Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on October 9, 1966 · Page 20
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 20

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1966
Page 20
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PAOI24 ANDttSON tUNPAY HfRALP Pity The Poor Perplexed Postman Photon And Story By Dorothy Boyce Celebration of National Zip Code Week, Oct. 10-15, will give each individual the opportunity to express appreciation to tha route carrier, who'se cod« remain thai rain, nor snow, nor gleet, nor gloom of night, shall stay these couriers from swift completion of their appointed rounds. The Post Office Department •sks that we »dd a Zip Coda to assist in the tremendous job of collecting, processing and delivering the U.S. mail, which now has an annual volume to exceed 65 billion pieces a year. The Department is dedicated lo delivering mail as efficiently as possible, with the least possible cost, and by adding the Zip Code, we join in achievement of this basic goal. Late Mail Lament In the beginning, let us agree that a late letter is lamentable. The degree of delivery delay determines its delusion. If the belated message is an exchange of salutations between old friends, the recipient feels neglected. If the communication is a formal business fundament, Its timely purpose may have already failed ... and so. put Zip into your correspondence for zone expediency. Postmen's Problems Neighborhood dogs yapping at his feet ara but one of the problems the Route carrier must cope with in his daily walks about town. Reading addresses hastily scribbled is a provocation experienced by the mail sorter. For example, Indiana's "look-alike" towns: Oakville and Oatsville, Royalton and Royerton; Russellville and Russiaville; Lauer and Laura; AUensvills and Allisonville; Bridgeton and Brighton; Bristol aDd Bristan; Klondyke and Klondike; and the mosl startline confusion of all are the towns of Schererville and Schnellville. Add the related letter characteristics, the peculiarity of individual penmanship, anc it's sure to compute total com- lications you may never Pli know whether the Jones "hac a wonderful time" in Jonesville or Jonesboro, but at least you'll town in the following counties know they vacationed hi Indiana. Fanciful Humor Pilgrim fathers must have been masters of whimsey to have selected the following authentic names for Indiana village, town and city: Surprise, Story, Surrey, Tulip, Bean Blossom, Sassafras, Popcorn, White Cloud, Solitude. Valentine, Plum Tree, Swan, Santa Claus, Oatsville, Pumpkin Center and Farmers Retreat. All are legitimate names, as acknowledged in a list published by Indiana Official Highway Map, under the sponsorship of Eoger D. Branigin, Governor, state of Indiana. Melancholy Mood itate, lonesome for the homeland, reflected nostalgia by their birthplaces in pure reminiscence, such as: Alpine, Athens, Betaleham, Hindustan, Ireland, Lisbon, Lon- First of th» Week SPECIAL MON.-TUES.-WED. SWEATERS PANTS SKIRTS 3: $ 1 Or 39c fa. NU-PROCESS CLEANERS CASH and CARRY 2704 Pendleton Ave. Phone 643-5118 Across From Guide 2IP CODE EVERY ADDRESS - Post/natter Howard L. Ring of Anderson, shown above, advocates ZIP CODING all communications to insure prompt delivery of moil. Through o promotional experiment, Postmaster General tawrence F. O'Brien has released a survey proving that individual use of Zip Code increased postal efficiency in 12 cities where Zip Code Week was observed. This effective coding practice ij tfi« best possible way to cops with today's record mail volume. (Dorothy Boyce Photo) don, Manila, Paris, Montezuma, Scotland and Warsaw. Duplex, Triple* and Quadriplex The name is the same for at least 50 "twin" cities in Hopsier- land, and 10 towns are eligible for the "triplet" classification. The name "Franklin" denotes a —Randolph, Ripley, Pulaski, Putnam, Owen and Wayne. - - Next in the popularity poll County, and Alyesworth of Po ic Hia mama. "Morion " n-hinh ter County: Blackhawk. Shel pe Pi is the name "Marion," which applies to a town in the following counties — Boone, Dubois, Decatur, Grant, Henderson, Jaser, Jennings, Lawrence, Owen, ike and Putnam. The strongest contender in the popularity quest is the name "Monroe," found to be a town in the following counties— Adams, Allen, Clark, Carroll, Delaware, Grant, Howard, Jefferson, Kosciusko, Marion, Morgan, Pike, Pulaski, Putnam and Randolph. Here is where the Zip Code comes to the rescue! The Plot Tta'ckeni U.S. Postal emlpoyes some- Early settlers in the Hoosier times wonder if there is a conspiracy to confound the car- riesr, for it is alleged, up-nwot- naming new settlements after spiracy to confound the carriers, for it is alleged, up-town and around, that one of Anderson's beautiful new subdivisions s in the process of naming streets after long established ocal thoroughfares . . . such a SOUTH Jackson, EAST Main, NORTH Central (>and how about POST-Meridian?). Let's forget about repeating the cardinal street names, and be a bit imaginative! We could honor the astronauts, or identify streets with the satellites, or recognize illustrious songs . . . who wouldn't like to live on Stardust Court? Of course, in our modern, proverbial hurry, we could become elementary and settle for Bo Peep Avenue, Snow White Lane, Three Bears Boulevard and how about Rumpelstiltskin Run? „ , Pardon the spoof, but it must ty and Lexington of Scot be mighty confusing for the letter carrier to attempt to deliver a hastily - addressed letter to: John Q. Public, 123 Hawthorne, Anderson, Ind., when there is a Hawthorne Avenue and a Hawthorne Road in our fair city. In this instance, where there is local repetition, the Zip Code unscrambles nothing, so pity the poor perplexed postman and write it right. Don't keep him guessing as to whether it should be terrace, circle, avenue, w or boulevard ... he may ha that proverbial inquisitive do sniffling his heels, or otherwis too hurried to decipher the a dress riddle. Hoosier 'Twins' Indiana towns with names the "twin 1 'classification are Andersonville, Franklin Coun and Andersonville, Delawa County; Alyesworth, Founta ter County; Blackhawk, Shell, County, and Blackhawk of Vi County; Bloomfield, Green County, and Bloomfield, Sper* er County; Bono, Lawren County and Bono, Vermilli< County; Bunker Hill, Miam County and Bunker Hill, Was ington County; Burr Oak, Nob County and Burr Oak, Marsha County; Byron of La Port Cou ty and Byron of Parke County Center of Howard County an Center of Jay County; Clarks ville, Hamilton County an Clarksvifle of Clark County Concord, DeKalb County an Concord, Elkhart County; Converse, Blackford County an Converse of Miami County Cuba, Bartholomew County an Cuba of Owen County. Also Dover, Boone County an Dover of Dearborn County Dundee of Blackford County an Dundee of Madison County Erie of Lawrence County ar* Erie of Miami County; Genev Adams County and Geneva, Jennings County; Glenwood Fayette County and Glenwood Rush County; Hamburg, Cla County and Hamburg, Frankl County; Handy, Benton Coun and Handy, Monroe C o u n t > Hillsboro, Henry County a n ilillsboro, Fountain County Huntsville, Madison County an Huntsville. Randolph County Judson, Howard County a n Judson, Parke County; Lanca ter, Jefferson County and Lai caster, Wells County; Lewi ville, Henry County and Lewi ville, Morgan County; Also Lexington, Carroll Coun County! Mechanicsburg, Boon County and Mechanicsburg Henry County; Milford, Decatur County and Milford, Kosciusk County; Milton, Ohio Count and Milton, Wayne County; JI Auburn, Shelby County and M Auburn, Wayne County; Mt Vernon, Ppsey County and M Vernon, Gibson County; Nash ville, Brown County and Nash ville, Hancock County; Nee< more, Brown County and Neec NO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU . . . 1 Block E. of Columbuj Ave. on State Rd. 67 14th and Jackson St. Downtown Anderson • Breakfast • lunch • Dinner & Carry Out St. Rd. 67 Ph. 644-3850 - 14th St. Ph. 643-7154 CHICKEN BOX Potnlo.i, Gravy, Slow, Rolls Box of 3 PC J1.J5 BoxofS Pel $1.65 BUCKET OF CHICKEN 15 Pet. Chiclan, 1 Pint Gravy, 10 Rolli $375 THRIFT BOX > d»!iciou» pel. *i of Jvit Chiclin .__ i 50 BARREL OF CHICKEN 23 pci. of $550 Chitken only THE DINNER SPECIAL *5.50 Tk. Bockil-Plu, Potato.,, Gri.n B.oni, Coll Slaw, Rolls CHICKEN and NOODLES Mathid Potatoes, Grovy, Slaw and Roll, t" Frith BoUd APPLE PIE ... SAVE 41 e With a $2.00 Order Only 79e FRESH STRAWBERRY PIE OUR SPECIALTY Ivirvlhlnft On bur Mi Packaged To Go more, Lawrence County; Ne Boston, Harrison County a n New Boston, Spencer County Newton, Wabash County an Newton, Orange County; Penn ville, Jay County and Pennville Wayne County; Peoria, Frank lin County and Peoria, Miam County; Plainfield, Hendrick County and Plainfield, Davies County; Rockford. J a c k s o r County and Rockford, Well County; Roseburg, Grant Coun ty and Hoseburg, Union County Also St. Mary's, Franklin bounty and St. Mary's, Floyd bounty; Scipip of Jennings bounty and Scipip. Franklin County; Springville, LaPorte and Springville, Lawrence Coun- y; Uniontown of Jackson Comity and Uniontown of Perry County; Williams, Adams County and Williams, Lawrence County; Williamsport, Allen County and Williamsport, Warren County; Williamstowrt, Clay County and Williamstown, D e - catur County; Wilson of Clark County and Wilson of P o r tc r County. 'Triplet' Names Hoosier city names appearing in triplicate include Antioch of Clinton County, Antioch of Jay County and Antioch of Greene County; Edgewood of LaPorte County, Edgewood of Marion Shambargcrs of Red Key, Ind., Salad Dressings & Chill Sauces Exclusive At Fcntcr Quality Meals 1811 Columbus Ave. County and Edgewood of Madilon County; Fairview of Randolph County, Fairview of Switzerland County and Fairview of Fayette County; Fiv« Points of Allen County, Fiv« Points of Marion County, and Five Points of Morgan County; Jamestown of Boone County, Jamestown of Elkhart County and Jamestown of Steuben County; Middletown of Shelby County, Middletown of Vigo County and Middletown of Park County; Millersburg of Hamilton, Millersburg of Orange County, and Miflersburg of Warrick County; Mt. Pleasant of Delaware County, Mt. Pleasant of Johnson County and M t. Pleasant of Perry County; Waterloo of DeKalb County, Waterloo of Fayette County and Waterloo of Johnson County; Wheeling of Porter C o u' n t y , Wheeling of Delaware County and Wheeling of Gibson County. Quads In the s t a t e of Indiana we also have flames in the quadruplet classification — Georgetown of Floyd County, Georgetown of Randolph County, Georgetown of ADen County and Gerogetown of Cass County; Hamilton of Clinton County, Hamilton of Delaware County, Hamilton of Jackson County, and Hamilton of Madison County; Salem of Washington County, Salem of Adams County, Salem of Jay County and Salem of Union County. Don't Forget To Remember n Although President Lyndon B. Johnson has proclaimed Oct. 10-15 as Zip Code Week across the nation, Postmaster Howard L. Ring of Anderson hopes that the general public will continue Zip Coding then- mail, to expedite handling and assist the postal employes in their effort toward prompt delivery of YOUR mail DUPLICATIONS CREATE VEXATIONS - Postmaster Ma(- co/m Emswiller, pictured above in the Middletown Post Office, 125 North 6th St., each day faces additional dilemmas because of the numerous MIDDLETOWN counterparts. Not only are there three Middletowns in Indiana ... tut the name is repeated in California, Connecticut, Delaware and Illinois. The Zip Code, and Rural Route numbers clear passage for mail which might otherwise be mis-routed in this awkward situation. (Dorothy Boyce Photo) Hoosier Club Organized In Ankara, Turkey MUNCIE — Whenever two or more Hoosiers get together someplace far from their native state, what do they do? They form a Sons of Indiana club and hold yearly meetings for fun and fellowships and a Indiana." Karagozoglu's Hoosier Club This Ho»sier spirit is so in- Mrs. Auer, Bloomington fectaous that some Hoosiers-by- " ..-"-• adoption in Ankara, Turkey, aave now organized tie Hoosier dub. The guiding spirit behind the lewest of organizations to pull Hoosiers, ex-Hoosiers and adopted Hoosiers together is Galip Raragozoglu, a graduate of Ball State University. Kar d - gozpglu is a specialist in the social sciences with the Turkish Ministry of Education. The Turkish educator says that the newest members of the Hoosier Club are six young Hoo- young son when the Turkish siers who are Peace Corps volunteers and newly arrived in his country. They are Constance Sw.onger, Anderson; Linda Jean Harris, Speedway, Bash, Terre Haute, and Mr. and , . -• r~ —"-. u tjui%jii «-_tiii, uyt^ru.\YCIJ , MJ L^iioai v^uui til o ll U i a c 1 y ?n^ e " smg Home "" Ter f y Davis > LaPorte; Michael school where the son learned to speak English. Karagozoglu has been busy i i. - u , j ,.- , i-— since he finished his bachelor's also has attracted tne attention degree at Ball State in 1965. £H- ^fe^, 7 ™*^ «« has written a textbook used by all elementary teachers in P ^S er »J- £?• v who ^ as " "' •" — •«"> —- ^J*J^_*r£_°/ Turke ! «i> «p«»w he club that he wants to at:end its meeings and proved Ms by joining the Peace Corps volunteers at their first session. For Galip Karagozoglu the ioosier Club is just one small way that he can repay Hoosiers visiting in his land for the many kindnesses extended to him, his wife, and then- educator was studying at Ball State. Some M u n c i e friends made it possible for young Okan to attend the First Presbyterian Church's nursery the new Peace Corps volunteers. SILT CARGO"* LAS VEGAS - On an average day about one-half million tons of silt are carried down the Colorado River to Lake Mead, reservoir created by the Hoover Dam. Wells Charges Board Neglect By Branigin INDIANAPOLIS (UPI)_ Richard D. Wells, Republican nominee for state superintendent of public instruction, criticized Governor Branigin Tuesday for permitting the terras of a members of the State Board of Education to expire Wells charged at a news con- erence that Branigin has done nothing about replacing the members as their terms expire or reappointing them to new :erms. "Apparently the governor is rymg to build a record of ex- >ired terms," Wells said "By ailing to take action one more ear, the governor can boost MS record to 15 and go o he top in 1968." ''This dilatory approach to llmg vacancies on many state cards and commissions is typi- al of the Democrat administra- lon," Wells said. "Parents, ducators and members of the tate Board of Education them- elves are entitled to know who s going to be responsible for he supervision of this most important branch of government." An aide to Branigin said the overnor feels it is better to STILL A PIN-UP more than 20 years after her picture was a favorite with World War H troops, Sherry Britton is touring In the "Best of Burlesque." ermit an appointee to remain eyond the life of his term lan to take chances on new ppointments. Wells said his Democratic op- • >/.... • onent, State Supt. William E ACCOUPtS CritlCIZCC! r ilson, has refused his chal- nge to debate educational roblems of his office which ells added "is about to be isorbed by the federal eovern- ent." SUNDAY, OCTOm 9. Grant County Escapee Seized MARION, lad. (AP) _ Earl Sheedy, 18 Jferion. was captured Saturday at Us girl friend's house but two companions who broke out of the Grant County jail with him remained at large. Six policemen entered the Kane and found Sheedy sitting in a chair. He did not resist arrest, officers said. Sheedy was held for investi- jation of forgery when he and wo other teenagers cut through ive cell bars with a hacksaw ilade and fled down a rope made of blanket strips Thursday. Still sought were Junior Cox and Kenneth Riddle, both 16 »nd of Marion. They were being icld for setting fire to a home Deputy Sheriff William Riggs said Sheedy told him the trio got rid of an automatic pistol after the escape. 5 Die In Algerian Area Rainstorm ALGIERS (UPI) -Five persons were reported killed and three were missing Friday after a torrential rainstorm hat lashed the El Asnam region of Algeria and left 1,500 persons homeless. Meanwhile, critical problems teacher shortages, adoption textbooks and training for ucators remain unsolved, ac- rding to Wells. "Steps should be taken at ce to ease the teacher short- ge by eliminating too rigid d unrealistic requirements for aehers," Wells said. "Teach- s should not be required to :urn to college to take courses practice teaching when they ange jobs. Many times they ait months and months to re- ive their licenses." Wells said the state legislate should immediately distri- te $60 million from the state neral fund surplus to schools, said the surplus is almost 00 million Bow and will mount Viet Nam Election By Goshen Professor GOSHEN, Ind. (AP) - Criticism of the press' interpretation ' ' mp ' <*. DOWN STREAM MADISON, Ind. (AP)- John W. Lewis, 9th District Republican Congressional Candidate, told Jefferson County GOP party workers Friday night the United States is about to be taken for a "boatride" on upcoming trips by (he President and Defense (Secretary. He fessor. Viet spoke aboard the Belle of Louism College pro- cruise. Dr. Atlee Beechy, upon re- NO STATE ISSUES turning from six months service as director of the Christian Serv- nearly $140 million by the Beechy said, d of the year. INTENNIAL STATE DENVER-Colorado is known as the Centennial State because it was admitted to the Union in 1876, just an even 100 years after the United States Declara-, tion of Independence. ice Agency in Viet Nam, said he Charles Hendricks said in an in- would not "put too much stock" terview Saturday "there is in American news' accounts of nothing in the state to talk the election. SELLERSBURG, Ind. (AP)State Republican Chairman Nobody is isterested. ^ . , . uuuuv. i^^Jvuy 1^ JOW1COICU. Dr. Beechy said Vietnamese They're not going to sit and told him they had no listen to you." He answered choice in the elections and that Democratic charges that GOP persons critical of the govern-state candidates are ignoring ment were not allowed to be- state issues in then- campaigns come candidates. He also said reports of high troop morale in Viet Nam were false. Many servicemen "seemed uneasy and didn't like their jobs and felt they were caught in a machine," Dr. MUMS NOW READY 3,000 Evergreens and trees. Low prices. Memorial Park Cemetery ANDERSON LOAN ASSOCIATION IS AN UiAitflCd. SAVIN6S INSTITUTION Making money, called wampum, was hard to do when the early Indian tribes roamed in Indiana. Parts had to be cut from shells, hand shaped and polished. The drill was a reed with a sharp cutting stone fastened at the end, and rotated rapidly by means of a thong. An appallingly slow and laborious job. MAKING MONEY NOW IS EASY FOR ANDERSON LOAN SAVERS Today—you only need to come to any of ANDERSON LOAN ASSOCIATION'S three locations and open up or add to your savings account regularly. Then sit back and watch your dividends grow and grow with no work or worry. Your money is always safe too, at the LOAN, Madison County's largest and strongest savings and loan institution. Open your account this week sure like thousands of other wise families have done for 78 years. earnings paid every 9O days Anderson Association CURRENT ANNUAL RATE « A . .. .. Convenient Locations / / / C MAIN OFFICE: TENTH AT JACKSON DOWNTOWN DRIVE-UP.- 1011 JACKSON COLONIAL DRIVE-UP: 7TH AT 109 BY-PASS

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