The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1947
Page 5
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PAGB BIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE 20. 1947 Berry Brooks Bags Big Game Giant Rhino And Huge Elephant Among Fine Trophy Array BY VlrrinU Walton Brooks With the Retry Brooks Expedition, June 8 — (Special to the Courier J*e*s) ^- The Berry B. Brooks Expedition set out on safari to'start its trek onto the veldt May ,21, 1947. It was truly 'Iliat great adventure day for the three of us as we bade farewell to the world of men to enter the Animal Kingdom Jor the next eight weeks. Our safari included the Berry Brooks trio, our expert While Hunter, Donald I. Ker, two gunbenrers, three tent boys, Kimaiii, Klnanjul, and Ka- m^u, two drivers, a skinner, and four porters. Our mode of transportation waj .in a Dodge Power Wagon with an especially designed body to carry both hunters and equipment Into, the field. Two 3 tori 'Dodge''.lefties \follqwcd' with camp equipment and an abundance of food." " The^Kehva countryside is beau- tlfiil and. lusirwith hills'covered with .coffee "plantations, lea and, at I 7,000 feet"we' saw pyrethi uin, that potentLtoxic" plant used to kill insects. Banana plants, eucalyptus, u- cacia, the Oape -Chestnut - tree in pin.k blossom, the lacy flat top umbrella • tree which , is the African thorn tree and'the centaur of the forrest,' the Euphobia tree, which has the trupX. of a tree and the Hettentet top of n formidable cactus plant .We were fascinated by the holes in the .elongated car lobes of the natives who took pride in hanging doiens of brightly colored bends, circlets, brass bells and other weird trinkets suspended from their curs. They wore more beads and ornaments than clothing on Iheir black bodies. • Soon we had left the roarts and highways of man to go onto tho open plains and along the gumc trails of the beasts who were lo be our neighbors and constant companions for the duration of our safari. We had no idea an army tank could perform with the power ami skill of our car which we dubbed The Pony Express' because It always got thru under great odds. We had many laughs Interpetlng one anolhers language for our Hebe language was as confusing to Do: Ker as his very English accent wa: to usi The natives speak Swahel: so our safari was conversing it three tongues. Tills was the far therest we had ever come to so o: • a picnic when our safari hnltcrt atop a hill to spread a delicious '•lunch beneath a large wild olive tree. ;rieso natives live off of milk nnd of a car. H is Safari etUiiiclle that >16od of cattle which they cxtracl one ctoi\s nut shoot giiine one from the Jugular vein of a steer. has photographed. We have taken lhli diet gives them a smooth, some most interesting movies and dark, shiny skin with eyes like stills of game life. Since the lion dark stones, The houses are plas- 1 fears nothing we have been quite tered with fresh cow dung so we 'close to Dons for photography. Ko paused only long enough to take far we have movies of nil the types movies for Hie llles swarmed us. of game we have seen 0:1 Ihe Veldt. Virginia and I were amused v.-h.'ii the native boys caught Ihelr reflection lit the chronlmn spotlight on the sUIe of the car for they sight of such abundant and mag- were fascinated as they would tovl. jiilflcenl herds of multiple gnme. their teeth and eyes to sec If It was The third day of our trek we saw really they. The Masai have adopt- j a half million head of gnme In ed themselves to living In a land j ma?s concentration upon the plains. surrounded by wild game. We hoped Buch sights will Ijc long rememlicr- lo find ourselves as adaptable. [cd We wouldn't have missed It for This safari is the culmination of n life's dream conic true [or Hurry who is reveling In the wonderous Our second day "out In the nine" It seemed incredible to us thnt so much wild lite existed In the entire world for we were accustomed lo •too and circus proportions of imi- mals. This was God's Zoo, the greatest KOO on earth. It made Noah look like n piker. We came lo Iclon- tify the nubertsii and Clranl g;i/.- elles, the Sleln buck, coal hlnck ostriches, zebra by the hundreds. giraffe, dlk diks, wild beast, hyena, jackal! nnrt imimtla' before we hud pitched camp our first nigh! on safari. These grassy plains, which roll on to far horizons, offer undisturbed grazing fields for glfc"K>- qullo nets with lantern, gun «nd flashlight iK'.slde the bed. Profile of Safari: Hot lea Is brought by our tent boy to awaken us i>.t a : ;jo | tl Ihe told predawn when the air is of his most prized trophys off ha'ul in a standing position. Yesterday offered one of the greatest thrills of the safari when 1'erry successfully stalked a very as clear us crystal. There Is u lusty large Elan In spite of intcrlcrenira breakfast of cereal, hum, eggs, toast, from 25 giraffe and a nervous leu and coffee to send one on hu herd of wiiiSebesst, Tension can way with high hopes. Every day of- high as he crept thru the tnlj y.nxs tcra a new variety of experiences nnd adventures ior nature is neve: to allhln 275 yards of six bull Elan .. They are n magnificent animal, mci twice alike. Dnybreak finds us well u prim! trophy' none loo easy to out on the trackless plains crlss- find. The loader was sighted thru crossed with game trails surround- field gli.sses and a careful shut was cd by every variety of game to be fired. The animals run like fury. photographed. [Their long horns streaming back- with 27 Inch horns. He is of schedule In his trophies eaves time for novices an Us trophies include a 10-inch horned Thompson Gazelle which Is on:y 'Yi inches short of tho world's record. A nobertsil Gazelle wi'.h 1 24 Inch spread. Roan topi, zebra, Impalla wllh a 27-inch spread and Ihe hard to get Cheetah .vith the beautiful spotted skin an<i the wiiltc tall. The three of us wear a !> of elephant hair uracelcts- made !rom the coarse hair tails for our lucky tallsmane. So far luck has been on We return lo camp for luncheon ' wards over Iheir raised necks, the at one. Then back Into the field ; dewlap at chills swayed world. Our base ciunp Is niitncd Virginia Camp In our honor. We are deep into the Tsc'lsc fly belt \vhero not even the Masai will live on his own land for not one human being lives within Otis belt extending 100 by 80 miles, it doss not perturb us In the least Ihat we arc out of Clvlli- 'zntlun living in Ihe midst ol Icem- I Ilia millions of untamed beasls. '- Onr camp site is beside a tree shacl: ed stream called a Donga. We are 'proud o( the fnct that Virginia has never shown one ounce of con- tern nor fear of sleepini; alone even Ihoimh the lions roar all night all about us and elephants trumpet to lo mingle wllh Ihe game until the as lh °y J°8t' e d speedily toward the brief African twilight sends us back ! woods. Soon the hit animal could to camp at seven. After the cock- ' proceed '»> farther so his five coin- toil hour dinner at (1:30. [pnnlons gathered a respectful dis- WB wear safari suits of khtikl n mi j 'ance til hope of his recovery was khaki sun helmets or big felt hats. One should never go abroad wlth- out a hat as the ernmUiriul sun rays are very potent. The fourth day oil safari Berry l/.iyged a very fine black rhino or tremendous proper- I " ie dying Elan,, with lions will) a 21 inch horn which i s ! f ' lfol 't the elan darted for the woods •.in enviable and highly prized Iro-i'*" 1 ' 1 tllc " on O11 his ravaged buck phy. Ho Was stalking the giganlfe I ' Ilc hunters were in quick pursuil ijespaired ami llicy ran away, suddenly from the bushes sprinss the opportunist, the fearless, preying lion who buried his claws alt' U't'th the Into the Duck Elan,. and neck ol desperate tic. herds ol game. Our eyes glowed of the sight as we beheld this beau- Hie drv.ui. Every evening and nil liful sight of unlive, abundant game thru the night the hyenas howl. In mass concentration all about! moan and laugh all about our s, One liltlc frisky Tommy can cniiip- In n weird serenade. Yet we .art, to run and set the entire feel .secure and thoroughly aclima- lains In mad motion running in tlzrd and oriented. There Is a dining teiit where we enjoy the most delicious meals tjf fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, salads, pastries and desserts one would expect In the most fastidious hole! ai.d not on -safari. We are served in courses In great style and with ihe greatest of comfort. All cooking Is done in the open In a sort, of cave made Into the bush and come rain and sudden downpour the animal »hcn it charged him our Intrepid hunter shot a tatal shot into the great beast's throat lo knock it to earth. Then he ran and the next shot ended his ancient life for he fell dead 50 yard; to rout Ihe ravenous lion and claim Iheir fallen antelope. He bore a handsome sol of 27 Inch hornj which arc straight with a heav twist. Yesterday was a red letter <fay for S, ! ncss of 1>ll ' lls ' beasts and hiJ.ecls. | ty miles. Here we live In complete -R , .m • N'Shtly we arc sersnadi'd lo sleop harmony wilh \'i natives of differ- £ id _sti!ii. by Ul( , ,. 0[U .|n E o! | lollS] tlle - eut character, heredity, environment, culture, race, clhlc and ideal. our side In every endeavor. licrry was awarded the Adventurer's Club flag I brought the Confederate flag by rigl|t of birthright very direction. At one time, witli- > five minutes, a mass movement f over 5.000 head of game clashed ast us In clouds of dust and the eat of hoof marks. We counted icrils of sebra, wildebeest. Tom- nys, Roberts!!, wart hog. Elan, nipalla, Kongonl, twelve buffalo nd two giraffes In the group. What thrilling sight! One docs not hunt ipon the plains nor take random hots at the game. There nrc well cook manages to serve cxcellvit leflneci rules observed and license inciils without delay. Our native icrmils which allow only one hca>l >f game lo the license on most trn- jhics- One decs not see a buffalo uul bring out Ills gun for the kill. The eanie is stalked after he has been carefully examined at a <lis- ancc thru field glasses to s»? if ie is a worthy trophy. Then the latlent stalking begins, crinvli:::,' .hru grass nnd bush for an cmHess time. Either HID wind ch'.ui);e3 or some other animal gives Ihe warning signal and oil tho r.nlmal dashes Mil It seems Incrcd.bte that nn nniinal Is ever bagscd. Thi'ir keen sense of sight, hoirliij; niul smell make It quite.n buttle of wits In the hunting field even when one Is tin experienced and expert hunter. Your Safari Scribe »s no Johnson nor Margaret Mncombor for she goes nrleld armed only with pencil and pad to record ihc wonderful sigilts nbserved in natm Virginia assists wilh The photography and is busy with her target practice handling heavy guns which j use powerful 'animniiilion. She ha^ I We had reached the Masai Tic- » license to kill the big game that serve which extends over much of her Daddy has so our hopes run Kenya Colony. This is a native n- high. serve where they tend vast herds One docs not h\mt from a car nor of fine cattle which they refuse to can game be shot williin 200 yards sell nor eat. Astounding ns it is, boys are elticient nnd respectful. In many ways they remind us of our own r.ervuiits. Within our cubicle if canvas we maintain our standard of~civilization even tho we .^.ro sin rounded by the Animal Klng- We sleep in bedrolls with air nallrcsses placed upon cot frames or perlect comfort under three . . , ., ilankcts for (he nights are cold. ?'«"• '""'9 tle nli B hl - v , Never have bath* licen more en- U "'». "..."'«? lu hls .P»"l"«tc ioyccl than those taken In a six [cot canvas tub fillet! with hot water. We tlo not lack for comfort nor llirills. We sleep uiitlcr inos- v. I we saw a white giraffe wU'eh was •* i.i. . i . .... awny. Our safari boys were so e.. , , cited over ihe victorious llunUv l ''ree quarters grown. This Albino that they greeted his return by''" lmlc ed a most rare freak.of na- danclng about chanting songs of!' lll ' c which even .our experienced joy pulling sprays of grass lo stick K»>dc had never seen before.. We 111 their caps as llioy rode Berry ' hope to go bacn within distance for about nn their shoulders and each : photography which may require a boy shook his hand warmly. jr.atient day of slalking. Berry bas- Bcrry has bagged so many of his ;B C(l " vcl 'J r fma wildebeast specime:i raphlcs wilh one shot that, he has earned the title, "One shot BrooKs." we say, "One Shot Brooks lias Done II Again." for it Is beginiiin?, • lo bo a precedent he has set, :il!s us with pride. Within ten dajr; licrry had bagged three of the Big Five or (ho Animal World which are the Rhino, Lion, Buffalo, Lca- partl and Elephant. •Berry was most pleased over In; Buffalo trophy which took hours or anxious stalking, walking, wail- Ing, patience and skill for tnctf. elusive beasts have the keener', hearing and smell of any animal so far encountered. Berry's second iinrl heredity. We were n mazed learn Ihat bolh male and female hyenas suckle their young. Zebras bark like fox terriers. Giraffe? are mutes. Tick Birds are hilch hikers who ride and feast upon the backs of animals. Game eaten is Thompson Gazelle roast and chops, Hoan antelope loin and buffalo tongue, • lion heart, fried, (to make us lion hearted) Topi liver, and guinea fowl shot by Virginia, We have covered u'try type of wild territory joKBini; into animal 1 booby traps of warthou. hyena, por- I eiipine and fox holes, termite hills. ' rlilne, buffalo anil elephant wallmv- j trig places, K ninc trails, hidden viv- I er.s, doii|:as. water rilled ravine, ' 'vater-!i)»ed plains, (hick biHh coiin-. try with a sharp thorn bristling in every branch, parklands, trackless ))!ains high with rank grass, hills,, and lowlands and all of iv adds up to many thrilling experiences, There is no silence in the wilder-. Ing and howling ol hyenas. Ih3 moaning of ihe wildebeest, the as well as with the beasts of the ••< howling juckall and other animals wilds of Brightest Africa. UomiM J ii | '*' 10 st:l " 5 OLI1 ' camp, just last rdgrit Ker is an English gentleman who 'S anieiopi, .; jioneus camp into our camu lo has grown up in Kenya Catony and roar her displeasure that Virghra no man is toller qualified to' con- was improving too rapidly with her duct a successful safari for hn Is target practice. '• a. sportsman, an excellent hunter. Hero below the equator in ihe he knows the haunts, habits, ca- Southern Hemisphere the V.3'!ar prices and habitals of tho game of Heavens are rich \vilh resplendent Ihe field. He is their friend and stars which shine serenely and silently trluinpba.i>!, m the dart sky before the full moon bursts forlh in all it's glory to Ijathe Ihe ivurkl in moonlight ns bright as day The air is filled with a tangible freshness thai fills the soul with gladness. We arc camp, d at 5.30] feet. Berry is aglow v.-ith the plan:- polcnec that a .succr.s.-ful hunt gives one. This column will be sent out by native runner by your Safari Scribe who finJs new adventures benefactor. He is never happier than when photographing jgme animal to preserve for ,ncstfti(t,y. He is lirclcss and consclc^Jous in seeing that his clients get good trophies and have Ihe best in safari comforts and food. He Is most entertaining ior hi;; life has been tilled wilh fearless adventure among the Alrican game. He knows how to handle the natives so that one ' can enjoy the safari life to the fullest. To him we arc most ap- in (he Greatest Esicr.l Natural Zoa | preclallvc' for our memorable His In the world which surrounds us Game Hunting and photographic within Ihe exclusive radius of t.ien- ' Expedition. Beginning July 1st my clinrc will be dosed for two to three months. Dr. J. A. Saliba con- ([iiesl. His hoary, old balllc scirri::! hide told it's own slory of ninny encounters in the fiel<| of balllc 1 . His horns had an enormous spro.vl of 45?1 inches. Berry shot all ihrc? TAKE Tom C- n^H ^^^^K B^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^ the look of ^fCiJ IS /N THE HUDSON FINISH Better Cleaning in 8 Hours FOR THE ASKING v. U BLASTING high prices! That's why there's so much excitement over here at wo _9_ l) '. S Everybody's CASHING IN en the big savings during our big BOMBSHELL OF DRUG VALUES. Every one of them HIT THE MARK of extra savings for^ your budget. 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