The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 11, 1949
Page 13
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PAGE THIRTEEN BLYTHEVTLLB: (ARK,)' 'COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. HoopU ^fVa. 1 V LA&T "^ WND OF HATE OF.TH' WILD 13J TOSEETHe BUNCH. IS.. .- /S3 LAST OF OUR OtD WEST 6OIM3 €0 FAST MVSELFJ TUESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1949 MAM MY ROMANTIC MltJD'COULD SCULPTURE A.t-1 (MSPtRl^G IMftSE Of Ti'.E. " AS LOOKS MORB LIKE A FARO i useo TO KNOW)/ STATUE OP HIM K A BIG ORDER FOR OtJE PLATE 6(JT PRftHCE SPRl ABOARD OP SOURS-AMD YOU ' ' OOT30MP FRO*? RESEMBLE APOLLO His BecoRO SHOUTS AT FOR SALE Concrete culterU.' \'i Inch tu ** inch: pUin or reenforce'd" Also Concrete Building Block; cheap- el than minbci Coy tarns ehicUeo buuset, pump houses, ' tenant houses, tool slitds We dclivet Call ui (a' free estimate . . • Phone «9I OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. 7.1 You Can Tel I the .Difference in Good Shoe Repair H-fl LTCRS ;qi_'TY SNOG SHOP WOODS Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store Someone to By IRENE LONNENERNHART r, IMI..NU-$HIVI«..INC. THE STORYi T«4 Uanra* ha* MHrrlcd . Jtmmy polemic* •••» (hr re-bound" •( icr fcl» a*»crr. Che wealik? l.l» Conoitx. ctopcd with • nit (!•(*•• [• convince hlninrir thai It U Jill «r«T with Lli- .On the relvrM .fr«M • '«fcorf honeyiwno» trl+. Jran? find» KB eri«-ti»i> m>- rhclr hnM* **her< ihvy via /^NE day Jenny asked Tod how much the apartment was costing him. .**! dont ask you what you do with your money, Jenny!",he said, flaring up. ' ' : "But Tod, we ought to pool our resources. You are going back to college Uiis fall. That'll take money. You said Markwood ,costs more than the State University. I asked about this apartment, be, cause when we moved'in you safe your mother was looking for something less expensive." "She fe looking. Places are hart .to find." They were In the tiny bedroom, Jenny was stire the rest of the family could hear them. She lowered her voice. "Are we going to go on living here, with no ori- vacy and ao feeling of perma Hence?" i", ^What's wrong with this apart *• merit? I'm paying SI5Q a tnontJ for it It ought to be good enotigl for anybody. That's quite a ch'unl of money!" M Of course it Is, darling, am that's the point I'm trying to make When you quit your Job and^sta to school, how are we going to pa that much? I only make $40 a the shop—" "I've been thinking about it." "Why^ doesn't Joe get a job?' "Ma's been trying to get him on at the tire factory. I^spoke to he about Jo* the other day. if yen must know." He walked to th window now and stood there sul •nly looking out Into the darkened reel. His broad shoulders sagged little and his hair was rumpled. * • * HHE sound of traffic floated up -*- from the street below. The uted olasi ot Joe's radio came ul of the living room, and .water 'as running in the bathroom adorning, where Harriet was wasting out some things. M lf we live nere this winter 1 on't know how you'll'be able to tudy, 1 ' Jenny said, "and besides— lust hate it!" She really hadn'i leant to tell nim that, out it hac .urst out before she thought: "For heaven's sake," Tod crlet n ex a s pe ra tion; as ne turnet ibout. "this neat is ^ Dad enough Without,your needling me ad the ime! Don't you suppose 1 hate i ooJ" he shouted. "I despise th heapnes's ot it all. the wholi awdry commonplace way we live ['here's no fun in it anywhere Fhfs wasn't the kind of life planned to have. I.hate my iob .his apartment, having nothing tc ook forward to!" Jenny stared at him in shockec disbelief.'and then she whisperer hoarsely. 'Go on—say it-" Sh clung with one hand to the too of - the hideous waterfall bee "You're sorry—?' Jenny's brown eyes swam wiUi quick tears. ' ' . ,. Tod's eyes softened arid he cam toward' her and' put his arm around her and aetd tier cl "Never, never, '\ he whispered, rub bing his chiirin her hair, "thin I'm sorry we got married. Jenny You'll tiave to forgive my tempe I didn't mean Half the things said. It's the neat." Jenny fell into tbe habit ot stay Ing in town quite often with Nil on" those nights when Tod was ou of town.'' They would cook a quic supper at Nina's apartment, an then they'd go to a show, or spen the evening together. If she didn stay'all night at Nina's it woutd foliate when *he got home. And on umiay morning she heard Nfa Iking about it to Tod. "Sometimes-it's 11 o'clock, and c don't say a word about where e's been or nothin' And 1 some- mes wonder when she says she's ayin' all night with that Nina," "Ma, cut il out. Jenny's not lhat •rt." "Little you know about what >rt she is." • '-_..,•• "Cut H out, 1 said! II Jenny anu lo go some place (ri Uie c\ F e- ing—" "Mark my words, you'll find oul hal kind she is!" Jenny had slept late, but she irew on her robe and came mlo kitchen where they were cat- ig breakfast. - . . * * . * shoved, back' his chair a'nd came around to Jenny pui his n across her shoulders and sitid ruining. "'Hello, sleepyhead!" He ulted out a chair for her. got the ofTee pot and poured her cofTec, enny felt her anger moiling. She iad intended having it out with Ma and Tod then and there, oul he way Tod bustled around loak- ng after her comfort, and the'.way Via got up and flounced into the other room, mode \\ impossible- Then came a Thursday evening n August, and Tod was not due tome until Friday Nina had sug- ;ested that, she and Jenny really splurge—have dinner at a nice place and then take in a'new show. renny even tia.5 a^new 'dress, a sheer black crepe she bought chea ply fro m Max because ihe summer was almost .over And she lad found a hat to go with, it. a Dutch bonnet with a lacy brim. They, were to dine .at -Green- anar, the swankiest place in town, soft lights, dreamy music and wonderful cocktails. 1 They had just been seated when Jenny, happening to glance toward the door, saw Tod. .'"'..:. She thought she must be riris- taken T because Tod" wasn't due home until the following day But It was Tod all right, and he went directly to a table fp the far corner. Liz was at the bible. Nina saw Jenny's face. "Jenny!" Jenny dio\n*t answer All she could think of was lo get out before Tod saw her. (To Be Continued) Accidents cause 42 tlmea » many deaths -among U.S. children as does infantile paralysii. Say It . . . With Ftuwen > THE FLOWER SHOP Phone 4491 w 1747 Soybean Sacks new 10 oz. FALL SEEDS Alfalfa, Rye, Wheat, . Oats & .Vetch BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. 1800 W. Main St. Phone 856 - 857 RENT A CAR . TM Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 BAGS BAGS BAGS BAGS We offer new bags, never used, at about the pi-ice of used bags, heavy 10 ounce burlap, no patches, no bad seams and no rotten bags. Also No 1 used bags as low'as 20c each. The bags are stored at Gay & Billings warehouse across the street from the Frisco depot. See the samples there and buy bags that will last you thru the season.' Phone ' ^478-3752 PAUL D FOSTER DISTRIBUTOR Blythcvillt, Ark. Phone 2723-2700 BRANN TILE & FLOOR CO. • Asphalt Tile Floors • Hardwood Floor! • Rubber Tile Flours • Rock Wool Insulation • Weather Stripping • Ornanienlaj Iron Work • Plasllo Tile WaHi • All Work Guaranteed A. L. (Al) Sullivan, Jr. Harold C. Brann 11-1 N. 2nd. 2462 Phones 4360 PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Our years ol experience as-' sure you that when you present a prescription ordei to us. tt will be expertly compounded ' from fresh pure drugs V'ou can be sure at Rothrqck'a ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE Mil: GRAMS COMPANY r\i \i ioi\s p.n I HI \n 11 •Phon* 3075 00 IU O. STUD E B A K E R Compare These Trucks With Any You See 1947 International 1'/i-Ton Slake, perfect from . body to 1950 license. 19IS Sludebakcr 1-Ton Pickup, an excellent truck in every'way. ; 10 IS Sludebnhcr '/i-Ton Pickup, very low mileage and not a scratcli on it. 191fi.Dodge 1-Ton I'ickup, motor, just overhauled. 191J Ford 1-Ton Slake, an ideal farm truck in good mechanical condition. Ctiambjin Sales Co. Railroad and Ash Phone 888 S T U D E B A K E R CO "I've saved almott enough to get married, but my girl won a b»auty contett last summer, 'and 1 have to wait till her popularity wears off even to get a date!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB Must You Got . IFTHATS HOW wo A80UT IT, la JOST— •PRISCI1-I,A'S POP A Study in Dibits BY Al. VRKMBF.R PRISCILLA! YOU'LL MEVER LEARN TO CX ARITHMETIC THAT WAV! HERE; THESE MITTENS WILL TEACH NOD NOT TO COUNT ON YOUR FINGERS THREE TOES PLUS FIVE TOE5 MAKES EieWT TO£5.. VIC FLINT Start Watch BY MICHAEL O'MALLKY arid RALPH LANE PU SLEEP A iOT EASIER TDNK3HT WITH MANTHORP OUT Of At AN THORP WAS PLANTED HERE TO DO A JOR HE MAYCO/rtE BACK. IT'S MIDNIGHT NOW, T OKAV.VC. ANO>«U'B(T«5«IP»>«.( THE FIRST WATCH AND TAW YCKJ« CHOICE. A BREAK XXJ OOT AT I WON T SLEEP HASV UNTIL WE FIND OUT WHAT$ BECO/MEOF YOU THINK WE O06HT TO WAfCH SWIP,VIC? CAPTAIN EAS'i That Isn't Gie! BY LESLIE TURNER WElL."lTS ABOUT TIN1E -? Ut GOT ueo pi -^.wv* r VYHV ALL THH HESITATIONS. COME OH IW— EMMETT! WDVOUO6TOOT Of THE ASYLUM r WHY DOVT YOU Std SOMCTMIN*? BUGS BUNNY Externally ALLEY OOP Wanna Try 11? BY V. T. HAMI.IN TO TRY MY PWIEI^CE WITH THIS/P/sTl£Nce 15 MILLICN VE^es AGO STUFF.'y IN FOE AN sis ^^w Mv /^A.; ; r\^>;2H^^r T T^ TiMe - HS&g^*™ tel^ )wufu,_nNpiTM«T THE" MEN YOU \JELtVI6l0nU. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Looks Like War BY EDGAR MARTIN * tMStn 1 SHE I

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