Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on October 9, 1966 · Page 31
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 31

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1966
Page 31
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PACE 40 ti« interim By DR. AND MRS. R. W. KRIBLEY (Ed. Note—This visit de- icribed in today's column, scheduled for a Sunday, proves interesting to all rending the series. ANDERSON SUNDAY HERALD HOUSEHOLD SCRAPBOOK Ballpoint Pens Sometimes ballpoint pens cease to write, even though you wve not yet gotten much serv- on (he way back to the hotel, ce out ot tnem - Tnru st a 'ong here in Jerusalem ... was a' r ^ e or . P m "&> ""« "P 6 " end sign nointing up a narrow dead-' 0 ' ™e ink barrel to see if there end street to th« garden tomb' 13 anv . ulk remaining in it. If . . . since the visit to this there &. stand the pen in a bit quiet garden of Joseph of ari- of vinegar, and let remain mathea had meant so much overnight, then in the morning eleven years ago ... the two dry an d reassemble. If the pen of us turned away from the ; doesn't work then — throw it noise and confusion of the nab-: awa )'! !us road ... and entered the quiet, walled garden where general gordon and other students f ^Jf a t lllt ^ fe 'i Sure c!(? ar Jesus had been buried and rose Foam Rubber Pillows To wash foam . rubber pil]ows in (no < TCmove the m , ers lukewarm water esus a een urie an rose soa , and ,.,„„., , from the dead . . . above the m0v V the Water / K eep repeati K eep repeating many centuries ago an exten-i I sion of mount moriah . . . "' ta ' e Fe " Ha(s . I where the temple stands . . . For cleaning white felt hatsj but outside the city wall . . .1 apply a paste made of arrow-: as it still is ... as far back'root and magnesia. When it ; as the 1500s . . . Christians dries, brush off with a soft: have felt this fulfilled the re- j brush. ' quirements of the Bible story i of Jesus' last days ... and in i. . , which gave it the look! 1892 or so ... a group of of a skull ... as viewed from) citizens organized a group to;the garden ... and the peak) purchase the place and keep it is the highest spot on mt • forever sacred to Christ's mem- moriah . . . whatever the au- ory . . . they felt that the very thentidty of the place ... it fact it had not been built as Rested the soul . . . and sur- : the city expanded ... was good : rounded us with the feeling of: evidence that it was hallowed,the sacredness of the holy city! ground ... in the garden be-j. . . which was not dispelled i low it ... excavations exposed by the noise and exhaust fumes a tomb of a rich man . . .lot the bus depot between the which fits the Biblical descrip-jgarden and the wall our tion ... the garden preserves!quiet was shaken however . an atmosphere suited to devc-.the minute we stepped from the tion . . . more than the ancient;gate of the garden ... we| church in the city with its ! were practically encircled by the legends and "garish" decora- -bright jewelry dangled in our 1 tions ... in the garden was . faces ... by over-eager sales- found an old wine press, such •. men ... our resistance was as a rich man then would poss-l strong by this time . but ess ... the discovery of had-'all things ... all the time nan's arch at the damaseus . . . in Jordan are filled with gate indicated that this spot was:meaning . . . because wherever definitely outside the city . . 'one goes ... one treads the at the time of the crucifixion ( path of holy history iust ... also ... gordon's calvary] a slight scratch in'the surface ... or the mt. golgotha is!of the present revealed history' marked by caves on its face I. . . that's all for now \ WALT DISNEY'S SCAMP By WARD GREENE By MORT WALKER and DICK BROWNE XJU DIDN'T SEE MV MID6ET CAR AROUND ANYPLACE, DID you, MOM? ~< IT'LL TURN UR IT'S PROBABLY RIGHT AROUND HERE UNDERFOOT 50ME- HEARD THE CRUNCH? By ALFRED ANDRIOLA «ONP4fY, OCTOBER 9, 1966 L I By SYDNEY OMARR FOR OCTOBER 9 "The wise man controls fiij deif/ny . . . Astrology points the way." ARIES (Mar. 21 - Apr. 19): A time to appreciate beauty. Battle any tendency toward depression. Realize you have many fine assets. iHghlight harmony, especially at home. Keep promises to children. TAURUS (Apr. 20 - May 20): You may now be drawn between desire and need. Best to be practical. Otherwise you waste time, money and emotion. Play waiting game. Key is PATIENCE. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): If versatile, your chance lor success is enhanced. Older persons have beneficial effect. Be a good listener. Realize relatives do have a right to express opinions. CANCER (June 21 - July 22): What you say today could have far-reaching effect Knowing this — choose words wisely. Accent on finances, possessions, budget Get money's worth. Be discerning. LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Highlight originality. You can make new contacts, express yourself in unique manner Be independent in thought, action . . . demonstrate showmanship. Your day to sparkle! VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Your intuition rings bell of accuracy. You seem able to perceive trend of future Kev is to FOLLOW YOUR OWN ADVANCE. Otherwise you must take backward steps to correct errors. Is This Your Problem... ? By DR. JOYCE BROTHERS KERRY DRAKE HERE'S A STORY ABOUT THE ABDUCTION OF CRICKET AND HER BOY FRIEND, KERRY/ ,/y£^£ l/ r£ ARCHIE fOU SHOUU7HEAR CRICKET TELL HER VERSION OF IT, MWDY/.. LIBRA (Sept.. 23 - Oct. 22): You now see clearly where friends, special projects are concerned. Tendency exists to ° bviOUSly the necessit y is BIG HERO OF THE LOOM. HIGH SCHOOL ~AHp CRICKET 15 THE ENVY OF EVER/. 6IRL IN TOWN.'' OH-OH! LOOK AT THIS/SIDNEY PRygR. FINALLY GOT WHAT HE By BOB MONTANA DEDICATED... To Carrying Out Your Wishes Quietly,, Sympathetically, with Efficiency and Dignity. Our reputation fios grown on "quality" of service SELLS & ROME FUNERAL HOME ' . Day and Night Ambulance Service 504 West 9th St. Jesse "Fed" Rowe Phone 644-4469 Pointi r Parent* ... .Not This This Mother: "It's a shame we can't afford to buy concert tickets for you, when you would appreciate the music more than the girls who are going." We do our sons and daughters courage self-pity. DAiLY~~c'ROSSWORD~ Mother: "Feeling sorry for ourselves gets us nowhere. If you can't do everything the other girls do, let's plan for something you can do." a disfavor when we en- 2. Frenci flag 3. Congealed dew 4. Arabian garment 6. Island group between TT.S. and So. AIM abbr. 8. That can be distributed propw- tionally 7. Black and blue 8. Largest continent 8. Canvas shelter 10, Dagger 14. Part of "to be" 16. British cousin ofLha chaf- 17. Thread IB. Candlenut tree 20. Angel 21. Pale 22. Contains? for perfume 23. Factor 26. -Kerry 29. Old measures of length 30. Damage 32. Talks 33. Quantity of paper 6»t«rd«j'« Aunt 34.U.S. holly 35. Dog's name S7. Man's nickname 3S. Half ems 40. Armed forces rank: abbr. YEAH, AND EM NOW, JU6HEAD, ) SO'S THE DON'T BE IATE/ AUDIENCE WITH THE ^--xCAN HEAR SOUND EFFECTS/) THEfA / DON'T WORRrV I STAND RISKT IN THE WIN65 WHERE T CAN JOE PALOOKA By HAM FISHER KlNSflSBSO IS SHOWING JOE THE FILMS OF ft FIGHT THAT WAS KEPT SECRET FROM THE SFORT1NS WXLV. JDS SITS DUMBFOUHPEP fiSHEWTCHES MPRONE TAKE a MEKCIL&S BEttriNS: WDINTHE NINTH mUNR THE KINS THROWS A KIGHT TO THE JAW THKT LITERALLYLIFTSKAFRONEffFfTHECMW. LtL' ABNEK Prehistoric VoKum women protected themselves with the *Danceof the 9 7 Movements.'.'" The first 96 were unimportant- MARY WORTH SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Some situations arise which add up to a puzzle. You come out on top if thorough. Means avoid basing conclusions on superficial indications. Dig deep — find out the WHY of things SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21): Good lunar aspect points up correspondence, travel offer. You may be restless today. Find creative outlet. Don't be satisfied with status quo. You have things to do ... so do them! CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19): Mnay uncompleted matters demand attention. Your interest in hidden matters comes to forefront. Day to be self-analytical. Make effort to KNOW YOUR OWN MIND. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): If you get what you desire . . . alterations may be necessary. If promises are made — get them in writing. Many may be sincere but misinformed. Know this and keep guard up PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20): Basic issues take up your time. Stick to conservative course. Make effort to harmonize friends, neighbors. Others tend to be sensitive Don't rock the boat! * * *t IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY ... you would make fine dcotor, nurse or individual who helps others in time of misfortune. * * * GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for LEO, VIRGO LIBRA. Special word to PISCES: If practical, you achieve major goal. To order SYDNEY OMARR's 50-page booklet THE TRUTH ABOUT ASTROLOGY, send 50 cents to OMARR BOOKLET, in care of this newspaper, Box 3240, Grand Central Station, New York, N.Y. 10017. MOTHER-IN-LAW DEAR DR. BROTHERS: Mv wonderful husband's mother f s quite elderly and lives not too far from us. She is very kind and, I am sure, genuinely fond of me. She telephones me every day and I always manage to get through some kind of superficial conversation with her She lias one habit, though, that infuriates me. Sh« feels I should listen and react to every old wives' tale in the book, everything from how to cook to raising children. Most of this advice is unbelievably silly. How can I nicely let her know that she is minding my business without hurting her feelings?— Try and Stop Me •By BENNETT CERF- By AL CAPP It was Vret-shuddet-.V- 97th that did lt.'. r - This Secret family dance has been handed down from generation to' generati By BEN ALLEN WE DIRECTOR WSPOUTEW BUT FIRMLY COLD TROY TO .EAVE THE RE 1EAR5AL HAIL ^ MK. MEDINA! CAROL 5AV5 rr MAKES HER NERWJUS-HAVINfi A STRANGER IN THE AUDIENCE! HNOffTOOSl 70 BE A PROFESSIONAL! B* THE WW, THE TEMPO KM AIL WRONG FOR HER NUMBER, MK.CRAIS! THE PIANCT TO 5TEP IT rii NOT WATT MR m DOM! —THINK. jftL 60 TO A MOWE,'-J£AVE A KEY OUT.OKAy? A BIG, BAW-BONE0 youngster turned up from the iA Ozarks for spring training one year when Leo Durocher was managing the old New York Giants, and promptly developed a case of acute homesickness. Because Durocher fancied himself as a psychologist — and because the kid had the makings of a really good pitcher—Leo took him into his office one morning and suggested, "Next time you're out there on the mound, kid, why don't you make believe it's your mother up at bat?" "No, Mr. Dee-rosher," answered the youngster, "that wouldn't do a-talL, You see, Maw just caint SHE RAISED YOUR HUSBAND DEAR B. H.: I am assuming that this is the same woman that cooked for and raised that wonderful man you are married to. Stop and ask yourself how he got to be so wonderful. It is extremely annoying, of course, to have someone telling us what to do, giving unsolicited advice and recommending methods of running our lives with, which we do not agree. However, a little bit of graciousness goes a long way. I remember once hearing a new bride comment, when asked by an older woman why she did not wear nail polish, that "nail polish displeases my grandmother and while she is alive there is so little I can do to please her. Not wearing nail polish is so little effort." Most of us have a tendency to be slightly patronizing to old folks and treat them like some sort of overgrown children. Human emotions, joys, griefs, are not so uniquely ours that older people have not experienced ;verything younger people go through and much much more. These suggestions your mother-in-law is offering are her way of feeling needed. She truly believes that she is helping you and the very least one could do is to let her think that she is. There is also the outside chance that, if you really listen from time to time, you might learn' something after all. The years of child-rearing she put in could not have left her completely unknowledgeable on the subject. Your own children will leave you soon enough and you will see life from an older person's vantage point. It can be very lonely if an older person's family does not bend a little to include them in their everyday lives. What we seem to forget is that basically our relatives are on our side. They want us to be happy and they want to share in our lives, particularly ihe older with the younger and often that is all the old folks have left to really enjoy. There is no reason for you to feel guilty about listening to her advice and then ignoring it. What she basically wants is the comfort of making these suggestions. A little more tolerance and diplomacy on your part will soothe the situation greatly. Don't tell her to mind her own business; she does not deserve to be hurt. DEAR DR. BROTHERS: My neighbor sends her 4-year-old daughter to a pre-school of advanced learning. The child learns French, math and can. read better than the average third grader. Will this have harmful effects for her in later years?—T. L. NO HARM FORESEEN DEAR T. L.: The gifted child who shows early signs of an above-average intelligence and who can be sure of special classes of instruction during his -irimary years should have no " effects from a special pre- BUZ SAVVYER By ROY CRANE DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE — Here's how to work It: AXYDLBAAXE li LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for th» three Us, X for the two O'e, etc. Single letters, apos- trophles, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Xacb day the code letters are different, 5UT THERE WAS NO SIGN OF SAWYER AFTER HE WAVED US Off. NEVERTHELESJSENTLEMEN, WE WON'T SIVE UP. TOLL I'M AFRAID HE WAS OM THE GUN BOAT WHEN IT WAS SUNK. I HAVEN'T MUCH HOPE DONALD DUCK By WALT DISNEY resist swinging at anything that's within four feet of the plate. They'd catch on to ter in this here league Eckety- sc'hooTsfaat'i'oT ^P 3 ^ On the other hand, a child __ , , .. * who attends an advanced pre- One gtoomy day wnen tfte Amerlcan-taB Iflfly Sancy Asto! school and is then put into an was electioneering in Liverpool for a seat ta Parliament, relates average primary class may Lucius Beehc, she had a dirty, smelly baby thrust into her anna have some difficulty. He may by an impoverished lady in her audience. The baby promptly ieel he is better than most of made a grab for Lady Astor's rope of priceless pearls—and his classmates and-or may ba gurgled with pleasure. "You see," Lady Astor told her listeners, snubbed by them. Or he may "you cnn. always keep a baby quiet by having a peart necklace become very bored and turn to or two handy." destructive behavior. * * • i The answer lies in the way .Jealous interior decorator, down-grading- a more successful parents and teachers handle it. competitor: "He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth— If possible, the child who has had advanced pre -schooling should be put in a class equal to his learning achievements. If not, he should be given special outside assignments by teachers and parents and conscientiously taught how to cope with his particular situation in relation to his schoolmates. If a child is capable of learning faster, there is no reason he should be inhibited. Send your problems to Dr. Joyce Brothers, The Anderson Herald, care of The Bell Syndicate, Inc., 220 W. 43rd St., New York, and enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a return reply. and he hasn't stirred since!" O 1966, by Bennett Cert. Dlstrihuted 07 King Features Syndicate Bdtove It oeNat/ FJ A Cryptogram Quotation TJLOMTE OMTKRWF P SIWR DISO PF YWRZIRTL SOFTER J J DRKMSMTR. — FRTUSP S«turd»j'» Cr.vploqnolr: THK KINKST WORDS IN THE WORLD ARK ONLY SOUNDS IK YOU CANNOT COMTRE- BEND THEM.- -FRANCE t t ~ Q The Shepherd A MUSIfAl INSTRUMENT DV THE ANfltMT GREEKS WAS MADF; FROM HIE SIEM Of THE HEMtdfK •Tie SAM£ SIIKVR TlVff PKWItXD THE DIMH.Y rotsoN fog fXKunoNt PLATO, Greek Philosopher, 400 B. C. "In simplicity and godly sincerity." 2 Cor. 1:12 Back there 400 years B. C. ... . Wrote Plato on "Simplicity" . . , That rhythm, Harmony and Grace . . . Along with Beauty have a place ... In every life and if we try ... To fake pains and to simplify . . . The routine life that fills our day ... We'll raap those 4 rewards thai play . . . Important part aid help us live . . . By thinking that is positive. JULIEN C. HYER

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