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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 6

Ottawa, Kansas
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Saturday, March 30, 1963
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THE OTTAWA HERALD Saturday, March 30, 1963 News Briefs Robert E. Frost, Ottawa University, was cited by the police yesterday for speeding 60 in a 30-mile zone. DeWayne Lofgreen has been granted a divorce from Mrs. Jean Evelyn Lofgreen in the Franklin County District Court. He charged gross neglect of duty and extreme cruelty. Redwood Inn, 1 mile N. Hwy 59. Open Sat. Nite till 2 a.m. & later. Dick and Irene Bellefeuille, Mgrs. Adv. The Ottawa Garden Club meeting, to have been Monday, April 1, has been postponed. Dr. Don L. McKelvey, candidate Board of Education. Your support appreciated. (Pol. Adv.) Cub Scouts of Den 5, Pack 77, hiked this morning on East 7th to the end of the flood protection levee. About 15 persons participated. The Hillcrest Drive-In Theatre will have their reopening this Friday through Sunday. See display ad in the entertainment section. Adv. Ottawa Memorial Post and Auxiliary, Veterans of Foreign Wars, will hold a card party for members and guests tonight at 7:30 at the hall. Ellis Piano Tuning. Phone CH 2-4431. Adv. Truck owners who are paying for truck license tags on the quarterly payment plan were reminded by the county treasurer today that the second quarter payment will be due Monday, April 1. After Monday a five per cent penalty will be charged. Vernon Chesbro, Canditate for Ottawa School Board. Your vote will be appreciated. (Pol Adv.! Three damage suits have been dismissed in the Franklin County District Court. The cases were Kay Auto Leasing Company vs R. E. and Kenneth Hamilton, Sarah M. Clark vs. Wayne L. New, and Mary Ellen Pierce vs. Wayne L. New. Deaths W. A. LARSON W. A. "Lardie" Larson, 68, a longtime Ottawa resident and employee of Harry Henery Construction, died yesterday at the Veterans Administration Hospital Wadsworth, where he was taken last month after suffering stroke. Larson, who lived in a rooming house at 120 E. 1st, worked for the construction firm after the 1930s. His only survivors are an aunt, Mrs. Mary Rahn, Geneseco HI., and several cousins. Funeral services will be at the Wadsworth Chapel at 1 p.m. Monday, followed by burial in the Wadsworth Military Cemetery. Baker Official In New Job Milton W. Moody, assistant to the president of Baker University Baldwin, is joining the Knox College development office on April 1 as an associate of director Thomas S. Thompson. A graduate of Phillips University, Enid, Okla., in 1950, Moody studied theology at Temple University, serving also as a Methodist pastor in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania, while attending Phillips and Temple. Mr. and Mrs. Moody and their four children are moving to Galesburg from Baldwin. Local Markets Soybeans $2.42 Wheat 2.09 Ear corn 1.09 Shelled corn 1.14 Milo 1.78 Barley 1.08 KNOWS OF WHAT HE SPEAKS — Johnny Boyd (left), auto race driver who has participated in Indianapolis 500, discussed safety with Ottawa High students and Lions Club members earlier in week. Boyd's Ottawa visit was sponsored by Hughes Auto Parts. Pictured with Boyd is George R. Hughes, owner of sponsoring firm. (Herald Photo). Fascism Still Blooms In Italy Butterfat 47, .42 Eggs 20c Grade Eggs 29, 25, 20 Hens H KC Markets" KANSAS CITY (AP)— Cattle: Compared with last week's close; slaughter steers and heifers 6076 higher; calves and vealers strong; feeders to 1.00 higher; good to prime steers 21.50-24.IB; good to choice belters 31.00-23.25; good and choice slaughter calves 90.00-24.00; good to prime vealers 24.00-32.00; good to fancy feeders 21.50-33.50. Sheep; Slaughter lambs 26-50 higher; good to prime lambs 17.50-20.00; cull to good ewes 5.007.60; good and choice feeder lambs U.00-15.00. Hogs; Barrows and gilts to 25 lower; sows 25 lower; barrows gilts 1-3 190-2*0 Ib 13.26 - 14.00; sows 1-3 276-400 Ib 12.60-13.00; J- 9 40X00 Ib 11.7VU.60. Advance for Thurs pms March 28 By JAMES M. LONG ROME (AP)—The symbolic red, white and green flame of fascism flowers on election posters throughout Italy and still burns bright in the hearts of a million and a half Italians. Diehard blackshirts and many of their sons will vote in the national election April 28 under their old motto: "Vigliacco chi molla" —"Who yields is a coward." They still claim, as Benito Mussolini did 40 years ago in his march on Rome, that their party is Italy's last ditch defense against communism. She'll Paint Things Small After This MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Rory Leonard, 18, a University of Wisconsin freshman, probably will sketch birds and flowers from now on. The coed from Park Ridge, 111., sat down in front of a cage at the Madison Zoo to sketch "Winky," an elephant. She tossed her rain coat across the guard rail. Then she said Friday, "Winky's trunk came down and grabbed my coat. She tore the buttons off the coat before she ate it. She broke up my sun glasses before eating the lenses. Then she ate my wallet, containing $30, my driver's license and beer card. She threw out 75 cents. "I am going to paint things littler than I am from now on." Winky was reported feeling fine. Charge Six With Speeding Six motorists were cited for speeding last night after they were caught in a police radar zone on East Logan. Harold Crane, Kansas City, Mo., speeding 41 in a 30-mile zone, bond $11; Leslie H. Angel, Hutchinson, speeding 44 in a 30- mile zone, bond $14; Ott Hrenchir, Wellsville, speeding 43 in a 30-mile zone, bond $13; Maurice Strawn, Valley Falls, speeding 45 in a 30-mile zone, bond $15; Ernest Hobbs, 1004 S. Walnut, speeding 41 in a 30-mile zone, and Franklin D. Franks, 307 S. Cedar, speeding 54 in a 30-mile zone. The drivers were cited to appear in police court next Thursday morning. Hospital Notes Admissions Mrs. Herbert G. Wolfe, Richmond, Friday. Richard Frakes, 633 S. Sycamore; Saturday. Births Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hermreck, 816 S. Locust, son Saturday, weight, 6 Ib., 2 oz. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry James, 335 , Cedar, daughter Saturday, weight, 6 Ib., 11 oz. Dismissals Mrs. Dorothy Timraerman, Paoa; Beverly DeWald, 616 N. Cherry; Friday. Ted Randel, Williams- >urg; Marvin Burns, 424 N. Sycamore; James Smith, Rantoul, Saturday. Even the party's leaders see no real chance that they will ever win back power. But they are pledged to Mussolini's old idea of state socialism — the corporate state. After the war they reorganized Movement (MSI). For a while it gathered strength. In the first postwar parliamentary election, in 1948, they polled only 2 per cent of votes. Five years later they won 5.88 per cent. That was the. MSI peak. In the latest national election, in 1958, their votes dropped to 4.8 per cent, or 1.4 million. Although outnumbered 5 to 1, the Fascists have given eager battle to Italy's big Communist party for the past 15 years—in riots in the city squares and fist fights in Parliament. It is not against the law for an Italian to be a Fascist. There is no law against a political party under such an innocuous name as the Italian Social Movement, even if its political aims are Mussolini's old goals of state socialism, and even if its members call themselves Fascist. What is against the law is "apology for fascism"—that is, glorifying the Fascist era by using its banners and slogans and signs or praising its ideals. Salesman Still Drives Model T The Pittsburg Headlight & Sun Written for The Associated Press BRAZILTON, Kan. (AP)— William Meyer, 75-year-old Brazilton seed corn salesman, figured he got a good deal when he invested about $100 in an automobile 30 years ago. Meyer got a 1927 Model T in the transaction. He still drives the antique on his sales territory between Pittsburg and Girard. Meyer's auto is different from some other Model T's still rolling these days—hobby cars that have been rebuilt and slicked up. With Meyer his Model T is a working car. And it works most of the time. Sometimes when the battery is down, it works only after a bit of winding of the crank, permanently attached to the front for just such emergencies. "These later models don't have anything like that," he says almost proudly. In the interest of accuracy, there is a later model car in the Meyer family but Mrs. Meyer does the driving. Meyer has never mastered any motorized transportation other than the three- pedal Model T. Blanche Lamb-Bob Roberta Lamb Funeral Home Asks Care In Trash Burning Burning trash on windy days, or in the open is the main cause of the grass fires the Ottawa Fire Department has been called to put out in recent days, Fire Chief Harry Gilliland said. So far this month the firemen have been summoned to -extinguish eight grass fires in Ottawa. Most of them started from burning trash, Gilliland said. The fire chief recommended that trash be burned in recepticals designed for that purpose, or in metal barrels covered with a screen. Trash should not be burned on windy days, he said. Gilliland said grass fires spread quickly and often cannot be controlled. As grass burns the air rises and the fire creates its own draft, causing it to spread rapidly- The fire department has stood watch over several grass fires for people this month when the department was called to stand by while residents burned off lots. Gilliland said the department often watches such fires particularly for women and older people. It is a matter of protections and often eliminates a fire hazard, he said. The fire department is allowed to watch fires for people, but firemen are never allowed to burn off the lots. The residents must set their own fires. Funerals DIXIE JEANNE VICARS Graveside services were held yesterday at 2 p.m. in Highland Cemetery here for Mrs. Rex Vicars, Houstop Tex., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Gilliland, Ottawa, who died Tuesday, March 26, in St. Joseph's Hospital, Houston. Friends and relatives met at Lamb Funeral Home where Mrs. J. R. Henning played organ selections, preceding the services at the cemetery. Dr. Raymond P. Jennings, First Baptist Church, Ottawa, was in charge of the services. Pallbearers were Charles T Geiger, Clarence F. Ward, Clarence W. Hegberg, Max F. Ward, Vernon R. Chesbro and John N. Wassmer. Deeds Louis W. Holden to Howard A. Myers lots 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Blk 75 Centropol lis; Edward C. Shindler to H. Edward Meyer, lots 22-23-24-25-2Blk 21 Wellsville; A. E. Telfer to Lee R. Sheldon Lots 43-45-Blk 1 Atkinson Univ. Add •' B. T. McCullough to George W. forde, SE cor. of Sec. 28 16-21; George Su,P son to B y°n K. Faden, NW'/4 ? E £ ^ec. 8 17-20; Edna Ruth Harrejt brink to Robert E. Chamberlln, NV= NEVi Sec. 22 15-19; Milford R. Monroe to Norman Raby, Lots 15-17-19- Blk 11; Robert Snodgrass to Chas Williamson. 3 tracs Sec. 12 17-18 (QCD); Chas. D. Carey to Neal C Sayler, lots 35-37-39-Blk 6 Univ. Add •' Kenneth E. Andrews to James R. Mo- Crea, Lot 40 Orchard Heights; E.' W Klngsborouth to Gleason Co. Inc., lots 17-19 Blk 64. Removals Blough, Paul, from 929 B. Main; Baston, Robert L., to 118 S. Poplar; Egerton, Mrs. E. A., to 754 S. Locust; Franks, Martha, to 735 N. Main; Fine, Harold, from U6',J> W. 3rd., to 829 Princeton; Gragg, Juanita & Barbara Meredith, to 1140 N. Main; Jones, Mrs. Don, to 622 S. Locust, 1st Floor; Lloyd, Mrs. John A., from 617 W. 5th., to Pueblo, Colo.; Ross Wilbur, 410 S. Willow, to Garden City; Schroll, Frs. R. H., from 429 West 3rd., to Dccatur, Ark.; Spinelll, Raymond L., to 120 S. Maple. HOUSE Insurance Due? Check SMITH'S Andy Gives It Just The Right Dash Of Corn HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Televi- vision's Andy Griffith is living proof that just the right amount of corn, properly seasoned, is a highly valuable commodity. His weekly journeys through the calmly crisis-ridden world of a small town southern sheriff rank consistently in the top 10. People who otherwise snub television for a good book admit free- y an affinity for the drawling North Carolinian and his everyday, down home problems. His lelplcss-humored deputy, Don Knotts, brings a delightful balance to the show. Griffith totes much of his screen image into real life. The stage crew on "The Andy Griffith Show" is an easy-going but competent »ang. Griffith joshes with them, listens to their trade talk and happily quotes from it. But their life together ends when the work day does. Even he and Knotts, despite a deep friendship, seldom meet off the set. Once recently they took their families for a weekend away from the smog and glitter. Griffith confesses: "It was just about the most fun I ever had. I never, laughed so much." The television Griffith with a ready, if unspectacular, solution for fictional crises has a counterpart in real life also. Griffith, a former school teacher in Goldsboro, N.C., is deadly serious about his career. He takes a major hand in script conferences with the show's writers. And realizes that his first major Broadway and movie role, "No Time for Sergeants," cast him as a type. That's why he went into television. "I want to do this show for five years," he said—to break the cast. Then he wants to try movies again. Meanwhile, Andy, his wife Barbara and their two children, Sam, 5, and Dixie Nann, 3, live on a half acre in the San Fernando Valley's Toluca Lake section. Their permanent home—where they hope to retire someday—is 53 acres on wild and rugged Roanoke Island in North Carolina. Griffith's career as an entertainer started there. He and Barbara appeared in an annual pageant, "The Lost Colony." They soon put together an act for local civic groups with Andy playing guitar, singing and telling jokes. Barbara, a trained vocalist, sang and danced. She also was responsible in a way for Andy's rise to fame. "She'd booked us to appear be- 'ore the same group twice," Andy remembers, "and I couldn't do he same act. So while driving the 75 miles from home to the second appearance, I made up a new monolog and called it 'What it was, was football.' "It was based on a joke someone had told me a long time ago." It was so successful, he recorded it for a small record company in Goldsboro. Capitol Records lead it and signed him to a contract. He's with them still—just ambling along. Children Hurt In Bus Accident BALDWIN - Two Baldwin children were taken to Lawrence Memorial Hospital yesterday after the school bus they were riding in went out of control and straddled a concrete culvert across a ditch about four miles north of Baldwin. Glenna Kalb, a first grade pupil, was treated for a broken arm. She is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Glen Kalb, Baldwin. Diana Dunn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dunn, was treated and released. Other students in the bus were treated for cuts and bruises. The driver told investigators that he looked in his rear-view mirror when he heard a noise in the back of the bus and the vehicle went out of control. The bus crossed the left lane and straddled the culvert. The rear springs were broken when the bus struck the culvert and skidded 150 feet along the road with the rear wheels in the ditch. The accident occurred on a county road. Dave Laghtfoot, Baldwin, was the driver. Legate Legato Josephine Evans, same Hazel Hough, same .. Howard Kalb, same ,. Harry Keller, same .. Carl Richardson, same M. Bhaughnessy, same Llonnl Shaw, same ., . E. O. Stlth, same .. Charles Wells, same ,. 128.25 150.46 193.05 328.50 134.33 183.00 202.HO 141.76 237.60 Dr. I. R. Henning, salary .. .$ 220.00 Aria Licktelg, same 178.75 230.00 Mary Mickey, same Sue Morris, same ,. . Rosalie Osnurn, same Jewell Spratt, same .. ...... 48.20 TOTALS .: .. !$ 1,434.95 Noxloas Weed Floyd .Hlgdon, salary .. ,. t .$ 285.00 Hollo Thompson, same 280.00 Legato Franklin County Highway Dept D-A tub. Co., Inc., sup; .... $ 339.90 Lesh Oil CO., kerosene .. . 32.40 McCalls Electric Serv., Ibr,.. 3.00 Frager's Radiator Serv. rpr.. 8.'JO A and A Prod. Co., sup. ..... 593.42 A. T. ft Santa Fe, cross ties .. 148.71 Brown's Hdwr., sup. .... 19.82 Wtr. ft Lgt. Dept., Utilities ., 42.33 Clark's Quarry, rock .. S29.62 Concrete Materials, rock .'.'. 4,888.35 Anna Curtis, right-of-way .. 248.85 Didde Of. Sup., sup 2.45 Firestone, tires ft anti frz. .. " 615.32 Special Ante Freone Hollinger, salary .. .9 176.40 Wanda Klrkland, same Fogle Quarry, rock 6,266.00 ..,„.„. ft- Co. Treas., trt. ttl. , tgs. 23».00 43800 Oas 8erv - Co - utilities 4830 «cne's "66" Serv., gas Lee Giles Quarry, ropk . .. Hlllland Oarage, gas, etc. .. lubbard , Lmbr., Co., sup. .. lughes Auto, rprs ohnson-Qclden, bat., acid •• iesh OH Co., fuel, etc lartln Tractor Co., rprs. ... •earl Mathias, etal ,r-o-w .. Marceline Ralston, same Kay Shaffer, same .. .. 92.40 105.00 230.00 Road * Bridge Merle Atchlson, salary $ 289.13 (First Published March 16, 1963) (Last Published March 30, 1963) In The Probate Court of Franklin County, Kansas In the Matter of the Estate of Claude Summers, deceased. • NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT Notice Is hereby given to the creditors, heirs, devisees and legatees of Claude Summers, deceased, and all others concerned, that on the llth day ot March, 1963, the undersigned was by the Probate Court of Franklin County, Kansas duly appointed and qualified as administratrix of the estate of Claude Summers, deceased, late of Franklin County, Kansas. All parties interested In said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. All creditors are notified to exhibit their demands against the said estate within nine months from the date of the first publication of this notice, as provided by law, and if their demands are not thus exhibited they shall be forever barred. Muriel L. Devine Administratrix Anderson ft Byrd Attorneys for Administratrix Larry Barnhart, same Teddy Barnhart, same .. .., La von Bates, same , Orpha Bearly, same ..... Jay Brown, same .. .'. .... Howard Burroughs, same . I. M. Carrow, same J. A. Cole, same .. Harold Crockett, same .. . Clifford Crump, same .. .. Arthur Deane, same George Denkcr, same .. . William Fanning, same ..". Morris Ferguson, same .. . C, R. Firestone, same .. .. D. L. Fischer, same Joanne Fritts, same F. A. Gardner, same D. I. Goodwill, same M. M. Green, same Frank Gretencord, same Graden Griffin, same .. ','.. Russell Hamilton, same .. . Herbert Howell, same .. .. Sari Hufford, same James Hull, same Peter Johannes, same .. .. Carl Johnson, same Harry Johnson, same John LaFollette, same .. Walter Landess, same ., '.'. Harold May, same Floyd McCurdy, same .. .. Leonard Matteson, same .. J. E. Meharry, same David Reekie, same H. E. Reekie, same W. H. Rodgers, same John Schulz, same Bheler, same 31olce Shepherd, same .. . Ralph Shepherd, same .. .. ZliffonJ Sink, same Prank Stansbury, same .. . Thomas Stevenson, same .. Elmo Tlllcry, same Neva Tulloss, same .. .. C. I. Turner, same .. ..'.'... Aethel Wadkins, same .. .. William West, same (First Published March 30, 1963) (Last Published April 13, 1963) In The Probate Court of Franklin County, Kansas In the Matter of the Estate of Lucy Cora Hoskinson, Deceased Case No. 11-003 NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT State of Kansas Franklin County ss: The State of Kansas to the Creditors, Heirs, Devisees, Legatees, and all other persons concerned of the de- cedant. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned was duly appointed and qualified as administrator of the above entitled estate on the 27th day of March, 1963, and that letters of administration have been duly granted to him as such administrator; that all persons having demands against the said estate must exhibit them within nine months from the first publication of this notice, as provided by law; and that if their demands be not exhibited within such time they shall be forever barred. Paul Foster, Sr., Administrator Donald L. White, Attorney for Administrator COUNTY CLERK'S STATEMENT of Fund Bills for February, 1982, As Audited and Allowed by the Board of Franklin County Commissioners. March 1, 1963 Welfare Fnnd The Individual names and amounts of payments for Old Age Assistance, Aid to the Blind, Aid to Dependent Children, Aid to the Disabled, and General Assistance will not be published and are listed herewith in total. In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 221 Laws of Kansas 1953, a public file showing the names and addresses of all recipients receiving payments under said act, together with the amounts paid, are required to be kept in the offices of the County Clerk and the County Welfare Office and is opened to the public for inspection at all times during the regular office hours. Old Age Assistance Aid to the Blind Aid to Dep. Children . Aid to the Disabled . General Assistance .. Administration Total Welfare Fund Attest .$34,213.31 179.50 : 8,618.43 ....:. 4,893.80 . ... 3,928.40 ..... 5,085.23 ... (56,918.67 Bruce Spears Easter is a good time to beautify the resting place of a loved one. call Stewart Memorials across from south water tower 118 W. 15th CH 2-3325 (Seal) Salary Fund Eileen Bowman, salary .. J. H. Button, same Almeda Edwards, same . Joe Ferans, same Max Gilmore, same .".., Virginia Hoffman, same .. Alva Hoover, same Ofelita Ivey, same Marguerite Koehler, same Evelyn McKinley, same . Robert Melton, same .. Velva Lee Mott, same .... Ravenna Oaks, same .. .. Robert Pinet, same Carrie Plake, same Maurice Ponton, same .. , St. Treas. of Kas., same .. Velma Powers, same .. Earl Richardson, same . . Edna Richardson, same .. James Richardson, same . Ruby Sanford, same .. ... Fete Siebel, same Carl Sherman, same Myra Smay, same Bruce Spears, same Dorothy Thomson, same • Mary Troutman, same .. . Cecil Vining, same Roselyn Whirley, same .. Donald White, same Grace Wilson, same Christina Woke, same .. . Donald Averill, same .. O. L. Breckenrldge, same . F. S. Cannady, same .. Henry Carez, same .... Clyde Chambers, same .. Mike Collins, same Edith Crandall, same .. .. Curtis DeVore, same County Clerk 58.00 229.33 406.70 426.25 315.00 . 230.00 69.00 329.21 255.00 235.00 265.00 240.00 215.00 575.52 150.GO 477.51 10.00 255.00 229.33 255.00 300.00 275.00 260.00 125.00 230.00 439.36 255.00 230.00 260.00 283.97 268.48 289.13 268.48 268.48 260.00 260.00 268.48 260.00 , 268!48 268.48 268.48 260.00 361.41 268.48 54.60 600.00 260.00 268.48 260.00 268.48 260.00 263.00 268.48 268.48 356.15 260.00 330.21 268.48 268.48 260.00 283.97 299.46 268.48 268.48 283.97 268.48 309.78 268.48 260.00 280.00 268.48 283.97 335.60 260.00 255.00 289.13 309.78 270.00 108.53 134.70 676.58 657.62 21.41 202.52 11,62 110.73 2,127.39 654.90 9,151.16 61.36 445.97 266.61 1.90 90.15 33.75 14.32 948.41 8.71 1.00 92.50 8.00 42.49 11.35 28.51 44.04 52.72 35.00 224.35 57.00 Herbert H. Cochran and Marjorle Cochran, same. 118.00 E. L. Walker, same 77.25 Cannady Supply, sup. .. .... 793.56 Payroll, salaries 14,248.38 J. L. Conway, compressor .. 1,750.00 TOTALS $40,243.85 Appanoose Township Road Fr. Co. Highway Department labor, mch. wk. .. .'..$ 353.29 Martin Tractor, supplies .. . 257.19 turray Products, rock if ax Plerson, right-of-way .. Hieldon Truck, rprs, Ibr. ... larry Smith, rprs. ...... linnick Mtr. Co., rprs ifoore's, parts (atlonal Eng. Co., filters ... Ottawa Blue Print, prints .. Ottawa CO-OP Assn. gas .... "enny's Ready Mix, conct... 'hillip "66" stn., tire rpr. .. 'hllllps Mfg. Co., sup 3 rag?r's, rpr. radiator . . }. D. Richards, supplies i. . Inbertson Mtr. Co., rpr lam's Tires, tube ft rep. ... !. W. Bell Tele., Co., serv. .. Sinclair Refining, supplies .. Juzman Lmbr., staple Jobert Anderson, r-o-w I. B. Anderson, same TOTALS $14,246.38 Genera] Fund H1U House, city, Co meet. ...$ 20.10 T. J. Cummings, postage ... 60.10 Wtr. & Lgt. Dept., serv 180.73 Gas Service Co., same 358.46 S. W. Bell Tele., same 294.14 City of Ottawa, dis. sal 212.00 Donald Averill, mileage ... 25.34 O. Breckenridge, same .. .. - 25.41 Clyde Chambers, same .. .. 31.64 Mike Collins, same frank Cannady, same Llonal Shaw, same Curtis DeVore, same Howard Kalb, same Carl Richardson, same .. .. Charles Wells, same Alex.-Doyen, Ins., bd Budge's Hardware, sup. .. • Bundy's Ins., co. ins J. H. Button, mile., exp. ., Capitol Bl Prt. Co., sup. ..'.'. Copies, Inc., same D. E. Coughlin. fees Joel Cutting, sup Didde Of. Sup., sup Douglas Gleason, fees Ralph Hopkins, hauling .... Hughes Auto Parts, sup. ... IBM Corp., sup maint J. G. Kahler, fees Jules Doty, same James Kahler, same Kas. Electronic, rprs,Ibr ... King Travel Ser., co. atty.. Lattimore-Fink, bid ale Lawyers Coop., hatchers sp.. M. Linnenberger, maint. ... Lister Hwdr., pts.lbr The Lockwood Co., sup D. C. McBrayer, trnscpt. ... McClay Wholesale, sup. ... Robert Melton, mile., exp. .. Ottawa Appliance, pts., Ibr.. Ottawa Engraving, photo . . M. Ponton, mile., exp Nuzman Lmbr., sup Ottawa Insurance, co. ins... Ottawa Insurance, bond . .. Quin Furniture, supplies .... Selig Co., same Raney Drug Store, same ... Reliable Transfer, service .. A. Reed Wilson, sup. . Earl Richardson, mile., exp. Sarg.-Sowell, Inc., sup. Pete Seibel, labor Harry Smith Auto, sup. . Bruce Spears, misc. bills .. Bruce Spears, mile., exp. ., Tallman Printing, maps ... Dorothy Thomson, mile. .. Cecil Vining, mile. exp. .. Wellsville Globe, public. ... D. L. White, mile., exp. ... D. L. White, meeting Wolfe's Camera Shop, sup. Max Gilmore, mile., exp. . James Richardson, same . Joe Ferns, prls. maint .... Joe Ferns, mile., exp S. R. Owen, bounty ' R. E. Hamilton, same .. . C. E. McArioo, same Fred Simmons, same .. .. Charles O'Neill, same .. . Max Ribeau. same .. Don Woodward, same Glenn Chambers, same ., T. C. Bruner, same Arthur Shepherd, same .. .. O. D. Garrett, same Marlon Vail, same ,.. 6. R. Owen; same Lyle North, same .. ff Carl Johnson, same ,',' Leo Wlttman, same F. L. Baxter, same Rex Weigand, same George Harris, same D. W. Risdon, jury tee . Mrs. Wilma Hlgble, same .. Mrs. George Antone, same.. 230.00 315.33 140.40 186.30 132.00 159.30 93.15 342.90 155.25 108.00 Knud Elbed, same 176.85 Curved AUTO Glass Popular Makes In Stock SUFFRON Gloss Co. 418 N. Main Phone CH 2-2515 GOOD CARPENTER CREWS WANTED AT ONCE TO BUILD NEW HOMES WE NEED CARPENTER FOREMEN with a crew of two or more for year 'round work building new homes. Good money, some travel, but steady work. Phone HO. 2-3111 COLLECT or write Nordaas American Homes, Minnesota Lake, Minnesota. H. W. Maloney, same J. W. Burkdoll, same .. W. L. Bass, same .. .. ..... Clifford Bell, same .. 255 00 I Mrs ' Jean c!arlc ' Jame 376.00 L j oyd schriVer, same '.'. Mrs. K. Dietrich, same Perry Burrows, same .. William Farney, same . Clyde Mace, same .. Glenn A. Gould, same . W. H. Rice, same .... A. W. Jones, same .. . J. C. Jones Donald Coughlin, same .. , John Morton, same Mrs. Olive Brenner, same L. A. Casida, same — Mrs. Irene Waggy, same . Charles Gillette, same .. . Arza Fogle, same E. J. Barnes, same .. .. Clarence Fowler, same ..'' Otis Brock, same E. W. Anderson, same .. . P. W. Archer, same I. W. Cearfoss, same .. Payroll, salaries Ottawa Herald, publication 70.35 8.26 35.00 6.37 27.30 6.09 50.05 138.46 3.60 500.44 35.59 3.00 37.06 4.50 4.90 157.50 60.00 10.00 14.53 49.00 15.00 15.00 50.00 90.03 158.65 5.00 15.00 25.00 23.2' 46.56 94.30 52.50 132.60 4.00 135.00 16.33 152.51 40.80 25.90 9.90 69.21 3.29 12.00 19.95 24.28 28.41 3.00 3.24 1.59 24.15 102.00 7.56 45.58 1.63 92.50 23.46 11.53 372.74 344.3 379.01 300.34 2.0i 66.0C 2.0i 4.0C 2.0C 2.00 2.0 2.0C 2.0C 2.01 2.0C 16.01 2.01 2.01 2.01 2.0C 50.0 12.(K 18.01 5.0i 7.H 5.2 5.7i 5.0C 5.0' 5.0C 6.5 5.0 6.6 6.12 5.00 7.24 5.00 5.00 5.70 5.00 6.82 7.24 5.00 6.68 5.00 5.70 5.00 7.10 5.00 6.75 5.00 6.26 5.00 6.40 11,778.05 25.55 Centropollj Township Road Franklin County Highway Dept., rk, Ibr, mch wk. .$ 905.89 Lesh Oil Co., sup 231.17 Cutler Township Road Franklin County Highway Dept., Ibr. mach. wk. ...$ 434.69 Franklin Township Road Sinclair Serv., gasoline $ 48.59 Sinclair Service, supplies ... 16.22 Franklin County Highway Dept., Ibr., mch. wk. ... 1,439.81 Col. Int. Rev., 1st '/« 1962 ... 38.00 Franklin Township Special Road Fr. Co. Hy. Dept., -rock, haul $ 1,522.90 Greenwood Township Road Franklin County Highway Dept., rk, haul Ibr, wk...$ 1,121.80 Harrison Township Road Fr. Co. Hy, Ibr, mch wk. ...$ 336.67 Hayes Township Road Fr. Co. Hy., rk, Ibr m wk. $ 1,395.48 Homewood Township Road Fr. Co. Hy., Ibr., mch wk ...$ 376.75 Donald Smith, wages 10.00 Kurt Weigand, same 10.09 Clyde Waytt, same .. 11.00 Martin Tractor, repairs 14.61 Homewood Township Special Road. Fogle Quarry, rock $ 79.70 Leo Fischer, rock mat. ... 50.40 Concrete Mat., rock 129.00 Lincoln Township Road Fr. Co. Hy., rock, haul, Ibr.. 1,253.10 Ohio Township Fr. Co. Hy., Ibr. mach wk. ..$ 385.63 Ottawa Township Road Fr. Co. Hy., grading, rock, labor, hauling, mch wk. . .$ 4,296.57 Concrete Mat., rock 198.80 peoria Township Road Eldon Finch, wages $ 15.00 Fr. Co. Hy., Ibr., mch wk. .. 535.26 Ivan Brown, wages 20.00 Pomona Township Road Fr. Co. Hy., Ibr, mch wk. ..$ 237.22 PotUwatomle Township Road Fr. Co. Highway Dept., signs, Ibr., mach. wk $ 2*4.22 Richmond Township Road Fr. Co. Hy., Ibr, mach wk. $ 206.54 Williamjburr Township Road Fr. Co. Hy., Ibr, mach wk. ..$659.13 Wllliamsburc Township Special Boad Fr. Co. Hy., rock, haul. 74.41 SALE DATES NATE AND LEONA GIBBONS Melvern 549-3522 TOTALS »17,582.B5 Open dates on farm and household Sales. Harold Stewart ft Charles Beatty Harold - CH 2-4836 Charles - Lyndon. Kansas April 2 — Night Consignment Hors* Sale Neosho Livestock Commission Co., Neosho, Missouri. April 8 — Night Consignment Horst Sale, Lawrence Livestock Sale Co., East llth St. Lawrence, Kas. Print} and Son Ben Printy "Cap" CH 2-1974 CH 2-1201 April 13 — Storage Auction—furniture and Antiques — Ottawa Transfer and Storage Co.. 101 N Main. Ottawa, 12:00 Noon. Community auction aver; iliesgay night 7 p.m., 1136 N. Main. Community sale every Thmrtdai night, lltt N Main. Myers Bros. Phone Centropolis Claude—918 Howard—46. Ottawa RFD 4. Pranlclln Count? Sale Company fttvonr Saturday. North Ottawa on Highway 59. April 3 — Arthur Wheeler, Rousa Trailers & Furniture, 121 North Hickory, Ottawa, Kans. April 5 — Charles Herschel, 2 acre Suburb, 7 Room House It Furniture, 710 West 5th Street, Lawrence, Kans. April 18 — Lieuf & Helm, Farm Sale 4 miles West of Baldwin Jet. on Highway 50. 11 a.m. April 22 — Cecil Morrow, closing out Farm Sale, 5 miles East; 4 North of Overbrook, Kans. Jack Nelson Phone 566-3530, Pomona, Kas. Overbrook Livestock Sale, Overbrook, Kansas every Wednesday, every Friday - Alien County Live- «toek 4jn"f>r ">•» CifT Kansas April 4 — Oakland School House ft Contents, 8 miles northwest of Ottawa. Make Hay While the Sun Shines with a Classified Ad.

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