The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 23, 1944 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1944
Page 11
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For Sal Miscellaneous For Sal*—Miscellaneous WARDS IMPLEMENT REPAIR PARTS ARE WARRANTED TO FIT AND WEAR AS WELL OR BETTER THAN ORIGINALS. n LOW PRICED. COME IN AND LOOK OVER OUR STOCK. 25li6 CHESTER AVENUE PHONE 7-7871 NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE Prices Firm « i on New York !*••*•••*. Tfrh4 ^ •*> I li i Stock Market NKW YORK. Sept. :•:!. A ir RecJut t km Amerkan A rnonr;m A ni'M i< iin r ir;in rp an A A A nnnui ' u \\\\\\ l'*nu Lc>* ovntit ive HIH! Sid. Mip Mil) an SmnM^r and Jlof ;m T--L and T \ nh:n rn I! S:in r. r, -'• Kit 1! (l "• 14* 14 s . .IS 1 1 C 1 •'• Ini'rtmt innal T^l. .-iml Tel.. & A r lant n- A vint inn Cofpnrnl inn -nrnni Aviation 47 We have In stock and ready for Immediate delivery a la life selection of hydraulic •crarera, hydraulic pumps, valves and tractor adaptors — «. 8 ANH 10-FOOT B13 OK SC'RAPKRS 8 SI-/.P9 of BR CJE I-IYDRAI'LIC: Pl'MPS BE C^ CONTROL VALVTCP FOR JOHN DEBRIS TRACTORS Fruits and V«g«tabl*s arrei's ante TRACTOR CO^fPANV 424 Twenty-fourth Strifft 1'hone 6-6711 VACUUM CLEANERS. Irons, toaster*. heat Ins pads, motors, everything electrical repaired. Money-back guarantee. Huntley Appliance Hervlrc and Repairs. ^ 917 WatPi street. Phone 2-45 70. _ 64 NOW IS THR TIME to fertilize before the rales beRin; 100 per cent pure dairy fertilizer, rrpchanically pulverized: S6 per lo-id, delivered. Phone Rusk's _ Dairy. 2-4027 or 2-9S61. _ 54 KLECTROL.UX cleaner nwners. for parts or service, call your authorized Electro- lux serviceman. Marvin Herrlnc. 2-8970. Electrolux Corporation. 1831 Orange street. _ 66 NKW fuel oil healer. Call Arvln 49-.1-2 after B p. m. George Neeles*. 43 •- ' '"" • ' if' m^fnrim ' ^ i J ' ' 'i " • -Till r •'•'••ii^^r Radios, Musical Instruments YPP. \v* hnve rannlnp tomatoes now. Thov are irooil nml nnlv 09r and 11.91) l>er !ue Jtusset polatoen. $3.65 per 1»0 Mm. Ilnat chance for cnnnlnR pears, so cet VOUVB lodnv. Waiormnlon?' from 4fic up. BrnldPH our prorpriea. monts, soft drinks and (n- Imcco. We »re open from 8 a. m. to R p. m. 7 d;t>« f*ach week. Corner Oak street and Hrundape Lane, phone ^ HnrrltMi Warner s Mnuuf;ii-i in Calumet & lift-la < 'nimdy Dry Martin «:, L ' -Marl in Pan > MrK^s.Hon \ ll Monlpurnrrv \Va N:t sh K I'lvm;* t MI Nai nin;i I Mist uu Nai HHia t • 'ash It PR fst PI N.I i IOP.I ] I la ir; pi o*l u t N» t rnna I I hM Nft * Mtna I l^Tn Na \ MJIKI 1 I \»\vt»i A- I.iuht N***,v Vru k i 'tMji * al X*iri li ,A mrrn-a n A \ la i ion Nun h A ini-i-M a u < *n. Noil IUM M I 'art < »hio < HI ir i.;aH A vs im\V-.IONKS rinsin :• i i';ii!. -.' up *t."7 I low-Junes >.7^, up *. up 't.l-V utility, an ,| t ;;, slocks. ;")L' up n in 1'roin i 'urh sh;ii-cs h - 1 ri 40 <"\'ISP fj. I.) r'nrp'>r -at ion & Ohic 'hryslor Intnttvp*! 1 ! t-\ (Jaa and ('nrnmorcial <"ro*|ii in *• 4» •ft* 1 M •! I - -t 4 r, '"nmmon-ia I Solvonl M h &- 4 > 41 •t:. i r, « I' 7 1 24 ' Pnn I*a i atnrinnt l*iMins 1\ a A irw nil i-* Ilti ilrortil i hist \\ i::i jnx J 4S V ^Ff ' " f Itpytmlfl TKIJACHAPI POTATOES—We now have some long, white and russet potatoes of eommereial quality at this very low price of $3.Sl9 per nark. Now te the time to put awny potatoes for winter. The potato season at Tehachapi is about over. Stork up now. Mooney's Market Spot, Eighteenth & t'nion. Phone . * 'on in inpr Co r porn t inn t'ontinental Oil of »"ro\vn Cork uiul rnwn DfJ US 37 Du ff Airrrufi Punt DP Nnmou ' 1 ' n U *; 4 \ 1M r rf Kte- t nr A uin Liulit Hoa I POWPI* & KU-c-tric 44* FOR AUTO-RADIO SERVICE " "We now have facilities for mounting and dismounting auto radios. Aerials installed while you wait. POSTON RADIO « Corner K Street and 99 Highway 3-27-tf TOP PRICES paid for late model radio*. Toaton Radio Service, corner of K and 09 Hiehwcj. Phone 2-0498, 2-1-tf Poultry;_and^ LiVMtock FOR SALE—Two Bpan of *ood work mares, one brood mare with colt. Mr. Groat. Phone 2-7066. 7-19-tf ATTENTION lood-teated baby chicks, brooders, poultry supplies and feed. \V» buy your egga Chicks Sir, hundred 2219 Union, or 814 Eighth. Phono 7-7028 or 2-9489. 2-1-tf BABV CHICKS. $15 per hundred. New Hampshire Red*. Rhode Island Reds. Plymouth Rocks. Rotfc and Red Cross. New shipment every Monday: order early. Also nlent> of metal feeders, fountains and ooulirv medicines. Ward's Farm _Slore. 2525 Chester. 4.17.jf Tl-:.\ HEIFERS, all a K es. aoma sprln(?*»rs. f Jpiiprtil Ooortrirh <;ooilyi>ar Tiro & Riibbf-r . >.'on horn Railroad nfd :mnt] Cnrpnration Knurl Unrshry K, Ini"rnut jonnl' Iln 4 1! • a 7 ui 17 30 Philip MorMH ' F'-M rnU-iitn Sor\'n-t' of X I'Ulttnan Hwilio Corp dl" A niprica 10 K;t\ on ifi. Ivu ... ' " ' I! Sen ix Rni'burk Siic(in\- \'i Southern Smit MHI n Itailway .. SptM-j-y ( 'o'-ini-ji 1 n.11 Sin riila i (I Hr;iii<ls Sta titiu rd <"Jas A F^l«-r Staniluiil Oil "f Ca Stand.ird Oil of Induum StHnriarrl Oil of NPW StutlebaUnr I H* 4 .1 :t ' j .", 1! ' s , 1:1 L- t; S! PU1 i s i rt L- r.4 t • I • \Va Tr.i n sain* 1 I'M H & \\YHUM n 1 'n ion Oil <>f < 'alifornlsi I *nion rnrii'ir I'nilt-i] Air LihrP rnitort A in-r:i fi (""orpnra I ion HH Rubber » Ktre! \Varncr Hrn«* I'u-tui'o^ ,. Air - 4 » - » i - - r 4 - - is 1 ; YUHK. r;dhnn liyht«MHMl nn t hp si uric mat kt-i i tula y to t h» i liplitost Ii-vd r<n ;i slinrt sr-ssion since M:i\' K!, u liilo pricns ruiitlniK'rl firm. Kailfnnd rquipmcnts con tin strum; ;»s a umu)). A Tow solo nircr.-nis inaiio tvw hinhs and several special issiif'fi rci^ist^rctj ^ ranqini; to nioro than a point . In t hr» rail o«|iiipnients T -nc( iniot i\'t> and I'rossfMl stocl C*ai' niado nou hiyhs for (ho yoar. \\'i(]nst Kain in tlif pronp was mado hy Central Stof-l Castings piviViTod which spurt od six points. Pullman and Amorican far & Foundry gained iK'arly a point. Gnmiman made a UPW Top and ronsolidntPd-VultPp (Mjualed its liigh. Uirain WalUor was up a, point. IVpsH.'oln a^ain made a now top. International made a new . PI n Tnlnn unh 41 T'oal AVnolwnri h Poultry and Eggs AMiKLKS. Sr-pi. -;;. (^jpj. • K /P>fR\^T CO)II "We Have Facilities and Available Parts to Service Any Make Radio Corner K Street and J|9 Highway Dial 2-049S* 12-2-tf OKFERINQ n number of outatandlne yearling and 2-year-old registered Hereford bulls. A. H. Karpe. Phone 9-9671. . _ «___ _ 7-1 9-tf BABY CHICKS started on order. We have colored broilers, roasting hena. Riverview Hatchery, 235 Roberts Lane. Phone 7-1 9-tf ATTENTION. POULTRYMENI Our Market Is Open We Pay Tops for Fryers and Roasters One Blonk West of East Bakersfield Post Office 11 08 Kern Street Dial 2-24HS BRADFORD POULTRY MARKET PIANO WANTED— Hichest cash prices paid for new and used pianos. Phone 81. 9-12-tf CAR AERIALS for any mnke of car. $4,95 and up. Poaton Radio corner of K. Btreet n nd 99 Highway. 9-1-tf WANTED TO BUY— Horses, hogs, cattle any amount. L Anderson, Koute 2. Box 90«. Phone 2-7008 . fi H :i3 f/ :f4 smjill. Kntde A Kr;t(|p A . ,»r. ium frrnde A «G«i 47 ^(Ui 21c. Rot;iil prices to ronpnmot: Largo, A A fi!iGri' tiftr. Kradp A fij H fific. urnde H 40'fi4:{r; nifdinm, grade A 53<6 :>8c; small. El-fide A L'uiU 3^c. CnndlPd graded egps to rpfnllorf frnsr-s): Lnrye. «rade AA f)7 '-a <?i : ."iS >'jc. griiflp A 65 I'M- aG '.iic, gradp R 3(1 (&' ,TXc : medium. grude A 47^1 'ilr; smnll A Butter unrhnnKffrt Ht OPA Poultry unchanged. Government Bonds NE\V YOKK. Sppt. 2S. f/P>— The closinc of bonds on tho New York Stock Northern Stock Mart Moves Irregularly Treasury r>4-:.2. 100. is. SAX FRANCISCO. Sopt. 22. The stock market moved irregularly today. Calamba Sugar was rip Vi to a new high of O'o, and IXL Alin- j ing; hit a new nonk of 4, up -"'a. Trans- ' america gained J ,s to 9 3 i>. Honolulu Oil dropped U to fi new ' low at 27. Emporium common was off '.;. - lii^lis woro notod in T^ohipli & Navigation. I'nion Has: & Papor and Tinted States leather -\ . Mains of a point, or more \voro made hy t'nitod S tut oft & Foroipn Securities and 1'iHted States Pla v» ins: Card. 1 'nion Pacific was up more t a point in a steady tn firm rail section. Steels \vero little changed wliilo m'Uors W-PVO mixed and utilities, notably t HP pi'.'ferrpds, firm. Oils held around the previous close. Taft Flying Officer Writes From England (Efte gafeergft'elti Californian Soturdoy, September 23,1944 Surveys on Extension of Sewers Ordered in Delano T'KI.AX- )|f PI'-' I i ! i- h . , _ • i !-i --A • i L'lt V plumhin ply \\\\\\ oMinance t.o com housing require t o in \ of wit Jn.-< r \ *« it 1,1 p t". i'h'-|-.> a \\ -\V* in;ip. a ilk i»n \\ n IP fith Los M ' i M ! i A N i 11111 st roe rh. Stf, K. r)utlinoil '>n st P fd'ul' pOS- -t.r-'l i'tl thf a\ runt' f-x- .•ft extension. railroad .Mb of !• rns and < Jrit"- «• nf . ap- 1 ll *>!' ;t l*'« fc i i An n^r^nmpnt with a householder i. 1 - n«-\v receiving city water at <•• ou ( side the city limits was v (K-robv the agreement is tcrminat-Mi within a SHO-day period. .1. K. Hamilton appeared before tho board asking for permission to Tonipciary sidewalks from Ox- Way rn the present sidewalks f rvji"-- in p-irk Subdivision No. -. A iiT'tiun 'o hold the matter over until iho in-xt regular meeting waa <;.!) i led. Knginc-.-T reported finding in ihe matter of the crossing for Fourth avenue, tins on^t nnd west Delano. - instructed to proceed with • in ordr-r to determine the irn«iint. of work which would nn hi if \.-i< •» ui etli t "W illiinn Porolli-Min- e.-olu! i"U which was a standard fur pipe bo necessary, and the estimated i to I, line.- in water in;i standard set s and sewer bv tho i Wars, AT r.VKIS SHRINK— sunuliiiR- hi the Mrsi "jioini nf inton^st" visifod by Adolf Hitler in his brief i:MO of Vank to r*;tri>-. a O. I.'s looks r>vor of *\apolpf)n's the Rood Post No. 124 and Delano Post H:J.H), etorans ot* Foreign W.H-S. v.oro u'iven permission to hold fur \vai.-r main* was oa>t iron ! carnivals twice a year without pay- pipe or comparahir qualify, and for ment of city license fees. William sewers. tin 1 siandard required by the American Society nf Testing Materials. The rosolui inn a I.-'i i provided thnt sl/.es are tn bo i;n\, or nod by the recommendation of t li- city engineer, the water superintendent, planning enmmisMon, nr other competent aut hurity. A It-it' 1 !- was road by tlv rity clerk from the 1-Ydoral Hmusini? Authority stating that a representative from Iho aut hnrity would not bo able to visit i tfluno until CViobor 1. ! OrdinaMep Nn. LM»9, amending the i Shnwrraft, commander of the Post, and George Pearce, com• for the Veterans of Foreign spoke, asking for this con- Charles H. Dawson, Sr.. tho thanks of the twn groups after tho concession had been R rar: ted. Mayor Jack Huseh has issued a proelamation calling upon all citi- x.ens and organizations to celebrate \"-J)ay with prayer and rejoicing. A resolution t'nr tho approval of salaries oL ? city employes waa adopted. nk HIGHEST PRICES paid for used radln». kera^Ielfl Rndio Supply. 2S08 Chester avenue. Phone 2-6150. 8-11-tf PAY hiuhest ca»h price for your piano. Call 8-8673. 1-26-tf KKKN ^tTJSIC SHOP. 906 Baker. Musical mtrti!'. supplies and sheet music, repair all nuslcai Instruments; bows renal red, 67 FOR SALE, by Brand piano. owner, Ca n he Brnmbach b«by PAIR ffooC work mulen and leather tup work harness: also a eood kid's _ pony. If interested rail 8-F-6. 47 FOR SALE — One bay marc. 4 years old: eood saddle horse and well-bred horse colt, 16 months' old. Call S-8531 or ^njgbtsJN:^ 1 3. ___ 4 g UY. SELL or trade, all kinds of livestock. Phone 2-3022. Roy Johnson. 1 mile north Pumpkin Center. 200 yards oast on Hoskins Road. _ fi g WANTED— Hoga of all kinds, sprinter cows. Phone 2-7075. 47 FOR SALE—Rnbbitfl. hutchoj* and Red Harnpshi/*: liens 413 Beverly Drive. 47 nfifr 5 p. m.. at 1511 Terrace Way. FOR SALE—Tcnnr saxophone anrt cnae. Phone u-r>2i:i afier ti P. m. or Sunday. 47 •-TTBK console radio. like new. nlso Singer sewliiK machine. Sunday afternoon. 35.'11 Chester n venue. 47 on Sunday FEW gentle Shplland ponies, small saddles; ? Way. 47 > one lady's .s.iddlp. smstii frooh at ,A one lady's waddle, small fresh and ppringpr family cows. U>r» up; registered I-Iolsteln Bull. 2 weeks old. C. A. Beaver** Market, northwest circle, Hich- OP. 47 FHYKRS for sale. 60c each. Inyo. 2701 North 47 ANPREW KOHUKH piano, pood condition. $K,9.t,0. Phone 4-46^'rt. and I Photography 16-MM. Belt & Howe.l projector. Si KG. Edward* Camera Exchange. 1609 Nlne- t ppnth street. _ __ _ 9 WANTED— A 35-millimeter camera eood condition. Phone :-49^0. In 48 FOR SALE—Chicken fryers, rabbit fry. PIP. colored hons and colnrnd bucks. One block west of Pierce Road on Getty Mieet. 47 —-—.—— — __._____^_^^__^^^^ .. • i FOR SALE—Nico saddle mare, gentle far women and children. Phone 2-0931. 47 FOR SALE—One stallion, 2 years oldT purebred arid steel dust, and one D-ycar- olrl steel-dust mare and colt. Phone ARGUS C2 with .'16 ^x. film. sr»-mm. f-3.5 lenw. .shutter to 1/300. Rood condition ex- top t needs push button. $JO. Address Box 40. Kernville. Calif. Typewriter*, Office Supplies WILL PAV CASH for typewriters, adrtlnt machines, checkwrlters and cash resistors. Lynch Typewriter Company. 1650 6-29-ff Chester n venue. Fruits and Vegetables FOR SALE—Five-month* dairy goat buck, three-quartern Toegenhurg. one-quarter Saanen. honika.s, Togfienburg color, wired by Fontana bimk. Route 1. Box .140. Taft. Calif. 2 29 Cypress .street. 47 Saanon ILLY CJOAT and nix nunnips. dairy ytocU. Not rhcap K dm street. Kant Bakorsfir 300 4!) NOTICE TO APPKAB AND 8HOW CAUSK No. «6I12, llepc. * In the Superior Court of tb« Stat« of California, tn and tor thp County of Freano Xn the Matter of the Application ot C. 4. HAWKINS. /.. .f. COBBS. J. W. , GUYU2R, .». E. WHEELER and O. H. I REYNOLDS be\ng more than one-half of the total number of the Board of Director* of the CALIFORNIA PEACH * FIG GROWERS, a corporation, formerly CALIFORNIA PBJACH GROWERS, for the dissolution uf said corporation. To all stockholder*, truat certificate holders, and creditors of the CALIFORNIA PEACH & FIG GROWERS, a corpora- tlon. formerly CALIFORNIA FEACli GROWERS: You and each of you are hereby notified that on tbe 16th day of Way. 1944. C. A. H AWT'. INS. A. J. COBB. J. W. QUYLBR, .1. E. WHEELER and G. H. REYNOLDS. being more than one-half of th« total number of the Board of Directors of th« CALIFORNIA PEACH & FIG GROWERS, a corporation. formerly CALIFORNIA PEACH GROWERS, filed their petition in this Court, praying that aald corporation be dissolved and Iti aaseta be distributed among its stockholder and truat certificate holders after payment of debts. 1f any. You are hereby further notified that by order nf the Court a hearing 'upon said application will be had before said Court in Department No. 2 i;'. the Courthouse in the County of Freano. State of California, on the 2nd day nf Octobar, 1944, at 9:30 o'clock a. m. of aald day. when and where all persona interested may appear and show cause, if any they have, why said application should not ba granted. You are further notified that claim* of stockholders, trust certificate holders, and creditors against the Corporation may be filed at the office of the Corporation located at 613 T. W, Patterson Building. Fresno. California, up t'. the data of aaid hearlnv. At the time of aald hearing the Court win be asked to fix and determine :hn rights of all stockholders. trust certificate holders, and creditors and shall distribute the aaaata of the Corporation In accordance! with aald findings, To assure payment to the proper parties entitled, it !v necessary that all atock and trust certifies tea be surrendered to the Corporntlon at ita office at 618 T. W, Pntterson Building. Fresno. California, :t ;i pfd Storks— Close Anglo California. Calamba Sugar Central tturoka Crown Xellrrbat Crown X'-lierbai'h Kl Dorado Oil... Kinp. Capwrll i;r» : f'Jeneral Motors fill 1 Greyhound ill Honolulu Oil l.'T TXL Mining ... 4 Lihby. MrNeill 7' IS TAFT. Sept II. Staloup, REALTOR SELLS ESTATE L'M LieutenniU Orrtn son of .Mr. and Mrs. C. L, Stalcup of \Vallace Center is now sumo\vhore In I^ngUind. .IFe \* a fiphter pilot flying a P-".!, ,'iml already has hern on several missions. Lieutenant Stalcup is a native of CALIFORNIAN HELD ON $50,500 THEFT CHARGE XR\V YOHIC. Sopt. (U.P)- Taf t Improvement Club to Sponsor Membership Drive Taft. attending elementary and hitfh Joseph Mason Miller, 4-. sflf-slylotl sro Mfg. Pacific G. & P. G. & K. ti pt't. pfil P G. & K. f> pet. pfd Parific Light int.' Pacific LiffhtiriiT pfri Par if if Puh lit' Service pfd Piirifk- T. & T pfd .S. C. Can pfd. A l.ftO . :t3'-i .1 -i i .107 . l'0 f ' s . Ifil ' i on Trading S. F. Stock Market FOfi SALK—Two saddle horses. Very i prior to 'ie 2nd dny of October. 1844. gentle. Uoute 3. Box <Hfi. Phone :-701«. ! B, DUSENBERRT. Clerk. By E. W. KILAND. Deputy Clerk. July 22. 2H; Auy 5. 12. 19. 28 Sept. IV :, 16 22. 10. FOR SALK—Two .Shatter 4!»LM. good 49 Phonp SAX FRANCISCO. Sept. 1:0. Only 4389 shares, worth $f)5,304, changed hands on the Stock Exchange today in one of the dullest Saturday sessions in months. Hawaiian Pineapple. Ma reliant and Crown common each picked up a quarter. Southern Pacific lost 'j. Transamerica was unchanged at stocks— Crown 7,pllet-bach Kl Dorado Oil Umpire Cap pfd VoMter & Kleiscr Hawaiian Pineapple. March Calculator Muvhinre North American Oil Purifir Public Service .. Snuthorn Pacific TransanuM'U'a schools here, and was a junior college student when he enlisted in the Army Air Corps. While in school, he was a member of the Hl-Y, and the Order oT DeMnlay, as well as n member of the American Association of Engineers while in junior college. Lieutenant Stale up entered the Army Air Corps in February, 1H-12, received his college training in Ari- znnn. preflight at Santa. Ana. primary at Wiekenborg. Ariz., basic at Ivancaster and his advanced at Williams Field. Ariz. After receiving his wings and commission at Williams Field, lie received his tactical training at Talla-! j. hasseo and Punta Gorda, Fla.. and was sent overseas in July, 1044. Witness Testifies in Andrews Case L. • ' 1 {) js f> i'4 i ' Malson •'• Wesiai I & M. f'nnst run Kin riilifornia KUisun rvlrnlrutn f'pt roUnim •» * ta .' " 1 ' u '4 51! $2.69 Full Lug. Bring your own containers. D: 1019 Baker East Bakersfield 9-7-tf IPRA1K Ji ILllillAO^ u 69o FOR FULL LUG Bring your own containers. The eame kli.d of pears we had last year. 1019 Baker East Bakersfield 8-17-tf Medium Size, Full Lug 69c FULL LUG Bring Vour Own Containers 1019 Baker street, East Bakersfield 8-30-tf BNAPHEANS. pens. okra. «11 you want. All day Salurdny and Sunday. "Dunwnmlerin" Farms, Fruilvale avenue. Phone ^-7093. , 47 CANNING PEARS—We have just received our last shipment of Te- hachupi pears. These pears are the name high quality that all of our canning fruit has been. Price $1.31* per lug. We also have a limited quantity of field boxes. Price $2.50. This ad will run until we are out of pears. Please bring containers. Mooney's Market Spot, Eighteenth and Union. Phone 3-0961. 52 Qt'lNCKS FOR SALR. Phone 2-U1SS aftor fi p. m. and on Sundays. 49 KLKVKN nice while (lurks. just full Krown; tlirnf Guinen.s; bean poles. 7 and S-fool lontrihs, larse quantity; elnrtric and pas baby (link brooder*. Phone .1-1KSS. FOR SALK — 7-monihs-old (.Jucrnspy heifer r-alf in «nod r-onditiop. Hort's Dairy. Phone 2-7441-'. _ ^__ __ 48 FOR SALR— rhoire fninily cow, with lieifer calf, fiuurantppd. t'u miles \vp«t of Oreen field on Taft Highway. \V. W. 48 FOR SALK— Toam of hie black work mares, f» and 6 veins old. Bargain. . 48 I-'OH SA LK — Fancy prodm-ins does. Priood (n HP|I nuiik.v. Phono L'.;ilS<i. 52 NKW HAMPHHIRK every Tuosdav. 1 i'HUOXIMATIiLY 24 Hanson slrHin younc AVhite Leghorn hens, $1.1:5 each. Phone NOTICK OF FIMNG REPORT OK ItOARn OP D1RKCTORS OF T1IK BI'KNA VISTA WATKR STORAGK DISTRICT. \VIIFKi; THK SAME MAY IIK INSI'FrTEU. AMI THK TIME AM> PLACE OF HEARING PROT ESI WANTKD VO nilY— Feeder piffs. H & S Feeders Company. Phone 2-"i05.T. 4!) Dogs and Othtr P«ts IRISH Seller puppies. Phone 6-6286 or mil at 1100 Belle Terrace. SKT of IriHh mips, from - KOO<! hunting Htock. reasonahlo. Phono fi-?i2S2. M*^^h^^»v-^^^^—f-4^^— r-mm^m^m^f^^^^**^^ T^ • •-^^^^^p^^^^.m^^r-^^^^^^^K^^H^rtAi^^^-^F-^ ^m -• • • •^^^•Ju ^ w—^^m^^^w^^^^^* WANTED—Mali? Police dop. Phone 7-7251. Sofia Azbill, Route 6, Box 8. Bakers- fiold. Calif. For Exchange—Miscellaneous WILL TRADE 1037 Ford coupe (Calif.- DEfifiS). for pickup. Phone 3-2071. 48 Legal Notices CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS FICTITIOUS NAME The undersigned do hereby certify that they are conducting a cocktail lounge, at Bakemf 1*1(3, California; under the fictit- iouB name &nd style of La Sft*ta and that •aid firm IB composed of C. A. Crafton of Bakersffeld, Califonla; I. W, Crafton of Bakerafield. California; and S. S. Base of BakerafiHd California. WITNESS our hand this, the first day of March. 1944. r. A. CRAFTON I. W. CRAFTON S. 8. BASE. State of California. County of Kern, ss. On the tint day ot March, 1944. before MO tho undersigned, n. notary public in and for laid Cnun<y and State, personally appeared, G. A. Cralton. I. W. Crafton. *nd S. S. Base, known to me to be tho rwsonw whose names are subscribed to the within instrument and ack- knowtedeed to me that they executed tbe same. WITNESS mv hand and official seal. E. O. TAYLOR. Notary Public. My commission expires September 27. 1944. Aur. 26; Sept. 2, 9, 1«. 23. To the Landowners within the Boundaries of thf Hue mi Vista Water Storage District, and to all other Persona Whom it May Concern: Define take not ire thnt thp Board of Director* of the Buena Vista Water Storage Distrh't has nuitiril to he prepared a report showing the Ptasre to which Its «aid works have been completed and paid for, and ihe sum or sums that will n« refinirod for the ma tntenanre, repair, and opera linn of s:iitl works tinrl for- the con- duel ami mamife'emrtit of ihe District and ilH works, with reason able part icularity, together with the nlnns ;ind speuf f lea t tons for the work t«i be Hone and an estimate of the aggreKutP cot*t thereof, a copy of which said leport wit h Uin plans and spoc if lent ion P. is on file with the Secretary of said Board nt the office of said Hisi rict in Button willow. Kern County. California. Said repori may ho inspected hy nny per MOM Interested and pro! OH is a«flin«t the adoption of said report and the levying of anv assessment thereunder may be filed with the Secretary rit the aald office of the District on or before the 10th day of October. 1944. A public hearing will he held by the. Board of Directors at said office of thp District on the nth day oC October, 1044. at thn hour of 10:00 A. M. at which hearing all proteetants will be permitted to appear in person or by any attorney, and present tnplr objections to such report, if any. The sutd Board proposes In levy nn nnsessmen* on th*» lands within th« District on the biifiia of the report f inully adopted and pursuant to the provisions of Srction 21! of the California Water Storupe District Act. Dated: September 21st. 1!»44. BOARD OF DIRECTORS OP THK HTKXA VISTA WATER .STORAGE DISTRICT. Hy F. L. HrMPHREV. Secretary. Sept. 2.1. SO; Oct. 7. 1944. CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS FICTITIOUS NAME The underalerned do hereby certify that thoy are conducting; a cocktail lounge, at Haker«fleld- California; under the fictitious name nnd style of Tom's Tropical Inn and that aaid firm i* cnmpnacd of C. A. Crafton of Bakerefleld, California: I. W. Crafton of BakerBfield. California: and S. 8. Base of Bakersfield, California. WITNESS our hand this, the first day of March. 1944. C. A. CRAFTON I. W. CRAFTON S. S. BASE!. State of California, County of Kern. i». On the first day of March. 1944, be- fo e me. the undersigned, a notary public tn and for aald county and itate, personally appeared. C. A. Crafton. 1. W. Crafton, and S, S. Baae, known to me to be the perionn whose name* are subscribed to the within instrument and ack- knowledced to me that they executed the aame. WITNESS my hand and official seal. E. O. TAYLOR. Notary Public. My commission expires September 27. J944. Auff. 26; Sept. 2. 9, 16. 23. Cotton Futures NKW YORK. .Sept. ^:). (.£>> uren nillifd sharply today on siyo mill and commiHsion Imuwe buying which net only scale-im hedge Hell inf. LarKer KII ins were registered in the diRtant momhn »\x traders considered further price raisins proposals for cotton pending- at Washington. The market jilso was influenced hy th«? rapid davnucc in Brazilian cotton prices in the pasi few days. Futures closed 20 cents to $1.13 a bale higher. Octubor 1I1.47. Docomber 21.40. March 21. at). May 1'I.H. July ''2t\. 8.'. <it ^0. Sit. Middling .spots lil.S9 nominal, up a. Los AngeUs Livestock LOS ANORLES, Sept. 2:t. iff}— Cattle salable for week 10.JOO; compared last Friday closing mostly steady; thin COWK closed 50c loivor: few choice HteerH $17; mudiuni to Rood Sia^o li; common to medium $104f'U; cutter to common $S.50fr f* 75; medium tn sood tsn\*n helfer.s $J 1 ^•14; common down to $9: medium to eood KI-UMH i-owfi $in.50'y ll!.!!'). cutter to common JS . L'5*HO I'.'i: caiuicra anil i-ut- tnrs ii.SO^'K; medium tn good bulls SALINAS. Sept. 23. iJP)— With the first witnes.s' testimony on rerord, the trial of Mrs. Kram-is Andrews, charged with the murder of .Jay Lovett. 19, was in recess today until Monday. After a. jury of eight women nnd four men was completed yesterday, District Attorney Anthony Hra/il briefly summed up the prosecution's contention that the 37-year-old Oar- mo! valley woman shot the farm boy the night of July 15 because she was jealous. First witness was Leon Holing. Salinas surveyor, who identified the enlarged maps he had made for courtroom use. The maps showed the spot near the Andrews driveway where, the defendant has said, ^ho discovered tho body of iho youth. I Sbo has said she believed Lovett used her .~5 caliber pistol in self- destruction. Beverly Hills, Calif., real e.^tato opera tor who roputodly earned a $42.000 real estate commission here on a $-00 investment, WHS held in $r>dOO bail today for appearanro in Denver, Colo., October L', nn charges of violation ot* the national stolen property art, involving Ihclt of $f)0,:.00 in that r-ity. Miller was seized in a mid-town apartment last night and had a certified check for $.0,000 in bis possession, representing part of tbe commission be earned when lie sold the P. Morgan estate at dlen Cove, , 10. 10. Conroy, special FBI in charge uC the Xew York area, said. Conroy said Miller was arrested on a Denver warrant, issued January 27 after Miller allegedly got $ IT) .000 from tho International Trust Company, at Denver, and $ir.,000 from private citixens in that city and organized the Superior Construction Company to build '22 private homos. With the Denver funds, Alillor paid hail* an obligation of between $50,000 and SiiO.OdO owed creditors in an oil promotion scheme, in Los Angeles. Calif., Conroy said. Miller had boon Indicted for theft of the money in 1930 but skipped bail of $2r>00. nnd when he returned nnd paid off his creditors he reversed a not guilty ploa and was fined $1000, aceording to Conroy. Miller, with $2UO in his pockets. got details of tbe Morgan estate from a realty broker, then wont to Philadelphia and sold the property to Phillip Publ:,-Uer, bead of a chemical company, Conroy said, fie added that Miller intended to sot up | a. New York real estate office with commission of TAKT. Sopt. ::!.—The Woman's Improvement Club i.s to hnve a membership drive, according to an announcement made today by Mrs. Herbert Ball, club president. West Sidon; who arc planning to become members this year, or who have any questions to ask concerning membership, are asked to get in touch with either Mrs. Howard Loo. who is membership chairman, o" a member of her committee. Besides Mrs. Lee. tho committee includes tbe Mt.-sdanios J. D. Corkcl, Alvin Burgess. Uiehard Koster, Kenneth PruiHt and Lee Smithe. .Men .hers of standing commit tees and of sections, who will serve this year with Mrs. Ball, and who are preparing to greet both old and new members, are: Mrs. D. G. Kingman, first vice-president' Mrs. Wai- tor Keene. second vice-president; Mrs. Harry Welby, third vice-presl- I dent: Mr?. George, Watson, recording secretary: Mrs. Joseph Sitterlcc, financial secretary; Mrs. William McEwcn. treasurer; Mrs. Thomas Woodward, director of hospitality; Mrs. David Merrill, director of sections; Mrs. T. W. Howes, director of budget; Mrs. J. T. Smithe, parliamentarian; Mrs. Don Kinney. federation secretary, and Mrs. James W. Wilt, publicity. Since most of the members are busy with wtir work there will be only one meeting a month this year and emphasis is being placed on presenting programs that will be not only entertaining but relaxing as well. Mrs. Walter Koene has previewed many programs during the summer, and has selected those that she feels will be most enjoyed by the members. Plans for the first meeting of the year, which will be on October 10, will be announced later. Garden Fair Is Feature of Kernville P. T. A. Meeting Vietory Garden Sopt. 23. — A Fair featured tho i prize prize nnd Wallace Hopper second for flower displays while first nieotiiiL: of iho KVrnville I'nion Shirley firanson and Sharon Branson won first and second prizes respectively for flower arrangements. During: the 1 nisi ness meeting arrangements were made to form a parent and teachers organization for tho Kernville High School. Mrs. J. II. Jorgcnscn \y;is to arrange the first mertlngr of the new organization during the coming month. A program ot motion pictures was shown through tho courtesy of the staff of Camp Owen. More than 60 persons were present. Mrs. Ardls Walker, September program chair* man, conducted the meeting. P. T. A. hold nt tho school house this week. Kxhibils included vegetables, fruits, flowers and flower arrangements. Charles Young won grand prize with an exhibit of on Jons, potatoes, tomatoes and melons. Other winners for displays of vegetables and fruits included i.'oloen Ross, Marilyn Apalatea, Billy firaluun, Joan Stewart, Hilly Rock- bolt. .). L. Mall, Dorothy Malono. Bobby Adkinson. .Tamos Maxwell, I larry Dotson, .Timiny Graham. Georgia Moth 11 all and Dorothy M;i lone. Patsy .Malono won first OPA Announces End Oregon Miss Marries of Bicycle Rationing Lt. Thomas Kommers Hutchmgs McFarland Students Takes Top Honors to Hear Field Chorus \ TAKT. Sept. 2:J.-Miss Margaret (Graslo and Kiciiteuunt Thomas Koiu- fnttlt . , , i uiors. won of Mrs. Oscar Kommers roll...,: (: omrm,n t.i «ood Mn,ker« and ' of Taf , f WO| . C marriod in Red Ran , WASllLVPOX, Sept. 23. (UP)— The office uf Price Administration today announced the end of biryclft rationing but cyclists will find lit- Continued From Paso Seven hibitor in tbe Jersey ilah-y cattU- scrtion. Winner was Thurston Kinsel. ! Throe Bakersfield Future Farmers shared $50 in ihe competition made feeders $S'''/U'; stock cows J.'i. IT) fa 7. fit) Calvcfi MI In bit* for wet-k :i!i(K>. closed alow, 00 cents tr. SI low*>i ; medium to "•hoice range «-alvi-s late $ll<ftl.l.50; cull and common 17^10.50; < rimmon to medium Block Lttlve-s $9^11; few good to choice to $13. Hots salable for week 3835; mostly steady: bulk medium tn choice 180-240 ihs. $!.">. 7Tt: medium to choice BOWS $14 medium to choice tender pigs $i^<?/ 15 Sheen salable for werk 50. few ewes steady at. $4; (food to choice wooled lambs quoted $l.'lf/'14. Delano Enrollment Up 400 in Schools DELANO, Sept. 23.—Enrollment of more than 400 pupils in the local elementary schools over last year has made it necessary to add another teacher to the faculty, X, .]., on September !', according to announcement* received by local friends. Tho bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Grasle of Portland, Ore. She is u student of Oregon State I'niver.sity and a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Lieutenant Kommers is a graduate of the Tniversity of California, and -\vhilo nt tho university was elected to an honorary membership in a political science fraternity. Lieutenant and Mrs. Komrners will live in llicksville. N. Y., while he is receiving further training at a radio station on Island. tle comfort in tbe OPA action. rordlng to Administrator Che Howies, there simply aren't enough bicycles available to make rntiuning worth while. "We beg; in bioyclo rationing In May, Hi-ia," he said. "Xo\v the .stockpile is gum-, and current production is too low to mnke it wort h while to burden our war price and rai inning boards and th»; public with rationing. ' McFARLAXD, Sept. 23.—McFar- md High School students will hear Mint.-r Field's "Wings of Melody" cMored chorus at a special student p.issibU- by premium money donated j i >0(Iv nSb(:ni bly next Monday, Septem- by II. J. Rratidt. Tho contest was i , .,. . ., junior exhibitor and j ,,"'!' '."...', . _, \\ith the public invited as guests 1 open to winners uis Dal\ anv and Wesley < 'oiubs, Ralph Bnrdirk, ^ and IX- n- Record Haul of 9 Deer Cited at Rock Warren Speak ing to William F. Klmes, The new sixth and accord- district member seventh superintendent, will teach the grades. With a total enrollment on the first day of the school year in 3948 of 903 pupils, enrollment figures on Monday, one week after the opening of .school for this semester, showed 1323 pupils in the three schools, or a gain of 4L'0 pupils over last year's first day total. The Cecil School haa the largest enrollment, with a total of R20 pupils, including the kindergarten; the Fremont in west Delano, including the kindergarten, shows 343; and the Islington, also in west Delano, has JGO. Tulare Coroner Speaker in Delano i DELANO. Sopt. L'3.—Roy Brooks, of Visulia, coroner for Tulare county, was tho s-upst speaker at the recent luncheon meeting 1 of the local Kxchnnge Club when it met at Hotel Kern, with Clarence J. Houpe, presiding. Lawrence Thnlr. for Dewey Ticket XKW Re- YORK. Sept. 23. publican National Chairman Herbert Mrownwell, Jr., announced today that Governor Karl Warren, \vlio declined to run for the Republican v ire-presidential no mi rial ion. will speak on behalf nf the Dewey- Hricker ticket outside California . his home state. Hrownell said at a press conference that dates and placi-s for the speeches have not yet been de- tt-rmined, but they will under t h« auspices of tin A record haul of nine deer was made by Mala nee Rock visitors recently, Mrs. L. Maquis and C. 10. Sesreson. managers of the resort. announced today. The animals wcro slu-t in the Sandy Klat.s area. "We usually have two "r thn-e kills in, one day." Mrs* 1 Ma mil.-' comrm-nted. "I've been there since lOJil, but I ve ne\ er seen MI many fine deer brought in at once before," she said. i i f tho high school, the 30-minute pj-csontation will feature a variety program of Negro folk songs, contemporary war songs and various operatic numbers, it was announced hy Principal L. A. Wlemers. Numbering approximately 2."i voices, the chorus membership consists of singers, all of whom have training, some being profes* sii'nal vucalisls. it was stated. ThL y is one of a, series of special programs to lie presented to the student body during tho year. Mr. U'inmers issued an invitation to the public to ho present at tho "Wings .Melody ' program. Aaron in States After 13 Months in India be given Xatiomil »0\ SOCIAL NLATKI) The Klk lliiN P. T. A. is sponsoring a box si-rial and reception for tuat'hers St'iiU-iuber lilt iu Lho school cat'i'U'ri.i at 7 {». in. There will !>*:• a '-h'tit luisinoss inct-ting and ccjuunu- nity singing. Mrs. ICuth Olson, prosi- dcut. aniiouuf-d. TA FT. Sept. ^3.—Mr. and Mrs. Victor Ajron of 1I7-J K street. Standard ll-C r'amp have received a telegram from their son, StaL'f Sergeant Ivan }•".. Aaron, ot Miami. Fla., stating that he had just reuirned to the Suites, after serving !•'* months iu India. chairman of the program committee, i Utamblican Committee. * . * « . i * introduced the speaker. Coroner Brooks told of the necessary procedure to he followed hy his office in the case of accidental or violent deaths. Coroner Brooks answered a n umber of questions by members who wero interested in wills, inheritances, and other subjects of that nature. J. X. Bowhay was a guest. Transport Wreckage Located by Army OBITUARY OTICES - i>at BUCK ROGKKS, TWENTY FIFTH CENTURY, A. D. Here's That Man Again! By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS STRANDED ALP SPAIN MV BOYS AND NOW FROZEN ON WOBOT THE MOUNTA1 JOIN OON AGAI BUCK SAK AND I'VE LOST . MY GLASSES ' Wx. ^ ROCHET F&NGERS BE A SPACE PIL OT CARD YQL/R GET "MYSTERY SKATTI-R. Sopt. 2-'i. (UP>—Soarc-h li;( vi- tliu I u isircl uii* 1 r 'f '< <-'-•*T army trai)^|.K>rt plane, missing since AIoutlay while en runic Io Fairbanks. Alaska, with 1!» paBSOliters and crewmen aboard. Tlio plan«- was uiKhteil OM -tin. 1 ii.-e- covered slopes nl' Mount McKinley, JHiOO feet up the side of the mountain. Army uuiln.tnties waid tliey had "no hopo thnt <iny nne aboard survived," the Ala.sku det'onsti command announced here today. M:\M Tt'iiri*'s^t't* I 'look. 70, v* 1m died St-p* 1 1 nil*- j- ^ J -it h**r limn ' h M.I Ir, \\-\\ hi* hi' I- 1 •* P in, ;u 'Is li*»i * i t-m! I, t l . NT- M r w .JI l«» ,11 I ';i rk. Survi \MHC Mr^. Trook V, . U. i^' ' bo H*' A .( . -.1 Ball, n \' .! un Pruitf. wtM be hoUl SiM>(.caiber *^4 at H.#:h her :\ PI*: \Kt»Vfril. O\VII> H t ' : I *u\ :i| K St'p«'.'inhi»r K _ i 1 I. Mr 'A -th 'I will U *J2 it S«'pf* inhrr - Jnsr;ili\- (Mtiiruh. nl ;t'. I ho i>. MI. Uovoi f * at T a Bak- Sihool aiut had been gra-1- SlHTUlai 't 8-'hlH»K O)Id&i«. inr!nb**r of Ri>v Si -out Trow O)Ma>. Survivors ur* bts parent?, and Mr si MitrluMl IV'Nirovioh, I7i MMi>'', H^hUutil r.nU; tuo brothers. J, IViiirovich anj Konnttth Pat* IV* -arovh'h. It^lilaiut Tark: rraml- -rrt, Mrs Miirifurot Pecurovith, i^. Mi.-. \:lifw < .iitatrHi>, Santo. Maria, UNION CEMETERY Flickinger-Digier .!AI> OPTIMISTIC \KW YOIIK, Sept. 23. (UP.)—Mrs. Irene Lymnn reported today that she neueivetl u letter from her son, Alfred, a marine, who landed on (Juam with tb,e first wave of American troops. Ho wrote; "! captured my first Jap today and when I questioned, him he said 'You may take Guam, but you \vill never recapture California/ " v CHAPCL FLOW Dis RAV 1 LOWEST RKE Oflli' rounds Monumenta inctive Funeral Service at Moderate Cost Phon* 7-7881 Chaster Av«nu« at Thirteenth Cemetery Entrance j. c. Flickligir Frank Olghr AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY and NIGHT

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