The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 29, 1950
Page 9
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PAGE NINE BLITHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, APRIL », 1990 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding HOUM with Maj. Hoople H6LL-0/ X-ftJ&ttT tO rtoCSC-COLLAR -TMIS HARDWARE AfcOUWDVOOR BUT COMC <M MY WORD.' STAGE-SETTlriG TO WALK IM OsS.'-^MARThtA.MV tlEAR, FRESH AS A KWM PK50AMTA9 BARBECUE SAUCe/-".rtA/600D SAD MEWS BURke-— NOW LISTEN-- DOMT GET FANIC1C/' ER MOTMIW.' I'VE JUST HAD A LITTLE TIME TO THIN K--SHOD LDMT YOU HAVE seet-J TH' TOP NAAM IN THIS-THIS SITUATIONS'! KEEP COOL/ OBO1L IT ALL'S WELL= HEROES ARE KAADe-MOT 6ORM Owt hj HEA SEtVKTE. MC KKECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS BY KEUULL BL08BU The Piper Political Announcement The Courier News has been author- lied to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8 FOB COUNT* JUDGE Roland Green F<W STATE REPRESENTATIVE L. H. Aulry Re-election Post No. 3 John Cowan Kenneth S. Suker Post No. 2 E. C. "Gene" Fleeman u^(For re-election Post No. 4) ^P For State Senator W. E. Nicholson J. Lee Beardon Our Telephone Number 4438 Shelron Motor Co. . LOAN S ON CARS, TRUCKS AND TRACTORS United Insurance & Main Rear City D Klytheville, Ark. RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 \ye Pick Up and Deliver Fred Callihan 110 So: First St., Rlylheville AS the door shut behind her cm- ployei. ^temency drew a deep breath. Well! So the sting was tn the taiH She did not koow whether to laugb or be furious Surely Mrs. Joo Amberley could not DC tinder The impression thai the new .nursery governess was irying xo attrart tiie ownei ol ftedi Aloes, Vhe Idea oroughi • *wlft, a a g r j color intc ^leniency 1 * cheeks, fbe memory ot thas cots- versation remained with oe« for the rest of the -iay and she took good care to keep Baba to that side of the nouse—not even venturing beyond the courtyard, though *he was dying lo explore the oasis outside When she nad put Bab* to bed she went back into the day nursery where the table was already lalt for her dinner She did not (n the least mind the idea of that solitary meat But when, her dinner over, and cleared away she sat. anishmg vest which she was Knitting to Baba, it was not Jon but hi? broth er who occupied nex thoughts. Of one thing Clemencry was quite determined, come what might no on at Red Aloes should nav« the chance of thinking that she w; oo* of those young womeo wh so unfortunately did not reti Piers Amberley's antipathy Finding that she nad run sho of wool, she rose and went the other room tn search of som She bad put it Into one of th dressing-table drawers, and as sh -Hilled the drawer ou* she saw fleeted ID the tnirroe a small, faded sprig oA orange olossom — the xke Piers oad given aei uiat morning WiUi an ahnjpl Utile sccstur* the picked rt up th« taint $c*ni wwf wafted up tc tier to aave thrown thost faded Bower* »w*t nc wouid nave nad tc sirry them bach tntc the cursery P-ernap* « meant to do that: but LnsteM) . opened a ooofc ot poem? which 05 oo the dressing table, and iut the flowers Inside tt H.EMKNCV nad oeec «o sure •* that she would fill oei Say* in a new tot) and If she grcv Dored ie muid always turn for mttce i th* bookf <Ae nad - brought long with tier But those first eeks were not easy. fhen. at the end of net second •eeK in the way ol the Algerian iimate. the weather brofce — gr&y net T oofc the place of blue, am ie ram came down tn a steady eluge Cooped up in the nursery wing 3aba soon became bored: arw x^red children ' are apt to be ughty onea There was >omethlng ol n« Tiother's sellishneas bo Baba, aJ lied to a streak at the rather mulish obstinacy which Clemency ad already discovered in Joo Am lerley — one could not blame trite child of discord lor the doubtfu bulb -gifts hex parents had be stowed oo her. Today Baba ,tiad made up her mind that oo persuasion would Induce her to like any l<«>d that wi pui in trout ol QCT ^ nee W w; plain this was sheet ^u&sedne ant. not impending illness. Clemency insisted thai she should at ' least eat some custnrd pudding, which she knew the child adored. Baba wa* glowering at the table when hex tather came in "The trouble is," explained Clemency in a iow. voice, "that w* wont eat, and we must finish our "Oh; perhaps we don't feel like ft." said Joo easily "She's cot 'teej iick!" announces tiab* "Hum Uaba. ' iyiupathizeo Jon on UM o«'U r*»d 1C Whim very flucrmfully Mid It." il «tw fell ftcfc. tuccevtcd Clem- icj quietly. b«d »•* th* best ace A nowU Baba, scrambling down. ran to net utnef denoeocy could i v* asserted 0*1 authority out c thought cn«re «ra# • omc and lac* Tor ewerythin* It did oo< tasi many minute* war romping madly vttta tMf father But ml thJ» notol Ciemencj eli that • re-tmpo«in« of disci- line wa* really oeoeasary. and announced: afteroooo "Tirm for youx rm . darling." "NoT said Babav •^ea. [ft really bod tor ber tc et «o excited alter lunch. Mr Amberley." No." reiterated Baba with Mo- otovian determination, LEMKNCVS patience was at an end. and picking up na ctuugc she wa* carrying ner wreauning and kicking, into tbe oignt ours- wheo the door benlnd b«f opened, and turning oez bead she saw that Syrte bad entered Baba. whoa* mouth wa» opeo te emit another ear-plemnfc UowL broke off oo the QrsT oote. and burying ner face again*! ency. burst mto very real team of frightened surprise. "Put net to bed at oooe," ordered Syrie "Want to ro to bed, Bnba. foe whom the siruatioo drastically changed, Coming back a few minutes later she wa* aware ot raised voices, and In time to bear Jon say: -Naturally you would agree wttb someooe who make* the kid miserable—" He broke ofl, flushing as tus eyes otet the cold surprise of Ciemency*a. Syrw> brittle laugh orofce tne silenoe. daugbtea Nonoo? 1 "Hang 'Are you ill-treating GUI at my instigation, afis« HP exclaimed dkint mean—™ (To Bv C*nUnvr4> The FBI examined 792.029 fingerprint arrest records in 1949. 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Alec Steel wasn't the type. Sol packed niv toothbrush and automatic. IHEGRAM. MR. HINT TELEGBAMS 5PtU TCOUBVt A*JO TROUBLE BUSINESS FOR PRIVATE EYES. VOOHG Tewipornry Flclief BY LESLIE TURNEM IT53WOOP...BROKEM' PIECES OF ftM OLD LftDDER. PRDBftBLV! I'MBGOT MftTCHE&i AND ENOUGH PAPER /V\OVINS VEny siowLVi EASV 1OTESTISMES THANK HfAVEJIS nnttt B*CIC_B1IT Wt IF cue ^VSOL FLRSHLIGHr 1 »S STILL »9 WU C*Nl THEY ABEH'T SO SOE5OUT,rt.L\J.IKELV TO ATTACK—»U», WHAT'S THAT? DIE BEFORE THEY TIME T0 ~IM»SC / ~t— r~-i "i <i x~rt*. L^K^K^^^ r t n \.Vj THIS OUGHTft KEEP THE •. LIOHT WHILE FIGURE AWWOUT BUGS BUNNY LtSTEN, DOC, I BEEN PUSHEP AROUND ENOUSH.' I WANTA FPNO OUT WHAT'S THIS ON MX THBBC BUCKS SPIRL.IN' A NEW CRAWTHIT" ? i—" THAT V. T. HAMLIK ID COME IN EVEN IF I DID LL RI6HT. COME ON IN... IF VOU HAVEN'T ANY MORE LIVE BOOM IS PRETT) .THEY WANT TOCOf-E HOME BY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES CM ,\ 07 P, 9 RO'SOtM ,D F>M\O '.

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