The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 4, 1936 · Page 17
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 17

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 4, 1936
Page 17
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J - L '.,,, h - J HL-L 1 • * . .' - I . -1- I- I 1. V 1' * •1 ' -. •i J H •-• I i - -l.i t- ... I I T ' 1- ' F - +> •4-1 -, 'j - ;** L 3 _' ' ' -I < I. •H I "* 4 (V \ .-1 - i til, -1 |P - " 1-1 - 1 r. f •• - '- 1. V. -f -1 ^^ - -^ "•"->'' • - ' - ' "',"•"'' - ' ^ ' ' - J ' --- J . .1 \ itE B AKBRS WELD CALtPOHNUN, .-' -••-. ,' . ' • . I -. n .... .- ^ ' hj . ^ . f 4, 1938 1 - - - r . ,i- > , L . .. ..*,'• I-*, fi\ !Wi4 • -Ft - V- 1 • MIGHTY MEN PICKED SCALE AMPIONSHIP HEIGHTS THIS SEASON I -_ -f-^ :V' M •*. • N-: r ;--i -if o»» •" n r*.' m m m riS & "v ;& i,%w ,"1 -K !>X ^ . i M SKSi ,v: 8* !«£ i?« :M.- ?*ftfe" £?$ - ,*i.*' h*\ One Gains and One Gets swli . *V.^.T, V.V; L&J S'tf^ ! • V '\> ,V ' •- . ?& •\\ W tK-x* mm m -' *b .it'.w. .-^ :v ,-*': • '.V •-•to T'^"' 1 ^ KC5S * v .'31' !?• -W \H^ W •'{-•• •V'.y T.^flV 1 W&£ ;jt'S*£VX £ w^^'-^-fr'j-Uv'Xryi WWW ff^lSS-/^ .. r V>» J-P.%1 A W< .W i .•-'• ivy iV i^^ii.'j SAS'l '••>•'• &^ w HV», ;*& p™*" *o' »7?'l j*i* • .- > 1 >>• * ' i.."^«-», ' xttt*>KV-»:&^S?*V '' * vj. STRELICH WINS MAIN EVENT AFTER FIGHT AMONG '•/.* i T^i-AJj •; r.*W •*!) .*V ^•:sn I- •l W \--"i * v,S .Vi Thin as, Cup Matches Loom in' Tennis fc- .. By SCOTTY RBSTOX AisocUtM Prtw SporU Writer "PORBST HILLS, N. Y. f Sept 4, Helen Jacobs has lost 21 pounds since sho won her first U. S. worn- en 'a tennis singles championship in 1932, and Donald Budge has gained 20 in the last year. Both figure their chances of winning the current national singles championships are better than ever now because of these .facts. Last year, when she* won her m; \\, & K* A •>•"•< >* .'>. V, m tVi: •-•'i-:-^.; .^t i. ^ ^.-^ :**;. •" V- .•>*,?.;;,<<; <*» S •**\' »V **' ? iSttf n b -. ',, ,> L i '. *'-*. ry r-S 1> T n • \ - V^'i •' o> V .0 • .» I.H-H -*:-* * ^JT ^ E* V 1 f^i ^ « -,v ift= >A&^ ^- •xfe -' *- v v*-\ ^•v-i^i ^ ^ I it •i: ^: I.'•' '>•' •t fi .1 I - .-'%>. *m. §&* ;*;• 11?^ uV ••v, -•;. , • •!: t ^ •m a« Oj.ft -M '^1 Si^ i'il ^ as ^^ <>vv-: V >" ' ' ' - *Sv" ^ • * rsV <'''/*• V* % '> ->i+!».» ^ " WK *..-A- -.'-.'>^\n^ •tf* ^¥ ??;r :-K ,X,'- ^ fcj< ^^ - 1 • v m. ~m »& t .fc'A.V v _*. ' •• ,\ ?! £ •>v.' m \^': > -*.. s "<•."" Ht 1 ^!L i &i :•• •XV «^W- Ll,* ;c^ '»X' f ,, <-^ \ftX , . _ L L •,\ > ^ - * 1 m> *>\- r >\ « J* t ;i o - ^r i *_i 4W *%. TI " Jt'Sv-** UVK •s< L , .. ,^v i ,V ',."'< :.:, ,;^.^ *v • ^', •\> :«Sffl -rS'-Jf. «a - •• k- r m :-.-• .-•'l)i -,X' -*.- .*" SE kWl .•%rC'S' GENE ROBERTS; T. . • use fourth straight national singles championship, Miss Jacobs weighed 134 pounds. She says she has not * dieted, that she has made no at- . ^^ . 1 1 « T tempt to reduce, yet she has lost 10 MfVpr latin l\Inw pounds. How did she dd it? Sho * Ut 1/iailU J.1U YY wrote a novel. "There's no telling what will happen to that novel," the champion uald, "but it certainly has been successful so far." Her theory is: "Tho more waist, the less speed.' 1 She be- OIL KUHN, Capt. USO —•- '" ••— —— •"' ^ •—— -^ ~^r^^ ^^ « ^^ * • ^l^B^i^B ^r^T ^^f Narrow Ball Lead League Leaders (Associated Press Leaked Wire) An even break in a double header lievea sho is faster on" the court now | with Los Angeles left Portland to- and has more endurance. More Endurance Budge, the angular anatomy from | tno Oakland. Calif., also thinks ho is I baseball struggle. re , e " dfu ^ anco - He (Associated Prett Looted Wlrl) AMERICAN Batting — Avorill, Indians. .376; day with a scant two-gama load In I to ^*f^R Ywkoe.. 146; Oelv waning Coast League | ringer. Tigers, 124. Huns batted In—Trosky, Indians, In other games, Seattle won and DJego lost to put these teams for this. Budgo started putting ln a Uo for runnor-up, while tho Ban ringer. Tigers, 108. cigiit immcaiatcly aitor submit-1 TT'«O*,«IB«^ -Kft-ni^-- u— * r\..i.i- M ^ t _ T)nnhli»H—\VniWot 1; Oehflff. Yankees, 127. Hits—Averill, Indians, 197; Gch 11OHQ in his ca- reor> he says he is able to go at top speed without heingr exhausted. Despite his Improvement, Budge's Missions beat Oakland to Doubles—Walker, Tigers, 47; Gen draw up even with tho Oaka in the t ringer, Tigers, 45. Triples—D( Magfrlo, Yankees, and Angels hammered I Averill, Indians. 15. three Beaver pitchers for 20 hits Home runs—Qchrig, Yankees. 42 chances of beating Frod Porry for *? w j, n V 10 flrfl t nlarht game, 11-0. In the men's title tho flnal eame rounri ( round T« . M« At, 2 against Alfred Caster -struck out seven to run his total and Trosky, Indians, 36. Stolen bases—l»ary, Browns, 29 Powell, Yankees, 21. Pitching—Hadley, Yankees, 12-3 TnmH« taii rr«««n« XT > " i I department up to 297, Jarvis._tall Tenafly, N. J., youngster, | won hftndllyf 0 . 2 . It W aa Caster's I Pearson, Yankees, 17-0. son. the Briton missed many . twentv-fourth trinmnh of thn ni>n eaay shots, then made some remark- J lweni > ro ««n tnumpn or tho soa able ones to oven up, > losing only two games Jn three sets. That's his stylo and he seems able to screw his gamo up to any pitch. Plays Steadily Two ex-Seal outfielders ganged up Batting Cisco. NATIONAL •Medwlck, Cardinals, .366 Huns—J. Martin, Cardinals, 108 Art Hunt got his thirtieth I ott, QianU, 104. Budge played method Jackson Heights, N. Y., with the loss of only one game. Miss Jacobs, dominating tho opening round of the women's competition, defeated C. Esther Edwards of Bridgeport, Conn., in love sets. Rivals Win Two Many of her leading rivals, including England's pretty Kay Stammers, Carolln Babcock of Los Angeles, Mary Qreof Harris of Kansas City and Marjorie Gladman Van Ryn of Philadelphia, wore listed among: tho winners. Today's schedule brings into action such stars as Bryan, Grant, tho little Allan tan who Bays^.he would "Just like to get to tho semi-finals/' Sidney Wood, Prankie Par Jeer. Bobby Rtegs, Mrs. Barah Palfrey Fabyan and Alico Marble. STAGG RECOMMENDED CALDAVISLU Idaho, Sept. 4. (A. P.)—Alonzo Stagg, coach now at College of tho Pacific at Stockton, Calif., was recommended today to eifccced Ijoren II. Basler as mentor at tho College of Idaho here. Pat Pago, former University of Indiana Coach, recommended the ex- University of Chicago coach to tho trustees' committee of the school. homo run of tho season, and Jerry | - nuns batted in—Modwick, Cor- ^ , „ , M . , Hits —Medwick, Cardinals, 19G; Johnny Chambers allowed San Dl- Demareo, Cubs, 184. ego Just three hits to win for Sac- Doubles—Medwlck, Cardinals, 52; one on. ramento, 1-0. Herman, Cubs, 4 Joost stole home to high) Triples—Medwick, Cardinals, and Goodman, Ileds, 13. Home runs—Ott, Giants, 28; Rer- spot a five-run fifth inning rally which assured the Missions their 106 win over the Acorns. GIVES BAKU A FIGHT PKOVO, Utah, Sept. 4. (A. P. ger, Bees, 23. Stolon bases J. Martin, Cardinals, 19; 8. Martin, Cardinals, 1G. Pitching—Hubbell, Giants, STANDINGS Soldier Pranks, Fort Douglas, Utah, Lucas * Plates, 12-4. 204-poundcr, gave ex-champion Max Baer a good workout here last night before taking the count in the third of a scheduled six-round exhibition. Baer, 217, gavo Franks a terrific beating. Buddy Baer, 237-pound brother of tlxs barnstorming playboy, did not fight, but refereed tho card. BILLIARD RECOttD BUOKKN SYDNEY, N. S. W.. Sept. 4.— (U. P.)—Walter Llndrum, world's champion billiard player, established a new world record break of 179G during an exhibition match here. Liindrum set tho record under the new balkline rule, requiring u player to cross the balkline with his cuo ball In every break between 180 and 200 points. 21-C; COAST LEAGUE Won Lost Pet. HALP1I STANLEY, K. USO ••«••*•••* ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ ^^^^^^^^••P^^^W Girl Floats Miles in Ditch; Is Safe ^ (United Prett Lea ted Wire) ROCKY FORD, Colo., Sept. 4.— This town's No. 1 miracle for this yenr >vaa contributed by Martha Joan Harrison. 3, who fell Into an Irrigation ditch, floated 3 miles downstream and still lives. Tho llttlo girl wad playing noor the ditch, which was carrying 6 foot of water, when sho foil in. She noon was missed and searching parlies failed to find any trace of her. When a search of tho ditch failed to disclose her body, a Svlro netting was stretched across tho stream at a bridge 3 milea below where aho tumbled into the ditch. About three and one-half bourn after tho girl disappeared, sho lodged against the not and was taken out of the water ullvo. She wan revived and laughing- In a short, time. When discovered sho was floating on her back with her eyes wido open. Aircraft Week Is Set Septembe DAVB DAVIS, Q. USO HOWAltl) 40NKS, Conch DSC TBVE STREUCH won tho main ov<?nt lust night In the local arena although h<3 lay, stunned nt tho piul of tho final fall from the effects of a clubbod stool wielded by Louie Miller. In tho last fall, Louie threw Stovo out of the ring and followed into tho ringatdo section. Miller grabbed a heavy stool as he went through the ropes and clouted Steve on iho head. Then Louk* climbed back to the ring. The referee decided not to let tho incident go unnoticed nnd started to remonstrate with Miller. Louie picked Ueferow Mirk McMns- geting from the effects of the clubbing. Miller and McMastera were separated, however, and the contestants were hurried off to the dress* Injr rooms. The first full of the bout went to Miller in five minutes flat. Louie carried the attack to Steve, throwing the cinema Adonis out of the ropes three times In a row after a series of rough elbow smashes to the chin. Miller crashed Steve to tho mat with a body slam lo win the fall. 1 | ^^^^^W^^^^-^^^V^B^W California Should Have Fine 1936 Football Team It took Stovo 10 minutes and 58 secondM flat to win tho second session. Stovo Jerked Lou to over the UTH up and throw him to Uu» mat. | ropes three times and then hit him Miok ortrno Iwtrk to louw tho boom with a flying tackte through the on T-ouio with a ilrop kick. Al this ropes. A SavoMI drop kick and a tlmo. riot almost racked tho arena | body slam cinched the fall for Str* w)if»n cop.s nnd customers Joined the f Uoh fray. . Sepnrnin EIUvlSLEY, Sept. 4. of sophomores who Wy ROOBR .JOHNSON Unllert l»rt.« Buff Corr*»pon<1*iu Tho fleet Stovo wan on tho outsldo of iho moss hy this tlmo but ho was stap- Carmen Earth to Battle Martinez Ltitz Sets Bout When Abo Freeman socked the i last year (Attociatcd Prctt Leaned SACKAMKNTO, Sept. 4 nltlon of tho "importance that aviation IB destined to attain in our civilization" was voiced by Governor Frank K Merriam in proclaiming tho week beginning September 3 as "aircraft week" to honor tho national air races. "Aerial exhibitions," said the proclamation, "have served from time to time to keep tho public Informed upon the points of mechanical Improvement, whllo great national con- Portland 87 San Diego 86 j Seattle SG Oakland 84 Mission S4 JjOK Angeles 81 Sun Franc-toco 70 Sacramento 05 74 .D40 .03-1 .631 .519 .f>Jfl .503 .469 .393 75 70 78 78 SO 8G 101 en r>r> 02 65 70 74 84 ,r»stj .577 .408 .339 Ye«tonlay*s Rctuilta New York, 2; fit. Louis, 1. Brooklyn, 1; Chicago, 0. Philadelphia, 4-1; Pittsburgh, 8-6. Cincinnati, n-0; Bog ton, 0-4. Games Today Chicago at Pittsburgh. AMERICAN LEAGUK Won Lost Pet. 43 CO New York $7 Cleveland 70 Detroit 70 Chicago C8 Wellington 68 Boston ..,....,..... 66 St. LoulR 48 Philadelphia 47 03 en 63 60 82 84 .GOO .538 .520 .610 .519 .500 .36U .309 Just Ronnco TJC qtior KtQ PROOF Yesterday's Los AngcIeH, M; Portland. 0. MiHslon, 10; Oakland, 6. Sacramento, 1; Ban Diego, 0. Seattle, 4; San Frunclaco, 0. GuniCA Today LOB Angeles at Portland. Sacramento at San Dlepo, San Francisco at Seattle. Oakland at Mission. NATIONAL USAGUK Won 1-ost Pot. Now Tork 79 4fl .C17 St. L,ouls 75 Chicago 75 Pittsburgh 68 Cincinnati 63 Boston ..,.,.,.,.... D8 Brooklyn 61 Philadelphia .... 43 tests have proved the reliability and Known tho quality and endurance of our ahlps of tho air. "Tho flight from Cleveland to I-OB Angelas on September 4 will open an event of HtnUMvJdo Owners and pilots of machlnen will have tho opportunity to deniontttrato tho art and aclcnca (if flylnir. Tho Oceanian will ho one, of eonlrtmlH and compwrlHOim with tho UnvlceR and pcrformnnceH of other yenrn. K will bo both informative and innplring." carried University of California's football team to tho threshold of national auprcmacy again will bo entrusted with major jobs on Leonard (Stub) Allison's Golden Bear squad. AVhou Allison calls the 1936 candidates to practice at Edwards Field, his first-lino material for both back field and forward wall will bo found among tho 1935 sophomores— now Juniors—who propelled tht?lr team through an undefeated aoasou until they met tho Hoso Bowl champion Stanford cloven. Komo obeorvors predict that California will offer her best team of a decado when tho revamped Pacific coaHt conference schedule opens, but Allison, with but ono year of bead coaching behind him, is not over-optimistic because, ho fcara trouble In finding a lino Btrong enough to bolster adequately an admittedly woll- rounded backfleld. The round robin conference- system adopted this your will r.ot uf- fpct the numerical strength of California's Rqucut, AlllHon indicated. CAKUOMXKn CORN KOIND LYNCH, Neb,. Sept. 4. (V. P.)— Shelled corn and corn on the coh that was grown possibly ihousandR of years-ago was found In an ancient village here by lTnlver«Hy of No- bniHka ftrchttoologlHtH. The corn was in a carbonized Htate. Dr.' 15. H. Hell, head of the eyravnllng crnw that is Investigating the village nlte. believes It may be several of years old. "Other teams iTyiy have to increase the slzo of their varsities in Barge, said. "Hut California ha* Frett Lenned Wire) HOUA'WOOO, Sept. 4.—c l^irth. Clovoland'fi fnat'Rtnpptng mlddloivelght, collides \vfih a Htum- bliiiR block from tho Kooky tnoitn- tnins tonight 1» Emilio Martlnor. of Uonvor. AlthoiiKh Martin07. wns oi*odlttxl with outpointing LAglM iicavywoight Champion John Henry Lowla In a nontltlo match a few months URO, . Barth was fnvored In betting clrolun ami will cnrry her to win tonlirhfu 10-rounO muln event at tho Loglon HtmlUim. JJarlh, whom? clover hoxlnfi won :in Olympic championship In 1932. tltH- order to have a larger number of resbrven availublo for iho caaualtlen tlml will undoubtedly renult from tho etiff competition every Saturday." Alllnon. tho «p|f-styled "top referee in lh« semi-windup, iho third man gavo tho bout to Nick Lutx. Nick won tho firai fall in 11 mln- utes and 43 seconds with a body pro**. Freeman made a strong comeback to take the second spasm of iho fight in 10 minutes and 19 BPConclB, using a too hold. It wan in tho third fall Abe became too zealous in his roughhouse style and made a pat*s at tho third man. The pass connected and Referee McMos- tera rained Kick's hand. This final fall luMed 1 minute and 10 seconds. no change this year from iho 'snlrldo nohodulc' of 44, with four men for each position. What difference will tho new «.*U rt 11 1 ^ -- *. *-'*J i»*|'iv. ^ 1IU4411 ri"llCJ|» I tr | M j»?u»- t V44H' •^etlulo mako a.s far a« CullfomJa'ii | pla yert a knookout rlghl-Imnd punch sonNon w prospects nro eoncprnod? U,» >,t. i,,.,. i«««i fi«ui ..««i.^. « sonHon'w prospocts nro concerned? "Tho Hubstllutlon of a conforojir* uorghnul. durable Callfornlun. loam for Sunta Clara is tho onb in our Hdiodiilo, and Snnui Clara novor wa« a Hoft outfit foi anyone." Allison said. Tho Hoar*' coach ?)lrkod AVuahlaff ton as the probable winner of tho KYedUio Bloolo 1930 conference champlonshl|). "They have n squad that haa been! playing together for two yoars iiiul If thoy'ro i*ver going lu do It. they'll in Ills last local fl^hi Against Hwodc irglund, dnruble Callfornlun. If he defeats Martinez, the Hta- dium timnngern^nt |»Inn« to nmtoh him with Uus IjeHiiffivUnh, New Jersey youngster, tho winner to Kot u bout with Middleweight Chntnpkm later this fall. Lain Wins Mays McLaln defeated Leo Papiano in 1 minute and 37 seconds with a slinpshot off the ropes. This was a one-fall bout. In tho opener, Tiger Nelson trounced noughhouse Burney In 12 minutes and 14 seconds with a body proas. Distarce Packs in Spedway Race Fans do it (hit* your," wan his pivdieilon. (U. 1IAKKRA.U, S C , yept. 4. i junlorn of L fourlh California hnrkfleld cuntliilHies i ^ OH AngeloH, I'alif.. and St>ftrtti!'i who offer versatility nro legion. Uo- turn of Floyd niowor. Snnta Ana triple-threat, lultlw a tflcd veteran to the raiikn of iho ImekH who inrhuln ll^orgo rornrll. .TaoU UdWHrd. BUI Areher, Ken Cotton, Wrry Schwartz. 1 loi'V l ( > ellneh the Vallojo, MuHhy rt>l]*K-U, Sum j Probnblo ptifhrrn ti.ulny' will be .limmy Thomas for Kpartatihuri^ and today prepnrtMl to play th of ihi»lr national f»und rhuMM»lun«blp Thoy won' ruined out yoRt Spartaiibtiric nood<»d only ono vK r j Chapman, Perry ThomaH nnd Arnold Hryan fo Prctt Leattd IV Ire) LOS ANGICLKS, Snpt. 4.— Qllmora Speedway attendance records fell when IVe \\*eo Dtstarce, driving at top form, flashed to victory by a half length over Pvoy HuHsing in u 75-lap midget auto event last night. Sixteen thousand fans saw Dls- tarco take tho l*»ad on the first circuit as Karl Yoving dropped back with motor trouble and cling to U for virtually tho entire race. The winner's I imo was '- 1 :22 ;50. Mel Hanson finished third. Sam Hanki* fourth and Pat Cunningham fifth Young captured iho three-lap trophy dash from Otst&rcQ in 49.$ second*. KUND SHOWS F'ASADnXA, Hopt. 4. (A. P.) cHy srenem) fund allowed u of $269,132.96 for year. The the. post fiscal HUIIT HV SWKKV1NU PLANK OAKLAND. Sept. 4. (U P.)— An Army bombor, pilot ud V»y Pe.tor IMr slot, went out of control during tho take-off at Oakland Airport today. swerved Into a crowd of UMToi'i-wtl WPA workors, knorlind one of thf*m down and Injtirod him Joe Hubert?;, Oakland, suffered n bank injury nnd poHHlblo interim 1 Injuries, IIH ho norumblcnl to i tho plane. PATTERNLESS PUZZLE Yesterday's New York. 6; Cleveland, Washington, 3; )>etroit, Chicago, 3-0: Bowlon, 2-5. St. LouiB, 3: Philadelphia, 2. •*«*»*" B " fc *™i»«*«***»»"«"«« Game* Today Philadelphia at Washington, New York at Boston, HORIZONTAL 1 Barbed spcnr 5 To analyze grammatically 10 Footway, 14 Grandparcntal 15 To combine. 16 Hodgepodge. 17 Prong. IB Pertaining to tides. 19 Crippled. 20 Bordered. 22 Encountered. 23 Perforated. 24 Obliteration. 27 More than two things. 31 Somewhat like. 36 Fungus. 37 Mastcr/uJ. 38 Inducements. 40 Scolded. 41 To betroth. 43 Lost color. 47 Sea eagle, 48 Railway station, 53 Melody. Answer to Previous Puzclc RASPUTI 54 Full of tags. 50 Valley. 57 Dreg*. 58 Pope'a scarf. 50 Opposite of odd, 60 Spar. 61 Domestic slaves. 62 To peruse. VERTICAL 1 Fence door. 2 Greedy. Tooth, 4 To run av/ay, 5 To place. 6 Beast, 7 Drives. 8 Position or affairs. 0 Snaky ton. 10 Game on horseback. 11 Pertnininf to wings. 12 To adjust a watch. 13 Dug. 21 Deduced. 23 Dragged through mud, 25 Contests or speed. 26 Cleaves. 27 To soften leather butts. 28 Self, 29 Tanning vessel, 30 Silkworm. 32 God of war. 33 Kindled. 34 Beer. 35 Scarlet, 38 Weapons. 40 To botch. 42 Wind Instrument. 43 Part of hand. 44 Region, 45 Falsehoods. 46 Orient. 49 Always. 50 To lay a street 51 Olive shrub. 52 To wait upon. 54 Pedal digit. 55 Affirmative, "V « *mart /</«« thnt** going <h* round* ml the long. drJrt/<«r« . . . an *aty wag lo mak* AM *nttr*lg rfl/- tlrlnlt out ot th* **mtf faiortte rrctpe. Jimt once in fur the vftriety that given nn citrit -/.wil lo thirst quenching, they suUtllutc for their fuvoritr Im^e, Old Mr, Hu»toa l>UUU<sl Dry Cl«, tho ciUlrel)- UiflVreiU flavor of Old .Mr. JUwtou Sloe Gin. The atnoothfieft* anil pleacwut ww*t with « frc-nh, ucw tantc. U'K a vrlnrUke Uug . . . wot tart, not nwcct , . , aiul a marvaluu* auli- ilote for hot weather thinM*. Try out thin grand ncn- idea loalahl. 1^fe ^b ^ r+f lou Ii«vo the lemon*, sugar, Ice and ginger ale or «imrkUiig water. Only ono thing to rrmember » , . on your May home, buy a bottle of Old Mr. Boatoii Sloe GJn and »ho>r your thlr*t wme new trick** Ben Burk, Inc., Boeton, Ma*». with ftnf«r alt witar EASY TO MIX . COOLI N G AND REFRESHING • -.1 r ^ * t Ma lavo Tall ite Oil ubl Jul«« »f half t«m«n In a tall |I«M M4 a taa* IN • Jl*t«r •* ON Mr .tm*« 1 ttt OLD fc*. roit DirrtncMT I H . I f J" \ « i I i i -- - •, 't **:<• - .* • '•;•"•'• -.!- ' •':•*-:-,, •.„••:.„. ;j^;;^;:.-w -.*,.•• • ^-^'^^^m^M ..'-' -..- •:>•'••••..•:•;•. -. :-':•' ,/-^<^^'^< ••^^•^M^llmKSsm

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