The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 4, 1936 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 4, 1936
Page 3
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' -V 1 V' "' H ] " ' ' , h r ' ---' v; 1 --.,. *•• -^ :.•,'./, •._•:.* T '.•-- .. ur.:-- •' vv ^i-v^l^: --'i^- • ; f i i.,J . ,- 'r . i '^ • .- " :• i*j -. " , -V :. h ^rf», ' - * <•- - ', •?''.. *v" " L > k t , ' ' L , : • " ' • * ' '• „ . '•' -*-' •"•'- !.- V '' ' '*."•"' -" - ' •'!' '"'' ' ' L " '-' ^ *' " - '- '- - . "* •' "' ' T .' • \ t i . i •* • - i; -_. H.,. .* L-. J r - - --• i - • I v 'I I. • 1 t I - .- -1 ,1 r '' f.' -•A.: THE BAKERSFIELD CALtPOttNIAN, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER i, 1936 •- . -'L Dads - •• sations elicvc Tomatoes Cause of 4 ' f Increase on Island of Dy EDDY OILMORK fXfftfOCfafcrf Prc«*.L>ca*ed Wire) **• WASHINGTON, Sept. 4,—The dl- vision bC territories and insular affairs believes it has discovered the Recret of a population increase on St. Croix, one of the Virgin Islands. The cause, in brief, is tomatoes. Until a couple of years ago the natives of this small island lived principally on commeal and fish,,| Monterey, with occasional side dishes of sugar cane. The birth rate rocked alongr, tho division explained, at about tho same rate for year—never slumping alarmingly, but never keeping pace with some of the other islands. Then came the tomato, Convinced that something besides sugar caiio could be grown on St. Croix, the government introduced tomato plants. Skepticism prevailed among the natives for a while as tl>oy. clung to their cornmcal and Osh—and their eamo birth rate. WorKInff with., the tomato, however, turned out .to bo a tougher job than tending cane and the natives got hungry in the .fields. They turned to the Juicy tomatoes about thetru Pretty soon, a division spokesman said, everybody was eating tornatoes and speaking favorably about the taste. At the same time the birth rate commenced an upward swing. The division saya St. Croix now has about 32,000 natives,; tomatoes arc flourishing and everyone seems happier about life in general. Informed about the St. Croix deductions, tho bureau of home economics said tomatoes/could logically be the reason for the'increase In babies. Tomatoes—experts explained —contain vitamins C, A arid' B, as well as minerals Which if consumed in large quantities would result in a considerable general improvement. (United Prtst Leased SAUNAS, Sept. 4.—The Monterey county Grand Jury today returned accusations but not indictments against Mayor W. L, Tcaby and Councilmen George McDonald and George Perry, of-"Monterey, charging them with misconduct In office n • _ and conspiracy on charges relating to certain forms of gambling. The accusations stated specifically that the three officeholders had Instructed Chief of Police Fred Moore and City Manager B. J. t Pardee to permit certain forms of gambling In • i - - L Old Recluse Is Seized for ing Bombs .Firearms T>AY SHORfc, N. T., Sept. 4.—Jos-*-* oph Kuehnel, a 67-year-old recluse seized by state police for possessing home-made bombs and t Ire- arms, was under observation today while officers awaited a report from Washington on his fingerprints. Superior Judgo H. O» Jorgensen had District Attorney Anthony Brazil read the accusations, which were returned by Colonel Robert Frltch, Grand Jury foreman, and then instructed Sheriff Carl H. Abbott to Issue. subpoenas. The three are scheduled to appear in court September 21 to answer the accusations. iCuehnel, who described himself as an anarchist, mumbled rambling statements naming prominent persons and "seemed to have a grudge against everybody," Sergeant Dun- lei Glaslieen, ono of tho arresting officers, said. He mentioned President noose- volt's name, but did not make any threats against him specifically, tho officers stated. William II. Hough ton, head of the secret service here, said that unless information is received that an actual threat was maclo against the President, the caso would remain within the Jurisdiction of state and local authorities. Pre« Ltascd ti'trej A raid on Kuehnel's Isolated shack on Artist's lake, tiong Island, fol- i lowed complaints that someone had been "blasting'* in the vicinity: Glosheen and other policemen found a honeycomb of explosives surrounding the man, they said. e of the Peace Gustavo Neusa of Vaphank orcloivd Kuehnol ob- een'od for 30 days. Officers said they found a quoer, bomb-shuped oontrlvunco containing nlno siickH of dynamlto nnd tash- loncd so It could bo strapped to a man's back, H wns made from on oil onn 14 inches high and could bo act off by pulling a lever. In addition, there were ^2 sticks of dynamite, two unloaded bombs, two rifles, one of them home-made; 200 lend slugs, a pound of gunpowder, 200 fool of fuse, 135. blasting caps, a box of primers, and a quantity of cartridges. Two books, entitled "What Is Communism?" and "Chemistry for Beginners", were found. Investigator Will Be Hired by State SACRAMENTO—The state division of Criminal Identification and Investigation ncedn an investigator and the slato personnel board will hold a cl\Ml service examination for applicants September 26, The job will pay $240 a month and will be open to men only. Men and women nra eligible to tako civil service examinations Co- tober 1 for Junior account clerk, paying $80 a month; intermediate ao- count clerk at $UO and senior ac- oount clerk at $160, The wtate also nood» a tree trimmer who will work under the super- vison of the highway tree maintenance division for $160 n month. The tre.o trimmer examination will bo hold October 10, All examinations will bo hold In Sacramento, San Diego,, San Francisco and Los Angeles. CAXNKD WINK GETS START !X)D1, Sept. 4. <U. P.>—Tho success of California's newest Industry of canned \vlnc seemed assured when a New Orleans customer placed nn order locally for 3000 cases of canned aweet wine. Those on American Ships Affected Merchant Marine Law f'rra* Lvnucd WASHINGTON. Sept. 4.— Many Filipinos in the rrewa of American pnnsettger and OJU*KO vessels may j loso their Jobs, officials paid today.; whon the labor section of tho new i merchant marine nci becomes effoc- ! livo September 27. | Tho net provides that all mem- j bora of the crew of cargo vessels re- j ! reiving subsidies shall bo American ! j citizens. ' I On subsidised passenger vessels ! I not less than SO por rent of tho j crew must bo citizens during th« j first year. The second year tho; percentage wan set at S3 per cent and the third year and thereafter 1)0 per cent. Brazil Is Sending Missionjp Japan p (Associated Prcta Leased Wire) SAN P13DRO. Sept. 4.—A semi-official Brazilian economic mission to Japan ia 'duo to sail today on tho * Buenos Aires Maru. Tho mission, consisting- oC 36 prominent citizens, is headed by Dr. Joaquin Redor SI- gadoro Pilho. Operate on Youth for Strange Malady SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 4. — Thomas Wcldeman, Jr., 22, was op- crated on here today for perlcardlal effusion,-a raro disease, which has caused his legs to gain nearly 32 pounds In weight within four days. The youth, a resident of San Bruno, was stricken Monday and removed here when physicians decided lie would have to undergo a delicate operation. . Treatment consists of piercing 'the membrane with A thin stllctto-Ukc tube t through \vhictrthe fluid, which causes the swelling,- is drained, a pint at a time. ^•keep oor proo crm ' ^^^^ match KOTEX Colored ' Green, oran yello i f Colored Tea Tow eac •EBB - B*outlful -V -.-f: I H -•» *yr* • j* r - • BUY or RENT Lowf>»t Term* , .-.-*.• - ' - - - JP ' - - • . -.- it ^ . • - :•--*}..•<.' •s- -/Xi- • '. ^- - ' BE AT BR CK T^ ' s\-- ^ THE TUN FRO 1 usliion S SUV r s eve IvS im nifi C CM sen i or te ncs rude rimn a few su . 'V gestions here and more if you'Jl only come up and look. The Tunic frack, fashion says, is as smart for the junior as for her ciders. So choose a Tunic for those occasions when you want to look your best. Choice of rust, ,' navy, brown and ONLY FASHION FLOOR * ' ,T RT isses in plai in colors 1 n an * i an Ette reo styles o worn cater n outfit white broadcloth NEW WASH ^^•^^^ ^^^1^^ VUBvpMIV ^^^|^*^ WIN ET MUST SWING OO weatc oa To bo graceful and youtb- ful~skir-i0 must be ebortor —full types at least 14 inches from tbo floor and Bubsequently, as they grow more modified in their flaro they become longer and drop to 13 and 12 inches. Smart multi-colored tweeds and Botany flannel, with flare, buttoned down front as pictured. New fall colors In sixes 20 to 32 waist. IKS Inch nec n lie is. me in the nc wi n won swi'uler in conlrnsin color, sleeve. ftiHlcnin with High wit rowni and nn shot nee kni ., rust umbin alia IZCS I 1 r. \viih revolutionary MAGIC VOICE, which eliminate* "boom" from low notes and allows only desired "controlled" notes to reach the ear. Built for people with expensive tastes but modest pocket* books! ONLY f fit FASHION FLOOR She must have several and Brock's Fashion Floor has many sweet young styles for girls of 7 to 14 years. Patterns are new—prints and plaids, dots and stripes are shown in many variations and the cleverest styles imaginable—$1,08 and $2.98, FASHION FLOOR APPLIANCES MEZZANINE Girls reguiatio threo ors green and SiZOB * • bars ID box regularly "nay WAT Regularly H-ounce r - __ T _ "-V t-- •' r * >± it.* 1 . I. 1 I -. • •- , . ^ (-,C — + j . l I ': . T>-| ^ i $•• ,.- L * ^ ' -J*. ^ff '' -' '' m l V''. sTl" •- •*-* ^ i f.. -- ' -k Flickinger-Dlgier Chapel \ offers the fiervices of a Wurliuer pipe organ and the goldeo voiced chapel soloist, ihua exceptionally Beautifying the Last Good-by Here you buy only the casket ,&t a variety* of prices—th« service iUelf ia free. \ Telephone 97 J, C. FUCKINGER FRAXK «w i CHESTER AVENUE V- -. t 4 '.K ^ I 1 i • ' 'n.j ' '* • -'.- -»' t*J,* F. .«=---! •^,; r JJ i ^ r/A» a£&33#ft &*. •••J •'L *W>^ ""-';. • ^'^'. ^i te 1 - & &v v bJ J • *-***••- •TO •JTV •• *. If-, nvette pecifi thread ity ouble gauge top garter reinforced Claire nter moketone special price No Down Payment Terms Easy 9K2 London airplane* Parti poll Sd entitle with tuning Rich cabi uxunoui i., 1 .:. - -i" i^i. l v ^ •• -^>^ :'; ^ J r i', -i - V • F * . hL '•-*'. * v ' , ••- f ff-r- I. -'"i '.--•- - * ilh ' ' ^ • I' ' ' , - • *•-'.''' * *' 1^ *• ^ .-£ [ .-• - .'I * i' L " ' •-'•-' m '^ll'l >' .-,1^1 • •-" ^ . ir -:'f- ; ; .'''»- ":•'--' : -" -'•'•"; : '-'-^^-'^ •".. -//- "\y;* ^^^V/^V' --.•—- '- '•'•'•'''•'-l-'^'-'^-^'\-j'^

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