The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 4, 1936 · Page 19
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 19

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 4, 1936
Page 19
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T . --f \- A* . I .' * ,' fc- I - -"-•'. -\ - THE BAKERSFlfcLD IAN, FRIDAY* SEPTEMBER 4, 1986 & I, . I . 1 •. • .? 5 ¥.**'& -' . -t '£'£/'+^v?W -. /4£&^s 'v:vvi*;c^::v _-v^S* 1 "'V(&' *-^V;i i '- **, • •'-/ ' ,'*i '.'1-1 ». .- r" Radios, Musical Inttrumenh TIM IB to .fltart your qfclld on the Pj- fcno, !TlA0Vat\tfftnt M pianos rebuilt and fully ffufcranteed; at low price*. Also tarffo stock of n<m upright and baby grand pfanoa, Rental terms. Valley Hueto Store, 1628 Nineteenth. 81 •*••*«• PIANO for sale. Baby grand, nearly, new, dark brown mahogany case. Will noil cheap on rental terms. Inquire dalbraith Van and Storage, 2712 Chester avenue. 31 Poultry and Livestock L ^"^^ J L B 4 Wanted—Mlsoellanaous HOLIDAY SPECrAI^-Fat Red fryers 60o each. Also Red pullets, hens and extra large fryers. %Ve dress and deliver free. Bradford's* ll^G Kern street, tnione J1041-R, FOR 8AM>—Pure bred F« f upples. Japanese Silkies. t Box 93. Phono 4Efl. FINANCIAL LETTER LOS ANQELES STOCKS Terrier -Route 80 FOR, SAIjKJ—One E-f)at Bueacher ftaxophone and one B-flnl clarinet, Kdmond chedevllle. pair*, first nuat- _. Ity. Like new. Phone 4860. 30 Fruits and Vegetables r n TEHACHAPI Bartiett canning peaa-s for sale. BOc and $1 a lug while they ... last....1700 P street 31 PJSARS—Bartlott canning pears, 1 cent a pound; leas in quantity If you pick them. Ends Mountain Orchard, Tehaohapl. 31 CAN>ftNG 'peaches and pears» 810 Union, avenue. Dye'B Market. 31 NJ3W almonds (1930 crop) for sale, from 1 pound to a ton. 1109 Stockton street, Bakersfleld. ^^^••^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^' ^i^^^^»^^^^^"-^^ — — " •••••• ' ' Poultry and Livestock oes and bucks, S1.60 eaoh and up. One-half mile norU, of Oak street brldce or one mile south of Be.ardsley School on Pierce road, RI5D fryers, milk-fed, for sale* 1101 First street, 3510-W. . _it- - - — ._j_] ----- •-— _ ..... -|, _n r.irinw.u.lL r.r '. --|_- — *-— ^— =^ ..^r-^'"^ THIS Archibald Hatchery, Soouel, Calif. Through the fall and winter months, hatching White Leghorns, Barred Rocks and Rhode Island weekly. Write for catalog. 32 Wanied to Buy*Mtsoellaneous WANT 4-cyJ(rider Star coupe or sedan In running condition. Will pay cash. Call 8737-1V12 between 8 and a. prise* paid for bottles, raffs. Iron nnd other Junk, Phone 4178 for pickup wagon. Prompt service. 420 ast Nineteenth. 7-P-jfl*tf fiiiy- FOR 8Ati&~ One Buckskin horse, two gentle iPalamlno mares, Inoulre Bar O Stable, corner Pierce lioad and 93 Highway. Si ^ ^^^^^^Li^^^^^.^^. _ . - __ ____ _ .^ • __ . _ ____ ___ ^ . _ _ __ ___ _ . . ___ _ __ _ . . __ ^_^fc 1_1 DELICIOUS fryers. Reels, Rocks, Battery milk fed. "Their feet never touch the ground.'* Tender, .1ulcy. Bressed,- delivered. 121 McCord. Phone B6S7-J. Id Burlap A~nd ra#s. bottles and other Junk. Call 0 for plck*up wagron, 717 Sum- tier fltroef, 6-15-tf In L Legal Notices ^. ^_ ^^^^^_ ^^ ^^ ^. . ^^ PRTBUS, Cornish 'and Reds; fresh eggs. All wholesale price, South it street, second house, south- of Tev race way> ..Phone SRjtjj. pen Buff Orping- saddle horses, 2-year- olds, colts and broken horses. Pin- toB and solid colors, $40 up. Also one light bronc Haddle, one ladles' swell fork, one English. Will have a few more plntos in a few days. ' Crawford, Route 2, Box 48. Telephone 28-F-2. 30 5 MONTHS-OLD choice White Leghorn pullets for sale, sacrifice, Hanson and Freeman strains, crossed, Owner recently passed all are lean FOn S tons, fl stock. away. Phone 1747. 31 hens, 1 rooster, some young 2111 kako street. Phone Legal Notices RABBIT fryers, nice and fat; also does and bucks. D24 Thirty-fourth street. Legal Notices NOTICE INVITING SEALED PROPOSALS TO FURNISH ONE DISC TYPE GRADER FOR THE STREET DEPARTMENT OF THE CITY OF BAKERSFIELD, NOTICE OF SALE OF SEMI-TROP1C SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS ^ + Kern County, California Notice' Is hereby Riven that pursuant to an order of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern. State of California, made Aupttat 17, .1936, sealed bids will be received at the office of the Clerk of the Board of * Supervisors of said County at the Court House In the City of Bakersfield until It o'clock a. m., Monday, September 14, 1936, for tho purchase of clc-hteen bonds of Beml-TropIc School District, Kern County, California, of the denomination of $1000,00 " each. Said bonds were Issued by .the said Board of Supervisors under and In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and T-*aws of the Stnte of California, and In conformity with * tho order of said Board of Supervisors, passed on tho 17th day of August. 3 038, ant3 bear Interest at tho rate of c per cent per annum. Interest payable annually for the first year the bonds have to run and scml-annually (hereafter, both principal and Interest payable In lawful money of the United States of America, on the 17th days of August and February of each nnd every year out of the Interest and pinking fund of said Semi-Tropic School District, upon presentation and surrender to the Treasurer of Kern County. California, of tho Interest coupons attached to said bonds; said bonds to be numbered consecutively from 7 to 18, Inclusive, as follows: Bonds Nos. 1 to 4. Inclusive, $1000.00 each, to run 1 year; Bonds Nos. B to 8, Inclusive. $1000.00 «ac:h, to run 2 years; Bonds '^Nos. 0 'to 12. Inclusive, $1000.00 each, 1 to run 3 years; Bonds NOB. 13 to 1S, Inclusive, $1000,000 each, to run 4 years; Bonds Nos. 17 to 18, Inclusive. $1000.00 each, to run B years. The Semt-Troptc School District has been aotlnp as a School District, under tho laws of the sttito of California, continuously since JSflG; tho assessed valuation of the taxable property In said Semi-Tropic School DIs- ' trlct was One Million Nino Hundred nhd Seventy-One Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Dollars f$l.071.R20.00> and has now an outstanding indebtedness of nothing. Tho bonds herein referred to were voted for the purpose of raising monev for: 2. The building or purchasing, of school, buildings; 3. The making of alterations or additions to the school building or buildings other than such as may be necessary for current maintenance, operation, or repulrs; 5. /The supplying of school buildings with (furniture or necessary apparatus of a 'permanent nature: 6. Tho permanent improvement of tho school grounds. Bids will bo received for one or any number of said bonds. AH bids must be eqiml In amount to the par value of the said bonds and accrued Interest to date of delivery and each bid must bo accompanied with a certified check payable to F. E. Smith, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of wild County, or a cash deposit for tho sum of at least ten per cent of tho amount of the bid. The check or cash deposit will be returned to the bidder In case of the rejection of the bid and the same will bo forfeited to Soml-Troptc School District . If tho bidder neglects or refuses to pay the amount bid for the said bonds within fifteen days after being notified of the acceptance of the bid. Upon opening of the bids for said bonds an aforesaid, said bonds will be aold to the highest and beat bidder for cash, lawful money of the United States of America, subject to the said conditions and provisions. Bids for the bonds at a lower rate of Interest will also bo considered. Tho said Board of Supervisors, however, reserving the right to reject any and nil bids for said bonds. AH bids must be endowed In sealed envelopes addressed to K. K. Smith, Clerk of tho Board of Supervisors, and endorsed "PUOPOSAbS SEMI-TROPIC SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS." By order of tho BoaYd of Supervisors of the County of Horn. State of California, mado August 17. 1936. (Seal) F. R. SMITH, ~ County Clerk and Clerk of said Board. Aug. 23 to Sept. r», inc. NOTICE OF MEETING OF BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF KERN COUNTY. CALIFORNIA. TO CONSUMMATE PURCHASE OF REAL PROPERTY FOR PUBLIC PURPOSES. Notice Is hereby given that the Board of Supervisors of Kern County will meet at thalr rooms In tho County Court Houtie. City of Bakern- fleld. County of Kern, State of California, at 11:00 o'clock a. m.. Monday, September 14, 1986. for the purpose of consummating the purchase from C. L. Taylor and Ola R. Taylor, hi* wife, Raymond O. Taylor and Dora Louise Taylor, hi* wife, for the sum of $1400.00, of the following here* I natter described real property, to* wit*. The west half of Villa Ix>t 46 of Drury'a Addition In the County of Kern, State of California, as per map recorded March U. 1007, In Book 1, Pave 101 of Maps In the office of the County Recorder of said County, excepting therefrom the south 7fi feet: and affto excepting therefrom a strip 80 fcet wide on the north and west aide* thereof reserved for public roada. Said property 1« to be used for pub- Ho purposes, to-wltj for Hospital Qrounda. Any and alt person* Interested In the matter may at>0«*r at tho above mentioned time .And .place and b* PURSUANT to order of the Council of tho City of Bakersflold, Notice Is hereby given: That bids will be received at the office of tho City Clerk until five o'clock P. M. Tuesday, September 8, 1P3G, the same to be opened at a regular moating- of (he Council at eight oVIork P. M. of said date, for tho following equipment: Ono disc typo grader, suitable for iiso by tho Street Department, specifications for which may bo obtained at the offlco of the City Engineer. All bids must be accompanied by a certified check In tho sum of ten per cent of tho contract prlco which the successful bidder shflll forfeit upon failure lo enter Into the contract. Tho Council reserves tho right to reject any and all bids. Quality and adaptability to tho purpose for which tho disc type grader is Intended will be considered by tho Council In making the award, nnd prire quoted will not bo tho only determining factor. Dated; September 1, IPSC. V. VAN RIPKR, City Clerk and Kx-Offlcio CI«rk of the Council of the City of Bnk- orsfleld. Sept. 2 to 7, inc. State of California, Department of Public Works, Division of Highways, NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS 1 1 00 50 1.126 1.50 SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at tho offlco of the Stato Highway Kn^lnecr. Public Works Building. Sacramento. California, until 2 o'clock P. m. t on September 8. 1936. at which time they will he publicly opened and read, for const ruction in accordance with the specifications therefor, to which special reference Is made, of portions of Stato Highway, aa follows; Kern County, between 10.5 miles south of Bakersfleld nnd Grove street In nakcrsflold (Vl-Ker-4-C & Bkd*. about otoven and seven-tenths (11.7) miles In length to bo (traded and paved with asphalt concrete. In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 397. Statutes of 1931, the Department or Public Works has ascertained the general prevailing 1 rate of wag-es applicable to tho work to bo done to bo as follows: Skilled Labor Classification nnte per hour Tractor driver (50 h. p. and over) $1.00 Roller operator (finishing high type pavement. Including' sub- grade for tin me) Pile driver hoUttnan or operator Pile driver man....... Carpenter Operator of power shovel or other excavating equipment, shovel type controls <% cubic yard or more) Asphalt plant operator 1.10 Concrete pavement mixer operator 1.10 Master finisher, concrete pavement 1.00 Trenching machine operator.... 1.376 Blade erarter operator (finish work) 1.00 Dragline operator (except shovel „ type) 1.25 Structural steel worker 1.876 Helnforclng steel worker 1.125 Hoist man ,, 1.375 Painter 1.00 Electrical worker 1.26 Plumber 1.25 Cement finisher (sidewalks, curbs and gutters) 1.10 Concrete bridge deck finisher.. Mason .., Bricklayer Ornamental Iron worker 1.125 Noxclmnan (gunlte work) 1.00 Asphalt mechanical finisher op- Concreta pavement mechanical finisher operator 1.00 Hodcarrler ] .00 Concrete vibrator operator 1.00 Intermediate Grade Labor Tractor driver (under 60 h. p.).. Truck driver (less tlmn 4 cubic yards water level capacity).. Truck driver (4 nublc yards water level capacity or more).... Powderman Oiler (power shovels or cranes) Grader operator (towing or motor, rough work) 75 t Roller operator 90 'Driller 75 Blacksmith K2 Suligrade finisher operator 82 Hloper 75 Asphalt plant dryerman or fireman , ,. 90 Hcaderboard man 75 Floatman ., 75 Bpraygun operator (concrete pavement curing) 75 Mechanic (trouble shooter) S8 House mover Concrete worker for structures (wet and dry) Concrete mixer operator (except paving type)>...»..*.,... not shown above, shall be not than 68 cents per hour. The minimum wage paid to unskilled labor, for whlcn rales not shown above, shall be not than GO cents per hour. Overtime—one and ono-half times the above rates. Sundays and holidays (except watchmen, guards and flagmen) double the above rates. Proposal forms will bo Issued only to those Contractors who have furnished a verified statement of experience and financial condition In accordance with tho provisions of the State Contract Act, and whose statements so furnished are satisfactory to the Department of Public Works, No bid will be accepted from a Contractor who has not bowl licensed In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 791, Statutes of 1029, as amended, or to whom a proposal form has not been Issued by tho pepart- ment of Public Works. The attention of bidders Js directed to tho fact that tho work herein i>ro- posed to be done will be financed In whole or In part with Federal funds and that therefore all of the applicable Federal statutes, rules, and regulations will apply to »uch work. The attention of bidders Is particularly directed to the provisions of Section 7, article (a), subsection (5), of the Standard Specifications, regard- In^ the use of domestic malerlalii; and also to the provisions of Section 8, articles (a) and (b), of tho Standard Specifications, regarding subcontracting and assignment of tho contract, respectively. Plans may bo seen, and forms of proposals, bonds, contract and specifications may bo obtained at tho office of the State Highway dngtneer, Public Works Building, Sacramento, California, and (hey may bo seen fit the offices of the District ISnslneern at Los Angeles nnd Han Francisco, at the offlco of the District "Kntflnser of the district In which tho work Is situated, and at the offlco of tho Associated General Contractors In San Francisco and in Los Anffeles. The District Knglneors' offices are located at Eureka, Redding. Mnrysvllle, San Francisco. San Lulu Ohlfpo. Fresno, Los Angeles, San Hermtrdino, Bishop, Stockton and San DlciRo. A representative from tho district office will be available to accompany prospective bidders for an Inspection of the work herein contemplated, and Contrartortf are urged to Investigate the location, character and quantity of work to be done. wUb n representative of the- Division of Highways. H Is requested that arrangements for Joint field inspection he made n« far in advance as possible. Detailed information concerning the proponed work may be obtained from the district office. No bid will be received unless It Is made on a blank form furnished by tho Suite Highway ISnfflneer. Tho special attention of prospective bidders is called to the "Proposal Requirements and Conditions" annexed (o tho blank form of proposal, for full directions us to bidding, etc. The Department of Public Works reserves the right to reject any or all bids. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS. DIVISION OF HIGHWAYS c. H. runcEiA. Stato Highway Engineer Dated Aug. 21, 1980. Aug. 21-28, Sept. J. A. HOQLE A CO. Members N«w York Stock Exch«hQ« .lust what effect la politics having on the present market? Thin is difficult to answer but perhaps a few markers may bo pointed out, Thi« column ha* repeatedly In the last weeks stressed tho condition and trend of business. Therefore why has the market idled along In the way It has? . . To begin with the market has had a sloxv upward trend for a matter of a year and a half with only cue correction of any consequence. Many traders havo been of the view that tho market Is duo for a correction and have stayed on the sidelines In the expectation that the political campaign would be the direct cau»o of such ft correction. Instead the market haw had a sideline movement which In Itself accomplishes the same result us a rapid reaction. If business had not been eo good It is quite ikoly that a correct Ion would have been witnessed by this time. However, political uncertainties have been offset by gains and upward trends of business. To ilalo the political campaign h*ta had no effect on business and as tho campaign becomes more Intense the more one hears and reads that busl- ne«s will be good next year no mat- tor who or which party gains office, Whether one agrees or wot U oan hardly be disregarded as A» Indication of tho marked revival In confidence that has occurred since about one year ago, No more striking ts this as tho example of tho automobile business. The IftSfi production far oxceoded ex- poctAtlons At tho start of the year. Now with tho aavonl of tho \W season plans aro being laid for production of 6,000,000 automobiles. Tho ef- f«-ct oti tho «leet industry has boon previously covered. n n PrfJM I.OS ANOKU38, Sept. 4.—Stocks wore stronger thla morning on the I*o* Angeles Stock Exchange. New York Central. In the unlisted division, made a new high at 44H. Oils and financial* furnished Interest and moved higher. Of tho 32 Issues traded, H were up. 7 down nnd 14 unchanged. Volume was estimated at H.SflO shares. Quotations wore ns follows: HiRh Close Bolsa Chlca Oil A 7\i Claude Neon Kl Oil Oil A .,, Globe Grain Klnner Air Lincoln Pete ., I*. A. Industries I*. A. lnv< Mfg. Pacific Pacific Hepuhlta Petroleum 800, First Natl Southern Pacific Tranhamarlcih Wellington Oil Mining Stock! Black Mammoth Cardinal Oold Tom ^ r ^^ r ^^^^~^' T ^^ r ^^~^"^^^^^"^^^ r ^^^"^ p ~ • •^^^'^•^^•^^^^^•^'•^^^^^^^^^^"^•^^•^^•^^•^•^ • • *^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^ • ™' '^^••^^•^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^ • ' ' ^B-^B-^vr^n-n II NEW HIGHS H S. P. MARKET Crown Xellcrbach oml P. T. T. in Demand and Other Issues Up Bit NEW YORK CLOSE Pt'ett Leaned NEW YOUK, Sept. Railroads Stock— Atchtson ,, HaUlmore * Ohio..,.. Chesapeake & Ohio.... tSrlo Great Northern pfd Illinois Central Close « * * » » * » * * » » • •^v P^B v « • v ^«^ m ™ OHH.Y.H - — *?: 61 Quiet Demand Aircraft . — ^ -h < L and Specialty Slocks; Close Is Firm. ,. u M 41 16 6H! 27U 10H 2SH 27 blU 43 UH 8tfc .45 .1.20 . .42 45 20 42 SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. Shares of rtuMfio coast corporations avrrittfod a bit higher today. The market was quiet, as traitors began the holiday week end exodus from tho city. Taciflc Telephone went up 4 point* to a, now high nt t£12\fc on the stock exchange, evidently In response to declaration of a dividend of $2, after $1,50 quarterly for 3H Zollerlmrh "B" also peak al lOKVa, up H. to 1 Included Call- t/r> Ton menu, West- • « « * * * i • * t • * HO yonra. Crown roacliPtl a now Halns of i fornla Cotton, S. F. LIVESTOCK t i orn Pipe and Konubllc Petroleum. Bank of California shunned 3. Oliver "A" H. Mi* "H" ^ «»d Pacific Gna IS. Trnnsamorlca was nt 13%, unchanged, aroutid noon. ^r « -w^ Youth Accused of Automobile Theft NOTICE City of Bakersfleld Civil Service Commission for the Police Department NOTICK IS HEREBY CIIVKN that competitive examination for tho position of lieutenant of Police of tho Bakersfleld Police Department will ho held at 1:00 p. m. t September 15. 1&36. at Pire House Number 1, at Twentieth and K Streets, Bakersfleld, California. Only members of the Bakersfleld Police Department having throe years' experience aa regular paid peace officers and who nave served on the Bakersflold Police Department for not IORH than one year Immediately preceding the date of the examination are eligible. All applications must be on file with the Commission by not later than 12 o'clock noon. September 12, 1036. Further information an to applications and scope of examination nmy be secured from the Secretary of tho Police Civil Service Commission, City Hall. Bakersfleld, Callforna. OEOHGHJ F. HUGHES. Chairman, Civil Service Commission. August 29 to September 11. Inot. Frcst Leaned VENICE, Calif., Sopt. 4. Murray, 10, who gave his home as Springfield, 111., waa in jail today charged with suspicion of Bloating tho expensive automobile of James Dunn, film nctor. Ho was arrested nt tho wheel of tho car. Uo told police that ho accompanied Dunn to tho J^akcaldo Country Club yesterday and that while the actor was golfing ho was struck over tho head by a. holdup man. He lost consclotisncsfl, ho said, and knew nothing until pollen soizpcl him. Dunn said ho mot and befriended tho youth while on a personal np- pearanco tour In the cost. He also befriended him, giving him money, when Murray arrived hero two weeks ago, Dunn Bald. Neutrality Stirs " Frenchmen (Associated PrtfM Leaped Wire) PATHS, Sept. 4.—Mnsnos of France's people's front, 100,000 strong, pa- rndod In Republic Square tonight In vociferous protest against the SpanlHh neutrality policy of their chosen premier, I^eon Blum. They sang the Internationale; they raised their arms in the clenched fist flnhile of tho International left; they filed throuRh the square, shouting: "Planes and puns for Spain!" Maurice Thorcz. tho Communist loader, in a letter to iho Socialist executive committee, demanded an end to French nonintervention he- cause "foreign Fascists aro continuing to arm tho Spanish rebels." 10,000 WP A Men in "Protest Holiday" Wire) SOUTH SAN KHANC1SCO, Sept Hog« 425; butcberH »t«ndy to t 10c lower; two loadn 160 to IfiO-H). CaUfornlan $11.00. top; choice nominally quoted to $12; pnr load 103-lb. ulaughtered plf« $11,76; few packing »ow« $S.50i3TP.OO; steady. Cattle: Only ortd» and end* on nominally Kteady: few common $5.25; good under HOd-lb, f«rt absent, q\iotM tip to JS.50; f«»w gri\Hfl hoUem $6; few moiVUnv* raiigo cows $6; good quotml to $6.60; common to medium bulls $4.60^^.00, good quoted to $f>.60. Shcop 900; ulRUKhter \nmhn aeiilve, steady to 2f»e higher; good lambn show upturn; package* good 88-pound wooled Oregon lamhn $0; two UecUa modlum to mostly giioA 71-Ib. medium pell Oregona $8.Jtr». part dork good 72- Ib. medium pelt California* $8.2R; two decks medium 70-Ib, wooled Cnllfor- n)a« $7.65; few woolod 105-lb, yearling* $6.50; owes absent, choice quoted up to $3.75. L A. PRODUCE MARKET New York Central... Northern Pacific — Pennsylvania Southern Pacific Union Pacific Industrials American Can American Tel. A Tel Borden'n Caterpillar Tractor .... Clllos Service Columbia On* Consolidated tlas Corn Products Curtlss-Wrtirht VlrM National Stores Fox Film "A" General Kleotrlo Oeneral Foods Uo\A Dust Cloodyear Tire A Rubber International Harvester International Tel. & Tel 13 • k 29 H 73 4 21 44 n 39 North American Pacific Gfls Kleotrlc Radio Corporation . f*>way Stores tAttoeiattd Frc»S Leaned Wire) NEW YOHK, Sept. 4.—A 1ftU rally- in stools today put life Into a. preW lackadaisical stock market. In the ear!y proceedings communications, lilrcratts and specialties developed quiet demand* At the firm close gains ranged from fractions to 2 or more points. Transfers were around 1,150.000 shares. A little morv* tension over European nffalra was noted In tho boardrooms but domestic economic prospects continued to bolster market jrentiment* Outstanding share gainers Included Western Union, American Telephone, Douglmr Aircraft. Weight Aeronautical, \Vestlnghouse. Shattuck, Montgomery Ward. Paramount and Cerro -• M. Prt»t fanned ivirf J T,O8 A NO ICl .1CS, Sopt. 4 . l.ornl Krnturiiy Wonders. 4 SUtfflo, poorer a^ftH^'. greon port yellow wax, best 3<Ff.l*Ht\ poorer IMsmo Kentucky Wondem. fnnoy 5H®7r; t^lmft^, locnl nnd Ran IHeso county, .best SHU Ac, pooler 2o Ih. Oabbnge: T,ooAl CannonbalJ, fnlr SCo crate, fancy Sl.15^'1.40, poorer 40 ; red oahlm«e, kical *l.7&<S Colmn $2 «riitf». (luadahipe Sowhall orate, fancy $1.16; IMsmo-Oceano. Ids $1.00^1.15, 12n $1.25^1^5; local bftRt fiftO, fttff fiOt C'*«rn: I*ji>cAl 46«fGOo. fair 35 nucumbprs: l«onal Bftr; Santn. Maria Kverirreon lugs IURH 60« Herros best and GOVERNMENT BONDS Fmt Leaned Wire) YORK, (Sept, 4.— U. a. bonds closed today; Treasuries 4 Us. 47-t2, J19.r». 8 Us, 43-4o, 108.22. 4», 44-54, 114.11. 46-66, 112.20, 41, I OS. 44-4fi, 10$. 13. 46-4H, 107.8. i* a, 49-62. 108.22. i*. 46-4R, 106. fi. 3H, BJ-65. 105. If, Urapos; S«n .tonquln valley w*(»rt- .tffMitf Ib.; Mum'fttn S^S'-ic. fancy S^o t fair holdover* IHo; Hlblers Rod Malagas 2< ; Toknys, t.odl romltdu MiinciUa 2c Ib., boldnvera 25o IUR; Inral Concord K, best 3** Ib. Paa*: )Muniu-O(*eano, OusUatupo and Arroyo (trando pole, II*»M RH^flo Ib.. late HiUos lOQltuio, fair jmorer 0<{$flH<*; himh C1T 7c; t-ounty hutfb CilttfTc Ib. Votfttopn: Stork ton Wlpi*nn fair (2 owl,, ordinary $1.50; Orfrpnn U. S. No. \ UiiKfctK |2.40; Irwiil \Vblt* Hone, best $2.26^2.35. fnlr $1.8G$'2.00 e w (. Hnufifdt: I,nrn1 ll.OOfil.lft, funny IT, s. Uubber Union Carbide A Cnrbon. United Aircraft Warner ttrothrrs AV AS tern Union Weirttnirhoufee Electric Woolworth J. r. Penney Trftn»ftm*rtca Metal* Amerlonn SmcltlnK ... Anaronda Tletblrbrm St^**l international Niokol .. Kenneeott Oonper ..... Republic Steel P. S. Stool .... Vanadium Steel Tobacco and American Sugar American Tobacco "A" American Tnl>accr> "H" <*»Vmn Amerlrfln MUKO Orent \\>Ri<*rn Sugar. H. J. HoynoMs "TV. Oils Atlantic neftnlng ... r .> t * t PASCO. Improvement was registered by Packard. United Aircraft, Sears Roebuck. Standard Oil of New Jersey, Northern Pacific, Southern Pacific, Standard Brands, Warner Bros,, General Ha king- and Standard Gas pre» forred. t «*B»t'»* • **••»* • •It • 4 • » 6S * > I I « £2 70% 1 . * » t I » t t * t u k 1 * * 4 • » Mexican Keaboar*! 32 Union ril of ('HllfnrniA,....... Slniutwrd of New Jersey Sooouy Vftcvutm Texan Company . ,. .., Tidewater Ans'n *i»*»wi Motort Auburn Motors ... 35 62 (I'nltcd Fret* Leattfd Wire) LOS ANQKLES. Sept. 4.— Butter Kxtrnjt. 3 ft ^r. Prime flr«tn, 34%c. Htandardp, 34c.. Undergrudea, 3SHc. Egg* (Candfed) I.ari<e—Clean extras Sic; light dirty extras 20c; cloan standards 27c; light dlny »tnndardn 25c: checks 2"c. Mcdlums—Clpan oxtras, 25Hc: light dirty extras 25c: clean standards 84c; liKht dirty utandurdR 23r; chocks 22c. Small—Clean extras ISc; Hght dirty extras I7o. Case counts 22o. Poultry Prlc<« liens, I-cghorns, 2 l i to -i i 4 . Urns, leghorns, over 3U and up to uminds. t*c. IlpnA !«*ghiirna. o%*er 4 pounds. As, RH, 46-47. 104 IT, 48-61. 102.M. 61-54. 102.3. Federal Farm Mortflaoe 42-47, 103.f>. 49 UCKM I( >4.4. 64, 105.13. Hom» Owners Loan A f»2. I0:t.28. 43, 102.4. 42-44, 102.4. Mummer. !-£!., fair Rr»f: Dalian, dark $1 l.'.fjfl 25. fnm\v $1. fnlr S.'fi^Oo. light rnlored Bf.ftf 7."n\ yollow rrnokiHH-U t»OcflT$l .00. » • Hen*, colored, 3>i to 4 pounds. 20c. Hens, colored, 4 pounds mid up, 23c. 1 and up to 1H 1V» and up to 2U «7 SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS 1 SAN KHANCISCO. Kept Stock— Ass. )na. Fund 4 ¥ *. -. niBh Crown Sell, com. VTC. Crown /oil, Dfd. A 8 106 Vfc * t * * 37 m; * 4 1 Lea*ed MINNEAPOLIS, Sopt. 4.—AB 10,000 \VPA workers wore callod off their Jobs today for a four-day "protest holiday," tho last biff flour mill In Minneapolis wan ready to shut down ufter pickets prevented employee from reporting for work. Tho pickets, estimated by union loaders to number 1000, Hurroundod an area almost two blocks square nnd stopped more than 300 day em- ployes of tho Waahburn Crosby flour mill from entering the mill. There was no dtRordor. Crown Xell. pfd. B.,. General Paint A.... General Paint com,,, (Soldoi! Hlato l*td Mapnavox j,td Mafftiln oom Mai-chant C'al. roin ^4 P. G. o-nd K. com Par, l/lKh(. oom PRO. Pub. Hvce. com. Pac. Pub Svo. 1st pfd..., 25U P, T, and T. com. ,, 132^ P. T. and T. pfd .M49H Hapuhllc Potrnlcum 10^ Sou. Puc. Oolden O»ln A.. 4 Standard Oil of Calif Tide Wator com Ti'ansamerloft .. 13-« Western Plpo Calif, com, SB 106H 37 21 Tomatoes: Ventura county Stones nnd Olnticp, IURJ* 4x&n Jt.15511.25, 5xf>» Jl,nr>Ql,50, Oxila POo^fil, San Ulepo pounty Stones 4xfi« $1.00(8)1.10, 6x5» (LSH/OxOn S5t"ff$l; local, 4.Xon I>AAI 90o 0$l, fair 7RtfS6c: fix6». best H.OO^ 1.15, fair TA^TdOc, Cx6h Tf^f-OOo; Pon- Vwiluru county, 4x&« J1.1,Vii v tl.f)0, OxflH $t.00^1.1 fi; local IUR, \Vnii»rn»<»lon«: TnicU Inndii, ton local aud Sun Jomjutn vnUoy Klf>ndlUp« and lo 24 l.Stt. St TlrnUrn lioll«*r Cqulpmanti Amortcau i'ar Amorioan l*«>c Hnldwln I..ocomotlv« Ovnoral Tank filowart Wurner ... U 6 t. t' *> M over pounds, 20c. nroll«rx. ovfr poundfl. 20o. Fry«>]•«. l,**Khorns, to 3 \>oundi«, Prycrs. pounds, Fryor«i, colored, over 4 pouiuls, U'iv float*tevR, m>ft l>ouc, over 4 pouiuin and up, :v; and up up to 3*i ana up to Harrcd Rocks, 20c. ••••• • * * • * 67 U 20 U. Roaatora, soft bone, other than Barred Rocks, over 4 pounds and up. 2 Or CHICAGO GRAIN utrlpew. IK to 22 Ibn. Ibn. $12. (small and ordinary Wheat L. A. CASH QRAIN 4.--rirnInn H*»|H*Miiher, $1.0d%&1.10 I4c. May Corn — 8nptftmh*»r. B6H4HAHc; May, Stag*. rm^stoi-H, Oc. klfngff, -* 1 -! pounds &nd up. Ducklings, u»»der 4H pounds, 3 Old ducks, lie, OeeHo, 160. Younjr lorn ttirkeys, 13 pounds and up to 18 pounds, li+o. Yo\i»g lorn turkeys, over IS pounds, 2 Or. Hen turkeys, fl pounds and up, lOc. old torn turkeys. I4e. Old hen turkeys, 14r Hquabs. under H pounds per do»*n» 37H * i • t V* 7H % i • »» ',4 Frcm Lcntfd T.OK AXOIiir^H. Sept. 4.— Current local tcraln tiuutai\ouN woro roportod by thn l'Vd*»rHl-Htflt« Market N«w» Kffrvluo an fallows: <l*rlron quoted are cwt,, field run, in carload* only): No. 2 yellow rorn, bulk, prompt do- llvei-y. rail. |2. 47^*2. 4». corn, quirk delivery, bulk, Out tt-~Hept ember. 42H« Moy. 43S<'. 83e Hurley her, 70c. September, December, December, ; Uccem- 11 pounds per doien and i2«r, Squabn. up, 2fie. Capons, under 7 pounds. Canons, 7 pounds and up, 28c ItubbltH, No. V whtu 3H to pound*, each lie. HubbUft. No. 1 mixed Ami 4H pounds, each 9c Hahblls. No. i old &c. 4H colors* TREASURY REPORT 10 4 an 3S FOREIGN EXCHANGE 1 1 1 25 00 875 68 75 ,75 ,82 NOTICE OF SALE SAMfl OP BANKRUPT confuting of ambulance-hoarse, undertaking equipment, casket*, house* hold furniture, offlco furniture and Incidental*; may be socn at Bakor's TraiiBfer & Storage, 2121 Sixteenth Street. Bakftrhflftld. Rld^ win be rao#lv«d upon or before TucHday, *Sept. 15th, at the office of P. 8. IxwgorlH. Tru»t*ft, 1700 K Street, Bakersfleld, and munt be in writing and accompanied by 10% of bid. Sept. 4 and 5; Sept. 9 and 10. Hard to Get Crew for Dollar Liner 77 Dated August li», 1936, . ; , Clwfc -of .'A,M&URt SI to September * L ' - . a'-"''-, - • IH, Board. Jl, Inc. Pipe layer (does not include culverts) 88 Hunman <£unU« work) 75 Transit mix operator 93 OH distributor hootman 76 Unskilled Labor laborer , , 60 Teamster 60 Bridge laborer 69 Handyman .(roustabout) .60 Watchman 60 Ounrd , .60 f ^.., ,.., f .60 not luted above' will be allocated In accordance with the definition* which appear In the wpeclat provision* «M interpreted In the Uf*U of tliU claiwlflcauon. ; The minimum wa*re paid to all skilled Inboy, 'for.wfcleh rat&« ar* not shown above, -Khali be not ICHM than $1.00 per hour, The minimum wage, paid to ail tabor, for. which rates are (AttocfQtcd Prcst Lcatcd N FRANCISCO, Sept. flculties woro encountered today In Btgnlng a dock crew for the Dollar liner President Hoover nnd there wan a poBHlbfllty it would not sail on Hchedulo for Honolulu and tho orient. The dispute centered around the discharge of Charles Branner, crew member, called an "agitator" by company officials. The stiUors demanded Branner be reinstated. OFFICIAL HOLDS 80 JOBS NEW lagJvEAD. Ont., 8ept. 4. (V. P.)—Wallace McOJrr. Hailaybury police chief, has been given another job—his thirtieth. He was holding down 29 different posit Ions whan, the town council decided ho didn't have enough to do and appointed him of* fjcial town weed innpector. MMK U6NIN APPROVES MO8COW,. Kept. 4- (A, P.>widow of , Nfkolai l^enin i>ut Htamp of apprbval today on the I'cuUb.h" of Gregory * Zlnovfatt, t«ooit and 14 other Trotky plot- her elgian Balloonists Cut 3-Year Records (Astoctattd Fret$ Leased Wire) WARSAW, Sept. 4.—The Belgian balloontBts, Demuyter and Hoffman, apparently broke iho hold Poland haa held three years on tho Gordon Bennett International contest today, landing near Archangel In North RuHBla aft *r covering 1760 kilo- meton* (approximately 1087 miles). Two German balloons and Uir*a Pollah bngn Btlll weto unroported, but officials doubted they would equal tho performance of the "Belgica." ^ 8UICIDK ON SHIP NEW VOHK. Hcpt. -4. (U. P.)— Nnf- tali Ix>ffflholx HrandHtattor commit- lod suirido today aboard the Ward liner Orient e ofl it B lea mod into Now York harbor bringing him ba«k from Cuba to face a narcotic chargo In Ix>8 Angeles, Captain O. Seastrom radioed his office hore. CIRCUS EATS 6000 PANCAKES TOLEDO, Sept. 4, (U. P.V-A breakfast of 6000 flapjacks IH the usual menu for tho ponvonne] of T^lngllng Brothers and Barnum &. Bailey cir- cu«—take the word of Jerry, the chef. Ho ha* to feed 1800 of them dally. NIKITA BAILKFF DIES NEW YORK, Sept. 4. (A, P->— NJktU Baileff, 65, Ruaalan director of the "Chauva SouH"*' and famftd aa a witty mastor-of-cerernonl«»»» died last night after an Illness of two daya Buffering from a kidney alt* ment. l ONTARIO CITIES GAIN , Ont,, H«pt. 4. (15. Oplarlo'a population la mov- to the clticw, tho I»ndon Cham- of Cpmmerce repoKii. A table 0000 (United t*rf9S f,eait><1 Wire) NRW YOHK, H«pt. 4,- JOnffland, pound, 6, 03 * 4 . Rngland 60 day bill ral*. i>-0;J Canada, dollar, 1.00. France, franc, .OC6R 6-10, off 8-16, Italy, lira, .787. llelffium, bolfja, .1690^, up Oernmny. murk, ,4023, Swltaprland, frano, .32fll. Holland, guilder. ,67S9 off .0001*4 Spain, peseta, unquote Sweden, krona, .2fiP1 Norw'uy, krone.. . Japan, yon, .2948U. California whont, sacked. No. 1 »oft or No. 1 Imrd whllo, fl,fi2H California ImrUy. nnoked. 44 Ibn., No. 2 hrlKht wontorn. $1.60; No. 1, 40 No. WAHH1NUTON, Sept. llon of the IrcRBury for 4. -The September 2. r BAR SILVER * I $0&,66r» ( 21t0.42 f oxpontltlurev, California yellow tutlo. X'l 70 T*>**'* 1 balance. $1.878,300,- r*celpvn for tUo m»tuh, INTENTIONS TO WED «en, bulb 26, of and V'erua K . Knud- IJbby, $70.460.41(0. 35H.H; cu 11.942,01*0,19- RACAlpu for \\\f flncal year (»inc« July 1), $ii&7.42&,097.25; exp*ndllorc», $t.oSl.S«3,7<Wl.«t f tnctudtnK $358.012.- 90&.1K of emergency axpendlturew; ex- ce«» of expenditures, $373,938.063,66; gro*» debt, $33,37J,097,U(t8.7.t A do- croaan of $5,81*3,253 under the previous day; gold aBneln, $10,717,344.696.63. {Associated /Vet* Lrattd Wire) NK\V YOUK, Sept. 4,—Bar silver steady and unchanged at 44*U\ f •I 1 ton. 32. and Uakomfleld. Inn K, Hdmln- Webb. 22, of METALS MARKET 6000 LOS ANQELES LIVESTOCK 1 Johnson, 24, of Shaftor, nnd H, MelnrlchH. 17, of H. Kllou SMITH - CAUTKR — Wondro Hmiih, 22, of Mnrh-opa, and K. Carter, IS, of Tofl. \ M OWKN"MOOHK-1irninrd II. 21, of Kcllow?. and Margaret ftfonro, JS, of Tafl. H. {4 tune-toted Fren Ltftfed Wire) NKW YORK. 8*pt 4.—Copper quiet; eleotrolytlc »pm and futum 19.75; export ll>,76. Tin firmer; upcfi and nearby §43.60(343.02^; future J43.00043.I2H- I.ead Htendy; npot New York $4.C00> 4.or*; KM at St. Lxniln 14.4S. Xinr dull; Kpast 81. Tx*uirt itpot and future M.Bft. Qul*'k»tlvrr }K3.!iOti90.00 Iron, aluminum. antUn<»ny, pmtlnum and wolfra- mite BIRTHS Leanfd Wire) T,0fi ANOKLKff, Sept. 4.—Hog*. 50 Btoatly. lop fU.60, HOWB $8,00®P.OO. Cattle, 800; praftirnUy no *t««•!•** fcrea, oihftr olftwuft* Kt»a<ly, cholr« *t«cr« qiiotAd to $0.00, medtum heifer* 60 down. HOWB $4.75 grnxle» $2.70W4.M), mlvcw, mertium CH.IVMI $6.60, choice quoted to $D.&0. Bh«*np, nont*; goorl wooled quoted »8.500».00. FUNERALS STKVKNH --To Mr. and OUn Bt«v«iiM. HouiA 2. Mr* Box Or>'« THE WEATHER Kacramento, Santa Clara and San Joatjuln valleys: Fair tonight and Saturday; * lightly wanner Saturday; northwest wind. Kan Francisco Ha>* region: Cloudy tonight. WemulUK fair Saturday; moderate temperature; gvntlo to moderatfl w*s( wind. Northern California: Fair tonight and Saturday but occasional cloudiness near coast; slightly warmer In interior Saturday; gentle to moderate northwest wind off the «ORSt. Sierra Nevada: Fair toniisht and Saturday; somewhat warmer Saturday; gentl" WWM wind. KaliuaK valley: Fair tonight and Saturday, but morning fog In lower valley; slightly wanner Saturday; northwest wind Southern California: Fair tonight and Saturday but oloudy In west east portion; off coast. northwest cutter vealers lambd »i«v«ns. Iloutft z. HOX oi3. a nR|^NTT--AH a result of ohaugPK In So[>t^mV»or 1 at Kern General - origuili | p i BIMI fur th , funeral i-f Mr. and Mrs. 1'oque-lUs U01 Lincoln alre«t, a daughter, Kepipnibcr 2 at Kern General Hospital. —-• •- LOS ANQELES HAY I f'te** Lfatrd Wire) LO8 ANUKLKS. Kept. 4.™ Hay, f. o. b. Ix>» AngeleH. per ton: Choice harJoy. lU.OOCTtH.OO. Cholro oatn, $U.OO€$t6,00. Alfalfa, delivered llynnv or El Monte: U. B. No. 1 extra leafy rabbit, $U,GO .00, H. No. 1. $15,50e$16.00. leafy, li&.(M). $13-50, niTCHRY Httrh^y. man C Ocneml UUHIIOM Uurroii), Arm and U«n«ral To Mr. and Mr* N«wman fluttonwl11t>w, « noil, Nor- September 2 at Knrn Mm. Cfttlnrlno Ktreot, ro»ary in At niAfia will Kftthcr M. J. rhurch *t P 4/ clock Hc-ianty, will 2$«i H hoW ?;30 «"<! by llifl llev. at St. Krancls turda morn- To Mr. and Mm. Wayne Uuttrmwlllow, a dauxhtvi', Hue, Hepleinber 2 at Kern HoHpttal. U, t?. U. TITUS—To Mr. and Mr», ChaHee Ti- tun, 1207 M street, H daughter, Charlotte Prftiic«a, 8epumb«r 2 at Kent Oenorui r T S. S. No. 8 No. 2. COTTON FUTURES ing ber NWW YOHK, H*pt. tur«* c4o»«d very ,— Cotton f by Iho chamber r».vjr>aU i ?p?5 that 10,033 more people Hvo In towns j and piiie* than Jn rural corn- March, open n.ts, elo»e U-TiTj May, clo*e U.7«$n,TT; July, II.76T; October, opon 3«l»ll.6«: KAURIS— To Mr. and Mm, Jap Far- rU, Houu S, Box 661 -B 4 a won, Ke tember 2. at Horn General Hospital. - 5 aU-BKHT— To Mr, and Mr*. Roy O»- bfert, UlvervUw, a *«n, Knptentber at Kern Genera! Hospital. Inf. HakffrNf|«ld ami Taft roun- ' r!ls of the Knighitt of Columbu* will form n Kunrcl of honor at the riies. w ill o« ttt Urenrilawn i with Jiun^H Stuck. Jo^ fttelner, «ylvc«t«r Well*. I'hll Ben- ' rand, Stt»v« Valmitlcli and Adolph ' 8t Marfft a« pttlll^Hrvni. Mrs. D*- ; Uniy was the \vif» of Malt Dvlanly. , »tato warden of Hi* Knights of Columbus. _ ACKUX— KuuerM a«rviu*» for Mr*. 1 Mary Mftoklin, 78, of 25U H *tr*»et. ; were oonduct«d at Kltcklnger-niglsr I chapel at 10 o'clock tliU morning, j wtih thr lleverenrt M«««r«, Halston Hcynolds officiating, interment I In Union cemetery. Mrs. Mack- i Jin was the wife of Kamucl U. i Mackltn, veteran rallruad worker! her« and WHM active in the dl«t Church. open 11,69. H.TO. MKHHALr/**A *on wa» born fa Mr. aud Mr*, WIHard W. MwrfcU 2201 Buena. Vlita atr««t, this morn- t Inff. Tho baby 1» tbo flr»t child and will bf? nam«d John K«Uogr- Mra. C, 4 ( Carlson of 1«0» Ancclen, mother of Mr*. MftrnUl, U JIOON—To Mr and Mr»». Troy Moon, 1014 H atrcct, a *oiu Brsou Troy. ete kMfHOf TtUphea* I Fes te Investors 1915 HOGLE ri i , : Vi •,-i - I f 3 * ^ 1 L- - - " - i - i M • - •. I- A'.' r. *j

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