The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 4, 1936 · Page 20
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 20

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 4, 1936
Page 20
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1930 CMtortal $ageof Cfje JPakerrftelb Caltforman iKsnod Kvcry ICvfinlng Kxrnpl Hnndny In Bakorsflold, Kern Comity, California flntcrcd In post offlrc , al " tlftss mall matter under the of < MEMBER OP TUB ASSOCIATED PRKHf? necessary industry might Jiuvc been ne- glcctcd but for tbc diligence of those aliens. It WHS miitl 1'ong n#o: "The stone Hint the builders rejnoted they luive made Hie chief cornerstone." The ARKoRlfttort Prr-RH In Mclu»lvj>ly r'ntlttorl to th« iiHt* , &5^»rr«^^ I T NT1 ™ K ' CUTTING DOWN THE TIME news published thrrrln. The r KST in Atlantic ocean flights is now centered not so much on the hazard of the [•he B«K(!«flt,ld rnllforlilan IH nlun ft HlnM ^^J^',, 1 ^ ; joill'liey US Oil shortening lilt! lilllC of tllC faVed'wirr'H^'i""';!} ho'th" ""' rc "'" vmi ' ' ni^hl. Twenty-eight non-Hlop uir crossings, IlKPREHKNTATIVEH Tlrymit, Orlfflth A Hriiniimi, I"''. Nfiw York, riili-tig". .Ixlrolt, Allantii, Bnnlmi WfSl-lloinday-M"Kfniifn Hn., Inr. Bun T'Yuni'lsco, Iftt AiiKHnu, Honttlr. rortliinrt WASHINGTON. D. <:.. HUHICAU J. llagkln. Ulrfrtnr. WnnhlriKlnn. I). C. I'RIOK Delivered I..V enrrlf-r nr .mill In ixmtal I «'"'"" '>"«• ' «">• three. |>«'r month, flf.r; 6 tnonlliii, UI.O; I your, »7.0U. By mall In i.ontal KOHI-H four lu ol|{lil, per inurith. Kfio. THIS PAI'KR MADE IN TIIIO II. S. A. including three from east lo west, linvc been tmide hcfore Hie lulcsl successful trip on Tlmrsdny by Iho Americtin flyers, Merrill nml Hichmnn. Their accomplishinent gains vnliie from the fact lluil they made llic air voyage in 15 hours and '10 minutes, Ihe fastest lime recorded on an Allttnlic plane crossing. With the lung record of Atlantic air trips, il i.s established thai with expert pilots mid suitable machines the journey is practicable, •--.=-. ,,| U | Unit with improvements in airplane construction Ihe lime for Ihe crossing may be ml lo still further limit*. The question yet for «r LACKS POWKR OF ACTION I 1-" ONLY Ihe Institute of Pacific Helalions were composed of official representatives , .,,,., of Iheir various countries, many of Ihe mis- I Hnl traffic the airplane with » Ms understanding between the nations with in- ln««"> "I spi-ccl will superscdt tcresls in the Pacific ocean would be settled according lo the rules of reason. Mill the delegates lo the Yosemite Valley conference represented nothing but themselves and Unintelligent minorities of Iheir various lands. Kvcn among highly informed jnlellecluals . I".' ocean travel by n.r. AH vet, (.ermany mam.ams ,Is leadersnp •" |l«- n."sln,c.,on and operat.on o. dir K-M-s. I he voyages «,. the /eppehn llmden- il is difficult lo eradicate Ihe emotional impulses of patriotism. In several of Ihe discussions, notably centering on the relations between Japan and China, and in Ihe offing, Russia, occasional slings of heal and not light were fell. Hut, being unofficial, the delegates could agree on intellectual compromises. There the mailer ends, for unless through their personal influence in their home lands, and then only among the intelligent few who see life in universal rather than on national terms, the results of the Institute discussions "lose Ibe name of action." Perhaps the next practical move of the Institute would be lo have its delegates declared to be official representatives and spokesmen of Iheir home nationalities. This might limit the freedom of interchange of uniformly speedy enough lo attract those who prefer it Kick CllyU'TISK XTI Thornton (alias "Htophen") Hlnek Htarnd at his henchman contemptuously, I-ouls was babbling wildly again, "It wasn't no phony act, Btovo. It won real, tho way they talked, Him didn't sound like tho samo girl. She's Molly Mtlford, sure as you live, only you don't know It," Ono of UM IB crazy," Black snnerod, "and It's not. mo." "f.oulw happens lo bo right," Dront suddenly. "She Is Molly Milford." "Thorn, FUovo. what did I tnll you? A cool half million In our hands!" "Hliul up. I'm «!<ik of that talk" "I'm Hrnnt Hl.uarl," Hrnnl said. "An architect. I camo hero to find Mlns Mllfard. Now that you know Ihn truth, there's nothing to prevent you from parrying out y/>ur planu. Mr. Mil ford would pay any amount to have hf-r hock. You can do what you pletion with mo, hut you'ro fool- Inh to throw n.wny a fortune, f^ot Molly toll you how »he happened to onmn hern dtsgulMPd In another girl's r,lolhr>n, nnd how Ihn othor girl was rnlHtaknn for Molly." "You're dond wrong, Stove," grumbled Tjouls. Htnvo turned, suddftnly, to Molly, "Make II. Hnappy. A.nd think up a good ono." Whllo Bront had heon plendlng for her Mnlly hnd been atmly/.lng the Hltuntlon. Thfsn men, with a hint for monny, would rink a lot for a 1>|R rnnBiirn, and tnko tbn chance on PH- rnplng the pollen. They would proh- nlily return her allvn — drugged — xvhlnh would R|VI> them an opportunity to tnnke tholr gntaway. But lli.ry would novcr doul.lti tli« rink by turning llront loo»f>, too. Hrcnt, who Invorl hor. whom sho loved so much, \\-na doomed. Mrriught to this drond- ful end by her own folly. "Hurry. Hipior. SV'c'vo no time to lo the slower progress of even Ihe Atlantic steamship blue ribbon holder, Queen Mary. On the Pacific, however, Ihe air clippers are demonstrating Iheir merits as passenger and commercial planes. They are more adaptable to Ihe intermediate stops on the long voyage from San Francisco bay lo Manila than would be the clumsier dirigibles. In a lillle more than a quarter of a century the airplane; has made itself a necessary part of civilized life. Mused on what has TH thl.H fellow telling the Tell a Htralnht story and mild In a low vviiHtn. truth? tell all of It." "Burp," Molly p 'll been accomplished in Hint lime il i.s safe lo ',-n',"i IK-IP' mo.' Voii'i-p throwing your predict Dial il will be Hie common method of travel in Ibe I'ulure, where distance and speed are required. RANDOM NOTKS Lynch law has no place in a civili/.ed land. husky voice, lapsing Into tho language nnrl tonr. sho hurt counter- felted so sucRPHMfiilly during her Imprisonment, "f met this poor kid down town and H)IC looked all In, and I said, 'Como on. rlilo homo In my limousine and I'll dress you u Hwnll for onco In your llfo and 1' war IhoHn rags yon'vo got on and glvr>. my boy friend tho laugh ot hla llfo. T -'" "Molly!" Hrnnl cried frantically. "What aro you doing'"' "Molly!" Htnvo HlacU mimicked. "Llko lioll shu IH. Well, Hlwtrsr, you probably dlrl your bi'Ht." "i'a n't you HIMI Hlie's acting?" Itrent'H agony WIIH In bin voleo and P.VPH. "Molly," Im pleaded, "you life awny for nothing. Don't you know tho only thing that, would nuiki) thlH bearable would bo to know you were saved'.' I swear, darling, I'd ill" happy lo have you mife again. Molly, think of your fill her'" "A pretty speech. A mighty ttf- j feeling Hpoeeh," Klcvo Hlalr mocked views, but it would bring the proceedings | n || 1( . i; n i|,. ( | stales il is particularly heinous inlo the field of substantial effort toward in- | | K , ( . 1M1SI , j, ,|j sn .gards the right lo'fair trial the lilt In K'lrl would do whnl Hhe eould to H(ivn her Hkln. ' [ Hut. nho'H not Ihn girl, she's lernalional underslandiuK. Following the close of the Yosemile Valley conference and before Ihe delegates have had lime lo embark for Iheir homes, Ihe Japanese government announces that it will maintain its great submarine armament at pretly helpless." Molly mulled faintly "It's too had I illdn'l. go to school much," Mho Nalil. "I'm nut MO dumb. I coiilda piiMHnd myself off for that girl If they hadn't read nhoul lier In Iho It wasn't In Iho curds, I guaranteed by the C.onslilulion. II is morally wrong because il commits anolher crime in a spirit of revenge for another. , i i- i- • | "if" it. li'i'uln'l been for your damn It I.S also dangerous to (lie Slllely Ol IIIIIO- ilruinaUcM we'd havo golten away I cent persons. A fren/ied mob does nol act '".$,„ Ilunorfi'i'iiern of-the piaco was "All right, Louis. Hcramlilo our together," Hlove rommaiuled '!> i sion, and while under Ihe spell of miwd : rigidly, but n was a .langcM-ous lype I ! _ I i ,,r rigidity HUggi-slliig colled stce 11 hvsleria the Ivnchers are likely lo kill a romiy to spring. its highest power. This, the reporl says, will u , m , j,,,^,,,,,,,, | l(l | w ilh Ihe impulse of pas- ' j; 1 ,!, 1 ;™^,,*;, 1 , 1 ,' 1 Ml !!lh-. n "Hi.Jr, l |\ l iioiTy give Japan one-third more undersea warsbi|) ... strength than (ireat Mrilain or the Unite States. Tohio had a righl lodo this through I W01 .,| 1V ( .j|i/en through mistaken identity, Ihe escalator clause of Ihe London treaty. , lu|H m | ( |j M/<! „ | ( . IT i|,|,. tragedy to the one but the object of thai pact was lo lead to HIM- j ,| l(iy S(H , U ,,, llv ,. IIM ,. t \ MW wus ( . s |iiblished ilntion of sea armitmeul. The aclion of tho hl Vivili/.ed regions for Ihe prolection of .Inpanese governmeul is. (hen-fore, etpiivu- I ,„.„,,!,. IIS xv ,.|| ns t | 1( . punishment of crime, lent to abandoning this purpose and lo cuter j , 1||( | ,|,,. v ,„.,. imwo| .||, v Hli/.eiis thai would ! inlo a race for sea power. , nk( , ,1,,; ,| ( | m ii,i s | n ,|iou of justice from the ' Molly, will to-faced anil weary leaned' closer iigalnsl Hrenl'H urn nml felt II tighten about her. JiiHl a Illtle. while, to bo together Just it Hill" tlmo when—but fo going on and on into a. future nrlched by love and happiness and leful living. "Oh, Molly," Brent groaned, "why on't you tell them tho truth?" Louis camo out of tho bedroom with two bulging cases, One popped pon suddenly, and an assortment ot iothlng spilled on tho floor. "What arc you trying to do? Wipe p tho floor with my clean shirts?" tevo asked angrily. He stooped nd picked up somo of the gar- icnln, still keeping a hand on his un. From tho dork porch outside came x grim command: "Drop* the artll- cry, Black. You, too, fellow; This machlnn gun's primed for action. It won't do you any good to tako a wild shot Into tho darkness. Even at« llko you can't slip through tho Irclo of police around this place. LH another 'precaution, we punctured •our automobllo tires. Tako It easy. 'our first move will be your last. ill right, boys, go In and take 'em. They're all yours." It seemed to Molly that the place ivns swarming with uniformed men, materializing before her eyes out of bin air. Bho flung her arms wildly about rtrcnt. "Oh, Brnnt. wo're not going o dlo. Wo'ro going to live!" Ho held her close. The next moment ho folt a friendly hand on his shoulder.. "So you thought you could come ip ngalnst a gang single-handed, noting man?" Chief Donavan grinned. "At that," he continued, T '.vou dld_ a fine Job of sleuthing. rtaXed. "It's ft long story," the detective •oplled. "We've hnd our oyos on hose follows and wo're pretty Hiiro S'else Ferguson was connected with hem. Wo woro fairly certain, too, hat some bunch had trlvon us tho Ip that Ferguson pulled tho bank lob. also tolling UH when and whore ic could bo found. Rut the reason ,vhy thoy woro double-crossing him pux/lod us. On top of that tho Mil':ml girl Is found dead (beg pardon, Ilsn Mllford), and then a young 'nllow hrlngH us a picture of T/eola llnrlow and says sho can't bo found. [Tor picture was a (load ringer for Molly Mllford and wo woro all mixed up. "This fellow—Jimmy was his name—Ha Id ho was a former friend of tho Uarlow girl. Ho said sho liitd a small black molo back of one car. Wo got suspicions and visited Iho undertakers, and tho girl called Molly Mllford had a molo back of ono ear. Wo didn't glvo'out any Information. Wo wanted tho gang to Ihlnk wo woro hoodwinked. "Von see,",, tho dotccllve continued, "wo figured they had managed tho masquerade, though wo didn't know how, and were planning to got a ransom demand later. Then when you camo to my office, Mr, Stuart. I had an Idea you were on the right trull. Our boys had or dors to keop you shadowed ovory moment. Two of Ihem followed yon know where, you got the dollies you'ro wearing, when you bought that rutllolrap car. But thoy almost Led us right to thn spot." • "But. how--?" Brent began, "' lost you when you stopped at 'Fronchy's.' They figured you were Dtaylng for dinner and when they went In for hamburgers you got away. They searched more than an jour before they located, your car. Then they phoned in. for the other joys to rush out. That's all!" * * * Brent grasped the detective's hand, and shook it warmly. "You're Wbn- derful, Chief. You saved our Ives." "Guess wo did at that," Chief Donavan said with a mntlo. "And you saved my reputation. I didn't IRVO enough evidence to turn these 'cllows up Until you came along. C you weren't such a good archl- ,eol I'd put you on my force." "Thanks, but this life is too exciting for me," Brent smiled. "I'd rather build houses." "Kind of planning to build ono of your own, aren't you?" the chief queried, his eyes twinkling. "We'll give you and Miss Mllford a lift, Mr. Stuart. There's halt a dozen cars around hero." "I'd llko to go baqk in tho rattletrap, if you don't mind," Molly said. 'And I'll lovo every rattle." "Homo of us will be trailing you until wo get out ot these parts," Chief Donavan said. "Then, when we got to town, we'll break the news to Mr. Mllford that his. daughter has been found. . . . All right, aoys, If Iho bracelols are on, we'll load up." Neither Black nor Louts glanced at Molly and Brent as they wore husllod by, but Louis moaned whun thoy were being loaded into Iho police car, "It you had only listened to mo, Steve." Molly sat close to Breut as they bumped down the highway, across tho bridge and Into the city. Oh, It was good to bo back among tho Ighls, In a well-ordered roullno. Back among houses that were homos. Back to tho dear, dear common places of life! Sho squeo/ed Brent's arm rapturously, and fnlt the answering pros sure ot his hand on hers. And now they had reached tho grounds of the Mllford estalo. Cars woro whirling by, lurnlng Into tho drive. Already tho news had spread. "Nobody knows us In this car and these clothes," Molly whispered. "Wo'ro just people, aren't we?" Bront stopped tho car near the gato and took Molly Inlo his arms. "Just people," ho said. "It's shock- Ing how they behave!" A policeman sauntered up. "I've been sent horo to clear traffic around horo tonight. Suppose you young folks go off and find a park." "Thank you, Officer," Brent said. He started the car and. to the policeman's amazement, the shabby car with Its shabby occupants rattled gaily through tho Iron gixto. Hrelit wald. "Before 1 turn you over to that crowd In there, darling, I want, lo ask you a question. Havo I over asked you to marry me?" "No," Molly said. "but thai doesn't mutter. I'm going to." THI3 END ALFRED HARttBLl. N BW TORK, Sept. 4.—Thoughts while strolling: Those obscure, outmoded hotels with dyed mus- lached oldsters in tho lobbies. Picturesque motor phrase: "Jumping a light! 1 ' Harry Evans' pueklsh twin- tie. Never see one ot those neatly clipped beards like Andrew Carno- tie's any more. Poetical nole: Ford Frlck with a walking stick. Wonder if Floyd Od- urn knows Boyd Rodlum? .Physio- ogical mystery: HOW the fragile Ray Bolger stands that furious danc- ng paco. If I were to bestow Modesty Medals. Walt Disney would get No. 1. Ace newspaper lady: Alice Rohe, Add square faces: Ethel Merman's. George Olson and Eddie Duchln would make grand models for dentifrice ads. What happened to thrift campaigns? Those who take public cheering seriously—don't look now— Init there Is Anthony Eden. Oamest ot the physically handicapped writers: Frank Scully. Mitzl Green, once my ace Screen Nuisance, has become, since growing up, about ono of our best mimics. John Hoagland suggests Vash Young blown up. Have the films ever revived "Sis Hopkins"? And can anyone forget Rose Melville? Dashlell Hammett needs to be prodded into more fiction. Don Herold's name suggests R plumed knight. Tho subdued and thoughtful looking Jimmy Walker, t see him around—an old actor. Silver haired, marvelous profile, shabbily neat. "Wing collar, bow tie, plncenest Broke and I hear now and then with out a bed. But taking the down grade with a swagger! Tho pedantic Gene Tunney has among other accomplishments, be come quite the gourmet. Head wait' ers say his dinner selections have the Brlllat-Savarln flair in both food and vintages. In tho Marguery's guest book, I notice ho has wrltlen "Llko wines, certain places improve with age. The iMarguery is ono and Marchlso, tho host, a most thought ful sommeller as well' as exper chef." At tho Marguery. too, I saw a different tables two writers at top o the heap five years ago but not evet in the pulps today. Julian Street In writing of the fleeting acclaim pale writers used the word "Ephemeral. 1 And that word applies forcibly today. 'It was" can sound quite as poignant as the poet's,'"It'might have . *. been," E. H. Sothern, deserting tho dramatic stage for lecturing, sighed o interviewers: "No longer does the- lubllc care for the things I used to do." That was wrung from an an- • gulshed heart And Is the eventual 'ate of every creative artist. I spied this breakfast menu—Bugs 3aer Was peeking, too—tacked to the doorway of a southern tearoom in East Fifty-first street arid went drooling and wringing my hands the way home: Chilled fruit cup, eggs scrambled in grated sausage, hot but- .ered pocketbook rolls, crab apple lelly, crisp bacon and iced mint tea. Roscoo Peacock sends a rotogravure ot Douglas Fairbanks and his lady at a night club table with thin caption: "Life has got you, Doug. Bo careful of those off guard expressions.' Tho picture s.hows.a world- weary man, his eyes strange, far away and almost filmy with ennui, his shoulders slumping. -As though nothing really matters., The choicest what-dld-you-do-with- • » your-bonus-money.story I've heard. A Greenwich Villager took $60 of it and bought black silk bed sheets. There's tho Village spirit in capsule! It recalls the Iwo dashing gentlemen of Chicago's Near North Side, "Left Bank," who papered their apartment with covers of tho Now Yorker. Whoops! A real tweedy Scotsman, fairly smelling of peat and stroking tho largest bowled pipe ever I saw was a caller today. The day was warm and, despite the stuffiness of his clothes, , he looked calm, cool, comfortable. Just a single brush with the Scotch climate and its' easy to understand tho why of baggy clothes in contrast * to the razor-edged surtouts of America. A vivid memory of Edinburgh was the way the hotel returned several weeks of needed laundry. It looked exactly like wet wash. Mirror mnemonics: Nothing recaptures memories or reveals stark real- » itles like tho shaving glass. I wan musing this morning how sad llfo becomes when a fellow begins brush- Ing hair from where it is over toward where it ain't! (By PAUL MALLON—Copyright 1936) = w AS1I1NGTON, Hept. 4.—H IH Hiipposed to have been Pre.sldent HOOBOveil's own personal Idea that thu bombing of perso tho K ane off Spain Representatives of Ihe island empire al Hie Institute might object lo this, but they have no power to make Iheir wishes accepted. This also applies lo Ihe delegates from oilier nations. That is the regrettable, fact about the proceedings of this gathering whose aim is peace. hands of those duly appointed and recog- ni/.ed as ollicers of (be stale. be handled us lightly us posblble. Dangerous foolishness llko thai Is tho Bluff from which wars are, made. The diplomatic council hero well know It. Thoy had far more Information apparently than they choso to rnako public. They could caHlly havo raised an Inlcrnallonal hullabaloo. Mr. House volt, on Iho telephone from his touring drought train, choso to assume It was a case of mistaken identity. Only a few hero Know what a bi'oad assumption that as. Tho evidence lit hand Indicated It was certainly u on HO of extreme rashncsH, and probably alno a mls- iiko, but nol necessarily ono of TUN YKAIIS ACIO IK I'all'uililin. Ilili <lnl>. l!>',''!i llenilllnes: New York to 1'H.rls 's and customs have gone for Mood. When men wen- far removed from I niniit IB on; ruptain Konck ami van. . . ,. ., , , . lire IMIol Hi>rry ciiiupromlne; only Centers ol Ic^lM authority ailll lawless per- 'obstacle to great achievement now In i i i .1 i '• ,• !• ' 'i . < Ou. weather' I'rlHiHi at Walla Walla, sons abounded, Ihe stern justice ol vigilante , VvaMh IH .ieniroye.i i.y fhc; viow N ALIEN FIHIIHHS ,Y one-third of those engaged in commercial fishing in C.alilornia are aliens, says a report from the slate division of (Is!) and game. In actual figures there nre filUU) persons making their living in Ibis way, nnd of these ICi'.IX are aliens. More than that, il \vas also shown in Ihe es might be neeessarv. Hnl even ' \" ll>t '' 1 n |'° ""»*'* >»' '"""J" ''' ''"'';;;; " • i diary: llenimiiy In given mini on in I hose early days some semblance of legal ! i-ouni-u or U-HKUO, To enfurro ailun • i i -in i i '» ml lnw right was given lo the accused person and A graduate u dlHtlngulHhed en«tem unlvi'i'Mtty. u di'corntcd World War hero ami former unwHpnper man WIIH mnitem-ed today lo servo a. prlHon term for havlnc HloU-n an nil- liiiiinhlle. lie tolil Kdwurd WCHI. a»- plsliinl district attorney, he would ' nut IIIHI tho year out bocuusii of tu- I William KlHHler IIIIH been UHBlKiieil An example of the near tragedy of vigi- in rcmtrar-t to construct u hangar at ; a (rial, however summary, made certain of 1 Ihe identity and Muill of the person. That 1 lime has passed and mob violence in any ' shape caiinol be condoned. lunleisin was ^iven in connection wilh Ihe reporl Hint only III) per cent of the lutnl ; ,,„„, ,•,„. hvn mun |,. m . s in siskivou county, were native horn Americans and that llal- the alrpnrt. TWKNTV VKAUH AOO rri,« i .m.'niiin ihu <im«. Itcpnrls of Ihe capture of one of the slayers i Hemiiiii.^ K. w. owen will nio inns, .Ittptmese nnd Sliivs nmiiinlril for a ; sp|VJU , m| ,| ,,„. iSllspirl VV11S h,, s || 0( | U |V t() large, percentage. Shasta counts jail to protect him from the Americans arc fond of llsh and ei|iinlly 4Tmvi |. |. M , n . | 1( . W1(s jdmiJUed as anolher eager to calch them, provided they are not , ,„,,.,,,„ ,,,„„ „„. f,,^,^ Hll , fur ,| u . , m . s . paid lo do so. Conseiincnlly the vast coastal ,.,„.,. ,,,- , hr O ni ( . ( ,,. s ,,r ,|,,. | 11W nnd Iheir quick llsheries have nllnu-led those of other lands |U . |j(in , ||is ,„„„ W( , u|( , |mvi , lu . tin sluT i n ced .rlecilnn rnnteHt on return In Judge- nhl|i. Ai'iliui will he luiiiiHl't In court , lii-re HOIIIC time thlH week; Pay IHIH i minn fnr Iliuil Nntlletnent of Mi-xicui • 11 tnihli 1 , I .uiiHlntT nayn; I Jroere ai'repti nil ili'iiumilu nl entente allleH; Youtl IN kl . n fly wheel thin lo unintelligent mob rule and unbridled ll11 ' l -" 1 ""' Tempi.. " i iirwiumcr, wan ano passon. I who see in the harvest of Ihe sea it business that provides them wilh means of livelihood and nol iiiil'requeiillv modest fortunes. Fishing is an ancient and honorable trade. ; NV|in , „„. Mmw K | rums nguiu un sierra It is healthy but U has Us dangers. Is il Ihe 1)t . llks ,| W( , |UTS iu ,| u , S an .lommin valley danger that triKhlens the unlive born from klimv ,,„,, ,„„ , ms ( . (mu , with Us t . oo i ol . duvs entering it? Or hnve later ueneralions of ,„„, ,,,,.,,,„, t . Vl . n i UKS< x ews n-ports tell us Americans lor K ollen the proud tradition of „,.,, ,,| ivmly snow lllls fnUlM1 on 8mm , of || u , (he Gloucester Ushers and Iheir fellows on ,,.,„,,!,,,. mouu , llins of ttlK sierra, the New England coast? Or has Ihe white collar ambition drafted Ihem from an occn- This news synchronizes with the return of pation Hint, even if it proved money making, vacationists from const nnd mountain, open- was too dangerous or irksome for later I ing of schools nnd prepnrntions for winter's . W \\ llnrrtM. editor of tin- I.nhor the laving of e corncrnlonn for .1. u. n«i... labor lher Hpeulver I.. II Crow and I 1 '. W. rhupell ot lU'laiio report they havo struck Homo rich ore In their Inyo county mine ItllKH WtllllUnN llllH KtiH-li In the Morning Keho. tho ml generations? work of all kinds. Those who have been However that may be. the lishing in Cali- away come back refreshed and find added fomia in n professional way is left to a large > /.est in Iheir familiar surroundings. They fxlen.l to. Ihe ambitious and industrious bring \\ilb them renewedipncrgy for «oiMal, alien. The American prefers his lishing business anil cultural life in the commuu- n viicalioiial iTcrenlion. A great and ily. Fall has come, rM ^ ,„„ tMiyulo cluiHe In IhlH lie Is TIIIHTY YKAK8 At!0 • ri.« r«iii,>M\\.M. tuii iiiu. ituni I leadlines: Star privlRPH Colonel Spollaey; X'ermont election IH lu H; l.lltle child IIUH narrow on- om di'iilh In Ctirm ilunca; McKlttrlok hnn health Woman clnlnin doxcrtlnn: 'rax rnto lor year hero will be $|.QO on every $100 of UNMvHHPit valuat rule will be nboul $1.57 MOUEN15SH—To give you nn Idea of tho extreme caro with which tho .situation was handled: The navy declined to glvo out tho detailed lexis of the original reports It received from tho Kane. The explanation for IhlH unusual retlcenco was that, other vessels tit Hca had picked up these coded messages. If Iho text woro published officially, oilier nations would havo the key lo ;iaval codes. This was true, of course, but. Immediately after tho first reports were received, tho navy lumpily lost contact with tho Kitno. It could not obtain further details as to bow high tho piano flew or tho type of bomb lined or other r>lues which might havo helped to point to tho Identity of tho culprit at the oiitHot. In fact, •IS hours after tho Incident, the navy protended It had nol received n sin- pie additional explanatory word from Ihe destroyer to help clear tip tho luvRterv. • The answer to that Is tho admirals and the diplomats woro content to li-avo the matter in ns vngue a state IIM thoy could. , • » TJTimwiGllT—Tho published re• porlH Hhowod only that tho plane, wan flying low enough to ontiblo of- fiepi-H "u the destroyer to dlHcern that the attae.Uo.r was n throo-mo- toreil low-winded monoplane. What piizsilrHl pei-Honn nearest tho radio receiving end here was that the occupants of thn piano woro not aliln to HCC with equal clarity over the Haini" dlHtimeu and dlstlngulHh two American flags on tho destroyer, one flag on an awning and tho other m the nmHthcnil. Another puzzling aspect, which tho nilmlralx did not chooHo to clear up marksmanship but of diplomacy. They afraid of what they would bring down. lOHtablished naval policy requires that, in situations llko thin one. u Hhot IH first fired across tho bow and, If that fnllH to bring tho asHallant to hlH senses, a few rounds ot blanks arc fired. » « • rjUESSINCl—What most ot the au*-* IhorltleH hero suspected In tho beginning was that some aviator was InHplrcd by an overdose of sherry to doclaro a personal war on tho United States and go gunning for tho dcutroyor. They considered also the possibility that tho plane was a government ship captured by rebels. ThlH more guess was encouraged by tho supposition that It wa« tho type of piano which the Italians have been furnishing to tho Spanish government. The Uorrnans generally favor tho single or two-motored ship while tho French llko tho blpluno typo. H is apparently true that neither tho SpunlHh government nor Iho rfbols havo Indicated any bitterness about tho presence of U. H. wiu-Hhlps Both havo boon co-oporatlng sin cerely In evacuation arrangements. * * * PREPARATIONS—American con - 1 Hills In Spain nro understood tc havo circulated a confidential ques tlonnalro among tho remaining BO' nationals, asking them, among othe thlnRH. why they were not taking ad vantage of ovimuatlon arrangement* The responses hnvo not been d vulged. but they indicate more thai 60 per cent, nro remaining bocaus tholr buHlnesH connections requlr their presence—or, at least, the think HO. Thin information hn« been kept by tho Htulo department In UH sleeve as nn Ideal bawls for a switch hi policy. KDITOR'S NOTE The Citlfornlin will print letters from nuden. Such letters X1D8T be confined to 160 words written leRlhlr and on one ilile of the paper. The iptce limit U Imperative. No nnonymcm* communioallons will be printed. Tills 11 emphatic. Tho Callfomlan reserres the right to delete or reject an; or all manuscripts and Is not responsible for sentiments contained therein. Letters of more than 160 words wUl be rejected, Brevity Is a dmtranle feature. They must bo bona fldely signed by the writer with complete address riven, altbouiih the name may not be published. I valuation; Ollv tux Information him liven received here that Doctor Hch-.per has killed a big Itfnr nl Tohaelmpi. II look six men to imvNt n bud umn til ivlsiiui tuility ami they jitul « hard lime HUtululiiK the mini' .lohn KUlor tins Wen Inturvd by a I l\or#o Islck. The hoof si ruck him in 111 officially, wn» why the. K«"n«'i'8 f>\\ the Knne nilaniHl tho plane If It wns clone enough for thoni to HOO It was a throe-motored low-wlnft-od monoplane. Unofficially, howover, llioy will plvo you tho corroet explanation of this one. It was not a question of It affords Krounda for withdrawing ovncutttton veHnels nnd avoiding fu- turo troublo nuch as tho destroyer Incident. • * * POPULARITY—neports from tho •*• waUo of Mr. HooHevelt'a train in- dlcato lio niiulii a hit pomonnlly In tho drought reulonH. OltlzonH as woll IVH political olmorvoi'H are reporting bank hero that ho ondoarod hlniHelf to tho people. Thus, while Mr. IlooHOVolt may have had no personal political Intention*, ho U getting political remilts. Mont observers liavo tniirked moat of Ihcmo stat^s off for him moro solidly today than before his Journey. • » * N UPTIALS — Subcablnot goniips are ayntn predicting Iho early marrtttgo of William C. Bullltt. the new anilmsuador to 1'arls, and a lady hlfih in the now deal. ELECTION JOBS ;dltor The Callfornian: Right after an election there Is always someone, usually ot the male ex. who writes in to the editor ob- ecllng to tho Incompetent "matrons" who preside at the polls. My guess s that tho objection is not to the work these women do. but rather to ho fact that they are rather well paid for the job. He Is undoubtedly f tho chivalrous typo who would see o It that the girl had a good job lotoro he would deign to propose to icr, knowing full well that under our delightful laws tho husband can spend the earnings ot his wife. However, my husband Is going to let me my shoes and other necessities, so . am not kicking. • When you consider tho number of lours put In—wo worked 10% hours nst time, and that Is less than usual, tho pay Is not excessive. Doing work of similar responsibility for private employers, I have been paid ?6 for seven hours and It was well earned. Onco I was paid at the rate of 20 cents an hour on the election boar"d In Bakersfleld. That is not much for silling on Iho 'sunny side ot a tout all day. That kind ot a head' acho is worth more. However, I agree with tho objcc tlon that many of tho election work ers are unqualified, incompetent, ig norant and physically unfit for tho task. Part of the difficulty is due to tho poor lighting, the excessive height ot the tables and the fact thai somo are blind In ono eye and can't understand what thoy see with tho other. Tho light was Just barely in side ot the tent because tho wire was too short and it was impossible for us to got near enough to it. H caused a rofleclion on tho Inside of the spectacles of those obliged to wear them. Tho tally sheets nre so largo that nt tho height of the tables ono cannot see them well oven wltl perfect eyesight. A tree hnd been half cut down am tho debris left In front of tho tent The women had to clear this away Then the steel chairs (or something had been packed In straw, leaving tho tent floor like a stable. It seems there Is a rule thai the voting booths must bo placed next to th< curb. In cnao a car should run Inlo tho lent. It must not injure thesi looths. II doesn't ninlter about thi onmles sitting out In the middle o ho street whore there Is no shade Insurance agents please take notice' About 81.000 fires In Now York City during 1981 took a lull of 128 lives, Including thorn) of six firemen. Hngltsh nnttonul forests being euulpped with otuekn of fire brooms to help flro fighters coin but biases. Rico Recount!! for aboill 80 per cent of .Slam's export*. Tho man -who lives with figures all the time Is the nuttiest of all Ho gets to thinking that the worlc Is full of twos and threes, when of coin-so we all know Its full of trol loy cars nnd lamb chops.—Dr. Bur gess Johnson, head of English do pnrtmont, Union College. Schenoo tady, N. Y. There Is no qnentlon about tho coUmiHil inriuoneB of the prcsw In the formation of public opinion, and this means public, moraIs nnd irharantor —Hurry N. TIoluvos, -New York re ' Ueloun Ictultu* : Also, according to law, at a primar election, no moro limn ono niombe f the board may bo absent for meals t a time, so there are always fivo resent. But, brother, they are all ceded later In tho evening! Two competent persons could andlo the work through tho day. t vouid have a staff of clerks come on .uty when the polls close and havo ne clerk for each 100 voters. Let hem work four hours and then havo n hour off and work four more and ay them by the hour. All to pass n examination for good eyesight nd not to be crippled by rneuirm- ism. Thl? would automatically llmlnato most ot tho grandmothers. All olectjonq could be held on Snt- irday and use tho Hchoolhoui'es. Re- urns should bo called for by truck 1.8 there is no sense in letting tho old lady drive her car downtown In he middle of tho night and then have to wag the heavy bag up tho courthouse steps. MINERVA. APARTMENT HOUSES Editor The Callfornian: I wonder if the avalanche of criticism aimed at tho Bakersfleld apartment house owners, appearing n the press recently, Is true, t wonder if the Bakersfleld apartment louso owners nro deserving of tho inference that they are a diabolical combination of Jesse James. Simon ; Legreo and Mr. Diablo, who lay awake nights thinking vip new ideas' on how to strangle babies, choko cats and butcher dogs, is correct. I say they do not, and I know a majority of tho owners. Bakersfield docs not boast an apartment house association, nnd therefore each owner Is at liberty to and does, manage bis own business. He makes his own prices and fixes his own conditions, nnd manages his property for his own best Interests, just as does every other business In Bakersfield. I am not going to weary you with the woes of an apartment houso manager. Thoy would fill this entire page. Tho apartment houso business In Bakersfleld, is on a par with tho same typo ot business in any other city In California, so why knock Bakersflcld. If some of tho critics will tako tlmo to Investigate some of our cities in the south, they will return to Bakersfleld with tho firm conviction that the Bakersfleld apartment house owners are bona fide members of tho Good Angels Circle and maybe stop their knocking thrMr "homo town. JIM EG AN. Bakersfleld. Sept. 3. 1930. =(By FREDERIC J. HASKIN)= Q. Please name tho Presidents who did nol receive a majority of ho popular votes.—M. H. A. Lincoln, Hayos, Oarfleld. Ben- amtn Harrison, Cleveland—In 1892, and Wilson In 1012, were Presidents who received less than a majority of tho popular votes. Q, Why was the Crystal Palace in Lodon so called?—Q. P. A. The name was given to a famous structure in London made almost entirely of glass. Q. Is the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D. C., endowed?— W. L. A. Its endowment Is now more than $1,600,000. A THOUGHT FOR TODAY Forasmuch then aa OMtt. hath suffered for v» in the flesh, arm yourwlvct likeioi»e with the some mind,- /or he that hath suffered in the flesh hath crdJicrf from sin. — j-Peter 4:1. * • • Night brings out 8tarn, an sorrow nhowa us truths,—Bailey. Q. Is there a memorial to KoUlrr- son Crusoe? — B. J. A. Alexander Selkirk, tho original Robinson Crusoe, has a permanent memorial. The government of Chllo made an Island in the Juan Fernandez group, where the Scotch sea cnntain was marooned for four years, into a national park: Q. Does a rowboat with a motor In it have to carry motorboat llghu? K. F. A. The Bureau of Navigation and Marine Inspection says that rowboats which are under oars, and which are operated between sunset and sunrise must carry a lighted lantern. If the rowboal Is equipped. with a motor. It is necessary for It to have motorboat lights, Q. Do animals have hay fever?—. J. W. A. No animal has been known to suffer from this disease. » Q, When was tho stonotype machine patented? — V. 1C. A, It was patented by Ward Stonn Ireland. April 1. 19,13. A TMI!«T ran «*t th« t«*««r 11 «nj quwtlon ot fart Iff »rtlta« Tb« BuktnfMd C«Hfooit«n Infarautlfla |Hi!«»M. Tinltric J. Httktn, Til- twlor. WuMnrtoa, n c. I'lfwt «ocl<u« Uuw (3) ctal» (of npl?,

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