The Santa Fe New Mexican from Santa Fe, New Mexico on May 8, 2016 · Page A007
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The Santa Fe New Mexican from Santa Fe, New Mexico · Page A007

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 8, 2016
Page A007
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Sunday, May 8, 2016 THE NEW MEXICAN A-7 Believers: Continued from Page A-l the things are true, and I believe every last one of them, too, because I've seen it myself." Julian swears she saw "a big spaceship" hovering above her property just outside of town. "The bottom part was flat ... but on top there was a dome," she said while resting near a blocked-off bridge where the alleged UFO flew over. "There was movement inside." Talk of UFOs and other unexplained activity in and around this isolated community just south of the Colorado border is not new. Legend has it that Dulce is ground zero for space aliens who are working in concert with the government in a not-so-secret facility underneath Archuleta Mesa, a steep, flat-topped mountain overlooking the town. "In 1979, businessman Paul Bennewitz was convinced he was picking up electronic communications from alien spacecraft, and after further investigations, he claims he discovered a secret underground base near the town of Dulce where these signals were coming from," according to the Top5s, a YouTube channel that ranked the Dulce Base the second most mysterious and highly forbidden place on the planet. "His results excited the UFO community and by 1990, well-known ufologist John Lear also claims he had proof the base existed, and the theories have been going on ever since," according to the report, which has received more than 1.5 million views on YouTube. The so-called Dulce Base, which was featured on the History Channel's UFO Hunters television show, purportedly contains multiple levels, including areas for genetic and mind-control experiments and cryogenics storage. As the story goes, the Dulce Base serves as the hub of an underground transportation system linked to other alien bases, including one in Taos. "I'm not a believer," said one of the cooks at the Players Sports Bar & Grill a local gathering spot that sells a "Sasquatch Burger," an enormous hamburger with 2 pounds of beef, six strips of bacon and four slices of cheese between bread in the shape of a big foot. Near the entrance of the bar is a poster with two green space aliens, one dressed as a cowboy and the other as an Indian with a headdress, and the words, "Where the locals hang out!" The Wild Horse Casino next door also is trying to capitalize on the alleged space alien activity. Among the T-shirts for sale in the casino's gift shop is one featuring a green alien with big, blue eyes over the caption, "I got probed at Saudi monarch boots top officials Change made amid low oil prices, huge deficit By Ben Hubbard and Clifford Krauss The New York Times RIYADH, Saudi Arabia Troubled by low oil prices and unsettled by a hostile landscape in the Middle East heightened by a growing rivalry with Iran, Saudi Arabia is moving to chart an ambitious new direction for the kingdom In a series of sweeping royal decrees announced Saturday, King Salman replaced top ministers and restructured government bodies, the first steps in a bold plan to reduce the country's heavy dependence on oil, diversify its economy and improve its citizens' quality of life. The decrees, which included a restructuring of the oil ministry and the replacement of its longtime minister, Ali al-Naimi, set in motion a plan that was announced last month to great fanfare by the king's son Mohammed bin Salman, the deputy crown prince. Mohammed has emerged over the last year as a significant influence in Saudi Arabia, overseeing economic and oil policy and heading the Defense Ministry, despite being only about 30. The moves announced Saturday amount to a significant restructuring of the government at a difficult time for the kingdom The regional order over which Saudi Arabia has long prevailed is in tatters, with wars raging in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, and with its regional nemesis, Iran, extending its influence. Those stresses come as low oil prices have shaken the Saudi economy, causing the government to run huge budget deficits and leaving government contractors Tribe, casino seek to capitalize on attention from alien buzz AJ 1 Ji ABOVE: Visitors are prohibited from traveling into certain areas of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation without a permit. In the background is Archuleta Mesa, which some people believe serves as an underground base for space aliens, danielj. chaconthe new Mexican BELOW: Chelse Anderson, who works at the Wild Horse Casino, displays one of the T-shirts for sale in the gift shop. The casino is hosting a two-day conference next weekend on UFOs and the so-called Dulce Base, daniel j. chaconthe new Mexican ! , Colorado i II IHHk 1 f& Wew Mexico lajf lr3 nC" -y-t Chama .aBBBHk ffT) 4 V , Los - - EriBvBBBjB ,BBBeB Heron S K&m&mjnuKBM . Lake . RflB i Santa Fe r RSihMBSBBBBBjBSBBBjB J The New Mexican Dulce Base." Chelse Anderson, 27, who works at the casino, said the hotel attracts visitors who are specifically in search of UFOs. "They prefer rooms with a view of the mountain, that way they can see it," she said. "We have some guests that wander around the building at night." The casino hotel is already booked for next weekend in anticipation of the Dulce Base UFO Conference, which a local nonprofit is hosting as a fundraiser. The nonprofit, Apache Indigenous Defenders Inc., is raising money to support organizations that work to keep local Native traditions alive. In an area with little economic activity, the president of the Jicarilla Apache Legislative Council has embraced the notion of a Dulce Base, partly in a push to stimulate tourism in a largely forgotten pocket of the state. "We are a proud nation who remain steadfast to our way of life as Jicarilla Apaches," council President Ty Vicenti wrote in a welcome message posted on the conference website. "Our people have been blessed with an outstanding first of the year, as snow has given us hope for a prosperous 2016," he wrote. "Please take the time to visit our many tribal businesses, enjoy a meal from local vendors located on Commercial Street, visit the Arts and Crafts Department and talk to the many tribal members falling behind in paying salaries. "What you are seeing in Saudi Arabia is a genuine need for reform that is felt at the very top of the ruling establishment," said Adeel Malik, the Globe fellow in the economies of Muslim societies at Oxford University. "You can clearly see that there is fire under the seats of the rulers." The rise of Mohammed bin Salman has effectively overturned decades of cautious Saudi policy traditionally overseen by senior princes, many of whom have found themselves sidelined by a man who is decades younger. While some grumble privately, Mohammed has forged ahead with a clear mandate from Salman, who also put him second in line to the throne, after Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the interior minister. Mohammed bin Salman was the driving force behind the country's new development plan, Saudi Vision 2030, which many Saudis have lauded as a powerful statement of purpose from a royal family that has often failed to communicate its plans or do much to prepare for the future. But analysts and economists have questioned the ability of Saudi Arabia's bloated bureaucracy and unproductive native workforce to meet the plan's aggressive targets. Many of the changes announced Saturday were aimed at restructuring the government so it would work toward the plan's goals. These included the replacement of the country's long-serving oil minister, al-Naimi, who is 80 and had held the position since 1995. Al-Naimi's oversight of oil policy for the kingdom, the world's largest oil exporter, had made him a towering figure whose mere utterances were closely scrutinized by traders seeking to divine the country's thinking. mswvTTWVTVtfnTTTTwWTjjMiwTJA i Willi a I who have first hand contact with UFO sightings and stories." 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Rather, there are a handful of convenience stores and small mom-and-pop restaurants on either side of N.M. 64. One of the main economic drivers is the casino, which, unlike other Indian casinos in New Mexico, closes at night. Anderson, a Dulce native, said she's never seen an unidentified flying object but hopes she will one day. "Numerous people have seen stuff," she said. "I believe there's something there." She's not alone. In fact, one Dulce resident believes he captured UFOs on his camera. "I took this picture about 3 o'clock in the morning," a man who works in the tribal government's Public Safety Division said Wednesday while displaying a grainy photo on his phone that shows several balls of light suspended in the air. The man, who declined to give his name for fear of losing his job, also has two photos taken in broad daylight that appear to show one and then two UFOs floating in the clouds. The man declined to share his photos. 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In an interview with the History Channel's UFO Hunters, Valdez said the most anomalous evidence he came across while investigating cattle mutilations happened about 40 miles east of Dulce. "We could tell where the aircraft came through," Valdez said. "They didn't do the whole process, and they left a fetus inside the animal." "A fetus? A cow fetus," UFO researcher Pat Uskert asked Valdez. "No," Valdez replied. "It looked like a human, a monkey and a frog. It didn't have any bones in the head. It was all full of water." When asked if he was implying that the cow was being used as an "incubation chamber for a cloned creature," Valdez said that's "exactly" what he was saying. 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SUNDAY i I Coupon For In-Stora or Online Uso! SHOP ANYTIME AT HOBBYLOBBY.COM tle mutilations. He also claimed to have seen "sophisticated aircraft," including an orb that looked like a hot air balloon. "People have seen the helicopters. They're black and silent," Valdez said in the radio interview. Tim Anderson, who is Navajo and married to an Apache, said stories of black helicopters and bright lights over Archuleta Mesa are commonplace in Dulce. He describes the town as the Roswell of Northern New Mexico. "I don't know what it is," he said. "I can't explain it." Anderson is more interested in what's on the ground than in the air. Specifically, he's tracking Big-foot. "I do believe there is a mystical creature out there that nobody knows about," said Anderson, who claims to have found two separate Bigfoot footprints that he made into casts. "I believe there is something out there," he said. "One of these days, somebody will find something." Anderson, who was a police officer in Dulce for 14 years, said he saw a UFO in a canyon near Archuleta Mesa while working in the late 1990s. "It lit up the whole valley and just disappeared into the rocks," he said. "I just rubbed my eyes. 'Did I really see that?' " Contact Daniel J. Chacon at 986-3089 or dchaconsfnew sale. CRAFTS &VBSOn by Platside Creations OFF & NEEDLE ART P yS- 1.99 3.66 yw 3.99 7 2m CRAFTS 30 OFF Categories Listed Unfinished Wooden Lette ters& Numbers T-Shirts Always 30 off the marked price Youth & adult t-shirts, tank tops, infant & toddler t-shirts, creepers & dresses m Master's Touch' O C7 rulic Uivi Paints SargentArt' Tempera Paints 16 oz $1 .99 Regular price Home Decor Curtain Panels & Pillow Covers 50., McCall's' Patterns Limit 10 per customer Does not include Kwik Sew" patterns 1.99 Tulle Net Shiny Tulle 890 pyd 990 prd 1 .09 pyd similar products. HOBBY LOBBY Super Savings, Super Selection! Offer good for one Item at regular price only. 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