Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on October 9, 1966 · Page 18
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 18

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1966
Page 18
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MM 22 ANDIRSON SUNDAY HERALD SUNDAY, OCTOIER 9, GOP May Win Several Deep South Races ATLANTA <UPI> -The Lester Maddox upset in Georgia couM be followed on Nov. 8 by Dixie political development gave new impetus to the GOP optimism. Macidox, a hardbitten, unyielding segregationist running seals to about a dozen. Tennessee—Knoxville ney Howard Baker Jr., in-law of Senate Minorit' Leader Everett Dirsken, that might surprise the rest of a shocsiiing campaign, finished the country even more-several; second in a six-man field on serious threat to Democrat!. Republican triumphs in of the old Confederacy. states!sept. 14 and went into the I runoff against liberal former attor a son Gov. Frank Clement in Uie battle for the U.S. Senate. Mississippi—Sen. James East A United Press International,Gov. Ellis Aniall a very slight, turvey five weeks , before,underdog. He came out a'land, D-Miss., faces a stif election day i ndic ate d!~0.000-vote winner with the! challenger in Prentiss Walker that the same factors which:right to face Republican Rep.[Mississippi's first Republican propelled ex-reslaurant owner.Howard (Bo) Caltaway in the'congressman since Reconstruc Maddox into the Democraticgeneral election Nov. 8. jtion. nomination for governor of! ., „.„„.„ fc Georgia are at work elsewherei c hanccs in the South: in the South with the same! Georgia—Handsome million- thumbnail glance at GOP surprise potential. laire Callaway is reckoned the North Carolina—Veteran Congressman Harold Cooley, D- N.C., chairman of the 'House Agriculture Committee, is in a Virginia—Virginia's two GOP The Republican party—whiehjRepuKicans' best gubernatorial dogfight with Republican Jim carried five Southern states for chance since Reconstruction Gardner. Goldwater in 1964 against the'days. While fearful of another Lyndon Johnson landslide—I Maddox surprise, experts are congressmen are expected to could be the chief beneficiary. ; rating Callaway a slighti re t a j n t heir seats but Republi- States where GOP optimism is favorite on Nov. 8. Although al cans ^ m < t ] 00 ^ f or many ga j ns running highest—Georgia, Flor-:segregationist, too. Callaway ij n the Old Dominion where Ida. Alabama, Mississippi. already is drawing support{former Sen. Harry Byrd kept the Democrats aligned with conservatism. Alabama—Rep. Jim Martin, R-Ala., is viewed as a serious candidate against Mrs. Lurleen Wallace, wife of Gov. George The Republicans have some i from newspapers which backed hope in Tennessee, dim hopes' Ar "sU and could combine his in North and South Carolina, I own conservative following with »nd not much hope in Virginia.'disappointed liberal voters who Victors in Sight dislike Maddox to produce a Out of -these eight soufcheast-iwinning combination. ern states, the Republicans now Florida-GOP is given its j Wallace, for the Alabama think these victories are in best chance in modern times to governorship. And John Gre- sight-one probable governor-capture the Florida governor-| nier> Barry Goldwater's 1964 ship, possiblv two: one U.S. sh'P in a Liberal-Conservative Southern campaign manager, is . . ..-.,., ...... --•-•'•-»'»"•»"''• ^•"' - '"-i"""-taking on Sen John Sparkman. Mrs. Wallace and Sparkman rate as the favorites. Several of the Republican hopefuls, including Callaway, senator, possibly three; and a Battle. Claude King, a Jackson- possible pickup of IS congress-: ville investment banker, is men In addition, the GOP is .waging a hard-hitting campaign frankly expecting to pick up;against Democrat Robert King more legislative seats in number of Southern states. The Georgia Democratic pri- a High, the liberal mayor of Miami. The GOP also expects Thurmond, Watson, r 'alker and *° Gardner, are former .Derno- tnary runoff last Wednesday]return its two Florida congress- cra t s ^ some o f them were men, and perhaps add another seat. Heavy Favorite South Carolina—GOP Sen. Strom Thurmond is la heavy favorite to win re-election, along with GOP Rep. Albert Watson. Former Gov. Ernest 19th Century Solons Had 'Marble' Baths MEW YORK (UPI) -America's 19th century legislators ... enjoyed the luxury of marble Holings in being challenged by baths in the oldest House Office Republican Marshall Parker in Building at Washington, D.C. ihis bid for the seat of the late According to the Marble!Sen. Olin D. Johnson, D-S.C. Institute of America, when thejGov. Kobert McNair also has active GOP opposition, but Hollings and McNair are considered the front runners. baths were removed in 1952 to make room studio, the perfect condition after 75 years JThe GOP is expected to of service. I increase its five legislature for a television marble was in first elected to public office as Democrats. -4 Liverpool Docks Walkout Ends LIVERPOOL, England (UPI) —A mass meeting of dockers Thursday voted to return to work after a dispute over the employment of three non-union members snowballed into a stoppage by 9,109 longshoremen that idled 78 ships. The strike started Monday when 50 men walked off their ojbs. AT PARK PLACE CHURCH OF GOD - Frederick Swonn, concert organist, will appear at the Casavant-Freres organ in the Park Place Church of God next Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the first program of Chancel Organ Concerts for 1966-67. Swonn is organist at the internationally-known Riverside Church, New York City, and also director of music activities at The Interchurch Center there. The organist presents an average of 35 oratorio accompaniments per year, often combining them with an organ recital. Next week's visit will be his first to Anderson. T/io concert Is open to the public. lack Lemmon Tried Change; Didn't Work NEW YORK (UPI) —Jac emmon, who insists oa actin under his real name "as tatter of personal pride," di lange it once . . . from emmon to Orange. "I was on probation a arvard," the Academ making an ensign out of me, and I spent all of an hour and a lalf at sea." Lemmon was a signal officer -"a disaster of a signal officer," he insists "My one sea trip I left all my jgnal equipment back on shore . . but it really didn't matter. . couldn't read the signals anyway. Why I might have sunk the Navy'" Lemmon had another chance at being an ensign a few years ater, and that time he came jut covered with glory. He won an Academy Award n 1955 for his portrayal of the tumbling Ensign Pulver in the motion picture "Mr. Roberts." Lemmon, 41, Who was born in ?oston and refers to himself as he "Boston Bullet," says he always wanted to be an actor. After Harvard and his ill-] ated Navy hitch, he headed for York and a show, business career. He got his first break in 1948 n a radio soap opera. This job 1 ed to additional radio work, hen to television and finally to 3 loads for the cost of 1! Besides, 'ICS Set done Gas makes the bis difference ... costs less, too! You know there's economy in a fast, modern Gas dryer. And gentleness, too. You put in a heavy-wet load and in minutes take out clothes-". . . some ready to wear. There's a dryer setting just right for every fabric, every load. So go modern with.Gas. GEN JRAt INDIANA '$$£ GOMMNY I had to do Award - winning actor says. "Too much drama club and nol enough studies. "Probation meant no outside activities, and that meant no drama club, something." So he changed his name on the club's billing to Timothy Orange and kept right on acting. Lemmon majored fa "War Service Sciences" at Harvard, Hit he admits that major was .ittle him when he went into the Navy. No Great Sailor "They spent three years hould," Lemmon says. "That's quite a chore for a reluctant reader." One of Lemmon's future projects is filming a picture actress Cynthia Stone, from whom he was divorced in 1956. Lemmon says that although he would like to again act in a Broadway play, that possibility is pretty far in the future . . . he has film commitments for over a year and is always on the lookout for new scripts. "I have to read six or seven scripts a week or I tentatively called "The Job Hunters" about the difficulties of older persons finding employment . a subject Lemmon 'eels very strongly about and calls "one of society's most pressing problems." He admits to being a bit preoccupied with the problem of age now anyway . . . ever since his son Christopher recently said to him "Hey dad, [ met a man who's older than you are!" -» 2 Permits Issued After Driving Ban Are Retrieved LOGANSPORT, Ind. (UPI) - vo drivers' licenses, issued to Reed Insley, 71, -after his permit to operate a motor vehicle was suspended for life, were re-, rieved Friday by Cass County "•rosecutor George WMman. Insley's license had been suspended for life following a fatal accident last year. Wildman said he discovered hat Reed Insley, Rt. 1, Walon. had one license issued j April 29 and another issued Aug 11. The state, through de- Senate Passes $2.3-Billion Aid Measure WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate, acting with unexpected speed Wednesday, passed a $2.93-biIlion foreign aid appropriation bill, but the total was nearly half a billion dollars below President Johnson's request. The vote on passage was 5222. A Senate-House conference committee will have the task of:, working out a compromise between the Senate bill and the $3.0»-billion approved by the House. In the past the conferees frequently have agreed to split ji the difference between the two appropriations. The Senate bill includes $2.14 jillion for economic aid and $792 million for military assistance. The foreign aid program readied the Senate floor with a committee recommendation for a $3.04-billion appropriation. But then it ran into the accumulated complaints, particularly with military aid, being expressed by senators with in creasing frequency in recent years. Sen. Allen J. EUender, D-La. an old foe of foreign aid, won support for three cuts totalling $110 million. One of the three was a cut of $48 million from the military aid section of the package. The Senate also accepted an amendment by Sen. Birch Bayh, D-Ind, to require (hat 90 tier cent of tic steel purchased by aid funds be bought in the United States. This was aimed at the practice of buying steel in Japan to be corrugated in South Korea and then used in Viet Nam for roofs and the like. FEW AUSSIES JOBLESS CANBERRA — Unemployment n Australia stands at only 35,- iOO — .8 per cent of the work 'orce — the latest government igures show. TODAY-STARTS 3:30 P.M. Trariueand Plul AMBUSH BAY SMORGASBORD SUN, 11 A.M, TO 3 P,M, : All YOU CAN EAT IOOK YOUR HOLIDAY PARTIES NOW $195 1 PRIME ROAST BEEF, SWISS STEAK, VIRGINIA 'BAKED HAM, GOLDEN BROWN FRIED CHICKEN, HOME-MADE CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS, MEAT LOAF, ROAST TURKEY, ATLANTIC PERCH. Plus a gala array of your favorite Salad and Pastriei so dehcroui thai you will want to malu our Smorgasbord • wetkly affair. Our regular menu available ol uiual. .FRIED CHICKEN $*%££ I 25 Served Family Style with Salad, Mashed Potato,, Hot Yeasty Rolll Complete Carry-Out Service NOW ENDS TUESPAY Foot, at 1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:20 Phone 642-9709 SA9DLE 'N SIRLOIN JCT. 109 & STATE RD. 9 NORTH UUXtolktm COLOR CARTOON-SPORT SHORT Broadway. | putv commissioner Willard L. He was "discovered" by a Wa lls of the Indiana Bureau of I Hollywood talent scout whhe appeariag in a short-lived (16 erformances) revival of 'Room Service" on Broadway and made his film debut in "It ^ould Happen to You" with the ate Judy" Holliday, whom members as one of avorite leading ladies. Lemmon decided to forsake Motor Vehicles, said Thursday ' a license was issued to Insley ' i error. j Insley. who was arrested byj state police Tuesday night on a charge of driving under the influence of liquor, has been re- his leased in $2,500 bond pending arraignment Monday. Walls, who was advised by adio and television and went United Press International m to appear in such films as the Logansport incident, said it Apartment" and Days of Wine and Roses." His most recent ilm is "The Fortune Cookie" or United Artists, due to be eleased in mid-October. Lemmon says his favorite ilms were "Days of Wine and loses," "The Apartment" and 'Some Like It Hot." All three irought him Academy Award lominations. Husband and Father Lemmon married attress Felicia Farr in 1962. They have n eight-month-old daughter Courtnay. The actor also has a 2-year-old son. by an earlier marriage to former television OPEN SUNDAYS SERVING DINNERS ALL DAY LUNCHEON SPECIAL Every Day 85' With Mcot, Two Vegi., Salad, Hoi Rolll. Mort. thru Sat. 'Mr Roberts," "Some Like It w ^s the first time the informa- Hot" "Irma La Douce," "The u ° n had been brought to his at-. - - tention. THE TOPPER 815 JACKSON Open Daily 6 to 10 Men's Group Plans Sidewalks For Shirley Church SHIRLEY - Nine members f the Shirley Methodist Men met recently at the church to Ian for new sidewalk for two des of the church. This project vas financed by two fish fries leld by the group. Refreshments tvere served by the Rev. Clyde nydcr and Cortey Christian. The Community Missionary ircle will meet Tuesday, Oct. I, at 1:30 at the home of tiss Pearl Williamson north of Wrlcy. Laymen's Day Laymen's Day will be ob- irved at the Shirley Methodist hurch S'jnday morning, Oct. 9. aul Childress of Dunricth will e the guest speaker. The theme or the day will be "Every [an's Servant." Present Drama Tire Drama Club of the East- rn Hancock High School will present its first play of the year, "Here Comes Charlie," Friday and .Saturday, Oct. 14 and 15. A different cast will play each night, I OPEN 6:30 NORTH COLOR CARTOON AT DUSK NOW SHOWING tti THE GROUP" > CHARLES HFEU1HM rTOiTO ami,un PTHS'PICTUCT is KcbuiiEHOCP'roB rVXj5T| hteid tn WUTE0 ARTISTS BONUS HIT: SEX AND THE SINGIE GIRL Special Notice ! ! ! The CHALET LOUNGE Located in the heart of beautiful Chesterfield, is now featuring these specials . , . MONDAY THRU THURSDAY CHAR-BROIL RIB STEAKS $1.49 SERVED ON SIZZI.INO PLATT2R BROASTED CHICKEN 99* RED SNAPPER STEAK $1.29 DINNER COCKTAILS - BEER "Meet Your Friends At Ths C ha If/I Lounge" A Homecoming 'HOOSIER HIGHLIGHT" COUNT BASIE AND HIS 16-Pc. ORCHESTRA Two Homecoming concerts at Ball State University. 7 and 9:30 P.M. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15 EMENS AUDITORIUM Tickets on sale now at Emens Auditorium box office. Send check or money order with stamped, self-oddressed envelops to: Emens Auditorium, Ball State University, Muncis, Indiana, 47306. Prices: $3, $2.50 and $1.50, Here's Your Invitation TO FRANK GOLDSMITH'S SUNDAY, OCT. 9 SMORGASBORD Feafuring • Roast Tom Turkey end Corn Bread Dressing • Roast Round of Beef and Brown Potatoes • (Our Own) Pan Fried Chicken (You Know) • Tender Chicken with Golden Noodles (m-m-m- • Ovenized Swiss Steak with Our Vegetable Sauca Include): Saladt, D«i<rti, Cofft», Hal and Rolll No Reservations Heeded y'all come! $150 AVENUE" CAFETERIA and SMORGASBORD 23rd and Columbus Ave., Next To Wash. School Phone 644-9969 li ANDERSON SOUTH SIDE GYM 101 W. 29TH ST. 8 P.M. THURSDAY, OCT. 13 Gospel Songfesf Feafuring Jake Hess AND THE Imperials AND The Gaither Trio Advance Tickets at Joe's Record Shop. Tickets at Door $2

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