The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1947
Page 7
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 1947 Raze New York ' Can.' KciiiMdy Warns !Tho> Next Aggressor Will Strike U. S. Tint - ^ - _ J, YORK, June 26 (UP)—An atom bomb, even of the outmoded type used at Bikini, would turn New York into a- "deserted graveyard", ''Gen. George PV. K^pnedy of the Army Air forces ^warned yesterday, Kemiey told the Kivranis Club of New York trial i^liq United States must -haye'- th'e .best air Jorce in the. world to survive any \vnr of tlii future. The commander of tlie Army's Strategic Air Command said the world still was In ia,state of war and that failure of J (hc United State s to keep strong-would invite a "newer 'and more. <crril)lc Pearl Harbor.'' Kenney said any future aggressor who wants to conquer tlie world- will -stUck the United States first because ol its e>'e»t Industrial i>ower. and ,tl.»at New York would be the No. 1 target. He said that air., defenses, However strong, would not be enough in a future war whose course might be decided 'in n few hours—thai, the nation must, be ' strike| lijyftf back instantly after J >aii; attack. |<*MiWI ""Accordingly "our "main reliance will be on a strong force of long range.bombers and long range accompanying fighters wl)0 W'!' carry the war to the enemy country and destroy his: aircraft factories, Glacier Priest Makes Warm Friend lancy Critical of Slash Made In Triple-A funds LITTIJE ROCK, Ark., June 20. (UP)—Gov. Ben Lancy today ex- lircsscd concern over recent action of the of Representatives in •lashing lriplc-A funds. Tim niu'iciilturnl appropriation measure is now before the Senate. It would cut conservation anil use irndiliircs from SSCO.OCO.OCO to $150.00,OCO this year and eliminate llic progrntn next year. I doubt the wisdom of such oiiontlxhii!." the governor said. "Like nil other agHonlluml states. Arkansas will suffer." Iiniiey . s aid he was opposed gen- fMlly to ijovcriimcnt .speiKlIn;;, ijiit he considered the triple-A -iN'o^rani as a sound business investment. - "Artion of the House does not. tf>V:o Into consideration the prlncl-. |>le tluU Uic public shares with the farmer the responsibility for the cosl of restoring and maintaining' the nation's agriculture Lnrry declared. better bread with F:ilhor Hcrnard II.• I!uhb;ird, of Hie University of Santn Clarn, Simla Clara, CJiilif., wnrlil renowned glucijr priest, shows his movici ciitne-rn to a small v.'icte-cyL'il Japanese admirer during his recent visit to Hie Sacred Henri AtNulemy in TuUyo. The nrademy pre- senlcil a p;it<e;m[ as part of cclubruiion in honor <if his visit.- -• fuel supplies, communication center—in short, his capacity Jo wage war, kenney said. '- •. . "This retaliatory capability is our best..guarantee, of., peace. 1 ' . Was Beaten, ToEd To Acquit Youths •?? It '^ I j. itp - .T i .- i t- -, ' .- v i •- - ; Jews Attempt To Kidnap High Palestine Official ' JERUSALEM,' June 2«. (UP) — Three'Jews 'attempted today to kidnap .the .Palestine, government's representative to the United Nations '*£/ • Palestine 'investigating' ComlniUee. .--"' t but,, escaped arind.-gunfire when n • "^.' military police patrol arrived. ' Tin Jews attempted tp seize Allen , I Major, an employe of ^lie Palestine > Oliiet secretary s oldce fn Jerusn- • lern:' His wife's screams attracted i a fioljce patrol 1^ The' »ould fee kidnapers leaped ~ a -» into »n automobile and drove away * • firing'ihtO'a : rrlilltarj'V staff car. A " ' bullet hit the drive, of the military •'S, the hand carry their food r.tti»iui while o> the mnrch really means a ha;; fo carrying outs. The- nume come from the French "havie sac," o oat sack. SANTA AtJA, C.ll.. June JC. (UP) — A woman juror. Mrs. Uvon 1'ut- nam, told Superior Judge Kenneth '. Morrison today that u man bent er at her Balboa. Cal., home aurl varned her hot to convict Ileulah Overcll and George Ciollum of murder. "If you vote ihem guilty, this isn't ill you're going to get," she said he man said last nlghl after bent- ng her; Morrison took the woman into :ils chambers for n conference with opposing attorneys to decide whether to remove her from the jury an<l replace her with nn alternate. Extent of her injuries was not Immediately known. The attack mlscd the possibility that Morrison might order the Jurors locked up between court sessions during remainder of the trial. He earlier said he would lake such action only If there were evidence of attempts to Influence Jurors. Filially Cnmilicml Pnrlhia Ijcc.inie an iiulopondent kiii|;dnrn nhoiit 2.W B. C., and. dc'- spile continiu:d Roman attacks, it maintained ils inclfipcmlimre until 225 A. D., wlien It was conciiicred l>y Ihe PtjrKhins. 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