The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 4, 1936 · Page 16
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 16

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 4, 1936
Page 16
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' . ' > ' THE BAKBRSPIBLD dALIFORMAN, FMDAT, 4..19M Ambers Trims Canzoneri for Li li/arly lhl» yrar Tony Hriirpnll dloil of Injuries rocolvi'il In a flnhl with /Unlvi-M. Ilul I/ou pliiKK''i) on. llo WIN malrlii'il wllli l.'anzoiiorl early HI|H Himimrr. 'I'hroo Union thn bout WIIH piiHlpoiinil but ho wnltod. I .tint nltflit hn \VIIH rowarilfil. "Now," Im iinlil, "I can buy dial new homo for my wlilowrd mothnr nnd holp mil. my brotlicrn anil Ho comoH of a wry poor family that IIIIH HtriiKKlnd hard durlnK Iho tU'prpHHliui for a living. Aniln'fH, a Im/.y.miw flfrtitor. won ft of HIO 1 Ti rnunilH, nrcurdlnir to tho Vnlli-il I'ri'HM Mi'iirn nlirM. Cim- •/{itifrl tooli •! nod ?. WITH c-vi'ii. ThroiiKhoul, l,oii WIIH Ihi! i>KKri<« i<nr. Altlmiiuh 1m took plenty of nollil mnnnlii'M, titn llKlHnliiK-lHin Jalm, hookn anil tippnnMilM hail din sr.oncirl'H faro puffed and MondlriK a I (he mil. Hit That Line! will) Hrux . . . tlir. nnt- ural bcml foollmll shoe with Hiool nrch nupporlti nml ({cmiinc yellow-bnch knngnroo uppers. Pair tn $9.00 Football ClcnU $1, $1.10 and $1.26 Basketball Shoes Spotbuill and (iolil Kiii",. Leather lopped busUrl- bnll shoos suitable for gymnasium, llcgular .^li shoo. Special for $3.49 Gym Shoes Hoys' Hood with posture foundation to prevent flat feel. Hygiene insole. Regular $2 shoe for only $1.49 Other Brands at Special Prices A Complete Line of Supporters, Gym Pants, Swent Shlrtu and Socks. SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY VINCENT'S CYCLERY AND SPORTING GOODS STORE 1723 Eighteenth Oppoflte Post Office PHONE.1822 W* Cull for <n<! Otlivtr LOSER; WINNER Loser Displays Courage in Dropping Nod lo Younger Man ; rty IIHNItY 8UPKH > rnltni} I'rtftK HUff r«rri»immt«)t I^EW YORK, Sept. •«. — Another i ••• ' tltln him nllpporl frnm tho flu- j Horn of Inill-Hlirtuldcrcd lltlln Tony ; Cnnzonorl limt of I ho groat fight- on* who rulfd (luring boxing's "goldf-n dfoiulo." And for fourth tlino In hlH llfo, Canzoneri lumnl tho wordH: "Winner and now champion" npolcun for anothur ninn — perhaps Iho last tlmo. Tho wiviirlliy Illtlo Italian who ruli'd l ho Coiilln'rwolKlit fllvlKlon rttir- injf tho il.-iyfi iif Tumipy, Lotighran, Wnllu-r nixl M.uidcll wrntn what may provij the firm I rlmptcr to \\. glni lou.i nnroor In Alinllm>n Sijilnro Onulcn lout nlKlit, ivhcro lin wan nhni-n of tho lIclitwrlttM rrmvn liy 2!!-y<>»r-rilil L,i>n Amlioi-H nf llcrklinor, N. V. For If, roiinilM, licforn IN, 02(1 poi-- BOIIH, Tony ili'Mi>i| UKI.. Ho Htlll r«'- lulneil iiioHt of |I|H fnrmor cunning. Hut hln |I'|,'H worn wolilily, hlH num.'lii'H fruli'il In I ho Ii(iinc-H(n>tc)i and ho Uiwud to n. rightor nlmoHt C'iKht yrnm ynuiiKor. i For AuilifTN Imrn lailffl U'Ain i browlo— -liiHl nlKht'H trltirnpli rnnrUnd i tho end of turnout two yearn' of liml j liirli. In May,, ' Lou, who Irurnnd lo flKht lo a llnrklinxr uliurcli ImHi'Miont. IVIIM whipped l>y t'an/.oni'rl lo tho liniit whlrh di>- e.'liloil a Miii'i-i'H.mir In llaroi-y KOHM. ' who rntlrcd from tho ll«hl wol«ht j tlllo to rniup'ilK'i an a wt'irrrwoljfht. i A few moniliN Inter, "imliiohy I/ou" hail IilH Jaw drolinn by Frltzlo Hlvlo In Top, CIUI/OIKM-I; Iliilloin, Ainhnrn. Coast Golfers Are Meeting; in Tourney (A*turtotrit I'rfitu LemtrA Wtre) HAN FUAKflHOO, Bnpt. 4.--Mori) Mian 200 I'urlflo roa»t amalour firolf- nr« will ten off hpro tomorrow In tho weoond ruinunl Vli-holo wontorn pnb- llc KOlf cbnmpl'itlHhlli. (Jolfi-rn from Hontllo In Siin UlejfO will bo npllt Into threo handicap ill vluloliH from Hcrntch to fl; 7 lo 14; IB lo 2S. The loadlnjr 11! low KHWH and 12 not HOOI-UH In ouch Kroiip will oompeto In tho nfl-holo llnalH MIDI- flay. Defending champion If I Nil Abbott, natliuial publlij llnliM lltleholiler, who will play on the AllmlNm team whli'h lant yenr raptured Ibo rlun trophy at Han Dli'Ko. l''our-iuaii teamii aro outered from Alladorin, Alntni'dii, Bun |)|PKO, I'ort Iliml, Koattlo, J .OH Anni'lfH. Hanla Mon|i:a, Hun Mateo, Huti JOMI-, 1,0015 Unaeli, Hollywood mid Han Fran- t'lm;o. Crack Negro Tennis Will Meet at Fairgrbunds in Flag Contest •DAKIORSBTISLD'S top Nogro aoffc- •^ bull clubs, tlio Owl Druggists and tho Whoelorltes, will tanglo horo tonight for tholr championship of tho city. This lilt will bo called at S o'clock. Tho Owls havo boen a hotter than average club nil HOR- won In tho open loop. Whoolorltos' clilnf claim to distinction IB a victory ovur tho Illngor A. 0., tho toiun now heudod for tbo all-city pern nan t. Mayer showed Hholl Oil the way to victory In tho fifth Inning when bn cloulnd a homo run which gavo tbo HhollB an 8-to-O lead over Y. M. C. A. Thn flKhtlnu Ollum hold thltl margin for tho rout of tho game. Mnycr lilts Homer At (lift Blurt of tbo fifth, the neoro wa« tliul flvo-nll. Mayor's homer oaino at a limn whnn two othur HhollH worn on btiHn. Tbo V marled ralllr-H In tbo fourth, fifth and Hovciilh Innlngx hut nil of those wpiirtH wc>ro nipper) In tho bud by Cbnmplln, on tbo Hholl mound. Thn Ollnrn began tho fireworks In tho flmt fnimo whon thoy soornd n oonpln of num. In tho lout half Of tho flrHt, thn Y floored flvn ninn. UliiRfTH Win Title Hlngnr A. O, became thn chain- pl'in of tho 8r>nlor nnd Industrial loopn last night when It knocked over Ti-xai'o Oil. 4 In I. Tho Tox- IIIIH lidded Moai-H and Maddux to tholr crow and Htlll fullod to Htop tho rush of tho Athtntfl*. lllngcr Bcoroil tbroo nniH In tho first Inning off IMIcbcr Hchlltnmnr. After this rally. Mourn look ovnr tbo Toxaoo pitching ilutli'M. UlnRpr hit him twice mid Hoorod one run when Cady Hmni'ltPil out a homer. Startln« Ttinnday night, Blnger A. C. will innol Hhol) OH In tho first of n (lirf-'i'-Kiuiio Merlon for tho city SCENE OF L. A. AIR RACES Municipal Airport, HCCIIC of 1936 National Air Races. Favorite Sport in France Is Reviewed by McLemore Tho first of tiinlRht'B frtimoM will proHcnl I'eai'ock Dairy and Htundard Oil. ThlH Kiinif will )>« started at 7 o'rlnrk nnil will bn followed by tho \Vlicolorllo contoHt, TEXACO AH. II Tl. K. Jolun. Ib 4000 Hrll'mr. f 31) 1 0 0 0 Mnrrll. Sli >i U 0 0 I I'lilur M If 2 I 0 II Kowiril. rf R 0 0 0 All 11. II V. ». Hi n n n i I'nir-f. Hi 9 1 I n i «mr«n«. i> » l j l •1- RING ECHOES Iliinl, i'»nrr. rf ruir! nti i C'lilllm. o llMtK. If Hmllh If n o o n i i U 0 0 0 | AmM, ph a i i o s o n i ToUl. i n o n 3030 Mldiltll. 5h 0 n 0 0 M«»n. If u 3 0 I 0 llelnniit, ft .1000 37 4 fi 3 Tnlth 28 1 8 1 I'mm Lriunl Wlrtt NICAV VOItU — IMU Ainborit, 1,1'l'xi, llorlilninr, N. Y., outpointed Tnn.v Caii/iiiii'i-l, l!in, world Unlit- welKht rbaniploii, (in), won tlll(<; IMIUe llcllolne, 12 1 'i, New York, linoi'linl out Onvn ('rnwloy, l'4(l, (irnil llrllaln, (0), retalni-d friitbrr- title. (IIICLL OIL All. IL II E. Milieu, .'f 4 n I n Un|iirl. !lb 4 0 0 A I-:. Wlll». n 4 rtiainvlin. p 3 MIIIM III 4 II Whlln. rf II I llohrni. M '.I .1 0 II 0 Y. M. 0. A. AII. n. n. F,. Corn, rf . 31) -M. II) i llef'n'ii, 11 :< II : J Wl'hjr. o I I ! I'-li-M,, If 0 I ', Mi-riiy, III, 1 3 II I 0 0 I 0 0 3 I 0 I I 0 o i n n i n 001 »y HKNUV McLKMOHK t'mn HUff C^rruponilcut Y()|IN(JHT(>\VN, Ohio — .Inch Traiumoll, YiiiiMunlown lii'uvj- wolKht, oiiliiiilnlcil I,,- Itn.v llnyiinx, riilliulelphlit, (10). (\Vi<l K hlM mi- available). PIWVO. I'lnh— Mnx Iluer, S17. l.hcniiiiri', Calif., UnorUrd out Nel- dlrr KranltN, 201, Kurt Dtnli, (it). \ViiNli. ~ Steele, 1(111, 'i'lirnmii, world mill- dlrwi'lKhl cliiimplon, (iiilpiilnled llaydmi (YiiiuiK) Mluhlcy, 102, Chi(H», iiontltle. • lu, II II (I 0 0 Wll>h. rl II 0 1 1 i« 111 a 0 n Tnuu an o 7 2 TASCO (illtl.H I.OMK TA1T, Bt'pt. -I. Unable to (fpl IIIIH! thn flrnt round jinx that IIIIH oomn up for tho wncnnd HlralRht year, tho Ta»ro OlrlH Indoor |i>an\ Iroin Tart WIIH IIIIHIM) nut by a H!II Kl" run, •! In ,T, WiMlncMiluy nlKht at I'Mrdlnr fli'Ul In I (oily wood by tho \\oniirn Iron team from May wood. l.iiHl year TOBCO Buffered a Hlmllnr fall', being bpatnu by Hun Dlogu, lo ID N. Tlie elimination of thn local rlub, fuuiid two nf tho four HoiMli-rl It'itiiiH, Tafl anil Max Fni'lor, out of the runnliiK- "DAIUS, Sept. 4.—Original plans •*• called for this utory from PurlH to deal with tennis. But It couldn't bo hociniRo: 1. M. Jonn Horolrn IH too busy Belling KHH piimpa to bo Interviewed. 2. M, Henri Cochet IB on route to UiiBHlit aboard tho Moscow KxpreHS whore bo will teach the boarded ones how to volley and HmaHli. 3. M. Hone Lacoste IB vacationing In the country. The absence of those "tcnulH IIIIIH- kelcers" WIIH n. Herlous blow, for Krnnen IH not a fi-rtlle flnld for a uport c.'hronlclor. Not for an American chronicler, anyway, for the rank- Inn Krone!) K^nios aro Hocoer and hloyclltiK, neither of which makes tho American benrt Imat any fa»tor. Your Atnorlcan IOHI?H Inlrri'st i)i tbo bloyclo shortly after hn loams to rlrlo without touching linndH to tho handlebars, wbloh unually In at about the ago of 10 or 11. Groggy From Horror Knernr iii-vor IIIIH commanded any great liitori'nt, whirl) proliulilj' Is Just IIH wi'll, for I'm firmly i.'onvliHT-d that a nation whom- rlll/t'nH bnunco u bard bull off ihclr heads for ploriHiiro always will bo In tremble. Tbero may be a IOXHOII there. Hurope n)l»flil well find poiu'i' nnd put an iMid to KM troiibloun llmiw by ban- nhiR Hofi'i.'!- with ItH oti-riml jarrlnK of tbo brain by contact of noggin ami bull. With tonnlx, Noeeor and bU-yolliiK out of tbo i|ii''Hllon. 1 decided to turn to love-miildiiK on tbo Itlver Heine a« u topic for a Hportn story. <*i>r- tnlnly, love making on thn Seine IH trempiidoiiHly popular. I learned IhlM yoHterday when, for nomo rea- BOD or olhnr, 1 made a trip on one of tboBo lazy llttlu bonla which puff from Hornpwhore near the Louvre to HI. Cloud, lulli-H down the river. Hollywood, at IU most amorous, wan never In the class of that little boat—and In broad daylight, too. From prow to propellor, Qastonfl and Maries, Iloberts and Renees, 1'lorroH and CamilloH, Ilonls nnd Colettes, Charles' and JcannottcB, i ml t!eorKl"8 and Joannlos, hugged, klHseil and cooed. Kven tho conductor, a sad-oycd Kentleman with side whiskers, sighed IIH ho was forced to take hlH arm from tho waist of his sweetheart In order to punch my ticket. Tho boat was crowded 8 dCKroes past capacity. I wedged In between two pairs of lovebirds who acted as if they bad been separated since.tho war of the roses. At first, thlfl proximity to young love embarrassed 7ne no end. I felt I had no business watching loves' flower blossom and bloom. Hut after a while, I nensed they were- absolutely oblivious of my presence and my newspaper training uuido mo Jot down n few notes. Manner of Kissing From reading my notes, I gather tbo French swain's manner of kiss- K never will catch on—as tho automobile did—lu America. ( Their style IH too gentle. In execution. It's not unlike tho motion affected by a chlckon picking up a grain of corn. Reducing the French kiss lo arthtnolir, 1 would Bay 11 of them would bo required to equal ono American II|MH In staying powers. Summed up, the French kiss ns compared to the American Is slm liar to tho greeting bestowed on father by a Hoy Scout returning from a two-day hiking trip. (Ciwriiht. 10:10. l>r Unllnl I'IKU) ——— 4 i ». USAVITT. INSTALLED SAllATOaA SPRINGS* N. Y., Sept.. 4, (A. P.)*-lJellegatCH to the thirty-eighth national encampment, United Spanish War Veterans, today elected and installed Scott Loavltt of Milwaukee, W|H., commander in chief. Fiae Sailing Looms for Club Now Unless It Collapses VTBW YORK, Sept. 4.—Bill Terry L ^ brought his pennant-bound New York Giants home today with a four-game lead after the most successful road campaign of the aea- son. With a^ comparatively favorable schedule and 15 of their remaining 26 games at. the Polo Grounds, the Giarfts will have to suffer such a collapse as occurred in 1934 to bo ousted fcom . the National League eud. The situation Is entirely different from that of two years ago. Instead of Hotting tho pnco all sea' son as In 1934, tho Giants have spurted from fifth place to the top slnco July IB. t The Giants open at homo tomorrow for three games with the Boston Boos, whom they have beaten, 11 o.ut of 18 times this year, then go to Philadelphia for a Labor day double- lieader with tho Phillies. They are Idlo September 8, then como back to Now York for 10 games—three'with the Cincinnati Reds whom they havo defeated 12 out of 19; two with the Chicago Cubs, with whom they are oven, each side having won 10; throe with tho St. Louis Cardinals, tho only team who has them In .the rod, 11-8; two with the Pittsburgh Pirates, who havo lost 14 out of 20 to the Giants. They move to Brooklyn September 17 for throe games with tho Dodgers, who have lost 10 out of 17; three more at Philadelphia; threo more at Boston, then back to the Polo Grounds to wind up the season with two more against the Dodgers. Magnificent Pitching Hubbell's magnificent -l-hit pitching for a 2-1 victory over Dizzy Dean yesterday enabled tho Giants to dl- vldo tho St. Louis series. In a ro- plica of their previous duel this season which Hubbell won by tho same margin, tho Giants pushed homo tho winning run in tho ninth when Mancuso singled, dashed to third on Bartell's double, and scored on Ilubboll's fly to Pepper Martin. It was Hub's eleventh straight win and his twenty-first of tho year, and Dean's ninth loss against 22 wins. Cubs Miss Chance Tho Chicago Cubs missed a chance of drawing up oven with tho Cards by dropping a 1-0 decision to tho Brooklyn Dodgers In 10 innings Van Mungo and Bill I^eo hurlot scoreless ball for nine innings be foro Walk Ins worked a walk In tho tenth. Mungo sacrificed, and Star Bordagaray, who made, threo of tho four hits allowed by Loo, singloc to score "VVatklns from second. Tho Cincinnati Ilcds took the Bos ton Bees Into camp twice, 3 to 0 and 0 lo 4 wbilo tho Pirates am Phillies divided a pair. Two runs It tho seventh gave tbo Phils a 4-3 do clslon in tho opener and tho Pirates camo back to score a G-l triumpl In the nightcap. YaiikH Shell Fuller Tn tbo American League, tlv lending iS'ow York Yankees sbollei Bob Keller, sensational rookto strike out artist, from tho mound with five-run burst In tho first Inning t defeat tho Cleveland Indians, 6 to 4. Washington's Senators evened matters with Detroit by defeating tho Tigers, 3 to 1, behind Appleton's six- hit hurling whllo tho St. Louis Browns emerged a game and it half out of tho cellar with a 3-2 decision over thp Philadelphia Athletics. Chicago and Boston divided, tbo White'Sox taking tho opener, 3-2, with Iho finale going to tho Red Sox, 6-0. PIPEFULS 'T'HREE letters aro at hand to•*• day for this column so the space will be turned over to the literary patrons. One letter deals with a man getting 60 bucks on a deer hunt, another has to do with bells and cats and the third with Jimmy O'Connell, famous baseball player. Here they are; THIS MAN GOES AFTER BUCK AND GETS FIFTY "Dear Plpofuls: "This Is one. of those yarns heard from a friend of a friend of a friend of—Well, eventually traced back to the original. "Anyway, according to a waitress in a Pismo cafe, a Bakers- Held man whose name she did not know, told her he went deer, hunting in the mountains of that region last year and he brought down a dandy buck. But somewhere in those mountains he lost his billfold containing fifty dollars. "He went hunting in the same place this year and didn't even see a buck. But—and here's the believe it or not part—his foot kicked up a bunch of dead leaves an'd there was his billfold and examination revealed his fifty bucks still intact. May I pun? He didn't get a "buck but found fifty of them." M. D. BELL ON CAT'S NECK WILL SAVE BIRDS "Dear Mr. Day: "This note has to do with game conservation so is addressed to your department rather than to the forum HO well adorned by the forenslcs of Messrs. Svimonoff, Vermont, James and others. "I noticed a picture recently of a 'belled cat.' The cat Is shown wearing a bell around its neck. Qanie conservation agencies know that cats are predators ami feed on game and song birds and birds useful in destroying insect pests. I see no reason why cat owners should not fasten bells around the necks of their cats so that the cats, predatory in their nocturnal habits, would warn sleeping game and song birds. "Cat owners wishing to save many birds from destruction will use these little bells and do good deeds." WINKLER HOUNING. BALL FAN WANTS TO SEE JIMMY O'CONNELL PLAY "Janitor of Pipefuls: "A lot of us baseball' fans go out to see that West Side team in action under the Idea, that Jimmy O'Connell, famous former big league ball player, will play, but all ho seems to do is to coach his team. A lot of us would like to HOC iilm play us he is a great ball player." TED. ritBVRNT F1H15S FIiYKIl NOT INJURED KANSAS CITY, Mo., Sept. 4. (U. P.)—Joe Jacobsori of Kansas City, entrant In the Bendlx air race, escaped uninjured today wnoYt his piano exploded over Stafford, Kansas. .lacobson telephoned airport authorities hero that when tho piano exploded ho balled out and landed unhurt. Cause of the explosion was not determined Immediately. For Ninth Time-in a Row Britishers Fail to Lift the Mug By PAUL (VIlCItBLSON '? A«ioi!l»t«l Prtin SDOtta Writer pLEMBNTON, N. J., Sept. 4.—The ^ big silver Walker cup, emblem of International golf team match play supremacy between Groat Britain and the United States, wont on another American tour today. For the ninth time In a row, the British army of amateur stars failed to take It across the Atlantic yesterday, retreating 9 to 0 before tho most one-sided defeat In the ' matches' ...history. The cup will spend approximately two months at each club represented by players on Undo Sam's sldo. Tho British attempt to win the « trophy for tho first tlmo met with such disaster that thoy were able to salvage only threo halved matches out of tho 12 played over the tree- llhed Pino Valley Golf Club course, and those halves didn't count In tho scoring, merely going down as score* less ties. It was a blttor return for tho British who discarded their old Walker Cup players and turned strictly to youth for tho Invasion. They didn't cxpoct to win but neither did they expect to suffer their first shutout. Reynolds Smith of .Dallas, one of tho foremost contenders for tho na- tonal amateur championship, almost * produced tho most one>slded singles victory In tho history of tbo series, too. Tho Texan swamped Alec Hill, 11 and 9 to start tho rout. Tho largest margin was Bobby Jones, 13 and 12 victory over T.. Philip Perkins in 1928. Utinlap Falls Only George T. Dunlap, Jr., of New York, former national amateur champion, failed to win his singles match and ho rallied to gain a half, against Harry Bcntlo, ono of tho most dogged competitors on tho British squad. Bury Their Rivals Going Into the 3fl-bole singles with" a 2 to 0 advantage gained In the foursomes, tho Americana burled their rivals under the biggest avalanche of winning holes known In the series. "Wo took a good licking but we'll keep on trying," promised Dr. Willlam Tweddell, captain of tho British team. "We should do better In Kng- land In 1938 with a more experienced team." To Renovate Army in Canada, Report (United Prat Leased Wtrc) OTTAWA, Ont.. Sept. 4.—Canada's army Is undergoing a thorough "house-cleaning." Making public a long list of changes, tho department of national defertso has disclosed that tho nonpermanent active militia is being completely reorganized to give tho country a compact, co-ordinated service In place of the present straggling loose organization. . Hitherto the active strength of the militia has been divided among Innumerable regiments. All were under prescribed strength and some were moribund. Under the department's new plan, many of tho units are being disbanded completely, others aro being strengthened through amalgamations and entirely new units are being formed. The changes, which have been In progress for several months, aro part of tho Canadian government's plans to co-ordlnatp the dominion's entire defense system. GASOLINE ALLEY Traveling Light By KING THIS COAST TO CAME HAS GOT TO SB SPEEDED OP. 'OC HAS JUST MAILED A SMALL PACKAGE WHICH LOOKS SOSPICIOUSLV AS THOUGH IT CONTA.IWS A QOLP BALL TO HIK/SGLF "AIR MAIL, OCUS/BRV, NEW VORK crrv — HOLD FOR ARRIVAL '.' I'LL SAVE OUT A il • rZIX MASKIE — THE REST 1 ~ IS UUNK. » IU.1CK KOUKKH, TWENTY-FIFTH CKNTU11Y A. D. Starts Search By PHIL NOW LAN nnd LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS If AST!L Y / SCANNED AIL OW?0£7ZC7W?SM\ I AROUND TYte C* THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON -BELOW 1 .-AND I'M GOING DOWN THERE AGAIN \ • I'M HOPPING OFF {-GET ME AX LEAVE IT, SOME INFRA-RED OOGGLESf-YTq ME,SIR. 1 FOLLOVyUME IN THE SHIP/-^ ILL KNOW USE THE, |NFRA-RED)( WHAT TO, OUTER . FLOOD/ -WATCH ME IN .THAT INFRA-RED * VISION DO; PLATE © l»Jt Jt)MN >. DIU.I "to. u, • I«AT orr. BUT I CAN SEE /-THESE <3OG<3LES TURN THE REFLECTIONS OF OUR \NFRA-RED FLOODLIGHTS INTO 'VISIBLE LIGHT o :f Moonshine Whisky Still Manufactured (United Presf l,ca*cd Wire) ATLANTA, Ga., Sept. 4,—Repeal of prohibition has failed lo stop the • manufacture of moonshine whisky In tho wooded hills, valleys and marshlands of the southeastern section of the United States. Extent of tho manufacture of Illegal whisky lr) Georgia and border-• Ing states, nolod for tholr "white 'shine" In prohibition days, was revealed by the current report of R. E. Tuttle, district supervisor of the federal alcohol tax unit. Tutlle's agonts destroyed 221,756 gallons of mash and 6359 gallons of "cawn" whisky In Georgia, Florida, Alabama and South Carolina during July. Tbo alcohol unit agents arrested 400 persons at tho stills and seized 84 automobiles and trucks. TAKEJJL FROM ME.. mCOODR1CHC»EOim>H ~~ NO CASH NEEDED! Goodricli Safety Silvertown BAIHHllS GAR RADIOS.. HOME RADIOS; Gutuh-it'll oamrn Si,> AHP PHO« Hi

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