Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on October 9, 1966 · Page 16
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 16

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1966
Page 16
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PA6E 20 ANDERSON SUNDAY HERALD SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1966 Thailand Finds China Pushing Guerrilla War (EDITOR'S NOTE: Thailand, The Taharn Pa. the "forest the mod?ni Siani, has a war on soldiers," decided to give it a Ils hands. It is a small war taste of what they had in mind 500 to 1,500-foot teak.forested Mils that traverse the area from southeast to northwest. ic Brd guerrillas operate D\ kiHmg several. Strongly anti- ana secure a lortilied base tor PI correspomliMils .Mi'-h;i»l Communist the 500 villagers rebellion. They have capitalized lalloy and Martin Sluart-Kox )j neH . t j le jabarn p a wcre the : ° n the peasants' woes and the ho (raveled extensively in the enemy—the guerrillas directed government's military fum directed by Rt-d China against for Thailand, i In the last year or so a group this U.S. ally, just as Viet Nam Snipers opened up on villa-,°f 500 l ° 600 Communist once was a small war. Here is goes tilling tot lush tie]''.; < nlRuerrillas have been diiTlin? > report on Thailand and h«w the edge of the community, > llto t ne Ph" Plians to create the Hod guerrillas operate by killing several. Strongly anti- and secure a fortified base for Ma uh country.) by Red China and, probably" Wing. Their forces appear to be "" ,, »., ioutfitted with Chinese weapons, growing l"? H"p" A , E1 in?'™"bn.1 I ThC P e °P' e ««»«' »™. Tne Ph " PHanS ^ alm ° St BmKO,: rSIuPn ^riu^lSf *££.*** off northeast Thailand - Hell began for the prosperous half " a [ruc £| oad O f ammunition frora the rest of th ? co™ 1 "?village of Koksavan lasl Nov. 7. an( j SUDD ij e , ' Until the Communist danger - - ~ — " . , V . . began to rise, the Bangkok " cnin- o TI ayS ,' m °n e fisvernment paid little attention sniping Then tne guerrillas to &f , north easteniere. vanished. Until May 27, all was, Few roads wcre built to peaceful in hoksavan. : area ^ even fewer within it That day. a group of soldiers : Only two railroad lines corns came to Koksavan. They said'anywhere near the northeast, they were checking up on the:and bofih of them run along its guns the village had been i borders, isr.ied. Seven villagers oro- — .duced 11 submachine guns. Scattered By LEONARD MARTIN Good, said the soldiers, lets go PPfiDI CM A HAV , o the forest and check them "KUDLt/Vl A UA I .lust Turn Again We are admonished by Word j' ut ' of Holy Writ . . . .when with- In the f oresti the seven A caretaker turned on both standing what is pure temer- villagers were shot and thpir intake pipes of a tank but ne- itv ... in people's brusqueness guns taken. These soldiers were glected to close the drainpipe, which lias intent to hit . . . the Taharn Pa. The tank was v. full of water discredit all good-will with vie- Now the villagers UVP in f«ar. when he noticed his mistake ious dexterity . . . simply do In other villages, the same and closed the drainpipe if it one certain thing that over- pattern. would take one of the imake rides ... the attempt of man Thailand, independent f o r pipes 10 hours and the other into deal with such kind of blow 1.002 years, is the heart of;t ake p j pe g hours each to fill 'ould hours to deal witn sucn MIIU m uiuw mm jeois. » UK ucan ui : t a iie pipe 8 hours each to ... To obey, and by an inner Southeast Asia and the cotter- the tank alone and if it wi force that guides . . . turn of the West's position. K! take the drainpipe only 6 tanua yes. turn the other cheek lies east of Burma, and west of : to empty the tank w ' hen both who'er the foe ... but alas, the narrow waist of £aos,: intake p ipes were c]osed how we mortals find this hard to «hich separates it from Nortn., ^ particular occasion do . . . for life has ta.ngents now, each hard, to press . . . their arrows of anxiety not a few ... all challenging with n. measure of redress . . . For man still seeks some pilgrim outlet, to contend . . . with this turn around of living here below . . . Well, there IS path nn i" ., onis particular occasion did it take to fill the tank? SESQUICENTFNNIAL By J. M. Guthria ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Mhnt SiwuicwitermU Comrntah* Boats ivided with an iron stove. On Paper Editors Criticize Bar Group Report PORTLAND, Ore. (UPI) The American Society pf Newspaper Editors said Saturday the Reardon Committee As early as 1794 there was a the sides were our births (sic),, . . regular packet boat operatingiin double rows, six feet injreport of the American Bar on the Ohio River between j length and two broad . . .: Association on fair trial and Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. This manner of travelling wasifree press contains "much that Operators of the line had two generally resorted to on the] could ^prove detrimental to keelboats, each of which werejOhio and Mississippi . . 'society." these The ASNE statement praised . to'the repon as a "monumental effort by the bench and bar to fifteen feet wide and one nun-;Steam has superseded dred feet long. I primitive conveyances . The packet company adver- the regret of no one." . . . tised "separate cabins for meni of all the boats which op- P ut tneir own nouse in order," and women and conveniences Crated on midwestern watei'si 1 ^ ? aid **' because il would which made it unnecessary to!in earl da tne . ane wnich | restrict crime reporting it go ashore." The boat were is best remembered is the keel- sh ™ ld , be( . n examined with "equipped with port holes andlboat. And justly so far it was bullet proof covers" and had | the best behaved, best designed small arms and cannon aboard! a nd easiest managed of all .0 ward off river pirates and)types critical caution." The comments on the report were released as a joint . _._, (statement by Robert C. Notson, Indians who abounded on the Though keelboats could onlyi execu " ve ed '' or °! ' De Portland •«,:„ T 1 >:— u.i _ a.. p .. '-Oregonian and president of the Ohio. IN TITLE CEREMONY — Leaders of the Redeemer Presbyterian Church a newly organized church here ore shown above receiving the title to the 14-acre site where they plan to build a sanctuary. The land on North Elma St. in east Anderson was purchased by the national Presbyterian Church body. Shown participating in the title ceremony are left to right, the Rev. Elberi Smith, Wabash River Presbytery chairman of national missions: the Rev. James W. So/a, Northern Indiana field director and. advisor in new church developments; Judge Nelson Bohannon and Robert Maffer, co-chairmen of the building committee; and standing are J. Edward Pickering, promotion chairman; and the Rev. Charles Henderson, pastor of the Redeemer Presbyterian Church. .Treaty 50-63 open, there is a net filling rate of 1-10 plus iKlyuchevsky Volcano In Eastern Siberia Near Kuriles Erupts And tinued to operate until Civil ,. -. •. most others could not navigate, regarding the operation: | They were fair , u ht in d6raft jrress-i It (the keelboat) forms a ™,nr,*j ««j ^ A_J j,™:».l Ah - n " fc species of wooden prison, containing commonly four rooms; the first for the steward, the second a dining room, the third a cabin for the gentlemen, and the fourth a ladies' .cabin Each of these cabins was pro- War days. Keelboats were made meetings in at their fall Oregon after a to fill the tank under these con- m yius -/s MOSCOW 'UP 1 ' - Tn e 13,911 in the Soviet Far East has:volcano located on the Kama tank perj foot h 'gh Klyuchevsky Volcar>3J eru .P ted and cracked open a' c h a tk a Peninsula which juts; .ke 120-7 hours i^'ii^L' 13 ,"^'™;!^ ?Jc!:down from eastern Siberia to a| , ( ... Thailand also has bUatfiral|J« 0 ^. orn 8<-7 hours to fill_it such a way — way that shall :de r ense a g reeme nts with the| nalf fuli - WlUl J ust tne tw .° in ever le.nd pure direction. United States take pipes open, the net filling like unto the Golden Bough; The threat to the Bangkok rate is WO plus '/s, or WO of this way and 2 2-9 hours to fill it for loving kiss. Phu Phan Mountains, a ridge of ; half full. Add 8 4-7 and 2 2-9. way — not hard to turn!government is in tte northeast a tank per hour. It would er cheek . . . 'tis know-;portion of the country, where 40-9 hours to fill the tank the other ing, that in turning, it waits the rebels are entrenched in th< SCORING RECORD GREEN BAY, Wis. (UPI) Paul Hornung of the Green Bay Packers holds the National Football League season scoring record of 176 points, which he chalked up in 1960. He scored 15 touchdowns and kicked « conversions and 15 field goals. j split in it news day. "The Dominicans Have Affinity agency reported Satur-'P™' a ' on B tne line of ( the jKurile islands. boats' bottoms, made them more rigid and handle better. snow-capped .summit was suddenly Jit up by flares and its lower vent belched fire, lava and volcanic bombs," Tass said. The agency reported no casualties in the eruption of the COAL NEEDED SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) — When radio stations warned of the ap- WILMINGTON— Six pounds of. pr0 ach of Hurricane Inez thou- coal are needed for the manu-i sands of townspeople lined the facture of a pound of modern ! seawall in drenching rain and smokeless powder. LOVE wmd a s storm. 'o greet the deadly This seemed to bear out a quip that one way to insure a large crowd of Dominicans is to announce that a bomb will go off at a certain hour and place. The suggestion of Dominican affinity for disaster is supposed I to explain, in part, the durabili- jty of rumors concerning plots, counterplots, coups and revolutions. Rumor dies hard here. When [jit does, many relatives show up at its funeral. This doesn't mean the air is ]\O PAYMENTS 9 TIL DECEMBER NO MONEY DOWN • 120 DAYS SAME AS CASH ALL BEEF PRICES ARE P «'OR T 0 CALL COLLECT PENDLETON 778-2129 ALL PRICES INCLUDE: HANGING WEIGHT OF BEEF, AGING, CUTTING, FAST FROZEN, DOUBLE WRAPPED, AND LABELED. stout, wooden longitudinal planks over ribs set on a keel four inches, or more, square. Sometimes their hulls were I review of a preliminary copy of °' the Reardon report. The statement said (he Reardon recommendations invite "bad law enforcement, or what is worse, secret law made by splitting a large piro- ! enforcement, and could lead to gue (or dugout) down the center, then the halves ribbed a partially and improperly informed public at the time of together and the center part serious crime, planked. This made strong] "In these negative aspects," gunwales with good curvingjit said, "we believe the sides. Heavy keels protected Keardon committee's recommendations are in conflict with the Constitution." They ranged from about Notson and Murray said twelve to over forty tonnersiS reat S ams in controlling the with lengths up to one hundred feet. Beams were from five to fifteen feet. conduct of the criminal trial itself could result from the Crews of eight me.n to twenty or more worked kneelboats. ''' They were housad all over, generally, except for a small deck on both ends and a narrow, cleated walkway (or spme- times an extended runway) Reardon recommendations, in- jjuries linterest. in sequestering of cases of unusual It said the press had been moving for years in direction of greater responsibility but the fair trial-free press debate has continued because of the n. r it. u • „ • ; -.- Suireme Court decision in the length of the boat. Some had Sheppard case and because a row of thwarts i,n their prows •• - - • where oarsmen would sit while rowing. A heavy mast and sails were defense lawyers have been encouraged "to resort to the allegation of prejudicial news coverage 'as one more technica- usual equipment, along with : lity which may serve to free oars and poles. ! their clients." Downstream the going was! In cases of great public fine and they could be handled [interest, the statement said, with sweeps and square sailsi"the public needs all the Juan Bosch three years ago was one of the most arduous tasks forever filled with idle gossip. but upstream was an entirely j information available, including The ouster of ex-President Different story. Going up was mucn 'hat Reardon would - - • - restrict. And the need : s immediate, not in three or six months or a year when the trial begins." It said this was to prevent panic, kill false rumor, restore calm and make certain that police "are doing everything accurately forecast ahead of time. This is among a few exceptions, however. A currently moribund rumor is one concerning an imminent overthrow of President Joaquin Balaguer. As with most ruriors, this had some substance to it. The Dominican chief of state imaginable — particularly in foul weather. Where the bottom was firm and the river shallow a boat was poled along with iron shod, ash poles. The crew operated on runways, "setting" their ends of the 'the Few* U er th f7 Thsh ™' d ** ^ing. The bench a against "sim sockets walked the cleated ' * has enemies ismong left and right wing extremists. Among the latter are some prominent though no longer influential mil-'|jj"g itary names. j]jf t But the majority of the armed uu . f ., • . |-- —- — vuo.-u,, «, forces, the only entity capable';' Opt ,;= i!n t ^tfS f \ u\ S e exclusl °n and detriment of of delivering the coup, is solidly,f° rle ,,^boat drifted to a halt the rights of the victim and the behind Balaguer -at least for;? r . ^ turned P">ss-thannel. On public," Th WPI-P nlarprl The bench and bar ' we " 1 bel ' 6V ' are obsessively con- s P ecifical 'y at '"« , ,, rp ™ f tage of the P roce ^ s ,T (' au j c li^' 11 "* Ieads eventually to the j quicMy courtroom, ony with the right's " now. The United States and the Organization of American States would be expected to vigorously oppose overthrow of Democratic rule that cost so much time, effort and money in the restoration cf the country. larger vessels, crews of twenty or more worked in a continuous chain while a steersman in the stern labored to keep turning in the river. In strong current, in water and over from deep As its own guidelines, tha ASNE recommended full disclosure around the time of an arrest and after a trial. At {he immediate pre-trial stages, it said, "the -v...i. press should and should not be bot-! encourage "ThuTthe survival prospects of toms . crewmen worked how-.circumspect in reporting extra- ithe democratically elected gov-ever they could to beat their!judicial statements or activities 'eminent seem bright.r than thc ; boats along. Often when banks| ca lculated to influence the chances of solving some of th3 were clear a boat could be:° u l™ m e of the case. most pressing national prob- pulled by ropes. lems without trouble and possi-i Over bad stretches of water U.S.D.A. "CHOICE Beef Sides bly serious opposition. Foremost among these is unemployment, running at an unofficially estimated 20 per cent — about 200,000-250,000 persons. The biggest employer is the government, and its current austerity program, aimed at ending political featherbedding, oan bring even more jobless. Balaguer lopped off some 5,000 workers from deficiently run state-owned sugar mills recently. A crash public works program, U.S.-financed, is expected to take up the slack. So far, there.has been little a "cordelle" was used. This was a long rope — sometimes a quarter of a mile of it — which could be tied to a tree or anchored in the river and crews pulled the boat and themselves, hand over hand. Sometimes a windlass was mounted on the vessel to help warp it along. How the crews must have The Notson-Murray statement concluded: "Both press and bench-bar have important roles to fill in a free and open democratic society. The emphasis is on 'free and open."' U.S. Reds Hold Talks In Bulgaria NO FREEZER? BUY BEEF RENT A LOCKER ONLY $1.50 MO. .y LONDON (UPI) -U.S. Com- -lunist Party General Secreta wind to fill their sails and helpjry Gus Hall and other party carry them along. members have held talks in On the Mississippi about four Sofia w'ith Bulgarian leader months of hard labor Were Todor Zhivkov, the Bulgarian reaction/from organized labor.i" eeded , to Sf f ™ m New Or-;news agency ETA reported largely because the government lea " s to ?'• Lou ' s! . Miday. i has applied a law that forbids Mlke Fink and ll15 llk mavl * ' istrikes by government em-l. occu P> r a m ° st romantic spot.HOPE SIGNS WINTERS ployes Labor leaders a!:o have' 1 " the 'history of midwesterni HOLLY\VOOD (UPI) —Bob demonstrated a willingness to!waters but it is likely that keel-Hope has signed Jonathan wait out a government solution, [boats killed as many crewmen. Winters for the comedian's new An ironic twist: The ;overn- percentage-wise, as the Roman movie, "Eight On The Lam," o « BONUS. 50 CUBE STEAKS or 50 BREADED PORK CUBES WITH YOUR PURCHASE OF SIDE OF BEEF! U.S.D.A. CHOICE Order GUARANTEED If not completely satisfied with tenderness, quality and flavor, return purchase within 10 days and meat will be replaced or money refunded. SIRIOIN Lb CALL COLLECT FOR APPOINTMENT AND WATCH YOUR MEAT CUT AND WRAPPED Imperial Freezer Meats 778-2129 604 SO. PENDLETON AVE. PINDLETON, INDIANA CALL COLLECT PENDLETON OPEN DAILY 9 to 9 (Including Sunday) Closed Wednesdays Iment is having to import 9,000 |trireme : (Haitian laborers to erf sugar can because many Dominicans J refuse to do this kind of work. ? There are complaints that the » austerity program and import £ restrictions have slowed com- 4 .mercial activity. Still, there is j some evidence of confidence in•;; 'the business community. '•',: The black market rate fjrj; U.S. dollars has dipped to itsj;; lowest point in 16 months, about 1.10.pesos for $1. It got as high as 1.25 to $1 last year. Trade and business figures for i;! iBalaguer's three months in of- ]', Sfice are not yet available. But for the first six months of 1956, the chronic trade imbalance I continued: $63.4 million in exports, $74 million in imports. Moscow Will Hove Space Heroes'Avenue|;! MOSCOW (UPI) -Tass, the' Soviet news agency, said Friday that a Space Heroes' Avenue is planned for Moscow. It will feature bronze busts of Russia's leading cosmonauts and space technicians. TAMPA, Fla. (UPD — ';'• Women athlete great Babe ;' Xcharins during her lifetime entered a toial of 634 contcslsij; in swimming, high jumping,';' skiing, horseback riding and ;' rifle shooting. She wnn nil but two of them. , \vith Phyllis Oilier. Do you have a special young lady at your house who wears a size 7,8, 10, 12 or 14? FRANCES SMITH has JUST the COAT for her! Choose from Coat Craft, Curtsey, and Town and Country in durable materials of corduroy, suede cloth, wool and poplin. PRICED FROM * 00 23°° • *37 We carry Infants, Toddlen, and 3-6X too FRANCES SMITH SHOP EDGEWOOD SHOPS PH. 642-0453 Op«n Doily »:30-5:30 P.M.- Friday Till I P.M.

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