The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 23, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1944
Page 10
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1 0 Soturdoy, September 23, 1944 w ^hr . _ - SaiurcfteU) Calfforntan For Sal Improved Property For Sal Improved Property AYHEKK IS THAT HOMK TOU AVAXT To BL'Y THAT Y'»U CAX'T I'lNANCK? SKE I.'S. •\UiKni-; IS THAT IIOMK YOU AVAXT TO HKI/L AND yoru BUYKR JIAS.VT KNOI/GH CASH? SEK us. HAVE SATISFACTORY BVYERS FOR YOl/R 1IOMK. KKU US. **T7 *** vu \iw Ok ,''"""' 1 1 u M* \V\V AVKNl/K PMOXE 6*6751 47 T 11 -~ of n, on 1 O^V:MM) — x 1 -r iiii < hj. kpn f;mn or foi lov^r nf ; srt. I.'* -::.() full W *o, $1090 down, 5; .*. n JTV.I Tl;. \ < : ^ * \v> ;n*r* r bn?t J,ne — Five-room r-x/^lu-nt * »*T.fijiU'n, vf-ry n :i e i^ ;tt IK TI ; f»-rn n] yji i -L ran c vp iUsftr-NMnn. JT'l'T'O f >n] IM ice, abuut down, Jl'O a month, Prtmdnf c — Lot with 75*fnnt front- p^f, all f priced. Four -room lu-ufle, nir*> ]:\ nc roorn and k ,trh*n. Tol nl price IV^r.o. nub** i an tint down paynipnt- El <".im ^nn I'n rk — Lmelv. cnTnplrtPsy f nr- rii^ht-d r,-ronm hom* twn bnd r no HIM a nrt orp. dnuMe firrpl'+rc- 'r\vti-^;ir pnra K*. 0-1 CJnnd, fiiihs*' am jal down P.I yment. In ^> fie Ci'v — Kivr-room home, hn floors ihrouRhoui, f ir^plBrr, othpr dandy foatureF. TWO Mnr*k« from hu« line. Yard in excellent condition. Full pi $ Tip 50, tome terms. linriiedialc Lovely E-roorn home on corner Int. excellent condition Hardwond floors thrniiRhout. Lovply yard. Furnished. 184&0, on term?. Eureka Btroet, near Rnker — -Flvft-room stucco home with ha?cm*nt, about fl yearn old. Excellent Condition. Somrt chicken equipment. $5200, about $i!OUQ down, Ten- 1 norn hot^l. coinplptrly furnishnrl nnd rarpcu/rl. Idea) for i:oup|p rl^Mnnt' hfinn* income. Now wliowinB exec i lent leturti, '"KST—Near Onk and BrmHlnire. ::-b«lronni home with larffe unlarium, hvmgrnnm. large kif' hen. nor vice pnrrh, two hath*, four-unit frprzer cabinet, ni Ilk nejmrntor, f loom carpeted, double Bum.;? many other cttitbutMlnirn*. 5 arrei r vvljent noil, d omen Me well and water \vlt h prrftRiir j ipysrem Fit KK ditrh wn- tor. plenty nf pipeline sprinkler «y*tf*m nnrl nbnnt 40 yount fruit trees for only 110.750 GRHKN* ACRES— Nlrn 2-bfdroom bonn* on KM -MHI acre, t.i|e drain, banement. yard and fruit trees, vrnpe Ion pr rows b*"rrlp«, chicken mtMit HIM] houses for 1000 hens, go race, SG350. 'ATA*.—Four nfre rentals, three are furUjhed; coolers unil r*frifferntors, on aero ffiounrl wilh Inrurna of JHO month. A fcoorl Invpfllrri'Mit for only $1*000. C:iA\VFOrtT> STnRKT—2'hndroom housa v iUi la i "?e livjnKiTHini. dun floor fur- nnr/\ lovely k't( hen. tile bath, stucco. ThIB houNO I* only three years old. A tu Ifiooo, A,—JlpHuUful practically new houin with In riff Iivinffrooni. two In rge )ir*i!rnmnv. dlnintr ruom and hoautil ul k Mr hen. 1m p*m*nt, f tr^lace. patio with hnrhccue pit, nu nitrous fruit and nut t t'Mrken equipment for 1M), On a f cn* i t»il corner lot. 100x200. Nino jipnrlment over ffnrnffe, has bath an<I J<itr: -n Price $12.&QO. Substantial down .myrnfnt. T\VO KUttNISHRD hcmra on GO-foot lot. H*.'t wren !»9 ] tilth way wnd Chester avenue*. Both have electric refrlseraiorfl R ml aru very neat and clean. Vriee, $G250, part canh. UOYDSTirN ft LANCASTER 1817 H Htreot Phono 8-8G3y—After 6 Call 9-947R good e *' Kve" Ptrwt 8-2-tf bouffe* clflj?*i in on Q fltre^t; Jia^ three large bedrooms, aim room, larffe Jlvintr room with fireplace, beau- tlfui rtinlnK room and kitchen, large service porch flnd bnecment: Uiwn and nhfide treep. ThtR la ft real buv for •nineonc. Full price 16000, substantial flown. FOUR-ROOM hnmu with large ecreen porch, cloift In In sou(hea§t dletrict. On large lot, has nice ehnd* nnd fruit trees, garden apace, chicken equipment* double garage. Well cared for Inwn, Full price $3500. $1000 down, balanc* {35 a month, DUPLEX Rnd damly 4*room home In bighly deeirabl* location. All ftre com- pletety and well furnlehod. Duplex noxv rented for S90 R month. Owner gets rent free In 4-room house. On large corner lot, shade trees. Urge garage. On bus line, and near markets. Full price. 17600, S2D&0 down, balance month. riBlvn homo with bedroom iuul poi i h thut (:;in be ha mi KM! by Bin n 11 ilci\vn payment if you ran mrikf* ynyrnentfl, JmTnediulo \\Vll-locn to<l htifitnonn cornpr on HnhertR I.RUP, IQd-fonl frontauo with two hou&es nn fiiilo Mi rt*i*t, IiTimcrliutfi pcifini flfiion Pierc 1 ** Tlond PO hftvo drnpprfl prlre S52uO to i^a rs<* living t uom with f Inor n n I *toH vrnnt IH n blindB. two hoclrootnn, t lie vanity. Three*- fourth* acre, In Mr .1 Snnta Ko folk*. Ane home, UoBf-dnlP, Young fruit In v Ins hnuHft. wo! I houan. 1000 IIPHH. broodnr hc^Uflc. Inisnpdlalo clone 1665 Chester 1 I T * | | eiso to Chcutor n vrnue, Hilda IP, 3-b*M]- room ol(l«T hnUHc with sonic sood I'ur- nllui n. $,1TiOO (»HP to ChoHir-r avenue, Oiklale. 2-hecl- ronm oltior IIOUHC, I nun CM! In to popfl^«Hlon, n* <>!' tlu* i*U"*»r U-Undvoom hoin^H i>n \voll- Irnprovod ftcri?. all larpo rooms, 1m rd- ivncMl (InnrB, vonctinn hllnda, PH! Irtration Ron thorn Pun fir folk*, two- bod mom homo, ha rthvoud flours. Thia U all in A-) condition. Phone S-14-tf tr y's Be C99> COUNTRY KSTATH— Close to city Jimitfl, conHiflHne of ovor two ni'reti of fine garden noil, many full-bearing walnut and fruit troe*. complole Irnirat Ion pywtem an wHI us city ^v^iter; very «ood 6-room rppHInncc. Kara ROB, work shop. riil other outbuild lima including n* entlro prrperty fenced, lariec* R;ir- don now in. An ideal aetuu for one whr> wants to keep two or three horspH and a row. This. Is a property that will *nrn you a Rood living nnd wt ill cive you a Bond bom* with city Niirrnund- IMPM. I*nced at Jl II.Mn), balance eafi>\ 6 per cent If you hnve 14000 cnnh, ynn Rhoutd li, in one of two KUO<! income wh it'll we have to offer, Tltron Tinu&OB an nnnrly an acre of wnil, South Oak Htront, Front hoiiHf. wuulil mnko a lovely home, two rear houses fur* l anrt n*m*Ml for J10 monthly, wbirh priM'tirallv maku monthly puyrneut uf an bulunco. (100) JfilOn— In Gnrrlon Ar-rrd. 100x^00 lot, nenrly new ft room i^trir tly modnt n home. BHIHBO, ohli ken ecjnipmont. A nn*f* buy on today'** iiuirket. $:i()1M> atwh, t;tO numthly on balaiu-e ftt « ptfr t«nt in- Flvo rornplolnly furnlshwl rental? on Tioarlv *m ano of ground, morn for n**vpral moro nn rrar, ln<nnio $ll!i;.r»0 r which will mure than rarry the pruporlv. Chester Avenue Phone 6-67fi1 Cheater Avenue Phone 6-«7M 4 f^ t furnlHhod 2-hodrnum hornn, 11 vine ciininff rouin. kilch^n, batTt and imich: ^HT-ttpp, with Inundry A i«(» uli -ely furnished It -room THI\V n -niiMl. < 'I CISP lo era IIIIMH r ^ »** }w*\ A pnort buy itl only :. ISO fnr hoth. Jl'SOO cash. -H i ^ i«v K& }), ,-h 'f}' tv Co ^ \/ \w^U' r-* . sxi: i t FIVR-nOOM stucco houn«, almost new; llvinir room 18x16, iwo *ood-»i7,e hed- ASk I rottina with coolhiv ducte. tile In bnth Ivj nn<1 kitchen; on trance hall and aervlre ^ I room, Venetian blinds; lot 60x150 with lawn nnd enclosed roar yardi double ira ruffe; In Kast llnkerefteld. Ponspa- Hinn »uon. Only IfiOriO. it bout hnlf down. IMMI-IDJATIC I'OPSKSSION—Kast Bakers- flelrl, iipar Ijntni'e Mann School; 2-bcd- ro^m jliu-oo bnvme an lot (SOxl&O; hnt<l- Wficid flnnrn, vt-iifl l.m blinds. Itttohen i!i« rnnm combined, prrvlre porch, b<i spinpnf: tif 1 *. ffH rdcn Hpnce, rlnrUrn onulpinrnt; M"t")0. filOOO down. SOl'THWKST— Near Ijt-nln J-'ark. four Uiuc rooms with on* bedroom and iwo pn» Inspd nloopiMK pnrchrR. service porch, cent nut bn«nn<Mil; nn older hotipe In rx- t 'Ifnt rendition on lol fi(>x!75, with lovfly lawn; el.iclten ^(lUlpmont. I'np- soun. Trlco $4'JbO. about $1700 47 IIO.MK I960 rHKSTER AVENUE PHONE 6-659:1 47 * f AT'rr:Ar-nvK S-MKDK ON Lf.'l' r.iixlTn. :SSIO\. MOST IVK I;AIM>K.\, ATTHAr- TI:KKS. > I -.AY S; itKAK YAUU KKNC'K ! ) A NIJ I S J I \ST J J K K MINI AT! PJ-; I 'A UK. COM- J'1-KTKLY I-TKNISIIKD, INTAT.M: Tor STOVK. 0 i SouihwnHt — Largo 3-bedroom home In pood i'011(111 inn. LOCH tod «>n UrtindnBO LIHIP tile dm In, fireplace and down. Tuft — Hifsh pchonl lunchroom with livlns *]iia rlrrs: lot. IIOHHO nnd pnuipnipnt fur nnIv X.'jf.OO <;<KM| cslubl'mhed IniHlnesa. AND S1IADK i 41 A'TCS *)f nnimpinvnd hind nonr Bntton- \vi!low in nor t Ion 1R This land can bn r.iiini''l. uiwo proitpoctJvt; oil land; JuU PIT aero. 1704 K STRKKT PHONE 3-1210 Itl^.SIDKNCE 2-5B2R 47 For Sal Improved Property For Salt—Lot* :.:;-n. ;p -» I m I'M- In J'*n K - A \ »•: " ui.n*- t ir* t '-* w MU T '"' c wj * J -inijfw 5l'*>7 V to ha 1t** t*:no I/luck <-n J\ f t : j-ia r ' ^3 1 r M MM( jt r<t i* !fu\ . fii; tuvs is. Ft M i t. n vrrv N', , i It \ « IMM in n :i-bedror,in bonic, Corner $4(in«. ( T) & o V\ ' \^ll KA: T TlAKKHSFIi;T,n—2-brclrnom pur My xc('ll*:nl In i hi- t ';i lil'M rna P.* rk- --A u Mnm;trut;i . In n I'riOlM hoi: n '•', i . jl a Sp.( ' iouft n i' e 1 j Vjjif? i uurn aru! riiu jn*j j ooin, f isHci* **iid ( M f-pla* 1 . \', oli-la ?M!SI J 'M AVitfi fh'jh-r J J EIMH .t nd lln\\ r-? h. i» in HI: r x» ppi ior*a 1 hum** uud i an had fni J;*nd0 tln-u n, Ai">ihr»r onu *n Inc ' '-• '> 'or n .n 'i 1 1*0— Tu hi*ih *>njriH H n*l n till c »irr, un n ]<t i m? l\>\. HJM( th IM hinine IN '- oniiiif fi ,• f ! wi? h t ho v-t v l.Mvt "f h iwh Wftj- turini ui I.-. J-ai KU i >\ jr. \vall-to-\viiH ^a TM| horn* o» In! t>nn in tiling ha If H- I,j\ ink* i '»HJM has tiuiti-in tlenk r as* H, I-nnd HUH prnfniffinttAlly ioiiKil aiul ha^i lotH of fruit, tuup^s ^hJuj^^ A I) fuiirfM), with rear nf Inl •A M > ft nm huusr ff i nipped to run ahniit "* chh'krns. KfnsnnMble d<nvn i>ny- hnlanrf* nt $:;5 por month, includ- ' a (I i/ PM-i uoni \\ a h H ISM; H o ;, ou i A Ll'J~Hv owrif-r ; iturniMllato 1-MsJi ofJMi hum**, J ir*--pi;»«•*•• wall-m rut:.*?, VHneMan hliiiflH: really nn 1 e lur riiuht tjuple. Make an 1:5 Hunting 1'rJve. 1 liutnc* on - N f nearly now fi ni»wt Roil, within 1 , hoi lujv.hr_H ; n<*ur ; paper and milk di s liv**ri.'d lu dour ; ^d nr unfurnltfh«*0 ; iwinn *it nrw luw prlrtt to firKt parly with down pay- nirnt, iut-t Ilka rent ; will take truiU-r house an part down, Home 6, . Fairfax Jtoad. $2,760,00— Beautiful little four-room stucoo cottage, bedroom and closed In sleeping porch. Hardwood floors and modern conveniences. Only $1000,00 down. See Claude. Blodget. > 1 829 H Jtreet. 48 FOR HALE— Good 2-b*droom home, tile link and l>«th; hardwood floon, yard fenced. North Baker ittreet. S-bedroom and one 3-bedroom hom*. noar buji line, », P, fchoua anrl nmrketH. tliunhcjL and nchoolK. Jo»h Claikfk, •«« Baker* Utonet 2~£2£4 or 4-44u^ ^ 47 *!'TI!\\*KST--Hi i^ U thfi country Uonn? > nu 1 v^ htM'ti \vnnt Jim— !M*fMli (Him. ulnuist Lev,' is in, i...] t HMujiti^il just off Storkchilti 1 (iuh wuy, i nnipU'irly nn niched as VIMI turn -nil N our own hnrno. <, L'tixLM. Thn flnpHt nf em luil M mM! j tn handle 600 chirkonw. i>-onr fiuit urui nut lrcM*» on nearly nn ;irro of land, $S<r*0 lotul prlre. rvi\- Hi^nahlo tfiiMH. Lot ft of water. la\\n ( and Hh;ul< •. IN Sl'NSKT rATLK™Vrry largo 2^>nlrootn mi P. liHrdwO'Mi flnn^, floor f Ui tin* *\ all **hnwrr and In IK oxtra lartff floss, i **fl a r -jin^d i-lnsiM . Iti'Dnishrd nntl v:n alrd. rn*dy fnr nrfiipsincy. A »pti- f'tous hntiip for crstrlouw living', rJUMAYKUA I'AIIK — t"nn»phMr|y fur- y-bi'droom honir. vnncifan hlindn, it, fiv-pliuT. floor f urfiacp, njl 1 hi 1 n in* i IPH. a-ert r snra*:*\ yard ten cod. IUIM nf fruit. Thin home In furnished «n<J equipped lu please the moHt discrun- in:M \I\K- Al-TA VISTA THACT — Two-bedroom homo. 5 yi-am old. Kxtra lit rue y-oar a?ul lot. Yard fenced and well HnnniF oxtru large, hardwood floor** and vt notirin blinds Tnrmn. LOM1TA VKUDK TRACT — Beautiful 3-hfliJroom home. Bath and half, uteel vrnKIan bllnda throughout houwo; fireplace, floor furnace; 2-car irarnBO, cement driveway. Terms arranged. EAST BAKKa^KIKLD—-Beautiful L'-brd- room borne. f*xtrH larg^ rooms and ctna- etM, tbermostftt controlled floor furnace; dining room with hulh-ln cupboard. Yard Teheed and nicely land* Two-bHroom home on \\>at Twentieth Btro^t,, lorwtlon !<1*ftl for v?alk»ns ^o work, homo in «ood conditinn. hnrd- floorn, niro yard, larce double «a- Price jr>000 »ome t*»rtn«. Txvo-hnflroom honm In La Cn»«lfl. Id ml location: home in of Spanish typ**. t ife roof: nio** *\?^ rnnm» t lovely ynrd \ im- Price $S450. some SAU-;—T,rit on West Belle, Bet ownr-r fSumhiy afternoon* 3031 Chest pf aw nil*. Phoni* 2-88f*;i. 47 For (4.V1-L a. -i •<•» nip, En at c\iit*f* in K*r * (ipnnrnl Hnjtpltnl; hnrnn in romj : tlon, All Hue large ruorns. Freal W. "03 Brower Bitildiuir Fbotie 2-4 J « '0-IffMlr ..... n horn* in T-omlta Vprdn, « II la rue rooms: hnnio hnw Venetian blimlv. dun 1 floor fiirnnr e, lovely rorncr Btnk, p^pn rate «*ntrHnre to rpnr btdrunm, uprinklliir Byntorn. Prlre $8000, terms. tfo-brflroom hmn* on Orison street. built In 1939. large yard, rrar yard fpnred, Hire lawn and f lowom, Price $5;>00 ; take* nbout 12500 to handle* Ono-hfdm>m home on North Hakcr street, large lot. Price J3500, somft terms, ier Phone 2-9204 220 Haberfelde 47 ^^fc-»^B^bK ^^^_M_H^^^**V^^^Vi^^B^B«^feT«-> *-r^ ^^P—^^^•^^•^^•^^fp^^^^^^^B^B^^^^^h^^^V^^u ^r_L_ll r _ •fl&.fjOO, JfifiOO 'town, 3 bedroom* Hint <Jen. (483) —llf.on. $4200 down. <>r Mlrpft, 2 hedrnnnifl. (479) — (477)— JOflSO 440*0 flown, KiRhte^rr.n street, 3 beflroomn. (475)— $8750. J5R50 down, Eiffhth utrpet. 2 b*»d- rooms nntl den. <4?;it—$4780, $l'hS5 down. I,nk<: stroct. 2 hodrootnn. (470)— ir.OSO, $3200 down, furni«h«1. Mtnnfr • t-rpct, 2 liedrooma. (357)— $5980, J2J180 clown, Bnnk atrert, 2 bedrooms. (400) fiXO down. Kl Flfllphn. 2 4">!J)—JS300. $3100 rlnwn, MH- vln. 2 bpflronmH. M. r >.1)—J96GO, J6100 down. furniHhrrl, IVrshlnp street, 2 bfdronmp. M;"»::)—$887fi, jnfiOO down. Cult Torn, a n venue. 2 bpil rooms, (33 fit— 13750. $lR. r ,0 down. Wlllinirm, 2 hi»rt- mom*. (336)—JflfiOC. $2400 down, Flownr Ptrcnt. 3 bedroomw. M4T,)—110.750. $fi"60 down. O:ik Htrpnt. 3 hcOronmn. (441)— jSfino, $3800 down. I.a Colima, 2 hrfl- rnom«. (4Ti4)—?fift75, $3500 down. Lomlt.i Verde. ?. hodroonm. (430)-~$47&0, $2»00 down. Wllkln.i slrnpt. 2 hodroorns. (42P)— $(1D75, $3375 flown, furtilshpcl. Bndfnrfl M'ny. 3 h-droomn. (417)— $in.OOO. Ji^OOO down. Itrilnain, 3 hod rooms and den. (3*»n—$!^87r. $4375 down. Alturan. 2 hnflroomp (S07-D—> IR.OOO. $7000 down, lovely horrtp nnd in f SAS .IOAQIIIN I'hon*; 2-Of)ij.'i or 2-fi $13.000.00 MODERN three-bedroom home only seven years old. Located in south•west section in attractive neighborhood. Three bedrooms, two baths, two-car garage, patio, furnace and cooler. Thla home Is of better than average quality construction, built under F. H. A. supervision, and has many attractive features. We will show by appointment if you have cash or can arrange finance. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1803 H street Phone 2-8946 FOU SAM-:, in furniPbed. spfH'inus 2 -bed room hnrdwood flrjors. fireplurp; doubl KnrnKe; lovnly ynrd, fruit trow*, chicken^, Nnnr nchools, markols iind tins. I.iiiroln Hi root. TWO HOUHKS on one lot, rcnled, on»! j'«>r $35. rcnr for $110. S'J'.OO. JTIKI down, $40 per month. 1 GGJ Clio»t<T , close-in corner nomfl. 1C n Twenty-fifth streets; now rented at $60 month. Tolal prire $COOO. Klm**r F. FOU SALIS — Warehouse, corrugated Iron, lot 50 -foot, frontage: clono In: ensv terms. K I nit- r . <a re :'• 1 7 t-; 1 h t GO 11 1 b . DvL) tf FOIt .SALK — Dpnntlfullv furnished now 0-rooin home with li-rnr pfirnK*. Iliehlnnil Manor, Olldnlo; immedlatfl poespRslon. _ KI nipr F.Jva rpe. 1 fl l_7_ Klf?h t eon t h_._ __i»-_l I » -.< f WKLL-RT 1LT house, ran ctiHily he con- v(»rtf*(l Into li-liodi-ooiT) honif. c-lone to Chester hvcnuo in OiMsilu. on wcll-lnndscaiH'd I " t ' (i " ''-<•< -' 47 FOR SAI>K — Two-bedroom furnlnhrd houfe. with nilver anil difhen; fprn:ed-in fronl vard. I4UOU. Inquire 413 Decatnr. _ I»hone_j!-41_8K_ _____ ___ ______ 4_9 (4;iO-S) — Jti'JSd. with $1H8(» down, will buy t hi.* lai'H' 1 . oldor home ; baa livinfj j- loinn, U'lUlicn. ~ extra find Rlaswril porrhes. bJis double K-nrupo, corner lot ; inaldn ritv. pout h pa i I uf town. J'huno , li-0i;r ( ;i or !!-hedi'ooni haino, now vtti;;iut. roa- ly prh'od. UPHII( fl'ul hrtrdwootl . lots Of tllP, StPCl VCIIPtl.'Hl bl iron tint; durs, duul Hour f urn are. My' ownrr. Phono 8-8853. OVKR $40,000 GROSS ANNUAT.T.Y. FULL, rilICK $1*2.500, $-ir.,()00 DOWN, BALANCE EASY. KINK ruHSJBTL,iTlES FOR J,AKUKK JNCOAIK. ALL WLN'KRAL ANU OIL UIGHT8 iNCLUUKD. I:!K- TVVKKN UD 1J1GH WA Y A N O CH KSTKU AVKN U U AT Ti IK CIRCLE. FOR APJ'OINTMENT, CALL OWNKR, 7-7541*. COURTESY TO BROKERS. SALE— A HOME IN STOCK- BALE. CORNER LOT, FACING OOLF COURSE. TWO-STORY, SIX TIOOMS, TWO BATHS, AV1TII SERVANT'S ROOM ATTACHED. BALCONY I_>ECK AND SCREENED TERRACE. AVITI I BLO\VEH-TYPE FURNACE AND COOLER. ItpCK WOOL 1NSULA- TION. A REALLY BEAUTIFUL HOME. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. CALL FOR APPOINT- NE L'-TJtiO. Ml 'I H'lliN l-titMlrudin hnniwt'. mi I it CO H lot H) in ilc, hrat Ini: J i IIIL liko iu'\\, I'lont iuifiHii'. niilflclv modum. i'l n od fur quirk snip. $-l_r>n. icrins 111 rn 1:715 fcicviej- «\c'nje. eame MS In fn «ood rllxlrict, on Turn line; two iM mnl clou, partly funiifilu'd, \\i\\\ Ki'inlo JM % o\var f urn it me. lV>H. two weeks. For Information Lane*. hnunc, lot 75x135, J1350. on \vosl nUlo nlrpnrt. l Sumo tor in u. J. ] I. nn«n. 4!l MOOKUN 2-brdrooni hniiiH. $42: ( 0. $l(i:.0 down, I'lTi per inotilh. ^7^0 i\orih UaKer. V'hono "See .to Improved Farms $r,7.-,o with $2R75 down and might T n little IPHH down on Ihla 10 of noil fenrp.fl Llvpahle nirl otithnildlnfirn. Very close in. 2-(;r,ri3 or 2-ri33«. 9-19-tf Wanted to Buy—Automobiles Wanted to Buy—Automobiles AYE BUT ALL MAKES OP CARS AND I \COMi;. One hoino liurd wnml f l<n»rfl, hi 1 1:*room mnl dining room, nn o kitdu-n nnd scvvji-o puj-i-h. A Inn L'-lK'tl- mom bonio completely furnishod; S-i-nr KM niRO, a 11 nn lai'tfu cornor hit >vil h plenty of film do. near bus ft ml nuirkt'ls; only $f»0»0, J2850 down. $^j inuiitlily. AVill tradt fur Minull house. UIiilU.AND WANOH— AlrnoHt now 2-bwl- 1 1 MI in lion 10, extra lai'wn rooms, plenty lite In kiti-hei nnd bath room, cuolin^ K.\.«iern, tariff) iVricoil lot whti fruit tiron; J«jr,i», S^^r.t) <i(,wn. $4L'.r>n monthly. Will tr.-ulp for 1 -bedroom homo. HKKVITK STATION ANU PA Til. oa«'li with llvlnjr qtinrtorfl. on lot ](Hi\n"i tn bf.n-t of I, u men t, Jfi^fiO, or will trade l"i IHHIHC iu Ma k'-rst ii.'ld, N!-;.\IU,V NKW ^-botlrooin bouse. tile dra in. pIuMered an*! very niee, on sm;i tl In!, niily S'.'fiTiO. $750 down ;uid $J'J monthly. AViJ! take HUIIIO trade. S phono G-. r >92S. ON TM1-:SR H I1-1I70 FOIMt nOOM '-' K. KUHNMSMKH OH -- IMt nOOM UOllHK. KUHNMSMKH OH I'M-THN'SHKn. naniKr. fiMii-od-m Imrk >fiid wilh t'ruit t recH nnd narfleii ppot, near tiut«inf'^-i district nnd school. Kur- iii.MlH'd. «40i(i; unfurnished. $3100; Jl'Jit) dnwn. $4t) innr.thly. T\\'(") :*.RfX>M l-TRMS CAP INS on one Int. I,i\e in one nnd rent olher one nt. ,\e i e for SL'T.fin JH.-I- month; SltiOO, $SUO down, hn In •)< o $;15 mni.thly. orn-uoc.M iiorsi-: WITJT SHOP IN lUOAH. *:.':175, Sinoo down, $35 monthly, or will laKe i-nr in t r«dc. ON TUKSK rilOPKHTIKS phono B-B923, evcmnuM ^-IC'SS .irr'S IT OVKH Of-KNN Nichul.s -."' ----- 7-4143 INVKKTMKN'TS Six-\iuit ;iimi-lmiMit and ituplox, nour lliw:li. $111,750; now tiros* 18 \)vr rent. Fivo units—Apnrtmrnt house n Highwuy 99, in good, older tltslrirt, $ti!00. Income now S105 por month. Four units—Apartment house on West Klghteenth street; walkinK distance downtown. Income $150 per month. These properties are all pretty well P,\r..Mn.\l,T>--1vr n r r p B . ino acrpn in al- fit ]fn. lift ii< i t>n mllo. 270 acre* rould Its i"it jnlo cultivation with a minimum H mount •>{ rf fort and expend!ture. \\>11 fenced and 'TOHB foncpd, four Wfllla, 1 % nn! OR nf pipeline. Comfortable rnnrh Jmnio. valk-in reJ rig-rntor 26 h^ad dafry i a 11 to. fi hr;id good ho rues, ample farm- inff ••ituipriH'in tn handle. Som« terms to rosp')ii<i!ljlfl buyer. 1701 Street 47 FRRAL W. HARVEY a.03 Brower BuildinK Phone 2-4260 EveningB 2*4143 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^HM|^^^H ^^^^?^E?C^2^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^l^bBB^^B^vk^M For §•!•—Lots KOR SAI,I3~lrfH •Li-eet, fbUO. Jn ROB*! C«rd«ni. on II a-0449 48 1440 ACRES semi-mountain hog and cattle ranch: 840 acres of farm land, bnlance grazing. Very good improvements, best one-man hog and cattle setup in California. 415 ACRKS oC good vegetable or potato land. Subject to lease. Will pay 12 por cent on investment. ICO ACRES well improved ranch, good house and lots of water, best of alfalfa, cotton or vegetable land. 780 ACRES near Lost Hills. This land can be farmed to grain, also prospective oil land. A H. Karpe. 7-29-tf ediate B.UvER-ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY 2700 Chester Avenue Phono 9-0745 7-11-tf For Sal Mi»c«llan«ou» For f«! •collmoou* TfON h*» ««t dollar«-«nd-0«nu ctltlnt FOR _SALE—25pO C. M. prices on uved r.?rlff*ratora. wasMni mtcblnM. vacnum cl*an«r*. typewriura. bed iprlntH. camera* snd phntn»raphl« equipment. These mnxmlum orlcee aPP'T to every aeller. even to an Individual selling hi* nvrannal household effects, For mformatinn concerning these and all other celling prices, call the Bskere- field Wer Price and Rationing Board. NEW. model 97 Winchester p-jmp Run, 12- eauRe; full choke bore, and, five boxes shells. Write Box 330-E, The Call- fo rn i nn. Phone 9-9419. 6-13-tf Hot Wate- HeaUri Laundry Tray* Fruit Jar Platfirm Scalei Show Cases Stools Ice Cream Maktr Beverage Cooler Wooden Bowla FOR SALE — 34 -inch wood lathe. bookcase, pair of roller skates, two doors, alarm clock. Bring old clock for _ exchange. __ 222.1 H jatregt. _ -^ CUB TRAINER. See It and fly it; will trade for cur or J76U cash. • Call Good con- 4 9 ONK FAIR of skirts for Ford. 76c doa. DG-HOLE filing cabinet, $15; roll-top desk; land grader, 8xl4-foot. 115; cold and hot fan. 110; Simplex «n» and electric ironer. $15; window Rlass. one-half price; one RIIS arc liRht, new cost $30. sell for $12; Ma- jeatlo power packs. $8; mirror, plush. hand painted. Call 9-0050 for appointment. Stock Pot.; Steam Tablea WILL PAY THE LIMIT FOR MOST CARS. NO RKD TAPE. CASH IX 3 iMINUTES. 8-lt-tf i WANT to buy, 1H41-1942 prlVRtPly owned t ar, in A-l condition. Must have good i uhhor nnd low mileage. Will pay top pru o in private transportation. No brokerage. Call Hotel Kl Tejon, room For S«l>—FurnUur€ f Fixtures FOR SALE—Kcw and used mattresses; all kinds of furniture, radios sold, traded nnd repaired. First clast workmanship, Pumpkin Center Secondhand Store- On Taft Highway, I 1 ,? miles west of Greenfield. 68 Mops Coolers Hundred* of other lUmr O-.wald'* Reetauran', Supply 71C Nineteenth Street Phone 2-9817 i'lANO and complete welder's auit. worn few times. Call after 4 p. ra. or Saturday. 2 IK.' 3 E atrect. FOR BALE — Saxophone and CUBC. baby bed and chair for automobile, pair of electric a FOR BALE— New mlDclnpr mncblne. complete, never used. Route 1. Box 295. Frpttno avenue, Bhafter. 1 mile north, 5 $55.00 $49.96 WE ARE OVERSTOCKED! Drnatic Prico Reductiona hetl divan, coll springs $59.95 Hollywood bed complete, extra value js.'i hair-filled mnttrefls with 63-coil hox spring, soft edBe $.19.95 platform rocker springs $;!!».!!& J^OO Bprinp-filled Chesterfirhl seta 1175.00 "A Smnll Htore BulBlrm With Values" ATZ-SMITH FUKNITURK Eighteenth and L Phone 2-6277 (488-L)—$OR6 with $2580 down and might (•(insider IPSS down on this a i commor- i.cre. highly improved. Two-bedroom with encloned porch, plenty out- build Inns, corral, chicken yard, etc., fruit nnd nut trrns, lawn, shade, grapes, etc.. rtn. : yard all fenced. Phone 2-0653 f> -'.O^ O.. 1 <l f f nr J»:j .mil. '' ' .'-I L TKN A<*KKH wiih w«»ll unit farm mnrhln- *M v ; ni'-e 2-l»*Mli nuni ho me. Call owrn>r, ve ' COMPLETE body and fender repairing. also fron: wheel alignment. Charles Vieatrom'R Garage, 1620 Twenty-eiffhth fltroet. Phono 2*7U 3. rniion. nf tfond hinil rlosp in, Thirfe«Mi nnw in n if a IV a ami 12 nrvr* in pump- 600x-000- 10 ATRKH of BnnM laml undor cultivation, Rn<ui \vi-ll with pnmi). ttitrh wnler, nl.«i> cny WMUT, pn« MTU! liehts. Variety of fnsil 1 vtT^. l)rvriPH nnil grapes. Uooti ha CM HIH! outhuIU1 ings nnd farm ccjulp- in* ludtiiff 2SO gRsnline tank anrl Inn fi-roorn home with large Double gnrnee. $10.500. ^f 1 GRANT plsinti rlnga lust Umser. Motor tuned up, greasing and oiling; car iitor- flKe. Blue Ribbon Garage. 1916 Nine_ teenlh. Phone 2^0674. _ 1-15-tf Wi; CAN PAINT Your Car Immediately, GMAC Budjet Plan rail for A, Carter FIIKD O, SWEITZBR OLPSMOBILE DEALER Phone D-5997 Eighteenth and N _ 1-4 -tf Motorcycles and Bicycles AIOTOUCYCLE for Bale. Indian 61, price M. See alter 4:30 at 901 Thirty- rd fit vcet. 47 FOU SALE — Table-top gna rant?p. like np\v; dinotte set. stud in couch, platform rot-kcr, floor lamp, $1!75; one rndiant gas heater, $12; one lunik bpfl. $25. P"LEASE CALL AT C.ARAOK IN REAR OF 1015 FLOWER STREET. __ __ ______ 4.7 FOR SALE — Camp trnilor. brd. wood Move, dresser, ovprstuf foil chair, davenport, rocking chairs, sanitary couch, hahy bed, plprtric pr-rcolntora and iOO-Kallon automatic \vaun-uis trough, Apply 1920 Q street. 47 Phone 2-7554 3C71 Cheater Avenno TWO mnn's biuyclns; one Sehwinn, like nc'w. Phone 5-5-12 after C p. m. or Sundy. 47 r>2 firms iilfalfa. ,iUF-t ready to cut HO will niiciw hf)\v well thin ground pro- diir^s ; IHTKR l)arn, could 1m turned Into inilhinR hnrn ; rorrnlw ; well-built shop, hotiKcs chlckon pqulptnnnt; loam, im- niM and a pood country home, partly furnished. Sne lhi« for an awfully buy. Will tukfj Hinall home on lot. hnlf nrrp or nrre and womff caph aa down payment. Klwood's, 1923 (4 Kyo." 47 Beach and Mountain Property IN VK^T in your mount n in home row! Awny from snmm* r lu-ut nnd no.'ir Kern county win tor playground. Only 45 in Mrs south anrl only 3 miles off Hiph- w«y I'l'. All-ynar road, wood him tins nnd fishing country. Two hod room«, hath, fireplace. gnrnso. rloctrlclty. waicr. hutune tins, school, stores and pnstot'f im ne;i rhy in Krastier M (tun tain Vark. Poldtor's wife must sell Imrnfdi- Wlll ink*? Slfir.O for quick salf. for Frnnk DI^XP! at postoffice or \vriio MTM, Mad i sun, 16229 Sherman Way. Van Nu.vs. HOY'S liiryrle for wale. ^S03 Olympic Drive- rhono 3-23UO. Highland Manor. ___ 4ft MAX'S Ulryi-le f in Rood condition. See at 706 __ Kast T\ven t y-firat _strg_et, __ BICYCLE— Man's, Bonerator lifchta, three- ppned, ftood mnrhanicaily, looks fair, S40. 109 H street. _ For Salt— Furnitur« f Fixtures Fl! rait construe- sets, full beautiful HIGH-CLASS roRlclnnce InL In O rover City, n^u r I'lsinn Heach. Lot 7, block 29, Ni'Q corner lot t lacing on Newport ave- n u i*. yi/e DUxl3r>. I'lxrPllpnt view of or can. Price $500, Including: title. Mr. II. BiiBcher. phone 2-87^7. 47 OH and Mining ^^h_^k. _^^__ ^^^^^^^__^^K_^^k_^^^__^^k_ ^^^^^^^^^^^^r^f^^^m FOR K1CASE— 9000 feet 41* -Inch range 1 A. P. 1. full hole drill pine, cood condition. P. H. Frank, Inc. Phone 8-861)7. 48 For S « e-— Tr a i i e r » 2 CONTINENTAL house trailer, 2fl-foot. excellent prewar tires, 7.00x1;"; electric brakes, excellent condition. 128 Justine. Hlghl nnd Park, phon e 6-6132. RlSADlf Cash for Your Trailer. Trailers sold on easy payment plan. We finance our own contracts, MCLEAN TRAILER MART _ 100 Union Avenue __ 8-13-tf 11OUSK trailer for sale nr trade. Silver Dome ivrnkfi, factory built. At 801 Irene street . Phonn 2-024 3. ret'iiMshed o;i tcr: Picrce-Arrow travel lodge. lns)dc, stovo oil circulatinfr four. Call 4-43-16. 4'J FOH SALK ffft long, blinda, etc. 1942 Indian trailer house. 25 prewar G-ply tire«. Venetian Priced to aell at 11650. Can lie seen at Shady Acres Auto Court, located 3 miles south on Highway 99. A IA V r es . AI-L-MKTAL 2-horRe trailer, exollont condition. $350. BOO En«t BrundRKo Lano. 47 ^^ - ^^^^_^^ - ^_^ ___ L _| _ ._ ___ ~ - Tl - ~~ltl - ' " . . -M"!"* - 1 -- ' - *-~r~' - '» ' I >^^Vv^K_W For Sale — Automobiles Baby buggies, all-steel prewar construction, $14.95 and up. Baby walkers, 3 only, to close out, $3.95. Platform rockers, spring tion, $39.95 and up. Two-piece living room spring construction, tapestry covers, $154.50 and up. Pourpiece bedroom set, walnut finish, large plate glass mirror. $119.50. Fiber rugs, 9x12, reversible, $15.95. Use our budget plan, no interest or carrying charges. DAVIS FURNITURE COMPANY 1400 Chester Avenue Just one block south of courthouse _ 47 USED FURNITURE SPECIALS All-steel day beds, $7.50 and up. Two- piece living room sets with springs, $26 and up. Diningroom table and 6 chairs, $40. Large leather rockers, $15. Mattresses, $6 and up. Gasoline range, as Is, $15. DAVIS FURNITURE COMPANY 1400 Chester avenue 47 USRD FURNITURE wanted. We call any place in city and give free estimates. Brown's Furniture, formerly Roy While Furniture. Phone 7-7021. 6-1 2-tf SEWING MACHINES and vacuum cleaners repaired. We also buy machines. 1509 West Eighth. Phone 9-9437. 53 SINGER AND WHITE MACHINES Good, clean, guaranteed machines. We do hemstitching. Also repair machines and vacuum cleaner*. 1509 "West Eighth, off corner of Chester. Phone 9-9437. 47 For Automobile* FOR USED CARS DRIVE YOUR CAR TO TOUR CHEVROLET-BUICK-CADILLAC DEALER 9-21-tf AUTOMOBILE AD COPY must contain number; If out of state niu HHI 1 lie 1 urtoU BULLISH OR PURCHASER. Do you need additional cash to complete purchase of car? If so, Just phune or drop by the ACM ID FINANCE COMPANY, opposite Montgomery Ward. Locally owned and operated. Friendly, confidential service. \V. .1. "Bill" Bergman, manager. Phone Se: CONSIGNMENT u If you wish to sell your car f^r top price but can't properly show it, consign it with us. We'll get you top cash. Come in and let us explain our nlnn. 262& Chester (Corner Twenty-seventh) 9-2-tf SAVE $300 1941 Lincoln Zephyr sedan, perfect throughout. OPA celling. $2194; our price only $1995. (1H7S40). 7j?o * n ft 1 M*/f° HPTffl EEU1C1 CHEMTER 48 PACKARD a-door t8X*»86). Phone 47 PHI VATM party nan r-1940 Ford truck (HKi'i;j79o) with n 24-foot aeml for aale. 'fiie truck hati ll*4S, 95-horKepower motor, cxcelUmL rubber and n &-apecd lirownlo. Th« trailer hfts 8x25x20 rubber, in good • hape. Call Bakerafleld 2-4409. 47 1»34 CHEVROLET 4-door aedan, standard. a genuine buy. To niako *ur*. come to KiKhtpcnth and M atreeta, at Ollmore «tut ion. (SF70D). 47 1941 CHKVnOLKT convertible coupo, like new, nullo, hentcr. 3tf uccoHsorieH; sleeping trailer to match. Sell or irad« for choaper car. (L'9G Nev.). 607 Wflahlng- ton atrnct. Olldalo. Phone 2-7537. 1943 C'llUlTSLKR Saratoga club coupe (1C4525). Sell or trade lor cheaper car. «07 Washington •trecl, Olldale. Phone 1941 l-'OHD 4-ilooi' sedan, pood condition, $1175 (9^4714). 607 Washington street, . Thoiio 2-7537. FOK SALK—Prewar bicycle, photo enlarger. &^Qj>lonteroy street. FOR SALK—1040 Ford club coupe <48A33G). condition. Gl!8 .loff«rson. 193S CHliVKOLET coach for aule, or will trade for Bervlco station (1T5G27). Phone H-1823. Lust hoUHe on Uelty street, off 'fi oul 4 8 19:U PLYMOUTH for »a)e (19G5&1), new 1421 Terrace AVti. • 1939 ' CHKVUOL13T tudor wedan, Hlick and clean, for ealo or trado (22208 OklaJ. Soo at_.ja_23_M gtreot. i'hone 2-04:iU. _ TO SKTTLK C8l<itc. 1931) Packard wertan Ul-C-153l>, sood HI-OB, clean and In good Hhapc. S. W. Bonn, Route 6. Box 17:t. 4. 52 Flylno and baUa model plan« klu, jeeps, trucks, tanks. shtpH fitting*, balsa wood carving knives, dope and cement. Come in nnd look around Edward's Camera Exchange. 160U Nineteenth street. ^ 8-22-tf RECAPPING itiff your old tires to us for recapping. We uso Grnde A rubber: 24-hour service. BKN/INO'S BRRVICE Twentieth and K Btreoti 8-5-tf FREE FREE FREE SAWDUST AND PI.ANKR CHIPS Load It Youraelt AKERSFIELD BOX COMPANY FOR KAI,R— SO-hornepuwer electric motor. belt drive; half -horsepower mntor, with pressure pump, bottom and top connection; 7-tube table model Airline radio; 300 feet of pipe. G'tt-inch A to O-d A-l condition. Phone 2-00 33. _ 47 FOR SALE— Spark lid-top hlsh-oven ffns range. Loralne heat control, white enainol. $50. Phono -4934. DINING ROOM table, nix chaliB. rocker, almost new KHB hcator. bathroom heater, small end table, lOimliah rldiife bootfl. nizo 11; rubber bootH, fUe 31; woman' (i fur trimmed coat, size 38. Pho n_e_ J - 4 9 fl _9. _ 80!) Ki Tojon. ___ 4J* FOR SALK — Fine, clean, leafy alfalfa hay, $21 per ton. Will deliver. Highway 3 Miles South of Town 9-!i-tf WHITE linen tablaoloth. tlectrlc sandwich tfrlll. tfonnino Oriental nitf. 3x5; out aaa hall vase, all excellent condition. hon e J-C CUB trainer. Son it and fly It. Will trade for car. or $750 cash. Call 2-8487. __ _ ____ 49 ia:s5 i>i-T«)N DO now TFU;CK. FLAT HACK, STAKI-i SIUKS; TJHKS OKAY. PHONE FELLOWS. BLK. 332. (OKLA.- QO 0 5 00. __ 48 FO1X SALE— 10 «« V-8 4-door sedan, good tiicB, good running condition (9W6084). Phono :'-8:ifi8. 47 1940 BUICK RoAdmmiter sedan, radio nnd heater; sell or trade for cheaper car (2N8520). 607 Washington, CWtiale, ~hon« . 47 1941 MBKCURT club cpupe (7A1U3). radio; Bell or trade for rheaper car. 607 Waah- _ Ington, OHdnle. phone 2-7537. _ 47 193* CHEVROLET ned an (7A4769). n«w paint, reconditioned motor. «uartntft*d, • $560 607 WaBhinKton Btreat, Olldale, phone 3-7537." • _ 47 193» FOUD convertible coupe (S6Pl8fi>. radio, new top; HPll or trade for^chenper i-ar. 607 WuthiiiKton, Oildnle, phono 8-7637, 47 Bedroom Suites Coal anu Wood Stoves Cias Itangea Overntutfpd Divans Cocktail Tables Piny Pens and Pads Baby Trainers Bedroom KIIKS High Chairs Miirblo Top Kitchen Tables Cocktail Tables End Tables Hardware and 1322 Twentieth Restaurant Supply I'hone 47 FOR SALK—One table-lop gas I'hone 4-4866 before a p. m. 48 ELKCTRIC vefrigcraVor. 9-foot. Call 2115 Lester, or plioiio 2-j :i 2 6 a f tor 5 p. m. 4 7 FOR SALK—One gan beater, rtrpsner. one three-quarter mattress in perfect condition, girl's raincoat, size 9 or 10; boy's suit. #ize 12 2253 Bc-rgrr. 47 ELKCTRIC sewing machine. A-l. looks like new; Inlaid top card table, nice; two small natural wood coffee tables, olothei hamper, folding camp cot. miscellaneous items. 1314 Oregon. 47 FOR SALE— 9x12 blue flowered Axminstor rue, like new, $40. I'hone 2-3555 or 906 Pacific. 4 8 FOR SALE—Davenport set in sood condition, coffee table, heavy utility tablr. Phone ^-7462. 48 PRICWAR. mohair Cheaterffpld set. C'arvod walnut trim, good condition. i'hono S -103.'). 324 Ole.andor. 4 7 FOR SALE—Dlnlnsr room apt, two cook stoves, umall heater, living room Bet. Phone 5-5:t86. 4S WALNUT extension Hvtnjr room table nnd four chairs, mapln breakfast table. 271*8 Sevicr avenue. I'hone 2-0{;S8. 47 DROPLEAF kitchen table, end table. small rut?, amah rocker. Als ( > rummage of clothing, dlHhea, etc. 907 Seven* leenth. 47 FOR SALE— Two gaa hich-ovrn rnnces. one round dining table, one twin bed and • prings, one cot. 728 Twenty-fourth street. Phone 7-7167. FOR SALE — Dining tnhlo and six chalra. Call after 4 p. m., 625 Thirtieth street. Phone 2-5904. __ 48 TWO three-quarter steel bfda with springs; breakfast sot; living room furniture including small typewriter desk, two medium tables, two Jamv>fl with shade*. three seta of drapes. Phone 2-:tfl84. 47 PREWAR living room, bedroom and din- ine room sets, radio. Singer sewing machine and mlRcrllanpous. on sale Sunday afternoon at 3531 Che mer. 47 LATtOR Robert! wins chair, newly upholstered in inyal rod satin with ivory ronp •pruyn, $«5. Kxtra large overntuffcd blue chair. J20, Phone 2-86in. 48 FOU SALK—Two coolers, 3322 Monterey street. Phone 2-7200. FOR SALT:—Living room set. Eighteenth. 618 East FOR SALE — Clark-Jewel gas kitchen range, high oven, heat regulator. In good condition. Call after B p. m. Last house on south side of Gulf street. east off Piorco _ Road. _ 49 FOR SALE— Prewar mohair Chesterfield, spring construction, clean and in good rendition. 1109 Sixth street. _ 49 FOR SALE — Bed sprlnKa and good clean mattress. $11. 71f> T Htrcct. _ WILTON velvet rug and pad. 8 foot 3 inchr.i x 10 feet 6 Im-hes. in rxcollont condition; also small gas heater. 1123 Tnixlnn a v <-nup. ________ ^ PRKWAR Chesterfield and a hiuh-ovcn pas raitKC, cheap. Inquire at 711 Belle, Itlver- vipw. __ ___________________ __ FOR SALE — One bed, without uprlnps; 1 s: table ; 1 davenport H**t. prewar: 1 range, high oven; 1 Knnmore rarpnt sweeper. Please rail 2 to 7 p. m., except Sundas. Thnne 7-7.1SO. For Lumber WHILE IT LASTS Ixfi 2x2 2x12 6x6 °x6 8x12 Location, Standard Oil Company Tank Farms. Go north on Chester avenue and China Grade Road, First gate on left side, near gate. Gate open 9:00 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. Closed Saturday and Sunday. KERN WRECKING COMPANY WRITE P. O. BOX 883 9-19-tf o TV 3 FOR HAI.F3— Fan-type cooler, $35; two end tables, like new, $5 both. Phone 2-4330. T J "PariR Liberated" and "YnnkB Capture Ovmm" and other newsreeU. 8-mm and lii-min srenic. adventure nnd Bportt Tlctures. New rartoons. Little Kins, Pormkl Duck. Mickey Mouse, etc. Ed- wflrd's Camera Exchanc*. 1609 Ntne- tc pnt Is. 9 ' lfl " tf FOH SAI.K — HMnrich Hnvnrlnn rhina, nnd \vhltp Bervk-e for eight. $100 c-iinh. Oill before & p. m. 219 Lincoln, East ers f ifiUl . 4 WASHING MACHINES Kepaired, quick service. Montgomery Ward, Apex and all makes repaired and rebuilt. General Service Co., 913 Baker. Phone 2-9278, 9-8-tf ••^•••••••••••^ TIRE RECAPPING ONE-DAT SERVICE CLEROU TIRE COMPANY 1717 K STREET PHONE 6-6069 ANDUKV; KOHLKR piano, good condition, $16!t.50; Hcfflna vacuum cleaner. $f>0; hny's nil- wool snow suit, haH zlpprt'od nnd top c«Ht. Hi/o 4. $7; larly'a twi-ed 3-p;of.-R suit, pructlcally nt«v. J40, »\V.Q 16. Cull from I'* a. in. to 2 7 FOR SALK— Bargain. Uxl2 wool ruir, one pair lady's rWlnir boots, 6119 Uoltby Kond. phon oS83fi IT IS BETTER TO MAKE YOUR TOY SELISCTIONS FROM A FULL LINE OF B AKERSFIELD HARDWARE UU15 CHESTER AVENUE CO. GET YOUR rubber slamp3 from Rakers- field's only ruhbcr stamp company. You will be sntisfird with its prompt service. PiulR. Inks, da tors of oil makes. 1808 "Kyo"_ street, f'hone 8-810^ 69 FOR SALE—I^arge quantity used galvanized corrugated sheetiron. Phone 2-33S8. 48 VICTORY GAUDKN Don't wait any longer. Plant now for full and winter vegetables. Onions, cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower and celery at 50 per 100. Reasonable per dozen. Fresh cut* flowers available at all times. Thone 4-4871. Open Sundays. 1311; O street, corner of Fourteenth and i O streetH. i WE HAVF, THE New and used. Bought, sold, repaired and exchanged. Largest stock in Kern county. KERN PUMP EXCHANGE 400 Sonora Phone 3-1488 70 - T r—i NOTICE J. Electric Iron Shop 611 Nineteenth Street May have hcatlnff elements to fit your iron. Corda arid a few motors for sale, 69 LARGE baby buggy for sale, pood springs, Btecl wheels; very good condition. $12. MM Kl TeJon. C all !).Q5C6_or ^-814^. 50 GARDEN PLOWS POTATO CUTTING KNIVES, GARBAGE CANS. ROOFING PAPER, EGG BASKETS, EGG SCALES. COTTON SCALES, GAS AND ELECTRIC BROODERS, FEEDERS FOR CHICKENS. \VATTENBARGERS 25,1 East Califor n la. 47 MAHOGANY inboard motorbont, in good condition. Phone 7-7 3 C7 or call 920 _^ Truxtu.i avenue. 47 VACUUM CLEANER, irons, clocks and all small appliances repaired. No delay. General Servic* Company. S13 Baker. Phone 2-9278. Hot-Shot Batteries Flashlights Mop Palls With Wringtn Stovo liadiantB Vl»e» \Vate Pump Pliers Klectrlc Plate Burners Hot Water Heaters Ladders Clothes Wrintrers Hydraulic Jacks Kubber Sheeting Pocket Knives Grinding Stones Klectrlc Drop Corfl Klect-lc Wire, 8, 12. anfl 14-raUW Rubber Belting by the loot Crossed* Saws Hand Saws Calipnrs Planes Spadea Post Hole Diggers Coal Oil Lanterns Pip* Cuttera Casters, all sizes If You Can't Find It Anywhere Els« LOOK FOR IT AT Hardware nnd Restaurnnt Supply 1323 Twentieth Phone 3-0581 SCRATCH FEED with cracked Indian corn. Yes, we deliver. Pioneer Mercantile Cnm- pany. Phone 8-8681. FOR SALE— Caterpillar 6-ton. Call Shafter. 78C, after 7 p. m. l-'OR RALE — one-fourth-horsepower tank compressor, quart eun, thrpo tips. 100 feet extension wire; two ull-stpel lawn Heltons, three metal sprinklers, one 2-bvirner jras camp stove, one steel wheel- borrow, one child's table nnd chair set, two iron foldlnff cots, two lawn mowers. Phone 2-0421 after 5 p. m. _ 47 FOR SALE — Large tricycle and two metal __S£Oot er a . Phone 4-4042. _ 47 6x8 DUMP BODY and hoixt, $150. Can be seen across from Mount Vernon School on Potomac a tree t. ______ 48 HEAVY QUILTS, double bed springs, shades, drappa. curtains and 1 1 an r o u H U e m s . ] G 6 Ci F s t r o P t . 4 7 DECORATE your homft with mirrors. \V» specialize In morrors for mnntela, walls and doors. Bakemfleld Giasa Company. 1715 Nineteenth street. _ ^1-10-tf REPAIR your own shoes. Ws carry s, good stock of leather and accessorise for repairing. Paul Hornung, 1606 Nineteenth street. 8-23-tC LIMITED number of new and factory r*- butlt Hoover sweepers available only to persons having old Hoovers to trade In. Liberal allowance. Guaranteed factory parts an! service. Call Weill's service department. 6- 580 r. . 7-6-tf My VACOLITE3 1s fitted to correct my own Individual hearing IOSB. Clement Her- nhey, 273fi Center street. Phon* 2-0671. FOR 8ALK— Onw oil heater, capacity 1 id 10 rooms; one dresser; 3r>00-cubic foot blmvei*' one 9x12 hmul printing: prosH. complete, with 14 full-ilze Cflllfornia ), ntand. type, ink, etc; one new n K'-ts ruuec. Private party. Must he Hold before 8 P. m, Saturday. J. J. tjeamon. 248 Central avenue. Shatter. ____^ _ _ _ 47 FOR SALK— Mnn'B Waltham 21-Jewel wrist waich, dUHtprool'. Call 2-0198. A BIRGE wool uhortee. size IR, Ilnpd, worn once, $16; Sliver Fox, larffp, Blnijle, with «ian« on feet. $60. worth more; brown strutter slacks, vlxe 14. $2.60; nlso boy's hiking boots, black, size G. Mo stamps. $5. AH in perfect condition. 1021 K street. Phone 2-3970 niornlnPH, or after fi p. m. 4_7 GARDEN TRACTOR, perfect condition, $200 cash. Phone 2-7098. 47_ IVb-YARD DUMP BED. WITH POWER TAKEOFF. GOOD CONDITION. BLACK 332. FELLOWS. Calif. 47 FOR SALE—Red Fox jacket, aize 12. like new; white evening dree*, worn once, ar/.fl 12. Phone 2-5174. 48 FOR SALE—New garden tractor. 10 IIPW toilets. 30 Mount Vernon. phone 3-2358. 47 FOR .SALE—Size «-D, BoBtonian brown oxfords, worn several times only; no coupon roquirrd. Phone 2-9110. 48 INLAID LINOLEUM CONGOLEUM CONGOLEUM RUGS Large selection at low prices DAVIS FURNITURE COMPANT 1400 Chester avenue 47 FOR SALE FRENCH FRIED ELECTRIC POPCORN MACHINE j CALL NILE THEATER VICTORY CAFE 1219 Golden State Highway. Open all night. Closed Sundays. We specialize in Chicken or Juicy Steak Dinners—Fried Shrimp, Fried Oysters. COOKlNO utensils and dishes, prewar; 44- piece dinner net, service for 8. 18-carat gold, nice pattern. Service for 6. picnic basket complett, and other Items. 1314 Oroffon. 47 NEW AND USED o NO. WE HAVEN'T HAD A FIRE. WE JUST WANT TO REMIND YOU THAT OREGON AND WASHINGTON IS NOT THE ONLY PLACE THEY HAVE GOOD LUMBER. YOU HAVE SEEN THE OLD FAMILIAR SIGN ALONG THE HIGHWAY (WE BUY JUNK). WELL, WE DON'T BUY JUNK. WE HANDLE PONDA ROSA PINK IN 2x4, 2x6, 1x12 SHEETING. MOUNTAIN PINE LUMBER CO. 300 WEST BELLE AVENUE RIVERVIEW 47 USED LUMBER—2x6. 2x8, 2x10. Jxl2 and heavier timber*. Wlngland Lumber Co. Phone fl-9lOS. BOO NorrU Road. 9-11-tf LUMBER S.ure we have 1x12, 2x4, 2x6, etc. Some of it without priority, too. And, another thing, all our lumber comes from Oregon and Washington and that is where the good lumber cornea from. We do not handle local mountain pine. A good supply of doors and windows, roofing paper, moldings, etc. Oh, yes, don't forget our paint department. Outside white as low as $1.49 a gallon. It will pay you to pay us a visit. HOUTS & BOX CUT RATE LUMBER YARD 3200 EDISON HIGHWAY " 2l HOSE CONNECTIONS o vp=a o ire 801 ONE-DAY SERVICE Grade A Truck Rubber MENDERHAUSEISTS Niles Phone 3-1402 1111 NINETEENTH STREET WEST OF BUS DEPOT— ACROSS STREW 47 Onions, lettuce. cabbage, flower, celery and other vegetable plants, very reasonable per dozen. Special price per thousand. Cut flowers, funeral designs, wholesale price—potted plants. Open Sunday, 715 I- street. Phone 2-4748. 47 RADIO REPAIRS Quick Berlvc*. General Service Company. 313 Baker. Phono 2-9278 4-24-tf FOR SALE—Lady' English riding boots, prewar aUc 7C. No stamp. Cheap. Mrs. W. K. Sholar. 1715 Eighteenth. 47 FOR SALE—Fencin*. chicken wlr» and posts, cheap. Phone 7-7477. 47 FERTILIZER AUTUMN'S HKUK—SUMMER'S QONBJ PURCHASE NOW FOR FIELD OR LAWN Dairy and atable, $6 per load. Ed L. Alters, 920 Twenty-fifth atreet. Phon* _g-3841. 63 FOR SALE—Bassinet, hood and stand; KirTi bicycle; baby burty, metal frame: bathinette, excel It nt condition. . 629 Klg)ith street. Phone 2-2545 47 AUCTION. SALE—8% mile* nouth on Hlffhway 89. BtnrtB at 9 a. m. Tuesday. Poultry, furniture, mtauclla- neoua. One 1034 V-8 IVi-Lon truck. CATERPILLAR tractor thirty for salo. Phpno_2-:ii!_:M. 4JJ FOR SALE—Mnn'a Schwinn bicycle; cabinet rtdlu: box SDrinns and mattress, and mlHcellaneouB articles. Call 3-2027 atter 6 - . m. 12 FOR SALE by private party, two iteel •tanltary oouchrs; threa iron beds and Bprlnffa; two va* rlutoa; buffet draw«ra and doors, and two heavy doora, 3x7. Call at 1011 Truxtun. *8 FOR BALE—prewar twin baby buggy. Phone 2-4S75. 1» TWO-WHEELER trailer. 4x6x20; al»o 30 nuarta ot Iruit. *03 H atreet. Phone 2-9941. ^8 ONE BROWN RuaBian we fine I fur coat, one tan alt-wool coat with brown fur collar. «txe Iff and 14. One blue «#rge nmn'rt ttuit. •!%<* 39; one man'* white puit, Hlze 38. Call 2-4700 after ft or alt day Sunday. SALE—Six heavy 10-raJIon milk cana. Iliqulrt 1908 Verde or phon* B-8879. 47 FOR SALE—Good clean alfalfa hay. $24 a ton. On Ronedale Highway. Phone 2-3092. ' 47 PAIR Mandell'B ladlea; brown alligator pumpa, 5Mi triple A, worn three times, coat $16.95, atll for $10. No at amp, Phono 2-7486. S25 H atreet. 47 1937 MA.SSEY-HARIUS 4-wheel drive trac* tor, good condition. $300. Pbont 4-4934. ' ' • .47 FOR BALE—Model 71 Winchester .3-30; Weaver «oope, iMi boiu •belli, 1100. Phone 4-4934. , 47 NEW SOFT DRINK *ttnd, trltnguUr «hape, SftffllxlS feet center ep*ce. Heavy canvas top. With eoft drink and Ice cream refrigerator, can make money on corner or front of vacant lot or at fa Ire. Stand an-1 top. $30> On dteplajr at _3<2g M atraet. _ f 47 ONB JLADfft' bladl; wool ault. alie 14; on* red coat. •(«• 14. alto one French * mirror;, on-' email what-not. Pwine 8-1703. 47 . i i

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