Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on October 9, 1966 · Page 29
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 29

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1966
Page 29
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PAW 36 Bishop Pike Heresy Trial Appears Likely WASHINGTON (UPI) -Heresy proceedings against Bishop James A. Pike, which many Episcopal church leaders have been anxious to avoid, now seem to be almost inevitable. But Bishop Pike—a formida ble adversary in anv, battle—is stated, although he does believe of bishops holds its regula that Jesus emptied ^ Himself of annual meeting at 1 Wheeling if the Louttit group remains to adamant at Wheeling, presiding " Bishop John selfish concern and became "an open channel for God" so that "in Him we sec all we need to snow about what God is like. E. Hines wii —He does not believe that perforce take the next step ^od "tinkers with thejprescribed by Canon 56. That ' still a very long way from:universe" by answering prayers the appointment of a smal being found guilty of "teaching'or other "acts of special graup cf bishop:, no fewer 'hai doctrine contrary to that held"jprovidence," but he does three and no more than seven by his church. [believe that "God's iove and to screen the charges. Unles. Tile controversial 53-year-old,power are everywhere present thev determine that the char churchman resigned his San!in the world, equally available ges are too trivial for Francisco sec last month tojto all of us all of the time," consideration — an impossibli become a scholar-teacher at| In addition to the self-stjledjfinding in this instance—the 1 the Study of^radicalism" of his theology, will select five priests and five laymen to serve as a board ol inquiry. The 10-member board o inquiry may spend as much as a year, or even longer, looking into the charges. Its proceed pcmocratic_ Institutions, Santa;Bishop Pike has offended many he conservatives by his liberal stand on race relations and Barbara, Calif. However, retains the status of Episcopal bishop. Formal Effort Launched A formal effort to depose him was launched this week by a other social issues. Under Canon 56 of the Episcopal Church Constitution, the cumbersome machine- ings are private. At the group of conservative bishops ry of a heresy trial must be set conclusion of the inquiry, the headed bv the Rt. Rev. Henry in motion whenever chares bod headed by the Rt. Rev. Henry I. Louttit of Winter Park, Fla. They contend that Bishop Pike as many as three of his fellow has gone too far in his effort to make the Christian acceptable to modern Gospel tuals by stripping it of what he regards as "meaningless" or "non-essential" doctrines. In his most recent books, and In sermons and interviews, Bishop Pike has stated that: in motion whenever charges board can are lodged against a bishop by allegations either dismiss the or return whal amounts to an indictment. The bishops. Bishop Louttit's group next step would be a forma] contains 22 bishops-one sixth heresy trial before an ecclesias- Intellec- of those on active duty in the tical court. Should the court denomination. Bishop Louttit and his cosigners have been getting urgent mail and many long distance telephone calls from .other ? f feel Episcopal bishops, who a heresv would «._the Trinity, although he is ; lave a disastrous e f fect on the public image of a church that has long been famous for its "prepared to effirm of God all that the church has said about the three persons " _ _ „.„ v -He does not believe in the; lectua i inquiry . incarnation as traditionally| The ^ft ^^ has yi e lded|C n nr<: In (to these entreaties only to ther wu * .'" find the accused bishop guilty, the veridct would go before the full house of bishops, where it would require a two-thirds majority vote for ratification. Bishop Pike has communicated to fellow bishops his intention to fight the charges to the bitter end, come what may. (tolerance and openness to intel-|Visit To Doctor F » laii i u uuviui Vho will pay your rtnt or paymtnl in Ian of Injury «r lick- ntlt KENDALL B. ZINSZER pays mm* for Im ttion $3.00 p«r wttk. HOWARD WEBB AGENCY PHONE 644-8848 SUNDAY HfftALD NIGHT SCENE in New York is an example of the unexpected beauty to be found in the big city. Soaring lights of the Empire State Building and nearby structure form a glowing backdrop for a stone lion on the public library steps. extent of agreeing to postpone Ithe actual filing of the heresy charges until the entire house WASHINGTON (UPI) -I CONTINENTAL nVBIMBIT MIES •am Z053* INTEREST A TEAR GUARANTEED RATE ArailaUt In multiple! of JT00 tlfHUUIIVE TYPE * cr " 7 - ra% VUIIULHIIIL uru o year compounded twict yearly, wrm ond «• Cumulate* Inleresr en Interest. YOUR MONEY DOUBLES IN 10 YEARS. IKCOMEITPE '"""" WM "> in will IIFL. you quortjrty „, Guaranteed ran el 7.053% a year. Call far lull Information ME 8-3547 ME 9-3334 Or write CONTINENTAL CREDIT CORPORATION 2019 W. Morris St. 3159 E. lOHi St. INDIANAPOLIS Thli u nil on elftr to Htl OHucm bo modi by pmpcan onl» there were 844 million consultations between patients and physicians, according to government survey. This averaged out to 4.5 visits for each person in th« civilian population. You Need Scorecard To Find Specialist NEW YORK (UPI) -You need a storecard to help direct you to a doctor in this age of medical specialties. The Health Insurance Institute reports that there are 35 special and sub- special categories among physicians. Watch How Child Walks, Good Advice NEW YORK (UPI) -Watch he way your child walks. If his oes point out, he may need special attention. Ditto for the opposite, toes pointing in the aigepn-toed way. The American Podiatry Association says such conditions are reason enough to consult a foot specialist. ATTENDANCE JUMP Man^^U^rsity^grfc DALLAS (UPI > -*» Mb. who won varsity letters 50 years ( ' owbo y s ' average attendance ago^ wil^ be honored at special for home games increased from , <*remonies Oct. 21,417 per game when (he team am fi™, i^- men ' 8eve ™ was £onmsd in I960 to 55,559 in are from Indiana. 1955 County Qffical Goes On Big 'Purple' Kick LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (UPI) - Pulaski County Judge Arch Campbell has a purple passion. That is. he is passionate about purple. Since his election almost 16 years ago, Campbell ha: jainted practically ev sight purple. Includ ery ded thing are walls of his spacious, old- ashioned office in the dingy, ancient Pulaski County Court- xxise. But that's only the wginniflg. Pulaski County has purple dump trucks, purple tractors, mrpte road graders and purple concrete signposte marking county roads. Noble Desire _ _ Campbell, a small, vibrant wa'y "1 Vas " spending' , man who belies his 78 years, said his color scheme was born of a desire to meld nobility and connote the nobility of pould Count county's name3ake.and would Casimir Pulaski, the placards. SUNDAY. OCTOiiR 9, 196C also be n unusual color for county machinery. When he broached the idea after taking office in January of 1951, more staid and sedate telephone sits upon iiis desk. A property "would' be pretty souls in demurred. squelched the protests. "I asked them," his administration But Campbell, said Campbell in purple language, "just who in hell had been elected county judge." Almost everything the county owned took on the hue of royalty. The judge's penchant for purple has also helped to keep bis political career rolling although he said he did not plan it that way. "When it started out, I didn't intend for it to be a political jimmick," Campbell explained in a voice as gravelly as some county roads used to be. "Honest Effort" "It was an honest effort to purple derby reposes on a shelf. A purple papier mache snake ft PRODUCT* tics on the floor in one cor*" 1 " "*"*** riwuuvio of the room (a reminder to the CHICAGO - An average fam- judge of one of his opponents), ily spends 15 per cent of Hi food JThte time next year, Pulaski'budget for dairy products. show people when they saw a construction job going on the equipment that was money." and the their purple. H« won re-election County couW be * county or a different color, since Campbell easily. In his office, rounds him. A purple purple sur- rug so. is retiring. But he doesn't think . covers the floor. A purple Changing colors on all county HiNoighbor! ^if ~r 9 r £- p~ capp Homes IS HERE Nevertheless, on one of the ew occasions he had opposition n a political campaign, he lasted 1 the county with purple cardboard Nothing else^-jiist rectangles painted COATS 69' (Scotty Service by Request) GUARANTEE CLEANERS ALL LOCATIONS BRINGING TO YOUR COMMUNITY THE CAPP CONCEPT OF FINE QUALITY HOMES AT THE LOWEST PRICE IONG ESTABLISHED TODAY'S BEST HOME FAIR AND HONEST AND GROWING (or BUN Custom-built to FINANCING it VA% over 21 years! We now your plan or ours, using simple interest-lowest Kll In 26 states, making onlyhijhestqualityroa- in the industry! We can us one of the largest terials. No hidden costs. includeaddrtiontlfiMfe minufacturtrs ol PRE- Our work and materials for our complete the. CUT (not ore-fab) homes pass the most rigid trie, Heating, Ptun*i»| In the nation. building codes coast and K'rtdien packitnl to coast! WE DELIVER AND ERECT ON YOUR LOT AND FOUNDATION WITH All FINISHING MATERIALS FURNISHED FDR INSIDE AND OUT ooirr. en.mii ON i TOMORROW'S f RICES ANDINTERESTRATES BEING WHAT THEY ARE TODAY. SEND NOW FOR YOUR FREE DOME ALBUM, j > To CtPF-NODES 0»I. 0«pt. # 101 ( ; 114] Doponl»., MlnMlpgttf, nun. JHU j ; Finn »nd n> nurt InfmitlMl ' etOSMOWHTOMNABO FAIHAMDW* AMBASSADOR « DOOM CORONi 90 MINUTES THAT COULD AFFECT YOUR ENTIRE FINANCIAL FUTURE! If you have a spare hour and a half...we have a valuable free opportunity for you: It's another Dean Witter & Co. lecture on investing —an opportunity for you to learn how to invest sensibly...and to give your money a chance to grow over the years... This lecture on FUNDAMENTALS OF INVESTING—and each of the other three in this series- is designed to answer your questions whether you are a beginning investor or already have some investing experience. The lectures will be delivered by an account executive with Dean Witter & Co., and will be followed by a half-hour discussion period. There will be a break for coffee and doughnuts after the first hour. For reservations, phone 634-0910 or write to Dean Witter & Co., 55 Monument Circle, Indianapolis. DATES: Wednesdays, October 12, 19, 26; November 2 TIME, Starting at 7:30 p.m. PlACEi King's Crown Inn Restaurant, Starlight Room 583 Broadway (on State Route 9 North) Anderson INSTRUCTORi Warren B. Smith, Account Executive DEAN WITTER / % Co. ...thepeople who dig deep Memb«f« New Vork Slock Exchange • P»cific Co«i( Stock E»chnnj« CLDJM08IIE 0&TA "«r DODGE DAW Cl MMCUKY COUGAK Want To Score a Hit? FINANCE IT RIGHT CHtYSlEftNEWYORKlt CAMAROCONVUTIU1 MUSTANG CONVBtTMtl •WCKJFECUl CWtYSLEX 300 COmWKMOMZA MNTMCttMANf OlOSMOME DKTA ' IMRCUtY CYaOM NEW CAR LOANS ONLY PER HUNDRED PER YEAR Hey look 'em over. Here ore the 19*7 beauties... »fs as smart a line-up as has ever been offered on new makes ond models... If you're aiming to get a new oar and 1967 Is your year, aim our way and choose us as your financial partner, you'll be in for economy motoring.. Go ahead, sphirge on those "extras" too. Yoo can save enough financing with us to cover the cost-~ Look 'em ovec. take your pick. "ONLY A BANK CAN HANDLE All YOUR FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS" ANDERSON BANKING COMPANY 7 CONVENIENT OFFICES: FRANKTON BRANCH - Frankton - MOUNDS MALL - WEST BRANCH - Edgtweod IOUTH BRANCH - Mtridlan and 59lh - 9TH and JACKSON - CHESTERFIELD BRANCH - Ch«Urfl»ld MAIN BANK-10th and Meridian

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