The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1946 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1946
Page 12
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r Held BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Lot*!** Of Hants B. SBACKPOCD Starr C*m*»»iMk«t WASHINGTON. Mir. 7. (UP)— Gen. DOU«ULS tCacArthur was re- bered todtjr of any responsibility to < the actions of Russian com- •anden In Manchuria or British ecnmandcn in Indonesia. The £Ute Department made that ( WASH TUBES A Dangerous Job 2SLIH TURNER in correcting an earlier state- Bent by Secretary of state James y.^Byrnes that MacArthur, as su- pnme Allied Commander, had authority* wherever there were Japanese troops. Still ^unclear, however, was the ejart extent to which MacArthur's wjthodty does extend in the far cut. It Is. clear In Japan, southern Korea and certain Pacific Islands he U supreme commander In fact as «ell us in name. But the State Department's slament fall* far short of clarifying what authority, if any, .MacArthur has elsewhere in the far east In areas controlled b> the Russians and Brl- U»Ji. . best unofficial explanation after the state Det»rt- Jnent's announcement last night >w«s f hat Mac Arthur's supreme authority' was to obtain the surrender of Japanese troops. Through the emperor he directed enemy troons in various areas of the fnr east to •urrender to local commanders— Irj northeast Asia and Northern Korea; British in Indonesia and southeast Asia ' „ The State Deonrtment merely said /that, MacArthur "has no re- dpooribuity for the action of local anied ; commanders outside of Japan, southwn Korea and certain Wands of th<- Pacific." That means ALL THOSE CAWS <7 GASOLINE • THAT MANIAC MUST PtAN TO* BURN THIS HOOSE WHEN HE IE/WES WE'VE GOT TO «r HIM DOWN tfUKK WirHQUT AR0USINS Mfc SUSPiC'ON.. .. I I'M UNARME0 AND WILL MVE TO EMERSTHWS LATHS' Coastal Oil Lands Issue May take Years To Settle WASHINGTON, <U.T>.)—The hoi controversy being waged against n backdrop of politics mid court suits over ownership to submerge cons- Ul oil l?nds may takd several yearn to settle N if left to the Supreme Court. The high court Has a complaint In which the Federal government, is suing th'e State or California in «n effort to tak e title to rich oil fields in offshore limds along the Pacific coast. The suit Is the same litigation which fjgnred prominently in the Senate debajc over the naming of Edwin w. Pauley, influential Qill- fornla oil man, to be Undersecretary of Navy. Sided With Slates Pauley's name came up In connection with the suit as an opponent lo Federal claims to the oil- bearing lands. Pauley at one time at least sided with state officials' claims tti»t the Supreme court In 52 decisions had held that...submerged coastal lands belong to the states. HLs name also has been linked with legislation which would surrender Federal title to sumberged coastal lands to the slates through U>at MacArthur cannot be blamed quit-claims. A bill to this effect al- for :li Alleeed removal by Russian of , induslries from lipnchurla as war booty. , J. Anv actions by British Lord loute Mountbatten's forces In Indonesia .That of course does not rellevc. the nations represented by local conrtnanders of resoonsibility under •tiled agreements for their actions. Ifrtoe«:mean thai when the Tin I ted States is dissatisfied with such actions • as those being followed by Russian commanders in Manchuria. ttn onlv recourse Is to the Soviet foremment through diplomatic channels. MacArthur apparently has no authority to call such local commanders to account. ' MacArthur's relation to Indonesia' Is more confused than in Manchuria At *he recent TJnltert Notion* Security Council meetinc In Great Britain was nceused ,lrr~ the j Soviet Ukraine of uslne its troops arainst Indonesians, or falling (to disarm Jntwnese troops in tfii Dutch East Indies. and of us- inr enemv forces against Indone- Independence. British foreUm minister Ernc-st Bevhi emphasized at TTNO that the Britlnh were in Indonesia on orders br.MaeArthur and were onlv car- rrtnf out his directions. He told the council "The British were civ-; «Ti, thi£ ^unpleasant task. by .Gen) U»eArtbur; ( the supreme Command - III this typo of suit, providing it goes through normal channels, the Supreme. Court appoints" a special master. He acts as nil umpire and, after lengthy hearings, recommends a decree aflcr which the Supreme Court again takes up the case and writes an opinion. A final verdict requires a minimum of two years nnd sometimes as high as five. California denounced the suit as nn effort nl. conquest. The stale I)iis contended that all submerged lands are held under the .same legal principle and "If Ihe Federal government succeeds in Inking any of them 11 will have the right, ultimately, lo lake I hem all." Tills might Include, the stale added, billions of dollars worth of port nnd harbor, fishery, mining, commercial and residential properties in all states. Billions of Gallons ' Known oil fields within the three-mile limit, both off California and In the Gulf of Mexico, nrc estimated to contain at least a billion gallons. Land out beyond three miles along e continental : <Kr ras stronrlv supnortcd bv l>it<-h foreign minister E. N. Van .KJf-ffens. .What fa difficult for observers h^re t*> understand now Is how MacArthur could .be (riven the au- ttiojlty to direct Russian or Bri- tiih commanders to ,taltn certain 'action : in far eastern areas and thfii: apparently be freexj of respon- •IMity'ror how the action is carried out. ready has passed the House. • Secretry of Interior Harold L. Ickes, who resigned in the fight over Pauley, charged that state leasing of offshore lands to large oil companies such as Petrol Oil Corp., operated by Pauley, was helping lo sap one of Ihe bis sources of petroleum left to the nation. He added that Federal courts have not decided who owns submerged coastal lands, but that previous decisions dealt with lands under' Inland lakes, rivers, bays and harbors, harbors. V. S. Dropped SUle Suit A test suit was instituted by Ihe government on May 29, last year, In Ihe U. ,S. District Court at Los Angeles, against the Pacific Western Oil Co., a lessee of the Stale of California. After a huddle among, California officials and Justice and Interior Department heads, the suit iu California was dropped on Oct. 19 and- the government filed Its complaint directly with the Supreme Court. The government is not claiming title to all the so-called tidelands, but is seeking to establish ownership to submerged lands from the low-water mark to the three-mile limit. There is no question that the Supreme Court has authority lo rule in v the case. It has jurisdiction over disputes between the Federal government and a state, or between states. shelf are believed lo conlaln many more billions of BBllons. Tlie Interior Department, In a postwar survey, placed Ihe cost of the war In essential materials such as oil and coal lit., S3G.OOO.OOO.ODO. The department said that at present rates of consumption domestic oil dcpo'ills will hold out from 14 lo 20 years. Recently, Ickes, calling submerged consinl lands the graitest of all potential oil reserves, said It would be "far better for Ihe nation" If llicy were brought under Federal control and held as an oil reserve. In way of reply, Attorney Cicn- |Cral Robert W. Kenny of California, heading representatives of •some 20 slates, declared that oil conservation was not involved in Lhe suit before the Supreme Court. "The essence of this controversy," he said. "Is whether the United States government shall keep failh with Ihe states and their citizens. If conservation Is needed, It can and should l>c accomplished without confiscation." Happy 3,0(X),OdOrt^et,Comes Hom'eJB ''" ". r """* '"V'FUIVii&ft'.tn —— - -'^"^ Reclamation and irrigation work worth $17,000,000 Is planned short-.St. Louis county. Agency Center Gives GIs One-Stop Service CHICAGO, (UP)^St. Louis has organized n "one stop" service center where In one building returned' veterans cun consult with more than a dozen agencies specializing In their problems and interests, the Public Atjmiiilslnaion Clearing House reports. Nearly 10 cx-GIs n day are receiving service In the center. One of the services of the center is to be n survey of job opportunities for returned veterans which will bD conducted by volunteers working with the United Stales Employment Service. The workers will try to find every job opportunity for veterans by going from door to door In every business district in St. Louis nnd ly for Wyoming. They will explain to employers Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney 138 East Main Phone 3616 Bales - rhllllps Robinson Service - Fell* Carnei Oil fw Biggest U.S. Airline 'Prom 1930 through . 1944, 3,691 jack! and 1318 jennets -were registered with the standard jack and Jennet registry, Kansas City, Mo. 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ALLEN Miont 2005 — Ao«nr — Blytheville, Ark. the advantages of employing veterans and the conditions under which the government will contribute partial payments for the on-job training of veterans. FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 1940 Many Germans Face Starvation Thousands In British Occupation Zone Must Draw Belts Tighter BERLIN, March 1. (UP)—Lt. Gen. iir Brian Ro'bcrtson, deputy British military governor, admitted to- t day that 10,000,000 Germans or' about half th e non-fanning population in the British wjne, were on I near starvation rations now and warned of widespread starvation threats in the next three months. Robertson told a press conference lhat British occupation -authorities liad been advised they could expect no food imiwrts for the German population between the end of March and Ihe end of June. "April, May and June will be critical months," Robertson said. "Something must be done." When a correspondent asked if three months was enough time lo produce widespread starvation, Kob- erlson answered: "Yes. In ccrlain areas." The British drastically slashed ail rations lust Monday, reducing' normal consumers to 1,014 calories a day. Robertson admitted there was little prospect for immediate Imports and said a further ration cut was a "distinct possibility." Robertson, laying the German food plight before the world, said the problem would not be solved this year and predicted lhat the "battle of the winter of 194fi-47" may be even grimmer than this year. He asked that Ihe situation be viewed from a practical rather than a sentimental standpoint. "One can not reform the hearts of the German people unless they keep their stomachs reasonably full," Robertson said. "A famished Germany would be ready prey for influences which are ever ready to pounce on the discontented. "The Germans brought this on themselves but it is no part cf the British or Allied policy to starve Germany." Seeks Vice Probe Give Farming Brush-Up MOSCOW, Ida. (U.P.)—Letter;, from returning servicemen have prompted the University of Idaho to institute. a . '.'short course" in agriculture that will brush up future farmers who are establishing homesteads in the Northwest. HUDSON Sales and Service ROT E. Baker Is now back In our Service Department ready to Eire yon that quality service as in prewar limes. We have a Urje stock of auta and truck parts. Glin Harrison Motor Co. 517 W. Ash St. Phone 2552 We're Not Bragging... But— r I If It's Made or Steei We Can Make It! Our shop is completely equipped to (urn out any type of machine steel work—and quick. We Have the Following Items Ready for Immediate Delivery: Stalk Cutters—2-row Type Very Sturdy—Made for Use With Heavy Duty Tractors. Steel Harrows Choice of Four or Five Different Models for Heavy or Light Work. Pipe - Fittings - Valves - Packing Pipe Dies.- Bolt Dies - Cutters - Vises- Shafting - Bars - Platts - Sheets Bolts - Cap Screws - Beams - Channels - Angles - Chain - Hooks - Cold- shuts - Cable - Turnbucklcs - Belting- Cable Clips - Bearings - Babbit ' ; Bronze Bushings and Bronx* Shafting. Order Your Supplies NOW. While our present stock of Steel is large we may be short of some sizes until the steel strike is sellkd. Cbidence Machine Works Machinery and Supplies Phon« 134 CARUTHERSVILLE, MO. In an effort to smoke out the nation's lords of commercialized vice, Sen. Claude Pepper of Florldalis sponsoring a bill to permit the federal Security Ad- ninislration lo expand the anti- vice program it lias been carry- ng out since 1941 in collaboration with slates and municipalities. Head Courier News Want Ads." How To Relieve Bronchitis creomulslon relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble \c help loosen and espel (term laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you w a bottle of Creomulslon with the un, ft derstandlng you must like the way it r quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION foi£ouehs,ChesfCoU$, BroncJiirfi For Prompt-Service On Animal Vaccination CALL Dr. W. A. Taylor VKTBRINARIAN I Specialize in Treating All Forms of Swamp Fever Daytime—Phone 484 Dowdy-Aycock Motor Co. Night Photic—2188 Como Hotel. K. Main St. SATURDAY BA KERY SPECIALS 7 Inch—Two Layer Old Fashioned Apple Spice Cake 59c ON SALE SATURDAY ONLY Don't Just Ask for Bread . . . Say HART'S Bread—it's' Always Fresh. HART'S BAKERY Blytheville Owned — Employing Rlylheville People j Cash Buyers for Property! 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W« Waal to help you "PLAY SAFEI" Heodqugrton for Genuine IH Port* DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY Blytfurille, Ark. Be wise •BE AH Early Bird onotR,Now\Vt

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