The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 4, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 4, 1936
Page 11
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t f 'S. 1 ' THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA?*, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1996 SALES TAX State Board of Equalization Reports Huge Income From Tax Collections (Untied Prett Lcatcd \\'trt) SACRAMENTO, Sept. 4. —California's retail sales tax la netting the state an average of $209,890 a day, and is Increasing steadily. This was tho report of the state board of equalization In explaining that sales tax collections for the three-month period ending June 30, amounted to $18,100,000. ''No other state In the Union has had such satisfactory results from ItB sales tax levies, the report stated. It pointed out that "examination of sales tax data from more than 20 states discloses that California collections far surpass those made elsewhere." * "Illinois," the report continued, "where the revenue most nearly ap proaches that derived here,- has an nual sales tax collections approximating $80,000,000, Tho population Is about 2,000,000 greater than In California. Tho rate of the tax Is the same, but applies to gasoline and foodstuffs. "Since the exemption ot these 'commodities reduces the yield by at least 25 per cent, If we had tho same base In California that prevails In Illinois, our sales tax collections here would be $06,000,000 a year." ''WE SALESMEN know how these steamy mornings 'take it out of you*. But Shredded Wheat puts energy back in me—helps keep me alert!" A Praduct of NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY "onduct Services for Delano Woman BHr.AKO, Sept. 4.—St. Jrfary's Jathollo Church was crowded un Phursdiiy morning when relatives and friends from many sections gathered to pay their last farewell o Mrs. L.ucMlo Agnes Salsa, 67, wife ot Frank Salsa, ST., resident here 'or 22 years and a pioneer In the southern San Joaqtiln valley darner the past 48 years. Father Phillip Kennedy celebrated a requiem low mass. Pall bearer* were Ambrose Vlllard, Joseph Bert•and, Homer A. Bower, Joseph Vlt- nrd, Roy Anderson and Andre Vlevix. Interment was In Delano cemetery, where beautiful flowers covered tho new grave. Mrs. Salsa loaves her husband and six sons and six daughters and also an adopted son, Joseph Salsa, llv- ng In New Orleans. Her children aro Mrs. Clyde Brown, Mrs. Al San- tamauro, Frank Salsa Jr., L,ouls Salsa, and Morris Salsa, all of De ano, Mesdames Catherine Berry and Lucy Pearl Ql Taft. John R. Salsa ot Vlsalla, Tony R. Salsa oC Portervllle, Mrs, Anna Thomas ot MeFarland, Irfiwrence Salsa of Bakerstleld and Mrs. Henry Hemmlngton of Arvln. Out ot town relatives who at tended the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Constance Freltas and son Maurice of Yerlngton, Nevada, and friends were present from Uucor, Portervllle, Vlsalla, Stockton and Bakersfleld. 4 . « A. F. L. Keeps Out of Seattle Strife f.lnocialcd Pfcti Leaied ~\Ylre) WASHINGTON, Sept. 4.—William Green, president ot the American Federation of Labor, said today tho federation ''can not interfere" in the American Newspaper Guild strike against tho Seattle Post-Intolllgen' cer. Green made his statement in re leasing a report on the guild strike from Rowland Watson, A. F. of representative In Seattle. "Efforts to conduct a hearing upon the complaint filed by the American Newspaper Guild to pro mote a settlement were made by tho officers of tho Seattle central body before formal action was takn plac Ing the Seattle Post-Intelligencer upon tho unfair list," Green said. "The laws ot tho A. F. of L,. re quire that central bodies take sucl action and follow such a course be foro placing any firm upon the un fair list. "In view of the fad that the cen tral body conformed to the laws o the A. F. ot L. anil acted In ac cordance with the rights conferro< upon It by tho A. F. of I.,, and fo! lowed legal and orderly procedure tho A. F. of 1j. onn not Interfere." Detroit Bishop Returns From Rome With Praises for Radio Priest BAR UNTESTKD MILK . LOS ANGELES, Sept. 4. (A. P.)— All milk and milk products fron cows not tested for tubcrculosl were prohibited from sale In Los An Rales today by city ordinance. ./Aiioefoted Prett Leaied NEW YORK, Sept. 4.—Bishop Michael J. Gallagher of Detroit re- urned from Rome today asserting hat the Rev. Charles E. Coughlln was free to continue his political wtlvtlles and urging the radio >rlest's follower* to continue to rally )ehlnd him. Naturally, the Michigan prelate aid, authorities at the Vatican were displeased at Father Coughlln's call- ng President Roosevelt a "liar," In •iolatlon of principles of the church pposlng attacks upon constituted governmental authority. Bishop Gallagher praised Father Coughlln as a "courageous leader" using his every power to "oppose the orces which threaten to engulf this nation In communism," and Interpreting the encyclicals of the popes lealtng with social questions. "It Is the voice of God speaking .hrough the Holy Father and reading you through the orator of Royal Oak," ho said. I hope you never lose courage and continue to rally behind him un- .11 victory rests on the banners of the national union for social Justice. "Because this is a presidential rear, a great deal of Importance has jecn attached to nothing. Anyone cart say the holy sco docs not approve of anybody calling the President a liar, whether he deserves It or not. That Is a self-evident, and can Via found in any book on ecclesiastical etiquette." » i » 3500 Go on Strike in Lettuce Fields .(Continued Vrcm Page One) Coffee can)never be too good. So . , keepyon tryjng to make each cup more delicious than the last, till some T2ZK fine d&y/you try Schilling: Coffee. ^-~-— ' / Schilling Coffee One kind for Percolator Another one for Drip voted 1444 to 111 In favor of tho walkout. Watsonvlllo workers favored tho strike, G24 to 10. A strike statement issued by Salinas officials SB Id r "Tho negotiations committee recommends thai propositions offered by tho Growers-Shippers Association bo rejected and that we stand behind our proposition ns revised and presented September 1, and accept the challenge of tho association. "We aro not going to work In the morning." Strikers' Side "In effect, we aro not on strike bbcauso of the ultimatum posted by tho shlpperH on their bulletin board; If we had accepted their terms in the negotiations for a new contract, wo would have had to accept their terms. "This decision of the union is final and wo will not return to work until an agreement lias been effected between the union "and the association." Charles Smith, secretary and spokesman for tho teamster's union, suld: Teamsters Co-opcruto "There Is no doubt of co-operation by tho (.canisters because of the rejection of our presidential employment proposal. A similar clause Is In tho teamsters' agreement with I tho shippers. i "Therefore, a strike by tho team- I stors can bo considered automatic." ! The fall harvest Is scheduled to I begin about September 16. To date, | 17,861 carloads have been shipped from the -area, approximately half of tho anticipated output. About 127 carloads arc shipped dally. « » > Name Changed to Los Padres Forest (Amoctatfi rreit Lcatcd \vtrt) SALINAS, Sept. 4.— Tho Monterey county Board of Supervisors has given Its approval to a proposal to change the name of Santa Barbara National to Ix>s Padres National Forest. A long campaign was conducted to effect tho change. Santa Barbara county officials are being consulted on tho proposal and a decision Is expected from tho forest service In about two weeks. Is Given $14,000 by One He Aided LUE BIRD POTATO CHIPS AI ways a QUALITY Product • Prats I.eaittt \\'ire> SACRAMENTO. Sept. 4.— K. K. Mlttclstacdt, police commissioner find heud ot tho city water dlviolon, learned today ho la tho sole hnlr of approximately $14,000, left to him by a man whom he Imfrlcndcd. The man was Captain John I. Henderson, 73, retired arm yy>f fleer, who died In San Franclwo A \igii8t 9. POST OFFICE MARKET STETSON'S Elfbtitnih and H Ifnett Vegetable Department P. Billal, Poit Offlot Msrkit Vifttable Dipt, CLOSED MONDAY, LABOR DAY MEATS THAT PLEASE ^ LUER'S HYGRADE SKINNED, HALF OR WHOLE 8 AND ».POUND AVERAGE HAMS . . . . ... Ib. 29c STETSON'S SPECIAL SEASONED PORK SAUSAGE . Ib. 25c CHOICE STEER, No. 7 C UT BEEF ROAST . . Ib. 18c NICE TO STUFF AND BAKE BREAST VEAL . . Ib. 15c FRYERS AND HENS FRESH KILLED Green Asparagus ... 2 Ibs. 35c Oceano Sweet Green Peas 2 lbs.25c EXTRA FANCY KENTUCKY WONDER String Beans 3 Ibs. 29c GOLDEN BANTAM Sweet Corn, Large Ears* . S for 25c SUMMER, ITALIAN OR Yellow Squash .... 2 Ibs. 19c EXTRA FANCY Utah Celery, Large Stalks . ea. 20c SNOWBALL Cauliflower, Large Heads . ea. ISc EXTRA FANCY COAST Large Solid Tomatoes . . 4 Ibs. 25o EXTRA FANCY Bellefleur Apples ... 9 Ibs. 25c FINK FOR EATINO Lake County Pears ... 4 Ibs. 25c Utah Elberta Peaches . 3lbs.25c U. S, No. 1 STOCKTON Burbank Potatoes ... 7 lbs.25c We Carry Only First Cla»».'Frult» and Vegetable SHOLAR'S QUALITY IS MORE ECONOMICAL Eighteenth and "Eye" Street Stori CLOSED MONDAY, LABOR DAY SHREDDED WHEAT Try It With Fresh Fruit and Dream Santa Valley Fruit Cocktail. No. 1 tin Sholars Finest Coffee , ..Ib. La France, Pkg S & W Pineapple Juice No. 2 tin S & W Sauerkraut Juice... No. 2 tin S & W Grapefruit Juice No. 2 tin S&W Tomato Juice..... .No. 1 tin 23c 8c 1C- IOC Prlees Effective Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday k Tueiday. Wednesday, Thursday Pork and Beans Ql A LOB. 22-or, tin..Of B Pure Tomato Juice No. 1 tall tin Franco-Amsrloan Spaghetti No. 1 tall Made by Campbell's FREE With WHEATIES SILVER SET Service for Eight See It en Display Atk for Particular* WHEATIES pkg, He With Fresh Fruit "The Breakfast et Champions" Popped Wheat, Corn, Rice.. .pkg. Dixie Grape Jelly 2-lb. jar Val-Vita Tomato Sauce tin Ovaltine, Large Tin, 57c small White King O Soap O 31c bars fc DC For Lovely Hands tht soap of beautiful women W FOR'THE FUG-ON-TH6-BAG FRUIT PiejlBCIPES TMEVCRY BACK OF DRIFTED 5NOW-"Mwie-/-M*cfctf"FLOUR 9.8-lb. Bat 43c 24,5-lb, Bat 98c Table Queen Sliced 1A A Beets....No. 2 Un IUU Century String Beans. .No. 2 tin Armour's Corned 1O1 •% Beef Hash. Ib. tin I ai^G Quaker Puffed Wheat....!....pkg. S&W Tomato -IA- Juice No. 2 tin IUC Schilling Black Pepper.. .2-oz. tin Sweet Nip -|Q A Pickles..28-oz. jar l«fC Semolina Macaroni, OC«% 2-lb. pkg &3C ' Welch's Grapo -I "t± Preserves, Ib. jar 11 Kippered Snacks; No. y 4 tin Armour Sliced 1 A*% Beef.... .2-oz. jar IUC S&WTEA Black 4-oz. 17. pkg.... I 1C 3-oz. 33c pkg....i "'Best Hot or Cold" lOc Huskies—The New 44- Cereal... pkg. llv Keeno Dog and Cat Food tall tin Lighthouse 0 Cleanser O pkgs. Popular Brands Cigarettes, .pkg. Rainbow Napkins, OJ_|» Four Colors, .pkg.0"3"C Par Bar Soap bar GRAPE-NUTS Regulur Package. Are Dtllclout With DEL MONTE PEARS I4c DOG AND CAT FOOD Ovanbaked for Your Pet TT :'J I7o Palmdale Butter || 1 A Beans, ,12-oz. Un II "JC Libby Corned Beef.. . .12-07.. Un Grape-Nuts -I A_ Flakes ....... pkg. IUC Mission Tuna, No. «/2 tin Del Monte •€ « Spinach... 2 1/2 tin IOC 4G- IDC 111^ ll$0 IVORY ORCHID GREEN Roll. 4c 19c Del Monte Red Salmon . . No. 1 tin S & W Fancy Crab... No. >/i tin S&W Olives, extra -fl* large tall tin.... IOC Century Tomatoes Ige. tin Belle Mode (white) Shoe Polish; Bottle All 5c Candy A Bars ..... 0 bars 10c MORTON SALT 2 pkgs. . . 15c Puneh-O-B*g FREE S&W Sardines, oval tin lOc Century Green Asparagus; Picnic Tin.. 12 Pak Sanitary Napkins pkg. Woodbury Facial Soap 3 bars 23c Guest Ivory Twentieth and Union Avenue Store OPEN EVERY DAY 6 a. m. to II p. nti SCHILLING VANILLA Will net bake out or freeze out be- oaun It's genuine—not Imitation. 1-oz. bottle . 2-oz. bottle . 4-oz. bottle 8-oz. bottle V.milhil 12c 19c 37c Tie Del Monte De Luxe Plums.. No. 2 '/, tin Golden State Milk, Ig. Un S&W Crushed Figs... .picnic tin Arctic Sea Crab No. '/ 2 s Calumet Baking Powder.. .1-lb. tin Emerald Walnuts, 1-lb. cello pkg.... 1 0* I OU 01 n for £ IV 11c 25c Chase & Sanborn's COFFEE ONE-POUND *)?r* PAOK4QE .... Ib. f*9\e Listen for N«w Radio Program • "Good Will" Court. Usual Time 28c Bisquick— Large pkg Del Monte Fruit Cocktail, No. 2'/ 2 tin... S&W Fruit -|C A Cocktail.. No. 1 tin IwU Favorite i Q^ Matches... carton I vv Century Sliced Pineapple., flat tin Del Ray Italian 01 A Spaghetti. No. 1 t ! .nO$C HEINZ RICE FLAKES Package .......... Are Fine With DEL MONTE PEACHES GRANULATED SOAP For White Clothes and I artTA Dfif»lc~a<rca, Sparkling Dishes *- <ir 5 e raUVdgC PALMOLIVE SOAP . . . bar4V 2 c Keeps That Schoolgirl Complexion SUPER SUDS .... 3pkgs.25c 25c CRYSTAL WHITE BAR SOAP 8 , 9'ir bars atvv WHITE EAGLE SOAP CHIPS. Del Ray Raviolas, No. 1 tin S & W Baby Kernel Corn No. 2 Century Tuna, No. «4 tin Silk Tissue Paper roll Floischmann 0 Yeast O cakes Heinz Strained Baby Food. .. .tin S & W Tomato Catsup. . 14-oz. bottle Century Sugar Peas...No. 2 tin Agua Calicnte Ginger Ale.. .11-oz Export Salmon, No. 1 tall 15c lie 1Aft lUb 15c 5c JELL-WELL Pkg. Nine Fruit Flavors Sholars Pastries Are, convenient and yottr family will compliment j/ou on them. SHOLARS SUPER QUALITY GROUND BEEF Ib. 15c JUICY, TENDER each Cube Steaks . lOc Our SpeoUI-Mnde, Extra Quality LAMB C ACl PATTIES W for fcWC FANCY MiLK-FED Veal Stew . Ib. 13c Selected Fre»h Baby Beef Liver . Ib. 22c Selected Genuine Spring Lamb Shoulder . Ib. 22c Fancy Mllk-Fed Shoulder Crown Veal Roast Ib. 21c Our Special Made Extra Quality Mock B FOR Chicken Legs . 25c Our Own Make Country Style Sausage . . Ib. 25c Fancy Steer and Baby Beef Shoulder POT ROAST.. . Ib. 16c St. Francis Layers Tho i-lchpflt and ilnlnUuni of Hll i-akfH. .Made with four liiyofH gurnlvhiil with creuii) imd frull. Each . . . 45c 39c Malted Milk Chocolate Cake ....... ca. Cakes ..... do/.3UC Pecan OR A Rolls ...... panaVUv Assorted Home Made Cookie.s . . .do/.. Crunchy Crust Fruit Pic8...ea. Fancy Steer Beef Genuine Ground Ib. Round Steak . 27c Fancy Young Steer Beef Short Cut Standing Prime Rib Roast. Ib. 29c Freeh Dreeied Sholar Style Hens . . . Ib. 29c Fancy Steer and Baby Beef Tongues 20c Genuine Fancy Spring Lamb Legs. Ib. 26c Freth Drecied Sholsr style Colored Fryers . . Ib.35c MEATY 3 TO 4 LBS. HAM HOCKS . . Ib. 19c Fancy Young Steer Beef Nicely Trimmed Flank Steaks . . Ib. 25c VALLEY PRIDB EXTRA FANCY QUALITY / Wieners, Conies, Bologna . . ib. 19c SHOLARS SPECIAL* EASTERN FANCY SLICED BACON . . .•:.: Ib. 41c Custard Angel Food . ea. 35c French Pastries .. lOc Plnochlo Cake ... .ea 39e Sholars "± Vegetables Garden Fresh Featuring Quality I'roduce at th<Tl,owe»t Prices Prices Effective Friday and Saturday Only. Fancy Long Green Cucumben 3, or 7c I FANCY Small Okra Ib, lOol Loose Delicious Q Apples 9 Ibs. New Crop Fancy *\ Artichokes •• for I5c I SNOW.WHITE COAST Cauliflower . . ea, I5o| Banana Squash—Fresh New Crop Ib. 3c I FANCY No. 1 STOCKTON BURBANK POTATOES . 10 Ibs. 29cl Juicy, Fresh Limes— OR A All. Sixes doz. stUP ( LOCAL CASABAS OR t Pirtian Meloni . Ib. 3o| I3c Spanish or White 4 Onions *t Ibs. Fancy Cherry Rhubarb 3 ,b, 5C I NO. 1 KENTUCKY WONDER Green Beans . 2 Ibs. 23o| Large Local Eggplant.. 2 ,„ 9e 25c STORE No. 2 Twintletb and Union AVIAN* Opin 7 i, m., OI0s«d M p. «. OPEN EVERY DAY Challenge Creamed Oottagi Oheaae , , Ib. lOo Sholara Special, Homemade Salads , , , , Ib, 20o Asserted Cold Sliced Luncheon Meat , ib. 39c Cinnamon Roll« doz. i Old Fashioned 4M- , Potato Bread ea. llv Salt Rising Bread ea. APPLES I No. 1 BELLEFLEUR 6 Ibs. 13c BOX, 63c| Fey. Lake County Peari Ibs. 23c I OREEN ONIONS OR I Radlthet . 3 bnoh. I0o| Bell Peppers— Nice Size for Stuffing.. 3 for 5c Burbank Potatoes—25-lb. Bag No. 1s, 99c. .No. 2s . I Ediion 80a Grapefruit 3 for I9ol Washington Pole A Peas * Ibs. 25c Divinity; Chocolate Cake Creamy chocul»t«i cako covered with divinity Iclnjt—as lunty an the canfoetloii frum which It lakes ltd name. Each . . . 39c I NICE LARGE HEADS LETTUCE eachSci Extra Fancy New Crop Sweet Poutoeior .....4,b..25c Yams. ORANGES Juice size. 88s 2 doz. 25c Choice Valenclas ... .doz. 23c Lge. Eattng Oranges, doz. 39c SO! SET see BOB SO! aTB ***.

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