Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on October 9, 1966 · Page 26
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 26

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1966
Page 26
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PAGE 30 ANDERSON SUNDAY HEKALD SUNDAY, OCTOiiK 9, 19«6 Better Roads Wanted For Indiana Topic Of Discussion Next Weekend BLOOMINGTON - Wanted: Better Roads Indiana. in Southwestern ident of Highway 37 Association, and James E. Fields, executive director, Evansville's This topic, pointed up sharp- j Future, Inc. ly by the attraction of Indiana The meeting is sponsored sections of the state as well as particularly in the fall. local persons. Lucas added that the hade- The session is scheduled for * ci «L of " November-Like Dixie Chill, Warm Midwest Mix Weather Picture IU President Elvis J. Stahr, ! not just a regional issue. Alumni Secretary- Claude Rich,: . and Bloomingtori Mayor John- As a . ma J or **< ° hues of fall foliage on the hills, will be the subject for discussion Saturday morning, Oct. 15. on the IU campus. JH. Hooker Jr." Speakers will be Lt. Gov. The meeting will feature 0 - .. Robert L. Rock; Martin J.|preliminary report on a survey \ mo <* accessible to the general Hayes, executive director, In- being conducted on the feasi- : P UDllc ' diana State Highway Commis-jbility of a toll road in South- ; Nearby Monroe Reservoir is _.. directly linked __ __ ray service throughout the! By United Press University's upcoming" week-the Roads Committee of the In- ; union" BuMng" u"is"oDcn"to' Stat? . ? nd '" .^ordering states.! A •---'•• end of Homecoming activities; diana University Alumni Asso-lthe general public : ' Rl ? ht no , w ' ' ll ls the sparkling water on Mon-jciation, with chairman Robert! ^ nointed out that the a w roe Reservoir, the state's larg-i A. Lucas of Gary presiding. need for roads in the south PAMIIVSTIH^ est lake and the brightening Also on the program will bc [W estern portion of Indiana is SOUTH BEND lnd atmosphere ike chill to Saturday and September- like warmth to the Midwest and Northeast. Conservative, Liberal Court Gap Widens sion; Robert A. O'Neal, Indiana j western Indiana. jdeveloping _into a major recrea- The role of the family in the; Up to five inches of rain fell conservative wings of the Su on Florida. ipreme Court widened during C.e "population explosion" will bej The New Orleans Weather tribunal's last term, the Ameri- State Police superintendent;! The meeting is expected to 1 tion area for the entire state, ' . .. Harold Gossman, Bedford, pres- ; draw alumni leaders from airwhich will require road im- les ° ne sala ' " ~ - — •- ^provements *" fc -"" "•- — the main campus at 1.17. he examined Dec. 1-3 at the fifth i Bureau ordered a hurricane out should be made University of Notre Dame con-watch for the Texas coast ference on Population. Dr. Wil-; Hurricane Inez moved west- liar T. Liu is chairman of thej w ? r <l from a P°int about 350 conference. Participants srei m " es southeast of Brownsville among the best known experts| Tex " but was expected to turn ,-- .. . . < '™ {le >d of Population stud- to bear the creased traffic, he said. The area has long attracted! visitors from over th« PROGRAM A SUCCESS VINCENNES. lnd. (AP) officials ! EDITORIAL SUPPORT I TERRE HAUTE, Ifld. (AP);The Terre Haute Tribune has given editorial support to Elden C. Tipton, Democratic 7th District Congressional candidate. iijsaid Saturday the school's new evening division is a success wtih about 200 students enrolled in 12 courses. Most of the enrollees work during the day and take night classes- which include ground instruction in flying. . _ , Oct. 5 editorial said Tipton BEATLE TO STAR should be supported mainly be- and enthusiasm which he has manifested in his campaign for Congress." THE HOUSE OF THE WEEK HOLLYWOOD (UPI) _ northwest. The temperature dipped to 50 at Atlanta early Saturday, a degree cooler than Watertown, N.Y. Charlotte, N.C. had 43, a degree cooler than Duluth, Minn. Richmond had 38, two degrees colder than Fargo, N.D. Asheville, N.C., had 34. 0. I. Osborne, Anderson City visor, is -among 66 driver educators and specialists who will attend the two-day General Motors Driver Education Conference beginning Monday, Oct. 10, three singing mates temporari- at the GM training center, Van ly, will star in "How I Won The Dyke and Chicago Rds., War- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING THE PEOPLE'S MARKETPLACE Office Hours: 8 A.m. to 6 p.m. 3 LINES OR MORE: Weekly Rate—-29c per line per day Three Days—33>/3C per 11. per day One-day Ad—42c per Itae per day TWO-LINE MINIMUM RATE Charge 11.00: Cash 80c WASHINGTON (AP) - The MONTHLY RATE^koo PER LINE gap between the liberal and Discount of 2U per cent is allowed for cash or for payment of advertising within seven days after billing date. The above rates cover the total cost of the ad in both The Herald and The Bulletin Classified. The Ads are set only In 6 point and 12 point light faced type; 12- point type is charged as two can Jewish Congress said Saturday. 1 ren, Mich. Lots of Living Space in English Tudor By ANDT LAN'S Houses with individuality usually come in large sizes. But here's one that will fit en a fairly narrow lot. It's a version of that old English Tudor houses that dot the countryside from London to Liverpool to Plymouth. Much of the distinctive charm of this l ! ?-story house comes from its triple-gable front view. The second floor rooms are roofed from front to rear instead of from side to side. Adding to the overall effect of exterior materials — smooth stucco, half timber and brick. Note, too, how the front entrance porch is weather-protected by a gable roof extension. Using the F.H.A. minimum side yard aggregate requirements of 10', this home, without garage, could be built on a 50-foot-wide lot. With a one-car garage, as thown in the first-floor plan, only a 60-foot lot would be needed. Usually, in a narrow-lot house, a foyer is difficult to provide, as is good circulation. Both are designed in here by architect Rudolph 38'-"8' A. Matern with a minimum of wasted hall space. Even though the foyer, ii not centrally located, but is at the left, the traffic pattern is excellent. The formal living room-dining room area, the kitchen and the bedroom sector each can be entered directly from the foyer. The sunken living room is full of interesting details. There are two nostalgic windows seats, one on each side of a corner fireplace, which has a high, timber mantel. Th-e ceiling is cathedraled and beamed, and there is a see-through grill to a second-floor studio room. Beyond the living room Is a dining room, with corner windows at right angles and with accessibility to the kitchen and a private porch. The kitchen has t full service area as well as a breakfast section. Stub walls and brick-patterned resilient floor tiles set aside the eating area .so that it has the appearance of a separate room. Like the dining room, the kitchen also has an entrance to the porch. There are three bedrooms on the first floor, along with Hi baths. Located here, as in the homes of early ff-4 ENGLISH TUDOR: Th» well-earned reputation of the English Tudor architectural ityle for solid construction is reflected in this modified version, which has a look of strength as well as more than 2200 square feet of living space in its 1 'A floors. SUNKEN LIVING ROOM: From the foyer, one gets the immediate view of the striking living room, with its beamed ceiling and twin window seats on either side of the fireplace. America, is the stairway to the second floor. The bedroom hall contains an extra- sized linen closet — 9' long and of a depth to make access of all items simple. On the second floor are two bedrooms, a bath and a generous amount of closet space. But the big feature is a studio with a cathedral ceiling and roof skylight. While designed as a studio, it can, of course, be used as a study area, recreation room or even a sixth bedroom. The Tudor style, which had its beginnings during the reign of the English House of Tudor, always has been noted for exceptionally sturdy construction. This one is no exception. But its modest size keeps construction costs at a minimum for the space provided. There are 1500 square feet of living area on the first floor, not including the porch and garage—and 731 additional square feet on th-e second floor. Second floor ptan FLOOR PLANS: This is a well laid-out circulation pattern, with cross-traffic at a minimum, a not inconsiderate designing feat when a fairly narrow lot makes it practical to place the entrance foyer to one side rather than at the center. G-51 STATISTICS Design G-51 has a sunken 'living room, dining room, kitchen, breakfast room, three bedrooms, IVi baths, a porch and a garage on the first floor. Total habitable area on this floor, not including the porch and qaraqe, is 100 square feet. Two bedrooms, a bath, plenty of closet space and a spacious studio are on the second floor, with the living area totaling 731 square feet. Overall, dimensions are 50' by 53'2" which includes the garage. HOW TO BUILD, BUY OR SELL YOUR HOME Full study plan information on this architect-designed House of the Week can be yours now. It comes to you in a handy folilur with a baby blueprint showing each floor and all elevations plus "Tips on Building a House." The price is only 50 cents. Send to The Anderson Herald, P.O. Box 992, Gen. Post Office, New York 1, N.Y. . Enclesed is SO cents for baby blueprint on design G-51 Enclosed is $1 for YOUR HOME booklet Q Name _ Street- City .__ State i (For first class handling of plan desired, enclose long, | self-addressed and stamped envelope). fib /tome /cant twice 4S88 t^ Magic Mortgage Plan ^Open-End Mortgages fHome Improvement Loans Come In this week for full details ANDERSON LOAN ASSOCIATION MAIN OFFICE: TENTH AT JACKSON • TELEPHO.N E 644-7771 But it said liberal justices still were clearly in the majority, their position solidified by the voting record of freshman Justice Abe Fprtas. The findings were in the 10th annual summary and analysis of the high court's civil rights and civil liberties decisions ssued by the organization. Founded in 1918 by Justice Umis D. Brandeis and Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, it describes its objectives as strengthening Jewish life and advancing human rights. Under review were 45 civil rights and civil liberties deci- ;ions handed down during the 965-66 term which ended in June. In 36, the report said, the rulings were favorable to the ndividual invoking his constitutional rights. This 80 per cent figure, the Jewish Congress said, was'in line with the two preceding terms. But, (he report said, in those terms "there had been a trend toward the blurring of demarcation between the liberal conservative wings of ... t court." It added that last term he gap "opened somewhat," though it "is still narrow compared with earlier years." Four of 11 civil rights cases were decided with split decisions, the report said, and in a fifth, four justices disagreed with the result although they did not dissent formally. /'The sharpening of the division within the court is also seen," the report said, "in the increase this year of the number of 5-to4 votes that adhered closely to liberal-conservative lines." In the 1963-64 term there were five 5-4 decisions, three of them 11. the liberal-conservative pattern, the congress said. In the T 1964-65 term it found three 5-4 ""' votes, only one of them in the pattern. But in the past year, it found seven cases decided 5 tc 4, five of them in the pattern. Trieste Navy Yard Workers Baffle Police TRIESTE, Italy (AP) _ An- sry workers fearing loss of shipyard jobs battled with bricks and iron bars Saturday against police armed with teargas grenades in rioting that raged through downtown Irieste. A dozen workers and a dozen policemen were hurt. Eight were carried to hospitals with serious injuries. Police took more than 100 rioters into custody. The rioting paralyzed the center of this Adriatic port city for more than two hours. Acrid tear-gas fumes drifted through a wide area. Stores closed, and buses stopped running. The riot stemmed from „ demonstration and strike by 1 000 workers of the San Marco Shipyards. They were called out jy Ihe Communist-led General Confederation of Italian Labor and were joined by 1.000 workers who poured from factories. The workers were angered by a government plan, announced Friday night, for total reorganization of shipbuilding activity in :taly. The plan will convert the San Marco yards into repair docks, with shipbuilding to be .^^^ . centered in nearby Monfalcone. HALLOWEEN At Italy's biggest port 5enoa, across the peninsula oh the Ligurian Seccoast, workers also reacted against the government shipyard plan. Their un- ons called a general strike in all activity for next. Friday. The unions said the government plan ''totally ignored the unions di- •erlh' involved." The government plan is aimed it streamlining the nation's shipbuilding sector and at cutt- ng costs. 4-Spwial NoticM YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO ATTENB A SERIES OF GOSPEL SERVICES AT THE ANDERSON YWCA COMMENCING SUN. OCT. 9 AND CONTINUING WED. i SUN. EACH WEEK AT 7:30 P.M. Services are non-denominational, quiet, reverent, upholding the life and teachings of Jesus. CONDUCTED BY: M1S.S MARY NUGENT MISS THELMA LLOYD 14-Bulldlng Contractor* ROOM ADDITIONS - viARAGES AI.UM. SIDING - REMODELING THEE ESTIMATES NO MONEY DOWN OP TO 5 YEARS TO PAY Petersen Lumber Co. 1710 OHIO AVE. PH. M4-8JS1 We specialize in siding & guttering roofing and general home repair. 20 it care in private home. Ph. ^8824.jjj Williams Only A-Diet Tablets. Pharmacy- RBNT COSTUMES^ 2431 BRAMBLE WAY. GREENBRIAR ADDN. lines. White space may be used but each line of whit* space n charged as one line of 8-point Line Classified Ads. Ads Start In Morning Edition reserves the right to classify ads under proper headings and will NOT be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. Classified Une Ads will be accepted until 5 p.m. of the day Credit is extended to persons who have telephones. PVinnA fi4^.*tt71 Classifications Card of Thanlu _.-! In Memoriam .__.2 Lost and Found 1 Personals a Special Notices _ 4 Transportation 6 Where to Eat 8 Reduce safe, simple and fast with GoBesi tablets. Only 98c. Walgreen Drug. HAY! LET'S HAVE A BALL! NO. LET'S HAVE A HAYRIDEI JUST CALL JIM AT 644-4266 BETWEEN 6 & 8 P.M. Carpet Linoleum Tile LARGE SELECTION. LOW PRICES DURGAN'S 8TH i MAIN PH. 844-7290 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS P.O. BOXES 1013 AND 326 PHONE 642-0092 6— Traniportatior. GOINO ON A TRIP? OR SENDING PACKAGES? CHARTER A BEECHCRAFT. 643-0621 Need ride South to Post Road and 30th St. Indianapolis, 7 a.m. Shift. CaU 779-4552, Mechanicsburg. 7— Lost and Found REMODEL NOW! Complete home improvements. Can furnish financing. Call 643-3337 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. after hours Call 042-1105. We specialize in Remodeling!"Tree Estimates I Room Additions, Ga- Madison Co. Lumber Also Painters available now — Day time call 644-6631. evenings CALL 613-7203 Elwood Sandblasting, Tuokpointlng & Waterproofing. Stucco repair & painting. Ralph Amos, 2335 So D St.. Elwood, lnd. 552-2427 Eves. CERAMIC TILE INSTALLED FREE ESTIMATES Richardson Tile Serv. PH. 643-4410 SMALL REMODELING JOBS t REPAIR. PH. 642-2484. 16-Cement and Masonry w0 ?' large or small.~Ph". GUMMED UP VALPARAISO. lnd. (AP) — Two Porter County sheriff's deputies, stranded along U.S. 20 when their squad car's gas tank developed a leak, reported latching the hole with chewing ;um. Use Bulletin-Herald Classifieds AUCTION Mon., Oct. 10—1:30 P.M. F. Marion Danforth Public Sale of household goods and 6 room house. Located at 209 N. Washington St., Frankton, lnd. H. D. !Kirk. Auctioneer. Wed., Oct. 12—4:00 P.M. Mrs. Hannah E. Goul Public Auc- ., . , . ..,<.m, tion of Estate & some Also mc " " Jcvvelrv hy ANSON. household Rood Located 1JB IMMEDIATE C'tiKDIT ON YOUR Sr A^tiSS""- Ind ' '"!» ^TrSrH^'^oSAiJu-A Sat., Oft. 15—10:30 A.M. CVKxecutors puhllc auction » Beauty & Barber Shopi ___10 Building Contractors 14 Se Business Service General — 12 n/ j Carpentry — —15 na Cement and Masonry — —16 nri Funeral Directors 11 10 Gravel. Sand. Stone 16^ n e Hauling and Moving «.17 m Income Tax Service _..„._ 9 9 > Laundry and Cleaning 21 Painting, Paperhanging 18 tl- Plumbing and Heating 19 Sewer Cleaning —..^..30 EMFI-OYMENT e S Agents and Salesmen __.H 2\- Business Opportunities „— — 28 * Help Wanted, Female 23 id Help Wanted, Male 22 d Help Wanted, Male-Femalt .24 MERCHANDISE Fl- Sports, Boats. Motors 29A A Auction Sales 30 u Antiaues For Sale 30A }, Clothing. Shoes — ._ — J^HT—SIA , Farm Supplies — 41 re Fruit and Vegetable! 40 Fuel Coal, Oil 38 Gift Suggestions - 32> G Household Goods 32 m Miscellaneous for Sala ™ 29 j. Music"} In't''""!'"*! ss £ TV-Radio, Sales. Service 33 A Tools and Machinery _. 36 "* Wanted to Buv 42 6 ' LIVESTOCK f Livestock for Sale —_™-43 . Poultry and Suppliei — . — 44 tO Pets ... ^ 46 RENTALS Apartments, Furnished -„__ 4B Apartments, Unfurnished 47 Houses for Rent —_—48 Rooms without Board ™__51 Miscellaneous for Rent .™«52 Wanted to Rent .™— .53 KEAL ESTATE Tarm and Acreage 35A Lots for Sale 55 Mobile Homes . 51A Real Estate for Sale 54 Real Estate Wanted 57 Summer Resor . .__....5S FINANCIAL Insurance . . 58 Loans ____ 59 f AUTOMOTIVE 1 Auto Service .. .83 v Motorcycles For Sale 60A y Trucks an(S Trailers 61 Tires and Accessories 62 t CLASSIFIED DISPLAY n All Classifications 64 n 2— In Memoriam (, BILL PICKERING — who passed , away October 9, 1963. Sadly missed 3 by: C Ed Pickering, Marguerite Whitlnger Maurice Pickering Mary Zehring Joe Pickering Alice Morrow i 3— Personals [ Widow would like to meet widower, age 63-67. B & H Box M— 3553. j Time to think of Christmas gifts. Use Shoppers Charge or Lay-away. FAMILY SHOE CENTER ) Chesterfield Shopping Center 1 Open 9-8 Daily Except Sunday BRACE yourself for a thrill the , first time you use Blue Lustre to clean rugs. Rent electric shampooer - SI- Hook Drugs. New SYNTHETIC YARNS. Machine washable and machine dry able. Bernie's Knit Shop 806 W. 5lh Ph. 643-4634 SHOE COLOR SPHAY. New faU shades, also silver & gold. Hughes Shoe Repair 27 W. 12 ACROSS FROM YMCA HALLOWEEN FAVORS. Also Christmas cards, 10% discount on Imprint orders before Nov. 1. THE SHOWPLACE 1120 MERIDIAN MONDAYS 3 PANTS — $1.00 RELIABLE CLEANERS ALTERATIONS 12 W. 13TH Any persons having information of events in the past :t yrs. of person- .1 interest Jo Lee Simmons; please contact same. RR 2. Middletown. nd. Ph. .154-2057. All replies confidential. ha,ve S&H Green Stamp tops — 10 000 t 1 million. Bottoms — 100.- 000 - 1.000 • 100 - 25. Ph. 643-4182. READER & ADVISOR '/ days a week by ap£t. 644-8246 Fall Clearance i of, spiders, ants and mice. $15. r BAXTER EXTERMINATING CO. 1 Ph. 644-7905. ] 4— Special Notices RAISE* S40, 8200, 5400 or more for Jvour Church or Group with Folding ndoor Clothes Dryers. 100 Dryers sent On Credit. Have 10 members se 1 10 Dryers at SI each. Return | Sitf) . keep $4.0. FREE details, write ANNA WADE, Dcpt. 893CW1. Lvnchburg. Va. 24505. Prices and Dates to Remember Sept. 26 to Oct. 24 for Permanents $25 for $16.50 $17.50 for $13.50 SUZIE'S LOVELY LADY SALON ' Earl's Watch Repair H We now haw THIFAHI Jewelrv. p Haired Terrier, childs pet. Rewar Phone 644-5755 or 642-1613. Lost, male black and white HE Terrier. Child's pet. Reward. P 644-0719. Lost: small male Peke blond w blk. face. Answers to Sam. P Lost' German Shepherd pup. wks old. 2400 Blk. Main St. Chil pet. Reward. 2428 Main. Ph. 643-9 before 4:30 P.M. Lost: Black torn cat, 4 mo. ol( Vicinity 19th & Meridian. Ph. 6 9337. Lost Male, white. Toy Poodle area of Belmont Addn. Reward. P 643-01 35. 8-tnstruction uate engineer. Elementary & a Girls With Specialized Training Get The Best Jobs Prepare For. AUTOMATION IBM Keypunch and-or Comptometer Day or evening courses COMPTOMETER SCHOOL 301 Illinois Bldg. Indianapolis. Indiana (Established - 1905) U. S. CIVIL SERVICE TESTS 1 ^en-women 18 and over. Secur jobs. High starting pay. Short hour Advancement. Preparatory traininf as long as required. Thousands o jobs open. Experience usually u necessary. FREE booklet on job salaries, requirements. Write TO DAY giving name, address an phone. Lincoln Service, B & H Bo M3478, Private pilot G r o u n c School Starts Tue. Oct llth 7 P.M. Enroll now for a private pilo course Anderson Avia tion Inc., Anderson Municipal Airport. Ph 644-1238 Organ & Piano, studio with wait in rm. 1021 E. 10th /Corner of Wa nut) Good parking. Ph. 643-3615. ELLEN'S DANCE STUDIO Latest, most up to date— ballroom : PRIVATE ORGAN LESSONS. 1309 LOCUST. EDNA G. KELLY. MEN-WOMEN IBM TRAINEES URGENTLY NEEDED PRESTIGE JOBS. HIGH PAY. DAY, EVENING OR HOME STUDY CLASSES AVAILABLE EEPLY TO B i H BOX M 3341 NAME ADDRESS _ TOWN AGE PHONE 11— Funeral Directors Vou can depend on Brown & Butz ^uneral Home for considerate, competent service. Finest facilities a i price- you can afford. BROWN i BUTZ PH. frM-GRM "'WHEN TRUST COUNTS MOST 'ou ca.n turn to Brown & Butr. Fu- eral Home for dependable, conoid- rate service. Established in 192P. 3rown & Butz has earned the repu- ation for the finest facilities, per- onal attention to every detail anc trained, experienced staff ready o serve you without regard to cost. 3ROWN & BUTZ PH. 6«-665S S— Business Services, Gen. [edge and evcrpreen trimming and emovinB, yard cleaninc. 378-3876. 'HEE TRIM. TOPPING AND RE- IOVAL. INSURED. PH. 644-4021. TOP DIRT PH. 378-5090 LAND SURVEYING HAROLD E. SMITH REG. ENGINEER i SURVEYOR 10 Main St. Ph. 642-7251 YARD GRADING Seeding and Sodding ROOFING, SIDING Jt GUTTER WORK. PH. 642-8480. 3— Appliance Service ouse WIRING, services 220. range ' ug. etc. Newsoin Elec. tt44-5:!3.'t. - s i CEMENT WORK. ALL KINDS Porches, walks drives. Call BILL lIHILLlGOSS, 6it-SKi. Patios driveways, walks, steps walls, porches. Fully ins. 643-2748 CEMENT WORK, all kinds, fully insured. K. Perkins. Ph. 642-3169. 16A— Gravel, Sand, Stone FILL DIRT, CRUSHED STONE SAND & GRAVEL. PH. 643-2051. Backhoe work, sept, tanks, footings, crawl spaces & grading. 643-6802. Driveway Gravel CRUSHED GRAVEL MYERS SAND ft GRAVEL COEP. Alexandria Pike Phone 644-881S Stone Gravel & Sand PHONE 378-3351 GRAVEL— STONE— DIRT GRADING A. H. KELLY PH. 643-5314 Special extra rich top dirt; fill gravel; stone; 642-9057. 17— Hauling and Moving -<ocal hauling, moving, bsmt. clean- ng, large trk. two men. Quick Serv. Reasonable. Ph. 644-6115 or 644-2054. Light hauling, yard cleaning, peat moss, Hi yds., $10. Ph. 643-8566. Hauling — dirt, etc; Loading, l«v. eling & odd jobs. Ph. 643-0686. . LIGHT HAULING. PH. 643-0195. HAULING. 7 DAYS A WEEK. PHONE 643-1377. Hauling & Moving. Reasonably priced. Ph. 644-5123 or 644-9207. Hauling, all kinds Basement, garage cleaning. 644-5971 or 642-9486. Light hauling, bsmt. & garage cleaning, lawn mowing. 643-1936. Local hauling, moving, bsmt. clean- ng. large trk. two men. Quick Serv. Reasonable. Ph. 644-6115 or 644-2054. 18— Painting, Paperhanging Interior & Exterior painting, paper hanging. Men insured. WALTER H. CAMPBELL. Ph. 642-8345. PAINTING, ROOF REPAIR. GUTTERS CLEANED i REPAIRED. Free estimate, insured. 643-7203. Exterior & interior painting, reasonable. Fully insured. Ph. 643-2385. Paul J. Hi£h, 644.9170 Eves. Paper anging, steaming, patch plaster. Samples shown m your home. 19-Plumbing and Heating 'lastic sewer pipe, plmg. supplies, Mpe Threading Open. Sun. 9-2 Pendleton Ave. Hdwe. 1020 Pendleton Ave. Ph. 644-S04S Field's Koto-Rooter — Sewer drain cleaning. 2011 Morton. Ph. 644.6270 Septic tanks & sewer Cleaned. Danny Stanley, 643-7103. 2-Help Wanted, Male DAIRY DRIVER SALESMAN Outside retail sales job on estan- shed routes will earn 5-ou an ex- llent income. Good health is re. Hired. Job consists of deliveries. oUecting, selling dairy producs id securing new customers for ur route. Secure future. No lay-offs. Comete benefit program. If interested contact- TED LOPP \ST SIDE JERSEY DAIRY: 72J roadway. Ph. 644-7781. CARPENTERS $4.25 Plus Benefits. Report or Call HENNEPIN CONSTRUCTORS HENNEPIN, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE 124 EXPERIENCED Passenger and Truck Tire Serviceman XCELLENT STARTING SALARY STUBY TIRE E. WILLARD MUNCIE, 1ND. DISPATCHER -perlenced. 25 to 35. Irregular to common carrier. Should be fa- Mr with road operations, like deed work and be efficient in typ- K and paper work. Salary, night lift, paid vacation, health and I'll. lit:i-27J2 SCHOLL'S DEMONSTRATION DAYS FRI. 4 SAT. OCT. 21. 22. .. of personal property of the estate of Toncie Mao Brandenburg (de- c-cased). Located 41ti Ford St., Lapel, Indiana. Wlielchel i Sal., Oct. 22—10:00 A.M. iooll"rcpnirins. all Mattel talking Anderson Rank Guardian Sale of jo]], j, f,|h or . Real Estate and Personal Prop- ' erly. located nt 2006 GeorRe St.. Anderson. Ind. H. D. Kirk., , ...„ Auctioneer. If you can. furnish Information on|MV Mj^KE 2.1RD «: COLUMBUS AVE. dolls. Will Need discarded wjirdrobe. Ph. (M.1-OA3!). colored doll & WE SERVICE most makes and J. ™Miraiict. Permanent ._- no lay- ninrlfls of MAJOR APPLIANCES. A|)I • " >v " lios • t " n AUTO BODY MF.N i-noctl Must have own hard Q-i.ihly body shop. Plpnly of I Reconditioned TV S ;,,„] -u.-il-ancos ""'*• (Complete TV sral armPanc!' 'scrviri-. AUTO BODY PAINTER Save 50 per cent on TV mature I'-^penonctHt. cla.s.s. Have own tubes. Appliance Warehouse. 1407 separate sliop and paint boolh [Wafes unlimited due to backlog. RORV'S «*v»i» I o E. Main. CilfMfM'Mrld Sat., Oct. 22—10:00 A.M. lio«v Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Harlow Pub- 1 postage lie Snip of Groc. Stock Fivturofi I -IS-10. quire stamps, First Day Cover rit* B H Box TURKEY SHOOT tio rrrs Sat.. Orl. 2r»— 10MO \.M Mr A Mrs. Dm Ash Snle of Farm Tools .1 ml S.F.. nf rcndlrl Phtvmis A Whrtchrl, Auction-1. rrrp. 1^' F.lectrleal contracting and repair washers, dryers, refrigeration. Also expert small appliance repair, NiRht emergency call 6-1-1-41-19 ___ SEWING MACHINE SERVICED IN HOME Reg. $6.99 Now only $3.75 Singer Sewing Center Ph. 84211296 . . , Mich. Ph. 6I6-3'I9-2651. Water, Kalamazoo, •11.11) Meridian Ix IIOOSIKD nKAci.K CLUB I Ml. S. MT. I.AWN-KI A.M. ;No need (o ncnti .Stmhram appliances nc» 6IB!|o fuclnry - We repair them here. DF1IVKI1S '"' 's, r , u Provence Electric iK,,,"'!^ '10115 Main Plionn 642.7«7fj l Columl.iis Photographer! Need 2 photographers, over 11. Some experience necessary. Will train further. Call Anderson N<Mv:,|iapo.|T. Inc. fil.'Mj.'tT'l. between H A.M, A- 4 P M Mnnday t Si i u Friday fnr -ippouilincnt. Ask (or Mi Slonkc-v. uhlir |.- or ,.(.„! Holloweeii Ci '"'.'"iVallrv Dr. I'll. (MUM.') Friday. J 30 P.M to B:.10 P. Sun in AM lo 7 P.M. SKV! ONLY. Full nn

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