The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 4, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 4, 1936
Page 2
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"vf* TUB BAKER8PIBU) CALIFORMAN, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 193d UHLLJE FEHTURE5 PROm The College Shop -STADIUM CORDS An excellent quality corduroy mnde up with the popular ilppet front. It i* reinforced at every eucntUl point tncl cut over the most popular college pattern. . . STADIUM WOOL TROUSERS— $O95 Checks.., Stripe* and plain colors in pure wool fnbrirs. Th* majority (ire made with pleated front at worn at the leading American Universitici STADIUM COLLEGE PACS Smartly ttyled campus models in tough (rain leathers and selected calfikins A whole carload of comfort and miles of weir. BRITISH SERIES SHOES $500 University styled shoes in Monarch Arami, the finest mada in America. Pine rnlf and Batmor« Viscoliied waterproof leathers. They have tin looks and can take it. . . PETE CAMPUS JACKETS- Plain colors... chack and plaids. Mnde with raglan sleeves, zipper front, side buckles and sport back. The leading jacket on any campus STURDYMAN SHIRTS $ Fin* broadcloth shirts In plnin and Tancy patterns. Made with the wilt-less collar. Full shrunk and fist roior CONFERENCE SHIRTS $139 All woven patterns in mo dim, end and •nd cloths, clipped figures. Mnny with Duke of Kent collar, and bnithed finish. A top value 1 —AMERICAN REGIMENTAL TIES— A smart adaption of the British regimental stnpings that lias become th« smart ti« for college men to went. . ... 65c VARSITY PULL-OVERS A lot of new weaves including the smart shakrr colors too. These all ' pure wool pullover* are the popular cam- ' pus sweater. Ilrush and plain limshei in large selections are included TWIN SET SWEATERS Cost and slip-on to match. One of these •nd a pair of psnts.. and you can RO moil anywhere VARSITY STAY-UP HOSE- Aveiy line .istortmrnt of patterns and col- Oft in the pnpuliir short Icnjith hose with aelf-supppttmit lop. Smartly pnttrrned m the iK'svut Kail style ideas. ..nndihesmar- test colors 23' COnFERElUE URRSiTV SUITS Conference Varsity Clothes are the exact duplicates, in style, fabric, pattern and color of those worn on the leading campuses of America. You'll like their easy style...colorful fabrics and the way they stand tho gall'. Single and double breasted models including the new English lounge <<••• *t* • 25 HHRRV COFFEE FRESNO * BAKERSFIELD Value Features from the new BOYS' SHOP TIM'S OFFICIAL CORDS Tim »ay« you'con treat thete rough nnd they'll like it. TmU'» why he put his official O. K. on them 105 GR1DDER JR. WOOL TROUSERS Popular with Pie Eaters. Pleated models in attractively patterned woolens. Good looking and vary sturdy PETE CAMPUS JACKETS 45 Mnde with zipper front, rnfl'nn sleevo, in plain melton (Xl. S. navy uses it). Colors ... maroon, blue, brown, nnvy 3 4 . TIM'S OFFICIAL SWEATERS Cossack Sllp-Oni, made of pure wool worsted... fancy back, side cinches. Zipper jacket, Mohair finish with fancy back. Crew neck Slip-On in clever new tweed patterns 105 *• • TIM'S OFFICIAL SCHOOL SHOES Grain leather or calf skin in block or brown, Properly »tylcd »o they \yon't pinch your tors DOGHOUSE SCHOOL SOX Regular 2V and 35c ribbed top slax socks in briflht itripinns and patterns. A school special. . . . . , 10 TIM'S SHIRT SPECIAL Colorful patterns and white, The pattern shirts have the button down collar, We lots more than this price. /Oltll 69" Tim's Official SHIRTS & SHORTS Shorts made of strong broadcloth with balloon ««at and elastic sides. Fancy pat* terns and plain colors. Shirt* of ribbed cotton. . . .>.,,»• • ... • t • • • DOUBLE PRONG BELTS You'll want one of these to wear with your cords. Mad* of black or brown leather... Suede Cossack JACKETS Drown or black selected suede leathers. Made cotMck atyle with side buckles and military bottom .......... TWI N SWEATE R S ETS Coat of purt worsted wool with fancy back »nd sleeveless pullover with crew neck in contrasting stuping!. Very new.,.. Conference Jr. Suits Double breasted models in browns, greys and blues, all mnde with »port back. You'll sure look your bc»t in a Conference Jr. 13 O5 HHRRV COFFEE Prcino * BaKcrsfUld WILLIAMS AREA STILL HOT BardwcII Company Prepares lo Complete One "Well, tS lakes Two Locutions The hot spot on tho West Side :ontlniica lo bo tho now Williams area In the foothills back of Taft. Ifl. n. Bardwell's Quality Oil Company 10 preparing to sot 8%-lnch casing at IflOO foot on the second sand In Bull No. 3, section 22, 32-23, and later make a production test with bottom tit 2150 fnet. Location has boon staked for two more Quality Oil Company wnlls—Cypress No. 3, approximately 300 feet west of Cypress No. 2, on section 22, a,nd W. P. No. 4 at a point 380 feet of,No. fron section 27. Tho company's recently completed W. P. 3 Is yielding 312 barrels per day, agitated by tho pump. " Locution Graded Clmnslor-Canfleld Midway Oil Company, which with Quality Oil con- troln mot* of tho new structure, has set 10%-lnch casing at 1B-IO feet In No. 18 on section 21. A production trial with bottom at 2200 feet, will bo arranged as soon as the cement has hardened No. 19 on the. samo louse, ha.« been spudded, and loca tlon Is being graded for No. 20 at a dlHtqiiRO of 400 feet north of No. 17. C. C. M. O.'H outpost W. P. 1 on section 28, 32-2il, Is drilling at 2867 foot. In tlio Kflcond zone, with dips In tho cores showing a 20-degroc angle. This Is an Important attempt to wldon tho nroa U-mllo to tho south' west. Down 800 Feet f Frank Uoldmnn has got down, ro portedly, to 800 feet In his Keone No. 3 on aoctlon 22, which Is drilling a sliintod hole on a narrow leauo. Curl /.(unlock hn« reached 1200 feet nearby, and Blrch-Hoyer OH Corn- puny Is about finished rigging up. Further east on tho samo section, down the dip, Pan American Po trolnum Company Is working day lights only, at Huena Fe No. 60. •» « » New Extension of Sunset Area Seen Associated Opens Rich Sand in Shallow Oil Area at Lost Hills Further extension nrra of SuiiHot Hold of Lakevlow one-half mile north west, IH denoted In tho findings In (Innrrnl Petroleum Corporation's Midway No. G, ucctlon 32, 32-24, anc thlw will lie looted by a forthcoming product lun lost. Hands did not ap peur as n saturated fls In the orlglna and n big well Is not antic! putod, Tho hole has been drilled to :!ir>0 foot nnd 804-Inch 'casing co incnlnd nl 3010. Marl I n Due Unclt P. T. Martin, division stiperlntcn dent of Texas Company, Is duo bad Monday at headquarters camp nca Follows, from vacation spent a Santa Barbara with Mrs. Martin am three daughters, Beverly, Peggy an Polly wld son Stanley. PRODUCTION of 490 b»mis A per day Bccurql from the second sand at 1668 feet, in Associated Oil Company^ Williamson No. 3, combined with the 324, barrel potential established in No. 2 from the first sand, makes the field recently discovered by the company) north of Lost Hills, section 2, 26-20, assume a new importance. Hlgging-up has started at No. 4. The top sand was also encountered in No. 3, but was eased off in order to test the capacity of the lower horizon. If both were open in one well, a production of over 800 barrels theoretically would be obtained, which at that shallow depth, in an exceedingly profitable operation. Both sands are In the Etchc- goin formation and both yield heavy oil of 13 gravity. No water has been noted between them. Real European Nobility Has Formed Association to Expose Cliiselers NEW OIL AGREEMENTS FILED E .LMOR It. ItlLV. to George. K. i l.lndprman Oil Corporation—Lettlio dated August 8. 1934, one-alx.lh roy- ,1ty, 00-day drilling olaU«c, northeast luiirler of southwest quarter and lorthwest quarter of southeast quar- er north of Artesian dllch, section 28, 29-27. Etlliion t,and and Water Company to lllo Grande OH Company—Lease dated Aii(cust 18. 1936, one-sixth royalty, 2-year drilling clause, north Half of northcftHt quarter, section ^, 30-20, lot 83, noctlon ICdlnon Subdivision, northeast quarter of northwest quarter, section 4, 30-20, except lots 34 and 35, section Edison Subdivision. Albert B«crk Trust to J. B. Dunn— Assignment lease on seotlons 2, 27, 3fi, 28-20, except west half of northwest quarter of southwest quarter scotlon 35. Howard Nichols nt ux and Standard OH Company agroa to terminate lease on portion loin 2, 3 und 10 and all lot 1, Fuller Acres. HHITIB as above as to portion of same as above. Title Insurance and Trust Company to Hall-Baker Company, Limited-- I,ouKf! diitrd March 1, 1936, ono-clghth royalty, 90-day drilling clause, portions of Hancho Castac arid Kancho 131 'I'ejon. Pllberto Chaves et ux and Artie Lyon and Ira U Jatta to Kelly, & Son, Limited—LCUHO dated August 5, 1936, one-eighth royalty, 6-year drilling clause, lots K, U M, Seventh Home Extension Colony. Kelly & Hon, Limited, to Apex Po- troleum Corporation, Limited—Assignment above, 2 per cent oVorrld- Jng royalty. John Koch, ,Tr., ot ux and Cottllob Koch etnix and Nina MOBS to-Ohlo Oil Company — Lease dated August 11, 1938, one-olghth royalty, 3-year drill- Ing clause, lots 109 and portion of 110, Seventh Homo Extension Colony. . •» « • LKAGUE MBBTS SBPTISAIBBIl 1.2 HANTA MONICA, Sept. 4. (A. P.) The annual convention of tho League of. California Municipalities opens here September 12. I PROJECT S IIS- (A itoctatctt Preti Leo$td LOS ANaBLES, Hopt. 4.— ISuro- pean aristocrats living: here today formed "the European Nobility A** eoclation of. Southern California" along 1 tho lines of a similar organl- ziUlon formed recently In tho cast. Baron liana Von Korber, University of Southern California protest sor, Is president, and tho officers Include PHnco A. Oolllzen, Prince "Nicholas Tchkotuoa and Leon Be Kobert. The purpose of tho association, It was announced, Is "to prevent tho accoptanco of false titles of nobility by Americans who havfe JYeciUenlly boon Imposed on by International adventurers; ami further: To ro-estab- ll«h the reputation of genuine members of the European nobility whoso prestige has undoubtedly suffered through actions of persons assuming bogus titles.!' ! _ - + . » - ' MEET AVABD LEADERS, TOLEDO, Sept. 4. (U. P.)— 'As an aid In studying political science, O. Qarfleld Jones, professor of that sub' jeot In the University of Toledo, has students meet ward and proclntit loaders to get their practical points of view. MEMORIAL ERRS IN GRAMMAIt TOLEDO, Sept. 4, (U. P.)—A memorial In the city hall to Bernard Brougii contains a grammatical error. Whoever did tho Inscription wrote: "He had the same consuming love and consecration to Ita Interests." ........ Operate Two Rigs at Maricopa Flat Marlcopa flat Is comparatively crulot for the moment, with one new well and one rodr-IIling Job. The derrick erected on Ihn Snook lease at the cast edge of Marlcopa, for Stone & Byers of Long Beach, still Is without equipment and no intention to mart tho deep* test has been announced. Otis lloyt's project on tho O'Dca lease, section 1, 11-23, IB In tho samo shape, with only a baro derrick standing and no machinery Installed. Oblspo OH Company has been unable to got production out of No. 12, section 32, 12-23. Rlchflold OH Company Is redrilllng Transport No. 2 on Boctloo 4, 11-23, and Otis Hoyt Is bailing sand from his recently finished No. 3 on section 7. preparatory to putting on tho pump. Tho new drilling well Is tho recently spudded Five Points Petroleum Company's No. 2 on a 20-acre IOIIHO in 'the northwest corner of spctlon 8. 11-23, -which Is said to Include tho formations only down to 1100 font. • FOOD LAY IN HEAVY LUMP INSIDE LADY'S STOMACH! GRATEFUL FOR VAN-TAGE "Back to School" HOSE SPECIAL Pure silk three thread chiffon and full seven thread service weight. Slim fitting ankles* and shown in the newest fall shades...Leather Tan, Cinnamon Brown, Debonair, Saunter and Smoketone. 5CK HARRY COFFEE .Fresno .... Bakersfield Horrible Pain and Misery Tor last Two Years, Testifies Mrs. Eva G. Mathews. Awful Gas and Bloat Gone Now, After Van-Tage Ousts Poisons from Her System Kvi-ry 8lol< person In BnkcrsflrUl Hhotilit Investigate tho nninzlnu re- Hullo BO iniiny local men onil women iiro gulthiE with Van-Togo. This Is tho new Internal medicine mntlo from Nuluro'H Own Herbo nnd Other Viilunlilo IngroilleniH. Many thou- Hiinil hottli'H of VftU-'Pago hnve al- i-cndy h«cn dlntrlhuted lo tho Hick arid nllliiK pcoplo of Uils city, and crowds of sufferers from many In- tonutl nllnioniB arc dally vloltlng loiulliiK ilriigglntn. If you arc «lolt nnd (differing, lnvonll(fiily aT"~6ii«6" thlH now Natural Herb inedliMno tluit IUIN proved Hiinh n boon to so many loon I peop|« who wero for- inorly rnckeil with pain and mlffor- Ingl Gun I'nins in Stomach one of this moKt widely aoqtlulntetl InilloR In HnUei'Hflr>UI In Mrn. Kva U. MiilhowH, u Tll-year-oUl lady who htm llveil hcra for 20 yearn. Who Is very nellvo in tho Hnkorsflold I'hrlHtlnn (Miiiroh, nnd now liven nt 2328 a wlii'rii Bho will confirm this ont. "l''or tl years 1 WHS a victim of\n gnu and hloat. My mealH Hlmply would not dlKflRt ut ill. They Just lay like a lump In my Htomucli, and felt heavy nnd uncomfortable. My food would ferment iiiul I would «ct a terrible Hour taste. In my mouth and throat. Then aw ful gun would form and 1 would keep In-lolitiiK up a Hour, bitter unbalance. I would got myself Into an awful «t«t« of pain and misery and my But from this giiH pressure was almost beyond ondurance many times. Get Quick Results "It \V«B tmv>Brattvo that l>« tlono at once to remedy my oon dlllon, nil 1 wan getting aleadlly WOI'SIJ, "I heard no many pfloplo talklnt about th» \voiut«r(ul rwfcuUs thoy luu ivcciy«d from taking this now mt«ai olin* Van-Tago that I UeoWed to give U a trial, and It proved to bo the wedlolnu 1 had ever taken. It utuaxlng what \-omarkublc re- "I gol Into un awful stuto of puln and misery," Hays Mrw. 15va (j. Miithcws, prominent cliurcll liul.v, "and nothing helped inn until I got Van-Tnge. I run'l praise thin medicine enough!", suits I received from only ono botlln .if Van-Togo, und I cnnnot pralHe his "Wonderful Modlcliio enough. I am very grateful and glad to glvo Van-Tugo my public endorsement." Like 30 Medicines in One U'limi you take Vun-Tago Modi- i-lni- you put 21 of Nature's Flnost Herbs and 9 other splendid medicinal ugoiiU nt work Inside of you. It Is llko taklnii several medicines at onco 30 medlr-lnus in Iho name compound: That's why Van-T ft Ke can do so much for nick people. This re- marknble formula wan created 20 yours ago by Gilbert H. Mosby to ro- lleve hlti own Buffering. Placed on the market shortly thereafter H became the world's fastest selling compound. Constantly Improved since then, In line with new scientific developments, It la now known as Van- Tng»> and U greater In merit and efficacy than ever before. Very Reasonable Price Due to the Immense volume In whleru4t*6ells the price of Van-Tag* Is reasonable. Sufferers can actually titke' this amazing formula with its 21 "splendid Herbs and other wonderful Ingredient*, for just n few cents po'r-day, so get Van-Tage now from j tho Ba»U>rn Drug Store, the Owl • Drug or any.'bther leading druggist* j In WakorBft'eld, Tuft, or Marlcopa,. ACME'S new HANDY PAR carton holds a d*it* "Sr«lnl«" b«ttl«« of ACMI leer. Save ejctra.trip* «• (he stereMind return the "emplle.t" with this • lightweight package, ACMB Beer In compact "Stelnles" fits snuglx Irt yevr refrigerator. Brewed with Mere Ceslly IngrtdUnH. -Distributor BOHEMIAN DISTRIBUTING COMPANY. 1129 Nineteenth Street, Bakersfleld SAFE BRAKES Avoid arrest for faulty brake* • Have yours Rellned.. Today'/* PER WEEK BUDGET PLAN Johnson's Fireitona Auto Supply and Service Stores, Inc. ObMtir at Tw«nty.toBrtli Strut Phon* 4010 TWO CUESTS-ONE PRICE No extra charge far two persons occupying the same room THE MAYFLOWER LOS ANGELES' NEWEST most centrilly loeatfd downtown hot*!, Directly Herons' from the Blltmore •djolnlna: bcmillful Library Park RATES GUARANTEED AS PUBLISHED . tSO CVCSTKOOMJ Double Btds Chefea, Twin or Double $2.50 $3.00 $3.50 NnHK RlfittKKI Vfu J*n'l *•»• la tarttlitl , . All Outside Rooms -All equipped. with tuh.ahower or combination bath' MONTEREY COCKTAIL ROOM Intimate • Smart rfoor MAYFLOWER HOTEL SIS SOUTH GRAND AVI. ONE PRICE-TWO GUESTS 'jW,.*.*.»->/$

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