jn connection with the shipboard killing of Alberta, chief engineer of the freighter Point Loboe last March 22. Conner reportedly described in do- tail the purported plotting which preceded the crime. AVnrren cuid Conner implicated Karl King, union secretary; A. H. Ramsey, union "patrolman"; George Wallace, seaman, and Ben Sachowitz, in the slaying. He designated himself as the "un witting" accomplice who pointed out Albert's stateroom to Wallace and Saehowitz shortly before the ship's officer was found dead with knife wounds. Conner denied all the Implications of the statement and said; "The confession is not truo. My testimony at the coroner's inquest Is the real truth. At that time I said T didn't know anything about tho Slay Ing. I don't." ^_ ^ _ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^••••i Continues Hearing .^^ ^^^b^^ ^ ^__ . ^^v^ Mutual (Associated Prem Leaned Wire) LOS ANGELES, Sept. G.—Superior Judge Henry M. Willis continued lo day until next Tuesday the hearing on tlio rehabilitation plan of tho Pa clfic Mutual Lifo Insurant* Com pany. He said he did this in order to give more time to attorneys rep resenting various interests In the case to reach a settlement out of court. Legal Notices NOTICE INVITING SEALED PRO- P08ALS TO FURNISH ONE DISC FOR THE STREET CiTV OF .- order Q* *h« Council of the City of Bakersfleld. Notice I» hereby given: That bids will be r«celv*d at lh« ° ffc * ° t y Cl * rl « «ntll five .i ««<Jay. 8«pt«mbtr 8, S6, the same to be opened at a regular mealing of the Council at elghl o'clock P. M. of said date, for tha following equipment; Ono dltfc type grad«r, suitable for use by the Street Department, specl- ficatlonji for which may ho obtained at the office of the City Engineer. • All bldii must be accompanied by a certified check In the sum of ten per cent of tho contract price which the successful bidder shall forfeit upon failure to enter Into the contract; The Council reserves the right to jcct any and sll bids. Quality and adaptability to the purpose for whlrh the dJffr type grader I* Intended will b« considered by the Council In making th* award, nnd price quoted will not be th* only determining factor. Dated: September 1, 1036. V. VAN niPBU. City Clerk and Ex-Offlclc- Clerk of the Council of the CUy of Bakersfield. Sept. 2 to 7, inc. NOTICE City of Bakersfltld Civil Service Com. m/Mlon for the Police Department NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that competitive examination for tfie position of Lieutenant of Police of the Bakersfleld Police Department win be held at 1:00 p. m.. September IB, 1036. at Fire House N umber 1. at Twentieth* and K Streets, Bakersfleid. California. Only number* of the Bakersfleld police Department having three year*' experience as refular paid peace of. Qcer* jtnd who have served on the Bakersfleld Police Department for not Jess than one year Immediately preceding the date of the examination are eliible, ,... with the cammuwion by not later than «£ c i? ck ?**?"• September U, J*M. Further Information a* 4 to appllca- tlons and sco* of examination may Secretary of , ty Hall, BakersfleJd, Cahforna. r*. .«- ^Jfi 0 * 0 -* 5 ^ -HUOHBS. Chairman, C* vil Bervloe Comwlsslon, «9 to September U/ incl. ' j j I . I'jr 1 --,' t '. •Jl n F h h H fCotlfiMilCd — T- - —— — — — — — — B P H I • • — — - ^—*— - — — ^f— p^B-^n -^—^B—^v^r-^^ parachute, He aakTho wanted proceed by transport plane to tho races. , > ^ A gtim proioffUG to the Bendtx flnlah was the death of L. C. faulknerv 21-year-old num. from San Diego. The erowd watching the Initial spot parachute jumping contest/saw Faulkner leap, saw Ma 'chute foul ntid saw him drop like an elevator to the grot id, the nltkcn bag covering htm as a shroud. "He** probably Just shaken up, that'll all/* the announcer (old the spectators* But Faulkner, his skull crocked ami otherwise in* died U minutes later In a hospital. The thrill of the 1936 finish of the Bendix race, when Colonel Turner and Howard wound up in a second- to-second finish and Turner's piano caught fire, was Entirely missing from the 1836 version. First Ship Lands With 80 planes of the United States air forces lined up on the field, backed up by 33 ahlpa of the newly arrived sportsmen's derby nnd the center stage turned over to welcome derby sponsor-film star Ruth Chatterton, tho first contestant, a big cabin plwie, slipped unnoticed into port. In H were William Oul* Ick. William Warren, lieutenant Perry Lyons and Mechanic William Hoi comb. One of tho group stepped up to a field attendant and said: "Pardon me, we Just came In from Now York. Where can wo find Mr. Henderson." Henderson, managing director of tho races and others were notified and tho Bendtx racers were welcomed. But not until the presentation of Miss Chatterton wan completed. Reception for the other arrivals was little different. Mrs. Thudcn was announced first as Laura Ingalls, who actually camo. in an hour later and won second place honors. A mella Earhart's arrival ovor tho field in her "laboratory ultlp" drew a barfe announcement, and as ahe landed at another airport, the crowd never saw her. Allss Jngalto likewise landed elsewhere. Mrs. Thaden collected $4600 first place prizo money and $2600 put up for the best time by a woman pilot. Miss Installs, negotiating the grind In 15 hours 39 minutes, won $2500 and Gullck, flying oil man Henry L. Doherty'B private plane, won $1500 for his timo of J5 hours 45 minutes. George Pomeroy. Washington. D. C., fourth, won $1000 and Miss Karhart carried off $600 fifth place prise. Pop m m ghlin C (OontinurtI Prom /'O|?c One) of tho personal political wnfl lo l^nthor ^ n - -^ — ^ ^ celved from tho Vatican precise and unmistakable JnHtrtictlonH which cannot be misunderstood—namely, to moderate the ardency of an orator who should have refrained from attacks of a political chat-actor, especially personal, and also renounce the forming of political parties and confine himself to a precise ((lustra* tlon of tho social doctrine church." Tho reference to attacks obviously Ooughlin'* calling President Hooso. veil a liar. Vatican Concerned Corriapondenza aaid the Vatican was greatly concerned by the failure of its conversations with Bishop Gallagher to produce results and, therefore, directed Ossftrvatore Romano, official Vatican organ, to publish Its article of last Wednesday. Ojtservn- toro expressed disapproval of father Coughlln's activities and said statements attributed to Bishop Gallagher that the Vatican approved of such activities could not have been mnde by the bishop, because they were untruo. Corrlspondenza said tho Ossorva- lore article should now be followed by a new denial from Bishop dalla- gher of statements attributed to him in the United ftta»e« press. Highly nlftplcnned Commenting on father Coughlin's continued activities, Corrlspondeniw said: "The disappointment of tho Vatican la by no means slight. Tho situation Is adjudged very displeasing and most delicate. The Vatican had done Its b**t to arrive at a solution of an 'internal character/ in order to avoid the matter's being aired In public . , . y|th inevitable repercussions." RE0PKNS PRK4NO HEARING SAN FRANCISCO. Hopt. fi. <u. P.» The state railroad commission announced today It would reopen hear- Ings Jn Fresno on 8«ptember 23 on charges by Fresno and Oakland city officiate that the heat content of nnt- ural gas supplied by the Pacific Oa« and Electric Company was substandard. BIRTHS I BUND wood To Mr. Wind. and Mr*. William Kl- non Twenty-fifth utreet, a Ron. Nor man TCugenR Au glint 31. at Merry hospital. To Mr. and Mr». Milton Karl linker, 1220 Nlles afreet, a dauvh- t^r, Una Helene. September 2. at Mercy honpltal. r. anrt Mrs. Richard . • fl <Jftuglu«r, Joan vlalne. September 3, at Merry hoa* pital. MAUOHAN—To Mr. and Mra. W**ton Perkln* Mau^hftn, 101 TJufhe* AV«- »iue, Olldalc, a *on, September I, at Mercy hoMpltal. v^AVtfMAvamm^HM 1 *-.» MacPARLANE-*To Mr. and Mra. John A. MacFarlane, 1407 Fourth utreet, H aon r John 154ward, September I, at Mercy hottpldtl. BIKOKHMAKN-To Mr. und Mra, Lawrence B. Bledermanu, Arvln, a son, September 8, at Mercy hospital. Wt wiiih to thank our friend. A ml rcUtlvw for their kind axpreaalon* of sympathy and for tha Wutttul floral offering• durint our reaisnt bereavement.. * P. K. BATX'A* SR,, . . AND FAMILY ^ L ^ ^' . ~ ^^^^ ™ ' . ^^^^" ^^^F V • ™ I^^^B H^l •i^^' ^^^^r H IB IROiCHARGE Youth Arrested in Slaying of Dunsmuir Police Mend August 2, Report (Anotl&ted t*rc»* trotrtf }Yirc) SAN r*B't>no p Sept, ft.-~nobert Mlllor Barr, allaa Donald Bounche, 23 yoara of age, who a Httle 11101*0 than a year escaped from a mob that lynched his companion, was held in Jail today on a murder charge* The youth, Detective Ueutcnnnt» Roscoe Sovvell and Thomas B. Fuller said, ccmfesed complicity In the nlay- Ing of Police Chief F. K. Daw of Dunsmuir, Calif., August 2. 19A6. , Tho doteottvofl quoted tho youth as saying hts companion, Clyde h. Johnson, fired tho fthots that, killed Daw aa tho two were flc«lhg after a robbery. Johnson wns captured in the northern California mountain country tho day after Daw's funeral and lynched by a mob of irate citizens. Harr was arrested here September 2 by police two two other men. Alfred Unquist ami Joseph 1'ablov. The thn?o were taken into custody when poltco saw them acting BUH- plclously and when a heavy drill and flltt were found in their po»st>n- slon. All three wore booked for HUS- plcion of burglary. Barr's flnserprintB were pfnt to the State Bureau of Criminal Identification. There they were identified as those of the mun wanted on tho murder charge. ••1 ' .'i I - * 1 \ *.<' •V _ '•-1 ,^'k I-' V LIDAY AIR DU1MF. MART San Francisco Exchange Is Listless as Two-Day Vacation Pends NEW YORK CLOSE 10 Big Unions Are Oustedby^A.F.L fOonHtttfcrf >Ytm Page Qnr) locked," Lew la wild. "We plan to continue as a permanent and independent organization." William CSreon. A. K. of L. president who pleaded with Lewis for 10 months for diaaolutlon or the C. I. O. t said, however, he does not consider tho members expelled. The way Is open for their relnatatomonl any time they drop their dual union activities, ho Bald. Green Offer Uejecfeel "That, we will never do/ 1 Lewis orted. "We nro not ncciiAtonwd to wearing sackcloth nnd wo will not do it for William Ureon or anyone elae, I do not seo how we can ever go back into the A. K. of L. n» long us its leadership maintains UH prow- The suspension, If followed by the almost Inevitable revocation of tho insurgent unions' chariot* by the A. F. of L. convention nl Tampa, F.a,, November 16, will reduce tho federation's rncmbeitihlp by npnroxl- mutely one-third. C. I. O. to Meet Lewis Hnid tho C. I. o. would meet later this month to decide whether to appeal tlio Buspennlon to tho Tampa convention. Under tho mm- pension order itatogateB from V. 1, O. unlonct win bo barred. "My own thouKht." Low IB said, "is that an appeal would bo fullle and a wn«te of timo. Obviously the sun- pension WH» put Into effect to Insure that the convention would ho in con.- trol of the executive council/ 1 Unions Suspended Tho aiiBpended unions and their estimated membership nro tho United Mine Workor*. 600.000; La- dlen Garment Workers, ' 225,000; United Auio Worker**, 80,000; Amalgamated Clothing Worker*, 1&0.000; United Textilo Workers. 70,200; Oil a IK! neflru-ry Workers, -19.900; United Rubber Workers. 30,000; Klal OluHS Workers. 17.000; Mln». Mill and Hmclter Worker*. M.GOfl; Iron. Stool and Tin Workers. 20,000. Tliivo oilier unions \vlmiso piw). dent* have Joined dm C. 1. (). have R combined tncinberHhlp of ni>proxhn«i>l.v Off.OOO. Tlww arc <no cap nnd millinery worUers wllh 17,500, the Typographical union wflh 78.400 atul Hio Newspaper (iulld with -lOOO member*. Thorn Ihreo unions wore not In- eluded In Iho RUhprnsion order. Charles K Howard, president of Urn Typographical Union, oxpoetn H to Hocedo from tha federation at its Colorado Spring*., Colo., convention this month. Tim millinery workers nnd the Newspaper Uuild may consider the sam« action soon. The A. F. of L. split will leuvo the mass production Industries open to C. I. O. ur '.onlKatlon without rompe- tltlon from tho federation. Likewise, the c. I. o. (Joes not plan to raid fields in which Kiilld unions remain- loyal to the A. |f. of L. dominate. IH twice demanded tho guild system be discorded in tho steel, automobile, rubber, textile and other mass production industries SAX FUANCUSCO, Sept. 5.~-Pre* holiday atmosphere dulled trading today on local exchauRea. Spots of strength nnd weakness provided a trendies.* silhouette. The stock exohnnge had 13 Issues up, H down, and fl unchanged. Southern Pacific and 7'ftciflc Telephone common reached now highs at 43% and 140 respectively. S. P. closed up five <*ights at 43»i; Telephone's gain was 7 points. Rainier Pujjs advanced 2 U and National AutntnotlvQ Klbiva JK, Other gains wens small. Th* only loss of a point or more was by Kwa Plantation, down 114, Transamerlcu hold steady at 13% on milon of 1100 shares. Oil shares were off fractionally. (United Prc*» LOS ANC1KL1C8. Sept Butter Wirr) 5. Prlino . Stanclardn, 34o Undergrade^, EQQ« (Cundlod) I.nve Hffht dirty (*xtra*. 2!»c; clean standards. 3*o; light dirty standard*. 25c; checks. 95e, Mediums—riwin extras. 26 He; 1 Iff hi dirty extras 26o; clean standards 24e; Hffht dirty standards 3.V; chocks 22o. Small—Clean extras IRo; light dirty ITc, Ca«e counts S2c. Poultry Price* Le.ghnrna, 2U to 3U pounds. limn (o lo M( Hflim, Levhorna, o\er 3Vi and up to 4 pounds. Me. HMIR. IjCghnrnn, over 4 pounds, 16c. HO..S. colored, 3U to 4 pounds, 20c. H<MIR, colored, 4 pounds and up, 23c. Urollers, over I atul up pounds, 20i\ Brollors. ovor 1 Vi and up pounds, 20o. Kryers, Leghoi'iin, ovt»r 2'4 and up to 3 pound*. Ui»\ Fry«r». colored, 2H and up to 3*4 >und*. ITr. Fryers, colored, over 3U and up lo 4 pound*. I8r. Header!*, soft bone, Itai'iPd Hocka, over 4 pound* and up, !!t)c. RosBter*, soft bone, other than Barred Hocks, over 4 pounds and up, tags. Old 4H pouiuU and up. Mr. tindtir Vft pouitUft. 12o. llo. I6o. — - -^— — ^ -f — -^ v Young torn uirUfyH. 13 pounds and up lo 18 poundii I9c. Young torn lurUcyH. ovor IS pounda. 20r. lien torkryfl, f* ;»oumla and up, 20c. Old torn turkeys, I4c. Old lien lurheyn, Ho Hquaba. under 11 pounds per dozen. f. 11 pounda per dozen and Kqtmhn, up, £fii\ t'apona, UftbblTH poiindn, under 7 pounda. 26o. 7 pounds ami up, 28c. No. 1 while SVi lo h 12o nabbltn, No. 1 mix ml color*. nnd 4Vfc poundn, onoh Hir Itabblln. No. 1 old, <i SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS i A»*oHntrtl HAN KUANCKSOO. .Sept Stork- Crown '/nil. VTr Wirr) 6.— Hlirh * * pfd j (Senerut l*ttlnl coin. UnlUen ftinio Milk, I*. A. O. and 1C. pfd Mngimvox IU Mnrclutnt CH!< )'. O. nml K I'm-. Pub. Svi\ pfd P. T nnd T Hy. K*i. nnd ui. fi pfd... , Itcpulillr Polo. . ,. Sholl iriiUm nil Southern Piiflflp So. J'HC, Oulilcn Unto A So. l>ao. (.lolden Mnt« U Tldo Water Trnnnnmerlrn Union OH (.'allfornln * * 1.1 10V* ^ i 21 f i 24% 140 20 140 4 2 4 16S 2 14 LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK closing j IH.2&fl ANUKM3H, Sept. f»,— Hogn, re- for \v«*-U, 1*00. lOc lo 2;»c lower. loj», 111,00; hulk grain fed, tof-aln »11.40 down. BOWK, Cattle for M>wor ' convention*. Would Orffaiilir 900,000 The (.'. i. o, utakoft IU bopfu for fltippAinacy on an ImmodlHle drive to brim? «ioo) work*™ Into the Amajffnmntcfl Axaorlailon of Iron, SU'ol nnd Tin Workers and to union* 1/.0 workf*™ In tho nutoniatiUn mid week. G.'.OO; atctore l&c to »t«ok ni^ndy to 25r ** ri( ' 7,60; |2!7fc« ftr-4.fc0; $fi,50 down fft; ni |fc.<K»<Mi,0(). cow», t 1 for \vf-rk, 2U>0; lowor; vofilor**. |f».M) flown, Ift.fi00-fi.60; few to J7; to &0r *«.80 Hh*»op for irn tamhff, lurnbd. ntcrJium woot»d Hition from nmployprn. Alm>, he nnld. Iho A. F. of ].,. pro|»Mbly will 'pur^ IU*U of all Hfktft fodiM-ntlann t»f labor and cent ml labor count-It* the C. I. o. Already, ho »ald. Htntc ferleratlonfi In 10 ntntr-H havr.» Invited oxpulsiou through resolutions flupportlnfc tho C. t. O. Hundred* of central labor !>odlP» havo adopted Hinillar resolutions, ho *Bld. COTTON FUTURES M I CAUKORXIA TISNOK DIK8 SANTA BAUBAHA. Hopl. f>. (A. I'J Dan Orldl^y. 45, well known south- prn California tenor, died today In the Cottage Hoiipltal of a heart ailment. CHICAGO QRAIN (,4**ncintcd /'m* Lmtril \\'4rt) NKW VOUK. Hopl. &.-~0|i«miii|f advance* In r«*pi>ni«o lo rrlallvoly nteadj Uverpfjol <-u(,|*n w«re followed by fltn^H und#>r Hqtildnllon nnrl »*»M)ii«: u/iit-h bora mo «ctlv« In l«to trndihi;. t»pc(Mnb<»r nolt) off from II 74 It. 11.53 arid cloned Hi (.hat figure with th« general market endtnu ba'rir]> uteady at net ducllnen of 11 polnU. Future* clo«ed barely meady, lower. &>11,&2; Dftf., 11.53 March, ll.r>K<UU,tlO 11, Cl, ; mlddUns 11.&1. to 15 Jan., J1.&7; 11.03; July, Kpot May. (Vntted rr<*j» Ltattd Wirt) NEW YOnrC. Sept. fi.— Rallr-ond* Stock— Close AtchlAQn » . ..... *..,.,. * ......... 83% Baltimore £ Ohio ................ 25U Chesapeake A Ohio .............. 67*i •Jl 1U k4 t4 »«Bt kbt( , tld4t4 , ttAA>(Btv Great Northern pfd .............. 41 Illinois Central .................. 28 Mlaaotiri Pad If o ................. New York Central ............... Northern Pacific ..... . .......... 27H Pennsylvania .................... 40 Southern Pacific ......... : ...... 63V* Industrials American Can ................... 127 American Tel. & Tel ............. 177 Rordena .................... , ____ 29*4 Caterpillar Tractor .............. 73* CHIPS Service .................... Columbia Oa« ................... Consolidated G*s ............... 44 Corn Products .................. 67»4 SIOCKSA L ,-:•.• Klrat National Stores ............ 4S Fox Film "A" .................... 30H Qaneral Klectrlc ................. 47 General Foods ............. , ____ 31» Ootd Oust .............. . ........ H Qooclyonr Tiro A Rubber ......... 25H Intornatlonal Hnrvest«r ......... 79 U Jntf»rnntlonnl Trl. & Tel Johna-MRnvUie Montgomery Ward North American ____ ............. 33 Pacific Gas Klectrio .............. Sfl Hadlo Corporation Safeway Stores U. S. Uuhher 31 Union CnrbMff & Carbon 9S l T nlted Aircraft 25% "Warner Brothers Western Union 90 Wool worth 6&U J. C. ivnttay S>2 Transamerlcft 1314 Metals American Smelting Anaconda -- » , Hethlnhem Steel 6fl»fe t liuornHilonal Nickel B5H Kenneoott Copper 47-\ Uepubltc Steel 22*i U. fi. Steel 71H Vanadium fltfiel 23'» Tobacco and American Sugar Ainerlcnn Tobacco "B" 101 On him American .' (Jreat Western Sugar H. J, Tieynoids "B" 56U Oils Atlantic Refining S7H OonaolldatAd I...!! 12\ n Seabonnl 32 ^4 Shell t'nlon Standard of California ........... Rtnndnrd of N>w Jer»oy... ...... Hocony Vacuum ................ Texas Company ....... . ......... Tidewater Ass'n, new ............ Motors Chry*ler ................ , ........ Clencrnl Motors ......... . ........ Hudson .......................... 1'arkard Motors ................. 8tudebakcr ..................... Equipments American Car Fnund>> .......... 19 ttr*T Rails Lead in Uptrend "VVitl Brief Profit-Taking Not Effective, Report f Associated Prcxt Ltotttt Wire} NEW YORK, Sept.. 5.— The rails got up steam In today's stock market and. pulling many other leaders along with them, registered gains of fractions to a point or more. The brief session had Ita profit- taking periods but these were undts- turblng in most instances. The close was firm. Transfers were around 700,000 shares. While many traders skipped the day's brief proceedings in favor of a prolonged holiday, those who appeared in the boardrooms displayed sufficient buying vigor to more than offset the absentees. The activity, best for a Saturday In nearly a month, was a pleasant surprise to the- commission houses, which had expected the dullness customary before a Labor day recess. Con tin ued progress of economic recovery was said to have apurr*d accumulation of selected stocks. At the same time there seemed to be a bit less nervousness over the foreign situation. Conspicuous on th upside wer« Delaware A Hudson. Baltimore & Ohio. Santa Fe. N. Y. Central, Southern Pacific. Northern Pacific, General Baking, American Telephone, Western Union. Great Northern Ore. Chrysler, Sears Roebuck. Macy. American Can. LoeWs and Coca-Cola. Improvement was also registered by U. S. Steel. Bethlehem, Youngs. town Sheet and Tubo, General iors. Kco. Montgomery Ward, las Aircraft. National DistlUera, U. S. Industrial Alcohol. Consolidated Edi- flon. General Electric, Goodyear. Paramount, Electric Auto-Lite and Briffg-s Manufacturing-. Anaconda and Kenneoott xvere'not much better than steady notwith* standing- tho export copper rate waa Mfted to 9.77H cents a pound to the best level in five years. lift*; 6S Untdwln Oenora) Tank Wanior ................ £0» LOS ANGELES STOCKS \\'irr) T,OS ANOKKKM. Sept. 5.-~l»rtccs were steady to higher today nn the I.OH A)iRi>l*n Stock Kxohnnga n» turnover dropped. There wer<> two new Volume wan 11,493 nhare.*. Of Iho 27 l»HiieH trad«il. 10 were up, 6 down and 13 unchanged. IOIIH wcro its follows: High IVlroleum S Harnhart-Morrow 13 Darker Bros. Corp !$% BRrUer Bros. Corp. pfd. 103 103 Blank Mammoth 43 .43 Broad wo y Oept. pfil 104 104 Cnrdlnal ("Sold 1.25 1.20 ^lose 3 .M Maudo Neon Kleo \\\ ICxotflr Oil 6f» Klnnnr A. * M 41 ».><>, •••t**** •111 j\ I r i.,.«t*i**i. *' 'J A. InditRlrles 4S Menasco Mnnu 4** .41 .16 4* Hecurlty-First Nat. Bank. & 80. Cal. Kdison 31% Sc.. Cal, Kdison pfd 28S S.,. Cftl, Kdison f»«/i pfd... 27*i Huuthorn Pacific ... 4SS TrnnHiunerlra 18*4 Union oil California 21 Universal Cons 17 Wellington Oil 8 Xenda (Jold .... Ofi 27% 43 21 17 .Ofi TREASURY REPORT I <$> WASHINGTON, G.—The posi- lion of the Trcnuury September 3: n^eipiii, 9}7,045.6.^7.AO: expenditures, $4fi.lRf>.313.76; hulan<:e, |l.K50,l&i*.- 732. U»; rutttom* receipt n for th* i month. $3,0«4 P &04.00. flefolptw for th« fi*rot year (isinco .luly 1», J^l.tJ^ti.fikD.VU; expeiuUturen, $1.0Cfi,»K9.;i8?.41 (Intruding $367. of emerge iioy expenditure^); exrenn of oxuonttlUireA. $3P4.702,803.68. Ur<>«« debt. 13.1.367.910,036.23. a. de.- c»f 13,187,972,f.O uhder the i>r«- day. Uold aimetv, $10,7J«,62&.- S 096.12 L A. CASH GRAIN 1 t*rr$9 Levied \\'irf) ANOtZKKH, S«pl. 5.—Current local grain mi"taih»n« w*r« reported by th*i l-V(l*>rftl-,SlHt(> Market Nfww Sfrvh'rt HM follows (prlron quoted are rwt., field run. In carload* unly): falifornlfl wheat, nackwd No. 1 jioft or No. 1 hnni whlt»>, I1.A7H; California bnrloy. **v)u*<\ 4 4lb*. No. ? bright |l,no«H.fiJH; No. 1 4«-lh.. 05; milforriia yellow mtlo. No. 2, |1 70, FUN RALS UKI.ANTV— Th* body of Mra, Cath erine* Ooiaiuy. 260D H i*tr«j*t. laid lo ri?Bt In Ureenlawn Memorial I'arH thU innrttiiitf. hlvh mans bav- Ing b««n HolemnUed in St. Franci* church at !> o'clock. Douc ht> - Calhoun-O'M«arti chapel ivaa lit ttt uf ur range t ne i i LOS ANGELES HAY CHICAGO. S»pt, 6.™-Oralna cto»«d Wh«»t Decn)b«r, cem HUGHES— Private funeral atrvic** for Mr*, ray R, Hurhea. the wife of Kmm«tt Hughes of MUJRV^, w«r« ronduei^d at 2 o'clock thl« afternoon at Uoughiy.calhoun-O*M«atu thap«>l, with th« RevvrvAd Orovcr Kalnton officiating i P«r ton: or U08 ANOEUOR. Hept. fi. H»>, t. o. b. l^s Choir* barl*y C?hoic4 oati j AlfHlf*. delivered ~ Ilyn«» Mont*: U. W, No. t-tkim leafy rabbit, JlS.&O i9'00< T, S. NO. t $l5.60e$1«,«». i;. H. NO; s )««fr. IJ&.00, -No. *, I13.&0. & Priett kitping with th Oewttiry, Tttephoai ti«M OffiOi 2237 J ir,- \f- .-.• k --.?. OVERNMENT BONDS fi.-U. S. bonda NK\V YORK, f closed today; Tremurie* 4H», 47-62, 119.11. 3V4s. 43-45, 108.22. 44-64. 114.11. >, 40'4.1, June. . 41-43. March. 105-9. i, 41, 10^.8. ». 44-4«. 108.13. s, 4fi.<9, 107 5 61-5&, 105.12. H, 55-60. 103.12 45-47. ]04.16. 4K-51, 102.30. 51-54. 102.3. Pederat Farm Mortgage ', 42-47. 103.6. 49. 104.4. Home Owner* Loan 3s. A 52, 103.27, S^s, 49, 103.4. 3Vi», 43-44. 102,4. FOREIGN EXCHANGE (Vnited Prett Lea ted NEW YORK. Sept. 5.— Kngjand, pound 6.03 9-18, off „„ ,„. Knglanii. 00-day bill rate. 3.02 13-16, off .OOH. Canada, dollar 1.00, Kruno*, frano .OSSSt;. off .0000 1-16. Italy, lira .0786%, off .0000*;. KHglum. helga .168$, off .0002U. CSermany. murk ,4024, up .0001." * Germany travel mark .2280, up ,0020, Switzerland, fmne .8259, off .OOWj. Holland, guilder .f»7SS, off .0000H* Spain, p«n«tft unquoted. Sweden, kron*. ,2586, off .0002. Norway, krone .2631. off .0001. Denmark, krone ,2247, oft .0003. Austria, uhlUlngr .ms. up .0002. Czechoslovakia, koruna . Mexico, silver peso .275$. Japan, yen .2948. THE WEATHER Hacramento and San Joaquln valleys—Fair tonight and Sunday; slightly warmer Sunday; change* able winds. San KramM*co bay region—Fair and mild Saturday and Sunday, but overcast tonight; general west winds. Northern California—Pair tonight and Sunday; cloudy on the coast; moderate temperature; gentle changeable winds off the coaat. Sierrn Nevada—Pair tonight and Sunday: slightly warmer Sunday; gentle variable wind*. Santa Clara valley—Fair and mild tonight and Sunday; overcast in early morning; northwest winds. Salinas vaJley—Pair and mild tonight and Sunday, but morning fog In lower valley; northwest winds. Southern California—FWr tonight and Sunday; rising temperature In fist portion; fgnU* to moderate north wen i wuuio off the coaat. Serving J Fes tern Investors Since 1915 J. A.HOGLE &CO. 1915 roJtx STOCK UOS Seventeenth Str«9t Phon« £340 SAtT l^fc K t - - L f . L ; ' '',*-- t ; »' '- ' . - •-. -' ,- :i ' • ' >.. . .1 , , ii- 1 i j 'f - H I 3 '. \ I- '.: n V • ._'. *V - -'>-^' L 1 I f "I r.

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