The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 22, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1944
Page 10
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1Q Fridoy, September 22,1944 Cfae gahertflelb CaMtorntai AIR PROGRAMS i HIIMY fi:00 In 6:3(1 p. m. KERN"—News; ti:lj, S'inss hy Leon Tajne. 6:30 (o 7:00 p. m. KKnN—?p ,n, s l,i M.i..,i^; 6....',. Coronet Story Teil-T. 7:00 (o 7:30 p. m. 7:30 to 8:011 p. m. KERN—K.-trl r.on.hvir. 7:11. Ted Mulone. KERN—HHIM-.V Is'aiiil. H:ftO In 8:30 |i. m. KKP.N — -WaM, !!•» W.iiUI (.;.) B> ; S.iO. J'itlk. r 1 :ini l>. S:30 to 0:110 p. in. KEHN—OaltKliuMPt F. 0:0(1 in tl:3ll p. m. KERN—M. . t Y'.iir \«v.<. !l:;!ll In 10:01) n. ni. KERN —Hfin-v .1. Trni.,1. :) I.., Woody H- rui;in . '.' .'•!">. ,\>u >. 10:00 In I<>:.10 p. m. KKNX—R.I! Tnl.iMiii ' in IP ••: m. 10:30 In 1 1-00 p. m. KEHN— Say ll \Viih i nnd Piano. 11:00 In I I HI) p. m. KK!:\--Ti.'~ .M.u-.iiB WoiM. 11 13, Hcniy Knit. 11:30 In 1»:0(l Miclnlsht KKliN— .'I'll Venn* Oi. licMrn : 11 13, News. S. \TfRllA Y fi:00 lo B::tO H. m. KKRN'—P.hMlim for SHIUTC|R\. (i:30 lo 7:00 H. in. KKP.N—Viroilcim mi i ho I.mi'l Forever; (• 4.'. Musi.-al l!.-vr;]]r. Ki'Mi'—MUM, iii ei.i.k. e :,:.. On the l';«rm. 7:00 In 7:30 n. m. KKRN—Nrws- 7 K,. M.iitm Arkoncky. KP.Mc 1 — N.'Ms: 7:K.. Mphwlifp ol Today. 00 O as lovable, KING BUBBLES IWYN KNIGHT KERN-TONIGHT-7:30 PptlTICAL ADyEHTIgEMENT ' p i * < t < i HEAR Gov. Thomas E. DEWEY TONIGHT 8:00 o'clock MONDAY September 25 7:00 P. M. KMJ FRESNO 580 on Your Dial KFI LOS ANGELES 640 on Your Dial KPO SAN FRANCISCO 680 on Your Dial TUNC IN 7:311 In 8:0fl H. in. K KHX -\' v, s ( 'omni'Mil:;! v; 7.l."i. RhMhin It'. 1'iilM. KI'M'' — T"p Tunes; 7 40. Weill » N'rws; 7:4."r. 8:"fl In K:30 a. m. KKI1N- l'!..nv.....l ],.iwt,.n: S.1.7. \ i. lory .Man hrs. KI'MC— -Mii»:i . 1. K,. Iliiinli.iw li.iu«c. H:30 lo (1:00 H. m. KKI5.V -Uri'HUfn-M dull. • KI'.MU— HiimlK.w HOIIMV !l:0fl In 0:30 n. m. Ki:i:N — N..M-. of llm Win-Id: 5.1ft, Local >••«-... !) •!.-,. )n-LM llamfl. Kl'Ml. 1 — Hello. Mori! !):30 In 10:00 n. m. KI-:i!N-Ail» Hulls: 9:45. Ti iins-Al l.-iiuiu 'JiJiz. KI'.Ml' — S:ilui'l:iy S. lapliouk. 10:00 In I0::lll n. m. KKRN— Muni. ; lu:l.- : . r.,]]i|.u i' H :l ns Kl'.MC— Xcws. 1(1:15. Al Williams. 10:31) In 11:00 a. m. Ki:i!.\ — Whin's Cookin'; in;,:,. MUSH a I I ntf-rlijiif., KI'MC - I. MM' iKMJIl wilh I, up, 7.. 11:00 In 11:30 a. in. KI-:I:N — Radio Kid HIM.- i-iui, KI'Mi:— A in 7. in NO\.MJ. I] i l.-'inl Mi Inl ^'^^ 1 ^^ 'Juiii^lin. 11:30 In l'!:00 Nnnn Kl;il\ — Kannin Hilisl I'M »,i,i.,. KI'.VK: — tlfoiKi 1 Stf'inpy's UnhrMia. |--':00 lo !»:»« p. m. K KI1N— C, [-pat l*akf'S vrrnils r'uiiltip. to 2. KPMC — NI>\VH; 12:15. Indi. inn vrsus lllinoi«. I'J:30 In 1:00 p. m. KPMC — Indiana vcmin Illinois, lo i:. •J:00 In ?:So p. m. KKHX — Salurday Aftnnoon H^\'ir\\' wnh llora.'o Heidi, lo 3. KI'Mi' — Navy Hullnlm ILinid; l!:ir,. L'. S. (.'. vprHtlH I'. C. L. A. to 4.00. 3:00 lo 3:30 p. in. KKItX— Srryi.-n Sercmtdt; 0 1.",, 11 any AViwuifr. 3:30 to 4:00 p. m. Kl;lt.\ — Vinory l-'ood fair, 1 :00 (n 1 :30 p. m. KF.I!.\ — riluc i''iir"spnn(h*iit!i AbioHd, 4:1.',, Hluc Mnlni"f. KI'MC — Amri u :in |-;agl<! Cluh. 1:30 lo •;:(!<» n. ni. KKIl.V— i in Singe Kvcryliody. KI'MC. — To h<- announced. .1:0(1 In A:30 n. m. KKll.Y — Al.-x Cliinior. oman. KI'MC— News: ;',:15. .Mimic for 5:30 In 0:00 p. m. KKIi.V— (iilhiTt & Sullivan Fcslival; ( iHOlHlltll)' 1. KPMC— Cowlioy Troubadour; 6:15, HOLD EVERYTHING THIS CURIOUS WORLD By WILLIAM FERGUSON "C»mr on! fume on! Don't forgft you're onl.v worth SO i i i*nt*!** Petrol Pete Tell you a little story. * * * Three, four years before gas rationing started an outfit put a new gas on the market in a smallish sort of way, selling it through independent service station operators. * * * It was pretty hot stuff on mileage, and it was so good on performance that mechanics started telling their friends to use this narticular gas. * * * Then (remember?) gas was rationed and the demand got plumb out of hand so we couldn't take care of any more dealers. That's why we never got into UakiTsfirNI. * * * But who knows what the morrow brings? PETE ASSOCIATED FOOTBALL SPORTCAST TOMORROW use VS. UCLA 2:15 P, M, MUTUAL NETWORK TIDE WATER ASSOCIATED T OIL COMPANY "lAr KING BUBBLES HAPPY ISLAND CNtftNT • JHM WAYHI HAM WAMOWS OK HI tit A Friday, 7:30 P. M. NEAR GOV. THOMAS L DEWEY TONIGHT at 8 From 10$ ANGELES KPOamfN.B.C WERE THE FIRST PEOPLE TO APPRECIATE THE VALUE GOOD ROAOS.' BETWEEN 3O5 B. £. AND 2OO A.D., THEV BUILT" TOOTH COMINK& IN IS ATOOTH our; 5TELLA SPAICH, A YOUN6 RHINOCEROS IN ZAMBESI V-ALLEV, AFRICA, BECAME SO TAME THAT CHILDREN RODE HIA* LIKE A PONY. 9-21 T. M. PEC. U. S. MT. Off. SIDE GLANCES By GALBKAITH COM), H44 ay NU MKVICt. IMC. T. M. «CO. U. ». PAT. Off, 'Mom, Intltrd Dorothy over for dinner — nhc doesn't eat much mid «ho> a «hi/, on frnctlonul" THESE WOMEN! By d'ALESSlO '.MU» Ihinlup, make abiolulrly MO niipolnlmi-ntii on October 7, from 9 to 5, I'm Inklnr » vacation!" Fl'NNV BUSINESS By HERSHBUHGER Hi' wan unril to ulreiiiiii In crowded hotel*!" NEW HANDY DICTIONARY Jus! olf iho im's*. ihi-s new divtlonary is S^xD'.a Inches In elze. ronlaiim ."SI i';ifc'i'». more than :i,OUO dcfiiiilloiin. and IB UlUKtrated. In addition there BIP apeclul «u)iplcment> on Current \Von1n and PliiaBpn. Abbreviation!, Words Often MlaproMOuni ed. Foreign Words. Curious Word Orlglnn and other helpful Information. This new i>ock«t-alx«, up-to-date dictionary Is bound ID a durable. flexible cover, with round corners and led edies. and is an excellent reference for home, school or office. With BchooC openln». any student should be de- lishted to have a copy. Order now. The supply Is limited. Only 26 cents, postpaid. ' Use This Coupon ' The Bakersfleld Cnllfornian Informwtlon Uureau, 31 Eye Street. N. H., Washington, 2, D. r. I enclose btiewnh 2i cents in coin (rarpfully wrapped In paper) for copy of the Dliijonary. Name Strcot or rural Route CUy (.Mall to W«ihlncion, O. C.I OUT OUR WAX By J. R. WILLIAMS f WHEW TH' BULL O TH' WOODS WAWTS TO GET AWAY FROM EVERYTHING HE COMES DOWN) AMD SITS WITH OLD DAW- WHY DOW'T HE GET IW A. WAY IT'S KiND OF AW SULT TO DAW IF HE VISITS WITH HIM TO GET AWAY FROM EVER>/THIM6 — THEW HE CAW'T COMSIDER. DAN ANYTHING / WHERE ? OU DAM'S " COMPANY--HE NEVER TALK'S..' THE HUMAM VOIP OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLB GO-Ol S/M41B ' OOLL^^RE. ^ LET'S STICKTO M.V MISPLACED »I,OOO/-** UP THrXT IrJFERNirVL FlGHBOVML At^O CErVSE lrA6 OUT 6ALDER.T5ASH POR. AAV TWRE.EV DOLLARS/ ZE CREEST/VL AR& TVOO C^^AEL9, OZZER. IMG DOT OF- \fJC3T ^oo C^LL E 5K5 NNOTSOU CALL HRE BUCK'S GUMPS The Happy Hunter By GUS EDSON. WE /AEAN EXACTLY "^"ANR THAT MEANS THAT- WHEN WE «SET ^ NOT ONLY THE HOUSE BACK TO TOWN-WE'LL V BUT EVERYTHIN* IN IT- ARRANGE THE PAPERS ^ evCRYTHIN*. UNPERSTANP7 TO TURN HAWK'S ROOST BACK TO YOU, LE6ALLY- YES, ELIJAH- WE WISH YOU 60OP HUNTING IN YOUR SCARCH FOR HEN YOU KNOW ABOUT THE J-JEWELS7 WE FEEL LIKE WE'RE THE INTRUDERS VyOU HERE. NOT VDU- /M-MEAN SO, ELIJAH. WE'RE --LEAVING GASOLINE ALLEY Outflanked By KING THIS IS MY FIKST IN I* MONTHS MO I'M TO TALK 1O SOMEBODY. \OU SAV NO, I SAV VffS. SEKCEANT, I LET'S CO SOM5WUett SO THIS ISN'T Wf CAN AfCUS n OUT AT issues. f AHO I WANT TO TAL< TO YOU. I'M MAezieo. MV HUS8AWO IS OV£(?SfAS, AND HE'S THE ONLV MAN IN THE WQglC? I'M IMTegeSTgC? IN. ' OKAY, L6TS STA«T FI?OM THEKe. \COOP WIGHT, | YOU CAN 9B TRUE TO Y0t« I SERCSAMT. HUSBAND ANO STILL B£ KIND / NOW KN(?W| | TO HUMANITY-MEANING MS. f WHAT THEY TH6 LCAST YOU COULD DO IS MEAN BY A i SIT AND LET WE LOOK AT YOU / SOLDI6I? OP '4 COUPLP OP HOUW. A fwe LINE. ROOTS AND HER BUDDIES Wotta Life FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Not Too Appreciative By MERRILL BLOSSBH On, HECTOR, vou SAVED MV PRIDE Bv NOT MAILIM& IN MV PHOTOGRAPH TO THE MAGAZINE .' IP VOU'O SENT IT IN IT WOULD HAVff PUT ME ON TM£ SAME" LEVEL WITH THOSE OTHER GRASPING- FEMALES / ITS MCE TO HAVF A BROTHER WHO HELPS ws SISTER. ,THAT AIN'T NO WAV TO WIN MV FUTURE SUPPORT.' WASH TLBBS Perfect Understanding By LESLIE TURNER SO YOU ARE AFftAlD TANA T PRECISELY WILL SELL YOU JAPANESE OUT?' FOR ONCE YOU ARE RWHTJ ^ THRU JAPANESE <SENER0SITY ANP EACH DAY I'M A PRISONER, J YOU LOSE ONLY LIBERTY. THE PRICE IS CHEAPER} J^BEST YOU HOT SPEAK SUCH EVIL THOUGHTS LOOKS LIKE ME STUMBLED ONTO SOMETHING, RED RYDER Follow That Woman! By FRED HARMAN f\OLLT HEARD ABOUT ANEW STRIKE.' SAT WHAT it WAS/CEPT DIFFERWr^ 50 THAT'S WHTSHE AH .'THERE SHE GOES) WHERE M£\«i STRKET /^TICKET TO "^Hjy" °NE- \-o«r?. v H^ROCrv.^LEAvSt-y M^'T YOO \ - -- • — - •* ~o/»\iS" - - - >MSS ALLEY OOP t'se for Ooola By Vv T. HAMLIN TH' NERVE OF THAT WENCH, STRIKI MY ROYAL PERSON K.rSK/ CANT HAVE THAT—HMWPMM/ ._.. LC30K, KITTEN, DONT BE SCARED/ WHAT THE BIS SHOT OONT KNOW WON'T HURT HIM, AND IVE GOT USE FOR A BRIGHT YOUNG LADY LIKE YOU/ TO THE TOWER, WHERE .. >,YOUR OWN GOOH VOOlL INTERESTING/ I BE MORE OR LESS A PRISONER ...WHICH MEANWHILE OUR. HERO'S MAN, WHO 60T HIMSELF THROWN OUT FOB. DIS- ReSPECT, SHOWS HIS TEETH... AS IF POOR OOP HASN'T ENOUGH. TROUBLE/

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