The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 25, 1944 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 25, 1944
Page 2
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2 Monday, Sept. 25, 1944 ffifce SafcertfttelD CaHfornfan Yanks Make New Crossing Into Reich Continued From Page On* Philippine Raiders Route Nippon Navy ton's Third Army slashed close to Baccarat, 28 miles sou t boast of Xancy and only about 45 mile? southwest of Strasbourg 1 on the "Rhine. The Germans' annoum-rd the lo«s of Epinnl on the Moselle, 4n miles below Nancy and a bn \ it I hf same distance above tlio Bclt'ort pap. Americans already were fighting well cast of Hpinn!. In these two sectors a Germany at bay was making a tlosprrnte stand and Allied pnin« wore beinp measured in hard -won yards. The German army was throwinc: in crujntrrattack alter counterattack h left tlie battlefields strewn h ix-ekloss losses of t;inks a in) ips. Hehinil it a German civilian anv. with shovels was rilintr fian- tirullv to create new lines of t rein-bcs. '['lie A ID Orleans 1'ishtiiiK in t IIP "Rcirhsttal'l. a larpe fore:- 1 nffnrdinu r co?i re a ] me n t , wcrr> pa ra e hi n is t s attached to Uie I^ritish A; MIX. T he IT \\ a ;= n po* s i h i 1 i t y that t w it rross-mcs of the, German border actually bad taken place here— at Heek into a mile-square area just west of Arnhern. Dempsey Iiad waged a bitter \v»-ck- long tifilH to force his way Gu miles north to ix'Ci'iiiplish the linkup' His troops traversed a German "shooting gallery"—a Ions raised roads an «s^ marshy land where every tank a ml i ruck was an elevated target for German SS mm. Runs conrpaled on fit her side of the narrow corridor. Already Oempsey's pat rols had suci-eoiled in ferrj infi over rnedi* a I supplies, food and ammunition, nilsing: Hie morale- and fin'iting 1 power of the "lost dhisiun'' for its eighth day of l»attl/'. The Second Army also was rushing np dm Us—seagoing (rucks ideal for operations in flooded war zones— but it was not known whether any of these had yet succeeded in reach- ii:g the south hank. Hi itish 11-iKIps entered Tut nhmjt. on the Ant werp-Turnlioui canal midway het\\ mil Antwerp and KimJ- liMven aiul 1 H miles yuiith <>f TiltMirR". a. li otit line dispatch announced. Turnhout, a city of L"J.OO<», \v:is the nnd at a point farther south, with , largest Belgian city still in German "British participating in one of thorn. Ki'-ve is only six miles from the Mr.tch border at the nearest place. crossing of the nuartor-milo- hands. (>n lh p other side f'anadfrms wnn n bridgehead over I he Antwerp-Turn- liout canal at a point 8 miles northeast of Antwerp and thrust a threat- filing wedge behind (li-rnmns retreating from the Mcuse-Schelde canal to- red-bere*ed parachutists at one time ward Hie Ant wet p-Turnhuut line. \vidp Hhine branch at Arnhom was in the face of a storm of German which had compressed the To Relieve Miseries c Acts Promptly to Help Relieve Coughing Spasms,* Congestion and Irritation In Upper Bronchial Tubes to cold-contested upper bronchial tubes with Its special medicinal vapors chtst and back surfaces like a warming, co forting poultice Because its penetrating-stimulating action (as illustrated) brings such grand relief, most young mothers rub VapoRub on the throat, chest starts to work at once and keeps on working for hours to bring relief. Invites restful sleep. Often by morning most of the misery of the cold is gone! ONLY VAPORUB Gives You thi, special double action. It is time- tested, home-proved ... the best known home remedy for relieving miseries of children s colds. Try it! From Pan* On« previously reported for the first day .'ill-no. Presumably some planes returning from the initial attacks landed on carrier* other than their own and had not been reported safe at the time of the September L'ft announcement. The attacker.-' concentrated upon t IK- targets t hev previously bad hit in assault ing the Manila 70110—t h* 1 bay area, i'a\ite naval yard, the Nichols and dark airfields. The latter i* some CM miles northward of .Manila. D.-unage to installations was "extensive and widespread." Admiral William F. Halsey, Jr.. commands the attacking fleet, augmented for these forays by the carrier task force of Vk'e-Ailmiraf Marc A. Mitscher. Newly reported Allied aerial attacks ranged from Dutch < 'elebes, hit with It)."* tuns of explosives by lamHiufPtl soul bu est Pacific, bombers, to diiiiii Jim-'i and ll.trhl Jima in t lie P.onin isla nds. (.la pa tiese, broadcast* said. \\ it limit American confirma f ion. that a third successive day's assaults were la nnched against Manila, Friday, I'nilfd States time, and that the attacks couI inued Saturday with blows against southern J-uzon and the central Philippines.) Planes from the huge attacking fled have deslro\ed (MMJ Japanese aircraft and sunk or damaged H!> ships since they first hit the Philippines. September S. with an at tack- on Mindanao. Raids were staged on the central islands. September 11, Jl'. 1::. Then the audicaeious airmen came back to hit Manila, September :.' u - L ( i. Mi t he hard-pressed Chinese reported nil unusual number of successes. ('Imngking announced t he .la panes* 1 had abandoned Pingka, ihiid major nhjcflivp i,, fall in the Yunnan pro\ inco campaign for the I'urma iuad; been driven from a to\\n 7". inllcH from Canton and stalled 40 miles from Ivweilin. Allied bnso In southeast China. But a Nipponese column spearing* southward from Chuanhsien threatened to isolate Kweilin nnd endanger Liuchuw, another important traffic junction. Helps You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness and Worry Xo longer be annoyed or feol ill at ease because of loose, wabbly false tf-Hh. KASTKKTH. an improved alkaline (non-acid) powder, sprinkled on yonr plates holds them firirmr so they ferl morn comfortable. Soothing and cooling to gums made sore by excessive add moulh. Avoid embarrassment caused by loose plalps. (Set KAS- TRKTM at any dnur store. —Adv. Roosevelt, Dewey Trade Verbal Blasts Condmipfl From Page One This year Mr. lias said that ho will not campaign for re- olfrtinji "in the iiHU.41 sense." His adviser?, however, will press for an active campaign, -As the days pass the pressure will increase, especially lor .Mr. I loose volt to show himself in N'.-w York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. If they can fjct him to Detroit, so much the hotter. '('he only future speaking engagement so far announced is a broadcast from here October 5. Dowry's next swing will tak him into Xew Kngland. And there are reports that Mr. Roosevelt also Is heiiiR urK*'d to speak in Massachusetts. After his Xew England tour, Dewey will make a swing into the rich and politically potent lake states, just where many of the President 1 !? advisers believe he should go. ton. At this early stasr of the political mutest th" bitter feeling already approaches that of the final week before election. Republicans find comfort in the fact thai in the Presi- d pin's first political address he found it necessary to answer Dewey on several points — notably the charge that lie was an indispensable man, that the administration intended to retard discharge of war veterans, that the, Roosevelt admin- is! ration was responsible for depression. And it was noted, too, that the President in his speech resurrected the "Xew Deal. 1 ' a descriptive phrase which he told press conference listen CM s last winter had been out-grown and out-moded. Democrats assessed the speech as a bell-ringing rejoinder to campaign charges that formally opened Mr. Roosevelt's fourt h term effort witli n spectacnlai' whoosh. Veterans of t lie I Ion^e\ ek pi ess conferences rarely have seen him in hotter spirits t han on Inst Friday when lie was turning: nil his, attention to his campaign. tie frankly explained that he was pulling a lot of work on the teamsters' speech and told how he uas going about it. It was. observed, too, that Robert K. Sherwood, one of the a hies t collaborators in preparations of Mr. Roosevelt's state papers, had returned from England and was being seen around the White House. There was no effort at the White House to disguise the fact that the President was winding up his Sunday punch, Hig spirits were even higher, if possible, when he addressed the teamsters face to face the following night. AVlien he made a point and the crowd howled its honest delight, Mr. Roosevelt nodded and smiled his agreement that he was pleased, too, with what he was saving. NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE NEW YORK. Sept. 25. Air Reduction 40 • **»• /.lllrd f.'hfnilral and J)ye.... AlliH f.'hii liMprn ;, « • I I * < I * '111 * 4-4 II V1rf..lr_*lj. .. - - . - , f ***** Anirriian * 'ft r and Foundry AniPiican Had ami Hiil. San,. a 1 11; rrn n A mr rl*'. r in A morlr-fin Trl. A tnrrM M n rnlm A ninrit n TI Mill . nnd Tel.. n Kef.. A rniiMir & * 'oirpn ny Al' IHHOM, Tnpfk;i & S; AT lanl i* RH'in mt: A\ »ii t um < 'nr).ni-;i t h»n H;i Nln in l,<n nma ivt* . Ax it\ \ tun Ifi'JU 44% 1*7 '» I- • -• 41 t \Varrinr I*in-«: \Vnrni* r IhJUKs Mn mi Tartu nti < '« hfm ma I ';» r k raMimot A U* < hi < 'a nada Di x < *« tiniiiHii I'ji' i f i f . ( *M t PI pillar Trai * 'nf i MM Ohm •10 .. 40 in I - w m m t nm rnor < -;H * j * " in in MT* ml I nx PM HUMH i >m!nri < i.* i Snlvrn I s iimnoiux . alt h '* I* J .. 4;. *i -. L'H i ' • • Lj - * W ^% . -II '» . 4;, xx'f'M It M ji l''(i I A- Sn-n ln-rn, A Good Sign to Look for SOCONY-VACUUM The better he k b y he more helpful h helping you to get the best and 1 st rv out f d Go way to y ar friendly Mobilg ALL your car needs your Mobilgas, your Mobiloil, your Mobilubrication ev y d care y quires to p long its life, and which HE may be equipped to rend Be sure to have your tires, battery and radiator inspected regularly and frequently &** 1 -.<*:, '. '•• ' •'. :#*• •' ':•• •• ' •• . ;-y •.••-;• ,•'; - '• -•- - J . '.• ',: Mobilgas • ••*• +•* r ri b S * » V , t Vnita inpr 'ni 'poi'a t inn . t Y<nt in on la I Oil n!" Pnla XVH r ("rnxvn fork M ml Sra 1 O'oxvn AirrraTt . . On Pont np NVmhui Ka^Jprn A h lino** .. Kant nui n Knrlrtk .. . Mlnr-f rir Ron I Rloctrlr fMwrr ft f tfiipni 1 Focids Motors - - r * * ....: ir,i ^i .... ^s-\ ...IfiT 'L» i *> ---...<,._, i ^^ 4 '2 " a (Jondypar TUP * ttiibbor f'lrenl \oi th^rn ftn i I road Greyhound Ct»rp*>rn Mori , f fmnPHl nkp Min intf 1 toud H'M'Rhpy H fnlPrnntiona I Internal ionn 1 lni**rria t irinM 1 ...--.. t) I 47 ufd I In rvnnipr Ni* Unl Can 4 t 1 > VV»**T* T I ^ !!!!'" so Pn per '1V-J, Los Angeles Produce T\ a<l*! rl' J iS ANiIKLKS, SIMM. 'Jo. "it ui 1'ru i s a rut \ fgH aliN-s i'H>'i Indax . Tf* in a I UPS w^i'f 1 s*t r«i]»Krr ; 'Miuisli f 11 ni; * H m a loupes HIM) lM*ans f Tin 'i slight ly t-iron KM- ; i auhf InwtM , fi^s, KITen nriu>Ms. \vaUM in* IUTIH. bell ppppoi s and t OMI ^l^nhi ly si ronKor ; S\V*-IH ly \\ ^akfM- wiih rejhim ns and rrlrry strady t n J'ii n Haitians and MoldfMi Delirious $T,tifi per rwl. ; W a shins I on Jonnt hiitis $R. 1 n; \Val- Hfinville Hr»llf*r lours. Hod Pen rum ins, Dn- lii.-iniiH, \ViMlor Baiuinann nnd SkuinfMB inps $7.tiU; Santa Clara county Smiths $7.40, A^pnrugus: T«,ornl CVilunnn] 25c Ib.; ex- Ira fanry und seln< t Ul'^i* LM ^ c Ih. Avoendoes: Mahals I'O® 2:ic Ib.; Ana- heims ISfdJ L'Oc Ib.; flats Uaaj ^ $4.«Sa; Pick In^onH Sl.Tn r o- ^; Hxamas H.aO; secdlinp.s ;)tis-4i;g JLVSS'S;!, Beans; ]-or;*l San fl'iipgo *-nunty and northern Kenlnckyw 14 f n* I5c Ib. ; Ijininn. and Snn Diegd county, bush 7 ffr i»o Ib. uli: Sania Barbara county and San Luis Obiflpo rfMinty k od c rates $4.754^ O.LVi; lornl. crate stock 7.8c Ib. (/abba Re: Local Cn imonba 11, crates $^.7."i <ti 4 ."til: Colnrarto nnd I'tah BO-pound LT;J U-s Jl- 1 ".»; rod rahbuifo. I oral SS *-ra IP. i 'a n In loupes : [ ,ot-a I SaumiH and Rivor- sido I lalo* i Bf-st, jumbo 3t>« and larc^r $J.:»0^ .!.i i r,; [-ililp Itn-k ndiUnl nates, jnnibn :II;H ami larger Sit. 50: San Joan 11 in \-a !1<'V .jurnbn :iGH and larger $;{. T>0^f 3.90; < 'rTjiHbnu F 'H San Joauuin va llcy jumbo 4s- *is Sr7:iVi^.^;>; rasa has. San Joaiium val- ]t*y .Miniho (iw-8H SLTTi^t LM^K i 'a ulit lower: Lni al Snowhall, Irt lure <M ntf-s. Miit rim mod $2.^5 <fr2. jil; Santa i 'la ni rounty J; 1 (ir ^ L 2r*. i 'olory; l.oral Pasral 2ft-^2-im h r :!; Sania Maria Sturdro, (rales 1. lf."»; O* e;i no Hova rd, crn tes $1. < 'orn ' L<n a 1 < lokl^n ('ross, lups. {1.35AI I-tiO' (Jrrgnn crairs, i-t> do/.en S'!, L'-">. * *ii' umbrrw: Crilinff on bf»ftt. Loral. San rhesu count y and nui tbcrn 5, 4 & o. ic Ib.; Nu. L's 75u i? Jl lug. 1 ,pt l urn: Dry park, P;i nta Bar ha ra county und San Luia Ohi**pu county, crates, 4-:• diiz J4.1M Peppnrs: Bolls, lo^ al. San Diopo county nnd nnrthrrn. bfst 7 fy S<* Ih. ; gmrn Chill ti'n Sr Ib. ; yellow rhlli S^rl2r Ih. ; Jalopinna lU r a]l p f: Ib. ; Fresno Chili 8^'lUo Ib. I'^a rs: Da r tint ts, T,akn rounty 9 'ff 1 1 Oc Ih.: Hardyfl, Watsonvillp 4 *T* 5r Ib, ; Anjour, SanI a * Ma ra i ount y :i ^; 4r Ib., Cornice* Santa CMara rouni y :] *fi< Ac Ih. Plums; Bruumont'Yuraipa Eh 1 pliant Honrts. in*»l i'r Ih.; Wnsliington Ttallfln prunes, hair-buHhrl ha^kotn Jl!.. r »0 ft 2.7o; Idahn hnir-bushol haakpis $2.50^ II.fin. Point OPS: ^l rnpl sulf j s lon-]b, sack^, Ions whiles. Saufiim and Toharhapl, 1\ S. 1-A J 3. fill fa 3. til); Prides, Stockton. U. S. 1 \ t '' *»^l'Vf l *' **'• S<iiiaMh: \Vhito summor. Inral. San Dif'KO con ni v and northern $1!, fiO ^ ^. 7ii; Italian JH.nO^.I; Vnllow Crookneck $2.50^ i;*7S ; ilnbbnrd 3ft/' ;t f y P lb< Sw^nt Potatoes; LnrnK Snn Jonquin valley and Cnauhella valley, all VHrietles, best II, 7c Ih, Tom at OPR: T.ornl, Snn "Die^o rounty and Vent lira county tups 4xus in fixUs J2 ; Snnla Mn ria. 6xr»s and 5x0a $U, 2Ti; ville, Ti\5s and nxfla $2.50; SHntn narbara. 2-laypr 5xus and 5x6s $1.50^ 1.75; Stems, San Di^po county 3-layer, jxfis and f>xfis $2.7^^1^3*25, Watermelons: Truck lots. local Klnn- rflkctf, P*T ton J^O; Mi^et *iales f local und San Joaquin valley $:J5 ©J 40 ton. Pens: Ban la. Clara county 14. Or Hi. : M^ndorino county 14<5" I4.9u Ib-; Ni porno Ib. Pench P«: Beaumont-Tucaipa Rio Ofio • ms, 70s and larger fl.7^ Ib.; San .loa- in valley Curry seorilinRa and champions, Kiifl and larg-pr 7c Ib.; Oregon Rio Oso (friiis. ISOh, box JJ: ^Vanhincinn 1-laloH l*i f* 17c Ib.; local Curry seedlings, pEickPrl 4 ® 6c Ib, Los Angeles Cash Qrain T-OS ANOKI-ttS. Sept. ^5. (^)—(Prires quote I arc owl., field run, in carlnts only ) Califcu'iiKL barlny, gnidtntf 4f> Ibs., bulk MOtii ^.IS. Texan yellow milo, No. 2, bulk $2.12!^ ©2.1714. California wheat, bulk, No. 1 hard or soft white $:i.«0®2.66. No. 2 yellow corn (dnnipst ic). bulk of fer- ingn at ccjlinff. No. 2 oats, 35 Ibs., bulk Los Angeles Hay T,OS AMiKLKS. Sept, 25. (JP)~ Alfalfa and srain hay prices rrma incd u tic ha used over the week end. Alfalfa: U, S. No, I JLMifr :l0.r>0, 1 T . S, No. 2 green or U. S, No, 2 leafy $116®'28. 1*. S, No. 2 $24^25; imiln bay: No. 1 barley $26® 28. .No. 1 nfii» $;t»®32. CarloL nrrivalp 1 3f* wheat, 14 ha rlcy. ° rorn, 2 OHU. 0 milo, 13 flour, 3 bran, *S cercah 93 hay. Government Bonds NKW YORK, Sept. 25, (^P)-Thp irpw of bonds on the New York Slock 3 u« Jnhnfl-Man villa Konnecoti I^ihb^y-O\venH-Ford GlaaB 64 Martin *<;. L.) Mnrtin IV- ry «s Mt'Krwsdti & flobhmfl <( ;, % Montgomery Ward ->1 l -j N»Hh K*'ivlnalor U'i National Him-uir ^^i; National Cash Ht v BistPr Nnl ionnl D.tiry Products Na t iutitt 1 Nat ionn I I'owor & Light Now York * Vnl rn 1 Nor t h A lii'Mif iin A vta i ion u f h A MVTK-a n < 'oiup.i ny nlb'Mii P:ii UM , I'm ifu; tins A- K f at ka nl • T Pan-ATiipriffin A ir\vn> s Paramount Pict urrs „ ' ylvnnia Itailronfl .10 :> -"S, Phthp Morris Phillips Poii olouui Puhlir Service ( »f \, TMHlman , o CorpoTMtmn nf Atnorira .1 17^i 1-1 nn lf) :: i ln< . Si i-f ' Ml »»-»--- • $4 pf(J. m !<TV •in k .. .. 1 'ninn ' »il So. iiny VHi-unin Snir bri n I '.ii'tf tf Sn'ilhnin Railway , Spcn y i *ni pcii n l inn Sin ml;i nl Uramln . . SfHiirlard <:ns & KI'T Stiinriard oil of California Slandard O|| of Indiana Standard <1j| of X. .1 Slmlnbnkn- TOMIK Conipliny Tide Wau-r AHpnriated oil u, Transamprica .... ... rn'iun Oil nf Cnlirnniin ...'.... .""!Z!" 1 'iiinn 1'iH-if ir I " . • . i * ' i H \ \ f*(l Ail" l.i IIPH '• - • • • • * I I • II, ...... _,. .,,»*-».,..,».,»»_»»,, rmii-il Airrruft rnilp«l rorponilion . • rnilril States Hnhbor 19 - 1 1 • t I 1 ,4 . HO f *• • * ' ..... Ml WM T nor H' nt horn Pirtnrp* 1 u psicrn rnlon Tp]ocrai>h 44 rst jnKtuMRo Kir-r, & MfR in;: . * •-' --.. ---...*.W'.-^-»,a T ipi YoniiKPtmvM Short & Tnhr 38 > 4 11 * S. F. Market Faces Toward Higher Prices SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 25. Vica shares moved up V, to a new high at f* today in an unspectacular market facing toward higher prices. Southern Pacific gained T». Rayonier preferred J ,o, and a number edged higher, while DiGiorgio preferred lost 2 and among minor dips, Trans- America sagged IB to 9% and Republic Petroleum Vfc to a new low at 5'g. Anslo-Cnlifnrniu Ditnk ?< California Cotton 45 < 'rnwri Xellei bin h 1 H a a DICilfirRio pfd KO IjQfkherd Aircraft 2(1*8 *•'*•" H * * • | (II ^^ «*•*•***-»*••••! « l V I I •* Gas & Electric 311 Poultry and Eggs T.OS ANXJKLKtf. SRPL Da. (UP)— : Ei 4 s« le PI H PS consumer grarle: Laf«c. A fiolJ 55r. Rrnde B 3S(u>34c: m^* fliinn grade A 4C^ 47t; small, erade A Mm ail prirrs to < onsunv-r: fiiadn AA fiu^i'tiSn, grade A tilifafi B 40j|'4;i< ; nu'flinm, srude A 53fi 58c; aninll. gnu)*? A *J1>*&- 32c:. <.'and]cd eg*r^ to rptailrrs (unfieH): Ln rpe. prade A A TiT '.-^riS Vjc, Rriide A f>50 5«Wr. grade B SUfi 38r; nirdium. grade A r:; small A LM <fr :'7r. —That'* how torn* simple muiclc pains and itrains feel. Don't worry-*don't wait! Apply a Johnion'g RED CROSS Platter right •way, right on the ipot. This tried- and-true relief goes to work instantly. Warms — soothes — protects — supports—works while you work. RED CROSS Plasters are clean, sanitary, easy to use. Keep a supply always on hand. 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(UP)— Strength in railroad and rail equipment .shares lifted stocks today as farm commodity markets provided most oL T the early fireworks. Cotton in Xew York and all grains in Chicago, Kansas City and .Minneapolis skyrocketed in price on disclosure that the War Food A dm in is (nit ion plans acquisition of tiio entire 1U-M wheat and cotton crops at full parity prices. Initial gains in cotton ranged to $5 a bale, the one-day pcrmissable limit, while ail grains but oats ran up five cents a bushel, the one-day limit. In the stock market interest in rail equipments was stimulated by reports the French government will seek rail equipment here in the amount of $200,000,000. This talk followed announcement late last week that the Mexican government plans a $54,000,000 modernization program on its railroads and reports of a wide-scale buying program being developed by South American countries. Cotton Futures NKW YORK. Sent. I!. 1 ). (7P>— Annoum e- rnciiL that the AVKA would purrliHKc the 1 IN 1 coitun ITOP at parity hioucht in a. ^ a vy of | r JM|P and com mission house bu.vitur in rotton fuiurjB indny. Pi-ires Roju-ei! the pei ininsa hip daily iditiK limit of $."• per bale HK the mtii- kot moved upwards in the full parity level nr bettor of 2LM3 <-mta a pound for i;i/:6-ln«-h niidillinff rolion. Part of tlie sains were pa rr- fl hy heavy profit taking; »nrt hedge selling with the market ronfused. T.ate afternoon prices were $n 05 to $") a hale higher, Ortohor Sli^.fiS, De- ueniher $311.n5. nnd Alarch $:'1.9u. l-'ulures closed $.1.05 t.o $4.75 a bale hiKher. Oetobe" '2'2,Q\l Doceniher 211.05, Alnrr-h 21.HR, May 21.97, July 21.80. spot "J.nTi nominal up 67. LOS AXGELES, Sept. 25. Few stocks showed little activity In early trading; on the Los Angeles Stock Exchange today. Consolidated Steel and Union Oil of California registered fractional gains, while Ryan Aeronautical was on the decline. Five tamies were up, one down, and eight unchanged on an early turn- OVPI* of 3500 shares. Stocks— ' Close f'niiHohrlatpd Slpei Company lly;m Aeronautical Stand.- 1 Ofl of California 35^ Los Livestock AN''; ELKS. Kept. 2ft. (UP)— LiveMock: (.'Rule BHlHble 5000. fairly active; irom migely et»-H(ly; nhn etork steady to culs lort-er. load conrl fod steei'B $14.50; niediuir to gcmd, grass nnd short fed JlUrf/H: (ommnn in medium J!I.T&''7' lLM!f»; «;no(l Tod hoiior.i $M; common to ni'Mliuin hcirprM $1HM '; mt'dium to good MIWS *10. ';'.(& 12. cutler to common $8<fi> 1 n ; ( .-in jn j n nd i ul tors $5, 50® 7. 75 ; mt'tliuM in Rood btil!n $^. , r >0 ^ ]0 50. (.' sjilable 1 2 J i; fairly active. mnptl" si early; inrfliui^ to choice range .'ilvoi Sl^Cfj 14; cull and rommon Sfnn>l].AO. Jloss sahible l.'.OO; active, steady; medium to clioi.-r ISO 210 lha. $15. 7»; heavier weigh tn $1&; medium to choice BOWI $14';. 15. Sheen salable 300; steady, medium to pood mixes wooled lambs and yearlinfa $10^12. Stomach queasy, uneasy and upset? Quiet and calm it with soothing PEPTO-BISMOL. Helps bring prompt relief to sour, sickish, upset §tom- ach —acts to retard fas formation and simple diarrhea. Pleasant-tasting. Non-laxative. Ask your druggist for PEPTO-BISMOL when your ;/! ia upset. A NORWICH PRODUCT The Ideal Gift This Christmas YOUR PORTRAIT H h.*_n- n ._ IJn fc " ~'*ld "ij. •* Beautiful Bronie PORTRAITS * SIZE 6 x 8 INCHES * I ACH In lots ef 4 or more No appointment necessary ff This Christmas remember those dear to you with the gift that will always be treasured — your portrait. ^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^•••^••••^^•^BBM* HURRY' October 15th last da x for * overseas Christmas mailing. AUSTIN OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE 1524 Nineteenth Street Phone 3-0930 Bakersfield DAILY HOURS: 9 A. M. to 8 P. M.; Sundays 1 P. M. to 6 P. M

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