Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on February 18, 1967 · Page 5
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 5

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 18, 1967
Page 5
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18, THE ANDERSON HERALD Winning Contract By Howard SehMlMB Md Richard l. Fray BRIDGE QUIZ When your side has co firmed a trump suit, and par ner makes an ace-showing cu til, althougli partner is interese ed in slam, it does not folio that you should automaticall cue-bid any side ace. First yo have to consider whether or no you hold reserves of strength If you can cue-bid an ac without raising the level of th bidding, you should do so unless you have already over bid yor hand. But if you ca show the ace only by going pas the agreed trump suit, yo should not do so unless yo have extra strength. In the following situations, trump suit has been agreed ai. your partner has made a cue- bid. What do you say? Bot] sides vulnerable. •. North 1<? 4* South holds: *K85 0 A 10 9 2. b. North 1<? 40 South holds! * A J 8. OQJ102 •. (South 1* 3* 5* •> South holds! * A K 10 0109 1 South South * 6 4 South <? (} J 5 2 *J10 IS'orth 20 4* 5<7 shows the diamond ace, since this can be done without raising the level of the bidding. b. Four hearts. A cue-bid of four spades would suggest extra values. Having pushed the limit on the forcing raise to three hearts, Soulh should sign off. N-S may be wide open in :lubs, for North's failure to cue- lid that suit hints that he does not have the ace. e. Five spades. South has already indicated a willingness to settle for game, so he can now :ue-bid spades without mislead- ng partner. North is evidently nterested in a grand slam since he has already committee ,he team to the six-level. d. Four spades. The agrecc rump suits is hearts, so the >pade cue-bid deliberately jacks up the level of the bidding. This s justified since South has full values for his earlier bids. By- 3assing four diamonds conveys he inference that South lacks he diamond ace. Thus there is 10 danger that North will bid lam with too many diamond osers. e. Five spades. This obviously hows that South has no side ces; also that he holds a max- jnum hand for his forcing raise o three spades. Two additional nferences that an experienced artner will catch are: 1. that outh probably has second- ound control in both red suits, nd 2. that south has a club olding which has been im- roved by North's cue-bid. *K<J1083J North 19 4* South holds! * A S 086 «. North 1* 4* South holdat + AK532 0 K Q 10 ANSWERS TO BRIDGE QUIZ a. Four diamonds. South holds nothing extra, but nevertheless 9 K Q 10 2 * A Q 10 7 S South 34 t * <} 10 9 3 BEETLE BAILEY By MORT WALKKR \V6 LAWf O AT DAWM, rJCV.3, 114*.. •me CWIMOU6LY QUIET-- OP COUM6, THAT MUCT 6BSM UKB ANCIEMT HlSTOZ/ TO X3U. IT AU. HAPPErJEP gewec you WKS BOBM I DOM'T. KHOW VWICM SAR6E BMJoyS MORE — PUTTIhlS POVVrJ TMS JAPS OR PUTTINS DOWN LT. FUZZ HOUSEHOLD CRAPBOOK When Painting When you're taking down cur- ain reds, towel racks, and ther similar fixtures prior to ainting, it's a practical idea tape all loose hardware to IB larger pieces with cello- lane tape. Then you'll know xactly what belongs to what hen ycu're ready to put themi :> again. [ Stuck Paper I In humid weather, when yarn-1 bed furniture surfaces become | icky, a newspaper laid on aj ble may adhere to it. If thisj appens, don't mar the finish by jplying water. Instead, rub thi uck paper with olive oil. Stained Furniture Warm, camphorated oil ap ied with a soft cloth to white ngs on highly pdished furni re will remove the stains eas . Rub the furniture until dry en polish with another clean oft cloth. BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By FRED LASSWELL AIN'T YORE KNITTIIM-flN-QUILTIN' CLUB HflVIN'THEIR BIG SOCIABLE TONIGHT, MftW? I AIN'T SOIW PAW-1 DON'T HflVENODRESS 1 DRESS TO WEAR VO'RE T6TCHEP INTH'HAIP.'.' DIG OUT THAT DRESSy DRESS YE GOT IN TH' CLOTHES BARREL BLONDIE By CHICK YOUNG HERB BOUGHT) L TOOTSIE V A NEVV FUR ^_, COAT V ' L j^J^*&»? (WELL, JUST ONCE IN A -— •( WHILE, I'P LI^E TO HEAP A CHIQP 2-18 RIP KIRBY By ALEX RAYMOND TASTE ITS TWGLffiB TARTNESS — SIZE b] Bottled by n, Jtna.. WISHING Regiaterei tl. S. Patent Office. 5 H W 7 G 3 T 6 D 4 D & O 2 N 4 E 3 E 4 L A H 2 H S F 8 T 3 C e D it H 2 E 5 L 4 O 6 S B U 8 O '/ S 4 N 8 R 3 R 3 S P i) E b W H E '! B 6 B 8 R ') I 4 O 8 N 5 •»r 3 S & W 4 T 8 P e B 4 D 2 C 6 T 4 B 5 A 4 W 8 A 2 P X A 4 S 3 B 3 E 5 P J S S 0 6 A 5 I 8 N 4 H 6 D A T 8 O 4 E 2 £ 4 " U 2 E 8 T 5 R 7 A 5 E a U •»" B 8 I 3 R 4 R 3 R ' 1 L 8 T ~4~ R 7 B 5 I i o 8 T 4 £ 4 Y '4 S TIBRE is a pleasant little game that will give you a message 1 * every day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the num. her of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is leas than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Stav.t at the tipper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your Jcey numbers, left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. Z" /8 C King Features Syndicate, Inc.. 196T. World rights reserved. YOU'RE NOT PUTTIN& ME OM, WIGSERS? THIS \S REALLY THE /HISSING- CROWNf THIS \S A \ CRUSHING BlOW, WI6SERS. AMP YOU HAVE ALWAYS SPOKEN SO SfRONSLYASAIMST TALES IN WHICH THE BUTLER. IS ACCUSED OF A CRIMINAL. I CAN'T. TELL YOU HOW I HAPPEN TO HAVE IT, BUT I'M INNOCENT. TIGER By BUD BLAKE YOUK SNOW HOUSE SAN 1 SOU?, HUSO MISTER BRCGEEt THE LITTLE WOMAN "It's these little differences of opinion that make such a stimulating evening ..." "They say he got his inspiration from a can. of alphabet soup." THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW by Fagcly & Shorten WrlEM MOM GOT POLLED UP FOR. THE SASSIETV BASH, SHE TOPPED IT OFF YJITrl HER BEST S5O-AM-OUNC& PERFUME •« TH15"EAUPEPOI550N" ) 15 EXPEN5WE - BUT / ITS DELICATE AROMA 15 GORGEOUS! LAFF-A-DAY «P HOW LONG BID HER DELICATE 4 50 AROMA LAST? TILL THE FIRST SMOfr ATTAO! FI3DM ftDP'S 23-CENT STOGIE.' Relax — Save — Every Day In Herald - Bulletin Classified Ads PAGE TTny G rOW OU by JoMp SAT., FEB. 18 - BERNIE -B|Keep knee and elbcHv straight t hecnergy we have is our al }d reac h *s far as you can most prized possession. How we ? ith ,' he fo ?r. and han f , in each sncn.1 thai prwrov in ii,,in. , direction. After a while turn .spend that energy, m living or onto vour right sidc and swing in exercise, is extremely i m -lyour left arm and leg. portant to us. The following ex- jercise is firming and contour- bustline. It is also relaxing and easy to do. It is a fine investment and will pay lovely d dends. Try it! Vour Baby And Mine by Myrtle Meyer Eldr*d Q. I never know whether or! t'AHING FOR BABY If you are a young mother ing to the abdomen, hips, and not it is best for me to u s e| with your first baby,. no one rouge. I have a good complex-jneeds '9 be told that your chief ion but very white skin. A. Some women use only Four Indiana Boys Get Fitness Awards INDIANAPOLIS (UPI)-Governor Branigin presented national physicial fitness awards of the Amateur Athletic Union Thursday to four Indiana hoys. Only 12 awards are given nationally each year. The winners were Tony Weaver, 17. and Richard Hawkins 14, both of .South Bend, and Dave Cline 11, and Darly Poor, 8, both of Huntington complaint is fatigue. All tha things to be done [or the baby, lipstick and eye makeup, at ™? hm & Preparing formula, , Lie m the floor on your left'leasl for daytime. However, if P, aUling ; dressul 6, changing — side. Swing the right leg back your complexion is very white lhe tasks seem endl< -'ss. as you'Swing the right arm for- •••'"-—' - -'— -- -•-•ward. Now swing the arm back as you swing the right leg lor- jward. Continue swinging with a would be fine, lightly applied", 'smooth rhythm, arm and leg moving in opposite directions. without a glow of pink, you 1 And in addition you want lo would look best with a little'keep the house in order, cook rouge. One of the b 1 ush ers meals wash and iron for your- would be fine, lightly applied, [self and husband. There aren't I enough hours in the day so Anyone wishing to com- ;y° u tnillk - miinicate with Josephine i And no matter how you hurry Lowman may reach her by laud how tired you are when you addressing letters in care f a 'l into bed, the baby takes of the Register and Tribune i once maybe twice at night. No Syndicate, Des Moiiics, la. PROBLEM A DAY SAT.. EB. 18 - BERNIE -B.ineed ; wonder you feel at times that !you will drop if you don't get -jmore rest. Can't Change Some of these situations you can't change. The baby does just so much attention If, -2 years ago, Smitty was j and service, and you can't short i-.( as old as he will be in a.change him. But you can make years from now, how old is , yourself rest when he does. Smitly ^ ! You can tell all your neigh- Answer jbors and friends not to call-you The boys served as pages in Smitty's the Indiana Senate for Sens. Robert Mahowald, D - South Bend, and Gene Snowden, R- Huntinglon, following their appearance in the governor's office. HOOSIER KILLED STREETOR, 111. (UPD-Wan- da Burns. 16. Gary, Ind., was I killed Wednesday night in a one- jcar accident about seven miles 'east of here. Two other Gary persons, Neb Sivetch, 18, and Phj'llis Brown, 20, were injured seriously. I years old Let X equal 11 ™" 1 10:3 ° to 12 a ' m - — y 011 ' 11 present age F o r m be aslee P- Y °u can muffle the phone or turn it off. You can equation: .X minus 22 equals 1-3 . -times (X plus 8). Solve for X pl!t a Slgn on " le doorbelll: Do 'Inot disturb, family sleeping. You can, if you will. And when the baby is awake, ! you can do all that has to be jdone if you'll keep yourself cairn PARK nmn n u j- an<1 relaxed about it. No one is rhieTnf <«V P .- Ca "' bo ^ n chasing you, no one is counting Chief of Mate Prmce_Norodom]the. minutes you spend at any in Paris j t as k. YOU have to learn to re- Cambodian State Chief Visits Paris Sihanouk arrived Th,, c work in a non-nervous Gaulle and a speech next week to the Anglo-American Association. Press TELEVISION SCHEDULE 6-NBC 8-CBS 13-ABC wrrv - WFBM - WISH Th. Symbol C B.IOW D,n»n P.ogrnm in Coloi , .. ,„ . SATURDAY MORNING 6:45 Silent Silent Silent 1:00 Silent WLW.I 7:15 Silent 7:30 Silent 7^<J5 Silent 8:15 Round-up 8::JO Brother 8:45 Buzz (C) Super Six (C) Super Six (C) Atom Ant <CV _Atom_Ant (C) Three Stoo<?:e7~ Threfe Stooges Three Stooges Superman (C) Superman (C) Superman (C) Superman (C) Jungle Jim Three Stooges Three Stooges Three Stooges Three Stooges Sunrise Semester 'ndfana Farmer fC) Capt. Kangaroc Saturday ~ Capt. Kangaroc Almanac Capt. Kangaroc Symphony jgapt. Kangaroc Backstage _5 Mln. Live By Understanding Our World Farm Front Farm Front 10:15 Jungle Jim 10:30 Sergent 10:45 Preston 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 Soupy Sales Soupy Sales Lessons For Living Flintstones (C) Flintstones (C) Space Hidettes fC) Road to Learning Underdog (C) Underdog fC) Frankenstein Jr. (C) Space Ghost fC) Timothy Charch'mousp Porky Pig (C) Porky Pig (Ci Squirrel fC) Jetsons (C) Jetsons (C) Saturday Rascals Saturday Rascals KingKone Special (C) Beatles (C) Beatles (C) Cartoon Show (C> Milton Thfi Monster (C) 12:00 All Star 12:15 Golf (C) 12:30 All Star 12:45 Golf fC) 1:00 R. Derby R. Derby R. Derby R^ Derby SATURDAY AFTERVOON Cool Road McCool fC) Runner (C) Smithsonian fC) The Beagles (C] Magilla Smithsonian (C) The Beagles fC) Gorilla (C) Bugs Bunny (C) Bugs Bunny (C) 2:00 2:15 2:31) 2:45 3:00 3:15 3:30 3:45 Canadian Hockey (C) Canadian Hockey (C) Canadian Animal Secrets (C) Bible Telecourse Tom & Jerry (C) Superman H.S. Basketball H.S. Basketball H.S. Basketball H.S. Basketball H.S. Basketball H.S. Basketball Coaches Corner Coaches Corner Movie Movie Movie Movie Hoppity Hooper (C) American Bandstand College Basketball College Basketball Basketball (C) Basketball (C) Wrestling Wrestling Championship Bowling Championship Bowling Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie Movie College Basketball Pro Bowlers Tour Grand Ola Opry Porter Wagoner Movie Movie Mo\ f ie Movie Pro Bowlers Tour Pro Bowlers Tour 6:00 Wrestling 6:15 Wrestling 6:30 Perry Mason 6:45 FerryMason 7:00 7:15 7:30 Perry Mason Perry Mason Movie Movie Movie Movie SATURDAY EVENING News. Weather, Burke'a Law Sports (C) Burke's Law News (C) Burke's Law News fC) Burke's Law Wide World Of Sports Wide World Of Sports 8:00 8:15 8:.1(V Collcse _Basketball_ College" Basketball College Basketball Movie Movie Movie Movie Death Valley Days (C) Flipper (C) ^Flipper (Cl Don't Eat Daisies (C) Get Smart fC) _Get Smart fC> Movie (C) Movie (C) Movie (C) 1 Movie Movie Movie 1:45 Movie • :00 Movie :15 Movie :30 Movie :45_Mt)vie_ •00 Movie :I5 Movie :30 Movie :45 Movie News. Weather (C) Movie (C) Movie (C> Movie (C) Movie (C) Movie (Ct Movie (C) News, Weather. Sports fC) J. Gleason (C) J. Gle'ason (C) J. Gleason JC) J. Gleason (C) Mission; Irn. _ possible (C) __ Mission: Impossible (C) Pistols 'N' _Petticoats <C.) Gunsmoke (C) Gunsmoke (C) Gunsmoke (C) _Gunsmoke (C) News, WeatherT Sports (C) Movie (C) Movie fC) Wide World Of Sports Midwestern ^Hayride (C) Midwestern Hayride (C) Dating _Game fC) Ne\vly\ved Game (C) L. Welk(C) _L. WcIkfCl _ College Baikell>all College Better Baby The results of all this is that you'll have a belter baby who will demand less of you. There are no nervous babies. There are'only nervous moth- :rs who hurry their babies' jaths, who seem to be on the run when they change diapers, who put the babies to bed and resent it if they do not fall asleep immediately. All of this the baby feels through his delicate antenna. Your clutching fingers, the :empo of the things you do for lira, your harried voice, all o£ tee carry their messages to Jie baby and make him uncomfortable, uneasy and cross.. Tenses Up When the mother tenses up (and you can't help this if you are hurrying), and baby tenses, loo. So every act waich kaeps the mother from being nervous, hurried and inevitably weary is reflected by the baby 'and keeps him calm and" good tempered. So sleep when sleep is possible. Fix your mind on what is important only, your good health, your good temper and through you the baby's. It may take a little effort just at first (your conscience about being a good housewife and mother getting in the way), but it is just at this time that effort is needed. Once you get the hang of it and accept the opportunities for sleep the baby gives you, the whole day wiU fall into place. And you with it. _ College Basket ball News. Weather _ Sports News. Sports I nest of Land & Seas (C) Best of Land Movie (C) Movie (C) Silent Silent Silent Movie (C) Movie (C) Movie (C) Movie (C) & Seas(C) Saturday Almanac News News Silent Silent Silent Silent Silent BIG JOHN Sez: OUR BRAND OF BEER WE ADVOCATE, BUT NOT WHILE DRIVING, YOU MUST WAIT. -Try Falstaff No. 1 BEVERAGE, Inc. 1 MAIN ST. PHONE 644-7753 Hatlo's They'll Do It Every Time uAWDUS TOLD OWE AMP ALL HOW HE WAS 601W6 TO SETTLE THE TRAFFIC BUREAU'S "Charge it!". £-13 Holsmn WHITE fHBICHED BREW THEN COMES HIS PAY IM COURT AND OH, BOY, 1 LISTEN HOW HE TELLS EM OFF! I'M, WOT TAKIKI6 THIS LYIN6 DOWN! I'LL FIGHT IT'ALL THE WA.Y TO THE SUPREME COURT! i WASN'T SPEEDING! I CAN PROVE THIS CAR CAN'T DO 70.' I'LL SET THE JUDGE STRAIGHT ABOUT THESE SPEED I BAXTER 75S, A :9TJ A vE ' SAM FRANCISCO, CALIF If you have a new baby, you will want to send for Mrs. EI- dred's helpful booklet "Baby's Irst Six Months/' The booklet gives you many helpful suggestions you will want lo know about caring for your baby. To obtain your copy send 25 cents and a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for it to Myrtle Mayer Eldred. Anyone desiring to com- ' miinicate with Myrtle Meyer : Eldred can reach her by ; of the Register and Tribnne ' Syndicate, Des Moines, la. ' The Shepherd TRUTH "Full of grace and truth." John 1:14 John Keats said "Truth is beauty" and ... Psalms 15, verse 1 takes the stand .. . That "He who speaks truth in his heart" . , . Shall in God's kingdom have a part . . . And St. John has the Master state . . . "Ye shall know truth" in Chapter S . . . "And it shall make you free" and more ... Is foimrf in Paul's Ephesians I ... So, do not ohvious facts he- labor . . . But "Speak cadi man truth to his neighbor." Julien C. Ilyer Channel Chuckles "The SET doesn't .,.,„ back at me when it's off, bul I got somo rathor cool glances from tho Mrs,"

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