The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 5, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 5, 1936
Page 6
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Bj»feiffifrf' j ''T' a i'*Ty' l '*'r' ** -^^l"V?* .Tf'CV^7. :• THE BAKERSKIBLD CALIPORNIAN, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, Shirley Is Star in Granada Film The fascinating adventures, of ft HUlo waif and her two grizzled old, HCli-nnlt frlendH furnlshns the Htory biiHlH for "Ciiptiiln Janunry," tuno- ful, eolorful Hhlrley Temple picture | which comet) Hiindny "t the Ora- ] nnilii (heritor for a .1 day run I Guy Klliliee pln.VM the title role, Mllni Sununervllle IIIIM n Kplondld ehnnifter role nivl the entire, fiwit IH nil iihle one. I'oiniiletlnK 'he double bill Is X.nne lirrv'H fuimiliH weHtern Hlory. "l>ert rrl Hold," with Hunter < 'rulilie, Mnr Hm Hunt. llnb'Tl I'utniiiliiKH. liny-] ninMil llntlnn. Monli- Mine n nd n' Kiiliixy of other weMlern Htiirf. The j plflnn- IH full of net Inn. with " HlrmiK rnniniitlc! touch. "Ginger" Withers Has Hoyden Role in New Nile Film I N HKSI'ONHI'! to pnblle tii'cliilm of her worlt In "HlnRer," Jane Withers IIIIM bi-en i-n«l In n new rule In "f'epp«r." ulilrh prumlscH lo IIP Kr«'iili'»l hit In (he mlHfhl" \IOIIH' rnlHM niK'peHMlon of IrlinnpliH. "I'epper" npnns tonlKht ill HIP Nile theiiter on u Hpeelnl holldiiy proi/niin with "VellowNlone." n driinnillc mystery nuniiiiee laid In VellowMtone Niitloniil I'nrk. The liroKi'iim contliniPM DiroiiRh TUPS- tiny. IrvlriK ^ I'obh nnd Sllni Sinn mervlllp lire fennired with Illlle MlKH \VltlnTN In "I'epiier." In rvlileh "h' 1 IIIII-IM toniiiloeH nnd olliei-wlne "''I" the purl "< » torn bciv. (••piiliired In " Vellow»lone" are iiiirh noliible fnvorltes »» It/iy- niond llalton. Andy [levlne, Henry Hunter. .liidltb Hnrretl. Itiilph Mor'Hi " l " 1 Al11 " Hitle. Our Store Will Be Closed All Day Monday September 7 in Recognition of LABOR DA Y IT'S ALWAYS COOL AT * ft ffl jte ff |J S ' Meet Me «( EL ADOBE MOTOR HOTEL Union Avenue at Tcmiee Way I)K IAIXK DINNKKS 60c TO $1.00 liu'liulin^ Chicken. StenliH, ('Imps Mlxcil ('iirliliill \\llli Dliiiiris llol lllHi'iiltM \\llll OriiMKi' llotir.v MIXKI) DRINKS A SI'KI'IAI.TY KN.IOY AN KVKNIN(i IINDKH THE STARS TONIGHT With Dime-inn to (he Music of Bill Fleck and His Orchestra AT TIIK » UNION AVENIIK DANCE PAVILION Ad mission <tQc On Ihf iilr e\rr Slatlmi \\li\ \l evrr.v Thlir*dii> nnd Salnrilay EXOTIC DANCER O N 15 of the UK featured players In "Anthony Adverw," the Wimier llrolhiTH Hen-en verwlon of HiM-vry Allen'H worlil-m'lllng novel, In .loiin \V'oo(ll>iiry, noted iJiineer. The film, whleh MtnrH Kredrlc: March In Ih" title rule, will play In llukerNfleld lit I he Nile t-henter for on" day only, next Wfilncmliiy. Two jierrornwiicrM will lie given, n, nmlliK-f and an i-venlng Hhow, for which ri'Mcrve Heat tlck«lH are now mi Milk' HI the Nile box office. Mandarin to Honor Miss Patsy Stiner A. (Special program IH announced- by thft MttndiuMn cafo for tonight to ticlcbralo. the return of Minn Patsy Htlner am minimus of (icromonitB. Miss Htlner has Hpont the pant six months In Vancouver nnd other parts of Canada recuperating from overwork, and returns to tho Mandarin with oil her old>(lmo pop nnd M»Ht. T'rlor lo going to Canada, Miss Hllner, who In well known In txm Angeles nnd other coast cities as tin entortBlner, had been mlslrafis of ceremonies ut tho lo»'nl night club 1 for 10 months. During that lltno Hhe Ruined n large circle of friends nnd iieciualnlnnceM nnd they aro planning an enthusiastic reception for her tonight. Thf) new floor show, opening tonight, brings Murco and Marsha, 11 cli-ver novelty not, direct from thft, June Drooks, loe dancer, mid Dorothy Heck, tup rlimi'or. Hex nnd Hetty Powers, world ehrnnplon skaters, will bo Hoen for the lust tlmOH lo(!filly when they iippeur on Iho threo floor shows tonight. _ •***-*. — Henry Fonda Will Wed Soon as Can f United rrr»i Leaned Wire) NKW YORK, Hcpt. 5.—Henry Kondii, film Hlar, nald today ho would marry Mrw. Cleorge T. Uro linw, widow of the wealthy sports mil n and lawyer. "1 nm going to marry her as soon n« 1 can," said Konda who Is Iho former hiiHband of Margaret Sullavan, Bcreen uctrcss,. lie snld hn met Mrs. Hrokaw In England and Haw tho Olympic games with her. They returned on the Urerneu yesterday. "Show No Mercy" Virginia Billing "Show Them No Mercy." Twen- i Ili'lh I'entnry Ihrlllnr, i>|>eim a; ilirnf day run Kundiiy ivt the Vlrglnlit j Ilifiiler. M In ii new niiKle In pic-j UIIPM iiorlriiyliiK Iho war iiKaliml | i'l line. I V'lcili-ni'c. IntiMixe ('ini)t Innnl clnunu, HiMiMliineiuiM humor mid ri'innnce are | llKhlly pin'hed In the wpiMMly HIV j duenei-H uf IhlH plcluri' whleh re- M-iih nm ni'w umli-rworld terror In; Ainr'rlrii'H flKlit t" wipe H out. HiM'hi-ll" lliidHon iiml l-ldwnrd • Ncurl.'i tin vi- Ihi- leiidlnK rolfH, wllhi ('iii-siir lliimi'ic iiml llriir" I'nbol hi-iidhiK Hi" HlniiiK HiippnrlliiK <'IIH|. < in ltii> HIIIIIC bill IM iln> riiHt rim : wi'Hlrin rnllili-il "Siinlii !•''• Tnill." ulan INK tin' \ Ii !!'• 'I'mn 'I' 1 . I'T ! -*-»•*• - j Helen Rand, Radio Singer, Is Stabbed I,US ANUKI.KH. Sept. .'i lloli'll jllmiil. :!•!. I'londi- lliillip nlliK"!'. w»M ' Irnillcd III tin' I'MU'I xrliry luiHpltlll IMTI- lii>hiy l"r Knllr H|IIM|K>H. Piivld Itiihlili'iin, 1'.!. WHH hi'ld liy pullet" nn MIIM|I|I'|HII lit atliM'k with n (If.uully wi'iipmi 1'iillci- Hiild tin 1 HliiKer l"l«l llii'iii Itiihlili'iin nllucUrcl her nftnr hi' lli-il li'Min him following u c|iinr STARS AT FOX Hoherl Tiiylor and .loan Crawford S "M(iWlW> nmllneo und night to- dny und through WndneHilay la the flrHt of the ('.renter Movie Kea- HOII'S lilK(?er and bellnr plrtures, "The (iorKt'oim HiiHHy," feiiturlng tlin HiJ|ierexfelleiit ciiHt of .loan Crawford. Hubert Taylor, Lionel Hurry-more, Frnnchol Tone and Mclvyn UotiiciiM) In a drumutle. ro- pianeo that rocked Aniorleii clurliiK tho ndmlnlstnitlon of Pronldont Andrew .lacltBon. The Heoond feature showinij IB ChcHier Morris and Kuy Wruy In 'They Met In u Taxi." the ranteal and fiiniik'Mt frolic with four of tho giiyeHl i-hararlerH In u tnHty dish of love and liiughi). The iiroRi-nui runn contlnuovia to- dny from 2 o'eloek to nildnlffht. PABST ON TAP Bakemficld'it Mont unique Cafe ^^ 1 SPECIALIZING IN ]) STEAKS AND SALADS Try Our Mixed Drinks Open Dully From 6 a. m. FREE DANCING THE LANTERN Onk and Brundage Lane Welolielt end A. D. Upward NOW Showtlrnunda Nineteenth nnd Union ——AND ALL THIS WEEK Sensational Free Attractions Shows & Rides LHT'S GO PIII-R PIIUN Grand Triumphal Return Tonight of PEGGY STINER, MISTRESS OF CEREMONIES After an nbnance of six months, Miss Stiner returns to the Mandarin tonight to again take charge of the program. Be on hand to Join in the big welcome. Hear her, see her, enjoy her. IT LOOKS LIKE A BIG NIGHT TONIGHTI New Floor Show Starts Tonight MARCO & MARSHA Outstanding Novelty Act Direct from the Cast June Brooks Toe nnd Character Dancer Dorothy Beck Tap and Routine Dancer Last Times Tonight—Rex and Betty Powers World's Champion Skaters DANCE WITH LAURIE FOSTER AND HIS RHYTHM BOYS OHitloui Moinm, F_«|)«clnlly Fumoiii (or Chicken, Steak, Chop Dinners Specializing In Chinese Dishes Cover Charge, ?no uoi' Perion, Saturday Only 3 Floor Shows W«.K NluMl 10-11:30-1 8«lurd«y Nllhll 10-13 tnd 1 «. m. AIR CONDITIONED POOR LITTLE RICH GttRL Louis and Sharkey ort at Rialto Rtrst showing ' locally of the Joo Louie-Jack Sharkey fight pictures will take place Sunday at the nuuto theater 'In addition to tho regular program of 'two full length featured and short subjects. The film shows tho fight from start to finish, \vkh knockdowns reshown In slow 1116- tlon. Including the finish with Shar- koy prono on his face. "Special Investigator," a, thrilling murder mystery, ousts tho 'popular Richard Ulx in a moat attractive role and the picture Is filled With «u«- ponse and heart Interest, Margaret has tho feminine lead, Hoc- otld feature IB "Dancing Feet," rt. girl show with plenty, of pulchritude and much clever dancing and music. They START TOMORROW M ICHAEL W1AUKN and Shir- Icy Temple as they appear In a HCOIIO from "Poor Wttlo Illah Girl," one of tho attractions on tho biggest program to show In BakcraMold In a long, long time. Shirley dancea and sings her way through/'Poor T.lttlo Ulcb Cllrl," . to make 'it her most delightful picture. Alice Fuy, Gloria Stuart, .lack Haley, Sara Huden, Jano Uiirwell, Claude Clllllngwalor and Michael Whalcn make up tho supporting cast. Tho second feature IB "Knrthworm Tractorw" with .Too 13. Brown as a super-salesman with a kit full of rip-roaring laughs.. June Travis, Cluy Klbboc, Carol Hughes and Dick iroran are in tho cast. Movietone News with Tjowoll Thomas, Lew Lehr and Ed Thorgenson completes the program- Closing today at the California aro three attractions: George O'Brien in "The Border Patrolman"; Brian Donlovy 'and Glenda Fan-ell In "High Tension";-chanter four of "Ouster's Last Stand", and Metrotone Peggy Rich Weds BritishJMusician lAtfoclalcit 1'rcm Leased Wirt) HAUUISON, N. Y., Sept. 5.— Peggy Mich, actress, was married last night In tho office of Town Clerk William A. Wilding by Justice ot tho 'Peaco Loo Mlntzcr, to Theodore Uoyco, 25-year-old British orchestra loader. Tomorrow—Two Big Features THE MOST AMAZING TRIAL PICTURE EVE'R '' '••'' ^''>^!*^,' FILMED! I ]«ss& iK^ t««-»*" HEART ft'. WEST A Paramount Releaie with WILLIAM BOYD JIMMY ELLISON CARTOON NEWS COOL and COMFORTABLE Starling TODAY— 2 P. M. 2 ACE FEATURES MitlntM Saturday, 8unday,Mond»y— 2 p. m WILDEST COMEDY! Slim SUMMERVILLE ^*' .HENRY HUNTER JUDITH BARRETT n Unparalleled Screen Achievement That Matehei The Towering Stature ot The Giont Novel 3,000,000 People Have Read and /h Lovedt TODAY—2 BIO FEATURES Mary Aitor, Melvyn Oouglii In "AND SO THEY WERE MARRIED" nnd Hanry Hunter, Ann Preston "PAROLE" GRUNOW Refrigerators—Radios JOHN R- HUFF Phone 2420 168? OhMlir Avtnui REGULAR DANCE TONIGHT at the Barn STINK ltOAI> Music by the Southern Stars drill Icmrn. l..iulle«, Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniu | l : ollo\v the Crowd ToniRht to i I BEARDSLEY DANCE PAVILION | 5 "ll'/icre They 'I" &> for *'"«" 5 ~ ' ' llanco lo tho over-popular s 1 WILSON'S HARMONY BAND | ~ on I ho Himiolh-nfl-Blua* (lour. E| | Ciwh Door l*rixc und Special Spot Dunce I'rixc 5 ~ Tlircn Miles 'North on Old I'rcHUO lUghwiiy. I'liono !3IQ-\V 5 nilllllllllllllllllllllllUllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll^ The Eminent Seer-Piyoholo|lst Philosopher Has returned to Bak- ersfleld (or a few days to accommodate patrons desiring his services. For Immediate Appointments Call 4000 PADRE HOTEL of the Grandest FEATURES Ever Shown RICH GIRL" ALICE FAYE Gloria STUART It Jack HALEY Michiel WHALEN You've Never Seen Shirley at Her Best Until NOW I Earthworm TRACTORS .„. JUNE TRAVIS GUY KIBBEE ^^—^™ tr ermfr ureii i rrf*™ —^w flNTHON0 ADVERSE «» HERVJEY ALLEN FREDRIgT MARCH Olivia deH AVI LLAND ANITA LOUISE • DONALD WOODS • EDMUND OWENN CLAUDE RAINS • LOUIS HAY WARD • Gilc Sonder(..rd Slelll Duni • Billy Miueb Akim T«mlrolT • Rtlph Mor««n Henry O'Neill • Directed by MBRVVN LEROY ONE DAY ONLY Wednesday, September 9 Two Performances, Tickets Now on Sals NILE QEORGE O'BRIEN j'BORDEK PATROLMAN" BRIAN DONLEVY GLENDA FARRELL "HIGH TENSION" TECHNICOLOR CARTOON 8ERIAI—NEWS RADIO CLUB CAFE at Olldilt JOHN J. LEV), Proprietor DANCE Saturday Nl(ht Starting at 8 p. m. to I a. m, Joi Larloi' Orhotitr* Everyone Welcome—Eat, Drink, Dance and Be Happy. Remember! Dancing Every Wednesday and Saturday Night* Here VIRGINIA _Qp«n.12»11 p. m.— 20p Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Two Big Features ROCHELLE HUDSON C, ROMERO In Dynamlo Antl-Orlm* Hit "Show Them No Mercy" TOM TYLER In a Flr«t.Run Weitsrn "Santa Fe Bound" Comedy, Newt and Cartoon LAST TIMES TODAY Robt, WOOLSEY, Bert WHEELER "SILLY BILLIES" and Harry Carey Weitern "AGES WILD" Comedy, Newt and Cartoort GRANADA Sunday, Monday, Tuesday SHIRLEY TEMPLE Quy Klbbae and Star Oast "CAPT. JANUARY" Also News and Cartoon STARTS TOMORROW AT 2 P. M. She Wai Fatally Fascinating List, Times Today QEORQE BANCROFT, ANN SOTHERN "HELL SHIP MORGAN" and BORIS KARLOFF Thriller "THE WALKING DEAD" Also News and Cartoon Ambassador Club East Bakersfleld Whore tho comfortable halls are In keeping • with the friendly utniosphore and do- loctablo STEAK AND CHICKEN DINNERS FRANK LUCAS, Manager MBET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE HUGHES—TONIGHT For an Evening of Fun Dance to Old Time Mutle by Little Mack and HI* Q»na CURUEV HUQH88, Proprl»\or CLUB OASIS , Dance Nightly Except Monday to the Merry Music of the OASIS TRIO . Hear them every week aver W6XAI TOWN PRICES JACK CONLEY. Proprietor Rasedala Hlflhyay at Fmltvale JOAN CRAWFORD ROBERT TAYLOR LIONEL BARRYMORE FRANCHOT TONE MELVYN DOUGLAS JAMES STEWART Clarence Brown's PRODUCTION ^GORGEOUS HUSSY An M CM PIC J I1FU CHESTER MORRIS FAY WRAY In - — PLUS—CARTOON , AND NEWS There will be contlnu- ous matinees Sunday and Monday. ENDS TODAY FREDRIC MARCH WARNER BAXTER LIONEL BARRYMORE THE ROAD"TO QLORY —A NO- PATSY KELLY CHARLEY CHASE In KELLY THE SECOND 960 Unkor Street SUNDAY AND MONDAY Three Big Features SGOOP! Joe Louis Kayos Sharkey (Official Fight Pictures Taken at Ringside). Round by Round, Blow by Blow. Knockdowns in Slow Motion. Don't Miss Tills! RICHARD DIX in a Stirring Melodrama "Special Investigator" and a Great Girl Show "Dancing Feet" I'atlie News and Shorts TODAY—GENE AUTUY in "COMIN' ROUND THE MOUNTAIN" and PHIL REGAN In "Laughing Irish Eyes" Our tSang Comedy; Shorts BAKERSFIELD FRIDAY -| Q SEPT. JlO TULARE AND KENTUCKY 8T8. 200 ACTS 60 CLOWNS 500HORSES IMMENSE STREET PARADE 11 A. M Reserved and Attmlttlon Tloketi en* Sal* Clrcu» Day at Ktmball * Stone. Drug*.' 1Mh and Ch*»tfr» 1 .. t . \_ '/* , ,' t .4 ^ u ' ,;,^.. \,\ . '..,',,.' •f&^&^.s-^^^^trt,',^^^

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