The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 4, 1936 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 4, 1936
Page 12
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^^ THE BAKER8PIBLD CALIFOKWAN, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 193« Rialto to Reopen With Double Bill After having been closed for tho •umrncr season, th»> Itlalto Ihonter, located nt 000 Hakm- ntwel. rpopctis today with ii splendid program. HoadliiK the- double bill Is Uono Antry. famous slnglnB i'nwlioy, In hl» most populur pli-lurc lo dnle. "Comlir 'Hound ih.- Mmniluln." In Which the noted ynunR wi-nli-rn ftnr docs all tho IhlMRH Ihnl cu ploa«o his lulmlrent. I If IH rolnrori-ort by n BtroiiR mipportliiR i-nsl. "SmllltiK IrlKh Kyi'*." Ihr other feature. IH tho Mr* I HlnrrlnB vehlrlo of 1'hll KegDii. noted tenor of radio anil concert fnnif crllleHiind pulille nliki! lire mvtiiK not only nlmul Unremarkable volro tif th>> hnii'lunimyoung: IHslininn. but "I"" «bi>nl bin BhIllt.V to IH'I. "lid III" oxcolh-lir-o nf the dialogue nii'l KtiiRliiK Mruiy <!'•• dorr the picture Miporlor to feature fllniH ruBthiR ninny limes mon> COMEDY DUO Doom Open Bi46 p. ni. NOW SHOWING You Don't "Hoc" This Picture . . . You Live It MMIMIS SlAII'i •'fcilric MARCH W.nnCi RAXTEH Liniinl BARRYMORE with JUNE l/INC* Grcnurr RATOfr -ALSO: 90 Merry Mlnute» of Screen Joy .111. PATSY KELLY OUIHN "Blf B»" WKiUMJ PirlKtLtdN Ch«iK«CH*SC Colored Cni'toon, Nowt A PRESIDENT DISMISSED HIS CABINET FOR HER Gorgeous Hussy FOX THEATRE—SUNDAY TODAY | TOMORROW It's COOL THE BORDER PATROLMAN" nillAN OONLEVY IILCNOA rAllllflL NUIIMAN IflRTCn "HIQH TENSION" ffohtilnolnr Cfti loon VIRGINIA Open 12. II p. in.—20a Ami 10 r, Now Two DlQ Feature! ROBERT WOOLSEY BERT WHEELER in Height* of Hilarity "Silly Billies" HARRY CAREY in n First- Oun Western "Aces Wild" Comedy, Now* nnU Cnrtoon GRANADA TODAY AND SATURDAY 7'ico ///// l''rtilnrrn GEORGE BANCROFT ANN 80THBRN in n Qrofit Ben Drninii "HELL SHIP MORGAN" BORIS KARLOFF R. Cortex and fitnr Cnnl "THE WALKING DEAD" News and (thoit SiihjetU HALTS Ufill Ualirr Strrrl UEOI'UNS TODAY (JKNK ATTUV "COIMIN* HOUND THE MOUNTAIN" uml I'llll. Ui:(i,\.\ in "LuuKliii'K Irish l:yes" Our (iiuiK t'onicdy; Slioils CLUB OASIS Dance Nightly Except Monday to the Merry Mudo of the OASIS TRIO Hear them every week over wexAi TOWN PRICES JACK CONLEY, Proprietor Ro»ed»le HlgHwuy at Prultval* I'nlH.v Kelly nnd (iiilnn \Vllllnnis TT'NIMNl! nt Ihn Fox Hnturdiiy \-J\H !IO inlnnlen of m-reen fun in I'ntsy Kelly'fi latent rimimly "Kelly The Mi-fond" With (Iiilnn (Hit? itoyl \Vllllftrn.i. Cbfirley l'hn«e nnrl IVrl Kelton. The plelure Is the fli-Mt. nf the Illil ItOtti.-li Htnilli.iH feature leriRlh comedies, KlarrltiR the new eoniody tenni, Kelly nnd ('brine The neeond feature. H|IOW- IH, pr"H"nls Ih" Impressive <-nnt of U'urner llnxler. Lionel Hurry IIIIIIT In "The Itodd to III! edrle Mnreh, I .lime l.iuiK or henrl-Nlnrveil fight n« men nnd n Kill with love to one. It niirgeM with ei rv' ii fill lo only ollnnnl fury, fired with the liiHplrliiK nrllriK «( " grent c/ifil A eolori'il enrloon "Hawaiian Illrds" nnd l''ox Movleloiio newn I'omplele Ihln nt the Kox. MAItltlAUH KltltOlt COKKKCTKI) ! MOVVMNii OllKKN, Ohlr>, Hepl I id! I'I- Afler .|.| yoiirM of iiinrrk-d 'life, Mr. nnd Mrs. Kdwnrd Clnrk of !|)elroll wen- weddetl iiKnln. Clnrk ' en iiliilned I luiI he niiirHi'd undi'i nil nMHiiiner] nnin'' lh<. flrMl lime. SHE'S ON THE LOOSE AGAIN AND RUNNING WILD! •HERS Pffff* SHUDDERING SUSPENSE! MALICE AND MURDER .' IN NATURE'S/ MIGHTY WONDERLAND!1 SHUDDERINGJ SUSPENSE!] ONLY 5 MORE DAYS Until tho Cool NILE FOR ONE DAY ONLY TIRKElg NOW UN HALL ? PUHFORMANCES MllliiM 'Ilia IMmliiB «:.'0 I'llc.l; DOo. Mo. JI.OO I'lui Old-Timers Dance Tonight 9 Until I o'clock BEARDSLEY DANCE PAVILION "Where They All Qo (or Pun" Hoar Wilton's Harmony Band Mnvlvo lh« Old Fnvorltet »ti.OO Cmh Door Prl««i AUo Spot Prlte* Phone i'S^O-W Him Mil.. No,ii, ,„ aid lm,,« Illii^.y Merle Qberon Is Saved by Aherne (United Vrcti denied Wire) TfOfjljYWOOD, Bopt. 4,—Merle- Oboron, Urltlah film act roan, was naved (from possible Injury today when , Brian A homo, her leading malt, throw her from Iho path of a film actor who Buffered serious hurlfl In a 20-foot fall on n sot. 'liny Klnney, 38, former Now York HlngT) iKMor, WHS I ho vlrtlm of n- mishap during filming of it si'pno lit Hiimuel Uoldwyn'n studio. Me Buffered Interrtiil IriJlirleM, n, broken noun, a broken JHW nnd ft posRlble uknll fnieture, I'lnney WIIH playing tho pnrt of n llrltlHh Holdlor nnd was cliaHlng A hern and Miss Oberon "over ronfs In Dublin." Ho was Hiipposod In lenp 20 feet Into a pnddnd room. Tho aetor, however, tripped over his Kim and was thrown hendlonK. Aherne mill Mlsn Oberon were directly bfjl'iw him. Looking up when he heard shouts from workers, Ahertie Mhoved the actress nnd him- nelf wan Rro.7ed by Klnney. TOMORROW MATINie } P. M BArunnAY. SUNDAY. MONDAY 2 GRAND HITS ' EDDIE CANTOR In ] "WHOOPEE" |j AND- jj "THE OOUNT OF MONTE ORISTO" PATROLS O'llrlrn r PIIIIKIO thrilling nllruclloiiH I mult" up the pri"Krnm Hlniwliig toilny mid tomorrow only at Urn Kox < 'allffirnln Ihenter The first thriller IM (lenrge li'llilen In "This Ili-rder I'litrolmnn" with I'olly Ann Voiing, Hoy MiiHfiii nnd Smiley llnrnetle. The noeoml thriller In "HlKh Ti-n»lon" filled with laughs nnd HlnrrltiK Hrlnn Uonlovy, Cileiidn r'nrrell, Normnn KoHtor nnd lli'lcn \\OoilM. The third nt- tracllon IH ehnpter four of the. mirl/il "CiiHlnr'n l-nsl Sliind",< f*nt ne\\-fi r\'i>nt« via Met.rotone NewH rompleii'H the program. Lend a Hand at the greatest Tuif-of-War ever staged in Battens field! A Caterpillar Tractor will take all comers on Saturday, September 5, 11 a. m., at Seventeenth and "Eye" Sponsored by Cousins Tractor Company. How Many Men, Boys and (iirls will it take to hold this Earthworm Tractor? Be On Hand Saturday Morn in ft' to See the TiiK-of'-War and at, the Fox California Starling: Sunday to See .101: Ii. I1KOWN "EARTHWORM TRACTORS" nnd • • Shirley TUMPl.G TOORLITTLE RICH GIRL" (RAFTS OUIOI IAHCIIT MOIOMIIIU (ONI1 ItllHI NOW Nineteenth and Union AND—— ALL THIS WEEK Sensational Free Attractions Shows & Rldca LISTS GO PIIER PI.IUN STELLAR ROLE Krcdrlc March I T'ItTSDRIC MAJIOM, who cnacU * tho tltlo rolo In Wnrnnr V5ro». rnatnniotli pi-odiictlon of "Anthony AdviVBO" whli.'h (!Oinp« to tho Nlln Theater for one (lay only noxt \VrilrifHclny, wnit ilnfclurod by Aillhur Mnrvny Allnn to look exactly HH ho hurt pictured hi* riovcl'n hfiro In hl» Imagination. Two pi?rfonrin.ncnn will ho fflvon, a mat In on xtarflnK at 2:20 and an (.•vMiliiK performance at 8:20. All Heat« aro rnnnrvcfl for hoth por- forniiinooK. Tho box office of the Nlln will ho open each flay Until Iho onKHKcnient to acoommotlato palrotiH iluHlrlnK to purchttBo or re- Robust Drama of Love at Granada "Moll Hhlp Morgan," a robust, rod- blooded drnmn featuring George llnncroft. Ann Sothorn and Vlolor .lory, hnnrlH the progrntn at tho Orn- nndii Ihenter to<lu.y nnd Saturday. Tho story of "Hull Ship Morgan" revolyes nroiind the plight of throe people brought together by a strange rjnlrk of fate nbonrd tho Southorn C'rosH nnd the hopeless emotional trl- anglo In whlelf they nro Involved. Seeond fenturo, "Tho Wnlklngr Dead," dhows the. screen's first por- trnynl of the rosturiitlun of llfn lo nn e|ei-lroe\ited in-rson. llorls Karloff. miiHter of*horrors, hns the lead- lnfc r role, with Hlenrdo Cortex, Hnr- Ion Mncl/ntii! nnd others In the gripping drama of Huspenso. Wheeler, Woolsey Virginia Rioters Romance rlrlen on thn eoveretl wagon trail of Wheeler and Wool.woy In Iholr lali-Hl prodiietlon for HKO Hadln. "Silly rilllles," herding the diiiihlu hill opening at Iho Virginia Ihi'iiler liidny. I'onilhy I ,eo IN the lit IN- plunder who HiifteiiN thn hurdnhlpH of tho pupiilitr i-iiinedtiin.1. nun of the blKgenl ciiMts ever as- Hembled for 11 feature roineily with npiirly l>fi<i Indians, «ettb>r« ami fronllei-Mineii appear In thin hllnrloUH i ufferlnir of thn eovi-reil wagon era. j Completing the double bill In a firm- | run woHlerii feature, "Aces \\Mld." TODAY—2 BIO FEATURES Comedy Cartoon Newt -AND— What Prlcn P»rol«r And Who Pay*? Henry Hunter, Ann Preston In "PAROLE" Bukertfleld'e Mont Unique Cafe Bigger and Better New Floor Show Starts Saturday TONIGHT Rex and Betty Powers World'* Champion Skateri and Thou Fast Daneirs , THREE SOCIETY STEPPERS Patty Dilano, Mary B«ll, Mary L«« TRY US NEXT FOR Chicken—Steaks—Chops Served «t All Hour* Thru Floor Show* Nightly 10 p. m., Ih30 p. m., I a. m. No Cover Ch«rpe Rxcept Saturday AIR COOLED PABST ON TAP Only a Pew Shopping Days Remain in Which to Outfit Those Schoolward Bound Children! ! Weill's Busy Basement Is overflowing' wiiji all items of wearing apparel he or she will want. And at prices we know will be a pleasing surprise to you. Girls' SCHOOL DRESSES I to 3 3 to 6 7 to 14 Smaller Sizes With Panties. / Clever. Little Prints in Bewitching Styles. Fast Colors. At LABOR DAY Savings! Lovely New FALL DRESSES Smartly Styled • TUNIC TYPES •PRINCESS LINES • NEW SILHOUETTES •DEEP TONES FOR FALL $^795 7 —BASEMENT— 59 "LOOMCRAFT" Cotton Slips For Girls 2 to 14 Made of fine material. Built up shoulder . . . 39 Girls' Rayon Panties Handcid front, clastic hack. French leg. Si/.cs 4 lo 1(5. School Girls' Anklets New Tall stock, new pa I terns, new fall tones. 7 to 101/0. 19c READY-TO-WEAR Swagger SUITS and COATS Youthful looking, snappy models that are equally "right" for school, travel or business. And what a buy! $ 11 oo "Happy .Home" Wash Frocks Women's Sanforized Wash SLACKS and OVERALLS Tailored in "Pcppercll," "Frcncli-Lin" and "Travel" Prints. A Grand EaTly ScJiool Days Frock ................... OO vv A timely shipment for that Labor Day Week End Outing $ 1 Wool Flannel Skirts Cleverly styled in becoming new Fall shades and plaids. $ 1 Pure Silk Full Fashioned SPORTS BLOUSES • Silk Crepes • Satins 00 alld • Broadcloths A "must have" for School Days. *•" • ~~ $ <| 98 Also some dressier i Blouses in the same group.... "Collegian" Cords For School Boys and Younger Lads Made of Genuine Grampian Corduroy. Two back flap pockets. 2 lo 12 Sizes 1IJ lo 10, $2.45. $198 1 Boys' Sanforizetl Pepperell BLUE JEANS The hit of the season! Absolutely will not shrink. School favorites. They wear like iron; •! — 10s. ... ......... tfflj ^m HB| OO "*" Boys' School Shirts Fast colors. 1'ull cut. Finely tailored. A choice of plain colors. Fancy patterns, Deep-Tones. Sonic Duke of Kents; 0 M 59 For SATURDAY ONLY 50c r/ira ln full or knee lengths. Sheer chiffon and service weight. Reduced for one day only. Women's Satin Panties A Special Purchase of these lovely little pure silk garments makes this price possible. 59c Papne Satin Slips For women 82 lo 'M. In tea rose and while. Luce-trimmed and tailored ..... ' 1 00 STURDY SHOES SCHOOL Scuff proof tip oxfords that really stand the wear! Leather soles, rubber heels; to 3s. SCHOOL OXFORDS for Qlrls and Growing Qirls Suede, calfskin and elk leathers. Composition and leather soles. Moccasin, kiltie tongue and other patterns. 99 fi ft ffi jftt § tj is'-'flfifr BUSY BASEMENT

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