The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 22, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1944
Page 12
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, September 22, 1944 Caltfornton 'For »•!•— Improved Property I For Sal*—-Improved Property WHERE IS THAT HO.MK TOT WANT To Rl'Y THAT YOU CAN'T FINAN'CB? ifKK VS. YVHKIUC TS THAT HO.MK YOU WANT TO SKI,!. AND TOUR BL'YKU 1JASNT ENOUGH CASH? £KK U.S. WE HAVE SATISFACTORY RfYliRS Full YOUR HOME. SEE US. f e Are Fiiaidig SpeabJlK W IP 1MPAF W o ITo ]D>ll\ A Ji 3:6 CHESTER AVENUE {•outb ("onvrii'Pnt In nore ni^d s-. h-.ol. li for small f hi- k^n fa; m or fur lov*- r horse?. $".50 full prito, $ 100Q down $SS n nv>nth. HIVTVIPW, ne.'i t" In is line—Five-rni.rn ho mo t?xi pl]«*nl roivl it ton, very is ire t i In fc iti-hrn ; fpiu pit ytm!. «.'an »iv« inim- 1 riifttp pnpspyMnn, $"'Jrif> full price, ahou J].SOO down. J.'O a inonih. Ea^t Brundafcp—Loi v'.ih 75-fnnt front a^p. all f Priced. Kour-i norn limine. nle< li vine r no in nnd K itch en. TiH n I prjci $2350, BUbManual down payment. El Camino Park—Lovely, complptply fur mshcd 5-room horno. t wn befit oorns an d<?n. double firpplnre. Two-oar R;ir;ie" M'eJl landsmppd lot. Full prir? SlO.uUU Good. substantial down pa> im-nt. Inside City—Five-room home. hard won floors throuKhout. f ir?pla>.f. olh'-r dnnd> features. Two blocks from hus line Yard in excellent condition. Full in Jrt950, Borne terms. Immediate POBSCH Bion. East Bakerafidd—Lovely R-room hom* on corner lot, excellent condition. Hardwood floom throughout. Lovely yard. Fur niahed. }SHSO. on terms. Eureka. »treet, near Baker—Five-room stucco home with basement, about 6 years old. Excellent condition, Snm chicken equipment. t5i:00, about $200 down. Ten-room hoU-1. * ompleMy rnrnlshpd nnd carpeted, lilcul for conplr ut^irint: hmni and income. ^s'uw nhowmg excel leu return. 131R "Eye" Street 8-5-t SIX-ROOM bou>e, clone In on G street ha* three large bedrooms, inn room larre living room with fireplace, beau tlful dlninsr room and kitchen, In if service porch and baBement: lawn am shade truefi. This IB a real buy to aomeone. Full price $6000. aubatantla down. FOUR-BOOM borne with large screen porch, cloa* In in southeast district On larre lot, ha* nice shade and frui trees, garden apace, chicken equipment double garage. Well cared for lawn Full price $3500, S1000 down, balance $35 a month. DUPLEX and dandy 4-room home In highly desirable location. All nre completely and well furnished. Duplex now rented for $90 a month. Owner Bets rent free In 4-room house. On lorne corner lot. shade trees, lareo garage. On bus line, and near markets. Ful! price. $7600, S2960 down, balanc* JuO a month. 1665 Cheater Phone 9-9888 8-14-tf (99) rOU.NTRV ESTATM—Clone to city llmjts. consi/wl Ing of over tuci tn I DM nt fine gardrti noil, many tull-boai IUK wal- JHU and fruit trees, c'omplote irriKahon system as w?ll as city water; v*-i-y Kcc«d f>-room refiidcticc--. Karncr-H. \voik nhoii. KiiverHl other oiiibiiilcltiie« IncludiiiK barn, entire piot»tniy fenced, IIIIKO Kar- clen now in. An ideal not tip 1'or one who wants to toeeu two or three ImrneN and a cow. Thin in a properly that will earn you R Kuml living and Mill Klve you a good home with c'ty purrouhd- intP. Pric:ed at $11.'.500. onn-hiilf tusll. balance CHSJ, 6 per L-LIII Interest, (100) $".100—In Garden Acre's. lOOsllOO lot, nearly new 5-rnoin Btijctiy modern home. BHraRe. chic kr-ti eo'ilfmont. A nhc htiy on tuday'R market. $;tuOl) casli. y.'tO monthly oil balance at ti per ct-nt interest 0 ii 0 116 Chester Avc-nua I'hone C-C7S1 47 furnjuhpcl 2-liedrnom horn p. ISvinir room, dining- loom, k it; hrn bat h and • Iprpins P"i* h; KHIUKC. wuh 1,-tnndry tray«. Also ni- fly Cut uiNhvd ;i-i nmn house, now r<T'U'<J. rioup to gr.itniiuir and high Hchool A K'"ir| buy at only 15150 for both, JSSUO i,i*h. r/o 181! Chester 3'hone 4-4SM 6MALL unfurrnchrd ino-lem house fnr •sale. b> nun,.,, };;;.M). Gl: Lincoln avenue. Oildaln. 411 3-piece coituine aix-e-ssory *ft of ed elrifiham wet»kit bag and ^any-io- U under Dutch can IB a yran.i c<Wuine trick for week ends and a joy fur t he b«pk-to-«chooi wardrobe. (Muke it in \vuol* for fall. too;. Pattern No. 8684 la In sIzeH 12. 14. u, I* rnnrt 20. Bijse 14 weMkit rtquirpH 1U rafxta of SS-Jncb fabric; bajf % yard; hut. % yard. §ty1« book—Fashion—haw 32 pu^ra of cool- toc. cr.fip new upon WAT and Kumriirr frock* and act -eMiorfeii. Order your now. Pric« la cents. SOI'TinVKST—Near Oak ami Bnimlnire. " licHi ootn horn i* with IU.TKC sola MM m, li\ tnyrnom, larwe kn hen. Hnrvice porch. 1 iv o hilltop. four-1 in It f rnf-xer en hind, in i Ik Fcpjt ralor, floors en rpetcrt, don hip K.I I'u KO man y ol hnr nut build IIIRP ; 5 n' i na f!\rp]Jont HO; I. tlnrnp.Ht ic wpl! and %vat«i \v i 1 h prpHKii r : s.VHt pm FH I'" Fl rl i trh \vfi- I»M . pl^ni y of iiipellnp. HIM inkier system 0 ml a bout 40 young fruit trees for only SlO.Tf.O SOL'TMWEPT— About 4 years old. just nut, of rity limits, nice lo'-aiion near bun lino; 1 u r> bpdrnoniH, !i v Ing room, la i i;e k.ti-hrn with nonh. lutrdworMl f Imii M, n ico ba I h. f lonr f urnai e. a i r- 10 "eii wi.ti ducts, veneiian hllndn; InrKe ]nt fiOx'JOti, tj 011 bin KauiRf; ppsirhpM. pl'iins n nr] npricnt.". Jjnniedintn POH- KPSSUITI ; $r>7f.(i. 11 U -".o down, J.jO nioiit)]. GIUOKN Af'KKS—NifP 2-b^ilroom hon«o on 1 t-iiimpi • in 1 ii'-rr. t ilf dra in. ha HPMIPIII , n i-'i' yni'd n nd fruit 1 ret'H. Bra no vim-*, fmir long rou-« hi> IT !•>.*. rhidien * i rjutp- nifiit a ml hnnaefl for J 000 hcnn. g;i rase, I'nre $ti;;;,o. .VJU'—roni- nho i-piitals. three are I'urJii.ih(-(l; roolci-H H nd lefriKcratui ». on Rcrr Bionnd \viili inrome of JHO month. A tfood in\ r est m i.'nt. foj only $'.1000. CliAXVl-'OIin STKKKT—2-hed ronm houpe v.'ilh Ja r"e In 1 inKronrn, dun' floor fnr- nat-p. lovf ly k'tchen I ile hath, stucco. Thi« lioiKsr- In only three yea rs old. A Kond (Hi*- ;U $6000. r j Kl.MAV,KHA—Hp.Hutlful prnrtlrnlly new hoiue TV i la i «e Jivineroom, l\vo lai KP Ixxlronnin. dinin? room and hpautirul kit' h'Ti, itnsiMiipnt. fireplare. pat in with hn rbpL'ue pil. nutiHtroiiH fruit a nd nut t HM'H, (lilt UPD equipment for 1 TiO. On a la i KP f enct:d roi'iier lot. 1 fiOx-OO. N ire np;i rl ment ovf-r KM raBP. ban hn th and Kitcl -MI. Price $1^.500. Submantia down iinymcnt. TWO Fim.N'ISIIKn hrniPB on 50-foot lot fie I ween I* !t J1 iKlnvay and C'lipster a ve nnc. Hot It ha vu elect j-ic rf Tngera tor nnd are very neat and clean. Price S til.'GO, p>i rt rjmh. Bovjjs'rrx & LANCASTER 1S17 II Sireet Phone 8-86:i«J—After ti Call 9-947S nrvppiiMivp limni- with Vipdrnotn and sir ilitf pill rli 1 IIH t c:t\\ bo lift fidk'd liv uniil I down I'liynii'iit if you can m» ko K monthly pu> JIIPMH. Jmmedia to POHHCH fVrll-lorntpd niiNii PHS rontnr on Robert ] ..i IIP. J {Mi-Con*, i roiilci KG w ith two huuHO I'M HHin Hi I fl-t ijinicd ni to jinss* union Pioi <'p Rond hmisn HO hit VP drnppt'd juirp $JiL'"»() to J 4 !<,"i(l 1,a i MO 1 i vinn i oom \vj t h I loor fn rmir< jtirl KtPi'l YcMPliHil blnitlH, Iwo Itprli'uom.s <i<Mi. dining roiini, inrc l)a ihiuom wit f t slu Vii ini>. Tlin-p-rmtrt hs acre, clowi in Sfint.i Ko 1'olUs. ,( i c lion IP, Ko«« <!a IP. Young fruit trpr-n IIP its, brooder IK J mmrdiule JIUMSI'H- Clof-p tr> rhpHl'-r n von uo, Oildalo, 3-bcd roniii oldt'i IIOUHU \vith some good f LIT- Cl".vp to *'hc.«tt r nvnniip. Oildalo. 2-bod ITH nn olrloi bousp, t mined iit te POSPPHSKMI, Olio of tho nir*-r a-br-drodm IMHTIPH on w«>ll- imprnveti nej-p, nil liu tzc rouniH, hard u nod Mofii's. venpi l. r in bhmlH. Id"..! hnitiiiiii Suutborn Piieifie fo]k«, two. l»'itt nnm bomp, ha i-dwood 1'loorH. Thii JN all Jn A-l cotulition. On Park Way—A very comfortable 3-bedroom home, Venetian blindn; has a large rtjninff io< in, nice kitchen and a *iun room. This home bus • been priced to noil. a. owner is beliiff transferred. Re- qiiiipa n bout $3100 to handle. On Skyline Drive—A very charmtnff 2-bed room hoiTie and large den, practically new. a dandy kitchen with a nook, ha two tiled baths, two fireplaces and truly a well-landKcaped yard with barbecue pit and choice flowers. $2500 down. s'eitr ICanl High—An (mniartilate 2-bedroom home with coolini? ducts and floor furnace, lareo niry bed room n nice bath TV-ith tile vanity, dining room and a Avhnnpr of n kitchen; double garage and a nice yard, n 1'. for $5950. terms. 'mure Investment—One solid block of 16 Jots. oaf'h 50-foot frontage, streets p..\'pd. alloy pnvod, all utilities In and paid for. just oust of Bnker street. Included are three older houses. Priced JT.'.'tO, with one-third down. ri tin- (';{ Iifoi nia ]'n rk—Completely and beautifully fin 11 is h p«t, 1 -*tnry informal bunwa low. wilti two complete suilPF, Ui i ne 11 vine room ;i nd **un room, nice VHtm, inr*.*** iot. Prke 911,000. Shown by appointment only. CHESTKR N. BKARD JS07 H Street Phone b-5'JOy or l!-4 f you h.t \'o (.-(oofl c.'\fh. you nhould Invest ll in one of i wo KiMiH intomu properties v\lin li we liuvu lu offer. 'ln->-f- hini«*eH on npjirlv an acre oT excellent p"il, Soiitli dal{ sin-.-t. J-'nmt IHUIHO would in.iUt- a lovely home, two tear IIOUHPR fur- in^brtf ainl iciiteit Inr $7it monthly, wbirli iMil pia- iii'iillv m.iKu monthly luiynifiit of $Tj un,.[ut'. J\P fi-inpl'-tPlv (urnir.lnil n-utalH on neurlv mi JK'ie of i;inninl. toom Inr si>\eial more OM In-iiin*. 1 JlL 1 : 1 .'!'. \\hltli will mule- lha ii • a i i y the prujierty. J \ K- ItQi i.M HI MII o house, nlmost new : la HIM i ni-m i s\ i,".. i \vo ffoofl-Bt/o bed* rooinn \vitb cdoimir Hucis. tile in hit i h « M'| k I.' ben : flit ra u< *• ha II a nd serv K B I'inin, \enctuiri biunU; lot , r .()xl5U wtlh la \\ n ami em joscil ica r \n id, double Kai.iyr; in I'^iMl Ra kt'l wf if Id. I'O«BCS- j*nin snnn. Only sfi'tfiu. aliou' half down. MMCDIATK IMiSSKSSION —l-:»»l Uaket'H- I .rid, n.-ar IJoiai i» Ma on N> liool; 'J-bed? 'i.,Mi j\ ui-' fi IMHI.«»' oij lot ft(»x 100: ha rd- II '""I i li>u! s. \ cii*>t i a 11 blinds, kitchen ami fiinini; loom • om In ned. serviee porcli, ' ' m>-n; Ii.i SCUM ni ; t; i-i M, ^ii i (ten wpurc. ' li:i U-'ii t-Miiiiunetil ; ? -(I'.'i ft, JL'IIOO dowl). >i I'l 1 \\ I'^'J'-- - \i ,i r I lea ie I'a i k. lour la i *•' rooms \v:i h on. t MM] room and two MI' !i".i-d sirep!rik' ]><>r> he*. »er\ ico porch, teiid in hasein.-ni : ;m olth'i Jio'ise in e\- 1 !' tit enhiltt inn (, n J,,, (JOx I T J, With ln*i . ly ];i u i, , ( t. irke'i .-'| U !p!iH'|i t. I^l**- t"'s*.. uri N0 ,, n . Pure- Hnid. about $1700 ;i;» < i iii-:s r i'Kn AVKMT: PHONE c-r.^o^ —1 .a i KP ii- lif'l i ouin Jioine 'n Kontl n. l.n. ;,it-.| mi Mnuidtiiie Lane •ari---llikli Hehin.l Inn. in nom with livhm iiuarn-in: iut. luniKf and equiinnent (or only $.',Jiln. C,tKj() pf*t;ihllHheil bUHiiu-Hs 1 AejvH of uninipnA't'il in nd IIPII r rinttoii- wlllow in Hi'itmri 1A. This land enn be Ja rmpd, ulho prosjie«'ti\c oil lund; J Jl) per acre. 1704 K STHRBT I1OXK 3-U'lO JlKsmKNTK 2-^fil'S ' 47 Tvro-h*>droom home on TVeat T went let r-treut, location Meal for waltclnR t work; home in good ror.tlltion, hard wood flnnm. ntre yard, laree double «a rujrr, Mnr-e $."»000. aome terms. Two-bed room home In .La C'rpsla, Id*»n lorni ion: home if* of Spanish type, til roof; n ici si?., rooms, lovely ynrd; im mojiint* possession. Price $8450, »om l orrns. T\vn-bod room h* me. Kant. Bakernfiek t IOHP 10 Ker i Genera] Hospital; home I rxrrHent rnnditton. all nice large room; I'M' P j:>8f>0, Ir-iniJ*. T\vn hp(li-«..i'Ti home Hi I.omlta Verde, a Inrsp rooms; home ha a Venetian blinds rln;i I floor f n rn arc, lovely corner sink Kfp;i rnie enl rnnce 10 rea r bedroom HPT inkliiiT syslpm. Price $8000, tei m* T« n-hrih oom home on Orpfcon street, huil in 1I*,t9, large yn rd. rear ya rd fenre<1 ni'-p la wn and flowers. Price I550C i;i kf« n hotit $2500 to handle. On "-brili-' om home on North Baker ntreet lot. Pi ire $.tr>nn. iome terma. o Phone 2-9294 2'a A*'ie« on BrnnrlnKe I.ane. west of Oa 1 ?*t rent, with Ft-room brume, d on hie );)!,'•» and wash room. fro*> wa tpr right, rlnrn'.-fit ic n nd irrigji i ii-n well and pump inn. A da ndy n I $70on. some torn NPH rlv new I'-ltpdrnfiiii home In Oilda le on WilHon Htrrpi; a Inn one on Harding; olpi line one in Uobe Gniden; all piked V JW'II. 1411-foof. frontnso on FMUon Highway will rahinfl fur JfiflfH). A Knap Four-rooin (f \u\v\ lined cot tag 2 In norlh ffist. Hcct ion on lot 60x135, partly fur nifthPd. for J2HKI, cn.«h. Ki\ <• arr PS, VIM 11 ]y improved, on Tiort H ighwny 9I» in u r overmans, close in. lfj-1 T went jet h £ troet Phone 7-797 _ 4 EAST KAKKUSKIKLD—2-bedroom parti furnished home on lot ••nritaininK tin I an n< I-P. Living room has built-in des :iml luMtkcaHPN. Land was professionall. h) n<l>r!ip»-rt and hits lots of fruit, grape nml shade. All f<«nc*»d. with rear of In ;i \\~'ty f nun house- <><iuippr-d to run nhon [)ini chickens. Ht-asiuiiihle dmvn \ input, luilunce at. J3."» per month, inclnd iuK ini Hff-st. SOrTIHVKST—Mere Is ihp counlry horn yim'vp hfpii wruii IMK — IMir-dninni. a I mow n^-w Mtii-ru, nitiiaiHI! JUKI off Ktockdnl H 'Kluvay, en in p I el*-1 y I'm n is lied as vm w mi Id tin nisli \ mi r own buni*- 1 Nf\ M,( i ;\K''. l-(ix'J1. M'h'- f iripst of tMiuipinen u ml hti.ldiugs to hn ndlt- TtllO rhk-kf IIP Twenty-one fruit and nut t MM n on near!, a n art e of hi nd. J s-1 f»o tola! price, rea Hdiiablp tei niK. IAII a of watt-r. lawn and sliiiil". IN SI'NSKT PARK—Very laripe 2-bedroom Jioinc, ha rdwooil floors, floor (urn a pt;i|| tihowfr and tub. »»xHa Inrtfe clos f-ts, r-filar-lined lin«' ( j closet. Fiefinis nuil vai-atpd, ready for occupancy. K pa rio us home for (trarioUH living PIMMAVKRA PARK—romplelely furuiuhe 3- bedroom home, v*-netinn blinds, cat l>*'t ins, f ireplni-e, floor furnace, all th n i< ei ii?s. 2-rnr gnrajje, yard fenced, lot of fruit. TliIK home Is furnished an tcjuipped to please the most discirimi AI/'l'A v'lSTA TRACT—Two-bedroom home f> yenrs old. Extra large 2-i-ar gnr n nd lot. Yard fenced and well shaded Itooms extra large, hardwood floors am Venetian blinds. Terms. LOMITA VKKDK TRACT—Beautiful 3-bed room honie. Bath and hn If, steel vene- 1 tan blind?! throughout house; fireplace fluor furnace; 2-rnr cnrnge, cemen driveway. Terms arranK^d. EAST BAKKUSKI ELD—Beautiful 2-hed mom home, extra large- rooms and clou PIS, thermos tat controlled floor furnace dining room with built-in cupboard. Yar rnmplf-tt'ly fenced and nicely land scaped. Krenl AV. Ha rvpy 203 jHrow**r ButUliufr T'hone 2-4 L'*iO any t ime 4 Orr.DAT.E—HOME AND INCOME. On 2-hndroum liome. hardwood floors, la rg li\ r iiiK room »nd Jin i UK room, ni<- kiti hen and service porch; e Iso 2-hed room home, completely furnished; three car garage, all on large corner lot wit! plenty of slm dp; nea r bun and market a only JfiOOO, $2850 down, $36 monthly Will irnde for small house. OH-DAUO—A Imopt new 2- bed room home extra lurgp. rooms, plenty tile in kitchet n nd bat broom, cooling ay H tern, larjtn foiK-ed lot with fruit trees. SC2iin, $225! down, J42.f»0 monthly. Wll; trade foi 1-bedro.un home. SKUVICK STATION AND CAFE, each with living qua rlers, on lot 100x135 1 lie IIPH i-f. of Jjamont, $"i^r>0, or wll trade for bonne in Bakersl'ield. LAUdK C-BKDflOOM HOME— f-arge 11 v in«- room and dintiiK room, kitchen, large dcrefn porch, very nice back yard fenced, plenty of shade, good location $.'t7iiO, $1750 down, 126 monthly, or wil trade t< • vmall Imuse. ON THKSE PROPERTIES phone 6-5924, eveniiitfs 3-1170. NOW VACANT. ONLY $1850 DOWN. SKNSET I'AIUC—Nearly new 2-hedroom home, large, living room with floor fur- itare, nk-ii dlninK room, kitchen and bath with plenty of tile, lots of built-in cnp- Imnrds and rlonfia. Venetian blinds, Ifn^o double garage with vtoraee upace, lovely lawn, on bus line, near schools and market. $6850. $1850 down, balance $".r> monthly. TWO 2-rooni furnished cabins on one lot. .Live In one and r*»nt the other for $27.50 per month. $1600, $800 down, balance $,'!5 monthly. FOt'R-HOO.M HOUSE WITH SHOP IN HEAR—$2.175. $1000 down, $35 monthly on balance, or will take car In trade. ON THERE PROPERTIES, phone 6-5924, evenings 2-91!S8. T.KT'S TALK IT OVER GLENN Nichol- 2515 K Street m 9-20 48 i)—$15,500, JSTiOO down, 3 bedroom! and den. (483)—$6500, $4200 down, linker Mrrpt. 2 bedroomn. (479)— |ii!tso, $3480 down. Jewel t Lane, 3 h.'droomfi. (477)—$3080. $46SO down, KiKhteentn street, 3 bedrooms. (475)— $S7f)0. $5850 down, Eighth street, 2 hed- ruuinji and den. <473)—$4785. $2886 down. Lake street, 2 bedrooms. (470)— $r,!)80, $3200 down, furnished. Winner uli-eft. 2 bedroom*. (367)—$5980. $2980 down, Hank street, t bedrooms. (460)— $51180, $2fiRO down. El Rnlpho, 3 bedrooms. (459)—$6300. $3100 down, Mll- via. 2 bedroom*. (453)—$9500. $6100 down. furnished. Perahlnj? street, 2 bed room*. (452)—$ 8875, $5600 down, fa lifornin n venue, 2 ti*»d rooms. (336)— $:t750, $1850 down. Williams, 2 bed* rooms. (336)—$6500, $2400 down. Flower •iropt. 3 bedrooms. (445>—$10,760, $6750 down, O;ik street. 3 bedroom*. (441 )— $8600. $KSOQ down. La Collma, 2 bedrooms. (4!i4)—$6975, $3500 down. Lomila Verde, 3 bedrooms. (430)—$4750. $2500 down. Wilklnj street, 2 bedroom*. (429)— fti!)76. $:i:!75 down, furnished. Bedford Way, S bedrooms. (417)~$15,000. $9000 down. Tin 1 Hani. 3 bedrooms and den. 1391)—J:i87.~. $4375 down. Alturas, 2 bedrooms, (307-D—$15, 000. $7000 down, lovely home and income. SAN .1OAQIUN AGKNriES Phone 2-0653 or 2-5336 9-19-tf $13,000,00 1ODERN three-bedroom home only seven years old. Located in southwest section in attractive neighborhood. Three bedrooms, two baths, two-car garage, patio, furnace and cooler. This home is of better than average quality construction, built under F. H. A. supervision, and has many attractive features. We will show by appointment if you have cash or can arrange finance. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 803 H street Phone 2-894G 9-14—tf 'ivp-room stuero homo, and garage, on corner lot, Ha» hardwood floors ihrotich- out, real fire place nnd lots of shade. JAM a let! on Kiiihi h ft reel, few blocks. ^ est of Union avenue. Price $5000, ?l;"iUO cash. :irpi'-room bunsrnlow. on east 8 id P. on i car of lot. Several bearing fruit tree*, and KL ape arhor. hot 8^x75, all fenced. itir-room hiiMRnlow. nenr l\prn O«*nernl Hospital, $,TJuO, IlL'OO canh. Jo5 per innnl b. oui-iooin (IwellinB on Welle it venue, ill Oilda IP, 50-foot lot. *.'t'_'(*(>. Ipnnw. [P! I lay or .f i m .la rvis, 1 .'> L'-t Kij;htppnth Kiit-et. or phone "-US7S; evenitiK« S-5131 46 full SAI.K, in f nrnisheil. Hi tin t dvvtiud t'h «ai:tt;'?: lovrlv .N'lsii; sfhoid.". _ l.iin uln_ cii-i'el KIIKI H;ikfi»l'ii'lil, nli'fly iu'ioua l!>heiln>um lionii 1 , iui'.s. firephlce; ilniible j'ni'd. flint tn>p#, rhk-kfns. niarkt'is jtnd bu«. 7-K . 61 al 4-48S1 'urninli^d ri-bodrorrn linnie. Kntuue, fornpr lilt 1,0X1 fill. EllHI HHklTSfiflll. PuHHI'V- winn ut onre. J4UO(i, oiie-huU cash. FOr till* •tti-tetfvc p»t(ern. lend 10 c«nt» W coin*, with your name. ailrtrpsi«. pat- torn number and »l« to Thx Baktrtfield California* loday'i Pattern Service, 7«» Mitflcn SlretJ!} San Francitcv t. l-Oll SAI.I<:—Gooil i'-lifilriinin hunu', iili> sink and Iwih; liunlwijoU tlunra. jiml lenn-il Nurth Jinkiff Ntrwl. One ^'Ij^drouin and uni 1 ^-ln'ili-uuin Itoitu- Tf-ar bus line. S. I'. H|III|IK i.t'ii) iniirfci>in' rhuivhec and H<-|HIO|H. .losli Clarke 'J.M; Baker, phoues 2-&::i or 4-Uu.i. 47 TWO HOUSKS on olli> lot, icnled, one fur »:iG, reur for »3l>. lifiUO. $700 HMWII. $40 per .niontli. 1COJ CheHlnr _ii\'i-nitp. Jobn DHIIIUK. _ __^T .SALK — LaiKe. cln«p-ln corner home. K «nd TuiMily-fittb slreclB: now rented at 150 IIIM- month. Total price 15000. Elmer K. K a rne. _1 D H-J^hU*"! 1 !: ___ ,«Lr.l*lt ? FOIl SALK — Warehouse, corrugated Iron. lui Do-foot frontaKe: close In; en»y term>. I : I im- r F. Karpf. 1517 ElKht«enth. »»-19-lf l-'Oll SALE— Beautifully furnished ' Ofw ii-rnnin home with 2-car (raraxe. HlKbland MHIHII-. Oildale; Immediate po»i>*nloii. _ Kliner P._Karpe. 1S17 Eighteenth. 9-l»-lf \VI-H.I,- HII11.T hoiiHe, cun eunlly he con- VIM ifd Inlo H-ljmlrnom homo. rln»« to Chi>s- ii-r H\-pnufl In OlIdHlc. on well-lnndHiranod l"i._l'hiiiM. K^M^H. _ ^ ___ 47 Fdn SAl.K — Two-bedroom fuiniihsd liouae. \vilh sllvor and dlHhe*; ff*noed-ln fi'iiu vard. KCtM. Inquire 413 Dtcatur. Phone 2-4181. ' : 41 AUTO COU'RT. »9 HIOHWAT A eond 2-bedroom house for living quar tern. 14 2-room furnished cahlna wit a gross monthly Income of IBOO. Wll h* shown hy appointmpnt. Price $10.50 with terms to right party. Syl McNIm-h wiih K. A. Moor* * Hon. 1515 Kight eenth. I'hone 2-1268, evening 6-11B5 4 FOR PALE—Clone In. Oildale. now vacant large 4-room house on 2 loin, conslderabl fruit, garden space and chicken equip ment ; sidewalks and curb In; only hlnrkn from Oildale business district Klmer^F.Knrpe. 1517 Eighteenth. »-lfl-l HOME AND FARM BUYERS WANTED— IF WK HAVEN'T WHAT TOU WANT WE'LL FIND IT. SAN .TOAQUIN AGENCIES. EDWARD MOODT. 1118 _^'ETE. '_'_J^HONEJZ 1 0653. l-l-t FOR SALE—One acre and two house*. La mont. on Wood street. See W. A. John son. on_ premises. House No. 224. 41 MODERN 3-bedroom home In East Baiter* field, one block from but, $5500, terms Phone 2-2256. 41 FOUR ROOMS and bath; large sleeping porch, wash house with laundry trayi '4 acr.-. Price $3500 cash. 834 Mon roe avenue. Arvin. 4' THREE-BEDROOM stucco, bath and half double garage, also building 17x17, on large corner lot. built in 1940. south Cart nf rity; immediate possession: rash re Olllred. $3970. P. O. Bnx 1604, Bak *>r«ri°i(l. 4' TWO-BEDROOM home, -walking dia tance of down town. Close to school and markets. This Is a well built house. Can he bought for only $1350 flown. Phone 4-4851. 46 SOKTHGATE acre. 2-hfdroom home. D. S. (Hlim) Mynatt, phOTIP s - N :t x t,. 4 " Foil SAl.K. by owner, large S-hedroora • Bliirco honsf. on deep lot. In good neighborhood and close to bu« line. 629 V Etrwt. 41 FOR SALK—Honne on rornp.r lot. Be va rant Bcnn. Sec owner this wee.k ^601 Q n I rep I. 41 FI'HNISHKn dniilex. one arre land, by owner. 115 .VI r Cord ulreet. Rivervlew 47 TWO-HKDHOOM stui-rn honce. bard wood flonrH. tilt* sink, vai'diobe cloapt. vene nun bliiuls. ("ornei- U»t. 150x75 feft j:i?. : ,n. JI.'iiiO down. Inquire [!SOi; l.uke _nn^el._ I'hone !'-;!"" FOR SALK—Alllo c-iiurl, good income. See Mia. Huffman. 115 Kast McCo_rd. 4^ l''oll SAl.K — Two-hPdrootn bouse. Oildale. liv nvvner. immediate poHBeHHion. Phone HOI'SK and lot fur sale. 11400. 65S Fresno Htreet. Shufter. Calif. Dave A __ Pat k'-r. 47 BV OW.S'RIt—Hix-room home on half acre fruit trees, rhiiken pens, shade: ea« of town. 14400. i'all ;-T."i54, after 1 li._m. J-3nS7. ____ 47 TWO HOI.'SKS on one lot. on Ueratur. In Olldaie. JJSdO full price. I'hone 3-1840 i 4 6 (482-1.)—t72f,0 with J4250 dowr. and mlgh fonitidei 1 little less down on thin lovely 2-bedroom and den home with flreplac and all lave* rooms. Near Deacanao Park district. I'hone Z-0653 or 2-5336 9-19-tl For Sal*—Lots FOR SALE—Lot In Hose Gardens, on I »treet,_$, r iOO. l!hone_iM)449. 48 FOR SALE—Lot on West Belle. See owner Sunday, afternoon. 3531 Chester avenue. Phone 2-C853. 4 For Sal*—Improved Farms See Us 10 Acres near .Sbafter. umall house, good •oil. Only J4500. 10 Acres on Sterling Road, good house an( farm ma.'hineiy. J81»riO. 30 Acre» near Karlimart, »ood Improve ments. $14.000. 40 Aries anuthwext of Delano. Some al i a If a. bnlnnce open, one-half Interest in •well. Price $8000. Adjoining 40 cai be leaned. 80 Acres of Delano, in cotton and alfalfa. $;o.OOO. one-fourth down 80 Ai'rea in Porlerville district, plenty water: now In cotton, apuds and alfalfa 6-room house, tenant house and barn J28.HOO. 120 Acres near Delano, fine new 6-room house, bain and garage, good well, al far), equipment Included: good soil fol spudi or alfalfa. This la a dandy buj at only $300 per acre. 160 Acres northeast of Delano, now In alfalfa, potatoes and cotton; good well small house. $22r> per acre. 160 Acres law land southeast of McFarland, for only $50 per acre. 210 Acres near Famoso, leased for 1945 $30 per acre: two good wells. Trice onlv $200 per acre. RICHARDSON t SIDDALL 205 Hopkins Building: Phone 7-7031 Evenings Phone H-0422 or 6-6398 (454-L)—$6750 with $2876 down and might consider n little less down on this 10 acres, best of aoil. fenced. Liveable shack and outbuildings. Very close In. Phone 2-0853 or 2-5:136. 9-19-tf PALMDALK—480 acres. 100 acres In alfalfa. 30 acres mllo, 270 acres could be put into cultivation with a minimum «mount of effort and expenditure. Well fenced and cross fenced, four wells, 174 miles of pipeline. Comfortable ranch home, walk-in refrigerator. 26 head dairy rattle, (i head good horses, ample farming equipment to handle. Some term* to responsible buyer. Evenings 5-5228 1704 K Street 1440 ACRES semi-mountain hog and cattle ranch; 840 acres of farm land, balance grazing. Very good improvements, best one-man hog and cattle setup in California. 115 ACRES of good vegetable or potato land. Subject to lease. Will pay 12 per cent on investment. 160 ACRES well improved ranch, good house and lots of water, best of alfalfa, cotton or vegetable land. 80 ACRES near Lost Hills. Thi« land can be farmed to grain, also prospective oil land. A. H. Karpe. Phone 9-9671. 7-29-tf 488-D—$4986 with $2580 down and might consider less down on this "4 commercial acre, highly Improved. Two-bedroom house with enclosed porch, plenty outbuildings, corral, chicken yard, etc., fruit and nut trees, lawn. *hnde, grapes, etc.. etc.: yard all fenced. Phone 2-066S or 2-. r i.1.1«. • 9-19-lt I'WKNTT acres alfalfa, just ready to cut PO will show how well this ground produces: large barn, could be turned Into milking burn: corrals: well-built shnn. feed house, chicken equipment: team, implements and a K°°d country home, partly furnished. See this for an awfully good _buV. K1 wpoiTH,_l92 3 "K\ e." 47 0 ACRES of good land under cultivation, good well with pump, ditch water, also city water, ga« and lights. Variety of fruit trees, berries and grapes. Good barn and outbuildings and farm equipment, including L'80 gasoline tank and pump. }-!as 6-room home with large rooiiiH. Double garaKe. $10.500. 'hone 2-7B54 Ifi71 Chester Avenue 9-22-tf For Sale—Unimproved Land 0 ACRF.S In Elk Hills In section 8. 31-2S. open for See Mel Hay. at 1624 KiBliteenth street, or phone 2-0878. 4« •each and Mountain Property HIGH-CLASS residence lot in Grover City, near Pismo Beach. Lot 7. block 29. Nice corner lot, facing on Newport avenue, yitfe fiOxK15, Excellent view of ocean. Price $500. Including title. Mr. II. BnsPlior. plimm 2-871*7. 47 S'KW, modern, 2-bedroom home, 2 miles from ocean, two acres land, large poultry homes, orchard. West of Fair Oaks Grocery on Grand avenue, Arroyo Grande. $5500. Terms. 46 For Exchange—Property RADE—Modern 6 or 6-room house In Bakersfield for 6-room house In Fresno. Hardwood floors, tile, floor furnace, cooler. Call 179-WX, VI*aHa. 41 Oil and Mining 'OR LEASE—9000 feet 4!4-lnch ring* 1 A. P. 1. (nil hole drill pipe, good condition. P. H. Frank, Inc. Phone 8-1697. For Sale—Trailer* 942 CONTINENTAL houM trailer, 26-foot, excellent prewar tire*. 7.50x15: electric brake*, excellent condition. 121 Justine, Highland Park, phone «-6132. 47 READY Cash for Your Trailer. Trailer* sold on ea*y payment plan. We finance our own contract*. McLKAN TRAILER UART 100 Union Avenue l-31-tt Ol'KIO trailer for *a!« or trade, Silver Pome make, factory built. At 101 Irene •tie«t. Phont 2-0241. 47 For Sale—Trailer* FOR SALE—1(42 Indian trailer hou»e. 28 feet long, prewar «-ply tires. Venetian blind*, etc. Priced to sell at $1650. On be seen at Shady Acres Auto Court, located S mile* *outh on Highway »». Al Ayres. 47 ALL-METAL 2-horse trailer, exellent condl- lion, 1350. 500 Bast Brundage Lane. 41 Motorcycles and Bicycles MOTORCYCLE for aale. Indian 61. price $125. See alter 4:30 at 901 Thlrty- thjrtlstreet. 47 GIRL'S bicycle, excellent condition, new wheels and tires, $49.50. Zlmmy'i! Fur- nlture Company. 1111 Nineteenth street. FOR SALE—Man's prewar streamlined bicycle, in perfect condition: balloon tires. $35. 613 G utreet. Phone 2-6227. 47 TWO men's bicycles: one Schwinn. like new. Phone 6-5212 after 6 p. m, or SUi rid n y. 47 FOR SALE—Auto Glide scooter, perfect tires, $125. 3-1827. 47 For Sale—Automobiles If you wish to iell your car for top price but can't properly show it, consign It with us. We'll get you top cash. Come in and let us explain our plan. 2629 Chester (Corner Twenty-seventh) 9-2-tf 1941 CHEVROLET pickup (PCDD708B), excellent, condition, will trade for late mod*-' -ar. privately owned no dealers. Alsu 19.1 t V-S pickup (3A3095). 3600 Chester nvenue. See party in gray trailer nouac in rear. 46 SAVE $200 1941 Lincoln Zephyr sedan, perfect throughout. OPA ceiling. $2194; our price only $1995. (1H7S40). 2220 CHESTER 48 SELLER OR PURCHASER. Do you need additional cash to complete purchase of car? If so. just phone or drop by the ACME PINANX'B COMPANY, opposite Montgomery Ward. Locally owned and operated. Friendly, confidential aervice. W. .1. "Bill" Bergman, manager. Phone 9-67H6. 1-12-tf FOR SALE—1940 Dodge pickup (6910), just been overhauled, excellent condition. 121-E Roberts Lane. Tiiverview. 46 936 PACKARD 7-7232. S-door (8X4996). Phone 47 1939 PONTIAC sedan (813922). Phone 2-72. r ..t. 2212 Bradford street. No dealers. 46 46 Wanted to Buy—Autemofclles | Wanted to Buy—Automobile* AUTOMOBILE AD COPY mu*f. contain license number: If out of state license, slate must be Included In copy. 3-4-tf 1937 TERRAPLANE SEDAN 1936 PLYMOUTH SEDAN 1937 PLYMOUTH SEDAN 1936 FORD DE LUXE COUPE 1936 PONTIAC SEDAN 193B OLDSMOBILE SEDAN 1935 FORD DE LUXE SEDAN 1935 PLYMOUTH TUDOR 1934 OLDSMOBILE SEDAN 1936 MASTER Chevrolet coach (9C8640) Model A Ford coupe (Okla. (81378). both car* •liclc. 3402 Fillmore «treet. 46 1934 CHEVROLET 4-door sedan, standard, a genuine buy. To make sure, come to Eighteenth and M streets, at dilmore station. (8F709). 47 1940 BI1ICK businesB coupe, extra seat (8LJS69), A-l condition, radio, heater, spotliKht. new paint job. Call after 4:30. No dealers. 2001 South "Eye" street. In Souttmate In Bakersfield. 1935 IVi-TON DODGE TRUCK, FLAT RACK. STAKE SIDES: TIRES OKAY. PHONE FELLOWS, BLK. 332. (OKLA.- _Q00600. 48 FOR SALE—1936 V-8 4-door sedan, good tires, good running condition (9VV6084). Phone 2-8368. 47 PRIVATE party has 1940 Ford truck (BEPC.1793) with a 28-foot *emi for «ale. The truck has 1943, 95-homepower motor, excellent rubber and a 3-speed Brownie. The trailer has 8x25x20 rubber, in good shape. Call Bakersfield 2-4409. 47 OFFERS A LARGE SELECTION OF QOOD CARS, MANY PRICED P 1941 Chrysler Royal Sedan 1941 Packard Six Convertible 1941 Mercury Club Coupe 1941 Lincoln Zephyr Sedan 1941 Oldsmobile Custom Sedan 1940 Oldsmobile Club Coupe 1940 Ford 85 Tudor 1940 Chrysler Sedan 1940 Packard Sedan, Overdrive 1938 Buick Touring Sedan 1938 Studebaker Six Sedan 1938 Pontiac Touring Sedan 1938 Oldsmobile Six Sedan 1938 Lincoln Zephyr Sedan 1937 Plymouth De Luxe Sedan 1937 Terraplane Sedan 1935 Dodge Trunk Sedan LIBERALi TRADES AND TERMS 1940 BUICK Rondmaater sedan, radio and heater; sell or trade for cheaper car (2N8S20). 607 Washington, Olldaie, nhone 2-7537. 47 1941 MERCURY club coupe (7A1183), radio; s«ll or trade for cheaper cnr. 607 Wa«h- Ingtoii. Olldale. phone 2-7537. 47 1936 CHEVROLET aednn (7A4769). new paint, reconditioned motor, Kuaranteed, $560 C07 Washington street, Oildale. jilione _2-7 H7. 47 19(19 FORD convertible coupe (3fiP18B>. radio, new top; sell or trade for cheaper car. 607 \VanhlllRton, Oildale. phone 2-75H7. 47 WE BUT ALL, MAKES OF'CARS SELL ELSE FULL CEILING US BAKER-ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY 2706 Chester Avenue Phone 9-9745 7-11-tf WILL PAT THE LIMIT FOR MOST CARS. NO RED TAPE. CASH IN 3 MINUTES. 8-lt-t WANT to buy, 1941-1942 privately owner car. in A-l condition. MuHt have cnor. rubber and low mileage. Will pay top price in private transportation. No brokerage. Call Hotel El Tejon. room 301. 62 Automotive Service, Part* COMPLETE borly and fender repairing «l»o (ron. wheel «llmm«nt. Charlei Vigttrom'n Garace. 1520 Twcntr-clchth atreet. Phon« 2-7937. 4-12-tI GRANT platon rlnci lait longer. Motor tuned up, areanmr and oillnc: car »tor- ««e. Blu« Ribbon Garage. 1*16 Nin teenth. Phone 2-0674. 1-15-tf WK CAN PAINT Tour Car Immediately. GJ1AC Budget Plan fall for A. Carter FRED C. SWEITZER OLDSMOBILE DEALER Phone 6-5997 Eighteenth and M 1-4-t For Sal*—Lumber WHILE IT LASTS 1x4 1x6 2x2 2x6 2x12 6x6 3x4 3x6 3x12 Location, Standard OH Company Tank Farms. Go north on Chester avenue arid China Grade Road First gate on left side, near gate Gate open 9:00 a. m. to 4:30 p. m Closed Saturday and Sunday. KERN WRECKING COMPANY WRITE P. O. BOX 883 9-19-t NO, WE HAVEN'T HAD A FIRE WE JUST WANT TO REMIND YOU THAT OREGON AND WASH INGTON IS NOT THE ONLY PLACE THEY HAVE GOOD LUM BER. YOU HAVE SEEN THE OLD FAMILIAR SIGN ALONG THE HIGHWAY (WE BUY JUNK) WELL, WE DON'T BUY JUNK WE HANDLE PONDA ROSA PINE IN 2x4, 2x6, 1x12 SHEETING. MOUNTAIN PINE LUMBER CO 300 WEST BELLE AVENUE RIVERVIEW 47 USED LUMBER—2i«. 2x«, Jxl«. 2x12 and heavier timber!. Wlngland Lumber Co Phone I-S108. «00 Noirla Road. 9-11-t LUMBER Sure we have 1x12, 2x4, 2x6. etc Some of it without priority, too And, another thing, all our lumber come* from Oregon and Washington and that is where the good lumber comes from. We do not handle local mountain pine. A good supply of door* and windows, roofing paper moldings, etc. Oh, yes, don't forget our paint department. Outside white as low as $1.49 a gallon. It will pay you to pay us a visit. HOUTS & BOX CUT RATE LUMBER YARD 2200 EDISON HIGHWAY 9-lStf For Sale—Furniture, Fixtures Baby buggies, all-steel prewar con struction, $14.95 and up. Baby walkera, 3 only, to close out $3.95. Platform rockers, spring construe tion, $39.95 and up. Two-piece living room sets, ful spring construction, beautifu tapestry covers, $154.50 and up, Fourpiece bedroom set, walnut finish, large plate glass mirror. $119.50. Fiber rugs, 9x12, reversible, $15.95 Use our budget plan, no interest or carrying charges. DAVIS FURNITURE COMPANY 1400 Chester Avenue Just one block south of courthouse 47 USED FURNITURE SPECIALS All-steel day beds, $7.50 and up. Two piece living room sets with springs, $25 and up. Diningroom table and 6 chairs, $40. Large leather rockers, $15. Mattresses, $5 and up. Gasoline range, as is, $15, DAVIS FURNITURE COMPANY 1400 Chester avenue 47 USED FURNITURE wanted. W« call any rlace In city and give free wtlmatei. Brown's Furniture, formerly Roy White Furniture Phone 7-7021. «-12-tf USED FURNITURE, tool*, atovee, mlicel laneoua urtlclea of all kinds. We will buy anything. Call 4-4828. Authorized Maytag eervlce and parti. Furniture repaired. Bob Morley'e New and Uied Furniture Store. 1800 Q 4i SEWING MACHINES and vacuum cleaner* repaired. We also buy machine*. IBM We«t Eighth. Phone *-»437. 61 SINGER AND WHITE MACHINES Good, clean, guaranteed machines. We do hemstitching. Also repair machines and vacuum cleaners. 1509 West Eighth, off corner of Chester. Phone 9-9437. 47 FOR SALE—Buffet; dre»*er: aecretary bookcaie, bowglaa* door. 3100 Jewett avenue. Call morning*. 4« For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles FOR USED CARS DRIVE YOUR CAR TO r-first TOUR CHEVROLET-BUICK-CADILLAC DEALER 0'21-tf For Sal*—Furniture, Fixtures FOR SALE!—New and used mattresies; al kinds of furniture, radio) (Old, traded and repaired. Firat clast workmanablp. Pumpkin Center Secondhand Store. On Taft Highway, 1 Vi miles west of Green field. 68 WE ARE OVERSTOCKED! Drastic Price Reduction* $69.95 bed divan, coll springs $55.00 $59.95 Hollywood bed complete, extra value $49.95 $85 hair-filled mattress with (3-coll box spring, soft edge $69.95 $39.95 platform rocker springs $29.95 $200 spring-filled Chesterfield seta $175.00 "A Small Store Bulging With Values" ATZ-SMITH FURNITURE Eighteenth and L Phone 2-C2T7 47 DAT BED. writing desk, drecser, canoe. Phone 2-1318. 2340 Alturas. 48 FOR SALE—Table-top gas range, like new; dinette set, studio couch, platform rocker, floor lamp, $275; one radiant gas healer, $12: one bunk bed, $25. PLEASE ('ALL AT GARAC:E IN REAR OF 1015 FLOWEU STREET. 47 FOR SALE—Camp trailer, bed. wooii stove, dresser, overstuffed chair, davenport, rocking ch.iirs, sanitary couch, bnby bed, electric percolators and 200-gallon automatic watering trough Apply !!)£(> ^l_81 reel. 47 FOR SALE—Mattress, springs and dresser A-l condition. 17111 Flower. 41 PREWAR bed. innersprint mattress, box spring; 6-piece dinini; room set, piano, 3 dressers, 2 large mirrors, kitchen table, overstuffed set. 3 gan healing stoves, floor lamps, record player, and chairs. Dye's Transfer and Storage. 510 Sumner street. 46 Bedroom Suites Coal unil Wood Stoves Gas Ranees Overstuffed Divans rncktail Tables Piny Pens and Pads Baby Tiainerw Bedroom Ruga High Chairs Marble Top Kitchen Tables Cocktail Tables End Tables Hardware and Restaurant. Supply 1322 Twentieth Phone 3-0581 FOR SALE—One table-top gas range Phone 4-4866 before 3 p. m. 48 ELECTRIC refrigerator. 9-foot. Call 2115 Lester, or phone 2-5326 after 5 p. m. 4" FOR SALE—One gas heater, dresser, one three-quarter mattress in perfect condi tion, girl's raincoat, size 9 or 10; boy's suit. «lze 12. 2253 Berger. 4" ELECTRIC sewing machine. A-l, look like new; inlaid top card table, nice; two small natural wood coffee tables, clothe hamper, folding camp cot. mlscellaneott items. 1314 Oregon. 4 FOR SALE—9x12 hluo flowered Axmlneter rug, like new, $40. Phone 2-3555 or 9(Ki Pacific. 4 8 B'OR SALE—Davenport set in good condl tion, coffee table, heavy utility table Phone 2-7462. 48 PREWAR, mohair Chesterfield set. Carved walnut trim, good condition. Phone 3-1035. 124 Oleander. 47 FOR SALE—Dining room set, two coolc stoves, small heater, living room set Phone 5-5386. 48 WALNUT extension living room table ant four chairs, maple breakfast table. 2721 Sevier avenue. Phone 2-0688. 47 DROPLEAF kitchen table, end table •mall rug. small rocker. Also rummagi of clothing, dishes, etc. 907 Seven teenth. 47 FOR SALE—Two gas high-oven ranges, one round dining table, one twin bed and •pi Ings, one cot. 728 Twenty-fourth street. Phone 7-7167. 48 FOR SALE—Dining table and six chairs Call after 4 p. m.. 625 Thirtieth street Fhon« 2-5S04. 48 THRBE-QtFARTER bed with DOT springs • nd mattress, 2-plece mohair living set •as range, 3-plece bedroom set with mat tress and springs, 9x12 wool rug. fan type cooler, cabinet radio, desk, library table and day bed. Cheap. Phont 2-4514 TWO three-quarter steel beds with springs breakfast set; living room furniture In eluding small typewriter desk, two me dium tables, two lamps with shades three set* of drapes. Phone 2-3684. 4; ONE leather upholstered dinette set, also coffee table. Call 2-6294 after 4:30. 2924 Park Way. PREWAR living room, bedroom and dining room sets, radio, Singer sewing machine and miscellaneous, ou sale Sunday afternoon at 8631 Chester. 47 FOR SALE—Box springs and Innerspring mattress (or double bed, excellent condition. S18 Pacific. Phone 2-0002. 47 FOR BALE—Bedroom suite, divan, flattop small maple organ, a beauty; dining table, buffet. Phone »-23«4. For Sal*—Miscellaneous NEW AND USED HOSE CONNECTIONS 1111 NINETEENTH STREET WEST OP BUS DEPOT— ACROSS STREET 47 Onions, cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, celery and other vegetable plants, very reasonable per dozen. Special price per thousand. Cut flowers, funeral designs, wholesale p,.(ce—potted plants. Open Sunday, 715 L, street. Phone 2-4748. 47 LARGE LINE OF FOR ALL AGES BAKERSFIELD HARDWARE 2015 CHESTER AVENUE CO. CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS! Buy Your Hen at A * A POULTRY MARKET 1710 L Street Open Sunday Closed' Saturday REQINA VACUUM SWEEPER, with all attachments, ceiling price 156.50. 600 Decatur, or phone 3-6313. FOR BALE—Boy's sport coata, size 14 and 16; woman'* black winter coat, size 1«. Phone 2-2330. FOR SALE—Woman's bicycle. 2-gear, very good shape. $36; Firestone car radio, used very little. 125. Phone 2-0368. 504 Linda, Vista Drive. 48 JAHDEN TRACTOR, perfect condition, $200 caah. Phone 2-7093. 47 1H-TARD DUMP BED, WITH POWER TAKEOFF: GOOD CONDITION. BLACK S92, FELLOWH. Calif. 47 FOR SALE—Red Fox Jacket. al«e 12. like new; while evening drew, worn once. sue 12. Phone 2-5174. 41 TOR SALK—New garden tractor, 10 new toilet*. 19 Mount Vernon, phone 3-2358. FOR SALK—SlM S-D, Bostonlan brown oxfords, worn several time* only i no coupon ra*juir*4. Fbon t-tlio. - •» For Sal*—Miscellaneous TION baa set dollars-and-centt celling prices on used refrigerator*, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, typewriters. bed eprlnis. cameras and phntograehlc equipment. These manmlum prices apply to every seller, even to en Individual selling hi* nersooal houeehoM effects. For information concerning them and all other eelltng arlcts. call th* Bakersfield War Price and Rationing Board. Phon* t-»41». t-18-tf Hot Wate- Heater* 135 Laundry Tray* 110 Fruit Jar tie to*. Platl >rm Scale* Show Cases Stools Ice Cream Maker Beverage Cooler Wooden Bowl* Dlsh.s Stock Pot.. Steam Table* Brooms • Mops Coolers Hundreds of other Item*. Oswald's Restaurant Supply 716 Nineteenth Street Phone 2-9317 Id. Bud and Pete Klassen. Phone 2-1759 or 3-1546. 41 Flying and balsa model plane kits, Jeep*, trucks, tanks, ships fittings, balsa wood carving knives dope and cement. Come In and look around Edward's Camera Exchange. 1609 Nineteenth street. 8-22-tf RECAPPING Bring your old tires to us for recapping. We use Grade A rubber: 24-hour service. BENXINO'S SERVICE Twentieth and K Streets S-5-tf FOR SALE—One 1942 Star spudder machine, mounted on 6-ton Fageal truck with complete drilling equipment. Also one set 7x66-inch hydraulic jacka. complete. Call Southern hotel, room 12S, Bakersfield. 4« FREE FREE FREE SAWDUST AND PLANER CHIPS Load It Tourselt BAKERSFIELD BOX COMPANY Highway 99 3 Miles South of Town S-5-tf "Paris Liberated" and "Tanks Capture Guam" and other newsreelc. 8-mm and*, lti-mm scenic, adventure and sports pictures. New cartoons. Little King, Donald Duck. Mickey Mouse, etc. Edward's Camera Exchange. 1609 Nlne- teenth. 9-19-tf WASHING MACHINES Repaired, quick service. Montgomery Ward, Apex and all makes repaired and rebuilt. General Service Co., 913 Baker. Phone 2-9278. 9-8-tf TIRE RECAPPING ONE-DAT SERVICE CLEROU TIRE COMPANY 1717 K STREET PHONE 6-606J 2-29-tf GET YOUR rubber eiamps from Bakersfield's only rubber stamp company. You will be satisfied with Its prompt service. Fads. Inks, daters of all makes. 1808 "Eye" street. Phone 8-8102. 59 FOR SALE—Large quantity used Kalvanized corrugated sheetiron. Phone 2-3338. 48 New and used. Bought, sold, repaired and exchanged. Largest stock in Kern county. KERN PUMP EXCHANGE 400 Sonora Phone 3-1488 70 MAPLE baby crib with Innerspring mattress, springs, In A-l condition, reasonably priced. Phone 3-2363. 1322 East Nineteenth street. 4« FOR SALE—4-weeks-old 8-piece dining room set and 6-piece dinette set. See any time after 6. 1136 Barlow. 46 FOR SALE—Nearly new dining room set, 6 chairs and buffet. Phone 2-8252. 44 PREWAR circulator oil heater, suitable) for 6-room house, excellent condition. Phone 9-9787. 4J TWIN BEDROOM set. with chest ot drawers, in Monterey, coil springs and mattreas, prewar, (75: also wardrobe in unfinished wood, $25: small wood heating stove, double iron bedstead, with coil springs and mattress, prewar; double wood bedstead and coll springs. t3X Truxtun. Phone 2-6498. 4« NOTICE J. A J. Electric Iron Shop 611 Nineteenth Street May have heating elements to fit your iron. Cords and a few motors for sale. 69 LARGE baby buggy for aale, good springs, steel wheels; very good condition, 112. 804 El Tejon. Call 9-9566 or 2-8142. 60 GARDEN PLOWS POTATO CUTTING KNIVES, GARBAGE CANS, ROOFING PAPER, EGG BASKETS, EGG SCALES. COTTON SCALES, GAS AND ELECTRIC BROODERS, FEEDERS FOR CHICKENS. WATTENBARGERS 2521 East California. 47 MAHOGANY Inboard motorboat. In good, condition. Phone 7-7367 or call 920 Truxtun avenue. 47 VACUUM CLEANER, iron*, clocks and all email appliances repaired. No delay. General Service Company. (13 Baker. Phone 2-9278. >-8-tf SCRATCH FEED with cracked Indian corn. Yes. we deliver. Pioneer Mercantile Com- rany. Phone 8-8681. 9-18-tt FOR SALE—one-fourth-horsepower tank compressor, quart gun, three tips, 100 feet extension wire; two all-steel lawn settees, three metal sprinklers, one 2-burner gas camp stove, one steel wheelbarrow, one child's table and chair set, two Iron folding coin, two lawn mowers. Phone 2-6421 afler S p. in. 47 FOR SALE—Large tricycle and two metal acootera. Phone 4-4643. 47 FOR SALE—Two, folding single Simmons beds, with mattressee; two gas healers, Atwater-Kent table radio; jolly glasses, and other odde and ends. Phone 2-6705. 47 WANTED to buy, good desk and small plKiio. Phone 2-7680. 47 LUGGAGE, bedding, linen sweaters, coats, blouses, shoes, toaster, fruit jars. canvas, and ironing board. 2206 Norlh Inyo fltreet. BASSINETTE and baby buggy, prewar. Sell both for 110 or 15 each. Phone 3-0878 or call at 806 Woodrow. 6x8 DUMP BODY and hoist, »150. Can be seen across from Mount Vernon School on Potomac street. 48 HEAVY QUILTS, double bed springs, dishes, shades, drapes, curtains and miscellaneous Items. 1665 F street. 47 FOR SALE—Metal Ice box. 25-pound capacity: lady's fur coat. *i length, size 36-38; lady's tuxedo-type quilted taffela, jacket for evening gown wraps, size ld-18; man's oxford gray all-wool overcoat, size 38. At 914 East Truxtun avenue. FOH SALE—Ont> oil heater, capacity 1 to 10 rooms; one dresser; 3500-cubic. foot blower: one 9x12 hand printing press, complete, with 14 full-size California, cases, stand, type. Ink. etc: one new Taimn gnu range. Private party. Must be sold hefore 8 P. m. Saturday. J. J. Seamon, 248 Central avenue, Shnfter. 47 FOR SALE—Man's Waltham 21-Jewel wrist watch, dustproof. Call 2-0198. 48 CLARK'S AUCTION SALE—3'.i miles south on Highway 99. starts at $ a. m. Tuesday. Poultry, furniture, mlscella- neous. One 1934 V-8 Iti-ton truck. 48 FOR BALE—Reo truck (EE3927); one new Texas saddle; one Phllco car radio; Se- vaing level; 100-foot steel tape; pipe Frenches and hand tools. 2222 Bast California. THREE-QUARTERS length tan sport coat, rayon dress, sizes 14. Sell both for 15; also boy'* sport coat, else 36. Phone 2-3322. A BIKGE wool shortee. size 16, lined, worn once, 115; Silver Fox, large, single, with snap* on fret, 150, worth more; brown strutter slacks, size 14, is.60; also boy's biking boots, black, size *. No stamps. 16. All in perfect condition, 1021 K Sireet. Phon* Z-3970 mornings, or after 6 p, m. 47 TOR SALE—Fishing poles and equipment, Including three good reels; one .22 single- action rifle: fruit jars. Call t-1461 after 4 p. m. IED WOOL coat. *lie 14; two new dre»ses. site It; several ladles' Dobbs bats, Rea- ^-_^U1. nk«»_ * *>C« A r. u ".," •^••-.Tf' y ^T| sise IB; awerai IBQICS u •enable. Phone 1-26 J4.

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