Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on October 9, 1966 · Page 17
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 17

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1966
Page 17
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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1966 ANDERSON SUNDAY HERALD Age Creates More Interest In Religion PAGI21 By LOUIS CASSELS United Press International The older a person gets, the more likely he religion seriously. is to take tome. And private homes Catholics, Presbyterians, Epis- continued to be the locale of the copalians, Unitarians, Metho- eucharisUc service during the dists and the United Church o[ This fact, long suspected by those familiar with the age composition of a typical church has been nationwide: for the 1 earl days of the church. These fads of church history were recalled by the Most Rev. Christ. The use of. church purchasing power as a weapon against job pastors of his 15-county diocese to celebrate the Mass in private homes on suitable occasions. ence for Interracial Justice, one of the first religious groups to enlist in the fight for equal congregation, now corroborated in a survey conducted tollup's D puMc by opm r ion Ge poli e - f° appropriate occasion for rights for Negroes; sters celebrating a living-room Mass, Programs similar to that now Thl ,„„*.•(;,.„ the n,,t i/i <t tne Bishop said, would be a being launched in Ohio are The question they put to » meet in g o{ one of the hundreds already under way In Detroit representative cross-section of of sm " a] , discussion ^ouos St. Louis, Seattle, San Antonio, Alexander Zaleski. Roman discrimination is being promot Catholic bishop of Lansing, ed in all parts of the country by fe? Mich., when he authorized all the National Catholic Confer ~" America was: "How important would you t j, e say religion is in your life- very important, fairly impor- whieh have been established in Lansing diocese to study the documents of the recent Vatican Council. The discussion Texas and Hartford, Conn Church World Service, the i - _ interdenominational agency i^TjC •CP9C roliAf _!"~ ^' :• , ., jo,, V aun,dll VyUUlu;!!. lilt; UlSl.USMU11 luieiueiiumjuicujuiiai a ft c u \. 3 p^ tant, or not very important? groups Comp0 sed of 10 to 15 which carries on overseas relief'J In the youngest age group, I8| la y mcn> meet once a week m j wol . k for many y s Protestant f to 24, only 57 per cent said that, religion was very important them .The proportion moved to 61 per cent among .you adults 25 to 34. But 72 per ce of the middle-aged and 78 pi cent of the elderly attached highest importance to religio faith. There see several possib explanations for the fact th interest in religion tends escalate with age. One is th older people are more op BCious of their own mortality and hence are more active concerned with ultimate ques lions of human destiny. Anoth is that the experience of livin for several decades serves make most people aware their limitations and their neec for a viable relationship with higher power. Christ's last supper with E Disciples, which is re-enacte in the Mass, was eaten in tl upstairs room of a priva Neutral Zone Bombings Halt For Inquiry WASHINGTON (UPI)-Th United States has stoppei bombing part of the demilik rized zone in Viet Nam ( permit international investig; tion of charges the Communisl are using the zone illegally 1 infiltrate troops and supplie into the south. Announcement of the halt in bombing was made Weduesda by 'the White House. It declinec to characterize the move as an effort to de-escalate the war i the hope the Communists woul do the same. The United States ha charged repeatedly that Nort Viet Nam was violating the 1954 Geneva agreement that create the six-mile-wide zone along th 17th parallel by using it fo troop movements soirih an storage of ammunition en ether war suppliesi Washington has urged th International Control Commis Bion (ICC) to verify the alleged violations and try to stop them. To facilitate inspection, offi cials said, U.S. bombing of th eastern sector of the zone wa halted to permit a small ICC team in the area to move abou freely. The ICC includes representa Jtives of India, Canada ant Poland. U.S. officials declined to comment on assertions tha Poland, the Communist mem ber, was resisting proposals for inspection of the zone. U.S. jet fighter-bombers anc B52 strategic bombers based on Guam have been hitting the zone almost daily since Aug. 3 Neither the Whits House nor the State Department woulc say when the raids were halted However, it was reported the ILS. air activity was suspendec Bix -or seven days ago. The Communists have refused to permit ICC patrols to enter portions of the demilitarized zone on grounds of U.S. eir activity there. The U.S. suspension was designed to remove the Communist excuse. According to informed sources, there has been no Indication that the Communists have let the ICC patrols into the area since the bombing was baited. The air raids themselves violated the Geneva agreement, but the United States contends they were undertaken only; a; private homes. Some parishes!bodies is marking its 20th have as many as 50 such groups in operation. In Columbus, Ohio, six denominations have .joined forces to use church purchasing power as a lever to open up job opportunities for Negroes. anniversary this weekend. In honor of the occasion, a Church World Service statistician computed the volume of food, clothing, blankets, med- cinas aad other supplies which the agency has distributed to the poor of 60 nations since it A Division of It* S. S. Krtig* C They have agreed that they j went into business at the end of will sign future contracts for World War II. construction with firms assurances or supplies only which that following non • hiring practices. give they clear discriminatory He found (hat if these relief shipments were loaded into SPECIAL PRICES FOR THIS SUNDAY ONLY - NOON TO 7 P JW. WHILE QUANTITY $ LAST are single convoy of giant trailer trucks, they tractoi , would l" 1 stretch bumper to bumper from Participating in the pact are | New York to Denver. Hospital Dismissals Dismissed from C'ommum Hospital were: Mrs. Pauline Peterson, 30 Morton St. Mrs. Boss Pettifbrd, Fa mount. Mrs. Sarah Phipps, Alexa dria. Miss Gwendolyn Peters, £ W. 12th St. Mrs. Stephanie Keller a: son, Markleville. Mrs. Angela Blackwell an son, Rt. 1. Jesse Olinger, Daleville. Alex Majarakis, Anderso Hotel. Mrs. Myrtle Book, 330 W. 14 St. John Coleman, Alexandria. Bennie Hanshew, 1810 Fulto it. Edd Wendling, Chesterfield Terry Six, Alexandria. George Beateon, Alexandria Mrs. Netha Bell, 1101 Indian Ave. Mrs. Ruth Martin, 1239 E 26th St. Mrs. Lelly McCann daughter, 2506 Brown St. Dismissed from St. John lospital were: Mr. and Mrs. Faye Coope and daughter, 1922 Meridian £' Mrs. Maude Brock, 29 George St. Alva Roberts, 2226 Hendric St. Campbell Marion, 200 An over Rd. Carl Evans Jr., 1428 Henr st. 5oth Parties Ian Approval Of Amendments INDIANAPOLIS (UPD-Parl rganization approval of the tw mendments to the Indiana Con Station on which the electoral will vote Nov. 8 seemed to be the way Friday. Gordon St. Angelo announce iat his Democratic State Com it-tee favors the amendments id Republican state chainna varies 0. Hendricks snid th OP state committee woul insider them at its next meet g Wednesday after reeeivin, report from Republican lead s of the Senate and House. One amendment asks: "Shall the Constitution be mended to permit the Genera] Assembly to eliminate entirely e household goods and intangi- es taxes and to provide for j excise tax on motor vehicles obile homes, airplanes, boats ailers or similar property in- ead of a property tax?" The other asks: 'Shafi the Constitution be lended to permit our General :sembly to propose a new con- tutional amendments even ..ugh a previously proposec nendment or amendments are after repeated'violations by tiiejawaiting action by that session Communists. of the General Assembl" or a The Geneva accords provide vote of the people?' that no person can cross the Approval by the state organi- demarfcation line without the zations of both political parties ICC's permission and that "all would appear to have the effect military forces, supplies and of assuring approval by the equipment shall be withdrawn electorate by ®n overwhelming " Mrs. Marcia Griner and son,' 5210 Pearl St. I Mrs. Maxine Aynes and daughter, Pendleton. , Mrs. Blanche McCune, 2318 Martindale Ave. Ruel Carter, Rt. 3. Mrs. Judith Blandford, Muncie. Stephen Pettigrew, $12 W. 4th St. Miss Jana Stanley, Fortville. Dallas Erlle. Alexandria. George Gaylor, 2109 Charles St. Christopher Lonneman, 124 Circle Dr. Mrs. Wanda Niccum, 1433 W. 5th St. , Mrs. Mary Velie, 2702 W. 18th St. Mrs. Susan Broderick, 1524 Costello Dr. Mrs. Linda Frees and daugh ter, Middletown. Miss Kimberly Kirk, 1633 W 17th St. John Krieg. Rt. 1. Mrs. Elizabeth Rogers and son, 803 E. 5th St. Earl McCarel, 830 W. 6th St. Jay McCarroll, Chesterfield. Mrs. Joanne E. Layton, 237 Ringwood Way. Mrs. Resa Whittle, 3912 St Charles St. Donald Currey, Daleville. Mrs Lucille Jackson, 2725 W 16th St. Harold R. Harrett, Middle own. Warren Heathcoate, 3411 Ind 9N. Mrs. Lillia Barflett, Walnut St. Miss Rebecca Stroup, 2119 Highland Ave. Mrs. Thelma Mikesell, 2104 Srcle Dr. Mrs. Mary A. Lonneman and on, 124 Circle Dr. Mrs. Betty Humphrey and laughter, 4030 Madison Ave. Mrs. Joretha Thorns and laughter, 1604 Morton St. Jack Stage, 1723 Poplar St. Mrs. Anna Tappan, Jones- oro. Mrs. Mary Hancock, Alexan-i ria. A Cloud Of Softness In CLASSIC CARDIGANS OF VIRGIN WOOL! 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Our Reg. 3 for 94c Sunday Only 3 72 Men's soft spun cotton work socks have extra-thick cushioned soles for comfort and absorbency . . . you feel as if you're "walking Dn air." Sizes 10% to 13 in white, light and dark solid colors. Three pair per package. Limit 2 pkgs. per customer. Lunch 2:00 Kiwanis Dinner 6:30 William Hpvermale Meeting 7:30 Gamma Iota PHYSICAL SCHEDULE Youth Program ; 3:00- 8:00 Lobby 3:15- 4:45 Fun and Fitness Gym 4:00- 5:30 Fun and Fitness Swim >:30- 7:30 Judo Lessons ':30- 7:30 Guitar Lessons Adult Program 00-11:00 Aqua Belles Health Club Men's Open Swim College Swim Class :0tt- 8:00 :00- 2:00 :00- 4:00 :45- 9:00 Open Gym (Big) :30- 6-:30 Men's Physical • Fitness :30- 7:30 Sr. Life Saving :30- 9:00 Men's Judo Class :30- 9:00 Family Swim OP CANDIDATE DIES KNOX, Ind. (AP) — Funeral' xviccs will be Friday for John 1 onkowski. Republican candi- from the demilitarized zone." margin. It was not known whether the The referendum Is the third uimuwj> ICC had asked to inspect the and final step in the process of j data (or gj^ Comt derfc Kins. The While House was amending the constitution. The, Tae 65 . year< i d Zionkowski of unable to say whether North first step is passage by both| K died Thursday in starke Viet Nam had cbarsed U.S. houses of one legislature andi^^ Hosp it al a{ter a brief m . violations. the next legislature after that ness BRIGHT, BREAK-RESISTANT PLASTIC HOUSEHOLD ITEMS .imit 4 ea. Charge It iidgid polyethylene housewares . . . 28-qt. swing-top waste bins, 28qt. rectangular waste baskets, 16-qt. divided dish pans and 1',-z-bu. octagonal laundry baskets in turquoise, vhite, sandalwood. 18-qt. dual pails in turquoise, sandlewood. Charge it. Ea. 27x48" CUT PILE Sunday Only Our Reg. 5.97 VISCOSE RAYON DECORATOR RUGS 4.44 WINTER WONDERLAND IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER AND FRANCES SMITH ? IS PREPARED. 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