Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on October 9, 1966 · Page 33
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 33

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1966
Page 33
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PAGE 44 ANDERSON SUNDAY HERALD SUNDAY, OCTOIER 9, I9M Mexico's Slickest Escape Artist, Capt. Phantom, In Jail Santiago Quesado May Be 'Doomed' MEXICO (MTV (I'PH - as he stole across a prison ''C-aptain Phantom" .sounds like patio at dawn, carrying a rope! something oui of a comic book, ladder. They found his cell So does the incredible story of male. Evodio Cruz, dead in the the man who bears the name— open cell, a bullet through his Mexico's ma«!cr ihief. killer head. and escape artist extraordinary. Reye.s was carrying a pistol! Santiago Reyes Quesado is when caught, but denied he' his real name, but he shot Cruz. That little job, he characteristically prefers the said, had been the work of the melodramatic nickname given prison's assistant warden, An- him by headline writers — astasio Aguilar. Captain Phan"Captain Phantom.' 1 He earned torn said he had given Aguilar: it for his habit of disguising S640 as a down payment for his himself as an army captain, help in the escape, with $4.000 and for his grease-eoi ability to more to come if he got away. It : slip out of police traps. was Reyes' claim .that Aguilar Or shoot his way out. shot Cruz to keep him from "A crack shot with either revealing his—Aguilar's—part; hand." say police. i.i the scheme. . j Today, the 44-year-old "cap- Aguilar denied it, but was lain" is in jail at" Puebla. about charged with helping in the 70 miles east of Mexico City, escape atiempt. While the charged with murder. The cops investigation went on Reyes think they've got him this time started a hunger strike, claim—but they're not making book ing he was afraid authorities ', on it. He has escaped from would poison him to shut him eight jails or prisons in his 27- up and protect Aguilar. But year crime career, some of police figured the slippery, them several times. Reyes was up to another of his; Almost Escaped Again iricks. seeking to deliberately; He almost made anoiher make himself ill so he'd have! escape Sept. 10. and authorities to be put in a hospital. j are still trying to ge: ;o the Reyes has found it easier, in; bottom of exactly what hap- the past, to escape from! pened. hospital beds than iron barred Reyes was caught by guards cells. Once when handcuffed to| Frustration, High Prices Follow New NATO Shift CASTEAU, Belgium (UPI) —'communications ranging from The decision to transfer NA-.Norway's North Cape to Turkey! TO's military headquarters to cannot be broken even for one this tranquil south Belgian minute, village has started a real estate' fashioned a key from a bit ofla hospital bed in Torrejon helproseculor is asking an addi- inetal and went out the window un]ess he escapes again, he can """' " - - - ;inH /lAivn Ihp wall whfn hie', , r e> , *i look forward to a lifetime behind bars. Even if he should beat the present murder rap, , Puebla authorities have yet to sentence in Puebla in August I sentence him for the majority for several robberies. But of counts against him, and the I and down the wall when his guard left the room briefly. Drew Six Years Reves drew >r is asking an addi- years. hat he is wanted in ity for robbery, armed and escape from jail; igo for robbery and in Torreon for robbery pe, and in Monterey, where there is a technical death sentence hanging over his head, although there have been no civilian executions in Monterrey since 1905. The major mystery about the captain— and he likes mystery —is the location of his stolen wealth, estimated at about $2 million. A girl friend is probably taking care of most of it, and using the captain's hoard to finance his escape attempts. There has been a lationwide police hunt for Reyes' "woman" for over a year, with no . Reyes' last a the ill-fated e was as dramati his career. H driving a car t local chief of And when th success, arrest, prior to escape attempt, ic as the rest of le was caught stolen from the federal police, le cell doors clanged behind him he was "Captain Phantom" to the last, proclaiming: "Adios, cruel world! I hav« nothing left— just the satisfaction of having been a good thief. I took everything I could." KATXENJAMMgR by JosMuSlAL SOMETIMES I VUNDER VHy OER INSPECTOR w DUSSN'T TRY DEO. 5TYLI5H ^—-T LONG-HAIR LOOK, boom. Ground which a few months ego was getting no takers at Belgian Cooperation The Belgians promise — the communications net will be ~ , ~ :0perating by April 1, 1967—De 12» francs for a s q u a r e !Ga ulle's deadline for SHAPE to yard is now selling at double. quit France They also have Hems are going up. promised that barracks will be Gernand Leborgne, the 66- readv to receive 2m Krsonne] year-old burgomaster (mayor). bv ' this date Ro { is watching events with dismay. further lm mll be ready b pur peace is going. Prices are September next year. France rising. We are being invaded by has a£ j reed not \ 0 press the foreigners he complained to a deadline too hard so long as the. TnL re P?~}. er -' , ,. , move is well under way. The 1.800 inhabitants do not; „ , ,™ ; love President Charles de' Homes , l °F 50 ° , Gaulle who i= How-"* w A .-m 1 Personnel and a school move to Casteau necessary" '; M)me }> m ... °^ They are incensed ttat'the'P ers T el • WlE , h . av « to be arrival of SHAPE-Supremei housed p / lvately ln Mons or Headquarters, AUiecIPowerHn even a9 far away as Bru£sels ' Europe—will take away the 1 Currently there are only 150 heath ground on which" they housing units available in the play lacrosse. immediate area. These include Task Force a locaj castle wmcn will be The 600 allied officers and ' ea d to Gen ' Lemnitz er at 2.500 enlisted men "aid" their $23 ° a week ' 6,000 dependents are no happier 1 De sP ! te Burgomaster Le-, than the burgomaster They |b ° rfine ' s d^may, the transfer will have to leave Rocquen- m be an econom ic shot in the : court, 10 miles west of the arm for the Te &™ n which has; bright lights of Paris for this long b ? en stagnating. Currently village which will m,ak e a nice' tne . villa S ers Iive mainly off center for survival exercises by aRrlculture or work in a NATO troops. : cement plant. But industry has The city of Mons eight miles been desertin E the region for away, is not the brightest sDot' years b3cau se of lack of good in Belgium and Brussels is a communications, bumpy hour's drive over This trend should be reversed cobbled, rutted roads. by the new roads, housing. SHAPE Commander General shops and restaurants SHAPE Lyman L. Lemnitzer opposed personnel are going to need, the sile when he inspected it' The proprietor of Casteau's last August. He wanted a site sole 9 ale > tne "Salon de at Waterloo, ten miles outside : L'Amitie," quipped: "I guess Brussels. .I'll have to change it to 'saloon' But as the ground on which lwnen the Yanks arrive/ SHAPE win actally belongs to the government costly expropriations necessary and have said "tak< camp 'H.irSiU.S. 0" Peace Stand headquarters here wilHjost 'an AMSTERDAM (UPI) -Dutch estimated S43 million of which! Foreign Minister Joseph Lunds irn united States will pay said Thursday the United about two thirds, the 13 other States has a "flexible policy" £Aiu members the rest toward North Viet Nam "If, rmnce refuses to pay a nickel.'there is one country which j lop priority has been given wants peace, it is the United 10 installing teleeommunica- States," Lurds said on his uons which will have to return from the U.S., where he duplicate those already operat- conferred with Secretary of H?_!5_ Pa U s - _ vj t al defense the U.N. General Assembly. PAVING PASSENGEK teddy bear is IiiRRcd aboard plane by I^ndon model Heather Howard. The airline wouldn't takcjt »s baggage. T»V/N6 TO GIF IMITATIONS UFFME.EH? HOW'S DIS FOR STVLE ? BETTER DER OLOT GOAT SHOULD BUY FLEA POWDER! VOTAIUFFLV FIGURE? D£R NEW LOOK NO DOUBT/ YOO-HOO.' HAF VE MET BEFORE, SVEETIE? ADUNKIMQ VILL TEACH YOU NOT TO GIF IMITATIONS YOU OLOT QOAT/ BEEN FRAMED// BUZ SAWYER Featuring HIS pal RoscoSweeney DOGGONE IT...THIS COMPASS MUST BE BROKEN. I KNOW WEST 15 THAT WAV. GOOD scour MUST ALSO KNOW WHEN TO FOLLOW HI5 INSTINCTS. IT JUST LOOKS LIKE THE SAME TREE. THATS A COMMON MISTAKE. soys. WEVE BEEN GOING IN CIRCLES.' HERE5 THAT SAME TREE AGAIN, Ml?. SWEENEY. THIS TREE AN HUH? OH,,.UH... I'M ADMIRING THE BEAUTIFUL SUNSET. JU5T FOLLOW THIS KOAP TILLVDU COAAETOA FORK./ TURN LEFT.. IT'LL GET YOU BACK, x IM I'M \TIREP. / SHOULD'VE HUNGRY WyBEENOUTOF MR. L:\n THE WOODS LOWS AGO. HEX,, WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE IN MY COULD VW MAKE A MAP FOR HIM? HIS SENSE OF DIRECTION ISN'T VERV GOOP. IM RIGHT; BOYS, BUT I'LL CLIMB A TREE JUST TO MAKE" SURE. THE TRUTH 15 WE'RE IOST/ Tby Dick Winder t THIS ROLL GOES IN THE KITCHEW -- AMP THE FORGET-ME-KJOTS GO IN MOTHERS ROOM I THINK THE ROOM IS CROOKEP IM EXHAUSTEP. r /OH/WELL, IT'LL BE ALL RIGHT - OH,NOf THE FORGET-ME-NOTS GO IN MOTHER'S ROOM, NOT THE KITCHEN: OH,IT WILL, WILL IT? MY ROOM: ,1 CANT STA/vJP YOU PONT WALLPAPER A ROOM WITH PICTURES OF FOOP FOR SOMEOrJE WHO HAS 3EEN ON A pier FOR FIVE YEARS:

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