The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 2, 2001 · Page 14
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 14

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 2001
Page 14
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BB WEDNESDAY, MAY 2, 2001 THE SALINA JOURNAL ^ NIGERI^N BANKER NEEDS hV HELP GETTING THIRTY tAILLION DOLLARS OUT OF HIS COUNTRYI ALL I NEED TO DO IS GIVE HirA rAY BANK INFORrAATION BY E-fAAIL AND I'LL GET A TEN PERCENT C0f-\mS5I0NI DEAR GUSTAVA, BANK IS A TUBE SOCK THAT FELL BEHIND THE DRYER. Unscramble these tour Jumbles, one letter (0 each square, to form (our ordlna^ words. OONES cm PRYAT m LESFAT HODRIC THE TRANSMISSION MAN W3 FIBEP BECAUSE HE WAS Now arrange the circled letters to torn the Surprise ansiver, as suggested 1^ the above cartoon. Answer: rm t T Y Y Y Y T Answers tomorrow) Yesterdays arrow) Jumbles: SHINY BAKED EMBRYO JUMBLE Answer; Why the math student couldn't fool the Instructor - HE HAD HIS NUMBER Baby Blues Cryptoqufp WI4eR£A (2eU $eiO(TZafTD (wrouwepwio, For Better or For Wbrse AQH THPTFLCLMPTA EHJCRYKE AQRA R SHG FPKLY RSAHYTQLJIT GHYH KL MYHRA TQRIHT. Yestentay»s Cryptoquip: ONE WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED TO HEAR THAT A BOWLER'S PREFERRED FOOD IS SPARE RIBS. Today's Cryptoquip Clue: T equals S The Ciyptoqulp is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another. If you think that X equals O, It will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error. ,,\3I(3NIFICASIT EVervlT FOR ME., VOU (tWITED MEia UOUR) HOMETa MEET UaUR J AND?(A)HflT does SHE THllNlK OF out?"' FRierOD ^SHIP? » . .— I PONY KNOUJL 1 HiUVewT REALLV DIS- cosseo fT JiJITH HER VET The LocUiorns vmihontoiouom "KIS6 MiD MAKE OP? COULDN'T y^B OUST LET BYGONES BE BYfiONES?" Family Circus Pickles TWE.CATPAMIW IVJTOIViO IHEBlfcCflcnS, ID BOAR, ...AWO-WE£MALt£J? ^S^S0C«A6 Hooe€ (Are, Kiowe OP {^WiCW CAM -TRlitVROAR. Dtu. by Wns FMtum I "He got Injured falling off a pyramid." BY HENRI ARNOLD & MIKE ARQIRION BY EUGENE SHEFFER ACROSS 1 Cookware 5 Facial feature 8 Celebrity 12 Lotion additive 13 Candle count 14 Domesticated ISSpice-rack item 17 Hurler Hershiser 18 Spice-rack Item 15 Vexatious 21 Fomierly 24 It's near Miss. 25 Margarine servings 28 French- restaurant word 30 Space 33 Ostrich's cousin 34 Singer Crystal 35 Harem room 36 Melody 37 Cookbook compiler Rombauer 38 Crooner Williams 39^08—" 41 Eastern potentate 43Gluck Creations 46 Spice-rack item SOttalian bread? 51 Spice-rack item 54 "It's —to Tell a Lie" 55 Seesaw quorum 56 Lab assistant? 57 Confront 58Abby's •sis 59 Logical DOWN 1 South American rodent 2 Ken of thirty- something" 3 Author Monison 4 Feels 5 Predicament 6 In olden days 7 Departed 8 Milker's perch 9 Spice- rack item 10 Congregation's cry 11 Depend Lingus 20 Slight confusion 22"Uon King" villain 23 Spice-rack item Solution time: 27 mint. •••• QQD mWM BOBczjQQ Bam OQHB QUID BQOB YMtantay'k 25 Shell- ^ . game need 26"—my brother's keeper?" 27 Spice-rack Item 29 Character actor Jack 31 Put on the pile 32 Stipend 34 Sphinx's home 38RBlof D'Artagnan 40 Daughter of the Curies 42 "How Can — Sure?" 43 Scandinavian man's name 44 Galileo's birthplace 45 Mile., across the Pyrenees 47 It's a long ' 48 Golf-bag Item 49 Apollo's instalment 52 Possess 53 Trinity member For answn to today's crossvmrd, call 1-900-4S44873199e p«r minute, touch- tono/rotary phones. (18+ only.) A King fteturss8ervk »,NyC. Ziggy ...lALKAPoaTPiCKYS Hewmr&THE KiBgLES •I _ Blondie rn Loser WH/OON'T YOU COME ) SOUHOS OVB? TO MV PLACE X SREAT.' TOMORROW FOR A K WHAT CAN COOKDUT ^. ^ V I 0RWS?| 9 wiTK one K ^Hc ?oHTi €,WKeeL! KNNt?5 5K0(XDe>£0HTR& WKeeiM lOOtLOCK.fyMC>TWO o'clock! 'wKMKKEYoo suppose;? re? • 0OTKe(?E5TOFTHeDW? ' Rex Morgan, M.D. I'LU SEE you AT THE OFFICE LATER...I HAVE AN ERRAND TO KUU THIS f/ommi m> IP SARAH peet-s TALKATIVE A&AIN... 6H0ULPI HAVE HER PHONE you? you WONT HAVE TO...I'M SURE SHE't-L CALL A1E HERSELF/ NO PROBLEM. WE HAVE A \ TOPAy/ HERE AT PRODUCT TE5T1N& IMC., WE'RE ONE Blfr FflmiLW ! TDfW /iMO crovce, rm soRRs, BUT rm cijnTifOfr OFf VOUR flLLOWMNCE... ED, VOU'RE GETriN& fl TOOO-TO-TEM- VEflRTimE-OUT... t-ISfl mo fllflRK, P1C< UP WOUR Rooms CLEflrO UP WOUR «E5& JM THE K^tHe^s, im PACK, ALL VOUR JUNK IN THESE NICE STORAfrE BOXES... ...SEE? JUST LIKE ivjmiLV f EyERWONE 1 ALUIAWS DUmiJS ON THEOLDmflN. . Peanuts SyMa 'LET'S ALLTRVTo"^ PLAY OUR BEST.^ I THOUGHT YOU 5AIP LOOK OUR BEST! . KNOW ^O^A' .\Viflj<cw'«.v >c >MAne/,ttaufa.., »v>,h«) you MoA+Wk- iHfr ON -Hie ceu. beA-to^AU ^ -Hie VoK of OoN^ <»N "tKe rou.$ot4 of reA<-H-yo»' LeA^* tfver-to NAb iV A^P -me ir+)o 0NC «ein;»6 "trAf?i<-~ No owcfeL$ei>iNjuKP- — ^=i\

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